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Magic - Jason Todd

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Request: “Jason and magician s/o and they have a kid so they do small spells to entertain their kid as he watches them have fun! Lots of fluff please!!”- anon,, i kinda made the reader like Zatanna

Warnings: none

Word count: 519

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You were woken up by a crying noise. 6:15 am. You internally groaned, you hadn’t gotten a good night’s rest in 6 months. But it was all worth it, you thought. You got up out of your comfortable bed that you shared with Jason and went into the nursery. You go to pick up the crying baby when a hand stops you. “I got her, go to bed,” Jason says in a raspy voice, “Are you sure?” you ask looking at your husband. “Yes, i’ve got her, go,” he replied, picking her up and kissing you on the forehead. When you enter your shared room you instantly curl up in a ball under the sheets and instantly fall asleep.

The next morning, you and Jason both had a day off from work so both of you had decided to spend some time with your child. You set down y/d/n on the blanket covered ground and you decided to use your powers to mess with her a little. “Ekam ynit sesroh raeppa”(make tiny horses appear). After the incarnation that you spoke, tiny horses began to appear and prance around your 6 month old daughter. She continued to laugh and laugh. It was the most wonderful sound you ever heard. “Breakfast!” jason called out from the kitchen. “Etativel” (Levitate). Y/d/n had been lifted off the ground and is now floating by your shoulder. You grabbed her little arms and pulled he toward the kitchen. “Pots” (Stop), you caught her before she could reach the ground and put her in her high chair. You decided you weren’t going to feed her normally. “Deef ym ybab dehsam sananab” (Feed my baby mashed bananas), Soon the baby food container had opened and the plastic spoon dipped into the container and scooped out some mashed bananas, you made airplane noises so y/d/ would open up and swallow the food and, being the good girl that she is, she did. While the magic spoon fed your child you and Jason had a nice and relaxing talk about her future. You both agreed that whatever she wanted to do in her like you would be supportive of it.

Soon it was time for y/d/n to have her afternoon nap and she did not like that idea. You had thought of different ways for her to sleep, but you knew it wouldn’t work. “Why don’t you just use magic to make her sleep,” Jason said as he came up behind you, “I don’t know if it’s a good idea,” You said warily. “Don’t just incarnate her to sleep, make a spell that would only make her sleep for 3 hours,” You looked at y/d/n and decided you would do that. You put her in her crib and chanted “Tel ym ybab plees rof 3 sruoh”(Let my baby sleep for 3 hours), soon enough her crying stopped and she was sound asleep.

“I love you,” Jason said as he came up behind you wrapping his arms around your waist, “I love you,” you replied kissing him, passionately.