i am crying with laughter you guys

Hey guys, I’m sorry to post something that isn’t Guzma but I really just needed to tell you guys this!!
This is the most feedback I’ve ever gotten from my art, from my jokes, from my anything. I’ve been reading everyones tags (whether they follow me or not) and I’ve been crying??? From laughter????

This is the first time in months I have ever felt this amount of genuine happiness, giddiness and pure joy. I am absolutely ecstatic that I have made at least 1 of you smile

Anyways, I’ll keep the mod posts to a minimum from now on. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone.
And thank you to all the asks I’ve received. All of them have made me smile and I’ll try to the best of my ability to answer as much as I can

Thank u all again,, Bless,

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"How do you call it when you make a cat with water?" "Water rocket" I'm actually crying on the inside from laughing so hard. Why am I like this

I love him so much what the fuck like im a sucker for guys who can make me laugh and even tho his jokes physically hurt me he makes me cry of laughter what the fuc k seokjin dont torture me my heart is weak and full of love

BTS Reaction to Finding You Crying For the First Time

I am not one to cry easily unless watching a movie or really happy, but I rarely cry when I am sad. I hope you guys enjoy this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

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Jin: You were normally all smiles and laughter. You were rarely ever sad, so the first time Jin found you in your room crying, he felt as though he was watching a movie. He could barely believe that what he was looking at was real. He slowly came into the room, placing his arms around you lovingly. “Jagi, what is wrong? Do you need something? Are you hurt anywhere?” He asked worriedly as he came to take care of you. He was so protective about you; wanting to do anything to make you feel better. (You are Kookie in the gif)

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Suga: He was thrown off when he saw you crying and sulking. He knew that you had been feeling discouraged lately, but he didn’t think you would be brought to this point yet. He grabbed your hand silently and just held it. He didn’t know what to say or how to make you feel better; not really being good at this kind of thing. When you were ready, he asked what was wrong and let you explain everything. After thinking about it, he gave you his honest and blatant advice.

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J-Hope: One thing that Hoseok loved about you was how happy you were and how your mood constantly matched his. He wasn’t one to sulk or show when he was sad, but he knew he could turn to you when he needed someone to talk to. But he had never seen you when you were upset. When he came home and found you crying though, he knew that it was his turn to be your strong shoulders to lean on. You opened up to him easily, and he lovingly listened and did everything to bring your mood up.

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Rapmon: You knew that you could talk to him whenever you were feeling down, but it didn’t mean that you actually would open up to him. He knew that, especially when he came home and found you crying from homesickness. He stared at you, feeling just as sad and helpless. He picked his words carefully, not wanting to say the wrong thing and upset you more. “Jagi, I know it can be hard, but you have all of us here, and we are like a second family until you can visit yours again.”

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Jimin: He came into the dance room, shocked to see you on the floor crying. He quickly ran up to you, thinking that maybe you were physically hurt or something. He examined you, asking you over and over again whether you were okay. After you assured him you were okay, you told him what was really wrong; about your frustration with the dance you could not get. He understood why you were upset, and it made him feel even worse since he rarely saw you sad. “It’s okay. It’s okay. I will help you.” He reassured you.

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V: You never cried. Plain and simple, you were not one who cried. He normally saw you smiling and laughing and running around with just as much energy as him. But his heart almost broke instantly when he saw you crying in the bathroom. He stared at you with wide eyes, unsure of what to say. After a moment you looked up and saw him. You threw yourself into his arms, telling him about the death of your childhood pet. He was silent though, unsure what to say to help, but held you tightly against him.

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Jungkook: You were crying quietly in bed, staring lying against him in the bed. He knew that you probably thought he was asleep, but he didn’t know what he could do. He was unsure if he had to move or if he should just remain where he was, but after a moment, he decided to turn around and hold you quietly. At first, he pretended to still be asleep and act as though he was just holding you in his sleep, but then he quietly whispered against the back of your neck, “Jagi, no matter what, it will be okay.”

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Well, guys. We didn’t get a destiel kiss, but at least we got a hug. And Cas offering to go with him to Amara, basically saying that he’d die with him if Dean said yes.
But of cOURSE Dean can’t allow that.
And now Cas thinks he’s dead

*laughter quickly turns into crying*