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Still really sick, but that wont stop me from joining in on some inktober action with @acecakes fusion, Dr. Fright. Ace, if you see this, just know I love your art and I’m sorry for the spam. 


Hey, blossoms! There are times when we get ill, which is perfectly natural. To be honest, I am currently sick, so this is kind of a refined version of my thoughts from a few days ago. I was worried about missing school, and I thought that some ideas I have could help you!


 The most important thing to do when you’re sick is to take care of yourself and get better. This may mean putting your studies aside, but health always comes first. Here’s some tips:

- Certain types of tea, like chamomile and ones with lemon, can soothe sore throats.

- (Side note: I’ve heard that marshmallows are also able to help sore throats because of the gelatin they contain, but that may not be true and I don’t have a credible source for it.) 

- Make sure you drink lots of fluids, like juice, milk, and most importantly, water! One of my personal faves is Tang, which is this orange powder that you dissolve in water. It used to be really big in America a while ago but I don’t know widespread it is elsewhere. 

- Try to shower regularly if you’re congested because the steam will clear out your sinuses. 

 - If you can’t shower regularly, nasal rinses will work just fine too! You can get a  system for that at your local pharmacy. (There’s also this thing you can do where you fill a sink with hot water, put a towel over it, and stick your head underneath the towel. This allows the steam to build up, which means you can decongest a little.)

- Medicate regularly!! Check the directions on whatever type of medication you’re taking to see when it wears off and set a timer so you can stay on top of it. This will help your recovery process along a bit faster. However, DO NOT ABUSE MEDICATION. Take only as much as is prescribed because taking too much can actually be worse for your health. 

- If you’re on antibiotics, make sure to eat well because antibiotics are designed to take out all types of bacteria within the body, even the good ones in your digestive system. (I’d personally recommend eating foods with fiber and protein and staying away from dairy if you can. That’s just my personal experience! It may be different for other people.)

- Get some rest!! You may want to catch up on your studies but you’ll be able to catch up quicker and understand material better if you’re well rested. 

catching up 

So, you’re feeling alright and ready to begin making up work. Where do you begin? 

- Here’s some posts on catching up after being away for a while (note some of these are travel based, but there’s still some good information in there) 

- Email your teachers! Text your classmates! Ask for notes, for homework, and for additional help if you’re unclear about what’s going on. 

- If you’re feeling well enough, you could run in to your classes in order to get the homework and briefly conference with your teachers, but it’s always best to make sure you’re not contagious or feeling poorly before doing so. Email is pretty much just as effective. 

- Start small. Trying to catch up on all your work in one day is never good. Try to do the work for maybe one class, and if you’re feeling well enough, do another.

- Do what’s most important first. If you’re in a group project and they’re waiting for your input on a presentation or something else, get that in ASAP. Don’t affect the grades of others with your illness.

returning to class 

As you return to your usual schedule, here are some things to note:

 - Before going back to class, ensure you’re in a good place mentally and physically. For example, if you’re still running a fever or you still feel very ill, take some more time and wait. 

- Make sure your study space is functional so that you can begin to return back to your normal schedule. The desk reflects the mind. 

- Keep up on your fluids! If you’re still a little under the weather or you haven’t finished that course of antibiotics, keep taking those meds! 

- Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t understand something. Being gone is hard. Ask for help and self-advocate.

- If you’re on a sports team or doing some other strenuous activity, it’s okay to take a couple more days away from that to let your body recover completely. 

- The most important thing is to take it easy, even after you’re well enough to come back to class. If you overwork yourself while still recovering, that can lead to backslide, so please be careful!!

I hope this will be useful, darlings!! Take care of yourselves and remember that so many people are rooting for you to do well, including me :]

All the love,

elle (@etudesthetics)

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Cold remedies and tips

I am currently sick af and thought I’d use this time to give some great remedies for colds.

Aromatherapy: I actually got an aromatherapy diffuser for Christmas, and I have been using peppermint oil to help clear my sinuses. There are all sorts of oils that you can use that help when your sick, just look on Pinterest!

Use shower melts too, you can pick up a shower vapor tablet at CVS and take a warm shower to open up your sinuses. Plus, you always feel better when you’re clean and fresh, especially after laying in bed all day.

I like using my mint face scrub, which does the same thing as the peppermint oil in my diffuser. It makes me feel like I can breathe better.

Take Emergen-C if you think you’re likely to get sick. Tho these are for more preventative measures, it has something crazy like over 1000% of your daily vitamin C, and other vitamins to help prevent a cold.

DRINK WATER. DRINK WATER. DRINK WATER. And drink orange juice!

Try to stay away from dairy if your throat is sore. I like to eat a lot of soup, fruit, and rice when I’m sick.

Sleep!!! I know you want to go out, or have to go to work, but call out and get your rest, because your body needs it. Lay in bed and watch tv or read and sleeeeep all day. And if someone covers your shift, don’t be stingy and cover theirs in the future. Help each other out.

Keep lights dim to avoid headaches and migraines

Tan alka-seltzer plus cold formula!!! I know it tastes like shit, but it helps with symptoms. Zicam also helps with cold symptoms and doesn’t taste as bad.

Another thing, DON’T PANIC about stuff you need to get done or should be doing. You need to REST. I was so busy during Christmas, but as soon as the day after Christmas hit I woke up sick, and had no energy to do anything on my massive to do list. I got a little anxious about it, but I realized I needed to let my body rest!

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The Grim Reapers Girlfriend (Min Yoongi) Pt.4

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Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 

Summary: Most people think the Grim Reaper or commonly know as Death, is a faceless man wearing a dark cloak with a scythe in his hand. Oh boy were they wrong. Anyone who meets him would mistake him for one of God’s angels, so, what happens when you do meet him?

Basic Summary: Death (Min Yoongi) meets you and instantly falls in love with you, his job is to take you to the other side but instead asks you to become his wife. While thinking of your answer, a miracle happens. You come back to life.

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader (and a bit of JIn)

Genre: Pure fluff, Humour, bit of Angst.

Warning: Swearing

A/N: I am currently sick while I wrote this so I apologise for any mistakes and that it is extremely short. (Also if you’re going to listen music while reading this I suggest you listen to Goblin soundtrack)

You stood there, not able to breathe. His smirk grew and he stepped back, “You’re like putty in my hands” he laughed.

You gave him a sarcastic smile, “I have to get back to my dorm.” You spun around on your feet strutting away from him. “I’ll see you later beautiful!” he shouted. 

“In your dreams Yoongs!”

“I’m glad I see some new faces this semester, hands up if you were in my class last year” your professor said. The majority of the classes hands went up, “right, well lets not make this a recurring event” she smiled and continued on with the class.

You were deep into the lesson writing down notes until you felt a cold presence next to you. “How’s class going?” he asked “Could be a lot better” you retorted back to him, still writing furiously.

“How so?” he turned his head sideways looking confused. “If you weren’t here” you smiled looking at him. Yoongi put his hand over his non beating heart and acted hurt.

You were about to give him a smug comment until the classes door opened revealing somebody you knew.

“Ahh Kim Seok-jin, I see nothings changed. Please take a seat” the professor ordered, “What is he doing here?” Yoongi snickered. 

Jin’s eyes wandered across the class room till he found yours, he smiled wide and walked up the steps to where you were sitting. “Is this seat taken?” he asked, you shook your head and removed your bag to plop it on the floor.

“Everywhere you go he follows you…stalker alert” Yoongi laughed, stood up and walked around the class room occasionally mocking the teacher, causing you to let out a few chuckles here and there. “You’re taking Mrs Kang’s class to?” Jin asked, opening his text books.

“Yeah” you replied scribbling down the last piece of information from the board, “I didn’t see you last year” Jin added, copying everything in one swift motion.

“I got to skip a few classes to be in the more advance classes” you smiled at him. “Ooo, the girl I like is advanced…interesting” you laughed at Jin’s remark and  looked up expecting to find Yoongi staring at you and Jin but you don’t. In fact he’s no where to be seen.

“THAT GOD DAMN BOY IS IN HER CLASS!” Yoongi shouts slamming some paper work onto Jungkook’s desk causing a sigh to escape his lips. 

“What do I do Kookie? Help me out!” Yoongi proclaimed, sitting down burying his head into his hands tugging at his hair. “I don’t know Suga, I mean it’s not like you could transfer to the university and pretend to be a student” Jungkook laughed at his own remark.

“Well…” Yoongi sighed “Yoongi, don’t tell me you were considering that” 

Jungkook’s expression changes in a second.

“Looks like I’m a college student now” Yoongi smiled brightly while Jungkook groaned walking back and fourth.

The next morning Yoongi walked out with two outfits to show Jungkook.

“Which one?” Yoongi asked shoving the outfits into Jungkooks face, “Uhhhhhh” Jungkook lost for words, until he finally realised what Yoongi was trying to do. “Are you trying to impress someone?” Jungkook  smirked grabbing the out fit which included a pink sweater and blue jeans.

“Pffftt, God no. I wanna blend in. You’ve seen my outfits, all of them scream grim reaper. You’re young, what do you wear?” Yoongi asked.

After the heart to heart conversation about the latest trends of 2016 shared between Jungkook and Yoongi, Yoongi went his separate way to your Philosophy class.

“Ahhh, I see we have a new comer. Please take a seat” Your professor said. 

Jin and you were talking about the latest coffee trends about how you could make a 3D cat shaped foam into the coffee until both of your eyes looked up and saw the new student.

“He looks pretty cool” Jin grinned 

“Oh dear God no” you groaned banging your head onto your desk.

“Is this seat taken?”

Rogermon: Sick Days (Part 2)

For the anon who requested this a little while ago, and everyone else who really wanted more Rogermon!

Recap from part one (because I’m on mobile and can’t do the fancy link thing to part 1): Simon has a pretty good immune system, despite his other health concerns. But Roger’s immune system is complete shit. Simon hates seeing Roger sick, and makes taking care of him his number one priority.

However…in the rare case that Simon gets sick…

•At first Roger doesn’t give much mind to it. People sneeze and cough and have upset stomachs all the time. What’s the big deal?
•Surely it’s nothing too bad…Simon has a unique resistance to bacterial/viral infections, after all
•This is what Roger tells himself at first
•However if Simon’s symptoms persist, Roger starts to get worried
•And he worries WAY more than he actually should
•Where Simon is calm and patent in taking care of someone, Roger is scatterbrained and nearly clueless
•One particularly bad sickness had Simon suffering from a high fever and throwing up almost hourly
•Roger gave him Advil to bring down the fever, and changed out the bowl every time he threw up, but other than that he had no idea what to do and was on the verge of a panic because Simon’s nEVER BEEN THIS SICK BEFORE!!!
•He texts Maurice for help, and Maurice suggests doing the one thing you’re never supposed to do: Google the symptoms
•Roger does, and concludes that Simon is legitimately dying from like five different diseases
•He promptly calls an ambulance (much to Simon’s protest) insisting that they need to go to the hospital right away to get Simon checked out
•Simon, exhausted already of the day’s craziness, takes a nap in the ambulance on the way. Roger sits next to him with a steady hand on the smaller boy’s back (Simon sleeps on his stomach)
•They arrive at the hospital and Roger is forced to remain in the waiting room while a doctor evaluates Simon
•Roger can’t sit still, so he goes on a self-guided tour of the hospital (and is angrily shooed out of many areas by nurses)
•After what seems like ages, the doctor returns with Simon’s diagnosis
•He has the flu. And so do about thirty other people in the hospital. Because it’s flu season
•Roger feels a little embarrassed that he was panicking over something as simple as the flu, and makes a mental note to get revenge on Maurice for making him look up all those terrifying diseases on the internet
•But he’s extremely glad Simon’s okay (relatively speaking)
•The doctor says he actually did the right thing by bringing Simon in to get evaluated. One thing that Simon IS prone to is dehydration, and the flu could have eventually done much more damage to him had he stayed at home without the proper fluid intake
•They want to keep Simon overnight just to get his hydration levels back to normal, so Roger stays with him
•He sits in a chair at Simon’s bedside until he can’t keep his eyes open anymore
•Simon eventually wakes to see Roger’s head resting on the edge of his bed, arms folded under his head for support
•A smile forms on his face, Roger never fails to surprise him
•Simon was sure Roger would just go home, but feels silly for thinking this after seeing him there and remembering the amount of concern he had
•They may have their different ways of taking care of each other, Simon calmly using homemade remedies and Roger literally calling an ambulance over a common virus, but when one of them needs help there’s no question that the other will do everything in their power to alleviate their pain

Southside Girl - FP Jones x Andrews!Reader

I kind of put two requests together here but one more than the other.  This is a much longer one but I really like it - I hope you guys do too!


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FP Jones was not exactly the bestest of friends with your father anymore. Or exactly popular with the rest of the northside but you didn’t particularly care.
Ever since you were just 19 years old you had been sneaking to the Southside and, more particularly, to FP’s trailer. Originally he thought you were just going through your rebellious years so sure, he played along until he fell in love with his ex-friends oldest kid. A year later when you had still stuck around he finally took you more seriously, you weren’t just in a phase and if it took a year for you to prove it you didn’t care because you had fallen hard for the older man and neither of you had any shame in it at all. He had taught you how to be one of them. How to take your shots like a woman and drink any of his men under the table, he corrected your stance and really showed you how to throw a punch if you ever needed it - the south was rough and he didn’t want you hurt. Hw showed you how to hustle like no other and how to ride his bike. He wouldn’t let you on any bike but his and he didn’t let anyone on his bike but you. His favoritism and preference of have you ride with him made it clear in your head that he liked you back. From then, you both seemed to click.
You were 20 when you became an item, known only on the Southside as FP’s princess and no one messed with you, you kept it pretty well hidden in the north staying a pretty little wall flower until you could sneak back to your leather clad man and your true home. It got harder at 21 when you were given you’re your first jacket. Thick leather and embroidered back, the green serpents thick and noticeable, marked as one of them and more importantly, marked as FP’s and you never wanted to leave. Your father, Fred still had a tight leash on you to say you were almost 22 and it frustrated you and FP to all ends. You couldn’t exactly tell your father, all hell would break loose but you couldn’t leave FP - not after everything that had happened between you. FP had helped you find yourself, truly. You were not some damn wallflower. You were strong, powerful, you belonged on the Southside.
Still every night you would leave your house, a normal thing but now as you left you would dress yourself in leather and meet FP by Pop’s, jump on the bike behind him and feel the wind in your hair as you gripped him tightly. You dad never knew where you went, he just let you leave thinking you would be off to a friends or to study - little did that man know.
That night was like any other; leave, ride, get into the Whyte Wyrm and be yourself. Until they arrived. You thought nothing of it when Joaquin entered with some people, they were probably just school kids - you just didn’t see which school. You were too wrapped in FP’s arms, your lips meeting furiously as always when you had been apart for a while, your back pressed up against the railing at the top of the stairs. You remained like that, until glass was broken and shouts emerged causing FP to pull away and yell down, “What the fuck is going on?” his shouts called all attention to the two of you on the stairs. Then you saw it. The blue and yellow Riverdale High varsity jacket and then the red hair.
“(y/n)?” Archie looked up at you, your hair a mess, lipstick smudged and your leather beginning to feel hotter and hotter by the minute.
“Archie, what the hell are you doing in Southside?” you asked furious and confused,
“Enough baby,” FP looked to you as you stood behind him, “I’ll take care of this.”
“What do you think you are doing here?” FP asked threateningly once you had gotten outside,
“Looking for some thugs but I find you here instead!” Archie glared at you dangerously, “and in that, with him. What is he, (y/n), twenty years older than you?” he shouted
“Do you think I care?” you started, walking to him fiercely, making FP have to hold you back a little,
“I’m telling dad.” your face paled,
“You wouldn’t."
"Look, you two calm it! Damn you’re acting like children.”
“In case you forget, we are!” Archie interjected glaring at him,
“Speak for yourself.” You growled as FP wrapped his arm round your waist carefully and turned you to face him,
“look,” he spoke quietly to you, ignoring the seething Archie behind him, “Fred was going to need to know sooner or later right? It just happens to be sooner than you thought kay?” you nodded reluctantly as FP stood away and grabbed your hand, “Lets get you home kid, we’ll take the truck.”
The car ride was eerily quiet, Archie hadn’t quit sulking the whole way but your mind was too busy wondering how your dad would react.
You didn’t even have chance to knock when you got home before Archie barged into the house and made your dad storm out to see what was going on. To say his face dropped at the sight of you in a serpents jacket, black jeans and one of FP’s flannels with his arm around you was an understatement. Your father looked as if he was about to pass out. “What the hell is going on?”
“Welcome to your only daughters boyfriend, dad. Good to see you have been keeping tabs on her.” Archie sniped, obviously furious before he scaled the stairs to his room, your dad being to shocked to shout him back.
“What is he on about?” Fred had paled and couldn’t pull his eyes away from FP’s arm around your waist.
“Well dad, I’m with FP now.”
“Like hell you are!” Fred seemed to burst, your confession finally making it click in his mind. “What the hell are you doing with my daughter, FP?"
"She came to me mate, she’s of age what’s the big deal?"
"What’s the big deal? WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL? She’s my daughter and you are my age, you are old enough to be her father!” your dad was fuming,
"Don’t you dare.” he threatened, “what have you done to yourself.” his words seemed to stab you,
“woah, Fred that’s a bit harsh don’t you think.” FP stepped in defensively, his grip tightening much to your fathers hatred.
“This was you, wasn’t it. So desperate to get back at me that you make her into this."
"This had nothing to do with him.” you tried but FP spoke louder,
“Why can’t you accept that she is her own person now, Andrews. She can do what she wants.” 
"Not under my roof she can’t.“ You got sick of their bickering and you shouted over the two, pulling away from FP embrace briefly,
"I chose him dad. FP Jones makes me who I am and I would be lying if I said I didn’t love him,” you could hear FP’s sharp intake of breath, you two hadn’t said that to one another yet, “If you don’t approve fine, say goodbye because I will be damned if I lie to myself and stay here because this isn’t me, this is me,” you gestured to your current appearance, “and I am sick of lying to everyone. I love this man, dad! And if you wont have me under your roof like this, I will happily leave.” You didn’t realize that hot angry tears had  started to fall down you cheeks until FP had pulled you back to him and had started wiping them from your face.
“Come on baby, you can stay with me.” Fred didn’t even try and stop you as you left, wrapped in FPs arms again. Neither of you spoke on the way back to your new home but you could see FP’s worried glances from the corner of your eye.
You barely spoke when you got into his trailer either, you had only been here a few times but it hadn’t changed. You didn’t really know what to do with yourself so you stood awkwardly, kind of numb to anything that was happening until FPs arms wrapped around your waist from behind, “you need to rest, come on.” he lead you to his room but not in a suggestive way for once, you could see the care in his eyes, especially as he took your jacket and gave you a fresh shirt to wear, looking away for you to change before you hugged him tightly, you were a lot smaller than him so he rested his chin on your head hugging you tightly, “I’m so proud of you baby girl.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead lightly before delicately leading you to the bed, letting you lie down and pressing another kiss to your lips carefully before going to leave and sleep on the couch,
“no,” you mumbled reaching out, “stay with me, please.” FP smiled softly before kicking off his shoes and jeans and climbing in beside you, letting you snuggle into his side.

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Skamily Accent Challenge Hallaaaaa
I am awkward
Skamily Accent Challenge Hallaaaaa

Skamily accent Challenge:

Hello my lovely skamily angels I did this cute thing a bunch of us conjured up together and I just wanted to say that I am such a dork so I’m sorry for this ahhhh and I love you <3 

Enjoy my tired bogan aussie accent 🐨🇦🇺

What languages do you speak?
Home country?
Favorite food from your native country?
Do you like waffles?
Do you believe in parallel universes?

Your favorite skam quote (in English or Norwegian)!
Your favorite Skam song?
Say “Kardemomme”, “Everyone is fighting a battle you don’t know about, be kind, always” “Man of my life/dreams”
Favorite season? Why?
Favorite and least favorite characters?
Which character would you marry? Which character would you want as your best friend?
Character you would like to learn more about.
Which character do you most relate to?
Snakesak or soft! Isak?
Your favorite ships (wlw, mlm, wlm)?
Pick up a book and read a passage (in any language).

The Grim Reapers Girlfriend (Min Yoongi)Pt.5

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Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Summary: Most people think the Grim Reaper or commonly know as Death, is a faceless man wearing a dark cloak with a scythe in his hand. Oh boy were they wrong. Anyone who meets him would mistake him for one of God’s angels, so, what happens when you do meet him?

Basic Summary: Death (Min Yoongi) meets you and instantly falls in love with you, his job is to take you to the other side but instead asks you to become his wife. While thinking of your answer, a miracle happens. You come back to life.

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader (and a bit of JIn)

Genre: Pure fluff, Humour, bit of Angst.

Warning: Swearing

A/N: I am currently sick while I wrote this so I apologise for any mistakes and that it is extremely short. (Also if you’re going to listen music while reading this I suggest you listen to Goblin soundtrack)

“Uh no, no ones sitting there” Jin replied smiling, nudging your arm to get you to remove your bag from the desk.

“My name’s Yoongi” he bowed to you and Jin, he gave you a small wink and started to look at the board, trying to wrap his brain around what the teacher was talking about.

Ten minutes later You were forced to look at him.

“Hey, do you know what the hell she’s saying?” Yoongi asked the both of you, you lifted your head up and gave him a sheepish smile.

“Yeah I do. Instead of waltzing on in here, what three, four classes into the term? I got here on time and listened. ALSO I don’t interrupt in class” You snapped.

Both Jin and Yoongi made a baffled face and decided to stay quiet for the rest of the humdrum lesson.

Through out the lesson Yoongi couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, the way your attention was fixated onto the white screen and every time you put your hand up to answer a question your hair fell right into place.

You truly were the most beautiful thing he has ever laid eyes on and secretly he was the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. Your feelings for him were flourishing every day, and you knew it.

“Where are you going now? I was thinking we could go grab something to eat?” Yoongi spoke throwing is bag over his shoulder.

“I think I’m just gonna go to back to my dorm and sleep for a bit. I don’t feel well” you whispered.

“Whats wrong?” Yoongi asked, grabbing your arm and making you turn around to face him.

“I’m getting a headache…from you.”

You walked down the corridors swaying your butt side to side lightly to grab Yoongi’s attention, and boy did it work.

“I know you have a thing for her” Jin laughed, glancing at Yoongi as they both walked outside into the cold midday air.

“Oh yeah? How do you know?” Yoongi inquired stopping in his tracks, waiting for Jin’s marvellous answer. 

“How about you and I go grab coffee right now? Let the princess sleep before you go back to her?” Jin asked, and Yoongi happily obliged. Never in his life has he turned down coffee.

The two of them a grab a table at the back, they found out that they both prefer the back so you can easily see people, a habit Yoongi has always done.

“Now. How do you know I have a “thing” for Y/n?” Yoongi put down the navy blue mug and crossed his legs, giving full attention to the tall boy.

“It’s simple” Jin began leaning back.

“The way you look at her. I can tell you’re in love, its clear that you guys have seen each other before, I can’t tell you how I know that but you’ll probably find out soon. Of course I think she’s beautiful, she’s everything I want in a girl…Lets just say I know what you offered her and I know what she was going to say” Jin winked leaving Yoongi breathless.

The two of them talked more until night fall. They bid their good byes and went their separate ways. Before he went home Yoongi decided to surprise you.

In bed that is where you laid, where Mi Na was working away like a maid, you see what I did there? Mi Na threw your boots under your bed before anybody tripped over them.

“Jesus! we’ve only been in this dorm for what 2 weeks? And you’ve already managed to make it looks like a bombs hit it. Next time, you do your own cleaning up” Mi Na rambled on passing you a blue tablet.

“What’s this?” you asked taking the pill in between your fingers and twirling it around, inspecting every part.

“Its for pain relief, It’s strong to some people. When I say its strong…It will make you feel like your high and drunk at the same time” Mi Na laughed putting on her high heels, “Don’t worry. If you feel it, just sleep it off.”

You swallowed the hard substance and laid back down. “It’s a shame you can’t go to the party” Mi Na pouted, “Call me if you need anything okay?” she came over and kissed you on the forehead then left.

“I bring the good noods” Yoongi appears at the end of your bed, holding a bowl of hot noodles. “Yoooooongs!” You dragged out and sat up, seeing double of him.

“I guess the medication is strong on you” He placed the noodles down near your bed side table and sat next to your bed.

“Maybe. What are you doing here?” You asked laying back down, grabbing the ‘Totoro’ plushy. “I came to check up on the girl I lo-” Yoongi stopped himself before he could say anymore and saved it with a cough.

“Hope you’re not getting sick…” you whispered, “what do you wanna do?” you asked staring at him appreciating the way is black hair just cover his eyebrows, or the way his eyes are just the right amount of brown and black.

“We could watch a movie? I haven’t seen one in 112 years” Yoongi laughed, you eyes went wide “How old are you!?” you yelled sitting up, not realising how close you two are sitting.

“554 years I think?” he questioned, grabbing your laptop. “Which movie?” he asked, you pushed the fact that he’s 532 years older and found one of your favourites.

“Rose totally could’ve fitted Jack on. Or they could’ve took turns!” Yoongi hollered pushing the laptop off of the bed.

“Shhhh I know, just except the fact he died” you patted his back, Yoongi laid next to you and continued staring.

 You turned to him staring at his eyes, it was silent. Not the kind of silence where everything is awkward, but that good silence. “What?” You asked giggling, “You’re breathtaking” he sighed.

He crawled over you, struggling to hide your blushes you smiled at him. “Where are you going?” you pouted.

“Jungkook gets worried about me when I don’t return home by a certain time” Yoongi sighs again and throws his coat over his shoulder reaching for the door knob.

“Don’t go” you croaked. Yoongi turned around on his heel, a blank look on his face.

“What?” he asked walking back towards you. “Stay here with me, until I fall asleep” you whispered. 

Yoongi put his coat back and crawled back into the position he was in earlier, this time his arms were wrapped around your fragile waist.

Before you drifted off into a deep slumber you told Yoongi something your sub conscious mind was dying to tell.



“If I’m breath taking then that makes you…heart stopping”

At that moment, Yoongi swore he could feel his heart beat again.

Adventure // Grayson Dolan



A/N: What up guys long time no post. Sorry about that by the way! School is currently killing me! I am also sick with a cold and have lost my voice. I will try my hardest to post at least four time a week. 

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basically  it’s like the reader and Grayson go on like an adventure together so they go to waterfalls etc and ride around in the car and stuff and it’s really cute and fluffy? x 

Here ya go I hope you like it! 

The sun was set up high as your clock showed two in the afternoon. You were lying in bed in your pajamas not planning on going out. Your hair was tossed up in a lost bun while your face was fresh with no make-up. The tv was on loud as your favorite tv show played. The apartment you lived in was quiet from your roommate being out with her boyfriend. 

Your boyfriend was currently at meetings so you didn’t bother to make plans with him. The meetings could take from an hour to two hours tops depending on what they were discussing. You didn’t bother to make any plans because he had over three meetings this morning. 

Hearing your phone ring you picked it up and smiled when you saw Grayson’s face appear on your screen. 

Sliding the screen you pressed the phone to your ear, “Hey babe! How are the meetings going?” 

“Hey baby, I’m now just now leaving the last meeting. I was calling to tell you to change into a bathing suit and bring a change of clothes. We are going on an adventure,” he said into the phone making you smile and get up from your bed. 

“See you in a bit then babe,” you spoke while grabbing the first bathing suit you found. Saying your goodbye’s the two of you hanged up. Nodding at your appearance in the mirror you slide on a pair of high waisted shorts and a blue v-neck shirt you got on sale at your local Wal-Mart. 

Receiving a text from Grayson a few minutes later you grabbed your bag of clothes and quickly ran out your apartment. 

Walking up to his car you smiled and got inside. 

“Hey Gray,” you smiled while leaning over to press a kiss on his soft lips. 

“Hey Y/N, prepare for the most fun day of your life!” He exclaimed making you giggle. 

The two of you were walking through the forest. You had no idea as to where Grayson was taking you but he looked confident on knowing where whatever he was looking for was. Finally after fifteen more minutes of walking you two heard a loud noise; a waterfall. 

Gasping as you saw the beautiful waterfall surrounded by large rocks and flowers adorning the crevices. 

“Babe, how’d you find this place?” You asked him while setting your bag down on a log. 

“Ethan and I were walking here a few days ago and stumbled up on it. I knew you would like it so I decided to bring you over here and show it to you. Plus I brought us a little picnic that we can have here once we get hungry.” He pointed out making you turn your attention to a perfectly set picnic blanket on the floor with food and flowers sitting on it. 

“Aww, you are the best boyfriend ever.” You gushed while pressing a quick kiss on his cheek. Grayson’s cheeks turned a bright pink as you complimented him. Reaching over to your shirt you quickly took it off and then continued to unbutton your shorts. Once you were done undressing you set your clothes in the bag and fixed your bikini bottoms making sure nothing was too overly exposed. 

Turning to look at your boyfriend who had a smirk on his face you lightly pushed him and walked towards the edge of the water. 

Diving inside the water you felt a cool sensation crawl all over your skin. Swimming up to the surface you smiled while removing the wet hair from your face. 

“Come on babe, the water feels great!” You exclaimed as you watched your boyfriend take his shirt off. Soon he cannonballed inside the water making you giggle. As soon as he resurfaced he was swimming next to you and pressed a sweet kiss on your lips. 

“Race ya to the waterfall,” you whispered against his lips before quickly taking off. 

“Hey you cheater!” Grayson teasingly yelled before swimming after you. 

As you were reaching the waterfall you felt his arm wrap around your leg making you swim back up. Watching his head resurface back up once he was ahead of you, being the mature 17 year old you poked your tongue out at him. 

Taking in a deep breath you went back inside the water and swam directly to the waterfall. Once the two of you were on the other side of the beautiful waterfall Grayson wrapped his arms around your waist and began to sweetly press soft kisses on your neck. 

“I love you,” he whispered as the two of you watched the waterfall. 

“I love you too,” you responded back while turning around to kiss him. 

The two of you stayed in the water for another two hours playing marco pollo at one point.

Once you were both tired of swimming you two got out and laid down on the picnic blanket Grayson had laid out earlier. 

“How were the meetings? I asked you earlier today but instead of responding you told me to change,” you giggled while taking a bite out of the sandwiches Grayson made. 

“Sorry about that. It was the same old thing. Figuring out shoots and interviews. We won’t get a solid for sure schedule until next week. We also talked about going on tour again but that’s on the maybe section of work right now,” he explained. Nodding your head you got back up from your spot and went to lie down next to him. 

The sun was now slowly starting to go down causing the weather to get chiller. The trees leaves rustled against one another as you rested your head on Grayson’s lap. The two of you sat in silence enjoying one another’s company. Grayson began to run his fingers through your hair taking out the knots. Closing your eyes you felt your body relax as his fingers massaged your scalp. 

“You wanna go for a ride?” He asked quietly. Humming in response you opened an eye and was met with his gorgeous hazel ones. 

“I’d love too,” you said. 

Getting up from the floor the two of you began to collect your things. Once everything was packed the two of you began your journey to his car. 

The scenic view on your semi long walk was beautiful. Flowers, bushes, and trees surround the two of you. Not another human was in sight of the two of you giving you the privacy you both craved whenever you would go out together. 

Don’t get it wrong. You love the fact that Grayson has so many supportive fans who want to meet him when they see him. You know Grayson loves to meet his fans all the time and would never deny them a picture. 

Getting to the car you set everything in the trunk of his car before going to sit in the passenger seat. Turning the radio up on blast you began to belt out lyrics as he began to drive around the deserted area. 

“YOUR BODY A BLESSING GIRL. I AIN’T TRYING TO PRESSURE HER!” You screamed out completely off tune making Grayson’s beautiful loud laugh ring inside the car. 

“SHE MESSED WITH THE TEMPERATURE, come on babe join me!” You teased while the wind from the open windows blew your long hair back.  

“HEART WROTE THE SONG BUT I AM THE MESSENGER!” The two of you happily belted out the lyrics not caring that neither of you could sing. 

Halfway down the long drive you rested your head on his shoulder and sighed contently. You loved how carefree and happy you were around him. You loved the fact that he would call you and just ask you to go on small adventures with him to help him clear his head after a long stressful day of work. 

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The sun was long gone giving light to the other half of the world. The moon illuminated the city as a few rare stars surrounded it. You were currently lying in the back of Grayson’s car cuddled up to him tired from how busy the day was.

The windows were all rolled down as the car was parked away from people’s view. Your eyes were growing heavy from how exhausted you felt. 

“You feel sleepy?” Grayson asked you while rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb gently. 

“Yeah, a little bit.” you mumbled while snuggling into his chest breathing in his natural scent. 

“Go to sleep. I’ll wake you up in a few,” he mumbled before pressing a kiss on your head. Finally you allowed to sleep to overtake your body but before you fell asleep you heard Grayson mumble something that made your heart skip one to many beats. 

“Gosh one day I’m going to make you my wife.” 

“I love you,” you softly mumbled before finally going to sleep.  

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I am currently having a terrible birthday - being sick and having a ton of papers to write that I'm not even totally sure I can manage to finish on time (if I make my word count every day I can, but I'm not sure if I can!) and failing to pull things together for a presentation which I'm going to get a 0 on due to failing to show up because I'm sick. I request entry to the Birthday Unending for some much needed rest and to hide from everything.








The Silent One - Part Twenty Five

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Synopsis: Negan gives you a little chat about loss.

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1261
Warnings: Curses, depressed behaviour
Category: Angst/ with a sprinkling of fluff

Negan’s POV

You had been in the shower for almost forty minutes and in that time Negan had been pacing the room while listening, hard, to the water running and making sure that you weren’t doing anything that you may regret.

Negan was still taken aback from earlier in the day when you had both laid in bed. He remembered how the sunlight cascaded down your features which were softened by the oblivion of sleep; he could hardly imagine anything more beautiful. He had wanted that moment too last forever, for you both to just lay there in the bliss of nothingness. But of course, that couldn’t last. At some point, you would both have to immerge from the small paradise you had crafted yourselves to face the harsh reality of surviving.

When you had awakened Negan had suggested for you to go take a shower, too wash away the dried blood that still stained your palms. You had nodded silently and walked into the bathroom without a word. You had not immerged since and Negan could feel anxiety creeping up his spine as he paced back and forth in a repetitive loop.

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BTS Reacts to You Getting a New Pet

Hello guys. I am posting again and staying dedicated to posting everyday, however I do apologize if it isn’t as great as most of them, I am currently sick and not in the right set of mind. -Admin Vicki

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Kim Seokjin-

“You still think I’m the cutest right?” *adorable smile*

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Min Yoongi-

He probably wouldn’t mind the new kitten, but he wouldn’t be overjoyed by it either. At least not on the outside.

Sees he cat taking a nap, ”I like your style.”

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From Father to Son Pt. 1

Being a father is difficult. I have only ever wanted the best for my son, Tyler. The problem is, he just won’t listen to me. He defies me every chance he gets. Just like every other 17 year old, he just thinks he knows everything. In fact, we had just had an argument over another one of his foolish decisions and he stormed off to his bedroom. I just don’t know what to do with him anymore. I guess, worst case scenario, he turns 18 in two months…then he won’t be my problem anymore. I was so frustrated, I am just wanted to take a shower and go to bed.

It happened when I was in the shower. I was letting the warm water run down my chest when my vision began to blur. I braced myself against the wall, when I began feeling nauseous. I blinked a few times and then, all of the sudden, I was laying on the floor. Nausea gone. Vision fine. But something was wrong. I was laying on carpet….last I checked, theres no carpet in my shower. When I sat up and looked around, I noticed I was in Tyler’s room. How did I even get here? I could hear the shower still running two rooms over. I was about to head back to my bedroom, but then I caught a glimpse of what I was wearing.

A Nike shirt and jeans? I was wearing exactly what Tyler was wearing, when we were arguing. Why would I be wearing his clothes? They shouldn’t even fit my larger body. I needed to find Tyler. I walked out of the bedroom, then I saw it. I saw my reflection in the hallway mirror. Except, it wasn’t my reflection….it was Tyler’s! I ran back into Tyler’s room and slammed the door shut. Breathing heavily, I started to catch on. I looked down. The reason Tyler’s clothes fit me, is because I was no longer in my larger body. I was in Tyler’s slim athletic body. Holy Shit. How did this even happen?? I had switched bodies with my son. I cautiously put my (his?) hands on the chest I now possessed. It was’t quite as large, but much more firm. And these arms, also firm. I didn’t realize Tyler was in such good shape. I went into his bathroom and looked in the mirror. Damn, I raised a pretty good looking son. I smiled and rubbed my face. Without even thinking, I took of the shirt Tyler was wearing when we swapped. I gotta say, his body is pretty nice. Everything from his shoulders to the v-lines on his hips.

I cupped my pec with my hand, then slid my hand down to my new belly button. So smooth. I always envied guys with smooth chests. Mine was so harry. I went lower and unbuttoned the jeans. Then I stopped. What was I doing?? This is my son! I can’t just strip him. Aren’t there laws against that kind of thing? Then the guilt quickly passed…..technically I am stripping myself….I mean I am currently in control. This is probably some sick dream anyway. I dropped the jeans to the floor. I was wearing a pair of black under armour underwear. I slid my finger across the waistline. Still feeling the guilt I didn’t look right away. But I could see the bulge. A very healthy bulge. I cupped it with my hand. I could feel it getting hard, the moment I touched it. I gave off a brief moan. I forgot what is was like being this young and hormonal. And hearing Tyler’s voice made it more erotic.

I slid my hand in, passing his neatly trimmed pubes, and grabbed ahold of my borrowed dick. It felt amazing. I dropped the underwear, so I could get a better look. How in the hell is his dick bigger than mine?! Not much bigger. But bigger none the less. I slid my finger along the shaft, letting out another moan. I began stroking it. I kept sliding my hand along my new equipment. Going faster and faster, until I blew my load in the bathroom sink. I haven came like that in years! I saw down on the edge of the bath tub. Sweating and panting. Thats when I saw my body in the door way.

“Just moving right in, aren’t you?” I heard my voice say.

“Tyler?!” I shouted. I didn’t even know what to say.

“For future reference, theres lube in the drawer to your left” He said with a smile.

“Tyler, I am so sorry. I don’t know what happened. I just woke up like this, I shouldn’t have touched your-”

“Don’t even worry about it dad. I have jercked off twice already.”

“What?!” I shouted. Then remembered that he caught me with his dick in my hands. “I guess you would have woken up in the shower….How was it?” I asked, while pulling the underwear back on.

“Better than I expected actually. You have a pretty nice tool.” Tyler cupped my former crotch.

“Thanks, your’s is pretty nice too. Wait! Why would you be expecting to jerk off in my body??”

“Because I was the one that switched us. I figured you would have guessed that by now. You seem so hell bent on controlling my life, so I am letting you control it. While I get to be the adult.”

“So you are giving me your body?” I asked.

“Yep, for now at least. So do what you want. Jerk off again, go screw some girls….or guys. Whatever. I am going to go do the same.” With that, he walked out of the room. I was stunned. Why would he give me his youthful body? Then, I stopped caring about the why. I get to do whatever I want! But first I thought, I reached into the drawer next to me and grabbed the lube. I smiled, and pulled my new dick back out.

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Hi ^^ I'm the anon who asked about the jungkook milk thing, thanks so much for replying so fast 😍 also if you don't mind me asking I also saw some memes and jokes about BTS going to a haunted house??? Is there a video of it? Sorry I'm so out of the loop 😓 sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be calling myself an ARMY because so many people know more than me and I feel like because I'm a student all I can do is stream BTS on Spotify as I study 😭 thanks again -Milk Anon

Ah, no prob! Am currently feeling sick in bed so I’ve just been lingering around online for a bit before I try to sleep~ I don’t want to spread anything, so take this with a grain of salt, but it has been going around that BTS went to film at Everland, a theme park in Korea. There’s no public footage yet, as they’ve only just filmed in the past few days. As I said earlier, I don’t want to spread anything, but I more so answered this message to respond to the second half. 

If you love and support BTS, you are an ARMY. Don’t think that you’re not just because you’re not up to date or constantly online. As someone who helps to run this updates blog while in my last and busiest year of university, trust me when I say I’m struggling. Sometimes at 5am when Inkigayo or Show Champion came on, I was so tired I just couldn’t bring myself to wake up and watch. And also, even I’m not fully updated! Sooo many people know more than I do. I’m still learning. I’m sure we all are. Anyways, it’s really wonderful that you stream BTS on Spotify, keep at that. ♡ But don’t feel guilty for not being “in the loop,” and definitely consider yourself an ARMY. Good luck with your studies~!
- Kristi

I’m Dying

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Please request! I won’t be able to come up with ideas forever!

I shivered as I walked into the kitchen. I obviously have fever because I’m sweating even though I’m freezing cold. I grabbed some medicine and swallowed it. Ewww! It was cherry flavored! Now, trying not to throw up in my mouth because of that disgusting concoction they say helps heal you, I grab some Ginger Ale. It didn’t help. Oh well. Gotta be a big girl and live with it.

Now, I don’t want Jordan to know I’m sick, so I’m just gonna pretend like everything is normal. You might be asking: Why don’t you want your boyfriend to know your sick? My answer is: Because I don’t want him worrying about me. If he finds out I’m sick, he will try to stay home from work. And I don’t want that.

Just then Jordan walked into the room, and can you guess what happened next? Yup! That’s right; I start having a coughing fit. Perfect timing Jordan. Perfect timing.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” He asks, worry very noticeable in his voice.

“Yeah. Yeah. I’m fine. Just dust in the air.” I lie.

“Are you sure? You don’t look to good…” He says, not believing me.

“Yeah. I’m fi-” I can’t finish because I start coughing again.

“You’re definitely not okay. I’m gonna go call the station. I’m going to stay home today.” He says, picking up the phone.

See people? What did I tell you?

I snatch the phone from his hand. “No. You go to work. I can take care of myse-”

And I start coughing again. I’m too distracted coughing that he has a chance to take the phone back.

“Ookay. I’m going to let you believe that and I’m gonna call the station.” He says, slowly taking the phone from my grasp.

As he does that, I grab a bottle of water from the fridge and go sit on the couch. I can hear Jordan finishing up his conversation:

“Yes sir. Will do. Thanks. Bye.”

 He runs up the stairs, and comes back down, out of his uniform and in some of his lazy day clothes. And come on say it with me: I start coughing again!

“Jordan! I’m dying! Dying…” I trail off as I lay back on the couch. I have started coughing so hard, I’ve become dizzy.

Jordan picks up my head and slides under it so he can sit on the couch too. He’s got his hands on my side, rubbing circles with his thumbs.

I finally stop coughing and look up at him, “Thanks JP. For being here.”
He smiles at the nick name I gave him, “I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now, what movie do you want to watch.”

Fun fact: I am currently sick, and I’m taking my end of grade tests, and I do have asthma so when I get sick I start coughing like a maniac. So for the past two days, while we are testing I have been struggling to be quiet because I’ve already coughed like 5 million times.

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I am currently super sick, but looking at all your art is making my terrible night much better.

i read this as it made ur night terrible and i screamed. glad my eyes were just being dumb!
Thank you and i hope u feel better soon !!!!!

Graphic T-Shirt Friday

I apparently donated my Boston Strong t-shirt so this is the closest I have to an encouraging message: Nevertheless, She Persisted. 

I am desperately jealous of all the people heading to Boston this weekend to spectate or to run the marathon. I think this really is a sign I need to get back up there for the race SOON.

Work is so crazy that a Monday feels like it should be Thursday. My head feels like exploding at the end of every day. It’s a frustrating feeling because I’m fairly convinced I have dozens of things slipping through all sorts of cracks. It’s good overall though. We were pretty slow for the first few months of the year and it was definitely freaking my boss out. So: busy is good. Stress is less good but currently a necessary evil. 

Luckily, I am not sick anymore so I’ve been back to running and swimming and last night I died a little during spin class (in a good way). Is it weird that a solid exercise schedule gives me a sense of control? Probably.  Steady exercise also lets me feel less guilty about all the Easter chocolate I’ve consumed. My mom sent me a care package from Germany and I know we all know this but, German chocolate is the best chocolate.

I’m also going to have to write out my marathon training for Berlin soon! Should get started sometime in mid-May which is crazy. Obviously, I’m going to continue doing Hansons. The question is just, what’s the goal pace this time?

Aaaand there’s the phone. Again. At least I’ll be in Reno soon! I mean, still working. But with mountains around me so it’ll feel better. 


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Lafayette is watching us and is wondering "What happened to the world I fought in?" (Sorry, this is happening to me when I'm bored xD)

Hello, Nony! Sorry it took so long for me to respond. I am currently home from work sick with a fever, so I finally have the time!

I think you’re right. There are many things currently going on–in the US especially–that Lafayette would be shocked and deeply hurt by. The current anti-French sentiment, for example, would probably be a call to action to him. But we all know about the bad. Let’s take a moment to think about the good.

  • Freedom for all. One of the last letters Lafayette ever wrote addressed the grievous results slavery would have on the future. Seeing POC acting on their own volition, participating in society, and having a voice in government would make him overwhelmingly happy.
  • Representative democracy. After the American experiment became a success, the idea took off. Democracies, constitutional monarchies, and forms of public-responsible government quickly became the ideal. The fact that many major European governments adjusted their systems after the US proved that it could be done successfully may just bring him to tears.
  • France having a president and a functioning National Assembly. Weeping. Hand him the tissues, because the waterworks would flow.
  • The fact that America is still around. Many critics didn’t expect the United States to last as for more than 50 years…let alone over 200. What an incredible legacy to have participated in.
  • Technology. For a guy that was stoked out of his mind over hot air balloons, Lafayette would go bananas at all of the ways one can travel and communicate these days. Getting to America in less than 24 hours?? On something that flies??? ‘Calling’ any of his friends on a little glass box that shows you their faces?? And they can see and hear you too?? He’d be in hysterics.
  • Education. Lafayette was convinced that–in France, not America–only nobility and people who had enough money to be educated should have the ability to vote. Ideally, he wanted *all* people to be able to participate, but it simply wasn’t feasible or, in his opinion, wise to let the masses vote based on their passions alone. What would have facilitated this equality better? Mass education: which America and France now have at their disposal. He’d probably be a little embarrassed at his own short-sightedness…and he’d be very proud of his countries for supplying education for their citizens. 

Those are just a few examples. We must continue to strive for a better world, one that those who came before us…who dreamed before us and sacrificed for those dreams…would be proud of.