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since this is my first time doing something like this, i’d be happy to know if you have any kind of prompts in mind. i think it’d be more fun that way!! (you can send them to the blog or my main)


I’m holding The Phoenix in my hand.
This is so precious omg @walker-oliciter ! Thank you for the gift ❤️

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Do you have any advice for a Highschool senior?? I start in two days... 😫

This will be really quick bc senior year is one part HELL one part absolutely nothing. I also am doing some college work right now so I don’t have a lot of time rn lolz

  • PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO YOUR COLLEGE ESSAYS. If you don’t have at least some done at this moment, you are fucked.
  • I put off my college essays until December break, where I did eight colleges worth of essays at once. It was bad. I had to work on Christmas. But it was also bad, because it wasn’t my best work. I had too much pride and assumed my natural brilliance would carry the day. It did not. I did not get into my first choice, probably because my essay was sloppy and barely put together. Do your college essays.
  • Even if what you have right now is shit, that’s good! You don’t have to submit it yet. You have the time to work on it and edit it. Do your college essays asap.
  • Your first semester of senior year will be absolute, total hell. You will want to die. This isn’t a joke. My anxiety and depression absolutely peaked during the months of October-December. I lost almost all of my self-confidence. I didn’t sleep much. I barely ate. It was… really bad. And it’s all because of the MOTHERFUCKING COLLEGE PROCESS.
  • Learn the difference between EA and ED. Early Action is due in October or November depending on the college. It’s nonbinding,  meaning you don’t have to go to that college if you get in. It’s great to apply EA, because it implies to that college that you really do want to go, but you’re still wavering a little. Apply ED if you want, but no the consequences (i.e you might not get a great financial package, you will have to go to that college, etc.) 
    • I wish I’d applied EA to more colleges… Maybe I would have gotten in then lmao. Or at least gotten into the Honors College, I am looking at you UMASS Amherst.
  • Work hard in school, but don’t get yourself killed. People will tell you that senior year is your last chance to impress colleges with your grades. And that’s… trueish. IMO, junior year was way more important than senior year, especially because half of it doesn’t even matter. So work hard, but don’t wear yourself off. The most important thing is to maintain consistent grades; do not slip and get Cs second semester when you previously got As, because your college might revoke your admission.
  • The college admission process will either give you enough confidence to kill a god, or it will destroy you one piece at a time and make you question your worth. I cried a lot during the college process. My best friends and I had multiple depression siestas where we basically bitched about the colleges that didn’t accept us and then pretended we weren’t sobbing and losing sleep over them.
  • Second semester senior year is pretty goddamn fun though. Teachers stop giving a fuck about anything by like, April. They’ll probably be more obsessed with talking about politics and social issues, which will make class a fun time. Bask in your youth. Get your driver’s license, or at least make sure most of your friend group can drive. Go to the mall. Go out at night. Have fun, but stay safe. This will be the lightest time of your life. Don’t mess it up.
  • Summer after senior year is also the best time of your life, I’m not joking. Unless you’re working, in which case your happiness levels may vary.
  • Also, if you can, leave campus as often as possible during the school year. It will do wonders for your stress.

Anyway, standard disclaimer: This is pretty general advice, so feel free to message me if you’re worried about anything specific!! I have to go write a college essay now, lol.


hello everyone! ☆彡 I’m vivi, aka m0nst4x!! I woke up to a very pleasant surprise today because this blog has reached 300+ followers! it may not seem like a lot, but to me it’s a very big deal and I love and appreciate you all so much! ♡ this blog is a bit new, and as of rn I’ve only been on here for a little over two months. but within that short span of time I’ve been so welcomed in the lovely community here, and i’ve made many lovely mutuals and friends along the way!! 💘

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Cookie Time

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader (kinda…you’ll see)

Requested by: Anon - please let me know what you think hope you don’t mind me changing it a bit!

Hi~ could you please make a story where a member of the avengers share a secret stash of rare/limited edition midnight snacks with reader and one day they are caught in the act by the whole team cause they think there is something fishy going on.

A/n: REQUESTS ARE OPEN!  Please support your local Girl Scouts, they are a wonderful organization that teaches young girls to be independent and entrepreneurs.  

You had no idea how T’Challa had managed it. He had managed to get Girl Scout cookies sent to Wakanda for you.  After looking at him in disbelief and demanding to know where he got them, you ran into his arms giving him a big hug.

“It was nothing. I knew you missed home so I thought I could bring a bit of home to you.”  T’Challa had been hiding and protecting you and the rest of Team Cap since all the unpleasantness with Tony.

T’Challa had quickly become on your closest friends, you knew he made a point to look out for you and the others.   You had been in Wakanda almost a year and there was tons of progress on Bucky’s mind.  So much so, he decided to leave cyro.  However this didn’t change things with the government and you and the others were still unable to go home.

You took your stash of cookies and hid them in the cleaning closet in the far hallway leading to the bedrooms.   Only leaving out one box of Trefoils, you head to the living room where you knew Steve and Bucky would be.  You remembered Steve and Bucky talking about tasting the cookies back in the day and both seemed that they were dying to try the cookies once again.

Walking into the living room you find them each on either end of the couch.  Plopping into the space between them you give them both smiles.   Pulling out a cookie for each you handed one to each of them.  You watched as the two super soldiers on either side of you took a bite before letting out twin moans of delight.

Not twenty minutes later the cookies were gone.  The guys beg you for more but you refused to tell them where they were.  “But I am your boyfriend you have to tell me.”

You couldn’t help but laugh at the expression on Steve’s face.  Getting up to head to bed you laugh as Steve stands to wrap his arms around you and give you a breathtaking kiss, when he finally pulled away you melted into him.

Kissing up your neck and whispering in your ear, you let out a laugh when Steve said “Please tell me where the cookies are”

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*coughs* I made a bendy-

Heart-Shaped Sucker


Words:  6758 (holy crap)

Excerpt:  He pulls the stick out from between his teeth, and Phil then realizes that he had been sucking on a lollipop, red and heart-shaped. Dan’s mouth moves as he speaks, his lips wet and shiny with the effects of the sucker he’d slid against them temptingly, and when he places it back in his mouth so slowly, Phil’s stomach feels like it’s in knots.

Warnings: smut!!!! (blowjobs, pillow grinding), food mentions, swearing, nothing too bad just know there’s a lot of sexual themes

SEQUEL: Part Two

Part Three

Check out the gr8 art for this story!!: here

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Okay, but people…hugging Jaal. Cuddling Jaal. It would be the best thing ever. 
He’s a tall, buff squid kitty that almost sounds like he’s purring while he talks - and if that’s not the best combination, I will swing.

Imagine holding his big ass hand, probably much bigger than yours - just laying there, on your bed, with your head on his chest, everything’s good and life’s fine. There are things waiting to be done, but you can’t care less. All that matters is your goddamn octopus kitty and how warm and comfortable he is.

apocalypse? kett? some-harbringer-like-main-villain? don’t matter. squid kitty hugs.

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Do you watch Boruto? What do you think of the newest episode that covers Gaiden? Satisfactory or no?

ask me something you’ve always wondered

no I dont ahh its too childish and fillery for my taste. I am on 4G and i’m using my data to read and watch Haikyuu!! plus update my tumblr and study (ill watch gaiden when the whole thing is out when im back home with stable wifi). From what i’ve seen i’d give the animated rendition a 5/10. I am not impressed tbh, the animation style after the last kept going down hill and it’s at lowest point rn. The characters look nothing like their manga counterparts and they aren’t even trying to make them look better, the designs are messed up, the animation is so stiff it’s like you can TELL they used the same drawing and frames to avoid spending money. I am beyond done with SP. That scene with Sarada in the library is just unnecessarily stupid and makes no sense and the lead up to gaiden just shat on ss with the 2 minute date bullshit. People bitch that people who complain are setting the bar too high but? do these people even WATCH anime? Naruto has been shat on by the rest of the anime community for its shitty animation quality, inconsistent fillers and annoying fan base.  

‘they just want to meet a weekly deadline!’ then fucking WAIT like other animation studios do…don’t fuck up kishimotos immaculate art, dont destory Tokyo Ghouls story in s2 and don’t help fuel Bleach’s shipping wars you unprofessional shit house. Why are anime like SNK, BNHA and Haikyuu!! held at such high standards? They give themselves time to ensure the best project execution. I am not asking SP to wait 90 years like SNK but holy fuck the amount of fillers and shitty animation quality is a viral joke at this point..RIGHT after the wedding episodes (which were made to be ugly comic relief style to avoid budget overload) boruto was released which already meant screwed up stiff frame animation that makes me so annoyed because SP CAN do better..they did some crisp frames for bleach, some beautiful fluid fights in naruto, some seamless frames in TG and all in all have had some great graphics. If they can pull some amazing animations like that then how good will they be if they fucking WAIT and do the simplest job- give people what’s in the manga since you are shitty writers and animate to the best of their capacity. Stop with the excessive fillers that shit on characters and add plot holes to the original work that the author worked so hard on and simply do your god damn job.

A simple example since -ic yall havent noticed ive been wanking the haikyuu!! series a lot lately- you started this rant, lets look at these two animation frames of 2 hinatas, one more superior than the other

see how the animation literally focuses on one drawing, moving the frame and adding that effect to give the LEAST amount of effort into the animation? Anime is meant to be pretty and fluid, this is literally just MOVING LINES.

look at this fluid ass eye shot where EVERYTHING is thought out, down to the wind motions moving the hair as he jumps. There is more than one drawing of the eye to give the scene fluidity and even the ‘still’ frames such as his hair are drawn more than once to make them move seamlessly and give them kinetic momentum. The hair moves with the wind and the eye focuses on the enemy as he moves. Thats an animation.

In fact, further wanking haikyuu!! (and literally any other series with a studio that gives a shit) here is a fun fact: in an animation of orange boys eyes, they are made to move with MULTIPLE different drawings, as much as SIXTY different drawings for an animation that lasts less than 5 seconds…and then when the studio goes into one drawing animations they make sure to add movements, shadings and vibrant backgrounds to still make everything look appeasing to the eye and fluid. Compare that to SP who do one drawing FULL BODY frames and do their best to avoid spending time and money to yield results that are as beautiful as THIS

In that jump scene the camera angle and fade out is literally just made to symbolize one of the characters view of the match as he is so absorbed into giving the jumping kid the ball and is so singularly focused on the ball…this goes FULL circle (yes they even kept that much attention to detail in mind) when the match is then shown in an objective manner for the audience with the camera angle showing us the height of his jump and it shaking to show us the impact of it all and then fades out again because orange kid is focusing as he spikes the ball…it’s literally a beautiful piece of animation. They went as far as animating an exaggerated idealized CORRECT and accurate to real life volleyball pose..the attention to detail pays off immensely. 

Even when on a budget, anime is the art of animation..the entire genre of media is based on aesthetic animation. Every shading, shadow, camera angle given by the director, frame and drawing makes a huge difference to the visual story telling aspect of the story. SP not only fucks up the basic definition of an anime but they ALSO add their shitty writing to top it off. 

sorry for the rant omg I went off on a tangent.

What about you? What do yall think?

Fly on the Wall - Ivar’s Yes Girl

Bedroom conversations between Ivar and Aisling

This has gotten outta hand, I am done with them rn. XD

part of This Ends Tonight series

Playing with format. Not sure how well it reads. 

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

Patience 1.1

Pillow talk

Pushing buttons

Bedroom Convesations: Fly on the Wall - Ivar’s Yes Girl

Originally posted by asstrxlxgy

“You can have her, I would not mind, husband.”

*Ivar groans, rubs a hand over his face.*

“What are you taking about?”

“The slave girl.”

-exasperated- *sighs* “Which one?”

“The red head.”

* Ivar sighs, gazes at ceiling, feigns confusion*

“Which re-”

*Aisling rolls over angrily to face Ivar, interrupts*


-narrowed eyes-“You know very well the one I speak of.”

*Ivar turns head and moves mouth to speak*

“Do not presume to play dumb with me, Husband.”

“I have no clue what you are talking about, wife.”

“I am not bl-”

*Ivar rolls away from Aisling, annoyed, pulls covers over his head”

“Enough! Go to sleep.”

“No, you don’t command me. You may have have paid me a measly bride price, lower than I asks for might I add, but you do NOT own me.”

*Ivar speaks from fur cocoon.*

“That is right wife, that is right. YOU are right. Sleep, don’t sleep. I do not care. Just for the love of Odin, give your mouth a rest for the night.”

*ignores  request*

“But you do own her and I bet she is the one who’s mouth is in need of a rest Husband.”

*growls in frustration*

“Who is her?! I own many slaves, many of them have red hair and none of them have had their mouths one me. Bloody fuck woman, get off of it already.”

*ignores perceived lies*

“She can be your yes girl, Ivar.”

*humors Aisling*

“I do like the sound of that.”

*Aisling laughs dryly, is not amused.*

“I bet you do, seeing as I will never be that for you.”

*breaths deeply to keep calm, rolls back over and emerges from cocoon.*

-eyes Aisling, speaks slowly and sincerely- “I do not want that of you wife.”

*Aisling rolls eyes*

-breathy sultry voice- “You want me to kneel at your feet so you can command me? Yes, My King. You want to take me out behind the main hall and fuck me into the dirt like an animal? Oooh but what risk. What if we are caught? The answer is still yes. Yes.Yes.You want me to crawl under the table at dinner and take your cock in my mouth? Yes oh yes, my King, I will do all those thin-”

*sits up and gazes at Aisling with incredulous look, interrupts*

“What are you getting a-”

*ignores interruption, continues, raises voice and talks over Ivar*


*Ivar raises voice higher, talks over Aisling*




*Aisling sits up, both are glaring at each other now*


*Ivar throws arms out, confused, angry and over Aisling’s dramatics*

-pleading in anger-“ADMIT WHAT WIFE? ADMIT WHAT?”

“That you have been bedding that thrall! I see the way she looks at you.”

-booming voice, over her shit-“SO WHAT?! HAVE YOU SEEN ME PAY HER ANY ATTENTION BACK?”





“FANTASTICAL?!” *erupts in laughter* “Did your redheaded English whore teach you that word?”

*Ivar hangs head in hands, fists hands in his hair, breaths before coming somewhat clean*

“I know the one you speak of okay?”

“Hmmph. Was that so hard now husband?”

*turns to Aisling with a tired frown, scoots in next to her and wraps her up into a reluctant embrace*

-grimaces and struggles in embrace-“Get off of me, pig.”

*Ivar holds tighter, pets Aislings hair*

-scoffs and jerks her head away-”Do not pet me me like I am some stray wounded dog, Ivar. I am a woman scorned, slightly above a dog…How COULD you?!”-cries and continues struggle- “Let. me. GO!”

*Ivar only holds tighter, wrestling with Aisling to stop moving and let his speak*

“I know the whore you speak of and nothing has happened,” -shakes Aisling gently, grasps her shoulders and forces her to face him and hear him out-”She can shake her tits in my face every night while serving me mead, I like the vie-” -Aisling lets out pained noise and starts to wiggle out of his hold again, Ivar doesn't let her-”BUT, HOLD ON LISTEN! listeeennn, please, I am only a man. I would’t touch the saxxon bitch with a 6 foot crutch. You are my wife. I am not my father. Not so much as what people may have come to believe at least. I would’t betray you or humiliate you like that ever. I would not repeat Ragnar’s mistakes in THAT way. Give me a little credit wife. Come on.”

*Aisling stills her struggling, crying is reduced to small sniffles, looks down, avoids Ivar’s gaze.* 

-Ivar tilts Aisling’s tear stained face up to meet his-”and when I said I knew what you were getting at, I meant that I don’t care if you deny me, I only ask you to do those things partly in jest love. I don’t really expect you to say yes.”

*Aisling sniffles*

“Really Ivar? Then why do you act so irritated when I refuse you?”

*Ivar laughs and takes Aisling’s face in his hands, wipes away a stray tear*

“I said I don’t expect you to say yes, doesn’t mean wouldn’t like you to say yes once in a while.”

*Aisling smiles and caresses Ivar’s cheek*

“Well you know me well enough to know that is an unlikely scenario, me giving into your fantastical sexual whims at the drop of a hat.” -holds head higher-I am not some slave girl, I am a lady and I am your queen. ”

*Ivar kisses Aisling on forehead*

“And that is why I love you, now please Elskan, can we sleep now?”

*Aisling frowns, embarrassed at her own theatrics, nods and kisses Ivar soft and sweet*

“Yes Husband, I am sorry, sleep love. I am sorry.”

“No need to apologize love, just sleep.”

*they share a last chaste kiss and snuggle in together under the firs.*

*Ivar pulls Aisling into his chest, making her his little spoon* (awe fluff gag me)

Ivar -“Whims?”

Aisling -“Hmm?”-sleepily-

Ivar -”Did my redheaded whore teach you that one?”

Aisling- *reaches around and pinches Ivar hard on the nipple and twists*

Ivar- -squeels like a little bitch- -pained voice - “I deserved that,”

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What would the ut/us bros, uf sans and ink do if their s/o is absolutely terrified of storms (I kinda need that rn cause there's a storm going on where I am and I'm really scared)

I’m sorry if this is too late but here we go! ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

He’s bound to hold you and, if he thinks it’ll help, he’ll probably tell you how the storm works and how helpful it can be sometimes to plants. He’ll keep a hold of you until the storm’s done, no matter what.

UT Papyrus

The second he knows you’re scared he’s wrapping you in a blanket, getting you something to keep you calm, and chatting like crazy. The talk’s to drown out the noise.

US Sans

It’s pretty much the same as UT Papyrus, except he’s also hugging you. Expect random Skele-kisses too.

US Papyrus

He’ll hold you tightly, telling you how everything will be fine, and it’ll stop soon. If you get too bad he’s probably gonna shove you into his hoodie.

UF Sans

He laughs at first, but once he realizes you actually are genuinely scared, he’s quick to apologize and ask what you need. “i don’t know what to do in this situation, y’gotta help me out!”

Ink Sans

He finds the solution easy. Unfortunately, the solution he has is to simply move you to a different universe. “if you’re not at the storm, it can’t scare you, right?”

shaykai  asked:

Hey, I'm sorry wasting your time asking this, but how long does it take you to animate things? (By the way, I love your work!!)

No worries ^^ I am chilling rn either way :V
(and thanks!)

It really depends on how much movement there is x3x….
Like .. if it’s a simple shot with for example Gaster looking slightly up, as in my RE:Incarnation Animation, then this one took me around 4 hours.

But if it’s something more complex, with a lot of body movement and fullbody pieces. Then those can take up to 1-2 weeks, depending on the length and details xx! Or even more haha
But if I get the sketch done properly and everything is good from timeing and such, it’s usually a very clean run :)!

destinydog1997  asked:

Hey Yugo Hows everything going with you im almost done with school i finish the June 22 how about you?

Ur school yr is almost over!????!!

I just starded my 2nd yr college since june 1….


things that break my heart

-the “it’s quiet uptown” in the election of 1800 -how angelica’s voice breaks a bit in “congratulations ” -HOW HURRICANE IS UNDER APPRECIATED -who did this alEXANDER DID YOU KNOWWW -“the orphanage”. can that be a bonus song or sum? -“one last time” and how daddy won’t be calling anymore omigosh HAHHA -eliza crying omfg im ruined -chris’ voice. yup. -how madison sounds smoooove in “what’d i miss” like whOAAA -“my name is phillip. i am a poet. i wrote this poem just to show it. and i just turned nine, you can SAVE LIVES BUT YOU CANT SAVE MINE” holy guacamole my heart -how hot daveed is. I AINT GONNA GO THERE RN -alaBANZA. rip abuela claudia -pacienca y fe and at the end she’s like “okay mami. fine” sum like dat. -benny and nina and how adorkable they are -hey guys, its me. the biggest disappointment you know. -how sad ant is @ the end of 21 chump street -how much i wanna be naomi rodriguez MWAHAHAHA no but fr -your mom cant take another heart brEAK TFFFF?!? yup i am done xx

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