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Day 5: Last Match

This week would not be complete without some angst~ ( u w u ) Takes place after Fukurodani loses their final game of the season.

(Disclaimer: I have not read / am not currently reading the manga.)

The following is a rough transcript of my own recorded video footage (which I’m still trying to convert since I lost the USB cord and am currently looking for it lol). 

Q&A: If you guys could do, like, any kind of movie genre, what would you do? Since I personally think Jared – er, Jensen and Misha should be in a romcom.

Jared: [pause] [smirk on face] …I’d direct that.

Jensen: [holds back a laugh-snort, schools expression] You’ve never directed anything.

Jared: That’s my point. I’d direct that.

Jensen: That’s what it’ll take. The scenario. You’re like - “No, okay, I can’t pass up this opportunity”

Jared: [folds hands, begs] Please please please please.

[Jared provides a serious answer]

Jared: In the meantime it [inaudible] – I’d be directing a romcom with this guy. And wherever Mishkavich is.

Jensen: I’ve said it before. I’d love to do a Western…slash romcom with Misha.

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ease this madness;

it pollutes my mind and

interrupts our dance.


remove this illness;

it is not love and yet it

disguises itself as such.

This is not the glory you are owed.


Walk with me in this darkness

And I beg, bring your torch.

Like Deo I search

for a part of me stolen.


How do you live in those

six months without Him?

Lend me your strength,

your command of self.

I have it not.


Cease this war!

Our efforts will be needed elsewhere;

this is senseless and


Let me champion a more

worthy battle.


My head sees your Truth

but it is muddied and dim.

Shield me from the fog!

If I must wander alone,

at least let the star I follow be true.


Divorce me from this chaos;

this is not the union I was promised.

May your touch dissolve the bond.


Be swift.

Deliver my message with

speed unchecked.

While the Gods above have

eons to spare,

my mortal soul fades with each second.

Son of Maia,

make haste!

Harry Potter and the Passive Aggressive Confrontation of the Prophet

Here is an expert from one of the oneshots that will be following on from Lost Children (no spoilers bar the fact it ends happily, which I’ve never denied!) I am having an absolutely hilarious time writing this and have to give a shout out to @llap115 @unadulteratedstorycollector and @shiftylinguini for all the amazing ideas they gave me. This expert is inspired directly by Shifty: “I thought you said do a CROSSWORD in the Prophet”

There was nothing Harry loved more than lazy Sunday afternoons as the sun filtered through the trees in the garden of Grimmauld Place. Neville had helped Harry tackle the garden, or Neville had tried to at least. It had turned out that Harry was completely and absolutely useless in the garden. Draco, however, had spent years listening to his mother commanding the elves around the Manor grounds and so knew what he was doing. Things had been tentative and awkward between Draco and Neville at first but bit by bit they bonded over a mutual understanding of gardening. Draco had managed to talk Neville out of filling Grimmauld’s garden with bizarre, exotic and often murderous plants, much to Harry’s relief.

Draco tilted his face up to the sun and Harry smiled at the sight of the sunlight catching on the white hair, pale lashes and unguarded smile. Harry’s breath caught at how fucking beautiful he was. Draco was like fine wine and only got better with age. Harry couldn’t wait to see him when they were fifty. Thoughts like that surprised him sometimes but it was true, Harry couldn’t imagine being without Draco. He wasn’t sure if he’d ever want anyone else by his side. No one else could ever hold a candle to Draco Malfoy.

“Did you see the Prophet article this morning?” Draco asked, taking a sip of his coffee.

“I don’t know why you even bother reading it,” Harry sighed, as he glared at the case files in front of him. Three years later and he was a fully qualified auror, it was exhausting and demanding but he loved it. The thrill of being in the field and relying on pure instinct alone was one he loved. However, the pouring over case files and trying to connect loose ends was much more Ron’s forte than his.

“Call me a masochist,” Draco shrugged. “Anyway, can you stop your affair with the She-Weasel please?”

Harry snorted as Draco passed him the paper. On the front, there was a picture of Harry congratulating Ginny after winning one of her latest matches and underneath it was a smaller picture of Luna and Draco smiling at each other. “Only if you stop your revenge affair with Luna.”

“Maybe I should get a tshirt that says I only like cock?” Draco hummed as he took his paper back from Harry and continued with his crosswords.

“Nah, they’ll just start writing that you’re shagging Blaise.”

“At least Blaise is good in bed,” Draco said, smirking as Harry scowled at him. “Don’t worry, you’re better.”

Harry rolled his eyes, “I should hope after all this time I’m your favourite lay.”

“I didn’t say you were my favourite.”

“Have I told you how much I hate you recently?”

“No, because you love me. Now what’s a seven-letter word related to masturbation?”

Harry did love him. Harry loved Draco more than he could put into words and especially with his stupid cross word games.


“That’s six.”

“Wanking,” Harry shrugged, grinning over at Draco.

“Ooh that’s perfect,” Draco smirked, scrawling it down.

“What was the actual question?”

“A seven-letter word that is also a motion potion.”


Draco grinned at Harry, and Harry shook his head in amusement. Part of their Sunday routine involved Draco filling out the Prophet’s crossword puzzle using the rudest answers and most inappropriate articles he could before sending it in to them. Draco was a passive aggressive idiot and Harry loved him with all his heart.

PS. Later I will be using Shifty’s other line of “I thought you said come on the Prophet” so look forward to that @jadepresley

(http://archiveofourown.org/works/11640861/chapters/26183727 is the link to Lost Children)

My Weight Loss Journey:

Left - I started at my heaviest weight @148 lbs about three years ago. I always was teased about my weight and I wasn’t happy about my body so I decided to change for myself. Eating healthy and working out wasn’t easy all the time. Weight loss was full of slip up’s and guilt trips, for me anyway.

Right - In summer 2016, I was at my lowest weight @120 lbs. I was proud of what I accomplished over the years - mentally and physically. Through all the strict dieting and “wow, you lost weight.”

Currently: I am @125 lbs, still striving to be the best version of myself. Through this journey, i’ve learnt to be mentally and physically stronger to push myself beyond my comfort zone. I’m not even close to my goals and I am currently still fighting for it everyday.

Work hard and Trust the process. 🔪

motivational monday #4

concept: there is rain tapping gently on my window. the sky smiles at me despite its dreary mood and on my desk are 2 books, finished and unfinished. in my hands is my current read, the world i am lost in in that moment. my toes are cozy inside my socks and my fingers are warm from holding my steaming latte. everything is perfect.

I’m sitting in the middle of Times Square,
and it’s as lit up as you can imagine 
there’s billboards that fill up the sky 
and people who I maybe knew in another life
but in this one, we barely brush shoulders in New York City 
How do I feel among the colony of souls, in the dead center of the concrete jungle? 

I’m thinking about the goddamn tacks in my walls at home,
where pictures used to hang of him and myself 
and I think about how it’s bare and lonely and plain
how after 5 years, all I have to show is a vacancy of captured moments,
a few holes in my wall that can’t really be replaced

I’m thinking of Mariane, the french girl
who loves my words and fills herself with my inspiration
she’s the kind of smart that makes you feel safe, protected
I wonder what the stars look like in her eyes in the city of Lyon

I’m thinking of Miriam, the sunshine girl
the thought of her makes the cold air around me dissipate
she calls herself a bumbling poet, a rambling mess
she keeps me on track and reminds me that
even in a city with millions of beings,
I am not so small or unimportant 

and I’m thinking of the boy, the secret 
and how things sometimes fall into place
I write him love poems in my head and reminisce 
on how he used to dance in my dreams 
I think of how I’ll hold him once I get back 

I’m sitting in the middle of Times Square with my friends
who are just right for me in the strangest of ways
I’ve often wondered why this was the life I was given,
why I am so lost in the current of energy around me 
but here, i’m centered amidst the chaos 
and I’m thinking that my soul is on its way
to finding the way back home

—  finding myself in the city of dreams //hnl 2017

20 years of Tomb Raider[31/10/1999] An ancient egyptian legend says that the evil god Seth was victim of deception by his cousin Horus to be imprisoned in a remote tomb in The Valley of the Kings, and that he will come back for revenge. When Lara Croft discovers the tomb of Seth, unknowingly, she releases the divinity by removing from the chest of the sarcophagus the Amulet of Horus; the Ank. Because of this the prophecy that threatens to destroy humanity and subdue it to eternal darkness comes true. Now, Lara must reverse the damage caused with the indirect help of the god Horus and re-enclose the god Seth in the depths of The Great Pyramid, before the deity complies with its dark intentions.

In the lassitude after love Odysseus asks Circe, “What is the way to the land of the dead?”

Circe answers, “You are muffled in folds of heavy fabric. You close your eyes against the rough cloth and though you struggle to free yourself you can barely move. With much thrashing and struggling, you manage to throw off a layer, but find that not only is there another one beyond it, but that the weight bearing you down has scarcely decreased. With dauntless spirit you continue to struggle. By infinitesimal degrees, the load becomes lighter and your confinement less. At last, you push away a piece of coarse, heavy cloth and, relieved, feel that it was the last one. As it falls away, you realize you have been fighting through years. You open your eyes.”

—  Zachary Mason’s The Lost Books of the Odyssey

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Hey guys so my wallet is quite literally empty. I just lost my job and currently I am unable to get a new one. So while I have some summertime, I’m opening these very quick commissions. I will only be taking 3 commission slots at a time. If you want to see more examples, look through my art tag!
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So a lot of you are wondering where all of my X Rated content went so I’m going to break down the events of my last couple years in this quick text. After I had my last child I started feeling zombie like and was having many problems. Turns out I had a cancerous cyst on one of my Fallopian tubes, pre cancer cells on my cervix and also an autoimmune disease. (None of which were sexually related issues). So due to the health issues I’ve had to have a few procedures. And have more to come. The autoimmune disease has been disastrous and has made me lose all will to live at times. Bcuz of those issues my relationship took a toll. And also my ability to meet with my bull. I started rebuilding and was getting pretty close to my old life here recently. But then my grandmother passed away and my mind has been lost and my heart has been broken. I am currently trying to get myself back together. When I do I will return to posting those things. Whether you choose to continue following until then is your choice

ID #70414

Name: Yuri
Age: 21
Country: USA

Hello you can call me Yuri ( my real name is much longer and harder to pronounce haha;;) Anyway I am 21, female, and Latina. However, I speak very little spanish, but I do understand and intend to improve. I am currently a lost person learning how to adult properly. //sighs =,=
I am shy, a speak little in real life, but wants to encourage myself to make friends

I am interested in kawaii culture, fashion, anime/manga, and art. I hope to travel ( especially Japan, Paris, and California ) I am self-teaching myself Japanese, Spanish and French. My favorite show is Steven Universe.

I would love to receive old fashion snail mail because I find something lovely about receiving a physical letter. I also wouldn’t mind texting through LINE or email.

Preferences: preferably a female penpal due to my own comfort. age 18-25 pls looking for FRIENDSHIP ONLY and possible language exchange