i am credit to fandom


After the unfortunate event which happened to @madam-outlander today I wanted to thank all the creative people in this fandom who make videos, gifs, recaps, fan fictions, drawings, OL funko pop’s scenes, outlander dolls and other various fan arts because my fandom experience is so much better and fun due to all these talented people sharing their creativity with us and I realized that I might take them for granted.

I reblog things that I like and usually tag the creator as well and I’m not sure that is enough but I’ll endeavor to do better (please do let me know what else I should do.)

Giving credit where credit is due is a no brainer and is THE RIGHT thing to do. Integrity is a quality seriously lacking in this world but I’m proud to say that the bloggers I follow and this part of the OL community is full of people who truly inspire me.  

yknow i respect the batim fandom bc i havent once seen any reposts of art, art being used without it not being credited, and how everyone is friendly with one another’s headcanons. no fights had broke out between if bendy has a neck or not and a tail or not, all of those au writers have been respected greatly, and themeatly is just a genuinely great guy, especially since he includes fan’s work in his game (and credits the sources), and gives us the opportunity to be involved. like damn. BATIM is a great game and fandom and I hope no one ruins that. And there’s more in the tags on why I love this fandom. 

Why they look the same

Squip: you can also set me for…

Squip: Sean Connery,

Squip: Jack Nicholson,


Sexy Anime Female

'Cause there is hate
And there is love
And there is loss
But there is light
And there is dark
Then there is us
A Beautiful Indifference - Rise Against

Pay no attention to this post

So I’m going through the Guardians of Gahoole tag,

And I’m feeling a bit nostalgic.

I mean I was my childhood.

It was what I grew up with.

And rereading it now


I’m finding a lot of underlying humor and sarcasm he he….

It’s just an amazing, sad, funny, hopeful, book series that didn’t get much credit….

I am a proud part of the fandom, and I am running an incorrect blog for it, that will quickly turn into a gog sideblog.

*sniff* I need a tissue.. I was just reading the last book…

Is one of the fandoms that I am a proud member of.

They say that your either a Warrior cats, Gahoole, or redwall kid… Well i was gog XD.

I’m gonna do fanart sooner or later


There are no Dana models… then again I think you should be glad, Dana.

(I don’t know why that title screen is so long sorry;;;)



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I hate it when people talk about how gay a show is and praise the creators for making it super gay and get excited about “representation” when none of the characters they’re talking about are actually LGBT+, either in canon or stated by people behind the scenes