i am coyote

It is summer.
I am coyote mouth,
biting a past-me until
it disappears into the lake.
And all the knives I’ve lapped up come spilling out of me like teeth.
And I can’t remember January
or March–
just my mothers hands
touching my face.
—  Allison Morgan, “a dog bit a chain link fence”

ॐ ❂ ☼ I am Spirit in the body of Wombyn. I am STARDUST on a mission, a bright morning star of venus swimming in the Galactic Ocean of divine love & wisdom. I am Coyote Wombyn. I am Raven Wombyn. I am a shapeshifter. I am Serpentina Kundalini Rising. Holy Sex goddess for my counterpart - Divine Masculine - in the body of Man. I am Daughter of Eve. Daughter of La Luna. Daughter of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. I am daughter of Full Corn Moon, when the plums scarlet and brother Deer paw the earth. I am Sister of the Red Rose, a disciple of SHE, walking the footsteps of Mary Magdalene - Miss Wisdom keeper of Sacred knowledge. I am a Mistress of the Labyrinth, a Kali dancing, Shadow trancing, Tantric Tempest, Passion Priestess. I gather women to the circle. I sing the sacred songs. I dance my prayers, I bleed my thoughts. I walk with the God-dess, and s-he walks with me. I am Born again to be Priestess, in this life time HERE and NOW. As I re-member Her Story and Her Song, as I continue to find the Balance within, I inspire other witches to do the same. I am Here again to be a stewardess of the earth, a right hand to the God-dess. The Gaia in me, and in you.

I am a Strong Wombyn, I am a Story Wombyn, I am a Healer, my soul will never die ☼ ❂ ॐ

And so it is.

So mote it be.

I’m not gonna get over this. Shane Doan got dumped by the Coyotes. Shane Doan, who always put the team before his personal success, who never went to a contender at the deadline because he believed in helping the rookies more than his own legacy, who did all he could to turn AZ in to a respectable state/team, just got dumped by that team unceremoniously and I am fucking PISSED.


imagine the bureaucracy nightmare getting a permit for an electric fence would be in a densely populated area.