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I have this stupid idea/plot bunny/what-have-you  for Dorothy and Lucas stuck in my head and were it not for lack of time and skill in writing it, I’m just gonna share it lol 

Imagine if Dorothy got really badly injured and Lucas had no clue how to help nor could anyone in Oz help, her best chance is back in her world and it just so happened they just as they found a way for only one person to be brought back to our world (idk the logistics lol) And Dorothy isn’t conscious so Lucas can’t tell her anything. So, he grabs her iPhone and just as she taught him how, he turned on the camera, then video, and turned the camera to face himself and records something like: 

“Dorothy, I am so sorry, you don’t have a lot of time we have to send you back, it’s your only chance. Know that I will find a way back to you, I love you–”

And just as he says the last bit the phone dies and he’s heart broken he doesn’t know if she’ll see it, but he tucks into her pocket, places a kiss on her forehead, with a stray tear falling from his cheek. 

Dorothy wakes up in the hospital a few days later, pounding headache and heartbroken. Was everything that had happened just her imagination?

The next day, after being released, she charges her phone, on a whim after thinking that maybe it didn’t actually happen, she checks her phone to see if the selfies she took with Lucas were there. And not only does she find them but a video she has no memory of. She watches it and cries. She’s happy to be home and knowing that everything she went through was indeed real, but now she knows for certain that Lucas is too and he’s not here after becoming such a constant in her life so quickly. 

About a week later (after she had reconnected with her mother and spoke of Oz and a way back) she hears a knock or two at the door. Dorothy asks who it is. 

“Someone who’s still uncertain at how this is a joke.”

So when Dorothy meets the ‘Scarecrow’ he doesn’t remember anything and doesn’t know his own name, but his character is called ‘Lucas’ and that’s the name of the town where she’s from so now it’s pretty clear she’s the one who named him, and she named him after her home because he’s home and I’m already a mess and this damn show hasn’t even aired yet wtf

I had a feeling Lucas was going to be at least kinda like and anti-hero/very grey before he lost his memory but i didn’t expect them to reveal it already but I’m very happy they did. It’s more like CS that way where Emma has always known about Killian’s dark past, so now Dorothy knows too. 

jesus christ lucas agreeing to the name lucas because it’s dorothy’s home and he WANTS TO BE HER HOME like you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me man HAVE YOU NO CHILL LUCAS??? he doesn’t we all know he doesn’t. can you blame him though she saved his motherfucking life i’d look at her like she hung the moon too honestly. pull me down from a cross feed me an apple gently and i’ll march into anything for you yes i goddamn will. “so lucas is home?” mOTHERFUCKER

not little red riding hood

Author’s Note: Shapeshifters AU.

By the way, I am really glad that you guys enjoyed into the abyss, only for you, my darling. :D :D It was really fun to come home from work to find all of those notes on that fanfic!! I am really glad that you guys liked it!!

The feedback is always appreciated!!! :D :D

I am not feeling well today, woke up feeling sicker than I had previously. So while I did edit, I might have missed something. I am always eager to learn how I can improve. :) Thanks again! :D

Pairing: Dorothy/Lucas

Rating: T


Dorothy can shapeshift into a black panther. She has never told anyone. 

Amnesia complicates things because it turns out that Lucas can do it too (he can shapeshift into an adult wolf), but he didn’t know that he could and that makes everything a thousand times complicated. 

It is a sunny day. Dorothy watches, entranced, as dust motes are carried away in a gentle whirling dance by the soft breeze, a chilly caress against her whiskers. She basks in the warmth of the sun, sunshine gleaming across her sleek dark muscled form. It is such a pleasant day that she almost forgets that she has a large cantankerous wolf pinned underneath her. That had been a close call, one hundred and ten pounds of an adult male wolf colliding with a startled one hundred pounds of a sleek muscled black panther. Dorothy had tried to pull her punches during that fight, she didn’t want to kill him. Or maul him. Even though he had attacked her first. 

And Lucas? Well…he wasn’t in his right mind. Dorothy was attempting not to take it personally. She felt certain that he had lost himself somewhere during the traumatic circumstances of his shift. His amnesia probably didn’t help matters either. 

She can forget this lapse in judgement. Mostly. Anyway, its not like she never had problems herself. Her parents had muddled through her transformations–from when she was a tiny black panther cub squirming her way between the bars of her tiny baby crib to when she was a precocious toddler found in the barn covered from her head to her tiny toes in goats’ blood. Her Papa had cat proofed the barn and her bedroom after that.

They’d thought that the sleepwalking had been the cause of that little killing spree.

There were no more problems after that.

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  • Dorothy: Don't move!
  • Ruby: Seriously? I am a werewolf and she is a badass warrior who has battled every imaginable monster. Do you really think we would be intimidated by a crossbow?
  • Mulan: Actually as a lesbian getting shot is a very big concern of mine
  • Ruby: Seriously?
  • Mulan: Yeah it happens disturbingly often
  • *5 minutes later*
  • Ruby: I think I am gay for Dorothy
  • *10 minutes later*
  • *Gets shot by both Emma and Regina*
  • Ruby: Holy shit that was fast