i am done with louis

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So here’s what happened!!
A pap was literally irritating Eleanor so Louis went towards him to ask him to stop but he continued being a rude ass fagot and started flashing on Louis’ face. He wa literally blinding him with all his camera flashes and Eleanor tried to walk away so it doesn’t create any hype even Louis was just trying tolerate this fucking bastard who was annoying the hell out of him and he got in his way making Louis fall an literately the pap tripped over but he acted like as if Louis has hurt him and suddenly Louis saw some beating the shit of Eleanor and pulling her hair an he ran towards them to save his gf and instead of these bastards He got arrested. LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??? IF HE IS A CELEBRITY SO WHAT IF YOU CANT STOP INVADING HIS PRIVACY ATLEAST RESPECT IT AND HE WAS LITERALLY TRYING TO DEFEND HIMSELF AND HIS GF FROM BEING HARASSED AND THE POLICE ARRESTED HIM INSTEAD OF THAT PAP AND THOSE FUCKING GIRLS WHO ATTACK ELEANOR AND TRYING TO PLAY THE VICTIM IN THIS SITUATION.
I am SO DONE with this fucking law if you arrest the wrong ones and leave the right ones to roam freely than I don’t consider this law anymore AND I AM SO DONE WITH THE MEDIA TO MAKE LOUIS LOOK LIKE A VILLAIN IN FRONT IF THE WHOLE WORLD. If you can’t show the good side of one celebrity atleast don’t trash talk about him even when you have the clear evidence in you face. FUCKING HYPOCRITES!!

Are all those uglies nasty towards Louis because they know he is the one getting that dick they are thirsting after? Really, I don’t get it why het harries hate Louis so much. It’s as if y'all are threatened by a ship you don’t even believe it’s real. Go cry in a corner because Harry actually loves Louis (as a friend/boyfriend/bandmate, I don’t care, believe what you want) and you are just a bitter asshole.


one direction meme: three live performances torn live @ the x factor uk 2010 live final (3/3)

“If we were to win then our lives would change forever. And I think we won and we’re ready for our lives to change”

because i am not done, it’s made clear again and again how louis and nick clearly talks/meet up in private like, this is not something i am making up, you can tell from their interactions and how they affect each other and what they DO for each other that they are clearly very fond of each other and are great friends. nick makes louis smile in a certain way, louis is always polite and good at taking on interviewers but with nick i do feel it’s something different. there is genuine happiness there and louis looks as if he is comfortable to truly be himself and also that he feels SAFE - he knows that nick isn’t going to pull some shit that other interviewers does. he knows that nick will make sure the questions are fun, that he isn’t put on the spot with things he doesn’t want to talk about and he also knows that nick wants an interview that is amazing for the fans and louis LOVES his fans so of course he is going to love a radio host that does just that - makes something funny for him and for fans. it’s clear that nick wants louis to feel great and appreciated, he mentions over and over again how much he wants louis to enjoy the interview and ALWAYS nick has made sure to promote good things louis does, not talk about subjects that aren’t comfortable for him (and he doesn’t even bring them up when he could have). then there are those little moments, not for the cameras, not for video, where you can see how fond they are of each other. for me the biggest moment of my life was the tomlinshaw hug at x factor. it was such a little moment but they took their time to not only hug longer than was ‘polite’ they also spoke, had a fond laugh and it makes me so happy to know that this was real. and just like the interview yesterday, they talk!! like, all the time!! not for the interview or just those links, they speak because they want to, because they enjoy each other’s company and they are very very important friends to each other.

i am so so happy nick has interviewed all the one direction boys because he is the best at doing that but i am extremely happy we had a louis interview with grimmy on his most important day. it must be so amazing for louis to know that he could start the day off with someone who knows how to treat him right. who got him to laugh and play the trumpet. i am so happy but i think nick and louis are even happier.

and also they are married but idk

the way that you flip your hair...

aka louis’ hair gets me overwhelmed

a post about louis tomlinson fixing his hair let’s get started

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Louis sounds so good! So Solid! I didn’t think I could love his voice even more but here I am – he really sounds great on this song! His lower range is being used well, and so is his chest tone. Very nice done, Louis. I am very proud of you.

How…could Z just admit that he woke up one day and just decided, “meh, I’m gonna leave the band,” weeks after a new tour started and after fans spent hundreds of dollars on tickets for this tour and not give the boys any solid clues that we was going to do leave them and constantly talks trash about them and has the fucking nerve to act like the victim in this and be all like, “oh woe is me! The boys don’t talk to me!” Like how dumb and arrogant can you be?