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In An Instant: Part Nine

Summary: A romantic comedy about what happens when love literally falls through your window.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Ash (aka me), Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark

Warnings: Language, general gross cuteness, some angst, bad writing, bad storylines, possible cheating, but mostly major fluff and feels

Word Count: 1.3K

A/N: Short part, just moving the story along, the next part is the last part! This is unbetad, unedited, In fact, I didn’t even read through it twice because I then tend to overthink it. Sorry about who I am as a person.

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Exiting the club had been a blur; too many shots, feelings, and disappoints had you feeling pretty low. All you could think about was Bucky, even as you were being led out of the club by an devilishly handsome billionaire, the boy from Brooklyn was burnt into your brain.

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In this period even if I should study and hadn’t time to read a lot of ff, I managed to start following some new  (Ok maybe not some… now I’m currently following 60 fanfictions contemporary…but IT IS A DRUG (ι´Д`)ノ)

So I drawn up a compilation of the ones that currently I’m in love with.
I’ve divided them in genres, like I did with my previous post BUT I had chosen only the fanfictions I liked most in these categories.

Let’s start!

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                              POP STAR AND MUSIC AU!

Partner, Let Me Upgrade You Series by cuttlemefish 


(Ongoing)  Words: 42,353 Viktuuri

Composed by:

The main story

Lightning Strikes Every Time (He) Moves

Pop Prince Yuuri Katsuki is everywhere – magazines, television, movies – and now he’s also reuniting with his old bandmates (3XO) to put on an award show tribute to living legend (and Yuuri’s personal musical hero) Viktor Nikiforov. It’s too bad everyone keeps trying to pit them against each other for the title of King of Pop, because Yuuri’s ready to have a panic attack (in a good way?) when Viktor offers him the opportunity of a lifetime: Viktor wants to produce Yuuri’s next album, but that might be harder than Viktor envisioned when he discovers Yuuri has always been too anxious to believe in his own music against the sound the Hit Factory has created for Yuuri since he was fourteen.

and two sequel:

You’re Not Looking Enough (Look More) 




The author is absolutely a genius, they have an amazing sense of humour and a particular irony that will let you smile for hours after reading that.

The kind of smile that will leave you Like WOW I LOVE THESE TWO DORK.
Naturally there will be moments of pure distress and a flew of emotions that will let you breathless crying while eating discount ice cream.
I WILL ABSOLUTELY SUGGEST TO READ IT. I oy have amazing words for it 💙😭😭😭👏

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Dans une expression allant grandissant by canadakhstan (sciencemakedrugtho)

(Completed) Words: 41,991 JJBEK

In which Otabek is wrong, JJ’s not entirely what he seems, and everything will turn out differently, in the end. But, it’s probably gonna be alright.

This is not a followed ship. I met a lot of people that actually hated JJBek and Yeah I respect it, because not everyone have the same taste and like the same things!
Buuut for who loves These two together, this is the fanfiction made for you!!
I’ve really enjoyed it, the way the author had structured JJ character and the interactions between Otabek and him are sooo cute 💙

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The Boyfriend Experience by cryingoverspilledvodka

(Ongoing) Words: 163,248 Viktuuri

Katsuki Yuuri is an accomplished escort at 23, operating under the pseudonym Eros, in Detroit. When one of his favourite clients sets him up with none other than world-renowned figure skater Victor Nikiforov, the delicate balance between Yuuri’s personal and professional life teeters ever closer towards ruin.

This is one of the most beautiful fanfiction in the Escort!Au I’ve ever read. I love these two dorks, I love the angst and the sweet moments.
Totally suggested and recommended.

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The Courtesan by haganenoheichou (bondageluvr)

(Ongoing) Words: 50,126 Viktuuri

Viktor is the most popular Courtesan in Hasetsu House. He is beautiful, he is graceful, he is everything Yuuri has always wanted to be. Except Yuuri is an Untouchable virgin at the age of twenty-three and a universe-class klutz. What happens when Viktor takes an interest?

I like it!! It has a lot of angst, like when I was reading it I was like “Why… WHY?” And I can’t wait for the next update, my heart is bleeding

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Kintsugi by witchbane


(Ongoing)  Words: 102,936 Viktuuri

Yuuri Katsuki is a hitman burdened with a debt he can never repay. His target: Viktor Nikiforov, next Pakhan to one of the most dangerous families in the Russian mafia.

When the two are drawn into a treacherous alliance after a mission gone wrong, the bonds of love and loyalty to family and duty begin to unravel—even as they get more tangled up in each other.

THIS IS A MASTERPIECE. Every update I’m always ALWAYS stunned, this is one of my favourite ever. Every chapter is like ripping your soul from your body and elevating it in heaven.
I really am not able to describe it in English  but if you love Mafia!Au and Vikturi this is the BEST fiction you can choose (in my dialect I would say “Haje truvato ‘a forma d’ ‘a scarpa toja”)

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Out of the darkness by RoyalChrod (OMEGAVERSE)

(Ongoing)  Words: 57,866  Viktuuri

When alpha lawyer Viktor Nikiforov is given the case of omega Katsuki Yuuri, accused of second-degree murder, he wasn’t expecting the emotional turmoil he was currently dragged into. However, the more involved he gets, new pieces of evidence and facts are revealed, and Viktor begins to realize that nothing is what it seems. The only thing he know for certain, is that his client got out of a hellhole just to fall into another.

If you love Omegaverse and Investigation you have found the perfect ff. OoD is literally the perfect fusion of these two genres. Plus emotional, cute and angsty—-> perfect mix

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For now that’s all! >///> 

These are the fanfictions I’m totally obsessed rn, but I’m planning to do another post about Rare Ship FF ! 

Hope you will enjoy reading them  ( ´ ♡ ` )

´ ▽ ` )ノ Lia 

Fanfiction Reccomendations:

Part 1 (Omegaverse)


Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Summary: Lin cheated on reader and reader remembers so they can forgive him.

Word count: 2.5K

Warnings: None 

A/N: I just can’t imagine Lin doing this to his wife tbh

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When you first met Lin, you couldn’t describe the feeling inside you, it was like a blast of energy directly from your heart to every inch of your body. Now 20 years later after that and 12 after you get married. Every inch of your body was full of an energy. A bad energy. You were trembling with anger and pain. Because the only person you’d ever want to spent the rest of your life with had cheated on you and you were trying to forgive him. You loved him so much you wanted to forgive him. So you tried to remember all the good times you had with him.

From the moment I met you, I knew you were mine.

You were 15 at the time and he was 2 years older than you. You met him because you were neighbors in Inwood. You just moved from another country, because your father get a job in the United States and you were trying to get the little boxes that belonged to you out of the truck. You put them one above the other. You were struggling a little bit and almost dropped everything. Suddenly someone grabbed the box that was on top and you turned to look at the person. I was him. And since your eyes laid on him you knew you were helpless. His smile was so bright and his eyes were shining. He was beautiful.

“Can I help you with these?” His voice was quite funny and got inside your mind like and echo. “I mean, it seemed like you were having a little bit of problem… Excuse me? Are you listening to me?” You were staring at him all the time he had been talking. His voice…

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“Too Good” Peter Maximoff x Pyrokinetic!Reader (Request)

Request: Hi! “Longish request” anon here! First, I just wanted to say your writing/ characterization is A+ Second, I wanted to request something with peter maximoff and reader. Like angst and fluffy stuff. I have this quote that I really like- “Women are forged of iron. My body it has bled and blazed and broken. But yet it beats on. I am iron. A little rusted perhaps, but still, I endure.” I have this head-cannon that reader is a really powerful mutant and she carries a lot of burdens from her past. And how she’s determined a lot of people’s fate. Anyways, peter and reader are dating And sometimes reader gets really depressed because of her sometimes uncontrollable powers. And peter isn’t the best at helping her during times like this. So one night she just goes off on him about what a big burden she carries and how she tries so hard to do good. But peter doesn’t understand the load on her shoulders. But peter explains that he understands and stuff. they make up, etc. Oh! And thank you for taking my request! ~ @captain-maaarvel

Warnings: Fighting, Self-Depreciation, Anxiety, Fire-Stuff, Kissing, PTSD?

Pronouns: Female (I naturally write with female pronouns, but I try to change it up every once in a while. PLEASE feel free to request a version of this, or any previously written imagine with different pronouns. IT IS NO TROUBLE AT ALL, Also, if you have a request, feel free to make specific pronouns part of it.)

A/N: Hey there! So first off, I’d like to personally apologize for taking, like, five years with this fic. I’m not entirely sure this is what you wanted but I kind of like the way it turned out so I hope you enjoy it!! Sorry it’s a bit short. This was a really cool idea! I chose to give the reader pyrokinesis because this prompt really reminded me of a personal HC I have about a reader who struggles with their past. Fire is interesting because it’s incredibly destructive and I feel like mutants with powerful relationships with fire may have mixed feelings about their role in the X-Men. I also feel like pyrokinesis would be tough to deal with while one is learning to control it. Anyway, thanks for reading! Thanks for requesting! Have a groovy day!

(P.S. Shoutout to @actual–hobbit for requesting the “If I Could Tell Her” fic last week because I really liked the song and I ended up watching the full musical [Dear Evan Hansen] and omg now I’m obsessed and it’s ruining any hope of productivity and Evan is my SON and Connor is my baby whom I will protect with my life. My little sister is going to kill me because I’ve been singing it so much If anyone wants to talk DEH I’m down to party. hmu. Sincerely, me.)


It finally happened. Her fears were finally realized. She had burnt him.

She didn’t even think. She should have thought. It was just a combat demonstration. Fake or not, fear bubbled in her stomach. She should have known better than to be nervous.

One wrong move was all it took. She grabbed his wrist, blocking an uppercut when he quickly pulled his arm away. She hadn’t even thought about the temperature of her skin.

Peter let out a choked, cry of pain, falling backwards and grabbing his wrist in his other hand. Y/N swore that she felt her heart stop. Peter gave her a panicked look as he frantically tried to hide the large, angry burn that marked his arm. Y/N covered her mouth with her hands, suddenly registering what she had done. The blood drained from her face as horror soaked through her.

She used to have nightmares about hurting him. Peter would find her writhing in her sheets, her skin at 400 degrees. But even then, he’d wake her and hold her, hushing her until she calmed down. He’d blow cool streams of air into her face as her skin returned to its normal warmth and she fell back asleep.

She wished this was a nightmare. She wished she could wake up to see Peter’s concerned face, wearing nothing but his pajamas and his starry hair pulled back with a tie.

This couldn’t be real. She had never woken up. Logan had never held training in the Danger Room and he’d never asked her to do a combat demonstration and she had to be dreaming this whole thing.

”Oh my God…“

“Y/N, no. I’m ok. It’s just-”

Her stomach twisted with panic and self-hatred as she realized what she’d done. She stepped backwards, still trying to catch her breath.

“I’m…I can’t…I’m sorry-”

Tears welled in her eyes. Peter reached out and called after her.


Horrified, she turned from the boy and ran. He stood, trying desperately to catch her. But by the time he made it to the door, she was gone.


Charles said she would learn to control it. He said that she could do good things. That’s all she ever wanted. To do good. But fire wasn’t meant for good.

Fire was destruction. Fire devoured everything it touched. She was dangerous. No matter how hard she tried, everything she cared about was burnt.

Now, she had somehow managed to hurt the only friend that she had left. The moment replayed in her head like a movie. The sound he made when she touched him.

Something in her had known it was coming. From the moment Logan asked them to fight, she could feel a knot forming in her chest. She’d never forgive herself for ignoring it.

Peter was the only one who made her feel like she could learn to control it. In return, she had scalded him.

There was a small knock on her door. She buried her face in her pillow. The mattress dipped as Peter sat next to her. His hand glided up under her shirt, rubbing over her back slowly and tracing patterns there. She forced herself to move away. She couldn’t bear to hurt him again. Her powers spiked when she was upset. God knows what they could do now.

His eyebrows knit together. She glanced at his wrist. It and been bandaged neatly and he held an ice pack loosely in his fingers. She bit her lip, trying to hold back more tears.

“Y/N look at me…”

She struggled to meet his eyes. He cupped her face in his bandaged hand and craned his neck down to look at her. He felt his heart sink upon seeing her. Her tears had left tracks down her cheeks. She looked heart-broken.

“Hey, I’m gonna be Ok. Everything’s gonna be OK.”

He felt his voice break as ran his thumb over her cheek. She shook her head, burying her face in her hands. He pulled her closer and she let out a choked sob into the crook of his neck. He bit his lip a little. Just hearing the noise made his heart fall deeper into his stomach. He hushed her gently and ran his hand through her hair as he pulled her closer. She tensed a little and moved back, she was trembling.

“Y/N-” he begged.

“Peter, let me see-” She said weakly, pulling herself back to reality.

“Y/N, you’re scaring me. Look at me. You can touch me…”

“Let me see it.”

Peter swallowed and held out his wrist. She unwrapped it tenderly and ran her fingers lightly over the deep red marks. A tear fell from her cheek and onto his palm. She let go of his hands, still shaking. She turned away from him. Peter reached out, grabbing her shoulder. She flinched, pushing him away.

“I can’t hurt you, Peter. I won’t let it happen-“

“You won’t hurt me…”

“Yes I will. I hurt everything. That’s all I ever do. Hurt people-”

“Y/N…” he pressed a kiss to her forehead, desperate to find something that would ground her. Tears stung his eyes as he spoke.

“I want to touch you, Y/N. I just want you to touch me. God, Y/N…Why won’t you let me touch you?”

His voice was weak and shaken. He sounded terrified. Y/N’s stomach flipped. She bit her lip.

"Do you love me?”


“Do you love me, Peter?”

"Christ, Y/N. Of course-”

“You shouldn’t.”  

She swallowed, pleading with herself to keep it together. She looked up at him for just long enough to register the fear in his eyes. That’s when she felt herself break. She sobbed into his chest. He pulled her into his arms, letting his hands roam over her the valleys of her shoulders and her back.

“You’d hate me, Peter. If you knew,” she whimpered, “You’d hate what I’ve done. I’ve ruined people, Pete. I can’t ruin you, too. I just can’t.”

He clung to her, drowning in the silence. She leaned back, looking him directly in the eye. She cradled his face, holding him a little too tightly

“You’re too good to ruin.”

Peter surged forward, moving his lips into hers and wrapping her in his arms. He backed her gently against the headboard, kissing the tears from her face. He mirrored her, nuzzling his nose against her neck and pressing soft kisses down her collarbone, lingering there. He was warm and he cared too much and she warned herself not to melt into him anymore than she already had. His lips stopped above her ear. His breath was hot against her neck.

“And you’re too good for me to leave.”


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hi, new to your blog so i don't know if you've done this, but a fic based on the au where michael goes blind after the fire?

Ok so before I post this I wanna say I am so sorry that this is so awful and if you wanna send me something to help me fix it go ahead.

Here it is:

“Dude why the hell is Braille so hard to read?”

Jeremy sighed, “I could just read a book to you if you’d like?”

Michael was pacing the room with a book in his hand, his fingers scanning the pages as he practiced reading Braille.

“No way, I gotta learn to read this myself, you feel? I just don’t get why they couldn’t just make the dots form actual letters…”

“I’m sure there’s a reason- and can you stop pacing? You’re making me nervous.”

Michael rolled his eyes behind his glasses, and made his way towards Jeremy’s voice. He waved his waking stick around, whacking Jeremy in the knee in the process.

“Ow! Dude- careful! I swear you do that on purpose sometimes.”

Michael chuckled, “of course not, not to my best buddy” he plopped down on the couch next to him.

Jeremy sighed, his face was completely drained of joy. All he could think about was the Michael was blind. It happened after the fire, Michale had gotten trapped inside the bathroom that he left him in. Let’s just say the ambulance had to drag him out. He’s got a nasty scar on his face, arm, and a bit of his chest too, but the worst one had to be his lack of vision. At first Jeremy used to catch himself whenever he got upset around Michael, he would always know Jeremy was upset the second his eyebrow twitched. But now Jeremy learned that as long as you keep your tone up, Michael can’t know. It’s cruel to let Michael be ignorant through his damn injury that he caused, but he can’t help it.

“So you’ve got any plans for today?”

Jeremy hummed, “nah…I look like shit.”

“Well as a gay, you look pretty great.”

Jeremy would have blushed, but honestly he just couldn’t. “You can’t even see me dude…”

“Yeah but I remember, how could I forget? I really don’t think you’ll change till maybe thirty.”

Jeremy simply hummed again. It was awkward now, there were so many things they couldn’t do anymore. They couldn’t game, roller skate, go for a drive, watch movies. It really seemed like the only things they could do was…get high.

Michael leaned against Jeremy’s shoulder. “Stop sulking man.”

“I’m not.”

“Hey now…it’s alright. This totally blows man.”

This totally blows.

When Michael had woken up in the ambulance, Jeremy was right there. He’d gotten the call from Jake, who was yelling about a fire and injury but all he heard was “Michael” and “ambulance” at the time. It wasn’t until he was in the hospital that Jenna explained via text what really went down. And god did Jeremy feel bad.

Jeremy had already heard the news, that chances were Michael couldn’t see anymore. He crossed his fingers for some kind of miracle. And then Michael woke up.

“Michael? Buddy? Hey yeah look…open-open your eyes!!”

He gave a strained smile as he stood over Michael. The latter peeled his eyes open as though dry glue were keeping them together. He groaned, “shit…everything hurts what the fuck…”

“Hey Mike! How you feeling?”

“Jeremy?” His eyes lazily scanned the room but focused on nothing. Jeremy knew before his heart could drop, the discoloration in his eyes said it all.

Michael sat up quickly, banging his head into Jeremy’s.

“Michael hey calm-”

“Holy shit I can’t- I can’t see!! Jeremy why can’t I see!? What the fuck it going on?! I can’t– I cant!!” Michael was instantly in a state of panic, his hands clawing at his face in a way that haunted Jeremy’s dreams.

Jeremy grabbed his wrists, “calm down!! Calm down… it’s gonna be ok!”

“Jeremy I can’t fucking see and you think-”

“I know I know I’m sorry, just take a deep breath and I’ll explain everything ok.”

It was hard to ignore the big fat tears that rolled down Michael’s face. He had this look of shock his in eyes, but his expression stayed still and unwavering as he hiccuped for breaths. Jeremy hugged him, promising to help him through this. When Michael calmed down he said one thing only, “this totally blows man.”

Jeremy didn’t even realize he was crying until tears landed in his lap. He looked around, no longer in the painful memory of the hospital. Rather he was on the couch at Michael’s house with said boy leaning up against him. In any other circumstance that’d be a dream. He gave a wet inhale, nearly sobbing into his fist. Shit.


Jeremy wanted to answer him but he couldn’t, his voice would be a dead giveaway. As though his shaking shoulders weren’t enough.

“Hey Jeremy answer me.”

“M-mich-Michael…” he choked out, voice wavering and cracked.

“Aw dude…come here” he was wrapped in warm sweater covered arms. Jeremy started letting out sobs loudly, shaking in Michael’s arms.

“Talk to me Jere… what’s wrong?”

“How can you- can you be so ok with this?!” Deep down he knew Michael wasn’t. But he never showed it besides for the night he woke up.

“After everything I’ve done to you, you still hang out with me?! Hell you- you trust me?! I ruined- destroyed your life and you just- you trust me to be your damn eyes!?”

“I know.”

Jeremy went from a screaming to emotional statements “You can’t fucking see.”

“I know.”

“You can’t do so many things you love anymore.”

“I know.”

“I ruined your life”

“That’s..this wasn’t your fault ok. You can’t keep blaming yourself for this Jeremy.” He ran his hand through Jeremy’s hair and rubbed his back. Two things that usually calmed him down, but now it did nothing.

Jeremy pulled away from the hug, “how can I not?! I’m the reason you were in that stupid fucking bathroom! I’m the reason you were even at the party! I should have gone back! I should have-”

Michael decided to just let Jeremy go off. Let all the emotions of this week out. Jeremy sobbed and yelled about what an awful person, friend, and thing he was. He yelled about how Michael deserved better, how Michael could have been better off, how he should have listened to Michael. Michael Michael Michael. Neither even remembers how long it took Jeremy to calm down or what did it. He was just hiccuping into Michael’s shirt, his face hidden.

“…if you ask me, I couldn’t have a better player one. You’ve been doing such a good job helping me adjust…”

“But I-”

“You’re my best friend Jeremy. I forgive you. You’ve gotta forgive yourself. I know that won’t be now but…start working on it, ok?”

When Jeremy nodded, Michale planted a kiss to his forehead. Then he guided his hand over his face, feeling every inch of Jeremy. Making out his distressed frown, the bags in his eyes, the tears, all of it. Of course all this upset Michael too, hence why he joked around about it so much. But he’d be ok, he had Jeremy.

“Hey now uh..now we have an excuse to get that dog we’ve always wanted.”

Michael snorted and hugged Jeremy closer, “hell to the yeah we do.”

They’ll be ok.

I am not good for you. (Part 4)

Type: mini-serie.

Pairing: Jace Herondale/Wayland/Lightwood X Reader.

A/N: there is Clary too but this is a Jace x Reader, sorry for who ship Clace. I ship Clace also 💕but this imagine is based on a dream i made a few nights ago. And also i’m sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language and i wanted to share this with someone.

“Wow…you are so flawless!” Izzy gasp.
She has just entered in my room with Alec. I am in front of my mirror studying my reflection, i am wearing my wedding dress and I’d be lying if i said that i do not like it.
It would be the perfect wedding, just as i had always imagined it if it weren’t for the groom. In these past days i spend every moment with him because Maryse forbidden me every mission and forced me to stay with him before the wedding to make us know and he is beautiful i do not have nothing to say about this. He has curly brown hair, brown eyes and his jawline is so sculpted that makes your own jawline drop just watching him. But this as no effect on me.
“Thanks Izzy and you are stanning as always.” i give a small smile at her, she is wearing a long emerald green dress with a couple of his inseparable high heels.
“Are you alright?” asks Alec.
“Yes, i was just thinking.”
“Y/N, you are not forced to do it if you do not want, you can go back.” continue Alec.
“No, i want to do it. It is just…James is nice but i do not feel anything like what you should feel in these cases, you know? I should be happy and anxious and all those things but i feel anything.” i explain.
“Then call of the marriage. If you think that marrying James you will be able to forget Jace you are wrong. If you marry him you lose the chance to stay with Jace.” Izzy replies.
“Why everyone think i do this because of Jace? I told him that we can stay togheter and i already lost my chance. Now i need to be alone, sorry.” i excuse myself quickly running out of the room and head to the greenhouse, my favorite place in the entery Istitute. Every time i need a little time for me the greenhouse is always where i go. After a little time Jace always reached me with a cup of my favorite tea and biscuits, then we went in my room and watched my favorite cartoon. He kept me company for as long as i need, especially in the beginning, when i lost my parents. He has even planted tulips, my favorite flowers, only for me. He was always here for me, not just like a brother or a friend, i just see it now. He was falling for me just like i was falling for him. I am a fool. 

“Y/N.” i turn around hearing my name and i saw Clary.  “Can we talk please? I want to say something to you.” 

 “Go heated” i nod. 

 “I know is the day of your wedding and maybe is to late or maybe not but i want to talk about Jace. I do not know if you seen him in this week but is upset. He talked to me about what happened between you two and belive me if i say that is the wrong choice. Between me and Jace there are nothing. Ok, honestly i like him, he is a great guy but he do not want me. You have every right to hate me but if you do not come back you regret it.” she say firmly looking in my eyes.

“I do not hate you Clary, i never have. I hate the changes and the fact i am not able to heandle them. I lost every member of my family, i am the last Y/L/N, i change family and house…Then you come out and everything chaged: Jace has canged, my relationship with Jace, the true about Maryse and Robert and Valentine. I am about to marry and this change my wole life. And i care about Jace, a lot, but he is out of my launge, he is perfect in every way and i am not good for him. He can have every girl of the Shadow world or Mundane world if he want. He will be happy, so please stop, stay besaide Jace for me, you are good and i do not hate you, i ammire you.” i confess and she smile in the end.

“I am sorry, trust me i know how you feel, a month ago i belive i was…i do not know, normal? Now i am here and i am a sort of power girl that i belived existed only in the movies.” she laughs making me smile and then she retun serious. “This is not the right way for everything you are trying to do, now you can do something for your own, you can choice. He do not want me or any girl of the Shadow World or Mundane World, he want you, he loves you and you love him too.”

“Please stop.” i sigh tired. “I love him i really do, but i am easy to forgot and i can try to forget him too. And for the hundred time this is the right choice.” i add.

“Right choice for what? Are you trying to convince the other or you saying this?” she says tilting her head to on side looking at me.

“I’ve already decided. Forgive me now but i have to go, the marriage is about to start. I will see you there.” i say to her and run away for the second time. I just want peace, a little time with me and me before the wedding but it seems i have no time, the cerimony is about to start. When i reach the room where they organized the wedding i see Alec out of the door waiting for me and when i approach him he istantly hug me and for a while we remain for a while embracing each other.

“Ok, let’s do it.” he whisper and i nod. We turn towards the door just the moment it is open and i feel my breath stop. The room is full but i know only Clary already here, Simon and Magnus in the first row, Robert, Max and Maryse in the other and Izzy standing in front of the altar with James waiting for me. I do not see Jace, i look at Alec and he must have noticed because he looks at me with a sad look. I smile at him and shock my head.

“Let’s do it.” i agree, he reach my arm and in the moment we hear music we start to walk down the aisle. I could never thank Alec enough for doing this, my legs are weak and probably if he does’t hold me i could easly fall down. I hold thigter Alec’s arm and smile embarassed at the people. I am not exagerate if i say that doing this is the most embrassing things i ever do. We reach the altar and James took my hand and helps me up while Alec goes sit with the others.

“You are beautiful.” James smile at me and i to him. “Thanks, you too.”

It is time for James Blackwine and Y/N Y/L/N to mark each other with the wedding union rune. A rune on the hand, a rune on the heart. A union is born.

Here we are. The Silent Brother approaches us, i take my stele and grab James’s hand. 

“Are you alrght? You are shaking.” James says warried and i just nod. I close my eyes and take a deep breath trying to calm my shaking. I open my eyes and i start to approach his hend with my stele.
“Y/N wait.” i heard a strong and weak voice who i recognize as Maryse. “Do not do this.” she add and i turn to look at her with my eyes out in shock.
“What are you saying?” James speaks for me.
“I am sorry James, but i can not do this to her. She is like a dauther to me and i can not ruin her life. Y/N i know in these past weeks i was rude with you and i am sorry, i was worried about the future of our family and i lost my mind. I know i am rigid sometimes but i love you, as my child and i am forced you to marry and i can not allow this.” her voice crack while every guest start whispering and murmur. I step back and i feel two hands on my wrist, Isabelle’s hands who is trying to keep me up.
“I only accepted for you, because i am convinced if i marry today maybe you finally saw me like your family. I was convinced that to you i am just a burden, a weak girl who do not belong here. I only do this for you! And now you are trying to stop me!” i burst out at her. Now also Alec and Magnus are on my side with worried face but i push everyone away from me. I can feel every part of my body shaking but for the rage now, i clench my fists pressing my nails on my palm. She trying to hold her tears back while she nervously taking a step towards me.
“I know, i was wrong. One day maybe you can forgive me and understand me. I can not force you to marry a guy you do not love. I’ve been watching you these days and what i’ve seen is a kind and strong girl who tried to prove herself but you are more than you think and i am trying to do something good for you.” she remark, guilty obvsious in her voice. I shock my head and wipe the tears that threaten to quit and for the first time i look around the room and i see shocked and confused people and even some are crying. I turn to look at Isabelle and Alec who are looking at me with a huge smiles on their faces but concern in their eyes. Witout a word i bolt out of the wedding to my room and lock the door. I lean against the door pressing my palm on the wood, i trying to fight my tears back biting my lips harde as i can  but my troath hurt so much and my lungs are on fire, my brath are short and fast when sudently a pair of strong arms hug me from behind and i jump, but i immediatly recognize Jace’s perfume.
“Sssh…everithing it is okay.”
I remove my hands on the door and i grab disperatly Jace’s arms on my waist while i trying to calm myself. I rise my head in search of air making. I lean my back on Jace and he strengthens his grip on my body. Jace’s mouth found my neck and begin to kiss me slowly and sweetly, gently rocking us. After a few minutes i calm down and the room is completely silent, i can hear only our breaths. I lower my head when i can feel my lungs breath properly and my body relax. Jace’s grip loose my waist and slowly turn me towards him until we are face to face. His hand reach my wet cheeks removing the tears while the other are pressing on my lower back for keep close our bodys. I can not help myself but noticing how muscolar he is, i have seen his body thoutausand time but never this close. I let my hand sliding down his harms and up on his shoulders, i look down and i can see our bodies pressed togheter, my face burning at the closeness. I look at his soft skin, just a little red and his pinkie lips. When i look in his eyes once again his expression is intense and loving.
I feel my mouth get dry, i trying to say something but before i do it he close the gap between us and cover my mounth with his in a soft kiss and i immediatly kiss him back. His lips are so soft, more than i had imagined. He taste my lips with is touge and the soft peck turns in a passionate and hungry kiss. My hand found place behind his neck and his arms around my waist tigthened the grip pulling me into him. We broke the kiss feeling the urgency to catch a breath. He still keeps me close while our foreheads touching, our breaths are fast and we have big smiles on our faces.
“I am so sorry Jace.” i says breathless.
“You do not have anything to be sorry for. You did what you felt right to do but now i will never let you go and you better stop saying that you are not worth for me. You are enought to me, you are everything i need because i love you.” he confess never break eye contact with me.
“I love you too, i really do.” i says feeling my heart beating agaist my chest. With that he kiss me again and again and this is everything i need too. Suddently i broke the kiss and i push him away a little.

“Wait. What were you doing in my room?” i looking suspiciously at him and he smirk.

“I was waiting for you obviously. I know you would not marry that guy, i am something you’ll regret losing, love.” he says cocky and he throws me in the bed laughing then jump on top of me.

A/N: Well, this is the last part, it is kinda bad but i hope you’ll like it.

10 Things I want to Do with BTS

A/N: Ok, I’m quickly going to say this: THIS IS NOT A SEXUAL POST!! 

I agree the boys are hot and sexy but they are also nice human beings and there are things I want to do with them that DO NOT involve ‘ahem’.

Also, these are just 10 of the BILLIONS of things I would want to share with them. I might make a part 2 or part 1038 of this, who knows? Just bear with me, please. Love you too!

 On with it then!


1. Celebrate Christmas with him. Can you imagine being able to decorate a tree and open presents with this cutie??

2. Standing on the Skydeck at Chicago. Ok, this is random but I was checking out travelling online and this came up and I just thought, “Hey, imagine holding Jin’s hand while doing this, he would be so protective.”

3. Ride the London Eye. Same goes for this. Online research plus Awake just gives me ideas.

4. Slow Dance in the Rain. Ok, this is more personal but I couldn’t help it. He’s tall and his shoulders and it’s raining outside right now so there it it. Plus he would be so sweet about it, twirling me round and round.

5. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter. This is probably the most Jin thing I’ve thought of. Maybe not the animal shelter exactly but he owns a dog (it is adorable) and I can’t see him refusing the idea of being helpful among cuddly creatures.

6. Spend a Day at the Waterpark. Just Imagine, walking on a bridge near the splash mountain and being splashed with him. Wasn’t it just great? The way he would act offended when you laughed at him but he would join in.

7. Whale Watching. Again, personal preference. I love dolphins too but I see Jin on a yatch pointing out the whales while sniggering at my awe struck face.

8. Bake Everything in a cookbook. Need I say more?

9. Horseback riding on a beach. Wow, sea spray, horses and Jin, three of my favourite things…

10. Go to a Chocolate Factory. Ok, I’ve already been so I know how awesome it it. It is definitely an experience I would want to share with Kim Soekjin.

Originally posted by bwiseoks


1.Bonfire on the Beach. Nope, nothing else, just him and me, the sea and the stars…if he wants to rap the cyphers, well, who would mind?

2. Midnight stroll in Paris. Ok, this was a complete bombshell. My friend was looking up things to do in Paris. (We do have a life, I promise) and she told me about this and I just had a flash of Yoongi being unable to sleep on a holiday and me dragging him out for a walk.

3. Spontaneous Roadtrip. This is so me. I would just grab him and go. He would probably hate me but I don’t care.

4. Disney World!! Somehow I can’t see him being mad about this. probably grouchy but once I don Mickey Hats on us both well, poof!

5. Wizarding World of Harry Potter. No, no way am I missing this with Yoongi. He’s such a serious guy and I am determined to make him live my childhood with me.

6. Cute photos in a booth. We’ve all seen Yoongi doing the reluctant aegyo. Can you imagine what it would be like to have him do the real thing?

7.Fireplace cuddling. Warmth and Suga Boy go together don’t you think?

8. The Wisteria Flower Tunnel in Japan. Call m crazy but I think it would be him suggesting we do this. Maybe just to see my face.

9. Disney Movies. Also, not mad, grouchy yes, but he is going to sing along, I just know it.

10. Masquerade Ball. This is one of my all time favourites. I had a dream of meeting him in a masquerade ball and from then, I just want this to be real. Imagine Min Yoongi in a tux and a simple black mask. Irresistible, much?

Originally posted by seokjins-wings


1. Hot Air Balloon Ride. I know, I know but I just want Sun 1 to meet Sun 2.

2. Drive-in Movie. Not the crowded kind, maybe just a small garden we’d set up a private theatre in with homemade popcorn and drinks and blankets.

3. Jetski. I had so much fun on this and seeing as Hobi is hesitant about these things, I just want to help him get over it.

4. Seeing the Grand Canyon. I just saw a pic of Jhope with a lopsided snapback, thought, ‘wow, this would be amazing to stand next to’ and here it is.

5. See a broadway play. Ok, so we’ve all seen Hobi in a sparkly jacket, I can just picture his clapping along and singing to a musical.

6. Visit a Trampoline Park. Say enough I guess.

7. Release a paper lantern. Cliche but he would be so into it.

8. Have a glitter fight. I just want to grab him, pin him down…and make him sparkle even more than he already does.

9. Paint Balloon darting. Ah, he is art and he would want to create art. Who am I to say no?

10. Sailing. Imagine Jung Hoseok in sunglasses, a tank, shorts on a yatch. Gave you feels? Good.

Originally posted by jaayhope


1. Ice Skating. Ok, so again, I see him suggesting this cause he knows I can’t ice skate and he’d want to teach me, (I’ll probably fall like Tae but he knows when to catch people)

2. Stonehenge. Most of this is going to be travelling with Joonie, seeing places, learning cause we both like it and this is the best place to start.

3. Mayan Ruins. Can you imagine the amount of research this man does when the trip is mentioned. Hell of a lot more that I would do anyways.

4. See the Northern Light. No explanations needed. Both of us love it and We’re going, that’s final.

5. Hot Tub in Winter. Ok, this is a bit more risque, but no funny business. Just sitting and talking about whatever we want to talk about.

6. Sunset on the Beach. If he wants to kiss me, all the more better.

7. The Black Sand Beach. It’s a dream of mine. I want to go and who better to go with than the man of my dreams.

8. The Louvre. Da Vinci and Rap Monster in one place. I’m going to cry…

9. The Original Starbucks. He would be so into the history of it…even if it’s just coffee.

10. Stargazing. The love I have for this and Kim Namjoon is unconditional.

Originally posted by sugaa


1. All Nighter. Movies, Blankies and Pizzas and ChimChim. Who doesn’t want that?

2. Riding a Double Decker in London. I can just imagine, resting my head on his shoulders while we go by.

3. Take a Photo of Each Day of a Year.

4. Create a Memory Box from the above said photos, to be brought out at New Years.

5. Going on top of the Ferris Wheel. Even better with the moon and a kiss.

6. Building a blanket fort and having a sitting pillow fight in it. My heart…

7. Visiting the seven wonders. Now that I’ve met the actual seven wonders, time to visit the man made ones.

8. Horse Carriage ride. Jimin is already a disney prince. This doesn’t need to be explained.

9. Tent on the Beach. Reading cheesy novel quotes to each other, singing ballads of bts and marshmallows. Wow…

10. Trevi Fountain in Rome. I would so make a wish that this was long lasting with Park Jimin.

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1. Night Walks after it has snowed. I can just picturing him bundled up but he tries to wrap me up so I won’t be cold. This sweetie…

2. Horror Movie Marathon. Either of us could be on each other’s laps. Which is perfect, tbh.

3. Fireworks on the beach. Imagine how his inner child would react.

4. Waterfall Shower. No real reason. I just can’t get the thought of him in swimming trunks out of my head.

5. Which is why I want to jump into a pool with him fully clothed. It’s messy and playful which is exactly what he would love.

6. Go to Greece with him. I have always wanted to go and I can’t imagine anyone better than photographer Vante with me.

7. Walk through a Drive thru. This is more him and me though. He would be the one to suggest this.

8. Spend a day at the Library. He would whine and want to do something fun but at the end he would find an intriguing book and just settle down. He’d probably even refuse to leave later.

9. Harry Potter Movie Marathon. I just want to see him holding my wand and screaming stupefy and expelliarmus at the screen, so help me.

10. Pull a prank on someone. *laughing maniacally* I give you Kim Taehyung!

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1. Eat an Italian Gellato. A friend brought back a frozen solid on a trip and I was watching BTS Run and Kookie showed up and now I will forever want to share a gellato with him.

2. Attend a cooking class. He’s competent and efficient enough in the kitchen but his glazed potatoes killed me and gave me this idea in my afterlife.

3. Go to Juliet’s House in Verona. He would be curious about this. I think he must know the story so he would be easy enough to convince.

4. Take a picture at the Hollywood Sign. Make him do a dorky pose. Ah…love…

5. Paint Balling. He’s not the only golden Maknae around. Beware the Diamond Maknae (That’s me) It’s going to get so competitive…

6. Go on an African Safari. Bon Voyage did this to me. I take no blame but Jungkook in a straw hat…

7. Visit a Castle. I would so kiss him if he accepts this. I have always wanted to visit a European one. Plus, he’s prince enough for this.

8. Walk behind a waterfall. In India there are so many waterfalls. I think he would want to do this.

9. Have a Photoshoot. Definitely a Jungkook suggestion. He would pose so adorkably and then he would want to turn the camera on me. Just imagine…

10. Visit the Sistine Chapel. One of my lifelong dreams tbh. Oh Angels, I am bringing one of your angels, Jeon Jungkook to your abode.

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Ep 21. Fun at the Oak Park Mall (groupfic) (TRIXYA) ~ Mistress

A/N: I’ve been working on one chapter of YV for days and I don’t wanna anymore so I’m putting my efforts into MPGiS. Finale is coming up and after that idk. I kinda wanna do the next season but it’s s intricate and like… hard. Also guys… I’m a high school graduate now. Diploma and everything… weird.

Summary: The Assyousucks and Overboard Park girls have another run in at the Oak Park Mall. Tensions rise and claws come out. Also, some trixya smut for your troubles. Nearly 4k

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Trolls fanfiction: “Light Blue Sky, Pink Bright Flower” [1/5]

Genre: Action, Romance, Angst.

Summary: This is a sort of prequel to the movie (or an AU, you’ll decide while reading). It talks about how Branch and Poppy “became closer”, and why they like to mess and play with each other during the film, after the events of this story. 

WARNING: This is a Smut (r-18), a Foreplay really. You don’t like it? Just don’t read it. I warned you all! uwu If you read, don’t say that I’m a bad or dirty person because I wrote it (well, maybe I am after all… But I’m happy to write this anyway!), I’m offering you the possibility to avoid this story if you don’t like reading about sex or if you are uncomfortable about it. And I like writing fanfictions (and smuts), so… :P

Pairing: Branch x Poppy (Broppy).


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Mile High Club

Prompt by @ilovethefoodlover

“Babe do you not want me to come?” Jai asked you over the phone.
“Of course I want you there Jai. I just wonder if there is a way to figure how to not have any paparazzi scoping out my high school graduation and harassing my classmates.” You sighed into the phone mentally exhausted. You knew dating Jai would come with some consequences especially with your eleven-year age gap but you had no idea it would be as bad as it has been. You were constantly harassed online so much so you had to set your personal Facebook and Instagram pages as private. You were tempted to take them down all together but your family and friends talked you out of it. They did not want the internet bullies to think that they have won.  
“Will you be ready for the getaway trip I have planned as part of your graduation gift?” Jai asked hoping to lift your spirits.
“Yes I am. You still didn’t tell me what to pack.”
“I told you to pack warm and think tropics. I definitely want to see you in a two-piece bikini.”
You smiled at the thought. You could not wait for whatever vacation Jai had in store for you both. Lord knows you both needed a getaway. You frowned as a Google alert popped up on your lap top. Your cousin had showed you how to have alerts whenever your name came up on the World Wide Web.
“Babe are you alright?”
You sighed into the phone as you read the latest headline on you and Jai’s relationship.
“My God they are comparing us to Tyga and Kylie Jenner.” You wanted to cry. You were not a minor when you met Jai. You had turned eighteen months before you laid eyes on him.
“Who is Tyga and Kylie?”
“They are not important.”
“Then why are you getting so worked up. You need to stop those Google alerts before they drive you insane.”
You sighed, shut your laptop and laid across your bed.
“Babe listen to me. It will be alright. Do not stress yourself. You are graduating and on your way to college. You have your whole life in front of you and you have me so don’t let outsiders ruin our relationship.”
Jai was right. He was always right. That was one of the many qualities you loved about him. He was protective of you and always took the time to make you feel better.
“I will be flying in Friday morning. Our flight leaves that evening. You sure your parents are ok with you going on vacation with me?”
“Yes Jai. I’m an adult and I will be out the house as soon as we get back from vacation.”
You heard a smile in Jai’s voice.
“So we will have our own space when I come to visit you instead of me sleeping in hotel rooms?”
You chuckled.
“Yes I will have my very own place.” Heat rose to your cheeks as you thought of the different ways you both were going to christen your new apartment.
“I got to go babe. I will see you Friday.”
You hated that he had to get off the phone as you enjoyed talking to him.
“See you Friday.”

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anonymous asked:

why do you ship kaisoo like they are real?

Excellent question. I will actually give you a list of my own opinions and reasoning about why I think kd is actually real, think of it as my essay plan.  screw it. I am currently half way done and this is an essay. 

1. They go way back. Predebut: ji hates coffee, he even has a hard time knowing what coffee and fish sauce taste like, but he said in eggso second box that he goes to the coffee shop every day with ksoo. what is this courtship. and don’t forget the selfies. butt to dick ones. 

2. Closeness. Hell ksoo loves eggso, and jongin does too, that IS a fact. But absolutely no one can deny how close they are. In eggso showtime, there is a footage of ksoo being so adorable, like a second dad to ji’s pups. Think about this, ji might not even have chances to visit his pups frequently, yet there ksoo is, being a dad. Do you think this is evidence that they visit each other’s home very often? who knows. 

3. The looks. There are numerous gifs showing ji intensely staring at ksoo when he is doing absolutely NOTHING. And yo know that look when you love someone and if you are like me, stare at fy blog’s hd pictures with sparks in my eyes and a small smile on my face? that is the lok ji gives to ksoo. Oh, and never forget the gulping and starring ksoo did when he stared at JI dancing. It even got slightly out of pg. And Let me recall. Ksoo literally said he will fall in love with him seeing him dance on stage. (because he is sexy)

4. The compliments. In eggso second box interview they just can’t stop complimenting each other. Let’s remember the rules here, it is 200% common for bros to playfully BURN each other, say e.g what ji said about ch_en in their interview, uh huh. @ch_en, ji would never date you if you are a girl!! sorry mate! But what if kd are lovers. Ofc lovers are used to genuinely complimenting each other, they just can’t help falling in love with the other’s flaws as well. whipped

5. Jagiyah. ofc i had to include this. This is self explanatory. moving on. 

read more

6. ksoo’s tentativeness towards JI. ksoo cares about everyone in eggso. He is, I believe, a caring and loving person under his manliness. And this should be highlighted, because no matter how much he wants to keep his stage-self on stage, he always shows a soft spot for ji. He does it to cyeol, and others too, but this is worth mentioning because off and on stage, he is the one most frequently seen to hold ji’s chair, hold him, check up on him when he is injured etc. (other members also pamper Ji too ofc) 

6. body languages and touches. Things are getting real because this is almost scientific. Body language is a uni subject, it involves unconscious actions of humans and those often don’t lie. And body lang for intimacy are as following: grooming partner’s clothing: e.g when ksoo always picks dust off ji’s clothes, or helping ji tie a ribbon on his shirt. Doing these are often considered rude if you are not close or intimate with the other. And ofc neck touches, torso touches and UPPER ARMS touches are often seen in kd interactions. These are sensitive areas humans protect against people they are not close to, since these are where your vital organs, or most of your sensory neurons are. These touches are often only occur between real lovers. (more at my senpai @sleepingsoo @cckaisoo @kaisooology )

7. special mention about kd’s touches often involve touching each other with THEIR WHOLE HAND. e.g spread fingers + the whole of palms touching the other like they can’t get enough. This happen very frequently between lovers, (esp places like inner thighs, sides neck which occur abit less less between close bros.) 

- another sepcial mention: their body always unconsciously face each other, this is a strong sign of attraction. 

8. s-m’s cockblock program. It is fairly obvious. All their events are cockblocked by members, and they are never in fan signs tgt. s-m never shipped them, thats a fact. Like what did we really get? ok maybe a cute little photo with ksoo’s head on ji’s shoulder, a fansign with their desks miles apart, a probably script - checked interview. oh and what else? lets be real, look at xiu_chen, they get shoutouts, and ofc recently se-soo, how come they don’t get cock blocked. shady mofos trying so hard to hide things aren’t they? But honestly, you guys fail at making things natural, you only cause suspicion, so just let them interact with peace please, I trust them they know their responsibilities, they probably care more about their career than shady mofos will ever care about them as humans.

9. April first’s secret night. All I can say is, shady mofos probably ganged up with dispatch to make a fairly huge april fools joke. haha fools be fooled. Honestly look at their facial expression, and tensed non confident body gestures that night. some can argue ksoo is just supporting his bro and sad that his bro is sad. but he cried. He only ever cried twice on stage(?) once his eyes was wet during mama2014, but on april fools, he shows how he empathized enough to the extent that he even slipped his true feelings on stage. I say he must be involved, rather than just sympathizing his bro at the side. And don’t forget their secret glances, when someone is truly sad or in misery, their faces don’t lie. How would you feel if your loved one is announced to be dating someone else, and to top that is getting hate from ‘fans?’ I would cry till I am dry. 

10. couple clothes. esp the mickey ones and the bracelet

11. the head touch head selfies. yall really aint gotta be so close every time. 

12. late night valentines movie date. and we had BLURRY PHOTOS NOT HD ONES THAT SHOW FACES AND NO DISGUISE. cough

13. hell ksoo is close to t-min. isn’t it just so normal for someone to be close with your hoe’s bro. it makes sense. 

14. they never stopped. yes there were dry periods, but couples can sometimes fight too, and we know so little about what is going on with their off stage life. just remember, couples don’t need to kiss hug and touch 24/7 to maintain a relationship. even my parents only see each other like i dont know, 12 hours a day and they are still very strong. (I’ve never seen them kiss or even hug in my whole entire life and I am 18, i don’t know what to feel, BUT THEY ARE STILL TOGETHER AND IN LOVE OKAY)

13. KD make each other happy and extremely joyous. needless to say, things ifans or even kfans can do for their idols is very limited. All I wish for my idols, is that they are happy. And I can see they make each other so, truly, and genuinely. They laugh at small inside jokes, they look at each other when embarrassed, they mention each other all the time in interviews, they smile they joke they laugh, they touch and they are there for each other. What more is needed to say? relationship #goals#

nope please don’t come to me and ask me how I would react if they are actually dating girls, because despite this, I love them individually. This is never about me approving or disapproving any relationships. This is about me seeing they make each other happy, there are bases that they are actually in love, and I want to protect them, esp from people who send hate to idols for being non straight or think idols can never be non straight, or say that its wrong for idols to be non straight.

you try having someone tell you you can’t be straight for your entire life and that you have to hide for being straight. You try bro you try. 

ps am i intruding their privacy?i still dont have their credit card number phone no sex tape home address, hell i don’t even know their moms name, so please don’t ruin my nice asks streaks neither tysm. 

more analysis and spams at @kaisdonuts @jongsooyah @magiclitchii @jonginsacne @faakeid  etc etc etc goodbye @ me for random shoutouts

i have so much more opinion, but you are probably bored before reading this sentence so peace out and spread kaisoo love everyone.

end. Remember to buy my book, it will be released never.


The Truth Will Set You Free (part 1)

Anonymous said:

Can I request an imagine where the reader is Liam’s best friend but Hayden doesn’t like her and is super rude to her but Liam has no idea and stiles is really protective of her about it and makes an elaborate plan to make sure Liam knows how mean Hayden is and some cute stuff and Liam and the reader end up together in the end? If it isn’t too much maybe??

Warning: this imagine contains some curse words because I was feeling extra saucy.

Y/N pov:


Liam: Y/N why do you hate Hayden?

Y/N: What?! Liam I don’t hate her she hates me. This entire time I’ve been trying to tell you but clearly she has you wrapped around her little finger.

Liam: How can you say that about her? Y/N why are you trying to ruin this for me; Hayden is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and if you can’t accept her then maybe we should just each other a little space for a while.

Y/N: I’m not trying to ruin this for you, I’m trying to protect you from getting your heart broken by that evil conniving bitch but if you’re going to be too blind and stupid to see her true face then maybe we should give each other space!

~Flashback over~


Y/n’s inner monologue:

I don’t know how it got this bad one minute it was just me and Liam, best friends till the end and next thing you know he goes and gets himself a self-absorbed bitch of a girlfriend, who also despises mean for some unknown reason. Ever since they started dating it’s like she’s had it out for me.

In the beginning of their relationship Hayden an I got along just fine, we actually talked to each other but now that I think about it she did most of the talking (red flag #1) but it all changed after that day.

Literally my life has been a living hell, it feels like I’m stuck in one of those typical high school movies where the mean girl aka Hayden is out to get me the quote unquote new kid for no apparent reason at all.

The only person who’s kept me in check through all of this bullshit is my hella protective and amazing kinda brother Stiles (he’s not actually my brother he’s kind of like the brother I never had).

The only downside to him being there for me is that he keeps trying to come up with these crazy schemes so Liam could finally catch Hayden in her natural bitch mode. The problem with that is Hayden always finds a way to reapply her fake “make Liam hate Y/N and love Hayden more” mode before he gets there to see the real her.

The worst part is that Liam still doesn’t know how I really feel about him…I’m completely and utterly in love with him…omg I told you my life is like an old high school movie but sadly it won’t end like one because this is real life.

Let me tell you what happened on what I like to call the worst day of my life.

~End of inner monologue~


The day started out like any other except it was Friday and on the third Friday of every month Liam and I usually have our annual Movie Pizza Marathon Bonanza Weekend (it’s literally the only thing that puts a little pep in my step in the morning). Little did I know that little miss bitch-a-lot was going to ruin everything. Per usual I picked up Liam so we could get to school of course Liam has to look “perfect” for his girlfriend.

Y/N: “HONK, Liam come on or we’re gonna be late, I’m sure you look amazing as always.” Liam got in the car swiftly closing the door I waited till he put his seat belt on before I opened my mouth to speak.

Y/N: “Are you as excited about our MPMBW as I am, which is kind of impossible because I’m literally bursting with excitement right now.”

Liam: “Yeah, totally excited but not as excited as you are. You’re so excited I can literally taste the excitement rubbing off of you.”

Y/N: “Ok, overly dramatic much?” I said as I rolled my eyes. “It’s just we haven’t hung out together as much ever since you and Hayden started dating. We haven’t had a MPMBW in two months.”

Liam: “Now look who’s being over dramatic, I distinctly remember a MPMBW last month.”

Y/N: “No we didn’t. Liam you’ve been spending all of your time with Hayden, leaving my ass high and dry. I’ve been hanging out with Stiles for two months now and you know I’ve seen the Star Wars trilogy at least 15 times. I’m pretty sure I know about 40% of the words from each of the movies by now.”

Liam: “Y/N I’m sorry. I promise this weekend it’ll be just you and me, no Hayden or Stiles or Star Wars.”

Y/N: “Oh thank god, don’t get me wrong I love Stiles but if I have to sit through another screening of Star Wars again I just might die.”


It was finally the end of the school day “thank god” I thought to myself. I was waiting by Liam’s locker when she witch showed up (I only tolerate her for Liam’s sake).

Hayden: “Why are you here?”

Y/N: “If you must know I’m waiting for Liam…obviously or I wouldn’t be standing at his locker.”

Hayden: “Why?”

Y/N: “We’re hanging out at my house this weekend.” I replied slightly annoyed.

Hayden: “There is no way he’s hanging out we you all weekend; I won’t allow it.”

Y/N: “What! Hayden you can’t just tell Liam not to hang out with me, he’s my best friend. Besides you’ve hung out with him for the last two months, I will not let you ruin this weekend for me!”

Hayden: “Why, because you’re in love with him?”

Y/N: “No because I know your true face, because I know that you’re just a self- absorbed controlling bitch! I know that the only reason your with Liam is because his popular and his “status” helps boost your ego. I know that you’re insecure because you think I’m going to take him away from you but I’m not because I would never do anything to hurt him and I’m not a heartless bitch like you. You’re too blind to see that Liam actually loves you and because of that reason I let you have him. I let you have our annual hang out weekends so he could spend time with you.”

Hayden: “Whatever bitch you think you let me have him but the truth is I can have Liam anytime I want and that’s something you’ll never have. I don’t need Liam to up my status because I’ve always been at the top he’s just collateral damage, a sex machine, a boy toy. You’re just mad because I have him wrapped around my little finger, all I have to do is bat my eyelashes and pout my lip and he’s all mine.”

That was it, the last straw was sitting in the cup and she just tipped it over. I don’t know what happened or how but something inside of me clicked. It’s like she knew just how to flip the switch the right way. My arms reacted before my brain, I wrapped my hands around her throat but before I could say anything I was pulled away from her.

Liam: “Y/N what are you doing!”

Y/N: “I…I-I uh…”

Hayden: “What does it look like she was doing, she was choking me!”

Y/N: “Liam… it’s not what you think or maybe it is, I don’t actually know how to explain it but believe me when I say that I’m truly sorry.”

Hayden: “Sorry…sorry, that’s all you have to say for nearly killing me.”

I knew Liam was never going to believe me now because out of nowhere Hayden just started crying, “Oh she’s good”, I thought. Next thing I knew Liam wrapped his arms around her waist as she nuzzled her head into his shoulder.

Y/N: “Liam…omg are you seriously believing this bullshit right now. She was literally saying all these terrible things about you a second ago that’s the only reason I just did what I did.”

Hayden: “There is no way I would say anything bad about you, Liam I love you.”

Y/N: “OMG, you have to be fucking kidding me right now! Liam that is complete and utter bullshit. If you believe her, your girlfriend of three months, instead of me, your best friend of ten years, then you’re not really my best friend.

Liam: “ENOUGH! Y/N why do you hate Hayden?”

Y/N: “What?! Liam I don’t hate her she hates me. This entire time I’ve been trying to tell you but she clearly she has you wrapped around her little finger pretty tight. The worst part is that you don’t even realize that she’s just playing you.”

Liam: “How can you say that about her? She loves me and I love her. Why are you trying to ruin this for me; Hayden is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and if you can’t accept her then maybe we should just each other a little space for a while.”

Y/N: “How do you even know you love her, you’ve know her for three months I’ve known you all my life, you know I wouldn’t do something like this unless it was to protect you. I’m not trying to ruin this for you, I’m trying to protect you from getting your heart broken by that evil conniving bitch but if you’re going to be too blind and stupid to see her true intentions then maybe we should give each other space but don’t come crying to me when she breaks your heart!

Christmas Movie Edition: Love Actually

This is it, people. It’s the day after Christmas, I’ve consumed more white wine in the past two days than the entire cast of Real Housewives of Orange County did all of last season and now I’ve been smacked by a soul-sucking stomach virus as retribution. So there’s only one thing left to do—take on the Mount Everest of Christmas movies. Oh yes, I’m talking about LOVE. FUCKING. ACTUALLY. Gird your loins.

00:00:37 Crikey, I always forget about the 9/11 airport angle they tried to shoehorn into this shit. Nobody looks that happy at the airport, NOBODY. I step foot into LaGuardia and instantly morph into a gremlin after midnight.

00:02:44 “Oh! Fuck wank bugger shitting arse head and hole!” Billy Mack is what my insides look and sound like.  

00:06:21 Drinking game: Take a shot every time you see a hideous turtleneck, sweater vest or any other form of aggressively patterned topwear.

00:07:14 DRINK, BITCHES. Also, Chiwetel Egiofor, you are a Commander of the Order of the British Empire—just say no to magenta on your goddamn wedding day.

However, fabulous lady behind you in the feathery magenta hat? YOU. BETTA. WERK.

00:08:30 “Anything to put off actually running a country.” Too real, Hugh Grant, too real.

00:10:04 Chiwetel Magentiofor is marrying Keira Knightley, who’s dressed like a glamorous chicken, so obviously these two are made for each other.

00:10:27 FOR GOD SAKES, LAURA LINNEY. You are a four-time Emmy-winning, three-time Tony-nominated, THREE-TIME OSCAR-NOMINATED WHIRLWIND OF TALENT. Who let you wear this crochet foreskin on your head to a wedding? WHO?

00:11:22 “Oh, pardon me, sorry about that, just have to shove my trombone under the church pew.” I hate everyone at this wedding.

00:12:23 Keira Knightley is mainlining champagne at her own wedding reception which, if I had a full cockatoo nesting in my updo, I would be, too.

00:13:46 “Colin, you’re a lonely, ugly asshole. And you must accept it.” Tony knows what’s up.

00:16:25 I know this is supposed to be a funeral and all but is there no indoor heat in the U.K.? Why is everyone and their mother dressed like they’re trudging through the tundra?  

00:16:41 Cue Natasha Richardson-related tears here.

00:18:17 Cue Alan Rickman-related tears here. Genuinely terrified of the day when everyone I know and love from Love Actually will have passed. Except for that fuckturd Colin. He can leave this earth at any time.

00:18:42 Double sweater-vest horror for the price of one. Drink and then drink again.  

00:19:28 Side drinking game: take a shot for every HR violation in this movie. GOODBYE LIVER, GOODBYE WORLD. 

00:22:24 Ok, so sometimes I’m Billy Mack but all the time, I’m his fat manager.

00:24:01 We’re just going to have to set up an IV of Hennessy for the entirety of the Prime Minister Hugh Grant/Not-Really-Fat-At-All Natalie subplot. Also anything involving that turtleneck trollop, Mia.

00:28:04 “No one’s ever going to shag you if you cry all the time.” Literally years of one-on-one sessions and NOT ONE therapist has ever summed up my life problems as succinctly as Emma Thompson just did.  

00:30:30 Laura Linney, I’m docking an Emmy for every godforsaken butterfly clip pinned to your already hideous sweater. I AM NOT FUCKING AROUND.  

00:33:20 We’re discussing Non-Fat Natalie’s non-fat thighs whilst in the Prime Minister’s office. You know what to do.

00:35:16 Me

00:36:40 Kentucky Fried Keira might be wearing one of those wildlife-killing plastic soda rings around her neck. Sartorially offensive and environmentally irresponsible. 

00:36:55 Professor Snape just smacked Sad Laura Linney in the workplace but she is wearing a sweater that looks like it’s knitted from the stomach spew of a drunkard, so she 100% deserves it.

00:37:33 The Turtleneck Trollop is trying to seduce Professor Snape in this getup. Girl, it literally looks like you wrapped your English muffin in origami. DO LESS.

00:39:19 Oh for fuck’s sake, I totally forgot about that “Mr. Darcy boinks the Portuguese help” subplot. Can anyone be employed in this fudging movie without penetrating their coworkers? Anyone?! NOT EVEN THE FUCKING PRESIDENT CAN KEEP IT IN HIS PANTS.

00:44:42 The Prime Minister just basically launched WWIII because he wants Non-Fat Natalie’s non-fat thighs all to himself. Sadly, this doesn’t seem all that far-fetched considering our current batshit political climate.

00:46:47 I’m not saying I’ve recreated this exact dance in my underpants whilst alone in my apartment but I am saying it’s happened a couple thousand times.  

00:49:03 I’m going to need an entire dissertation paper on why the Portuguese help had to disrobe down to her underpants but Colin Firth got to keep on THREE LAYERS OF SHIRTS when they go into the lake for his dump typewritten pages. I want that shit APA style and with full citations and multiple sections dedicated to the Mr. Darcy wet-shirt scene from Pride and Prejudice, you hear me? Also, you should be chugging alcohol straight from a garbage can based on the HR violations in this scene alone.  

00:53:11 “I know you’ve never particularly warmed to me.” Well, Kentucky Fried Keira, that might be because you insist upon dressing like the homeless pigeon lady from Home Alone 2.

00:58:02 THIS BITCH. We all know that this bitch just wants to have her own private audience with the Prime Minister’s prime minister and that’s why she’s size-shaming Non-Fat Natalie’s non-fat thighs. If we’re gonna get real, girl, Chris Kirkpatrick had your hairstyle for most of the ’90s and it ain’t doing you no favors, either.

01:03:21 Now, we can all agree that Thomas Brodie-Sangster was one of the cutest children to ever walk the planet, but we’ve got to talk about the hair height on this poor child. Exactly how many foreheads does he actually have under there?

01:04:12 FOUR FLOWER BROOCHES? That’s it, Laura Lonely, I’m taking away your Golden Globes, too.

01:05:37 The Turtleneck Trollop is wearing devil horns to the office Christmas party. At least you can’t accuse her of subtlety.

01:10:10 Laura Lonely is trying to get all up on her co-worker Karl because he looks like he stars in the porn parody of Aladdin but she keeps getting clam-jammed by her unwell brother and it’s just like CAN SOMEONE CUT LAURA LINNEY A GODDAMN BREAK IN THIS MOVIE? She had to go topless for this bullshit and is constantly covered in hideous brooches and FOR WHAT? Not even a little jammin’ of the clammin’ from real-life Aladdin? FOR SHAME.

01:18:05 The Turtleneck Trollop coerced Professor Snape into buying her jewelry without even serving up her English muffin to him yet. She’s a grade-A slutbag but you gotta admit, she’s masterful. Also, if I were on the brink of breaking up a marriage and ruining a family, it would have to be for something that doesn’t look a gold nugget that’s been pooped out and put on a string.

01:20:04 Listen to me: I adore Alan Rickman and mourn his passing on a near-daily basis but the way he says “yogurt” has haunted me for fifteen fucking years and now even more so because I’ve discovered AN ENTIRE SONG OF IT.

01:25:25 Know how you know Colin’s is the worst subplot of Love Actually? It’s soundtracked to not only “Smooth” but also “Wherever You Will Go.” It goes without saying but we’ll be skipping his scenes from here on out.

01:29:39 Try to argue that Emma Thompson didn’t deserve an Oscar nomination for these three minutes of exceptional acting alone. YOU CAN’T.

01:32:34 This woman only had one scene and she and her overacting eyebrow were going to make it COUNT.

01:34:43 I yell out “I HATE UNCLE JAMIE” at least twice a week, for no reason at all. I wish I was kidding.

01:36:36 The last we see of Laura Lonely, she’s hugging her brother which, okay, cute, but we both know you’d rather be hugging that beautifully tanned Aladdin dick. WE BOTH KNOW IT.

01:37:59 Okay, so we’re at the scene. And I have SO MANY QUESTIONS. Firstly, how did Rick Grimes know that Kentucky Fried Keira was going to answer the door and not Chiwetel Magentiofor? What was the back-up plan, with you standing there with a boom box and notecards declaring your undying love for his wife? What if KFK didn’t play along with the carol singers bit? MANY QUESTIONS, NO ANSWERS. But, real talk, if a dude looking like Andrew Lincoln showed up to my door with all of this fuckery, I would relocate myself into that perfect little chin dimple of his and never come back out, bye.

01:41:10 I am 100% behind this old-man ship between Billy Mack and his fat manager. Which I think also means that I ship myself, er, with myself. Sounds about right.

01:42:12 That earth-shaking screech you just heard was my soul leaving its earthly form due to the fact that a movie about Christmas SPELLED FUCKING CHRISTMAS WRONG.

01:43:41 Why didn’t the Prime Minister just take the goddamn envelope with Non-Fat Natalie’s return address on it for when he searched for her apartment? I’m legitimately getting a migraine from trying to make this movie make any sense.

01:52:09 Yes, the performing kids are adorable but the sparkly scarf-wearing, obviously-gay back-up singing teacher is the real winner of the Christmas talent show. 

02:01:25 What is this half-yarmulke that Mini Mariah is wearing to the airport? Also, Five-Head Tommy wouldn’t be able to catch Mini Mariah in time because Heathrow is the seventh circle of hell and also when the guards do catch him, he 100% would be interrogated in the tiny terrorism room because of 9/11 but no, racial profiling and ARGAPSGAIHATGAEIS.

02:04:46 Mr. Darcy is proposing to his Portuguese help even though he doesn’t know her and only spent a few weeks talking at her but she has a cute little lower back tattoo and that’s all he needs to know! Also, I love Colin Firth as an actor but his on-screen kisses look like those adult virgin couples smooching for the first time at their wedding. What is your hand doing? 

02:09:31 And now we’re back at the airport and all of the subplots have woven together unrealistically and everyone’s hugging and not miserable and I STILL HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. Like how are Kentucky Fried Keira and Rick Grimes going to hang out with Chiwetel Magentiofor like nothing happened? Does he ever find out? Does the weight of their collective lie ruin their beautiful biracial marriage? Also, does Emma Thompson go crazy from resentment over Professor Snape cheating on her and kill him in a rage soundtracked to Joni Mitchell? And how does Non-Fat Natalie handle the public pressure of dating the Prime Minister? And does she use her vag power to have him fire Chris Kirkpatrick who shamed her non-fat thighs? AND WHERE THE FUCK DID LAURA LINNEY GO? Someone send me Pepto-Bismol and a new brain, please and thank you. 

A Not So Bad Birthday- A Peter Parker Imagine

Anonymous Requested: Can you write an angst imagine but turns into fluff with Peter. Like Peter and the reader is having a huge argument and he points out a major flaw the reader is insecure about. I love the heartache 😂

Author’s Note: I didn’t know what flaw to write about without making something that could possibly offend anyone, so I wrote about a problem that I struggle with constantly, so please message me if you have any issues or message me if you struggle with anything. Please enjoy!

A Not So Bad Birthday

You sat outside the cafe waiting for your best friend to arrive for your lunch date. Something was stuck on the back of your mind and you couldn’t just seem to shake it, but you didn’t want it to ruin your day so you pushed it aside to try and enjoy your time with your best friend. You had an absolute horrible memory; you had ADHD and this caused you to stop paying attention and things often slipped your mind. However, you just tried to play it off today; you didn’t want it to stay on your brain all day.

Your best friend came up to the table outside and you got up to hug her; it had been awhile since you had last seen her because she had recently been sick. “Hi honey, how have you been?” you asked as she sat down and took off her sunglasses since you were under a table with an umbrella. “I’ve been good, I’m glad you can come today! I thought you’d be busy!” you gave her a confused look, starting to worry that you really had forgotten something. “What do you mean?” She gave you a sympathetic look and you knew that you had forgotten something. “Hun, I thought you’d be with Peter today. It is his birthday after all”. The world seemed to come to a halt for a second before it came crashing down. “I have to go, I’m so sorry!” you said as you ran off to go to Peter’s apartment.

As you ran to his apartment, you couldn’t help but belittle yourself. There couldn’t have been a worst girlfriend than you in the world.How could you have forgotten your own boyfriend’s birthday! He hadn’t said anything to you but that was no excuse. You had been dating for a little over a year, and you remembered his birthday last year. You had known that his birthdays were hard since Uncle Ben had died since the two would always spend it together, so remembering that made you feel even worse. You just hoped he didn’t think anything of it and thought you were surprising him. However, when you walked in, you knew he didn’t think that.

When you walked in, he was sat on the couch in the living room with his arms crossed, clearly disappointed. “Hey Peter,” you said, sitting down next to him and kissing him on the cheek. He didn’t say a word and you knew that he was upset with you. “Peter, please talk to me,” you begged, grabbing onto one of his arms. He sighed and turned to look at you. “You forgot my own birthday; how could you? I waited for you to at least call me or something but I got nothing. How could you forget something that you knew was important to me?” You felt awful so you dipped your head and proceeded to wipe away your tears. “Peter, you know I can’t help it. I know it’s no excuse, but I’m really trying my hardest”. That sentence seemed to set him off.

“You’re trying your hardest? No [Y/N], you’re not! If you were trying your hardest, you would’ve remembered! Are you stupid or something?” The room grew quiet as you tried to comprehend what he had said to you. “I guess I am, I’m sorry,” you said quietly as you exited his apartment and went home crying as you walked in silence. Peter sat in silence for a minute, pondering over what he had said. He knew about your disability and he just made fun of it? He realized too late that that wasn’t ok. He knew that you were trying your hardest, and he had just taken that progress and thrown it in the trash.

That night while lying in bed, you heard a knock on your window. You knew it was Peter but you decided to annoy it. You silently cursed yourself however when you heard the window open, knowing that you had forgotten to lock it. “Before you kick me out, I want to explain myself. Would that be ok?” You sighed, knowing that you really shouldn’t but Peter always held a soft spot in your heart so you just nodded and let him continue. “It’s not ok in the slightest to discount your disability, and I would understand if you didn’t forgive me but I am incredibly sorry. I am so sorry if I ruined your progress but you were doing so well, and you had one little slip up. You can’t let one small mistake ruin all of the other things you have done. We all make mistakes, but it’s the amount of right we do that really matters. I’m so incredibly proud of you, [Y/N] and I love you so much. So you forgot my birthday, so what? We’ll have many more birthdays together in the future that I know you’ll remember because I’ll always be there for you and remind you and not get mad if you forget. So, please forgive me because I want to always be there in your life”. By the time he finished his speech, you were trying not to cry and you jumped onto him and wrapped your arms around him. He held onto you tight and you sat there in a comforting silence as he stroked your hair and gently rocked you.

You got up and gave him a big smile. “Even if I forgot your birthday today, I remembered last month and bought you something!” He chuckled as he laid back on your bed with his hands behind his head. You rummaged through your closet and found the present that was perfectly wrapped. You sat there patiently as he unwrapped the present. “Whoa, no way babe! This is awesome! Thank you, I love it and you! This is a great birthday,” he said as he held up all of the Star Wars movies. “Wait, there’s more!” you said as you leaned into kiss him.

“Now that was a better present” 

I’m really proud of this one and I really think it’s good! It’s also probably my longest one! I really hope you enjoyed it!

Resist Me(You’ll Fall Harder)

Pairing: Jikook

Summary: Jimin was no ordinary person. He was the second son of the royal family of South Korea. Being the second son although Jimin didnt have a lot of responsibilities or was not under the same pressure as his hyung Jimin wanted to live the life of an ordinary man. He wanted to feel what freedom felt like, what it was like to be not in the public eye and what it was like when you can do whatever you wanted and not watching out for cameras. With the help of his best friend he managed to convince his dad to let him complete his senior year at a public school.

Seoul High, your typical high school with the usual drama and popularity chain and some implied rules like never mess with someone who has the capability to ruin your life. But what you dont know wont hurt you right? Wrong!

Jimin experienced first hand how wrong the statement was when he managed to get on the bad side of the school’s resident bad boy Jeon Jungkook who was at the top of popularity chain.

Jimin’s already complicated life gets even more complicated and he has to manage school, friends and one angry bad boy all the while keeping his identity hidden. And if you add Love to the already complicated situation? Everything becomes a MESS!

Is Jimin ready?

Chapter 1

“Park Jimin you look sexy as hell.” Taehyung shouted as soon as he entered Jimin’s room.
“What are you talking about? Are you mocking me Kim Taehyung?” Jimin said lowering the duvet and getting off the bed.
“No no. Look see this.” Taehyung waved the magazine in front of Jimin’s face.
Jimin took the magazine and saw himself plus his family stamped on the cover under the headline ‘Royal family’s Royal Entrance.’ Jimin rolled his eyes and skimmed through the article. It talked about how they came back from the trip to England accompanied by pictures of them getting off the plane, outside the airport, getting in the car. There were lots of pictures. The picture Taehyung was talking about was of him wearing a tailored suit holding his tie-like he was trying to take it off. His hair was disheveled on purpose.

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anonymous asked:

CONTINUATION TO THE KUROO ANGST WAS AMAZING!! Especially the last part, I really love your writing. Okay but can we just imagine bokuto and s/o starting a family already.. how much more would Kuroo suffer

aww thank you!! ok but that would literally break kuroo’s heart further - and what better way to do that but by throwing in a scenario! (i’m sorry if you were not expecting a scenario i got too excited) 




Being the best man at the wedding of his true love and best friend was painful for Kuroo. How could he feel happy for them, when it should be him who is to be marrying ______? How could he feel any form of happiness when it was supposed to be him that makes her laugh and smile. Throughout the rehearsals for the church wedding, Kuroo managed to keep on a smile for the happy couple - he had never seen _______ bursting with such happiness ever since he dated her. Maybe it was for the best that she was with Bokuto. Maybe it was destiny that she was never meant to be his.

The wedding was always bitter to watch to someone who had unconditional love towards someone who was to be married. In order to move on, he had to forget about ______. All it took was just one action for a butterfly effect of shit moments in his life. Straightening his tie, he slapped Bokuto’s back in reassurance, choking back on the bittersweet taste lingering on his lips.

How he wished to be the one standing where Bokuto was standing as of now. How her wished he was the one lifting your veil and smirking at you, as the two of you began your vows. How he wished it was his lips against yours when the pastor announced: ‘you may kiss the bride’. The reception was another, he had been unofficially called up to make a speech for the happy couple, whom sat opposite him on an elegant long table where they and their families were seated. Kuroo was with Kenma and a mix of Fukurodani and Nekoma team mates from high school as well as respective universities as he raised his glass for a toast to the couple.

“I have known _____ for many years. And I have to admit, it’s quite hard to watch someone you had loved from high school marry someone else.” Kuroo began and the crowd ‘aww’ed in pity. “However, what happened in the past stays in the past. I am ecstatic that my best bro Bokuto,” he pointed to Bokuto and gave him a giant wink. “Has actually gotten married before me which is a pretty great achievement.” Bokuto whistled from the table before shouting: ‘You know it!’

“I just want to wish you, _______ the most happiness you’ll ever receive as you walk into your new life with Bokuto. Take care of him will ya?” he added the last bit with a wry smile. You looked back at him with a wistful smile knowing that you had made the right decisions. You were happy with Bokuto and Kuroo seemed happier than before. He lifted his champagne glass to a toast to the two of you before a rather upbeat song began playing and you were whisked away by your newlywed husband to the dance floor.


It had been years since the wedding - one, two? Kuroo had lost track. He had drank a lot that night, mostly whiskey in the comforts of his hotel room while sobbing out to the Notebook. It was a cheesy and stupid movie that you always made him watch during movie nights together and Kuroo had always conveniently went to the bathroom during one of the most tear jerking scenes and would return with red rimmed eyes. He drowned his bitter thoughts about the wedding in alcohol, keeping his phone in a far distance away from him as there was no way in hell was he going to ruin your wedding with him drunk dialling you. You deserved happiness - and if it was Bokuto that gave you happiness, Kuroo was more than willing to give it to you.

He never broke his habit.

Albeit in a steady relationship with a woman from work, he was still never able to get his mind off you. Sure there were moments where she would be all he could ever think about, but as time passed and the wound slowly began to heal, his feelings for ______ were drowned with the alcohol he consumed. Halfway through work, Kuroo slumped on his desk, burying his face amongst the paperwork and mentally complaining about his job when suddenly a phone call woke him up.

It was ______.

Kuroo’s eyes widened quickly and jumped to answer her on the first ring. “Hi _____!” he began, kicking himself immediately for he sounded too eager to talk to her.

There was a lot of commotion behind the line and Bokuto yelling and whooping about whilst _______ was crying and laughing? “Kuroo!” she began but was ambushed by Bokuto who tickled her mercilessly.

“Come over to our place bro! We have a surprise for you!” Bokuto yelled and the phone dropped from ______’s grasp and there was a lot of rustling before Kuroo ended the call. He stared at the paperwork that simply screamed to be forgotten and grabbed his coat quickly before exiting the building. He hailed a taxi quickly and drove to Bokuto and ______’s place.

He had only been at their apartment twice. Once as a visit together with Bokuto and giving him advice on which of the apartments to choose from, and another at their first housewarming. The duo had quickly settled into a newer apartment, for they had been living in between houses and they had found one right in the bustling city of Tokyo. Kuroo pursed his lips in thought, staring out at the bustling nightlife of Tokyo, wishing that he was young again to be experiencing this night life with ________.

Kuroo stopped outside their apartment door, hand hovering over the knocker. He took a deep breath and rapped on it, twice for good measure. The door was swung open quickly by the none other happy couple who whisked him in almost immediately. ‘They haven’t changed at all,’ Kuroo thought to himself, sitting on the couch.

“Tea or would you prefer something stronger?” _______ asked, knowing well enough Kuroo’s answer would always be something stronger.

“Tea would do.” Kuroo answered and ______ raised an eyebrow and retreated to the kitchen to make him a cup of green tea.

Once the three of them had settled their formalities, Bokuto and _____ sat hand in hand, almost bursting with their news.

“I’m pregnant!”

“______’s pregnant!”

Those two words came in as a slap to Kuroo. A hard, sharp slap. It’s a slap for him to wake up to reality. A slap for him realise that he will never be with _______. It was a slap of reality. He was stunned and it was evident that it was shown on his face. Kuroo, in short, was flabbergasted. “I.. Congratulations!” he slapped Bokuto’s back and gave a quick hug to _______ who smelt always the same and fit perfectly in his arms. Does ______ fit perfectly in Bokuto’s?

“And we want you to be the godfather of the child.” ______ smiled. Another slap to the face. Godfather.

Kuroo could feel his heart shattering even further inside his chest. Whatever chance he had with _____ was gone forever. Nothing could heal this pain in his chest that he felt. He lost. He had officially lost. “That.. would be an honour.” he mustered out with a grin.

Throughout the night, the three of them celebrated - well two. Kuroo simply took it as an opportunity to drink more, however making sure he was only tipsy and not full on drunk. There had been many nights of mistakes in Kuroo’s life, and he was done with those nights of mistakes.

Once Kuroo forced himself back to his shit apartment, he collapsed to the ground. Tears began spilling out from his eyes, the very first time since their wedding. He was not the type to cry, in fact, he often forced himself not to cry. But it seemed as if his own waterworks was against him as they continued flowing and flowing. His chest heaved and he began gasping and gulping for breaths, screaming and pounding his fists on the floor as well. No amounts of alcohol was able to subdue his painful cries.

“_______.” he repeated like a mantra. “_______.”

He lay on the soft carpeted floor, tears now silently falling from his cheeks and staring at his phone where a picture that he once took with ______ on one of their dates stared back at him obnoxiously, the white light blinding Kuroo in the darkness but he couldn’t care less.

She was the bad habit he would never break.

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Actually there isn't smut yet, but it's coming as she's said. And I think people need to understand that it's fiction, and to also just appreciate the writing for what it is. Many teenagers have sex, people just don't like to talk about it

Oh, love, it’s cute that you think I care about the fact teenagers have sex, and that I need your opinion in my life… but, since everyone has the right to one, here’s mine; You, are disgusting. Why? Because, you are defending it, which means you condone it, which me- you, are just as disgusting as the person writing it.

I don’t give a flying fck if it’s fiction, or not. It’s about a real damn boy, who is currently underage.

I, sincerely, do not care how you feel about the topic. Your opinions, and your thoughts don’t impact my life, and if you want to be okay with what’s considered child pornography, and pedophilia- I hope you trip, fall down into a hole, and rot without anyone finding you. The one thing I will never allow on my page, or of my work, is something so crude to be written about someone under 20.

Yes, 20. I do not write smut, but it bothers me to even picture things like that of a 19 year old, because I am only 18. It’s uncomfortable. That’s how I feel- you see something wrong with that? Fxck you.

Here’s a scenario for you; You, are 15/16, and you are in a group, you possibly have someone a year younger in your group. One day, you check the fic tags of your group ( which, idols have admitted to doing. ), and you see something very sexually graphic written about yourself ( and, if you are so vain as to be okay with that, you need to seek help, anyway. ), or that younger member. Are you telling me, you’d be okay with that? Knowing there’s someone out there, writing about BDSM, or just hardcore smut about your 14 year old band mate? If you are, then, I really hope you rot.

Don’t use the ‘Many teenagers do it’ on me, either. Do you know what else teenagers do? Many teenagers kill people. Many teenagers do drugs. Many teenagers hurt people, rob people, ruin themselves- Are you saying that everything is okay ( written, and real ) for them, just because 'many teenagers do it’?

If you are under 18, or in some countries, 19 - You, are a minor. M I N O R. It is illegal.

I appreciate writing, as a writer, of course. But, writing such things is a waste of talent. Why? For example, take Mark Lee, and his rapping. He doesn’t feel the need to fill his lyrics with curse words, and obscenities. So, why feel the need to waste beautiful writing on filth? It’s like a good movie. Why can’t we have really good movies, without sex scenes?

Sex sells- only if you sell out.

Keep this in mind. You think you’re cool cause 'I’m breaking the rules, yeah, go me, I’m gonna write some smut about Haechan. That’ll get me attention!’ You are using the sexualized image of a 16 year old for attention- positive, or negative. You, are selling out on your abilities for this. You, are pathetic. Just as pathetic as the piece of shits that have already posted about it.

Think me rude, think me bitter. I’d rather have a few followers that have morals, and respect that agree with me, than multiple followers who will read that filthy, illegal, child pornography.

And, before you correct me- yes, written words are pornography, too. Stories, movies, videos, photos- each can be forms of pornography.

Now that I’ve wasted my time on you, are you happy?

If anyone else feels the need to message me about this; Come on, don’t hide behind anonymous. I’ll gladly face your bitch asses. If you’re too scared about that, I have a message box, and a Kakao ( @ nilduenilunn ).

A lot of people may think I went too far with this post, but honestly? I’m sitting here, at 2 AM, wanting to cry because I am so uncomfortable with the topic. This is the only ask for this situation that I will answer- any others will be deleted.

I will receive hate for this- I’m not stupid, and I don’t care. I am 18 years old, and will stand responsible for my words. I am one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet… but, don’t test my morals, and what I believe to be right, and wrong. That’s all.

- Moon ( 18 )

Regardless of the fact that teens do have sex, it doesn’t mean it’s ok to write smut, or suggestive scenarios about a minor who knows nothing about it. I am a minor myself, but I have never once thought of writing such disgusting stories about any other minor or even those who aren’t minors. Just because it’s fiction doesn’t mean jackshit, excuse my language but it’s true. I know many people have asked this before, but how would you feel if some total stranger was writing smut about you? I know that it would make me feel unsafe and uncomfortable.

- Forest ( 15 )

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Nicky. Erik. Wedding. Gimme. I bet five bucks the inside of their cake is rainbow.

+ @find-yourself-in-passion  *giving you an excuse to write Nicky and Eriks wedding*

really this is going to just be the highlights but it may be a long list ok look here.

  • they have one in germany (a very small ceremony, mostly for erik’s family because some of them can’t travel out of the country because of old age) and one in the US 
    • the one in the US is literally the day after the one in Germany and doesn’t have the usual signing of the marriage license or anything, it’s more for traditions sake, and for neil’s sake. (he can’t leave the country due to the FBI still and the foxes don’t want him to have to do something stupid) 
    • aaron and andrew come to both weddings and so do erik’s parents
    • and here comes the US wedding story
  • both of them are so. so fucking nervous 
    • i mean, they haven’t seen each other since noon yesterday because they’re doing that thing where they’re staying apart until the wedding, right? 
    • so they’re dying with nerves
    • they went YEARS apart but this is antagonizing
    • nicky is staying in a hotel room with allison and renee for the night and they’re drinking and watching movies and renee is talking nicky through his nerves
    • erik is in another room on another floor with his friends (they insisted on staying with him to make sure he doesnt go see nicky because they don’t know how allison isnt even letting nicky off the couch and if she does its only to let him go to the bathroom and she follows him)
    • they do get to talk on the phone though right before falling asleep and nicky is uncharacteristically quiet and erik is babbling away because erik babbles when he’s nervous

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