i am completely invisible


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Jesse: Y/N!
Y/N: *pulls away from Thea* Who was that?
Thea: I don’t know just ignore them. *kisses you*
Jesse: *walks in* Y/N are you ho…oh my god!
Y/N: Jesse! *throws Thea off the bed*
Thea: *lands on the ground* Ow!
Y/N: Crap! Sorry!
Jesse: So this is what you are doing on Earth 1? Interesting. *laughs*
Y/N: Jess I thought you were back home. What are you doing here?
Jesse: Sis I love you but please put on some clothes. *hides her eyes*
Y/N: Ah got it. *puts on her clothes*
Thea: Am I invisible now?
Jesse: You’re not invisible you are completely naked so not hard to notice.
Thea: I’ll get changed.
Jesse: Don’t do it on my account.
Y/N: Okay! *walks over and covers Thea up* No eyeing up my girl! Got it Jess?
Jesse: *laughs* Don’t worry Y/N. I can see you are both very busy so I’ll let you two continue. We’ll talk later. Nice to meet you Thea.
Thea: Next time we meet I’ll have clothes on.
Jesse: I look forward to it. See you sis! *walks out*
Y/N: Well that was awkward.
Thea: Yes it was. But…
Y/N: But what?
Thea: You’re hot when jealous. I should do it more often. *kisses you*
Y/N: *laughs* Don’t even think about it.
Thea: Now shall we continue?
Y/N: We shall.
Thea: *jumps up and wraps her legs around your waist* This time no interruptions.
Y/N: You’re the boss. *kisses her*

AU #1: Hear Me (7)

there’s a SEVENTH PART? What am i, a mad man? you betcha. (also, sorry that this is like 7 hours late, i was busy with things (and forgetful))

Hear Me Masterlist

Is it bad to wish for once, I got to save someone? She was my last chance, my last hope to not ruin a life, to save one. And I can’t even do that.

“It seems you’ve found your soulmate already, Y/N.” Charles observes, beaming at you and the man at his side, a boyish looking Hank McCoy smiles. “Warren Worthington, isn’t it?”

You nod, watching McCoy swallow and smile a little brighter.

“I had noticed that there were issues, but I suppose if you’re here they were worse than I thought.” Charles smiles sympathetically and you shrug, uncomfortable. You’d left Ororo and Warren not long before, both of them agreeing that the Professor would prefer to meet you alone.

“So, Y/N, your mutation. Do you have any idea what it could be?” Charles asks, your hesitation speaking for you. “It is strange, but I am sure we can help you.”

“Are you sure I’m even… You know, one of you?” You ask nervously and Hank laughs gently, adjusting his glasses and nodding.

“We have a machine; it shows all the mutants in the world. You were one of them, Y/N.”

“But if my mutation is so… Invisible, why am I here?”

“In complete honesty, you were Eriks first assignment. But Charles has brought up some questions and I’d like to take some tests.” Hank explains, pulling off his glasses and rubbing his eyes. “Is that okay with you?”

You stare at him for a long moment, before glancing at the door behind you and nodding. Warren said Hank had helped him after whatever had damaged his wings so much.

“Okay.” You whisper and Hank nods once, glancing at Charles who leans forward some.

“I would like to go through your mind, perhaps see if we could find some clues to your mutation?” Charles asks as well and you wave your hand, assenting silently and swallowing hard. His smile is kind as his fingers lift to his temple, eyes glued to yours.

And suddenly memories are rushing by, moments you’d never clicked or connected all coming together.

“Oh.” You whisper softly, your mutation a mural of small moments you’d looked right over.

“You have an unusual gift, Y/N.” Charles smiles and you nod slowly, chewing the inside of your cheek.

“But- Ah, what is it? None of that really explained anything.”

“My best guess, my dear, is you can transfer your voice over large distances, at any volume, much like telepathy but with your physical voice. I believe, if you wanted, you could whisper to someone across, say, a football field.” He explains, smiling at you curiously and you nod, staring into your lap. Whisper across a football field. “With honing, the range of your voice could be limitless.”

“But there.” Hank pipes up and you stare at him for a long moment.


“There might be catch. Just what happened, actually.” He explains softly, his fingers tapping his thigh. “Charles has fears you may be losing your hearing.”

“When is he doing the tests? They’re getting an ear doctor or whatever in?” Warren asks, pacing back and forth as his wings twitch every so often and you nod blankly. Deaf. You could be going deaf.

What good is an unlimited voice if you can’t hear?

“When are the tests?” Warren spits, rubbing his face hard and you shrug, staring at the floor. “Y/N, when are the tests?”

“Not tomorrow, the next day. I miss out on morning classes.” You whisper, knowing he’ll hear. Looks like everyones always going to hear you, even if you yourself can’t.

“It’s going to be fine, it probably isn’t a big deal.” Warren offers weakly, coming to a stop before you and watching your hunched form. The ache at the back of your mind fills you with guilt. You should be helping him get better, not causing more drama.

“Charles showed me. It… It’s happened a lot.” You explain softly, recalling all the moments he’d showed you where the sentences had been stilted, misshapen for the conversation. You wondered how many managed to slip through, little unnecessary words slipping past your ear but not raising alarm bells. “It’s getting worse.”

Warren kneels, his palms resting over your knees with worried eyes and you shrug. Shifting forward, his blue eyes fill your view and your heart thumps hard at the sight of them.

“You’re magnificent.” He whispers and you can’t help the tears that rush to your eyes. Pressing the heels of your palms into your squeezed closed eyes, you inhale a soft breath.

“Thank you.” You mumble, pulling yourself into a semblance of yourself and he worries at his lip as his eyes search your face. Leaning forward, slowly, his eyes dart between your eyes and your lips. Licking your lips, you lean into him, but you can’t help gasping as his lips hit yours and he swallows the sound, palm coming up to cup the back of your head.

Pulling back, he presses his forehead to yours and you hear birds twittering outside the window that you hadn’t noticed before. Or hadn’t heard.

saaaaaad puppies