i am done with these people

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: ben platt gave up so much of himself to this role, to this show. for over four years, he dedicated himself so fully and completely to this character and this experience. no words can describe how grateful i am for everything he’s done, for everything he’s given us. for his voice, for his song. as someone with anxiety, he’s shown be that i really can grow, that i can achieve great things in life too. i honestly just feel so blessed to have been lucky enough to witness it all, to witness the pure magic he pours out onto the stage every night, to know this beautiful story and to watch him so deservedly succeed. i’m devastated to see him go, but i so firmly believe that he’ll achieve so many other amazing things in life, and i can’t wait to root for him the entire way. so, thank you, ben platt. thank you, thank you, thank you. for everything.

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Dear friend, I work in an emergency room doing clerical things and helping with things like cleaning rooms or helping the doctors and nurses. Often when I’m sitting at my desk or moving around, I’ll see people out of the corner of my eye or hear my name called. These people are usually detailed but I can’t see their faces clearly. Am I hearing and seeing the dead, or are the sounds of quiet chatter just making me think I’m hearing things, and my eyes are being deceitful? I offer stickers & juice





Nathair Pt. 3

Here is part three lovelies!

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CAN YOUG UYS HElp i am, unsure...

Coupon kids is a bit different from standard webcomics as it updates several pages at a time.

so idk how to.. really go about pricing the updates? Ive done by page cause thats what other webcomics do. But you guys know how much that fluxuates between posts. 

sometimes i post updates that are 10 pages! i dont want to be charging people like an insano amount. but you see where that gets weird? 

i think theres a cap patreons can choose, but im not sure how it works. if someone.. is experienced in giving on patreon… some advice would be greatly…dank…

When I was properly diagnosed with ADHD last year, I found this wonderful book on adult ADHD written by two women with ADHD, and my gosh this thing has been a total gem. It’s taken me a while to get through it (I’m still not done), less because it’s boring (it’s actually a fun read and THEY BREAK UP THE TEXT ON THE PAGES PROPERLY. NO GIANT WALLS HERE. MY ADHD HEART WEEPS) and more because I’m so easily distractable that it’s a wonder I’m able to read anything longer than a takeout menu.

Anyways, it’s because of this book that I’ve discovered that I am woefully understimulated. Yeah. Someone with ADHD?? Aren’t they supposed to be overstimulated hyperactive cartoon characters all the time??? The answer is NOPE, y'all! Many people with ADHD, particularly people like me that were not diagnosed until adulthood, had to find ways to cope on their own. Quite a few of these coping mechanisms end up being malaptive – meaning they work in the short term, but in the long term do quite a bit of damage – and one such maladaptive coping mechanism is to severely limit yourself on things that you do.

Where some people with ADHD immediately want to do ALL the things to prove that they can, others will do as little as possible, out of fear that they’ll make a mistake or become too distracted. But this is just as bad as doing too much, especially for people with ADHD! It can lead to chronic fatigue, lathargy, and even depression. Understimulation is the god of boredom, and boredom is the god of death for peeps with ADHD.

Boredom is dangerous for anyone, but when you have ADHD? It becomes *literally* painful for you. Peeps with ADHD need stimulation to function; just not too much or stress will shut you down completely while also convincing you that you’re useless and worthless for caving in to circumstances that those without ADHD fly through with ease.

There’s nothing wrong with you. Your brain is just wired differently. You can achieve just as much, if not more, as people without ADHD. It’s just a matter of knowing *how*, since society tends to love throwing everyone under one criteria and assuming that if you can’t do X or don’t behave like Y, you must be an idiot or just plain wrong. It’s dumb af. Nobody is exactly the same, and shouldn’t be judged as such.

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to know this. Do you know how long I questioned whether or not I had ADHD simply because I don’t display the stereotypical symptom of MUST DO ALL THE THINGS LOOK AT MY ADHD SQUIRREL BRAIN (at least, not always)? The answer is a long-ass fucking time, dudes, but now I know and now YOU guys know, too. The more you know.

(Btdubs, the books is ‘You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!’ by Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramudo. Even if you don’t have ADHD, I highly recommend it. It’s always good to be aware of these things, you never know who you might be able to help down the line with the knowledge)

stood up to my mother tonight. stood strong against her angry glare and her drunk shitty words. i didn’t back down like i wanted to, like i’ve always done. and the second i’m alone it’s like tear city. they’re mostly angry tears. angry that she thinks that it’s okay to do that shit, angry that i still let her get to me, angry that despite an entire house full of people i’m still the only person standing up for me. angry at her, but fucking proud of myself for keeping my cool and being the rational one in the moment

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Are you sure you don't have dysgraphia? Dyslexia doesn't affect fine motor skills so what you're saying makes no sense. (I've done extensive research on dyslexia. I wrote my capstone on learning disabilities and never saw anything about fine motor skills in my research.)

There’s so much to unpack here im ghfejklf okay

first off, I don’t care how much research you’ve done. I’ve lived with dyslexia for 20 years. I’ve known I was dyslexic since I was 8, and was in PT/OT throughout elementary school for that reason. Lived experience is always more valuable than research. 

second off, I have a sneaking suspicious you did poorly on your capstone because I literally googled the word dyslexia and this was in the first result:

Not even that, but literally ANYONE who works with dyslexic kids will tell you about it. Hell, anyone who works with kids will tell you that dyslexic kids have trouble with fine motor skills (in fact- my problem with fine motor skills was the first red flag my mom saw- she’s an elementary school teacher) 

Can I just say something about my reblog/response?

I need to know something… 

Please tell me I’m not a bad person for thinking this. Please tell me I’m not alone. i feel like I am. People seem to find comfort in this but I just don’t and can’t. But I wonder if I should. I see them and think ‘why doesn’t this make me feel better?’. Does that make me terrible? Am I alone in this? 

Please say I’m not. Someone, please tell me I’m not.

Also, @therealjacksepticeye if you see this I have to say that my response was nothing against you at all, I know you’re a lovely person who just wants to help people and make them feel better. You’ve done that for me many times over. Just not this one time, and that’s down to you not me. I hope you don’t take this personally and hate me. Please don’t. I still love you Jack <3

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And you know some chemistry-free engagement photos are coming our way. They out here tryna compete with a FICTIONAL ship. Bless them lol.

How much you wanna bet they gonna put some fake bought likes on the pics too. I really can’t with them why wait till this week? Y'all couldn’t have done this a week ago? and or two weeks from now you had to ride this wave… Better yet the “engagment” was months ago but I’m meant to belive she got the dollar tree parcel today.. Especially when they live together, I AM MEANT TO BELIVE THIS WASN’T DONE FROM SUSPECT BEHAVIOR.. I think not. Maybe seeing people telling Grant & Candice congrats hit a nerve cause a lot of people was really thinking gg and cp getting married.

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“I hate college. I’ve been significantly less active on my RP blog since the semester started because of my ridiculous workload (although I am still active on a daily basis) and I feel like people are neglecting me because of it. Not to mention all my favorite RP partners keep going on hiatus because THEY’RE in college too and need to focus on getting work done. Stop giving us so much homework, dammit!! Let us have free time!!”

TWD Spoilers - The Big Scary U (8x05)

Notes.  Again, separate bullets.  Though there are no literal bullets.  

Imagine them.  







So to open with “bullets.”  Did they actually have Negan refer to the rifle’s magazine, as a “clip?”   They are not the same things.  Negan would know this.  And I am QUITE sure that all of the show’s explosive/FX guys and gals would know this too.  It’s just little bits of sloppiness like that in the writing, which make me sigh.

The whole scene with the Negan Round Table was tense and well done, but would have been WAY more suspenseful if we hadn’t seen that every one of those people sitting around the table (potentially about to be Lucille’d if Negan had gone off like it ‘seemed’ that he would) if we hadn’t already known all of those folks were alive and perfectly well when Rick et al showed up to ram the barricades.  Just saying, no issue at all with flashbacks to forward the plot, they save us needless exposition, but they literally could have opened the Premiere with that scene, as in aired it ‘in order’ and it would have been just fine with me.

Nice touch with all the marks and dents on Negan’s end of the Meeting Table.  It wasn’t even like it was a camera pan, I just happened to notice it. So I’d like to think that was JDM fucking it up during rehearsal.  

King Ass Face.  Heh.  And so CHILDISH!  You know why?  Because Ezekiel (and his “They’ve Got a God damn Tiger” tiger #RIPSHIVA) were the ones that saved Alexandria and ran Negan off before he could kill Carl and cripple Rick.  Negan is a bitter child. 

Not to belittle Glenn’s death but I will allow that it was ‘refreshing’ (for lack of a better word that I can’t think of right now) to hear him referred to as “The Widow’s Husband,” when you know it’s always women referred to as ‘so and so’s wife.’  

So Rick, Daryl, Carl, The Widow, The Ginger, Preacher, King Ass Face.  Is that everybody that Negan knows by ‘name?’  If so, I am VERY curious as to what he would call Carol.  Because the Termites were the ones who nicknamed her and Daryl The Archer and the Queen Bitch.  I think Negan would come up with something more unique for her.  

Speaking of Negan, let’s get into him for a second.  His discussion of “rubbing one out” in the trailer to calm down was a discussion I could have done without.  I’m not saying it was bad writing, it was effective in adding a layer to his creep factor, but still, didn’t need the imagery in my head.  Blech.  Overall though, Negan referred to his junk or someone else’s junk seriously like a RIDICULOUS number of times, and by the end, it HAD lessened my view of the character.  Which I’m assuming was intentional, because he no longer comes off as quirky, powerful scary, he just comes off as a genuine creep.  Like dude, it’s a workplace, enough about your dick.   I know this was filmed back in early summer but it was striking me as oddly ‘timely’ with the current wave of creepy harassers being exposed (no pun) right now.  

Simon Ogg is really excellent at ‘goofy scary’ which is a very particular skill set.  And it pains me to say it (though I’ve intimated to this before) but I am not ‘un-fond’ of Gavin.  I will be a little sorry when he gets killed.  That is mostly because he is a good actor, and he plays him more like a ‘real’ person, if that makes sense.  Obviously I know it’s the writing too, but like him going through the doorway to see that Rick and everyone were outside about to unleash hell and he muttered, “oh shit.”  Because THAT is what you say in that moment!  Then again walking out to see the double digit worker insurrection and muttering, “Jesus Christ.”  Again, APPROPRIATE RESPONSE FOR THE MOMENT!  He doesn’t walk around with a false bravado or a true psychopathy like some of the others, he’s just in the middle of this shit and he holds the line of what he needs to do but he’s said before, he just chose this as the easiest path.  Unlike most of the Saviors who are psychopaths or average redneck, dirtbags, I believe that Gavin could just as easily have been part of any of these other groups.  He just happened to run into Negan first.

Speaking of their redneck dirtbags, are there any black Saviors?  Or Asian, or Hispanic saviors for that matter?  I know the workers there for sure yes, clearly a multi-ethnic group, but I am drawing a blank on any ‘non-white’ members of their armed faction.  Hmph.  (*whispers* racist)

I have missed Eugene’s Eugene’isms.  From the beginning the show has always had characters who added levity to scenes that weren’t funny and with Abraham and Glenn, and Merle, and HERSHEL, etc., all dead, Eugene’s absence in that area was a missing piece of the key TWD puzzle.  That said, if he doesn’t trade a couple of his cucumbers for a full set of working testicles, and do a major doublecross of Negan I have no problem with him being Lucille’d or made into walker chow.  Him not immediately diming out Dwight was a good start.  And I think he was genuinely happy to see Gabriel too.  

Gabriel grew a pair!  Like, for real!  He was manipulative and lowered Negan’s defenses and fucking stripped him of his gun!  Damn, man!  Good job!  I mean, it didn’t work out, but still!  SOLID EFFORT!  

The Rickyl.  Rick’s points weren’t wrong, but Daryl was right.  I am TeamDaryl on this one.   Things change.  You had three full communities of fighters in this war, and now you have two.  It’s like you lost a whole God damn country.  War plans are changed when a country is lost from the list of allies.  Especially when you only had two allies.  And Daryl wasn’t being psychotic with his plans!  He wanted to end it all that day.  The quicker a war ends, the more people live.  That’s a ‘duh’ moment.  And he listened to Rick’s point about the families and nodded like ‘yeah, okay I don’t want to kill the families,’ then pointed out, ‘but hey, they live over in this part of the compound we’ll just go in on the other side, they can run up the stairs to escape the walkers and Rick is still, “No! People could get hurt!” Dude!  you’re fighting a WAR!  You can, and should, work to minimize civilian causalities but you can’t save everyone!  It’s your people or their people.  One of them has to be the MAIN priority, and one has to be the LESSER priority.  Get with it, man.  

The fight did have good wind up music though.  I think it was a riff off of the Daryl/Richard fight music!  Even with Daryl’s “NAW!”  Ha, ha!

Then Rick, FUCKING MORON(!!!!!), tosses the explosives into the fire.  This Rick, this is why people think you’re bad at coming up with plans.  Because blowing up the truck, instead of the Savior compound, was a “bad plan.”  Their faces after that were a nice, amusing, break to the tension. Like a sigh, and “okay, well, that’s the end of that.’  And their sweet little choke hold callback.  You do know that we have the only show, in the world, with a sweet little CHOKE HOLD, callback :)  It was also sweet how Daryl was all about unleashing his frustration on Rick, and kicking his ass, then he realizes that Rick might actually get hurt (again because he’s a fucking moron) and then it was all “I will grab your hand and drag your ass out of here because I LOVE you!”   :)

Negan couldn’t put down Woman Lucille after she turned.  So Negan is … Morgan.  Hmph.  I also would have been cool with a quick flash of Woman Lucille showing Hilarie B in that role.  

Now one point that I’ve never gotten into before on my notes here,but it has been with me since the beginning of my season seven catch up, was the whole thing with Negan’s “wives.”  Because his fans are all, ‘oh he’s not a rapist, he’s okay.’  But what he does is NOT okay.  He sees a woman that he likes and makes their husbands GIVE them to him so he doesn’t beat their brains in!  He IS a rapist.  Just because you aren’t physically holding the women down during the “act” doesn’t make what he’s doing any less of a violation.  Christ, his wives were trying to kill him!  These are not voluntary relationships! They want him DEAD!   I’m not trying ‘to do battle’ with a whole sub-segment of the shipping community but yeah, a guy who coerces women into having sex with him or he’ll kill them and/or their real husbands is just fucking disgusting.  I’m hoping that all of that stuff being brought up again (plus all of the creepy dick talk above) is the part of the writer’s efforts to remove the ‘mystique’ around him, and make him more of ‘pathetic douchebag,’ than a ‘charming villain.’    It’s working guys!  👍🏽

Speaking as a Virginian, and knowing our “fairly” balanced racial makeup in the NOVA area, I can say without a doubt that there were not nearly enough ‘black walkers’ in that herd of dead people.   Were those like “Friendship Heights” walkers?  Because otherwise, no.  

The Regina actress is a terrible actress.  It’s SO rare that they have a casting misfire (“fifth letter of the alphabet” *cough, cough*) that it is JARRING when a bad actor shows up.  Because bad acting takes you out of the moment and when she yelled, “I’m Negan,” with all of the impact of a high school theater production, I was like, ‘oh, no, no that made my ears hurt.  Shhhh.”    No future talking for her.  She just needs to stand there and look tough until she gets iced.

And as long as I’m on this, Austin isn’t a super great actor either.  Not terrible.  And maybe the prosthetic on the face is hurting him.  Not physically but like affecting his performance, because he doesn’t ‘project’ much in the way of emotion.  I understand he was doing a double cross there and trying to protect his identity, so he was supposed to be ‘pretending’ to be tough when he was actually just freaking out that they would figure out it was him and he’d get tossed out into the herd.  Still, I’d never watched him before and thought, “wow, he’s good,” like I have for (as examples) Simon and Gavin above.  So I’m going to stick with, ‘not super great.’  :(  But on the bright side, I have HIGH hopes Daryl will murder him by season’s end.  

Helicopter.  I blinked, and blinked, and blinked.  So confused.  Like, does it belong to the Garbage Pail Kids?  Do they have a helicopter in the dump? Because it was their ‘neighborhood’ Rick was walking through.  Curious.  Very curious.  Maybe it’s a harbinger for next season…

Overall even though it was Savior focused I didn’t hate it, but that was ONLY because they balanced it with the Rickyl.  I don’t wish to see another Savior focused episode, at all though, so here’s to hoping we won’t have to.  And I would have totally skipped next week (more of Jesus is enough for me to skip right now) but then Carol had to show up in the next scene damn it.  See, keeping one of the Magic Three Carickyl constantly on screen DOES affect viewership, because I can’t be the only one who was like, ‘okay, fine. I’ll watch.’

Finally to the Caryl:  Updating my note here, because on second watch, the scene was actually much more layered than it seemed!  Full thoughts (with screenshots) on that over here on this post.  Still though, screw you random Dying In The Street Savior for telling Daryl that  Carol was alive!  We needed him to check on that shit himself!!!  And he WOULD have damn it, because his face when he thought that EVERYONE was dead, was complete horror and panic.  Then the relief when he found out about the badass woman who killed all of the other saviors, (because of course he knew if there’s ever a Last Woman Standing it’s his Carol) was totally an ‘oh yeah, that’s my girl.  Thank God she’s okay,” sigh.  It was actually kind of the reverse of her hearing his motorcycle last week.  Her smile, then his sigh of relief of knowing that she was still all right.  And that’s our Caryl for the week.  Which is again, (let’s all remember the drought) more Caryl than we got in 96% of last season’s episodes!  So I can’t even be annoyed with Norman.  He wasn’t trolling, he didn’t SAY anything was going to happen with like a ‘wink, wink or something.  He was just excited about tonight because of the Rickyl stuff, and he was excited about his Melissa tweet because he loves Melissa and apparently really liked that Caryl scene with her.  So he put it up again, and I got my hopes too high that the writers would reward us, as I would have rewarded us.  It was on me.  I own it.  Sorry folks if I got anyone else’s hopes up too :)  Also I do honestly, think it’s deliberate that literally every single week either M or N puts up a Caryl post on show night.  I think they are trying to keep the momentum going in the background, even if the foreground plot on the show, is still ‘the war.’  Just how I see it.  It’s coming :)

So, later kids!   Have a good week!  And if it’s an upcoming Turkey Day for you enjoy your side dishes, because really the sides are the best part! ✌️



















Theory Time pt 2

This is kind of an extension to last nights because it was like 1 am..

So its already been established that the video was most likely from the viewer’s point of view.

Based on this x  (which is super well done omg) Dark is saying 

1-“I hate you” 

2-“Do you remember, when we first met you?”

3-“ I said, we were going to do great things together”

4-“No one asked for this”

5-“Are you sure about that?”

6-“Go back to sleep”

So to me, this sounds like possibly 2-3 people are talking through one voice. 

Firstly, Why would Dark be telling us he hates us, well, possibly because we tried to foil is plan in WKM or because we somehow got out of the mirror or because we tried to kill him in ADWM. BUT it could also be Celiene or Damien telling Dark (although they technically make him up) that they hate him and what he did. This line is also said like the person who is saying it is struggling, for lack of a better word.

Secondly, in Line 2, notice the word “we”. “when we first met you” They’re asking if we(the viewers) remember meeting the gang prior to the events of WKM as it seems that we have no recollection of the events. Because if we did, why would we be hanging out with Mark, our old friend who ruined our life..

Thirdly, In line 3, it seems that Dark is asking this. It doesn’t show signs of Celiene or Damien. It is also said more demandingly and menacingly. It certainly sounds more like the Dark we’re familiar with. There’s an emphasis on we and great..

Fourthly, “no asked for this”, This line is harder to make out (and im so glad for @grim-ruling for deciphering it) The line is said more timidly than the other, and in my opinion, it doesn’t seem directed at us. Its like either Damien or Celiene are saying it (im leaning towards Damien). This line gets fainter, as if the person saying it is possibly getting weaker.

Fifthly, “are you sure about that” This line intrigues me. Not only because its incredibly hard to make out, but because it could mean many things, but before I get into that, let me state some facts. This line is even harder to hear than Line 4, its as if the person is getting weaker as well or is pushing the other person away. Onto the theories about this line now.  My main thought on this is that while we(as a fandom) are always like “oh no, not again, whyyy”etc.etc. We live for these type of videos. We obsess over every, little detail. So why wouldn’t we want another one, even its only been a month since WKM. We love it. As much as we yell and scream at Mark for doing them, we love it. So if Dark came back, we would love it. We wait and wait for another new hint. So in a way, we did ask for it.

Lastly, “go back to sleep” He doesn’t want us to think too much on this. Just go back to sleep. It’ll be like a bad dream.. Don’t remember..

Onto the next  thing I picked up or found via Tumblr;

The temperature and TV:

Now, it has been said that when something spiritual (most times a ghost/demon) are nearby, the temperature drops. We see that happening on the temperature gun thing. Also, I have personally heard that electronics act up when something spiritual is around, and what do we wake up to? The TV displaying static… It should also be noted that Mark’s van is known to be on the hot side most of the time so the temperature being significantly cooler is a big deal. 

I know this was SUPER long and drawn out and that it went on some tangents but please feel free to add stuff to this ( its easier for me to respond via reblogging because having an “added account” on tumblr is dumb and acts as if im replying with my personal and its gets confusing smh)

@devilshornrandom I’ll just be glad when the holidays are over so I’m not so stressed out. I’m attempting to daydream today to get me through my shift lol Seem to immediately default to thinking about OCs so that’s what I’m going to do until I leave.

But, thank you~ I am trying my best.

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Why am I this way? It didn't take trauma. No, I've almost never been really hurt by people, nor had anything bad happen. I didn't ask for this, and nothing was done to cause it. Enough sugar coating though. What I'm trying to say is that I'm ill, but never had anything happen that would make me that way. Life has been good, for the most part, so what went wrong? I feel guilty for all of this, like it could have been prevented and didn't need to happen. Why me? Why, even if life has been okay?

We are all made differently, psychologically speaking. Wouldn’t it be easy to find a root cause of the we feel, it would make treatment all the more efficient. I am half on the side of psychoanalysis and on the brim of scientific aetiology when it comes to states of neurosis. There is nothing to feel guilty about, we are not in control in the way we feel, and neither are our circumstances always in control of that either. For those who say we can control the way we feel, best of luck to you after your unconscious has had enough of your shit, and constant repression, as it becomes archaic, undeveloped and destructive towards your conscious attitude. Then you’ll come and ask, why.

- Promethean Dread ☠️

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Hephaestus, Mermaid, and Heracles for the greek asks :)

Hephaestus: When is your birthday?

July 31! The end of summer, beginning of cramming for school and catching up on various things I should have done earlier but oh well, here I am anyways.

Mermaid: Last tv show you finished?

Gosh, hold on, I need to actually think of this?? I don’t watch a lot of TV and shows anymore because I just lack the attention span most of the time buuuuuut. It was probably the last Voltron season, sadly enough. Not very proud of that :/

Heracles: Have you ever had a dream come true?

Actually, yes!!! I daydream and come up with a lot of scenarios I know will most likely not happen, and the BMC Revival in New Jersey was no exception. However, I got to go and even got my red hoodie signed by the entire cast, as did my old phone case!! I was head over heels when the actor for Michael, Ryan Wood, signed the little Michael charm I got at a convention. That weekend was one of the best in my entire lives!!!

Thank you for asking!!!!!

ive been thinking of ways to convey my gratitude for about 3 hours and all that i can come up with is incoherent babbling and some screeches

the amazing wonderful absolutely splendid @dartheames had this done by the mind blowingly talented @nelmdraws of my quizzie mahinnah to combat a string of bad weeks ive been having (and because theyre just the literal sweetest person) and let me tell you i havent stopped staring at it

its BEAUTIFUL AND GORGEOUS and every single detail is PERFECT you nailed the hair and expression and the scars!! there were real jesus tears guys im so thankful!!!! thank you so so so much!!!!!! im in awe!!

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You seem very angry, anger can be used as a helpful tool to accomplish tasks In a more efficient and effective way. However if one is too angry it can cause that anger to then be used in more extreme ways against things and people who Yes may have done something wrong. However not nearly to the degree that is nessasary for the punishment that person received.

i seem very angry because i am very angry

hello darlings i am sorry i have been gone so long, only two days now until im free from second year physics and can bring you the stuff that i have been planning!

i have been doing a lot of destress sketches in between revision and and doing comission work that i need to finish up, and here is one of them!

i’m getting back into the mchanzone in preparation for mchanzo week, and if you follow me on snapchat you might have seen peeks of the merman au ive been creating (if you wanna follow my username is morrowkei). there is gonna be lots of art to come, soon <3