i am dandy book

proof i am a dandy

i. loves getting books, expensive watches and socks for Christmas
ii. 9/10 of the house is library
iii. has at least seven different editions of beloved book
iv. wears a dressing robe with a fez while drinking the morning cup of english breakfast
v. going to the mass because of architecture and drama
vi. where are my leather gloves? where are everyone’s leather gloves???
vii. practically lives in coffeehouses
viii. nothing better than large format solid newspapers
ix. always in need of a new pair of oxfords
x. pictures of oscar wilde and dorian gray everywhere
xi. best taste ever (according to themselves)
xii. coats
xiii. recites poetry randomly
xiv. creating dostoevsky themed playlists
xv. bows to people instead of hugging them
xvi. sometimes cries over beauty
xvii. lives from pride and daily skincare routine
xviii. occupation: work of art
xix. ego
xx. wagner