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Japan sweet haul with @ineverhadmyinternetphase. First five images were Kracie’s Popin Cookin Paste Soda which tasted like plastic rolled in popping candy and literally what on earth? (but was pretty much the same as the one in Dan and Phil’s Epic Japanese Candy Time!!!)

The second five were gummy sweets that tested our colour mixing knowledge (limited), required accurate pipette control and felt like we were conducting a science experiment. Final outcome: a spiky cloud, elephant and deformed gummy bear that tasted…interesting? Japan, your sweets are ridiculous but that was super fun.

On Victor being captured already

I am preparing for a huge  “Yuri Katsuki’s evolution”-post, but I don’t think I’ll be able to put all evidence together today, haha. But can we pleeease talk about this hunch of mine in the meanwhile, that from the moment Victor decided to fly to Japan and become Yuri’s coach he was already totally captivated?

I don’t think he was expecting something specific to happen, but it might have been a feeling that this is what he needs to do and he was just following his spark at first. But during the episodes he has openly put his cards on the table regarding Yuri. When he didn’t know what to do he tried understanding the situation better by asking Yuri, he asked him what Yuri wants him to be, how to help him, he offered different roles he would be willing to take on for Yuri. And he also voiced that he would be totally okay with things evolving in a romantic way through that too.

Victor was open towards Yuri and a potential relationship repeatedly and Yuri always denied. Although he clearly was seducing Victor while skating. (I started thinking Yuri is actually the bigger tease here!)

Wasn’t it clear as crystal that Victor would go nowhere after episode 3 and that he was intending to stay beside Yuri in whichever way? Did not even the prodcuers say that “Victor’s heart was stolen away by Yuri” ??

(from http://fencer-x.tumblr.com )

And in Episode 7 during the crying-scene even Yuri was well aware that Victor would not simply leave him. He couldn’t imagine it himself either. It has been a lost cause for Victor for months already! xD

He grows as a human and as a coach, he who was called egoistic and only thinking of himself by Yakov tries his hardest to be a support for Yuri and even though he does not find the perfect way each time, he wholeheartedly tries and learns. And there is no way he would be leaving Yuri now.

Can you even imagine him leaving Yuri at all? Doesn’t his world revolve around Yuri so much right now? They are together all the time and even if Victor would go back to skating for a last season in the end, it would be because of Yuri and with a new found spark thanks to Yuri.

I started thinking of Victor as being trapped in a cobweb already, even though I don’t mean it in a way that’s as harsh and brutal as it may sound.

But Victor looked sooo much in love the last episodes!

And this!!

And thanks to this wonderful flipped screencap here, it looks even more like Victor is in too deep!

And Yuri is surprised, but not as much as one would have expected him to be, he didn’t flip out or asked why. (This fuels my theory that he was expecting this to happen sooner or later! Hnnggh >_< What’s with this super long post to relieve myself from the actual long post about this theory I wanted to postpone??)

So what was the point I wanted to make again? Oh yes, Victor is captivated and totally crazy over Yuri anyway and our dear Cinnamon roll Yuri totally evolved into a male seductress dominating the relationships’s development like wtf happened??

No seriously, let’s forget about my earnest efforst to write non-overly-fangirly meta at this point, wtf happened with Yuri Katsuki?? I need to dive into this and read and talk about it to understand his character and why it leaves me speechless and in total awe while also terrifying me a little. D= What is this darling child doing and thinking? And why does my feeling of I bet Victor’s the bottom and will gladly succumb to Yuri *lol*” turn into “I feel like Yuri makes Victor do all this, because he way back understood Victor needs to feel like he had the lead, while he totally has not“

What is this? D=

dead end chara!!
i did this earlier today, but i was anxious that i used this chara to try semi-realism.. but I have post it, it’s one of my favorite comic!
hope you like~ (ノシ ‘ω’)ノシ 

 Dead End/ @nekophy

The squad were saying how they loved that we we’re all so chill and were always mean to each other but no one was ever offended because they know how much they love them. 

 ESFJ: [INTP] is always mean to me.
ESFJ: *starts dying of laughter*
INTP: *laughs too but is also genuinely confused*

You know as much I like the idea of Kara and Lena together romantically I kinda like the idea of them as friends even more.Why? Because until she met Lena Kara Danvers never had a a real friend. She thought that Winn was her friend until his fuckboy friendzone metldwon in season one. And while he has become a vastly better person since then this will always taint their friendship to some degree

James could have been a friend but her crush on him and the fact that Clark felt he had the right to out her to James without asking her means they never got to do it quite right

But with Lena? This is a person who likes Kara Danvers. There no hidden motivation, no sexual thoughts, no Super issues. She just likes Kara Danvers for herself. And Kara never got to experience this till now. Never had someone who just genuinely wanted to be friends with Kara Danvers and she deserves this.

She deserves someone who is not after her romantically, who has no idea about her powers, who just likes her for herself

The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Reveal What They Want for Christmas

Iain: “A drone. He does have the Seven Dwarves. They haven’t been in action in a while. Maybe he wants an eighth dwarf. A Snow White. He wants a drone called Snow White.”

Elizabeth: “She wants a breakfast nook. She wants a new place to live. She wants a new apartment. She wants to be able to fluff pillows and host Christmas and have weird hydrogen ice cream topped with cesium candy. She wants to make all this weird s**t in the kitchen, but she can’t. So, yeah — she wants a homestead, I think. She’s kind of ready to be settled now. Whether she’ll ever get her breakfast nook and her apartment, who knows? But she’s gunning for it!”

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What even is shadow hunters. What is going on. What does the cup even do oh hello here is some closet gay action Christ Magnus bane? That’s some bamf name like. How is valentine the villain the one with the stupid name. And this shit with the runes? Unreal. This is the most dramatic stuff ever. Like keeping hostages in Tschernobyl? Wow. Wow. What even. Ok now vampires and werewolves and ? What are there fairy type things that have green pepperonis tattooed to their temples? And everyone else has tribals? I love this show.