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Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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ya lit meme - 4/9 quotes

Percy tightened his grip on Annabeth’s wrist. His face was gaunt, scraped and bloody, his hair dusted with cobwebs, but when he locked eyes with her, she thought he had never looked more handsome.

We’re staying together,” he promised. “You’re not getting away from me. Never again.

Only then did she understand what would happen. A one-way trip. A very hard fall.

As long as we’re together,” she said.

- Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan (x) (x)

Can you believe robron came back, murdered us with their golden glow, and then walked back into the sunset together???? Absolutely nothing else happened, I’m so happy :)))

Church Lady Deviled Eggs from Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming located in Disney Springs.

Muse - “No Skills”

hi guys!!! here’s the next part to the series :) (aka part 2 to this post)

i’m about to put a link to a masterlist so it’ll be easier to navigate (masterlist with a grand total of 2 pieces)

ANOTHER HEIGHTS REFERENCE TITLE i know guys it’ll make sense the further along we get (unless ur already onto me)

anyways - like i said i am a newbie so any and all feedback is appreciated (roast me if u want)

summary: man, he was cute. right? he was so cute! he was sweet and tall and so so so cute and his name was… oh my god what was his name?

word count: 3150+ lmao

warnings: swearing bc i’m a sinner and even more motherfucking smiling (lin’s smile makes me weak in the knees and that translates in2 my work sorry about it)

oh god here we go

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Study Dates (2/4)

Summary: Finals week is approaching at Midtown High School and with her grades beginning to slip, the reader spends her time at the library with Peter Parker.

Word Count:1218

AN: fun fact: i wrote the first draft of this waiting in the salon. feedback is appreciciated! it lets me know i’m doing someting right and that i don’t suck and quit writing foreVER. i hope you enjoy it :))

Part 1 Part 3

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“Okay, I think I get it? But at the same time, I have no idea.” Y/N bit on her pencil clip, looking over the problem one more time. She pushed the worksheet across to Peter and mentally prepared herself for his face of confusion and him telling her that she’s wrong, again.

“Well, you’ve got the process right,” he moves closer to her, pointing at the problem, “you’re just making careless mistakes.” YN groans in frustration and rests her head on the table, “I hate this. I need a break.”

“We’ve been studying for half an hour.”

“Everyone learns at a different pace, Peter.” After pushing herself away from the table, YN takes a nearby chair and lays her body down on both chairs and closes her eyes, “Just wake me up after 10 minutes.”

Peter shakes his head, chuckling to himself. He kept his eyes on his friend, scanning over her. Her hair was a mess, she pulled her sweater sleeves up to her wrists, and looked the most peaceful she’s been in days.

Y/N opens her eyes after realizing she might stay the night if she doesn’t wake up soon and her gaze meets Peters. “What? Am I drooling?” She brought a hand to the corner of her mouth as she sat up in a panic, feeling for some sort of wetness.

He shook his head, “No, y-you were just, I was watc.. you’re not drooling.” He slipped over his words as he felt his face heat up and hands start to sweat.

“Okay, weirdo.” Y/N laughs, scooting herself closer to him. “Let’s get this shit done.”


“You’re going to have to move this number over to- are you even listening?” Peter looks beside him, the girl in the middle of eating a fry and staring at nothing.

“You want some?” Y/N offers, smiling apologetically.

Rolling his eyes, Peter takes the fry in her hand and pops it into his mouth, “Come on, Y/N, you’ve got to focus.”

“Okay, okay, sorry. I was just hungry, all eyes on you now.” She moves her body closer to his, her chest gently resting against his shoulder. Peter’s jaw clenches and feels his heartbeat pick up.

Get a hold of yourself, man, he thinks to himself. Clearing his throat, Peter tries to push the thought to the back of his mind.  


Peter and Y/N were in the middle of a break, both on their phone and sitting across from one another. After two days of studying in the library for two to three hours, both were exhausted talking about school.

Y/N looked up from her phone and watched Peter’s eyes move from left to right as he read something on his own phone. A smile crept up as she thought more about him. His hair was messy due to him scratching it out of frustration (Y/N’s fault. She was just trying to push his buttons by pretending she had no idea what an integer was.) and she always fell into his brown eyes that she loved to look at.

Y/N pulled up the camera app and discreetly pointed it at him. But before taking the picture, she made sure her ringer was off to avoid complete embarrassment. After taking the picture, Y/N proudly sat up, put her phone to the side, and picked up her pencil.


Peter strolled into his apartment with pep in his step. “Hey, May.”

His aunt looks over at her nephew, furrowing her eyebrows, “What’s got you all jumpy?”

“Hmm? Oh, nothing. I’m gonna be in my room!” Shutting his bedroom door, he hears May talking to herself about his weird behavior lately and plopped on his back on his bed. He took his phone out of his pocket and began scrolling through his gallery. Tapping on a certain picture, the familiar face of Y/N takes up the screen. He smiles as he looks over the girl that he studies with, the girl that makes his days better.


“Last day, together. Are you going to miss me?” Peters suggests, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Oh, yes, I’m going to love hearing you mutter how dumb I am under your breath!”

“That never happened, I was talking about someone else!” He insisted, trying to change the subject. After humiliating himself in front of her, he hoped she’d just forgotten about it.


Peter was in the middle of explaining yet another physics problem after Y/N kept asking why is that answer the answer when he caught himself staring at her mouth for a little too long.

When she asked what was wrong, he shook his head and said “No! Nothing! Nothing’s wrong!” a little too loudly.

“Jesus, Peter, quiet down. This is a library.” Y/N scolded, reminding them both of the time when the two were busted after laughing too loud at some Vine.

He rested his head against his head and mumbled, “You idiot.”

“Did you just call me an idiot? Wow I mean I get that I’m a slow learner and everything but, damn, I see how it is!” She turns her body away from Peter, fighting back a laugh as he said sorry about a million times before being scolded by the same librarian from before.


“Whatever. But, really, this was fun. Minus all the learning.”

“We were learning 90% of the time.”

“Maybe for you! I was there physically but I cannot tell you how many times my mind wandered off thinking about yo-” she cut herself off, her eyes slightly widening.

“Thinking about what?”

“Think.. thinking about Yoda.”


“Yeah, Yoda. I don’t know if you’ve heard of him. He’s in Star Wars so I don’t know if someone as cool as you would know.” Y/N rambles, trying to stray away from this subject.

“Okay, stop right there.” Y/Ns heart nearly leaps out of her chest once she hears Peter. “I introduced you to Star Wars! It took you two times to re-watch it because you kept falling asleep!”

Relief filled Y/N. “Why do you keep being that up, you were the one that wanted to watch it in the middle of the night!”

“Shh!” A different librarian in the corner shushes them as their argument increasingly became louder. They apologize and lower their heads in embarrassment.

“This was fun,” Peter says, “we should do it again sometime.”

“I should go through a whole week of stress just so you could have fun?”

Peter nudges her shoulder, “We should hang out again sometime. Like, outside of school. And not to study this time.”

“Are you asking me out?” Y/N slowly says, trying to process it all herself.

Peter immediately regrets what just came out of his mouth and tries to save himself. “Uh, I’m just suggesting that we-we hang out, y'know. Fun. It’ll be good fun.”

“You know what going out with you sounds like?”

“What?” He nervously asks. Peter could feel his hands get sweaty again and his leg bounce in place as he waited for her reply. Things could go extremely well or very bad for him at this moment. He mentally yelled at himself for asking her but he couldn’t help it, it just slipped.

“Sounds like fun.”

my name is arnica and i love slow burn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

also!! for text messages when you see “…” it’s supposed to be like when you see someone typing a message.

title: blooming wallflower
fandom: hamilton
pairing: alexander hamilton x reader
rating: t for swearing and high school angst
word count: 4681 (what is chill bc i still don’t have it)

(request by @justapieceofsimstrash can I request a Alex x reader imagine? Maybe Alex didn’t know the reader existed because of her shyness while they are in HS? They become friends and they both start to like eachother, even though the reader liked him from the start and he didn’t know it? THEN LOVE! thanks <3)

Peggy thinks you could be soul mates – now if only you could gather the courage to actually talk to Alexander Hamilton.

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