i am crying so hard this shit

But why. Why is life so unfair. Why do I have to be the one crying late at night? Why do I always get used? Is it because I am too kind? Or is it because I’m simply just stupid?

Just got back from the most phenomenal evening seeing Amber Riley absolutely raise the damn roof with her incredible voice as Effie White in Dreamgirls. She was cheered from the moment she walked on stage, and you could sense how much everyone wanted to see her rock this role. Which she did. She has so much incredible depth, warmth and melody to her powerhouse soulful voice it’s hard to put into words. There was a grand total of four standing ovations after her songs, with people gasping (I literally heard the guys behind me shout holy shit!) after her Act 1 performance of And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going. So much emotion, pain, love, ambition and heart in that song. I was crying because she rocked me so much with her acting throughout. Her comedic timing, her huge stage presence, and her emotional roller coaster ride just blew us all away. Plus the rest of the cast are all incredible as well, the Dreams in all their glitz, glamour and glory. Liisi as Deena, with her heartbreaking solo and beautiful duets taking us all on a journey. Ibinabo as Lorrell with her wants and hopes and dreams and hilarious delivery. Joe Aaron Reid as Curtis, who is charm and scum and petty crook ambition, who you cheer for in his failures. Adam J Bernard and his amazing Jimmy Early (got soul!)

Thank you also to my seat buddies, I went all by myself and you guys were super kind (enjoy your LA trip!) and made me feel like I wasn’t alone. In fact the entire theatre were so warm, engaged and excited - made the whole experience feel like everyone was in that room rooting and cheering for everyone on stage. (Which they were!)

If you’re in London, please please check it out. Amber is finally centre stage where she belongs and I am telling you, she is going to scoop up those awards and five star reviews. It was worth the year long wait and then some, an incredible show from start to end.

yurio: lmao katsudon should just retire already

yuuri: i am. right after this grand prix final competition

yurio: sweetie, you are literally so out of line it’s fucking unbelievable. i could drag you so hard right now but i know you’ll just end up crying. i’ve roasted you before and you know it. chances are you’ll just say i bullied you because you’re gay and have different skin. talk shit get hit, you don’t wanna mess with me kiddo; i’ve got a black belt. i know threats are fucked up but that’s all i’ve been receiving all day, probably from her royal hoodrat olive and all of her nasty friends. but you can gang up on me and make fun of me for being goth all you want. i’ve been hurt a lot. my first boyfriend cheated on me, my dad screams if i forget to do my chores, and there are some days i don’t even want to get out of bed in the mornings. i’m a jaded teenage girl. i’ve been through shit that you wouldn’t even dream of. you think your life is hard? try asking the cutest guy in your grade out in the middle of the cafeteria only to find out he has a fucking girlfriend. you don’t know my life or my story so keep my name out of your nasty mouth. life is a battlefield and it looks like i’ve already won.

Yoi characters as things I've done

Okay so I saw @gayprixfinal do this and I just HAD to do it but check theirs out because it’s hilarious

Yuuri: disappeared halfway through a conversation to cry in the bathroom/ took my glasses off to look sexy but ended up walking into a door instead (couldn’t decide which)

Viktor: tried to tackle-hug someone but missed and ate shit

Yurio: (my everyday interactions with people are just very Yurio so it was hard to choose just one) told someone i hated them then got confused when they thought i hated them

Chris: danced on a table at a party in my underwear

Phitchit: document everything my friends do when drunk 

Otabek: bluntly asked this dude in starbucks to be my friend bc he looked cool

Mila: Harassed my friend while she was talking to her crush so much that she punched me in the gut 

Georgi: randomly started crying during a conversation

Minako: helped out a friend on an assignment which they then did better on

Yakov: screamed everything for an entire day

Minami: literally cried when two of my friends got together bc i ship it so much

JJ: called everyone in my classroom my bitches then watched as they all left the room

Angst prompts for all your heartbreak needs PART2

1) “But you promised…”
2) “As soon as you turn away don’t you dare look back.”
3) “After you walked away I just sat in the rain so I could feel something.”
4) “It’s not alright and you know it!”
5) “You deserve the best and that isn’t me.”
6) “I fall too hard and too fast. I just never learn do I?”
7) “I thought I’d see you again after that, but I didn’t and I am so sorry.”
8) “That one song you’d always sing came on the radio and I had to pull over to stop crying.”
9) “Quit pulling shit like that!”
10) “Go on and twist the knife and get it over with.”

So for the last week or so I’ve been kinda obsessed with RobRon, meaning Robert and Aaron of the british soap Emmerdale.

I’ve watched their story on youtube every chance I got. And damn was it hard to understand that particular british accent at first. I am more used to american english  and  I mostly speak that myself. The first few vids I had to watch 3 or 4 times to fully understand what’s going on *lol*

At times I could kill Robert for being a manipulating, calculating, lying and cheating son of a bitch, but I still love him to pieces. And Aaron, jeez, Aaron…. never seen a man cry so beautifully and real and god, most of the time I cried with him, because he is such a troubled young lad, gone through so much shit and still being that wonderful person, that you just have to love no matter what. (Danny Miller’s doing an amazing job portraying Aaron!)

What started out as an affair soon became something so much more, so deep. And both of them got scared shitless by that at times. I honestly lost count of how many times I heard one of them saying “We’re done!” *lol* But they belong together.

Best thing ever: RobRon is still alive! I still have a few vids left to be up to date, and I am so happy that this particular obsession is going to get fueled for some more time. Can’t wait to see where they are heading next, and I hope the writers will let us have RobRon for quite some time!


YO, I CAN’T! ((Please read this, I need someone to see what is currently happening to me!))

I aid this middle school art class and these three girls are talking about Creepypasta. Except they’re talking about like Laughing Jack wearing high heels or BEN being a female. And then there was Slender Man writing on a chalkboard on how he loves to kill children. And a few other things with Hoodie, Masky, and Jeff. Like, they need stopping! And I can’t! Yo, their conversation is so cringy, like I am trying not to laugh at the whole thing! 😫😂

I was just about to post this and then they said something else. They’re literally talking about meeting Hoodie and doing this weird shit to him and I’m honestly crying because they’re making me laugh so hard. I need saving, Lord, someone come to my rescue! I’m gonna die of laughter! 😂😂😂

((They’re still talking, seriously, send help! I’m gonna put my headphones in. They’re talking about taking Jeff’s knife and I’m in a fit of laughter! I wish Jeff would come and end them and their conversation! I can’t!))

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Thank you for inspiring me and also Jordan for inspiring me to get help. I am now seeking help for my ED and trauma and I'm terrified but i want to move mountains like you two are doing. Rather than continue to be consumed by my disorder. So thank you

@jordbeingbrave I’M CRYING

thank you so so much

we complain about this shit a lot but we’re really trying hard and i’m so glad that you’re getting help

dreamfantasys  asked:

Hey there. I am going through a rough time right now. I had to put my dog to sleep yesterday. This may seem weird but can you, Barry, and Sebastian say something that may help me feel better? Or do something. Idk I'm just in a sad mood and need to feel something besides that.

Me: *crying* I’m so sorry love! What can I do to-to make it- I’m gonna hug you. I’m gonna hug you so hard. *hugs*

Barry: Hey, it’ll be okay… Things will be better, okay?

Sebastian: I know this shit sucks, but…. *shakes head* …. I’m sorry



Southern Air by Yellowcard is SUCH A BRAUN STROWMAN SONG HOLY SHIT.
Idk why I never figured this out sooner. 
The opening lyrics man, let’s start there:
“I’ve watched the world go by
Outside a window I still can’t believe
Where I am now”
Braun’s done a lot of things, friends. He was a lil down home country boy just living life and then became a successful strongman??? And like, fuckin killed it. And then got into wrestling??? And is crushing it so hard rn I cry omg. So he’s done a lot. And idk, as a person from a small southern town, the second you do something super successful that may open doors for you later, you’re like “what the fuck I never thought this was possible” and I kinda feel like Braun would understand that.
And ugh, okay. The chorus? Bridge? Idk what the difference is tbh BUT THIS BIT HERE:
“This southern air is all I need
Breathe it in and I can see
Canvases behind my eyes
All the colors of my life
This southern air is in my lungs
It’s in every word I’ve sung
It seems the only truth I know
This will always be home”
Like. Man. Come on. This gets you right there in the honey nut feelios tbh, or it does for me. Idk. I just….I mean, I know sometimes it’s so easy to hate where you come from but then, on a deeper level, that’s HOME, ya know???? So like. You always have that connection with where you’re from. And y’all. I can feel it. Braun is probably all about that sorta shit tbh. Like. Oh man I feel like he’s probably really thankful for his hometown for shaping him into who he is???? And giving him avenues to greater things???? FUCK I DON’T KNOW I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THIS I’M SORRY.
This is the last bit, I promise. But this bit here that goes: 
“The sun lays down inside the ocean, I’m right where I belong
Feel the air and salt on my skin the future’s coming on
And after living through these wild years coming out alive
I just want to lay my head here and stop running for a while”
Like??????? THAT’S SOME GOOD SHIT, MAN. This is like, IT, dude. Like, he knows where his home is, and he knows where he wants to return to. And he’ll come back when he’s done with his “wild years” and all his adventures. His future is where he came from, where his roots are?????

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Can you please answer all the questions ? 😅 I'm that curious

sure! i already answered three of them so i’ll just do the rest ✨

🌜- Favourite song(s)?
yo my answer to this changes weekly 😅 but currently i’d have to say goodbye by 2NE1 bc that song makes me fucking ugly cry i s2g
🥓- Favourite movie(s)?
my fav movie also changes super often but i saw Before I Fall recently and that shit CHANGED MY LIFE it was just so relevant to where i am in my life rn and i cried really hard after seeing it (i swear i’m not always crying lmao) so i’d have to say that
🎱 - Favourite TV show(s)?
AHHH WHY ARE THESE ALL SO DIFFICULT if i had to choose my fav of all time i’d prob say Skins bc i just love how just purely human the writers made each character and i could really relate to them
💃- Height measurement?
5 ft 5 in (i actually used to be taller than everyone i knew but then i just like stopped growing???????)
🌎 - Dream holiday location?
i’ve always wanted to visit Alaska bc it just seems so pretty there
🦑- Favourite weather?
okokok so i fucking love when it’s sunny and warm but there’s still a little breeze that you’re not sweating like a mofo like !!!!!!! that is the best weather ever
🌈 - Sexuality?
ah jeez so i’m bisexual but i’m way more attracted to males than females (which my friends don’t really get but then again i don’t really live to be easy to get, ya feel?)
🐲- Favourite video game(s)?
pokémon. hands down. next question.
👾- Any fandoms you part of?
well kpop-wise i stan SF9, BTS, NCT, and EXO (i’m also complete trash for 4MINUTE but then they just had to go and break up) 💩- Biggest fear(s)?
i have a rlly bad fear of drowning and i legit cannot get on a boat without struggling to breathe and having my legs shake like crazy 🙃 i also have pretty bad stage fright but i’ve been making progress getting over it as of late so that’s lit 👍
👽- Favourite book/comic(s)?
school has made me hate reading so tbh i don’t really have one
👑- Biggest idol?
is it corny to say my mom? fuck it, i don’t care bc my mom is srsly the strongest person i’ve ever known and she’s a badass i love her
🙉 - Tell me a secret?
lok um here’s one: yesterday, when i was done chewing my gum in class, i stuck it under my chair bc i didn’t want to walk to the trash can
💫- Single or taken?
single (but i have a rlly unhealthy crush on this boy at school that i can never have so u can imagine what a mess i am)
💥- Ever got in a fight?
physically? no. verbally? yes. i’m like really outspoken so i’m always getting myself in trouble by standing up for people that won’t speak up themselves
🌵- Done any drugs?
lol yeah bc they’re like everywhere u look in my school and i used to say yes to trying everything so ppl would like me????? (i was involved in a bad crowd for a while) idk i’ve smoked weed, done acid, and drank alcohol
👅- Follow any religions or beliefs?
nah fam
👻- Country you live in?
the united states of ‘murica 🇺🇸
🤡- What are you currently wearing?
pajamas (which for me is an oversized t shirt and no pants)
💲- Last thing you bought?
i’m like 99% sure it was food but i don’t really remember what it was exactly oops
⚜️- Name your 3 favourite tumblr blogs!
oh god it’s so hard to choose *sweats* uh ok if it’s only 3 i’d prob have to go with @antisocial-burrito @leesanhyuk and @ohjuho
🔮- Any paranormal experiences?
oh hell no i don’t fuck with that demon shit
💻- Best pickup line?
i’m sorry i legit can’t think of anything rn but it’s prob something involving a cringey play on words
🐮- Favourite animal(s)?
dogs 🐶
🌸- Speak any languages?
english is my first language but i speak, read, and write spanish pretty well too
🐙- How long is your hair?
bruh i have no idea but it’s pretty damn long bc i haven’t cut it in what feels like centuries
🍙- Selfie? (i can’t seem to attach one here so i’ll just post one for u)