i am curious about what people think

I’m really confused about why people are super worried about their babies watching TV (like baby shows) more than once a week? I know it’s been a thing recently where several parents think it’s awful but I am failing to see why! What’s the argument against it?

Please don’t come here to argue with me, I would just like know opposing viewpoints. I thought educational children’s shows were great? My niece has learned all that she knows (counting, abcs, general baby concepts, etc) from watching tv.

I could google this but I don’t want to.


This is Miss Bailey. I am curious as to what others might think her breed is. She’s a rescue and I do not know. She’s very hyper and loves people and other dogs. She likes to chase birds. She’s not much of a barker but when excited she can make a noise so loud and high pitched it will make you cringe. She’s a medium size dog and about 40 pounds.
My best guess is Belgian Mal and Shiba Inu

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Do you remember why you put Hades in Ravenclaw? I am profoundly curious about it, believe me.

I think the version you’re talking about is for the actual Greek gods and like. Hades just wanted to do his thing, be into the Underworld. 

(Someone help, what are words)

Hades was all “Alriiiiight Zeus just MURDERED dad what am I aboutta rule over???”

And Zeus was like “here brother mine, you can take the dead people”

And Hades was like “Awwwww maaaaaaan. Oooookaaaaaaay” And so he retreated to his underground realm and was like “I need a wife”

So he tricks Persephone into staying underground for half the year. Clever wit.

So he chilled with a big dog and devised a bunch of ways to make sure people didn’t leave the underworld. Creative. Inventive. Clever. 

Theseus and Pirithous tried capturing Persephone and Hades was like “Aw here, sit and eat, sleep in the underworld for a bit PSYCH YOU’RE TRAPPED BY MY SNAKES. HA. TEACH YOU TO TRY AND STEAL MY WIFE I DON’T THINK SO” Clever. 

And he treated everyone equally with like laws and stuff. He was a pretty fair dude and like level-headed and wise. Wisdom.

And besides that, he was just chilling in the Underworld with his wife unless it was sunny and vegetation time. Hades just kept to himself. Stayed outta people’s business for the most part. 

I think Ravenclaw’s pretty appropriate.

-Caitlin (Ravenclaw)

Going through the Adam Driver tag, I am curious: Why do people hate him?

Sure, if he did something problematic, I’d get it, but those who hate him complain about his looks and things about him, like being in the military. And I just don’t get it?

Ok, 1, don’t be a jerk about people thinking he is attractive. Some jerks post things that say something akin to, “I hate Adam Driver, he literally looks like a trash can. What a fucking tool.” It is fine that you don’t find him attractive, I have no problem with it, but don’t hate a guy simply because other people do. You can get annoyed with his fans who say and do things that are questionable, but the man himself has never thought of himself as being handsome, has never been got pigheaded after getting fame. 

“I have been told before that I have an unusual face. But my face is my face. I had a whole life before acting, over the years. Lots of things have been said about my face.”

2, people hate him because of him being in the military. That’s it. Not because of his views, not because of anything he did, just that. One person had posted that they hated him because, they “don’t like organized groups and the military is the epitome of organized groups.” Ok? What the fuck does that have to do with Adam Driver? So many people have been in the military, are you going to hate them all? And guess what? The community you live in? That is a organized group. Your workplace? Organized group. Your family? Organized group. Just think about that. 

3, Adam has never forgotten that as a white male he has privilege, and he never has used it over anyone. 

“I’m a straight, white male, and I’ve had more opportunities than other people have, unjustly. And I’ve been lucky on top of that.“

He continued, "It’s so insane to me. That’s why I like being a part of ‘Girls,’ because it’s such a female-driven show. I see so many actors and friends who are so f-king good-but for one reason or another, because they’re female or African American, there aren’t as many opportunities for them. It’s total bullsh-t. My wife is an actress. She’s had to audition for, you know, 'Blonde Girl #3.’ There’s just such sh-ty writing and not as many opportunities.”

He is very aware, and he knows that is partially the reason why he got it, so if you are to be upset with anyone, be upset with the casting directors who ignore other actors who deserve as much, or in some cases, more of chance than him. But Kylo Ren was not simply handed to him. Eddie Redmayne had auditioned for Kylo Ren before Adam Driver was approached, and there may have been others who had auditioned, but JJ Abrams saw him and thought he was perfect. He got this particular part because he is a damn good actor, and I honestly don’t know anyone who could play the part better. 

I am not saying that he is a perfect person who had done no wrong, but he isn’t an awful human being that deserves all this crap simply for the reasons listed above. Come to me when he actually does something to deserve hate, and then we will talk. 

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What makes you so terrifying, a good friend of mine //@darkiplier-support-group // told me what she thinks but I am genuinely curious about what people fear of you. I've had my fair share of lunatics so I'm wondering what is so different about you?

Dark leaned himself in, wrapping his forearms together to support the weight of his body as he tested his words, deciphering how they tasted, finding the proper definition on what made someone truly horrific. Finally, gently parting his lips with an intake of sweet intoxication, he murmured.

“When a man can take an insult, boiling with its hate and aimed directly into the pit of everything that they find insecure, and simply smile with a knowledge no one else can understand, you know for certain that they are truly terrifying. When a woman can walk into a hungry crowd of onlookers without a flinch of an eye, with a sway to their step, with energy leaking from every pore, you know they are truly terrifying. When a man can become furious, so furious it feels like their own skin is peeling, but continue to speak in a hushed, gentle tone, you know they are truly terrifying. For all three of these motives display a level of confidence. Confidence is terrifying, but in that same gesture, confidence is one of the most enticing things to a human.”

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what are ur hedcannons for keeping up with the waynes ? i think u have made a few post about it but im curious ahah

(I don’t think I have but I am more than willing to jump on this bandwagon)

The show starts as a cover because too many people are asking questions (“How come your dead son Jason is picking up your youngest child from school on a motorbike wearing swimtrunks?”). They have to work extra hard to try and be normal… and they just end up incredibly dysfunctional and it ends up helping them because the Waynes are a goddamn mess but the Bats obviously have their shit together.

Dick Grayson is hardcore thirsted after by everyone (everyone) and is highly sexualized in all the promos and stuff. Dick is incredibly uncomfortable with this, he know he’s handsome and he doesn’t mind attention for it, but please he’s not an object to be lusted after. Bruce comes down hard on the network and they make it more tame, still doesn’t stop fangirls and boys from following Dick. Lucky for him he has a protective sibling or two who will always protect their big brother’s virtue.

Jason is in the show… but also not. Like he’s just not acknowledged. No one knows who he is, he’s just always at the Manor, people call him ‘lil brother’ and ‘Jason’ and 'Todd’, no one seems weirded out by his presence. The camera crew asks how Jason Todd, who was declared dead like 6 years ago??, is still alive. The kids pretend they don’t know who they’re talking about. One episode the crew calls in an exorcist because they’re convinced it’s Jason’s ghost haunting the mansion. Jason makes ghost noises from behind the grandfather clock. If you listen closely, you can hear Tim, Steph and Dick laughing loudly in the other room.

Tim Drake is just that beloved character who is a huge mess but, bless, he’s trying. He’s comedy relief in a way that’s really sad and makes you feel guilty. Tim really considers himself the most normal out of all the kids, he thinks this’ll be a breeze. Little does he realize that staggering around in Superboy boxers, trying to hide the coffee machine because Dick is going to take it away is actually pretty damn south of normal. Or healthy. After every episode, 3 new Tim Drake memes are created, he is an internet sensation. He takes it in stride and tries not to pretend that his former reputation as the Golden Perfect Wayne child has not been shattered.

Cass just ignores the cameras and questions at all times. She doesn’t even acknowledge them at all, just continues to go about her day. No one knows anything about her, she’s quiet, her friends are mostly within the Wayne sphere of influence, she doesn’t appear to engage in any wild crazy teen behavior. She is an enigma. Cameras try and catch her doing whatever it is she does, Cass just smiles and disappears. Her only interaction is to inform the camera crew when her brothers are being particularly ridiculous.

Stephanie just kind of, shoves her way into the show. She probably tries the hardest to engage the audience. She knows the impact the show is having and she understands what the people want to see so she acts as the unofficial 'host’ of the show and introduces people and dares the boys to do crazy stunts or starts a fight and lets the crew catch the family in all their dysfunctional glory. She honestly should be getting paid for all the great contributions she’s made to this show.

Prior to the show, Damian had the reputation of a sulky, but put together young man who is trying to live up to his great father’s name. Once the show airs they learn he’s an obnoxious little brat who swears like a sailor and is scarily accurate when throwing kitchen knives. Tim is thanking the heavens people finally see Damian for the demon that he is. Instead he’s lauded as the 'cute lil naughty boy' and still fawned over. Damian has a special segment where he talks about his animals and encourages people to adopt/donate to animal shelters. It actually really beneficial and the other kids start promoting their own charities.

Bruce is just off to the side, glaring at his paperwork as he tries to get something done. The children are more obnoxious than normal, no secret identity is worth this pain. He can’t wait for the end of the season so he can cancel the show. Damian has stolen a box of matches with plans to set Tim’s sleeve on fire while he’s asleep and see how long he notices. One cameraman coughs.

“Uh Mister Wayne? Sir? Don’t you think you should do something about that?” Bruce glares, he has barely gotten any sleep since this started and what little peace of mind he still possessed has shriveled and died an agonizing death.

“As long as those cameras are on, they’re your problem” In the background, Tim is screaming and yelling in several language. It took him 34.8 seconds to wake up.


  • ❝ I’m allergic to dying. ❞ 
  • ❝ I don’t really know what the plan was there. ❞
  • ❝ Now I am just rolling in that pants-money! ❞
  • ❝ It is going about as well as I assumed it would. ❞
  • ❝ There’s a dinosaur in this area, what are we doing here?! ❞
  • ❝ I’m going to leave a pretty corpse! ❞
  • ❝ Not much, just feeling romantic. ❞
  • ❝ Hi angel, it happened again! ❞  
  • ❝ First we have to get my body back because I can’t answer fanmail with spectral hands. ❞
  • ❝ New look, new you! ❞
  • ❝ This feels right. ❞
  • ❝ You want flowers, you want fish? I got both. ❞
  • ❝ There is so much wonderful things happening here! ❞
  • ❝ Wow, you’re a person now! ❞
  • ❝ You’re not even curious about what I had to offer?! ❞
  • ❝ You’re save, you’re free! ❞
  • ❝ No! My fun game! ❞
  • ❝ “There is no greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for a friend.” ❞
  • ❝ Another 420 joke, yes! ❞ 
  • ❝ This changes everything ___ ! ❞
  • ❝ Kiss petrooooooool! ❞
  • ❝ I guess I am kissing Sylvanas Windrunner now. ❞
  • ❝ Quick! Load Wikipedia!  ❞
  • ❝ I’m about to kiss the king of Warcraft. ❞
  • ❝ We’re never gonna die! ❞
  • ❝ Is this a vore thing? ❞
  • ❝ I’ll do a hit! ❞
  • ❝ Maybe if I lie perfectly still people will think I’m already dead. ❞ 
  • ❝ Whatsup Captain Planet? This reboot got weird! ❞
  • ❝ How do I climb a volcano without getting killed a whole bunch of times? ❞
  • ❝ Does this volcano have stairs? ❞
  • ❝ I mean this was always going to never work. ❞
  • ❝ You look like a CGI mouthwash commercial. ❞
  • ❝ All those came from a name generator! ❞
  • ❝ I sure do miss having 30 people around to help do all my dumb shit. ❞
  • ❝ Just look at this dog! That is not even a good dog to get killed by! ❞
  • ❝ Cool look dude, can’t help but notice you’re ripping my style a little bit. ❞
  • ❝ Well, now this is going to be very bad and not fun. ❞
  • ❝ Would it make you feel better if there were two of me? ❞
  • Gunshoes, the best item added to any game ever! ❞
  • ❝ I haven’t been killed in a long time. ❞
the end of EoS

I started writing this rowaelin fic a few months ago because I feel like they are going to need to have A Talk About How Shit Went Down when all is said and done - but now I don’t know when/if I’ll finish it because I am Sad that the resolution I was trying to write is even further away.

Anyway… I’m curious what other people think about this? Aelin didn’t tell anyone what was going on at the end of EoS (save our girl Lysandra, of course), and it just… was pretty much a slap in the face. I love Aelin, I am team Aelin, although I know some people dislike her. But I still feel like she was asking way too much of her friends at the end of EoS. Leaving everyone else out of it, think about what she was expecting from Rowan:

To pretend she was still alive
To pretend that someone else’s child was his
To pretend that Lysandra was his wife
Not to mention not being able to grieve publicly about her loss

I just… come on, Aelin. I can’t imagine that not breaking him, it’s way too much for someone to handle, he was barely starting to heal and now… :( I know, greater good, blah blah blah. But it disappoints me that she could do that to him. And this is why I am V upset about having to wait even longer for ToG6.

I’m sure people have talked about this before, but Welcome to My Feelings.

Conditioned (Part 2)

(You ask Tae for some help around the apartment and he learns that you have some other things in mind.)

Warnings:  Smut.  Exhibitionism. Voyeurism. Masturbation.  Female Dom.  Male Sub.  Just shy of 8k words.


11:13am (unknown number)    Do you have a hammer I can borrow?

11:13am (unknown number)    Also, are you available to come with the hammer to do the actual hammering of nails into the wall?

Tae looked curiously at the text messages on his phone.  The number was unknown and the request came out of the blue.  Who is this? He texted back.

11:15am (unknown number)   Because it looked like you had a pretty strong grip when you had your hand wrapped around you cock at the bar that night.  I think you would do a good job at nailing things.

Tae went slack jawed at the realization that it was you texting him.  It had been two weeks since he saw you at the bar and he had given up hope of hearing from you.  He thought about that night repeatedly, remembering the feeling of standing in a public hallway, masturbating while you watched him.  Almost every night since then, Tae would look out his bedroom window, staring into the darkness, replaying the events of that night, and stroking himself to an orgasm.

That same night at the bar, you left with Jimin.  Everyone had exited the bar at the same time.  Jin and Youngsook jumped into a cab together, so eager to go home and have sex with each other that they didn’t even bother saying good bye.  Tae hailed a taxi for Miri and held the door for her like a gentleman.  Miri had lingered, offering to share the taxi with Tae, but he politely declined and sent the cab on its way.  Tae then turned to see you and Jimin, whispering to each other and laughing. Jimin’s arm was around your waist but slowly creeped downward until his hand was planted firmly on your ass.   You and Jimin took the next taxi together, leaving Tae alone on the street with nothing more than a wave good bye and well wishes for a good night.

Jimin called Tae the next day to share what happened between the two of you.

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Hey I've seen a lot of discourse about this and I'm genuinely curious for an asexual person's opinion: do you think asexual people don't belong in the LGBT community because they don't experience the same sex attraction or gender dysphoria that would open them up to homophobia and transphobia? Really just want to hear another side of the discussion. Thanks!

Well, just know that I am not the most informed person on these issues.  I am definitely not aware of all the different hardships that various people in the LGBT+ community face.  

Here is what personal experience as shown me:

I went to my company’s LGBT christmas party a few weeks ago(super nervous btw).  I was talking to the few girls that were there and when one who was a lesbian asked me about dating I clarified that I was asexual.  She had no reaction that showed she thought I didn’t belong there.  Instead she brought up how her daughter had considered if she was asexual and we continued talking as normally as before.  

Farther back, at a tech conference I went to a Lesbians Who Tech panel.  At the very end I went of to the founder of Lesbians Who Tech and asked her if there was a point where asexuals might be overstepping their bounds by coming to these events.  She said absolutely not.

In college, the LGBT+ group had a webpage and pdf that gave definitions about all the different orientations.  Asexual and Aromantic were both included as if it was natural.

Here is what I think:

Every letter in the everchanging acronym(LGBT, LGBTQA, LGBTQIA, LGBTQIAP, etc.) involves a different set of experiences, struggles, and issues.  Some are obviously much more dire than others.  I read about a trans person who walked down the street after midnight in fear, because of the cases where men have done terrible things to them because they felt ‘deceived’ about their gender after hitting on them.  Clearly I will never fully understand or have that same fear.

The issues faced are different, but just because an issue is not as bad it does not make it unimportant or nonexistent.  It does not mean we shouldn’t work on fixing it along with the others.

LGBT+ seems to be a community where those who do not fall under the sexuality or gender norm can go to be surrounded by others like that.  Others who unquestionably see you as valid when you say you don’t feel how you are ‘expected’ to.  This community can then be used to meet people, become more educated, raise awareness, and take action to solve issues.  A trans person and a gay person face different issues, but together they have more power and influence for solving both their issues.

Asexuals and aromantics are definitely not straight(half the jokes on this blog are about how we don’t feel the same things that straight people feel).  As long as they are respectful of other’s issues, and understand that they have different issues than those faced by others, I believe it makes logical sense for them to be included.  The inclusion will also allow more conversations to form over sexuality and identity, hopefully furthering human’s understanding of it.

That turned out long, sorry.  I just kind of said what came to me.  Honestly I could right 5 more pages with my thoughts but I’m sure I’ve put you to sleep already ;)

You like Spiderman? (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hey, could you please do an imagine where the reader and Peter are in the same class and he sits behind her, and she spends the class lectures drawing or writing, and Peter becomes curious and discovers that she draws/writes about Spiderman and discovers that she has a crush on him. And he starts to like her and so he reveals who he is to her. Please and thank you!

A/N: There might be some grammar mistakes that I don’t know if they are correct or not ??? My mother language is Spanish, not English, so I sometimes get things completely wrong, and I apologize for that! Hope you like it!

Looking at you was probably one of Peter’s favorite things. He would do it for hours straight if he had the chance. He loved seeing how you shook your head whenever the teacher said something you disagreed with, the way your hair moved when you did so. He loved watching you fidget with your fingers when you were bored, your hands always covered in black ink. He had had crush on you for years, but he had always watched you from the distance. This year, he sat behind you in History, and even if he couldn’t see your face, he always knew what expression you were making.
When the bell finally rung, he got up of his seat and looked at what you had been doodling. You tended to doodle in all of your classes, and he always liked to carefully check what you had drawn. He always looked over your shoulder, trying not to look like a creep. You always knew -you were not stupid, but you found it cute that he was interested in what you doodled, so you never said anything. This time, however, you were startled when he talked to you, since, for the first time ever, you had not realized he was checking out what you had drawn.
‘You like Spiderman?’ Peter asked without realizing he was talking to you. His cheeks turned red, and he just wanted to disappear. Why did he talk to you -better, why did he actually make it obvious that he somehow stalked you?
He thought you would look at him with a weird face and tell him to walk away, but you turned around smiling, and nodded your head.
‘Yeah! He is what I would call a hero. I really wish I knew who he was, you know, to thank him for everything he does for everyone. He risks his life everyday, and people still call him a vigilante and think he is doing something wrong’ you said, a small smile on your face. ‘I am really curious about who he might me. He looks young -maybe even our age, who knows’ you said with a shrug.
‘Why do you think he is young?’ Peter asked, sitting on the table. He had lunch afterwards, and he was pretty sure you did as well, so there was no need for him to rush.
‘Well, he is not very tall and muscular, and he looks scrawny. When he speaks on TV, you can tell he is trying to use a lower tone than his real one, probably so people won’t recognize him, but he still sounds young. Maybe I’m wrong -who knows’ you reasoned. People tended to laugh when you said you admired Spiderman, so you were happy that you could talk about it with somebody. You had known Peter for years, even if you two had never really had a real conversation, and you had always thought he was a nice boy with a huge heart. There had been a time when you had had a crush on him, and you thought it had been over for months, but looking at him again, you could feel yourself getting flustered and shy about looking at him in the eyes.
‘Can I show you something?’ Peter asked. He offered you a hand, and not even thinking about what you were doing, you took it and got up of your seat, intertwining your fingers and noticing how they fit perfectly. He walked you through the empty corridors -most people were at class, and the ones who weren’t, such as yourselves, were at lunch. He took you to the school rooftop, which was usually open for the teachers who wanted to smoke. Turning around to look at you, he let go of your hand, and you instantly missed it, this leading to you mentally lecturing yourself about having a crush on Peter again.
‘What I’m going to show you -you have to promise not to tell anyone. Nobody knows but Tony Stark -not even my aunt, and I’m telling you because, for some reason, I trust you enough’ he said.
You didn’t really know what to do or what he meant, so you just nodded and said, ‘I promise, I guess’.
Before you could even make out what was going on, Peter had thrown himself out of the rooftop, and you didn’t even have time to shout his name before you felt yourself be taken into somebody’s arms, and looking at who that was, you saw him, web shooting off his wrist. He swung between some buildings before softly putting you on the rooftop once again, both your and his hair completely messy.
‘You… You are Spiderman’ you said, taken aback.
‘Indeed I am. I must admit I got kind of offended at the scrawny comment, but I’m going to let that pass if you accept to go on a date with me’ he said, smirking a little. You laughed and hit him on the arm, not being able to believe what you had just discovered.
‘I am not really fond of offending people, and when I do, I usually like to apologize, so I guess I’ll have to go on that date, Parker’ you said, laughing softly and kissing him quickly on the cheek before going back into the school, trying not to be late for your next class.

Gratsu high school au (request)

Pairing: Gray x Natsu
Requested by @purplex-xendra16754
Rating: T

Gray was the school’s top athlete in the swim team. He had the fastest time, won the most difficult races and was hit on by the most people. He practically was the perfect guy that all the girls fell for. But, someone else was in his mind. 

“Oi Gray, are you thinking about him again?” Elfman was curious, since he hadn’t seen his friend like this for a long time.

“Ah, is it that obvious? I don’t know what to do… He seems so difficult to approach, he’s always with a goddamn book! How am I supposed to talk to him?” The two friends were walking into the cafeteria during lunch time. Gray could see Natsu sitting a few tables away.

“Why don’t you pretend it was an accident? You could just fall on him and apologize.”

“But how am I supposed to fall?”

“Like this!” Elfman pushed Gray right onto Natsu.

“Oh shit,” he mumbled, “Natsu I’m so sorry!”

“You idiot, why did you push me?” He was short-tempered, so he didn’t need much to get mad.

“My friend pushed me and I fell on you! I didn’t mean this to happen!”

“Fine.” He took his book and left the cafeteria. Gray couldn’t overlook this whole situation and the adrenaline from the embarrassment made it easier for him to follow the pink-haired guy.

They found themselves in an empty hallway. The athlete usually wasn’t so soft around people, but Natsu’s personality simply turned the world upside down for him. 

“Why did you follow me here?” Natsu leaned against the wall. 

“To be honest, I don’t know. The last thing I remember is telling Elfman that I want to meet you.”

“Is that the reason why you fell on me?” Natsu turned his head away from Gray, as an attempt to hide his blush.

“Yes, I guess it was.”

“And what are you going to do now that the truth is revealed?”

“I’m going to ask you out. It’ll be an apology for today, along with a chance to get to know you more.”

“A date? How could I say no?” Gray leaned on Natsu’s body and their lips collided.

“This is going to be interesting.” Natsu’s comment after their first kiss made Gray smirk. Then, they returned to the cafeteria as if nothing had happened, keeping this moment between them a secret only for two.

Thinkers vs. Feelers

What I am about to say is not based on any official scientific research or studies, but my personal experience and viewpoint. With that said, I am trained in the scientific process, and know how it works. It’s actually quite simple and even a small/young child could comprehend it. In fact as a mother, and former small child, I think all people have a bit of a scientific nature in them. We are all naturally curious about the world around us, and we find ways to interact and satisfy our particular brand of curiosity in different forms to discover and learn about this world we live in. I could expand in much greater detail here, but I want to focus on something in particular.

For whatever reasons, be it biological or experiencal, (you know, the controversial argument of nature vs. nurture thing), some develop a predominant thinking or feeling function.

I am a thinker foremost. I have feelings, but I do not allow “feelings,” to ever be the leading party in my decision making. For some people this is not so.

When a comment or statement is made, that comment made either targets their “head” or “heart” first. For me, it’s my “head,” or thinking mode. I evaluate the statement for authenticity, even if an emotional response creeps up in me. If someone is trying to relay a message of some sort, is it genuine or a manipulative tactic?

I have a heart and do care, even more than I would like to admit at times, but I am always using my brain first, not my heart. If someone asks something of me, I first analyze it in my head. I am disgusted by those who try to pull on or manipulate my “heart strings,” to get their way.

If I perceive they are using an insincere or manipulative tactic, I become a brickwall and am totally willing to pull my inner bitch out of the closet to obliterate their pathetic attempt. If they get offended or upset, boohoo, so sorry, as I sarcastically gesture playing the violin!

I’m not truly insensitive to my core, just world weary of the jerks out there.

When it comes to matters of debate, again I do my best to keep a clear and logical head. Some subjects are quite sensitive in nature, but if one trys to defend their position based solely on feeling or emotional response, they will very soon get into trouble.

After writing that I guess it could be interpreted as a clear favorative bias towards thinkers. I just believe emotions or feelings are not trustworthy in their raw form. If a particular feeling springs up, I do not act on that “feeling” alone. There are a number of reasons such feelings arise, but they are not always legitimate or accurate to the situation at hand. They can be rooted in very subjective experiences, and not accurately interpret the true intent of the comment made.

Some people understand this nuance, some do not.

Again I am a thinker, not a feeler, so that is how I approach life. Some feelers out there may disagree, but I’m just stating my case.

Please “feel” free to disagree! Challenge me or provide another viewpoint! I’m not easily offended, but just need to hear a descent or logical argument if it contradicts my own.

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Just curious, but are you pumped for Lotor's appearance? xD I am really looking forward to it! And just curious but what do you think his face looks like? I kinda imagine it similar to Haagar, like with the tattoos and eye color

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Yes! I’m excited! I don’t think I’m as excited as most people tho.. Thing is, I watched the old Voltron when I was little and while I was enamored with his glossy white locks, I thought he was a douche (though I didn’t care about the old Voltron as a whole much either).

So don’t get me wrong! I am very excited, but I’m also not one to speculate before the character is even been on screen for more than 5 seconds. I have faith that he’s going to be awesome as the Dreamworks team has done a wonderful job at re-vamping all of the characters so far. But I’d much rather wait to see what he’s like before I assume what he’s like. 

I actually just got another ask just before to draw what I think he’d looks like… Ahaha so I might depending on if I get the time and motivation to do so. But so far I’m loving all the fan art of what people think he looks like!

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I keep seeing this criticism on tumblr that attacks the Honest Hearts DLC for "using Natives as an aesthetic" and that it suffered from "white savior syndrome". I am not going to offer my own opinion on this, but I'm curious what you think about all that, seeing as you did some writing for the DLC.

I understand why people see it that way, but how the DLC shipped was not how it was planned.  The tribes in Zion are descendants of a mix of North American native people as well as other American citizens and European (of various non-native ethnicities) tourists/campers.  This survives in the language of the Dead Horses, for example, who use a large number of German-derived words.

In the first design docs for HH, every tribe was supposed to have members from all of the F3/FNV ethnic groups.  However, there was a complicating factor: body art.  The various tattoos and body paints we needed to texture the bodies multiplied the number of required textures.  They couldn’t simply be layered on (as they can in F4), but were entirely new body textures that dramatically increased the amount of texture memory being used.  For that reason, each tribe wound up having only one body texture per sex.  This compressed their ethnicities into homogenized blends, with Dead Horses being a darker tan, Sorrows a light tan, and White Legs (under the body paint) fairly pale.

As a minor point, Daniel was specifically supposed to be (and was, in data, for most of development) Asian.  I don’t know when, how, or why he was switched to Caucasian, but that’s how he shipped.

It’s frustrating, because those changes slot Joshua and Daniel as white guys among (mostly) brown folk when 1) they weren’t supposed to be white guys and 2) the tribes were specifically called out as ethnically and culturally mixed without any real-world analogues.

Regarding the “natives as aesthetic” criticism, the patterns we used for the three tribes’ body art are not based on any current or historical native American body art (AFAIK).  There are in-fiction explanations for each tribe’s specific choices. The White Legs initially colored themselves white to blend into the Great Salt Lake (where they are from) and they dread their hair out of reverence for Ulysses.  The Sorrows use the river pattern to reflect their suffering and their connection to the Virgin River in Zion.  The Dead Horses mark various accomplishments on their skin and decorate their clubs with .45 shells out of their respect for Joshua Graham.

Asking myself wether or not to kill myself is an everyday thought I struggle with. I don’t remember a day not thinking about who would miss me and who wouldn’t if I died at this very moment. I can’t remember the last time I sat in a room alone not thinking ‘shall I just take those sleeping pills?’ When I was a kid I remember thinking that considering killing yourself was normal, I thought everyone thought about it. But when I went to fill out a medical form for my psychologist My 10 year old self noticed thinking about killing yourself isn’t healthy at all. I filled out 250 questions, most of them repeated themselves. ‘Have you tried killing yourself?’ 'Have you considered killing yourself?’ 'Do you think about harming yourself?’ 'Do you want to kill yourself?’ All of these questions… All my answers would have been yes. Instead my 10 year old self got scared and filled out no for each one of them. But the truth is that I would kill myself, but the truth also is that I am too curious about what is going to happen tomorrow. What adventures await for me, what people to meet, cultures to discover. The fact that tomorrow is a mystery is the only thing that keeps me alive, its the only thing that has kept me alive for so many years now.
—  Excerpts of stories I’ll never finish / #138

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Are there any fan theories you're particularly fond of?

I am curious what the fandom thinks and theorizes, but actually I haven’t read many of them. I mostly like seeing fan art people make :)
I have heard of TransMarco, of course, and I believe there is a theory where Star becomes Dark Star. I saw some theories about who Toffee could be related to. But yeah, again I really enjoy seeing fan art and reactions to episodes, and I’m less knowledgeable in the actual theories fans write…
Sorry if I sound contradictory :) What are some of your favorite theories?

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So now Joe and Jamie are leaches? These are Starkids you're talking about, Darren's family. And you're dragging them into this mess just bc they don't fit into your fantasy. Great. Computer Games is a special project for Darren. And now bc Mia is in it, you're destroying it too and it doesn't mean anything for him anymore?

Hello my dear beard defender!!! I know you frequent my page. Stat tells me this is almost your 500th visit!!! You must be curious about what I have to say. And if you are. There must be seeds of doubt in your head that your queen is nothing but a liar.

Nice of you to drop by with an ask!!!!!

How am I ruining this for Darren? Did I contact him directly? I think not. And trust me I edited myself so what I wrote isn’t even close to what I think.

The people ruining this for Darren are his so called friends who use his popularity and celebrity for their own gain.

As for Joe and Jamie. And you have to include Traci. They have promoted the beard and enabled her to perpetuate her fantasy that she actually has an important role in life. They don’t do this because they like her. They do it as they know every post brings them more traffic to their IG/twitter/snap. These are supposed to be Darren’s family. Yet they use him just like the majority of people who surround him.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!