i am concerned for this group


Samantha was falling asleep in her food, so before she did so literally, and not just figuratively, she decided to excuse herself.

“I hate to be rude, but I think I’m going to head to bed.”

“Are you alright, Dear” Dora asked, concerned.

“I’m fine Ma. Just tired. Good night everyone.”

“Goodnight” the group replied.

“I’ll walk you up, Sam” Peter offered.

“No, you stay with your guests.”

“If you’re sure.”

“I am. Good night.”

HEYS GUYS! LOOK! I got my first hate mail.Almost 4 years on here and almost 12 k followers, and never, not once, has anyone come into my inbox with something like this.


NO..now in all seriousness, let me address your “concerns” starting at the top with the last one, and working my way back to that first one you sent me, which is a doozy.

1.) NO, I am a SHINee STAN, AND multifandom, and I love TONS of other groups, girl groups included, although I don’t post them nearly enough. BUT, this is MY BLOG, and I’ll post whatever the fuck I want.

2.) Oh, she most definitely is! Can’t argue with you there…except for the stupid bitch part. I am very smart and super nice. :) You may want to work on those attributes yourself. 

3) Can’t argue with this one. And if you read any of my other post, you would know, that I HAVEN’T WATCHED TAEMIN’S WGM, so I have no idea.

4.) i run a blog that is like 80% SHINee and support Taemin in all his endeavors. There is one post on it with A JOKE about Taemin and Naeun and I’m the bad fan. You come into my inbox telling me that me and JONGHYUN ~ who Taemin ADORES, (oops, you meant the person who’s twitter post I posted, didn’t you?…doesn’t matter)~ should die.  I think you need take a long hard look at yourself and think about who is the bad fan.


PLEASE GET SOME HELP.  Only someone with severe mental issue themselves would do this to another person. Talk to your parents, Seek professional counseling. Talk to someone..Please.

One of my friends from school was kidnapped this week by ICE

Cal State Los Angeles student Claudia Rueda taken by ICE this morning. Please mobilize and spread the word #FreeClaudia

“Early this morning, Border Patrol conducted a raid in Boyle Heights kidnapping Claudia Rueda outside her home in Boyle Heights, immigrant rights organizer with the Los Angeles Immigrant Youth Coalition and student at Cal State Los Angeles. Claudia most recently lead a campaign to free her mom, Teresa, from ICE detention after Border Patrol agents similarly kidnapped Teresa from their home.

When the officials showed up this morning, family members knew not to open the door since the agents couldn’t produce a warrant. But they got to Claudia anyway while she was outside moving the family’s car. For several hours her family had no idea where she was.

Claudia has lived in the US nearly her entire life. She participated in college-prep programs, was a student at UC Santa Cruz, and transferred to Cal State LA where she is currently studying Latin American Studies and has the support of many professors and campus organizations.Claudia has been preparing for apply for DACA but had been unable to gather the money for the filing fees.

Claudia’s best friend states: “Claudia is an extremely supportive, empowering, and hard working friend. All throughout high school, she encouraged students to continue their studies in higher education, becoming involved in afterschool programs like ESCALERA. Throughout our college career, she has continuously supported me, offered her home, and her wisdom to continue being a hardworking student and following our passions.”

Call Border Patrol in Chula Vista at 619-498-9750 to demand DHS not initiate removal proceedings and release Claudia to let her apply for DACA and get back to her family and completing finals.

“Hi, my name is ________________, and I am a concerned community member calling in support of Claudia Sarahi Rueda Vidal, DOB: 1/15/95, a DACA eligible youth, college student and beloved community member from Boyle Heights. Claudia has been a mentor in the community to other youth and has long fought for justice for others. I demand that Border Patrol release her to her family and community to let her apply for DACA with USCIS.”


*** this is a copy and paste from her group’s Facebook. Claudia was head of a group of people that collaborated with my MSA and BLACK student union as well as the transgender rights/undocumented students group TRUCHA at our school. This is clearly a targeted attack because of her activism. I desperately need everyone’s help in trying to free her.

I was hoping that Neville would assist me with the first stage of the operation, and I am sure he will perform it admirably.”  - Remus Lupin

as far as i am concerned, this operation-speak was a slip and is canon proof that the marauders used military-speak (operation, stages, point position, code names) when they were mayhem-making.

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Is the Cohort in Lord of Shadows inspired by the reactions people have had to certain oranges?

Love the careful language :) If you’re asking whether the Cohort subplot of Lord of Shadows is meant to reference our current political situation, the answer is yes.

I had finished Lady Midnight and was working on Lord of Shadows when the terror attack in Paris occurred and then-candidate Donald Trump started talking about registering Muslims. At that point I already knew that one of the villains of the Dark Artifices was going to be the Cohort, an extremist group. I had written about the Cold Peace in City of Heavenly Fire, knowing that sweeping discriminatory resolutions tend to embolden those who are already prejudiced. There’s always been commentary in the books about how “the Clave is bigoted” and “the Clave tries to restrict people’s rights,” and that’s always been shorthand for “those in power in the Clave” — but to be fair, in actuality the Clave is made up of a wide variety of people with many differing beliefs and opinions. The Cohort, on the other hand, is in a way a rebirth of The Circle, in that it is a group within the Clave that has united behind their strongly-held discriminatory beliefs.

Hearing talk of registries was (and is) distressing to me as it is to so many of us. I am concerned for vulnerable populations that are being targeted, and also it brings to mind a horrifying chapter in the history of my own family and so many other families as well. Many people in my grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ generation died in the Holocaust. As early as 1938 the Nazis demanded that all Jews register with the authorities. Later, those registration records were used to draw up deportation lists used to send people to concentration camps. When I go to Eastern Europe now, and read the lists of the deported, I imagine the ghosts of my family, all the great-aunts and uncles that were, and the cousins that will never be, all around me.

Even in a world with demons, sometimes the scariest monsters are the human ones.

A Lesson [M]

Anonymous said: How about: you’re Jungkook’s girlfriend and once you had sex togheter on their dorm(you thought you were alone) suddenly Suga come and say that Kookie doesn’t make you scream enough so he decided to give him some tips … I know it’s hard, but I think It could be very interesting ;)

Anonymous said: Could you write a threesome with Yoongi and Kookie pls ?

Warnings: threesome smut, language

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

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Trash you don't have to post to answer this but, Personally I do think your getting a bit rude with us, the fans. I understand the choices you've made with your undertale au but somethings you get really rude and triggered over,, easiest one to point out is the whole all 8 kids are non binary. Yeah it's way to coincidental that all the kids have different soul colors in the spectrum, and fell on the same date different years, and 14 yo or younger,, and I get your thinking for it, similar (1/2)

I understand that you’re just concerned with my reactions towards a few individuals. And I’ll be the first one to say that I do need to exercise patience a bit more often, and I am pretty easily fired up about certain issues. But… listen.

I’m not trying to be “balanced”. I’m not looking to fill a certain quota of genders, races, and sexualities for the sake of brownie points on tumblr. It was never about that. I do think that certain groups do deserve to have more representation, but not for the sake of balance.

Look at something like Sailor Moon. All the main characters are girls. There are a few noteworthy boy characters but like 90% of all the main characters are girls. Is there any reason for this? Could they have had more boys in the cast? Are they excluding boys for some reason? Of course not. It’s just a show with a lot of girls in it. There’s nothing wrong with that. And my gender ratio isn’t even that extreme in comparison even if you count all the fallen children, many of which who haven’t even appeared yet.

I do appreciate the civility you’re showing. I get a lot of people who just kinda yell at me about stuff like this. :/


Imagine You're a Seahorse Mermaid

The trip from the ocean had not been a pleasant one. You had been enjoying the reef, on your own, heedless of the many warnings you’d received all your life to not do just that. In the beautiful clear, relatively shallow water, you had been spotted by the marine team, and they had quickly swooped down upon you, netting you, and pulling your panicked self into their boat. The shouting when they realized exactly what they had netted- a seahorse mermaid- intensified, and rather than being tagged and thrown back, you were transferred to a dark, cramped holding tank bellow deck.

With no way to see the outside world, or even feel the currents of the ocean any more, you had no way of telling just exactly how much time had passed in that tank. There was a sudden stop though, sending you crashing into wall with momentum. Not enough to hurt, but certainly startling. The hatch above was opened, and several hands reached in to grab you. There was no room to avoid them, and you were swiftly fished out of the tank. You squirmed, instinctually, but they held you fast. At least one of them- perhaps accidentally- got a grip on you with one hand firmly over your breast. Another hand pressed distressingly close to your special lower opening, causing unwanted pleasure, and more fear.
You were quickly dropped into a new tank, though, this one glass, with wheels on the bottom. You swam immediately do the bottom, looking around fearfully as you were wheeled into the strange location.

Tanks. Rows and rows of tanks. Fish and mer-people of every type populated them. Your expression shifted to one of shock, while still maintaining the high level of fear and confusion, as you put your hands against the glass, pressing to it trying to see better. You saw a pod of killershark mermaids swim past in one large tank. Another housed several lionshark mermen eyeing one another uneasily. Yet another had almost an entire school of mackerel mermaids. You wondered, what WAS this place?

“Looking at your new neighbors?” The one who was pushing your tank spoke to you. You couldn’t understand the sounds it was making. “Don’t worry. We’re very careful to only ever put friendly fish folk in with one another. We don’t want to cause any more stress than we have to. Unfortunately… no one’s ever housed a live Seahorse Mermaid before, so we don’t have a tank free for you just now. But don’t worry. We’re going to put you in with the Whaleshark Mermaids. They’re notoriously docile with every other mer-creature out there, so you’ll be fine.”

You stared at this creature in confusion. What was it DOING. Was it trying to communicate? The both of you passed through a series of doors, before it stopped your tank above another, near the edge.

“If it were up to me… I’d take you home with me. You’re the most beautiful… sexy… creature I’ve ever seen. Wouldn’t be the first time. I’ve got a nice tank set up at home for just such lovely creatures as yourself. But the team was with me today, so– for now, at least, you’ll have to stay here. But I’ll visit you as often as I can.”

A button was pressed, and your tank-on-wheels slowly leaned forward, the water spilling out, into the waiting tank bellow. You swam back and forth, panicked, before the current took you, and you slipped out, falling the short distance to the water bellow. Once again, you quickly swam to the bottom, finding some seaweed to hide (as best you could) amongst.

And then it was quiet.

This place lacked the… pulse and flow of the ocean. It was so still. It was SO still that you could almost feel them before you saw them.

The Whaleshark Mermaids.

You and your kin were always careful to hide yourselves away from other merpeople. It wasn’t because you didn’t like them, exactly, it was just… sometimes, some sort of- hormonal switch would fire off in a mer-creatures head, causing them to desire nothing else above mating with Seahorse Mermaid in question. It didn’t effect all of them, but it effected enough of them that isolation was really just the better way to do things.

So. It went without saying that you had never seen a Whaleshark Mermaid so close before. They were larger than you, almost amazonian in nature. If you swam hip-to-hip with them, their heads would be at least two heads past your own, and their tails extended a great distance past your own, and were much more muscular, more powerful, meant for open-ocean swimming. Yours was short in comparison, delicate, meant for anchoring you from drifting off in currents. Their upper halves were equally muscular, while still retaining many feminine curves. They were, to your way of thinking, both beautiful and frightening.

The pod was concerned for you, and then- confused. You were not a Mermaid whaleshark. You were something NEW. Something different. One of them, the largest in the group, approached you carefully.

<You are all right?> She inquired. her way of speaking was strange, accented to your ear, but understandable.

<I- I don’t know. Where am I? What’s going on?> You replied, frightened.

<You are at a new home. At this place where the land creatures keep us. They look at us. They feed us. They do not put us back. But. They do not hurt us, either,> She said gently, the rest of the pod hanging back out of respect, it would seem. She reached out to touch you, intending a comforting gesture.

Her touch was incredible. You felt something inside of you click, almost, and to your surprise, it seemed that she felt it, too.

<I.. you… you are so beautiful,“ her hand drifted down your arm, taking a firm hold, and pulling you closer.

<No,> You responded weakly. You were smitten by her beauty, it was true, but the size of her intimidated you. Could this be happening? You did not want this! <Please, no>

<I cannot…. cannot stop,> Her head craned down, her lips capturing yours for a deep, passionate kiss. She continued to hold you firmly by the arm, her other hand moving to start pressing on your lower opening, attempting to manipulate to give you pleasure- and to cause it to open. You moaned, half heartedly trying to escape, but with your useless tail, such a thing was pointless. with one single flick of her tail, the two of you were propelled, over to the glass of the tank, where she pressed up against you, continuing to manipulate you with her hand while invading your mouth. You gasped, inadvertently inviting opening your mouth further for her, as her large fingers plunged into you, successfully opening you bellow as well. She scissored her fingers, opening them up wide, before letting your muscle strength tighten then back up into a group… then opening them wide again. She did this several times, starting with just two fingers, and steadily adding another.. then another. You thought you might die, her fingers were so large, and strong. Your muscles strained against her, but could do nothing to prevent her actions.

Suddenly, she broke the kiss off from you. You were frightened to realize you were almost disappointed. She drifted upwards, keeping her fingers in you, until your head was at her breasts. She arched her back, pressing them to your face, and you, almost dutifully, took her nipple into your mouth, instincutally working it about with your tongue, pressing it to the roof of your mouth, sucking powerfully, occasionally breaking the suction to lick. You were so busy doing this you didn’t notice any of the other things happening in those moments.

First, the other Whaleshark Mermaids were all drifting closer, some reaching to their friends to manipulate them, as they watched. They all had a… somewhat hungry look to their faces. But they were waiting. For now.

Second, that same creature that had dumped you into this tank moments before had appeared on the other side of the glass you were pressed to, and was watching in what had to be shock at what was happening to you. Had you been paying attention, you would have seen it check over its shoulders, nervously, before exposing it’s mating organ- perhaps this creature was male then? It manipulated it’s mating organ furiously, not so unlike the other Whaleshark Mermaids in the tank.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, the Whaleshark woman who still held you captive in her embrace had drifted high enough to align her lower opening with yours. Her fingers suddenly spread especially wide, causing you to gasp in surprise once more, and she pressed against you, filling your mouth with her breast, and pressing her opening to yours. Something… something was entering you. Something LARGE. It was not particularly hard, with some soft give to it. But it could only be compressed so much, and as it forced its way deeper and deeper into your opening, it became dencer and dencer, as your muscles attempted, uselessly to resist. You squirmed desperately trying to un-align your hips, but she was so much stronger, so much larger– you had no hope of moving. You realized, at some point that her hand had slipped between the two of you again, and she was manually pushing the thing into you now.

You tried to protest. You could not. You could not move, and she just shook her head at your attempts. <I am sorry. You must accept my eggs though. You must. You must.>

With a sudden shift, the thing- her egg- made it past your muscles fully, popping into your pouch. It felt so heavy. It made you feel so bloated. You thought for a moment that she was done, but her grip tightned on your arm when you tried to slip away. Eggs. She had said Eggs. Plural. She slipped her fingers into you, opening you up once again.

This time, the egg came much faster, as she smashed her hips into yours, desperately, groaning as the egg exited her body, before once again– pushing it with the flat of her palm into your pouch, fully. You were horrified. You had felt so heavy with just one. Now two!?

Thankfully, once she had rammed the second egg into you, her grip on your arm finally loosened, and she released you, letting you drift to the floor of the tank. Your hands instincitvely went to your pouch. Though the eggs were easily melon sized, the strength of your muscles clamping down on them made them somewhat smaller. They filled you utterly though, their jelly-like consistency allowing them fill you utterly, pushing up against one another to fight for space, forcing your belly outward where no more space was to be had. You looked like a mockery of parenthood. Thankfully though, it was over.

Or so you thought.

Even as the largest of the Whaleshark Mermaids drifted away, seemingly shocked at what she had just done, the others fell upon you. The pushed at one another, grabbing at you, fighting, gently, over who would have you next. One began kissing you, As another swam around to manipulate your breasts from behind. Still another began pressing her hips to yours, wasting no time in getting her eggs on their way to their new home, inside you.

They swarmed around you, taking turns, all desperate, but none wanting to damage you. They were surprisingly gentle, even as you were pulled from one to the next, and pressed egg after egg after egg into your already over-burdend pouch.

At the end of it all, you had seven eggs inside of you. Where as before you thought you looked like a mocekery of parenthood, now you knew you were an outright parody of it. You were positively huge. You belly was completely firm, with out give– there were too many eggs, too tightly packed! You sunk immediately to the bottom, your belly pointing upwards where the other women swam, somewhat confused over what had just happened, none daring to get close to you again just yet, lest it happen again. You turned your head away from them, toward the corner of the tank, between the floor and the wall. At least, you thought weakly, there were no males in this tank. Without any firtalization agent, the eggs would be a burden for a while, but would eventually pass out of you. Eventually.

That’s when you finally noticed the creature on the other side of the glass, it’s mating organ still out, large, and hard in it’s hand. Staring at you. Hungrily.

This was not over.


In honor of LGBTQA+ Pride Month, I’ve written what was supposed to be a short snippet that quickly turned into a monster.

Quick shout out to my boo thang @catastrophicfawn. Here’s the H2OVanoss I promised you, even though its not the one I sent you initially. Lmao

And To my wonderful and amazing girlfriend, @heidipoo-xox, who reads everything I write to make sure it’s not garbage. I love you babe. Happy Pride. <3

Last note, there is a part where there is homophobic language that may be triggering to some. It’s quick and its short, but it helps with the message and I just want y’all to be aware.

That’s it! Love you guys and I hope ye enjoy! <3

In small towns, the likelihood of a person coming out as a member of the LGBTQ community was rare. More often than not, these individuals will remain deep in their own personal closets, afraid of the persecution that comes along with being themselves, until they can move away and pursue the life they’ve always wanted. There were other times however, where they would express themselves, come out with the thought that they could never live in a world where they were in a lie. These ones decided to deal with the dirty looks, the mean words, and the nasty rumors that circled about their own personal lives. It was hard, and trying on their mental and emotional states, but sometimes, they were able to find the support they craved.

For Jonathan Smith, it was all a reality.

He was thirteen when we understood that he wasn’t attracted to women.

At his best friend’s birthday party, he found himself ironically locked in a closet with a female classmate. When she leaned in to kiss him, as the game insisted, he hesitated. In the end, he did kiss the girl, but it left him asking questions about himself. He should have been happy, elated even, to have the opportunity to kiss one of the most popular girls in school. Instead, he found himself wondering what it would be like to kiss his best friend. It didn’t help when the intense feeling of jealousy bubbled up from his gut when Evan went into the closet with who would turn out to be his girlfriend for the next four years.

It took a year of soul searching, of crippling depression, of always thinking that there was something wrong with him. It wasn’t until his older brother, Luke, took him to a Pride parade in Washington DC and confided in him that he himself was bisexual, that Jonathan finally had what he was looking for.

He was gay, and he was proud.

Evan was the first person he told, and cried heavily when his best friend said that it didn’t change anything, and that he’d always love him.

So he started living a little more freely; within a month, the entire high school knew. And while he had earned some support, he had also gained some enemies.

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An Open Letter to BuzzFeed

I have grown increasingly sick of your two-faced attitude and carelessness with how you address social issues, particularly how you twist racism and sexism to fabricate superfluous stories about your celebrity of the week… which more than often happens to be none other than Taylor Swift. It is very telling how you preach social activism yet use social discrimination as your own personal soapbox to spin your carefully crafted webs in which you attempt to convince the general public of whatever weekly angle you have chosen to take - no matter if you’ve previously preached to the opposite. You criticize celebrities for their “lack of social activism” yet serve as nothing more than a glorified celebrity gossip mix-tape that has been repeating on a loop long past its time. Whenever you feel it to be profitable, you preach to the choir about feminism, and yet here you are again crucifying a powerful woman simply because her name carries more weight than your brand. I could spend hours picking apart your latest preposterous article on Taylor Swift, pinpointing exactly where you exaggerated in order to fluff up your otherwise barren story, (i.e. your overly critical analyses of decade-old songs, your isolation of Taylor Swift from every other artist in order to play to your storyline, your fascination with your inflated version of her love life, your exaggerated accounts of fandom drama to appeal to an already polarized group, your pure falsehoods when discussing her personal life, etc.), but there are more pressing issues here than your disturbing fixation with Taylor Swift. I am more concerned with your general precariousness with spinning lies into what may appear to be a truthful article (however in retrospect I hope nobody truly considers BuzzFeed to be a source of actual news). Especially in light of our election, specifically with the misconstruing of facts and falsehoods, I would have hoped that you would have lost your taste for twisting facts in order to garner mass public attention; but clearly you are still fixated by the attention it brings you. Racism and sexism are extraordinarily important issues in our society, and these issues have been further amplified by this past election season as well as the actions which have followed; they are not toys for you to play with when you lose the influence to write about anything truly important. If you were genuinely interested in combating racism and sexism, in promoting intersectional feminism and fighting for equality on all fronts, then you would write an educated piece on the social impacts and implications of these discriminatory acts; your attributing these to Taylor Swift does nothing more than reveal your shallowness and disregard for the gravity of our current situation. You continue to both preach feminism with one face yet turn around and gossip about whatever powerful female celebrity will bring you the most attention with the other; you continue to claim to fight against racism, and yet turn right around and use these issues as a stepping stool into the public eye. It truly is astonishing that you continue to have the nerve to manufacture lengthy fictional articles on high profile celebrities as a means of catching the public’s attention in the midst of a country struggling with heightened racism and sexism, that you have nothing more to say on the issues than what you misconstrued in order to prop yourself up, that your only way to have a voice is to pretend as though Taylor Swift were the enemy and not those actually creating problems in our country (i.e. the GOP, Trump, Pence, Ryan, Bannon, etc.). Until you clean up your articles and start reporting in a truthful light, then you absolutely do not get to stand there and talk down to anyone for not displaying the standard of perfection in all social movements; until the underlying hypocrisy which has tainted your brand has disappeared, you are in no position to claim yourself to be a news company.

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I really enjoy your writing style! Supercorp prompt: we now know Lena is actually 24, how would Kara, Alex, Maggie etc... find this out and would her being so young change how reluctant the superfriends are to trust her? I havent seen an author tackle this age canon issue with Lena being even younger than Kara.

Thank you! Hope this is what you had in mind :)

Lena looks up as Jess knocks and enters her office, a certain blonde with the ability to mimic sunshine in tow.

‘Thanks Jess’ Lena smiles as Kara comes to stand in front of her and waves a small paper bag at her.

‘Donuts?’ Lena questions.

‘I’ve seen the news, it seemed like a donut kinda situation…’ Kara offered as she jiggled the bag.

Lena sighed deeply, one of the scientists for L. Corp had been using the company’s resources to work on a side project, one that involved creating weapons to ‘protect’ people from aliens. NCPD had carried out a raid on the scientist’s apartment and once the weapons had been uncovered it hadn’t taken long for some of the lower level news outlets to jump to conclusions, linking the Luthor name and the anti-alien rhetoric.

Lena pinched the bridge of her nose, ‘I have no idea what I need to do to distance myself from my family name. No, that’s not true… there is no way. I will always be a Luthor.’

Kara held out the bag of donuts and Lena took it with a smile. She headed towards the couch and sat down, taking out one of the donuts and passing the bag back to Kara.

‘I mean, this isn’t what I signed up for! Did I want to help run Luthor Corp when I was younger? Of  course! But that was long before I realised what being a Luthor actually meant.’ Lena tore little pieces off of her glazed donut and alternated between popping them into her mouth and waving her hand around in exasperation. ‘Now? I’m running a company that no one wants me to run, purely based upon my last name… I’m only twenty four for god sake! This is not quite how I imagined life after graduation; continually cleaning up the disaster trail left behind by my family…’

Kara listened; she knew Lena just needed to rant and there were very few people in her life who Lena could let go with. She paused as something Lena said registered just as she was about to take a big bite of her donut.

‘What?’ Kara questioned.

‘Huh?’ Lena responded, stopped in the middle of her train of thought.

‘How old did you say you are?’ Kara replied, sure she had misheard.

‘I’m twenty four…’ Lena said slowly, confused as to why Kara felt the need to clarify her age.

‘Twenty four…’ Kara repeated, somewhat dumbfounded.

‘Yes! Kara, are you ok?’ Lena asked, starting to get a little concerned.

‘I just didn’t realise you we’re that young!’ Kara replied sheepishly, ‘I’d always assumed you were older than me what with running L. Corp and having a Masters degree.’

‘Two Masters degrees’ Lena grinned.

‘You’re just… so… young!’ Kara giggled, ‘are you sure you should be running L. Corp without adult supervision?’

Lena rolled her eyes. ‘Are you sure you’re ok getting up to my office, or do I need to install a chair lift for you?’ Lena teased back.

The banter continued until Kara had to leave; as she walked towards the lift, she couldn’t help but think about the amount of pressure that was on Lena for someone so young.

The following day Kara had lunch with Alex and Maggie and as per usual, the conversation shifted round to work related topics.

‘You should have seen the stash of weapons this guy had been building’ Maggie said, shaking her head, ‘we don’t think he actually managed to sell any, but things could have gotten really bad…’

‘How’s Lena?’ Alex asked, ‘Did she really not know what was going on in her own company?’

‘Seriously?’ Kara asked incredulously.

‘Ok! I know, but I still have to ask!’ Alex replied defensively.

‘She’s navigating the PR nightmare; I went to see her yesterday, took her some sweet treats to help. I think she just feels so helpless at times; nothing she does will ever be good enough… She’s spent her entire life being told she’s not really a Luthor by the family she was desperate to be a part of, and now spends her whole time being told all she is is a Luthor. I really wish I could help somehow…’

Maggie and Alex shared a look; it was obvious that Kara has a bit of a crush on the Luthor, but they had decided not to push it, but rather let Kara figure things out by herself.  

‘Oh!’ Kara said with a mouthful of fries, ‘did you know that she’s only twenty four?’



Kara nodded, ‘She’s twenty four and running a multi billion dollar company by herself. She has no family and the only two people she considers to be her friends are actually the same person!’

‘Invite her to a film night’ Alex offered, ‘look, you trust her and that’s enough for me. Invite her and we can get to know her.’

Kara’s stomach flipped at the thought of including Lena at a Superfriends night and she quickly texted Lena, asking if she was free that weekend.

Lena felt slightly nervous as she walked towards Kara’s apartment; on the other side of that door were Kara’s friends and family, one of whom had arrested her… She gave herself a pep talk, took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

She couldn’t help the grin that crossed her face the moment she saw Kara open the door. She placed her bag down and headed towards the sofa to sit among Kara’s friends.

Kara followed behind, quickly poured Lena a glass of wine in the kitchen which Lena took gratefully and introduced all her friends. She went to take a sip of her wine but paused when she heard a teasing voice;

‘Ms. Luthor, I’m gunna need to see some ID; can’t have any underage shenanigans taking place with me present…’ Maggie winked.

Winn squeaked and James covered his mouth to stifle a chuckle.

Lena paused for a second before it dawned on her; if her age had been a shock to Kara, it must have come as a bit of a surprise to the rest of them.

Kara slapped Maggie on the arm and shot her a look, before sitting down next to Lena

‘We have a selection of films to pick from’ Winn pipped up from his cushion on the floor.

‘There are some horror films in there, so we got you this…’ Maggie grinned as Alex leaned over the side of the couch to pick up the bag she had placed there earlier and popped it on the table in front of Lena.

Kara’s eyes narrowed in suspicion as her sister and Maggie as they both tried really hard to keep from giggling.

Lena raised an eyebrow and reached for the bag, she laughed when she saw what was inside; a cuddly dinosaur.

‘That way, you have something to protect you, if you get scared during the film…’

‘Guuuuys’ Kara whined, ‘you promised to behave!’

‘Look Little Danvers, we’ve spent the last few months thinking Lena was nearly thirty, and kinda treating her as such…’ Maggie started to explain, ‘now we know that she is in fact the baby of the group!’

‘It’s fine Kara’ Lena interrupted, ‘the teasing- it’s kinda nice… to be treated as Lena, rather than a Luthor.’

‘If you’re sure..?’ Kara asked concerned.

‘I am. Plus…’ Lena dropped her voice to a whisper, her heart racing as she leaned in closer to Kara, ‘if I do happen to get scared during the film, I can always cuddle up to you instead…’

Because I'm mildly fed up with iGOT7's and the unfairness in group love

Before I begin I just wanna say I’m not directly hating on anyone or any blog for not giving the same amount of attention to all members, in fact on my account while I do stan Youngjae(he’s my UB) I show love to all members and appreciate all members. That being said, I want to say how disappointed I am in iGOT7’s. When Jackson was ill I swear I’d never seen more support for a group member until then. I mean you guys even had #GetWellSoonJackson trending on twitter that’s amazing! And let’s not forget when Jaebum injured his back and you guys came forward with so much love and get well soon wishes. It’s touching. But where is all of that for Youngjae? Where is the flood and overwhelming amount of love on social media for Youngjae? Why is it that when I express my concern FOR Youngjae there’s someone who replies with “Why does he have a back injury? He doesn’t even do anything”….

I’m tired and fed up with member favoritism and for Youngjae to be as beautiful as he is both on the inside and out it’s disgusting that you all make him feel lesser to the other members. He is just as special. He is just as talented. He deserves just as much love. So please, stop treating Choi Youngjae as if he isn’t as popular to receive get well soon praise from fans, because he cares about every single one of us and shows it in how he pushes himself until he has a back injury and can’t perform.

Four things I have to deal with daily as a woman in STEM:

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m halfway through my junior year of double majoring in meteorology and astrophysics, two predominantly male fields. Over the past few weeks I’ve attended the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CuWiP) and the Women’s march on Washington. These events have not only opened my eyes to realize what I’m really going through as a woman in STEM, they’ve inspired me to start speaking out about my experiences. So, here’s a few things I deal with every day in my fields:

1. Imposter syndrome:  a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

Everything that happens to go right is by chance. Aced that exam? I got lucky. Answered a question correctly in class? Probably will never happen again. Whenever someone thinks I know what is going on in a class or how to solve a problem I think, “Surely they must be misunderstood. There is no way I know more than them, therefore if I answer their question it will be wrong and hinder them.” So I don’t even try to answer. I just say, “I don’t know” and move on. Every time someone asks to see my homework solutions I hand them over saying, “They’re probably wrong.” I genuinely don’t understand how I’ve gotten this far in my double major, and every time I look back I see a history of pure luck, not hard work. Every time I write an application, all I can think is “They will see through your facade. Your resume is fake. You’re making false claims in your essay. Even if they do accept you, once you start the program they will see right through you and be disappointed. If they accept you, they’ve made a mistake.” These thoughts are constantly swirling through my head, to the point where I’ve lost motivation to pay attention in class, since I shouldn’t be there anyway. I shouldn’t even try on my homework because I’ll always fail in the end. Which brings me to my next hardship:

2. Stereotype threat: “a situational predicament in which people are or feel themselves to be at risk of conforming to stereotypes about their social group. If negative stereotypes are present regarding a specific group, group members are likely to become anxious about their performance, which may hinder their ability to perform at their maximum level.”

This is a new concept to me that really hit home when I heard about it at CuWiP. On countless occasions I’ve avoided joining predominantly male study sessions/homework sessions (even with my closest friends) because I was afraid I would appear stupid and not know anything, which of course must be true because I am a woman. This has most definitely affected my test scores and overall course grades over the past few years.  Going back to focusing in class and working on homework; there are days when I literally can’t hear the professor speaking because my brain repeats on-end “you are a failure”. Whenever I sit down in front of my homework it’s “you don’t know this, you will never know this. Give up now”. Every day my motivation dwindles down a bit further. If so few women have made it this far then it’s only a matter of time before I’m discovered as a fraud and drop out too.

3) Subconsciously sexist friends and classmates.

Most of my friends are male. That’s just how it works when 70-90% of the people in your classes are male. Most of my friends are also sexist. I know they don’t mean it and they certainly don’t notice it, but they treat me drastically different from the rest of the crew. I am left out of personal projects because it’s assumed I wouldn’t be interested in helping out. I’m excluded from group study invitations. I’m ignored in academic conversations and receive surprised expressions when I actually chime in. When I point out concerns for being a woman in STEM all I get in return is silence. Occasionally I’ll even have my questions blatantly ignored. It’s assumed I don’t notice when they only make fun of female tv meteorologists, claiming they don’t know any meteorology and are only hired for their attractive looks and hot bodies when I’ve never heard them make fun of a male tv meteorologist.

4) Being the only woman in the room

I realize this doesn’t seem like it should be a big issue, and it certainly isn’t for some of my fellow women in STEM, but I notice it every damn time. A piece of me falls every damn time. I do not feel safe in a room surrounded by men. Not because I’m afraid of being assaulted or harassed, but because these moments are when the imposter syndrome and stereotype threat run strongest in my already belittled mind. And it happens all. the. time. I’ve stopped hanging out in certain areas, such as the astro lounge, because I know if I go there I will most likely be the only woman. I also know that being in any closed area with a large percentage of men holds a higher chance of hearing a derogatory comment (about women in general), being ignored, and  hearing inappropriate conversations about things such as sexual assault (you know, “locker room talk”).

All of this is only just breaking the surface, but what I’ve learned over the last few weeks is that silence will fix nothing. For the longest time I thought all of these feelings were either normal or just a “me” thing. Attending CuWiP made me realize that no, this is not just me. This is all women, and these are issues that needs to be voiced and fixed. While I’m still afraid of speaking up in person, I’m going to try my best to call people out on their bullshit whenever I can and feel safe to.

I wanted too

Jughead Jones x Reader

“JUGHEAD JONES THE THRID” I screamed making my way down the slightly crowd hallways of Riverdale High. Glancing at me from his locker, he slammed it shut and ran in the other direction. “Y/L/N, don’t kill the poor guy” Archie, joked calling after me as I started running to try and catch Jughead but as I rounded the corner the hall was empty. “Asshole” I muttered, heading outside instead trying to spot our usual group at one of the tables.

“You’ve almost got steam coming out of those ears” Kevin, tried to joke as I stomped my way towards our group of friends. “Have any of you’s seen, Jones?” Using his last name to state how pissed I am. “What’s wrong?” Betty, asked pulling me down beside her, her face full of concern. “Never mind” I sighed, resting my arms on the table, stealing some fries off Ronnie’s tray. I didn’t want to burden our friends with something so petty.

Over lunch I kept an eye out for the beanie clad, raven haired boy I’m so keen to see but there was no sign of him anywhere. Betty, filled us in on what her and Jughead had found out so far but could sense the worry and fear that her father may have killed Jason because of Polly but that’s something only time will tell. When the last bell finally rang, I hadn’t seen Jughead around since before lunch and he wasn’t in any of my last three classes but it was safe to say he was definitely avoiding me.

Archie, was making his way down the halls straight towards me, his face neutral. “I’ve been instructed to send you to the Blue and Gold office” He told me, placing his hands on shoulder and spinning me back around. “Why? I’m not being interviewed again” I sighed as we walked side by side. “Definitely not that” He hummed, a small smile on his lips. “Can’t you just tell me?” I whined as we took a left at the end of the lockers. “Nope” He full on grinned, stopping us in front of the Blue and Gold office. “Open it” Pointing to the door, warily eyeing him before I grasped the door handle not sure what I was expecting to see.

“SURPRISE!” I screamed, almost falling into Archie who grasped my shoulders stopping me from doing so. There stood Betty, Veronica, Kevin, Cheryl and Jughead in the centre of them holding a birthday cake. “Guys!” I exclaimed, I wanted to kill Jug for this, he promised not to do anything or get me anything but his thoughtfulness didn’t stop my heart from filling with warmth. “I could kill you” I voiced my thoughts, blowing the candles out. “We never got to sing happy birthday for you” Kevin, pouted taking the cake from Jug. “Thank you so much for this” I smiled up at my beanie clad, raven haired boyfriend placing a quick but gentle kiss on his lips. “Happy birthday princess” He smiled, leaning his forehead against mine.

After everyone sang happy birthday, which pleased Kevin, we sat around laughing and joking and eating the best cake I have ever tasted thanks to Ronnie, who had it flown in from New York. It felt nice to be laughing and enjoying ourselves for once, it was nice to just sit and be teenagers for awhile.

“I still have the present you left at my door this morning” I smiled at Jug, everyone else debating about something or other. “You really shouldn’t have, you need to save all the money you can Jug” I scolded, given he’s just lost his home and job, I didn’t want him spending any money on me. “This didn’t cost me a thing. Open it” He grinned, watching as I brought the neatly wrapped box shaped present out of my bag. The conversation between the rest of them coming to a stand still.

Ripping the paper apart like a child I was confused when I seen a box filled with writing, possible quotes but I wasn’t sure from what or who. “Oh my…” I gasped when I seen the contents of the box. There was a couple of poems, movie tickets, a milkshake keyring along with a burger and fries one, notes that had been past between us in classes. I was speechless, this was a memory box of our whole relationship so far. “Jughead” a tear sliding down my cheek, quickly wiping it away to try and stop anymore from falling. “It was nothing” He shrugged, everyone sitting quietly watching our interaction. “I can’t believe you did this” I was still at a loss for words, I never knew Jughead could be this romantic. “I wanted too. I just want you to know how much you mean to me because I fucking love you” He smiled, taking my face in his hands, kissing my nose, my forehead and a quick peck on my lips. “You guys” Betty, finally spoke. “End game, I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it” She smiled, quickly glancing at Arch and then back to Jug and me. “I fucking love you too” Kissing his cheek. “The writing on the box is just a few things we’ve said to one another” Jug, said picking up the lid and sure enough if I squinted really hard I could make out some of it, this box wasn’t only filled with memories on the inside but almost every conversation we’ve ever had on the outside. “You’ll be the death of me one day Jughead Jones the Third”.

(TRANS) MAMAMOO 2017 Season's Greetings - Q&A Session

Q. Things that MAMAMOO wants to say to each member and MooMoos

From. Solar

To Moonbyul: Triangle and Circle, let’s go on forever
To Whee In: No words needed, my angel
To Hwasa: Your body is love
To MooMoos: Just stay still, as I will be there to make you smile

From. Whee In

To Solar: Angel, without words needed
To Moonbyul: Unnie, let’s soak ourselves in rice wine soon
To Hwasa: Enemy ^^ Let’s get another tattoo when we reach our 40s (T/N: the word ‘enemy’ Whee In used is often expressed as tease)
To MooMoos: Thankful forever, L..L!.. Ladder forever (T/N: Whee In was trying to say 'Love’ you forever)

From. Moonbyul

To MAMAMOO: Let’s be happy, let’s not get hurt, let’s go on together!
To MooMoos: Let’s not change!

From. Hwasa

To MAMAMOO: You are my family ^^
To MooMoos: You’re the best!!!

Q. What do you want to achieve in 2017?

Solar: Become more complete as MAMAMOO, and hold a world tour. Eat with MooMoos together!!
Moonbyul: Travel
Whee In: Get a license!
Hwasa: Explore delicious places, game, collect DVD, explore overseas

Q. What if time stops now?

Solar: Sleep while watching a movie and lying down at home
Moonbyul: Wander around?!
Whee In: Travel here and there~~
Hwasa: I want to go swimming at Iguazu Falls

Q. Song that has changed your life?

Solar: Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’. Because of this song, I got selected at the audition and was able to join the group called MAMAMOO!! It is a song that can’t be excluded from my life
Moonbyul: Song that I like lately is Loco, Gray’s Good!
Whee In: Sade - By Your Side
Hwasa: Beyonce’s 'Halo’ that she sang at her 'I am yours’ concert. It has made me more firm

Q. Your greatest concerns or interests these days?

Solar: Ways to reduce my cheeks that have been growing bigger
Moonbyul: Clothes and shoes
Whee In: Songs and lyrics composing
Hwasa: Music, movies, food, travelling

Q. Your first love?

Solar: 1st grade in High School
Moonbyul: Elementary school 2nd grade
Whee In: When I was about 20 years old! That should be right because that’s when I first met MooMoos
Hwasa: Elementary school 1st grade

Trans and pictures by tgc.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I was just wondering if I could get a fix about Betty and jughead having broken up for a few months due to him joining the serpents. They both still want each other but they can't get past their different paths. Alice gets a job offer somewhere far away from riverdale so Betty decides to leave with her because it's too painful. Jughead finds out from the ganglike a day before she goes and tries to stop her and you can decide whether they get back together! It's a lot but Iloveyourstories!!❤


“Are you sure about this Betty?” Alice asked, dropping beside her daughter on her lacy pink bed.

Betty looked away, her eyes staring blankly out the window,
“I’m sure mom, it’ll be good for you. This is a great job offer, Ohio is far but.. maybe I need this, maybe I need to start over too.” She glanced back up at her mother, placing a hand on her shoulder, trying to ease her worried eyes

“I’ll miss my friends definitely but I’ll come visit! I mean dads still going to be here running the Register, what about you? How are you and dad supposed to stay married if you live apart.”

Something incredibly similar to sadness flashed in Alice Coopers eyes

“I love your father and he loves me but, I think we both need to find ourselves, this has been a very long year for all of us.” She added somberly.

“I know.” Betty whispered

“What about you? Won’t there be someone missing you?” As a mother it killed Alice to see the pain reflected everyday in her daughters eyes, she wanted to make it better but she didn’t know how.

“No mom, no ones gonna miss me” the hidden meaning wasn’t lost and Betty picked up her schoolbag, biting back tears as she headed for the door. With one last watery eyed glance at her mother Betty sighed

“I don’t have anyone to find me” she whispered, heading out the door and making her way to school.

Hal Cooper walked into Betty’s bedroom, smiling sadly at his frowning wife

“I’m guessing our plan didn’t work? She really thinks your moving and taking her with you? She really agreed to move?”

Alice nodded
“It’s worse than we thought. If this doesn’t give that jones boy a swift kick in the ass, I don’t know what will.” Alice shook her head, rising to stand before her husband as he placed his arms around her waist

“You know I’ll always find you right?” He whispered, dropping a kiss to her lips as she sighed contentedly.

“I’ll come visit you every other weekend, Daddy will make Smithers take me, and then I’ll spend the summers with you, it’ll be totally sisterhood of the traveling pants.” Veronica gripped Betty’s arm as they exited Riverdale High.

Archie grumbled and cursed under his breath like he had been doing the whole day since Betty told him the news
“You can’t just leave! You love Riverdale. You’ve been my neighbor since before I could walk, you can’t move!”

Betty smiled gently
“I love you guys and I’m gonna miss you more than anything, but.. Riverdale stopped being my home the day he ran away from it.” Betty waved at her friends before walking away with heavy feet.

Veronica said her goodbyes to Archie, dropping a kiss to his cheek and hopping into her towncar.

Archie made it to Jugheads trailer in minutes, his hand coming down heavy as he pounded on the metal door. Jughead came forward his eyes red rimmed and his hair a mess, he looked much skinnier, any other time Archie would have been too concerned to speak but not this time. Pushing past the leather jacket wearing boy, he stormed into the trailer.

“Archie? What are you..”

The football player cut him off
“You wanna isolate yourself from our friend group and never answer any of our text messages? Fine. You wanna join some biker gang that you were so adamantly against just last year? Go ahead. But there’s one thing you can’t do, and that’s break my best friends heart and cause her to move away, that I am not okay with.” Archie rambled,pacing back And forth in the makeshift kitchen.

“Moving? What? Betty’s moving? When? Where? What?” Jughead dropped the book he had been holding, pushing off the wall and eyeing Archie frantically.

“Oh now you care? That’s just great. She already agreed to leave, they’re going to Ohio Jughead, were never gonna see her again. She thinks there’s nothing left for her in Riverdale, not after you joined the Serpents and abandoned her. I mean come on! It’s Betty Cooper, How could you..”

Jughead breezed past Archie, slamming the trailer door on the way out, leaving Archie alone as he smiled smugly. Thank god.

He stood on the Coopers front porch, panting and out of breath as he rang the doorbell about a hundred times, Alice Cooper answered after a few seconds

“Mrs. Cooper” he puffed “I need too.. your daughter.. I have to” he tried to catch his breathe as Alice pointed up the stairs


Jughead got his second wind almost instantly, sprinting up the stairs before standing outside her open doorway.

There were empty boxes on Betty’s bed and her clothes were folded beside them, Betty came out of her closet holding a box filled with clothes, her eyes widening when she caught side of the beanieless boy.

“Jughead? What’re you…”

“Don’t go.” He begged, his movements quick as he grabbed the box from her hands, her eyes startled and confused

“Don’t leave Riverdale, you can’t go. Please”

Betty looked away, her arms coming to cross over her body
“There’s nothing for me here Jughead, It’s for the best.” She whispered.

“No. no it’s not. You are Riverdale Betty Cooper, ever since I was little when someone mentioned Riverdale i instantly think of you. You’re the very foundation of this town. You can’t go, you can’t leave me.”

Betty’s eyes snapped to his
“Leave you? Leave you? But isn’t that exactly what you did to me Jughead? Leave me. You found a new family, found someone else and pushed me away, like I was nothing. You have some nerve coming to my house and asking me to..”

Jughead cut her off, dropping his lips to hers like she was his life line. Gripping her hips so tight he thought she might bruise, she melted against him her hands flailing at first before burying in his hair. When they pulled apart they were both out of breath

“I’m so sorry Betty. I should never have pushed you away like that, I should have held on. I just.. I was scared. I didn’t want you to be a part of all this” he shrugged his shoulders, indicating the jacket on his back.

Betty dropped her forehead to his
“You don’t get it do you. Jughead jones, I love you. I love every part of you. I want to be there for you, that all I’ve ever wanted. I don’t care about whatever jacket you put on. You’re still Jughead Jones. And as I may have mentioned, I love him very much.” She smirked as he breathed a deep sigh, his fingers coming up to caress his face

“You’ll stay here? You’ll stay with me? I promise you Betty, if you stay I’ll never let you go again. I won’t lose you again.”

Betty looked down for a second before looking back up

“I’ll stay.” She smiled.

Jughead swung her around, laughing as she squealed he wrapped his arms around her shoulder when he pulled away, Betty clapped her hands

“What do you say we hit up Pops to celebrate, you’re looking very skinny Romeo.”

Jughead nodded eagerly opening the door to her bedroom.

Both Hal and Alice fell through, nearly landing on the ground

“Mom! Dad!”

Both of the blondes parents looked up with guilty smiles.

“Alls well that ends well”

Height Difference- Jeff Atkins x Reader

this was a request that I got at the beginning of the week but me being me is only getting to it now due to finals! hope this wasn’t too shit! 😁💓

warnings: bullying(?)

info: the reader is bullied for their height, and Jeff being Jeff steps in and comforts them :)

Originally posted by wkom

    Being 4'11 in Junior year is not a fun story, let me tell you that. Constant remarks of “Shortie” and “Midget” are basically part of my everyday routine at this point. However, today was a different story. Considering as it was 95 degrees and sunny outside, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and wear shorts. Walking into school, everything was fine. The usual remarks were made, but no horrid jokes on my size…. that is until I got to my locker. 

   My locker is unfortunately right near Zach Dempsey’s, where all his little jock friends hang out in the morning, so there there was no shock factor when Bryce approached me, looking down upon me.

   “Hey y/n! Did you get those shorts from the kids section? Seems like they’re the only ones that’ll fit you!” Bryce smears, turning to laugh with his jock friends before turning back to me. I shake my head, and let out a huff.

   “Hey Bryce, that was a real good one!” I snap back, looking him up and down. “You know, it’s a real shame with all that money you have you can’t afford some manners.” I say as his face drops. Quite oooo’s come from behind me as Bryce gets closer, pushing me against my locker.

   “You watch what you say little girl,” he says, empathizing on “little”, “you don’t want to get me upset” he breaths into my ear. He reaches behind my back and pulls me in, our faces inches apart. I look down at the ground, but his hand squeezes my face, making me look at him. I shut my eyes, expecting the worse, but i feel the pressure of his large body fall off me. When I open my eyes, I see Jeff standing there, holding Bryce by the collar of his shirt.

   “What the fuck Walker. What do you think you’re doing?” Jeff yells at Bryce, letting go of his collar and pushing him slightly.

   “Dude, chill. I wasn’t going to do anything. With her height the cops might think she’s 8.” Bryce says, smirking at me. Jeff shakes his head and turns to look at me, making eye contact. His eyes search mine before turning back to Bryce and gripping his shoulders.

   “Bryce, shut the fuck up. Get the hell out of here.” Jeff proclaims, shoving Walker into his group of friends. Bryce takes one more look at me before smirking and shrugging.

   “Whatever man.” He says, turning around and walking down the hallway. Jeff turns to face me, stepping towards me.

   “Hey, you alright?” He asks, genuine concern in his voice. I nod my head and smile up at him.

   “I am now. Thank you.” I say, looking into his eyes. His eyes once more search mine, bending down so our faces are the same level. Before I know it, my lips are on his, moving in sync. Breaking the kiss, I look up at him, turning my head sideways.

   “What was that?” I ask smiling, now facing him.

   “Consider it payment for me saving you.” Jeff says, giving me his million dollar smile and winking. I just laugh and shake my head, looking down at his now extended hand. I grab onto it, letting him walk me to my first class, the butterflies in my stomach never truly going away.


What is love?

Title: What is love?  [Chapter 1]

Genre: Fluff | Angst | Smut 

Characters: Im Jaebum | Got7 | Reader

Warning/s: None

Summary: Jaebum was your childhood friend. Both of you had a beautiful, strong bond. Like sister and brother after all your families practically saw each other every day. However, he entered in JYP to be a trainee and you was preparing for medical school. Since then both were only able to talk trough kakao talk, after a few years once he was stable as an Idol and you as Doctor, you guys decided that it was finally time to meet again. Having no idea what was about to come next. 

Author: Sakura Choi (me)

Words count:1.4k

Originally posted by got7official

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Privileged (16/?)

Originally posted by bashooking

“Once again *yn* founds herself in the grounder infested forest but this time, she isn’t alone. *yn*’s injury proves to be a source of tension between Finn and the rest of the group, especially Bellamy. However, her injury also allows Bellamy and *yn* to finally act on their feelings.”

Warnings: Fluff, violence, death, swearing

Notes: Based on 2x03 ‘Reapercussions’ of The 100.

Series Masterlist

“I can’t imagine how pissed your father is going to be when he’s realised you’ve taken off.”

“Shut up Murphy.” *yn* and Bellamy both snapped simultaneously.

“Ok I knew you two were into each other but I didn’t realise you were so into each other that you were up to the finishing each other’s sentences stage.” 

“Quick question, is anyone opposed to me bashing Murphy’s head in with a rock?” 

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The Silent Treatment- Soonyoung (Hoshi) Fluff/Angst

Originally posted by kwontv

Request: Hey there! I see you want requests and I’m here for one ewe I hope you can make an angst but at the end very fluffy scenario with Hoshi where you two have a fight and start no talking to each other? I know im not being specific, don’t hate me ;n; You’re the best♡

Word Count:1135

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Member/Group: Soonyoung (Hoshi) of SEVENTEEN

Summary: Every couple fights, some just choose to handle it in a more childish way than others.

A/N: Hey ya’ll! I have a few drafts that I am beginning to work on, so expect some future works for BTS. Anyway, Hope you all enjoy this a bunch! xx

 It all started with a simple fight, really. When Soonyoung had left that morning, he had asked you to clean a shirt that he needed for a company dinner that night, and you being the forgetful person you were, had completely forgotten saying ‘yes’ in a sleepy haze. Obviously, you had not put the shirt in the washer before you had left to go to University, so you arrived home to a fuming and frantic Soonyoung hurriedly trying to use his blowdryer to get the shirt mildly dry before he had to rush out the door to meet with the CEO. No words had been exchanged between you, only somber gazes you sent his way as he sighed and shook his head. Before you even knew what was happening, you were yelling and dropping your bag on the ground as you stomped to your room and flopped onto the bed.

 “It’s not my fault, Soonyoung! You know I can’t remember things when I am given instructions at 6 o’clock in the morning! Maybe you should have texted me like a responsible adult would!” Your words, though filled with emotions, fell on deaf ears.

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