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btw, its not cool at all to be supportive of a problematic (and frankly racist and generally discriminative) person just bc they’re popular, i know everyone makes mistakes and people change but if someone is consistently making oppressive and offensive comments and ignore that they’re wrong and make shitty excuses, there is 0 reason to continue supporting them


Gentlemen Vixx → N Version 

N brags about it to me sometimes. He told me, “Our members are gentlemen.”” — Kim Shin Young 


Adele talks about Beyoncé in her interview for Vanity Fair 2016, stating “Beyoncé is her Michael Jackson.

 Beyoncé ALSO talks about Adele, stating “It is so easy to talk to her and be around her. She’s funny as hell and her comebacks are legendary. The most beautiful thing about Adele is that she has her priorities straight. She is a gracious woman and the most humble human being I’ve ever met.

Full Vanity Fair Interview Here