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I went and saw Saturday Night Live (S42, E15) and all I got was the best time ever.

Okay so I love it when people make step-by-step stories about when they went to SNL so I thought i’d make one myself.

I got tickets through the Twitter contest they had where you were suppose to send in an email about why you’re ‘the biggest SNL fan’. I sent mine in and got a reply about two days later that I had won! This was about a week before the show (insert panic-attack. Planning a trip from Sweden to nyc takes more than I week I can assure you, I don’t know how we got it all done time…).

Anyway! When we got to SNL the girls (‘cause they were almost all girls) working there were SO nice. I met the girl who had booked me and I thanked her and told her I was gonna name my firstborn after her. Another one recognized my name ‘cause I had replied to an email they had sent with a gif of Sue (Kristen Wiig) saying “i’m so freaking excited!” lmao.

You get wristbands, tickets, you go through security, you sit down in a waiting room and wait. After a while they start calling people like “purple wristbands come this way”, “people with the letter A on their tickets come this way”. And when you’re called you get in to an elevator with a bunch of strangers, then walk through a hall and then get your seats.

We were up on the grandstands sitting right in front of the stage where the musical artist perform which was great ‘cause you could see practically everything (some seats truly are crap, as Michael Che pointed out. I know I know i’m getting to that, stay calm) but you could also see alot of what was happening outside of the camera frame.

Lorne Michaels walked passed us down below and it was like seeing god. He would walk around, chat with someone, check his clock and then just stayed out of people’s way and let them work.

The house band open the show. Then Michael Che comes on and does stand up for a bit. There was this guy in the front row who kept giving sort of guy-tries-to-be-funny-but-it-only-comes-out-as-cocky sort of answers so Michael Che went all in and dragged his ass for attending the show by himself etc “you a weird dude, Tom”. People were pissing themselves laughing, he’s phenomenal at stand up (Tom was laughing too, I should add).
Then Keenan Thompson performed a song with Cecily, Vanessa and Sasheer and I figured/hoped Kate was gonna be in the cold open.

And she was! Leslie came out and sat on that bench first and everyone cheered and applauded her and she looked genuinly happy and surprised and waved at everyone. Kate came out and while everyone was waiting for the show to come on air her and Leslie kept mucking around and doing funny faces to eachother making everyone laugh. And then a woman (more on her later) started yelling 45 seconds! 30 seconds! 10! 5,4,3,2…. and we were live. It was thrilling.

Shorter fun facts about the show:

*If a person is in two sketches back to back a makeup artist etc. will come on stage, grab them and run, and I do mean RUN. Like if Lorne Michaels himself is in the way they will push him aside.

*Octavia was really good. She’s so talented and seemed focused but happy. Loved that I got to see a first-timer hosting SNL.

*Kate did all of the Kellyanne Conway bits live, non were pre-recorded. She would come out (right below where we were sitting! She truly is tiny you guys, like even tinier than she looks in photos) wearing slippers. And she would stand and wait for the sketch to be over and then she would kick of her slippers, get on her knees, they filmed her, she put her slippers back on and went backstage.

*Melissa Villasenor what an angel. I felt like we got to witness the first show where she really got the flex her muscles and show what she can do. The crowd was laughing so hard. I am convinced she’s gonna be the next big thing on SNL. Sidenote: the fact that they did an impression of Kate while Kate is still on the show truly shows what an actual star she’s becoming. Amazing.

*There was a woman working on the crew, I do not know her name and I do not know what her job is but goddamn she was cool. She seemed to be the coordinator of every sketch and would stay in frame talking to the actors until the very last second, and I do mean the very last. One time she literally had to throw herself out of frame, and seemed totally unfazed by it. Really made you feel how LIVE this show truly is.

*During the goodbyes Kate and Cecily hugged for 2000 years. Kate looked tired, I aint gonna lie. She wasn’t in any sketches except the cold open since she’s working on another film. I am quite sure she will leave this season and to have gotten to see her before she left truly was an honor and privilege (this was also one of the motivations in my email I sent in btw).

This was one of the best things I have ever done. To get to see how this show works irl was an absolute delight. They seem to have SO FUN doing this, all you wanna do is run backstage and hang out with everyone and braid their hair. And I got to here the “Live from New York!” LIVE. FROM NEW YORK.

anonymous asked:

So sorta random but every so often I randomly like to check in and see if that amazing Kate painting (the fancy gallery 'metaphor' arrows in her hair one) is still around and available? I've been following you for years and had my eye on it for quite awhile but while I could get the money for payment and maybe even transport at some point soonish I still don't have my own apartment and thus a safe place to put it yet. But I like to dream realistically so checking on availability and gen pricing?

GREETINGS ANONYBRO.  Man, I hope you weren’t holding your breath or anything; I really didn’t mean to be like, suspenseful or anything!!!, but occasionally my brain is a mess and I forget entirely about this whole Tumblr inbox thing, aha.  Anyway.  The funny thing is, I have done Kate with arrows twice and I don’t know which you mean. 

This one?

Or this one?


I feel I just need to add,


Bad news is, both of those are sold; but the good news is, Monet painted the Rouen cathedral thirty times because he was so in love with how it looked in shifting light, and along those lines I am nowhere near done with Kate-with-Arrows.  I have been thinking of doing another and you’re welcome to give me a concrete excuse, if you like. Both were 24″ x 24″ and sold for $575 + shipping (whatever the actual price is.) I’m in the US.  Just for realistic reference, I shipped one to Canada recently that was a little bigger than 24″ x 24″ and it was $68.  Shipping is realistically freaking expensive, like, I kinda wanted to buy the painting a Megabus ticket and personally deliver it with a hug, it would have been more fun. :D

So, if you have any more questions, feel free!  Just in general, you’re welcome to send me one of those flashy sorts of messages if you prefer a private chat - I can respond to those even from dumbass tumblr mobile.  

Also in general, thank you (and also you and you and you) for giving my art love over the years.  It keeps me going when life gets crappy and frustrating. <3

My Boys: Beneath the Surface - Chapter 1

Hey Guys, I am back :)

So, as previously mentioned, I am starting a new multi chapter. This one sets 5 years after the events of MBBD. It will mainly focus on Omelia and Amelia’s relationship with her family, how it affects the dynamics of her marriage to Owen and the repercussions her trouble past has in her life up to this moment. 

Thank you to the lovely @jia911 for proofreading this overnight. You are my team!

My Boys – Beneath the Surface: Chapter 1


“I really don’t know how to thank you enough.”

At the sound of the words, Amelia’s mother in law turned around with a sympathetic smile on her face.

“There is no need to thank me, I’ve told you that,” The elderly woman added with a gentle nod, genuinely happy for being able to help. A couple of hours before, Amelia had called her to ask if Evelyn had any idea how to cook Spanish and Moroccan food and Owen’s mother had immediately stepped in to help, driving over to her son’s house to give the neurosurgeon a hand with the cooking.

The school to which Amelia’s kids went to was having an international fair to celebrate cultural diversity and much to Amelia’s dismay each student in the class of her eight year old twins was in charge of taking local food from a few selected countries.  

“If I can’t cook our own food,” Amelia said with a teasing smile, “how do they expect me to cook stuff I’ve never even tried before?”

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David effin Madsen

This guy… I wanted to side with him in all 3 episodes. There are instances where he shows genuine concern for the safety of the students, but he is too aggressive and worst yet, physical.

OK so he is a combat veteran, might have some issues to deal with but he needs to learn he CAN’T touch people, much less stab them with the damn finger. He did it to Kate and to Max (if you take the blame for the joint)

like seriously Kate and Max? why don’t you do that to the jocks you coward, even Warren would kick your ass… with his face… but that’s beyond the point.

Slapping Chloe once, while not justifiable AT ALL, (you are only a “step dad” you CAN’T touch your step anything) could be “forgiven” IF he had shown real remorse and IF he hadn’t lifted his hand against her again. But he did in Chaos Theory.

I’m not entirely sure what he feels towards his “family”. The day he met Joyce is very important to him

But it can mean anything really, not necessarily that it was love at first sight. His voice message in Chrysalis makes me think he really wants Chloe to be better, hell even when he is grinding Max for the joint he says he is sick of losers dragging Chloe down. And in Out of Time he shows a bit of remorse, but not enough. “If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t care at all” That’s partially true but you’re not being honest.

Another thing about him is how many characters go out of their way to tell you (the player, not Max) that he isn’t a bad guy.


In one way or another his files have played an important role in the story, even though we still lack the context. For example, why stalk Kate?

She knows something, but about what? She follows the same path to every class… now that could be an interesting pattern. Why would you do that (assuming there are alternatives) unless you were searching for something or expecting to run into someone. Or maybe I am more paranoid than David and she just found the most efficient route for her. That being said, the one that specifies she was at the Blackwell parking lot at 3:17 pm (no date as usual) could make her an eye witness. He does say something about “covering the waterfront” and that she should decide “which side is she on”.

It would surprise me if Kate was a culprit of anything but I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility that she knows something and is hiding it, not necessarily out of fear. Jefferson seems to think she is hiding something too. I mean why was she at a Vortex Club party of all places? If it wasn’t ‘cause said party was probably around September 25… (I think, could be wrong, check Max and Kate text exchange)

David keeping taps on Rachel and Freak, I mean Frank makes sense if he was protecting Chloe. The irony is he supposedly started doing so after a tip from Nathan.

I still need to make a post about Rachel because she truly is a prism, we know so little yet so much about her. (thanks to Nathan in episode 3)

Some of the things on his files add up, especially those that portray Rachel in a different light than Chloe’s. Page 49 of Max’s journal reveals an interesting thought process that is obviously different from the player’s (or mine, like I said, lifting his hand again was not something I would look past)

Siding with David gives you this:

This is the hardest decision to make in the game so far, at least to me it was. I felt like I ruined that guy’s life and maybe Joyce’s too in the process. But if I were to find the devil in the details, he is probably the reason they are in the red. All that surveillance equipments isn’t cheap and it uses a bit more electricity than it needs to. For one, it seems Chloe is barely at home and Joyce is usually working so… why are the electric bills so high David?


Who’s That Vans Girl: Kate Mckerroll 

Kate Mckerroll is a marketing student with a background as a motocross champion. Yes, you heard that right: motocross champion. and a desire to pick up a board to paddle out into the sunset, it’s easy to see why. Kate shares with us her tips to staying confident in a male dominated sport, and her secrets to keeping her pet plants healthy. (Because we sure don’t have a green thumb!) 

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