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imagine the bureaucracy nightmare getting a permit for an electric fence would be in a densely populated area.

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Author’s note: This I wanna write earlier, but I didn’t. I hope you’ll like this. Feel free to request something because my inbox is empty.

Warning: swearing, bloody fight

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Y/N was sitting in the library and have a some reading research. She was always into murders and when her professor psychology said that they have to do a seminar about some theme which they want, she knew what to write about immediately. Right after class, because she has a free period, she went in here. Y/N really liked their library. She was big and had everything. Even interior was good looking. Shelves were on left and right side in many colonies and straight were stairs. Behind them was a really big window with some murals and it was looking really great. On bottom floor was history, math, English and others part which is linked with school. On top floor were many interesting things. Photography, art, criminology, even some books about mythological beings and similar.

Everybody loved second-floor because it was funnier and only geeks were downstairs doing some researchers.

She moved her hair behind an ear and look those pictures. Her eyes were on the page with unsolved crimes. Y/N smiled when she recognized bites of a werewolf. Wounds were deep and she knew who murdered this person. One and only Peter Hale. She hated that man. He wes really annoying and not helpful, egocentric, selfish man. And she hated him even more because he tried to hook up with her mom.

Y/N looked in her hands. She didn’t control herself and claws showed up. She closed her eyes and claws disappeared. The sound of stepping reproduce in her ears. Y/N closed the book and look in front of her.

‘I can hear you, you know?’, she said frowning her eyebrows.

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Request: Could you do a Barry imagine were the reader is a were-coyote (instead of werewolf) but was a coyote her entire life until the particle accelerator struck and turned her into a human so she has a hard time understanding human things but Barry teaches her and she ends up liking him and often calls him “mate” instead of boyfriend (since she’s still learning human things) let me know if this is too complicated or it it’s too weird

Prompt: Reader is a were-coyote who is dating Barry and has a bit of a temper issue.


Warning: Semi-threat (she doesn’t finish saying it)

A/N: So this took me a while to type and I apologize, hope you enjoy it! Happy Reading, babes!

Barry’s POV

Y/N sat down on the spinning chair with her legs underneath her looking at everything in the room. It had been almost a year since she went back to being a human but she still felt odd and out of place sometimes.

She use to be a human but after a car accident her were-coyote side became her only side. When the particle accelerator exploded it reversed it and she was human again but unfortunately she had to learn how to behave like a human again. We locked her up when the police got reports about somebody with glowing eyes and fangs going around town attacking people at random and while she was in the pipeline Caitlin did some research out of curiosity for Y/N coyote like behaviors and animistic way of thinking and we figured out what happened.  

After a while she started to trust us and we learned to trust her. We let her out under one condition, she would learn how to control her abilities and learn how to behave like a human. So far she had managed to use her abilities well, we don’t even have to lock her up when a full moon comes around but she is still a bit oblivious to social norms.

Y/N was so different from everybody else. When we started helping her I would usually volunteer and bit by bit I fell in love with her. Whenever she would do something weird like sniff the air I would laugh and think it was adorable, she didn’t think that. After Cisco pointed out that I thought everything she did was amazing and that my heart rate increased around her I realized how I felt.

I don’t know how it happened but it happened. We started dating and to this day I don’t understand how she could possibly like me back. I am a mess around her and whenever she was going a problem with something personal like her frustration about having memory loss and not remembering her family well I don’t know what to do. It made me feel like I had failed her, like I couldn’t do anything for her. The only thing that makes me feel better is that somehow my presence was enough to calm her down, whenever she was stressed I’d sit down next to her and just hug, telling her it was going to be okay. But I always wish I could do more.

“Hi, Barry.” She perks up her head and turns around to face me, stands up and walks over to me, getting close to me and smiling.

“You are doing it again” I say smiling back at her.

“Doing what?” she asks tilting her head to the side like a confused puppy.

“Getting on other personal space, you really gotta work on that.”

“Right, sorry.” she takes a step back and looks down at the floor with a sad look, she turns to walk away but I reach for her hand and pull her back to me.

“I don’t mind it.” I whisper as I lean in to kiss her. I place my hands on her waist and pull her closer to me, a small moan escaping my lips as I felt her finger running through my hair. I pulled her even close if possible and deepened the kiss.

“Oh, wow. Sorry, I’ll uh-give you two a minute.” we both break away to find Iris walking in.

“Iris, hey! That was-uh…sorry. You don’t have to go.” I quickly say as I fix my hair a bit with a permanent smirk on my face.

“Okay…I was wondering if you guys could come to Jitters with me.”

“Why?” y/n asks standing up higher on her tiptoes to see behind Iris, “Are you in danger?”

“What? No, y/n I am perfectly okay.”  

“That was sarcasm, right?” y/n questioned her eyes glowing y/e/c and her claws coming out.

“No, y/n she is not in danger she just wants us to go with her.”

“Okay, I guess I could go for something to eat.” y/n shrugged and grabbed my hand in hers.


Okay but I am pretty sure that it was sarcasm. Once when Cisco came up with the little thing that glows he said ‘pinch me I must be dreaming’ and I did. Barry talked to me about sarcasm and said that they talked in a different tone. Iris talked in a different tone.

“So how do I know someone is being sarcastic for sure?” I ask aloud as we walked into Jitters together.

“Trust me, when someone is being sarcastic you will know.” Iris says getting us some seats close to a window.

“You guys want the usual?” Iris and I both nod as Barry walks towards the empty cashier.

“So you and Barry seem happy?”

“Yeah we are happy.” I say looking over at him as he orders our coffee while the cashier girl eyed him up and down.

“I got a call from work. It will only take a second, excuse me.” she smiles answering it and shifting on her chair.

“That’s fine.” I whisper so I don’t interrupt her call. I turn back to Barry and see the cashier girl put her hand on his shoulder and laugh. I move my hair behind my ear and look down at the floor trying to concentrate on what she was saying to him using my hearing abilities.

“You are so funny, I bet girls are always throwing themselves at you. I mean I see you with your girlfriend all the time, she seems…nice but I know you can do better. Here I’ll give you my number and…”

“Oh no, I am okay. I don’t need your number. I have a girlfriend and nothing beats her, seriously.”

“Come on, we could have some fun too.” she hands him our coffee cups and put her hand on top of his but before he can pull away I walk over to them leaving Iris alone on the phone.

“Like he said, he has a girlfriend so I suggest you get your hands off my mate or I will follow your scent back to your house and use my bare hands to kil-”

“Okay, we’ll just take our order. Have a nice day!” Barry says grabbing the coffees and pulling me away.

“I can smell the fear coming from her, I think she got the message.” I whisper to Barry and smile.

“Why did you do that?”

“Because you are my mate and I need to protect you at all cost.”

“You feel the need to protect me?” he ask with a puzzled look.

“Of course, I mean I am or was a coyote, we are very protective and you are my mate. I’ve told you that before.”

“What does that have to do with-”

“Coyotes mate for life Barry. I can’t lose you.” I say look up at him as if it was obvious and see a smile slowly appear on his face.

“Really? I just..sometimes I feel like you don’t really need me.”

“Are you kidding? Barry I would be road kill by now or lock up on the pipeline if it wasn’t for you. You never doubted my ability to get better and you help me control myself which I am aware is hard sometimes, well all the time. I owe you a lot.”

He gets up and walks over to me, he cups my cheeks with both hands and pulls me into a kiss. I feel my heart pounding faster and I can hear his heart doing it too but he pulls away from me with a teasing smirk.

“Hey, at least we know we don’t have to work on your temper, right?.”

“Are you being sarcastic? That was sarcasm right?” I smile knowing I was probably right.

“Now you are getting it.”

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It was our Destiny || steroline fanfic|| ch 1 (A/U)


“Do you ever feel like there is no one in this world who loves you.” Her tears fell from the corner of her eyes making its ways through her cheeks. She lost the supposed love of her life so many times, and now she feared to fell for those green orbs with every single second.

A/N: This Fic was getting dusted sitting on my laptop, and so I just thought of posting it here. Although I did made some changes here and there taking some suggestions i was pointed out, its still not the best though. but anyways, you can read it :)

“Caroline, you are getting late.” Sarah’s voice was on high pitch piercing through Caroline’s ear.

“I know, why do you think I am running like a coyote here?” She was grabbing her notes and putting them into her bag as fast as possible.

Sarah looked at her, who was walking crazily from one corner to another n their dorm room.

“We have to shift to the apartments today you know that right?” questioned Sarah.

“Yeah, don’t remind me. I will come later, take all my bags and will head straight to the apartment. But right now I can’t be late for this class. As my first day, the first impression is so not gonna be the one of being a lazy student, and I don’t want to fail my elective class either. So, I will just, rush.” Said Caroline breathlessly.

“Who told you to take the literature class? It is so boring.”

“Yeah but it will be good for my major, you know. I will see you later.” Said Caroline while going out of her dorm.

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What Starrk and Lilinette used to do before they became espada

As requested by ekstez. :)

Before Starrk and Lilinette joined Aizen, they spent their time alone in the Hueco Mundo dessert for who knows how long. What did they do to fill the endless hours? Here are some ideas!

1. Talked about their names

When Starrk and Lilinette first split into two, they introduced themselves to each other. Personally, I’m fascinated that they somehow had names for themselves. Names that matched their future release really well. Even though they didn’t know what it was yet, since they weren’t espada.

Lilinette: I wonder why we have different family names when we’re the same person.

Starrk: That way it’ll be a surprise when people find out we’re related.

Starrk: If we ever have friends someday.

Lilinette: Also why is your name Coyote anyway? Did you used to be a hollow coyote or something?

Starrk: I think I am called ‘Coyote’ because I am a lone wolf.

Lilinette: Are wolves and coyotes the same thing?

Starrk: Do I look like I have google on me?

2.  Kept trying to make friends

Because they were pretty lonely. And because maybe they thought that splitting into two would keep them from killing any hollows that came into contact with them.

Starrk: Well so much for that.

Lilinette: Yeah I guess our soul is too strong for these hollow guys, even split into two.

Lilinette: We’ll never have anyone but each other, Starrk.

Starrk: I guess so.

Starrk: We never should have come to this birthday party.

3. Adopted some pet rocks.

Because at least rocks don’t die in their vicinity.

Lilinette: I can’t believe you’re really going through with this pet rock thing, Starrk!!

Lilinette: It’s a little dumb!

Starrk: Hush. You’ll upset Rocky.

4. Adopted some pet trees.

They were really lonely, guys.


Starrk: If you don’t want Rocky and Piney to get married, then say so.

Starrk: But I for one support their love.


Lilinette: Clearly I’m the half with the brains.

5. Wandered around

I imagine they just spent a lot of time walking. And walking. And walking.

Starrk: I think we came this way before.

Lilinette: So what?

Lilinette: And also, how do you know? Everywhere looks the same.

Starrk: [points at giant pile of dead hollows]

Lilinette: Oh.

6. Napped

Mostly Starrk did this, I suppose.

Lilinette: I would draw on his face, but I am in a desert without permanent markers.

Lilinette: My life is pain.

7. Philosophical discussions

You know, the kind of philosophical discussions you get into when you spend all your time with one other person.

Starrk: If we talk, is it a conversation, or am I just talking to myself?

Lilinette: Who cares?

Starrk: When you punch me, is it assault or self-harm?

Lilinette: Who cares?

Starrk: If you kill me, is it murder or suicide?


8. Solitaire

……um they make cards out of rocks I guess. Shut up I think it’s a funny image.

Starrk: If we play solitaire together, is that an oxymoron, or isn’t it?

Lilinette: OH MY GOD

9. Fake shooting games

They didn’t have guns yet, but they would throw rocks at targets. Because that just felt right.

Starrk: Throw the rock over there.

Lilinette: Why?

Starrk: It just seems more correct if I tell you where to fire.

Starrk: I mean throw.

10. Playing the “if we had friends” game…

Just a little game they invented.

Starrk: If I had friends, I would play capture the flag with them.

Lilinette: If I had friends, I’d watch scary movies with them and laugh if they got scared!

Starrk: If I had friends, I’d take selfies with them.

Lilinette: If I had friends, we’d gossip about you, Starrk!

Starrk: I’d have sleepovers.

Lilinette: You forgot to say “If I had friends”! Point for me!

Starrk: This is the saddest game ever.