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Fighting For Him - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Thomas/Reader
Words: 4,571
AN: @writing-obrien wanted Thomas and I always give her what she wants. Also thanks to her for also providing me with the plot and helping me figure it out. Special shout out to @celestial-writing cause she’s my child and she’s always encouraging me. And to my GC @sincerelystiles @dylan-ohbrien @ninja-stiles @thelittlestkitsune @girlmeetsworldedits @sabrinas-wolves @mf-despair-queen @rememberstilinski and @stilinski-jpeg cause they’re always encouraging and inspiring and I love them all a lot. 

This is just a lot of smut cause I am thirsty as fuckkkkkkkkk.

The moment you laid eyes on Thomas you knew you wanted him. It was an instant attraction. You gravitated towards him before you even realized your feet were moving, the second he stepped in the room. He seemed to feel the same, his whiskey eyes following your every movement. There was only one problem. Brenda.

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Compilation of Adlock Quotes

(2011-2017) An updated edition of the Reference Handbook for Adlockers ☺


In the end, are you really so obvious? Because this was textbook. The promise of love, the pain of loss, the joy of redemption. Then give him a puzzle, and watch him dance. (Mycroft Holmes, 2012)

He’s writing sad music. Doesn’t eat. Barely talks – only to correct the television. I’d say he was heartbroken. (John Watson, 2012)

In the time I’ve known him, I’ve never seen him take the slightest interest in a woman but this one… She’s got to him. […] Irene Adler. She’s gone and he won’t dare admit it but he’s devastated. He can’t show it and I don’t think he understands what he’s feeling. […] Maybe his experiences with Irene Adler, had humanised him? (Dr John Watson’s Blog, 2012)

Watson thinks it’d be healthier for Sherlock to have a relationship with a human being, as opposed to a book or theory. But Holmes falls in love with someone who’s as insane as him. (Martin Freeman, 2011)

Holmes faces one of his deadliest enemies in the shape of love, and it comes in the form of Irene Adler, who’s this extraordinary dominatrix, this incredibly daring professional woman who’s utterly independent, fiercely smart, and very resourceful. (Benedict Cumberbatch, 2012)

It falls in the vein of you know, classical English romances in a way: the repression of emotion, the idea that it’s there but it’s not. It doesn’t have to be spoken. (Benedict Cumberbatch, 2011)

What is painfully romantic – like in all the best love stories – is what’s left unspoken. Is there a sexual element to it? Without a doubt there is. But as you see it’s a game of chess, and it’s a very cruel, cruel game of love. (Benedict Cumberbatch, 2012)

Love gets in the way for him. Passion, attraction, it just causes him to malfunction. (Steven Moffat, 2012)

Sherlock Holmes, again, must have sexual impulses because human beings tend to – most human beings, not absolutely all, but that’s the majority. The fact is, he decides to put all that in an iron box to make his brain work better. Of course, the fact that that iron box bounces around and shakes and bangs from the inside is what makes the story interesting. He wants to rise above us like a snow-capped mountain, but he’s actually a volcano, and that’s where the story is. That’s where the story is. You know, you shove Irene Adler in front of him, and he just falls apart like most men would. (Steven Moffat, 2014)

I think Sherlock is infatuated to the point that he can barely function around Irene Adler. And Irene Adler isn’t initially fascinated by him and then falls for him completely, thinks, ‘There’s another person in the world as damaged as I am, how brilliant.’ (Steven Moffat, 2012)

And basically, it was so that Benedict could take her along with him and they share this – I guess it’s a part of the – kind of the love story, if you like. (Paul McGuigan, 2012)

I think it’s interesting from the performances, particularly in the ‘Woman’ episode, that there’s a sense – listening to Mrs. Hudson’s reaction and to John’s reaction – that the piece for Irene is sort of more romantic probably than they’ve heard Sherlock play before, which is why they all sort of go, ‘Ooh ah. You’re writing a piece for her.’ (Michael Price, 2014)

30 minutes of a case, with the rest of it being Sherlock grappling with a teenage crush. (Steven Moffat, 2016)

They’re clearly absolutely made for each other. (Mark Gatiss, 2012)

He suddenly meets someone who fascinates him. Holmes and Adler have an intellectual attraction. He doesn’t understand it. It’s like falling in love, but he doesn’t know what it is. (Mark Gatiss, 2014)

It’s just a label, isn’t it? Because, at the end of the day, I think she had feelings for Sherlock. So then people say, ‘Well, so she’s obviously not gay. She must be bisexual.’ But actually, let’s not label this. Let’s just know that human beings fall for other human beings. (Lara Pulver, 2012)

He’s highly intelligent and highly analytical to mask a certain aspect of his personality.  But, they see each other for who they really are. It’s a constant game.  It’s like the best game of tennis that you could ever wish for, with two characters. (Lara Pulver, 2012)

I do love that the only moment he verbally stumbles, and I sort of did it deliberately, was because he sensed a bit of competition in Watson starting to turn on the charm. And in trying desperately to get in there to impress her he went buhbuhbuhbuh and it’s very funny. (Benedict Cumberbatch, 2012)

I think he just shuts down for a moment, doesn’t he? Says, ‘I’m trying to process this, I have no response, oh my God, where’s all the blood gone from my brain?’ (Steven Moffat, 2012)

He’s always going to love thinking about this. That amazing woman. (Steven Moffat, 2012)


[Q: So Irene then. Did Sherlock truly love her? Or was she merely the catalyst for him discovering his heart and/or emotions?] Oh what does it MEAN when a boy hacks up terrorists for you with a great big sword? She’s one of the few people on Earth he cares about, whatever that means in his case. Fascinated by her. Thrilled by her. And for a moment, when he saw her, he thought maybe, just maybe, there’s somebody else like me. What else is going on, the great man has not confided in his biographers. (Steven Moffat, 2012)

And as for Irene Adler? Well you say he was beaten by her. But do you know what they got up to in Islamabad, because I do. There was no beating. It was all very loving. (Benedict Cumberbatch, 2012)

They had a night. Irene Adler and Sherlock had a night. I’m absolutely certain of that. Deal with me. (Benedict Cumberbatch, 2015)

He shagged Irene Adler. They definitely got it on that night they had together when he rescued her from a beheading. (Benedict Cumberbatch, 2014)

Yeah I think they were definitely at it after he rescued her from the beheading in Pakistan. I’m sure they were. I’m convinced of that. I think he’s been burnt in the past. I think he also realises he can’t beat female intuition. He can read women if he’s not attracted to them or involved with them, and he knows that he’ll get very confused if he’s starting to feel something for someone. So to embroil himself where he might be enslaved through adoration or sexual desire or any kind of power or chemistry to do with love is too big a risk for him, for what he wants to achieve. That doesn’t make him gay, and it doesn’t make him asexual; it means, you know, he’s purposely abstaining for the sake of his craft. Not something I do. (Benedict Cumberbatch, 2014)


Oh the posh boy loves the dominatrix, he’s never knowingly under-clichéd, is he? (John Watson via Mary Watson, 2017)

She’s out there, she likes you, and she’s alive! And do you have the first idea how lucky you are?! Yes she’s a lunatic, she’s a criminal, she’s insanely dangerous. Trust you to fall for a sociopath!  (John Watson, 2017)

People text. Even I text. Her, I mean. Woman. Bad idea. Try not to, but you know, sometimes.. (Sherlock Holmes, 2017)

He has moved from being someone who was sociopathic, work-obsessed and slightly amoral, into being someone who has a certain degree of a private life, which is very, very private, with The Woman, or Irene Adler. (Benedict Cumberbatch, 2016)

He has The Woman in his life. Irene Adler is always his touchstone, I guess. If anything who would claim him, it would be her. (Amanda Abbington, 2014)

And if you paid attention you’d have known they’ve remained slightly in touch because there’s a rose – when he’s injured – there’s a single rose in the room. If you think about it, he saves her life, they must have escaped together, obviously there’s some form of contact. (Steven Moffat, 2017)

If Sherlock was normal he would settle down with Irene, buy a house and a Volvo. (Steven Moffat, 2016)

Maybe every second Wednesday of every month, she sends Sherlock a cryptic clue and they meet in a hotel. […] They both smile once a day when they think about each other. (Steven Moffat, 2015)

Please do let me know of any errors and/or major omissions!

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*Editing to add (thank you, @problematiqueroyale!) the conversation between Mind Palace Holmes and Watson in The Abominable Bride, 2016: That watch that you’re wearing, there’s a photograph inside it. I glimpsed it once. I believe it is of Irene Adler. You didn’t glimpse it, you waited till I’d fallen asleep and looked at it. Yes, I did. You seriously thought I wouldn’t notice? Irene Adler. Formidable opponent, a remarkable adventure. A very nice photograph. Why are you talking like this? Why are you so determined to be alone?

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can you write a fic where either josh or tyler (idc) gets dared to ask the reader out?? and they somehow find out and get really upset? thank youuu, love you lots you're an amazing writer


“You’re full of shit,” Tyler declared, shaking his head and taking a sip of the mixed drink he held in his hand. It was strong, a little stronger than normal, and Tyler knew he had the gorgeous bartender to thank for that—thank you very much.

Michael grinned and looked between Tyler, Josh, and Mark. “C’mon, s’just a game,” he said, his words slurred just a little bit from the amount of whiskey in his system.

“That is awful,” Josh pointed out, reaching over and downing the rest of Michael’s beer. “You’re an awful human being.”

Michael shrugged, still grinning, and looked back over to Tyler. “Well?”

“I see her all the time Michael, it’ll be weird—“ Tyler started.

“Weird? You’ve probably fucked half the people in this pub, mate, which, y’know, she’s probably aware of. You need to find a better excuse.”

Tyler frowned. “Michael—“

“Fifty bucks,” he says, doubling his previous offer.

“Pick someone else,” Tyler grumbled.

Michael laughed. “No, mate, we’ve been watching you pine over her—“

“I’ve not been pining, you asshole—“ Tyler interrupted.

“—for weeks, months, whatever, it doesn’t matter. Go chat her up, take her home, sleep with her, get her out of your system,” Michael told him. “Fifty bucks.”

Tyler sighed, glancing over at Josh from the corner of his eye. “He’s never gonna let this go, is he?”

Josh shook his head, reaching over to pat Tyler on the back. “Never.”

“C’mon,” Michael encouraged, reaching into his pocket to pull out a crumbled wad of bills. “Fifty bucks for you to stop pining over the bartender and just shag her.”

Tyler pursed his lips and blamed the alcohol, that was the only logical excuse, and he nodded. “Alright, fine,” he said, downing the rest of his drink in one gulp, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. And it was the alcohol, was definitely the alcohol that had his head swimming; it definitely wasn’t the pining or anything else, because Tyler was actively not pining.

Michael laughed, slapping a hand down on the table. “Are you for real?”

Tyler didn’t say anything; he sent his friends a weak salute before standing from the booth and slowly making his way over to the bar. And he didn’t have a plan, not really; he’d never exactly needed one before. It wasn’t that people fell over themselves to have sex with Tyler, but…he never really had to try. He approached the bar slowly, sliding into a stool and resting his forearms across the top, waiting for the girl to turn around; when she did, Tyler sent her a soft smile. “Hey, gorgeous.”

“You’re drunk, Tyler,” Y/N said with a quirk of her eyebrow. “More than usual.”

Tyler grinned. “Not that drunk. You make my drinks, you would know,” he teased, sending her a wink. “You know my name, eh?”

She blushed a little bit, shrugging. “Well, you do come here every now and then.”

“I know that…Y/N,” he added at the end, watching the way Y/N’s cheeks flushed from a light pink to even darker, the way the girl tipped her head down to avoid Tyler’s eyes.

“So you know my name too, huh?” she joked, reaching for Tyler’s empty glass and filling it up again.

Tyler shrugged, still grinning.

“Remember all your bartenders?” she asked with the same teasing tone, but something underlying it that Tyler couldn’t place.

“Only the pretty ones,” Tyler told her, reaching for his glass and taking a drink.

“Of course,” she drawled, rolling her eyes. She opened her mouth to say something else when another patron down the way caught her eye. She held up her hand, signaling to Tyler that she would be right back, before she stepped away.

Tyler let out a breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding and took another drink, trying to steady out his heart rate. It didn’t work, not really, because Y/N walked back over, running a hand through her hair, and Tyler was done. Yeah, that, that was the exact reason why he pined, or whatever Michael said, because Y/N made him so fucking nervous.

“Sorry,” she muttered sheepishly, shifting from foot to foot in front of Tyler. “Do—Do you want a drink?” she asked.

Tyler let out a little huff of laughter and shook his head, lifting his glass to his lips. “Already took care of that, babe.”

“Oh,” Y/N said, frowning, cheeks flushing. “I, uh—“

“So I feel like we don’t really…talk, yeah?” Tyler interrupted with an embarrassing little hiccup, and he reached up to cover his mouth, letting out a quiet curse.

Y/N grinned. “Probably because we don’t,” she confirmed, busying herself with wiping down the top of the bar.

“Right, you’re usually off doing…whatever it is that you do.”

“Working?” she offered with a smile.

“That,” Tyler said with a snap of his fingers. “What’s up with that?”

Y/N laughed, taking a step away to slide another beer down the bar top towards another one of her regulars. “Gotta make a living. Not all of us can be in a band, y’know.”

Tyler smiled, looking down at his hands. “I guess that’s true.”

“Kind of, yeah,” she said with the shrug of one shoulder, the hem of her white v-neck riding up to expose her hip.

Tyler swallowed, forcing himself to look the fuck away, Christ. “So, uh, how—how old are you?” he stuttered, wincing at himself for how bloody drunk he sounded, and he wasn’t even drunk. Fucking nerves, fucking Michael, actually—Tyler was almost positive it was all his fault.

“Twenty two.”

“Hmm,” Tyler nodded because, fuck, she was just a kid. But she wasn’t, not really, like—yeah, sure, she looked like a kid with her big eyes and dimples and soft hair and— Tyler shook his head. “What, um, what do—do you do?”

Y/N grinned and rested her forearms on top of the bar, leaning over until she was halfway across, still giving Tyler room to move away if he wanted to. “Is this normally how you try to pick someone up?”


“Not that you’re trying to pick me up,” Y/N added quickly, cheeks flushing. “Just—Is this you flirting?”

Tyler paused, thinking it over for a minute. “I don’t even know,” he answered honestly. “I…usually don’t have to try this hard,” he admitted.

She laughed loudly, reaching for Tyler’s glass and taking a drink. “Can’t imagine that you have to try at all,” she told him with a smile, the dimple in her left cheek deepening.

“I’m usually a lot smoother at picking people up,” Tyler confided in a mock stage whisper, pushing his glass to the side and leaning a little further over the top of the bar.

“Is that what you’re trying to do?” She asked.

“Trying,” Tyler agreed, running a hand over his hair and leaning in until they were only centimeters apart. “How am I doing?”

Y/N shrugged, a noncommittal sound leaving her lips. “I feel like you’re holding back on me.”

Tyler nodded slowly. “Might be the lack of alcohol in my system. My bartender’s been watering down my drinks all night.”

She laughed. “I have not! I usually make them stronger because I like the way you laugh when you’ve been drinking,” she said before she could stop herself. Her eyes widened and she went to take a step back, pausing when Tyler’s fingers slid around her wrist, tugging her forward so she couldn’t move away.

“Who knew my bartender was such a romantic,” Tyler teased, the corners of his lips quirking upward.

Y/N tried to fight back a smile, but she couldn’t help it, just like she couldn’t help the way her cheeks were flushing and, fuck, she wasn’t exactly smooth either.

Tyler’s fingertips traced over the skin of Y/N’s wrist, across the jut of bone, before curling around her gently. He could feel her pulse jump and as she bit her lip, Tyler tightened his hold just a little bit, just enough to hear a sharp gasp leave her lips. He smiled, just a little bit, and leaned in some more until their noses were nearly touching. “How am I doing now?” he asked, eyes dropping to Y/N’s lips, his voice low.

She swallowed, staring at Tyler’s lips until she heard a loud whooping from behind them. Y/N went to move again, but Tyler kept his hold tight on her wrist.

Tyler groaned. “Fucking Michael,” he grumbled, lifting a hand to flip off his friend without turning around.

“Ayy” a man shouted, walking behind the bar and flipping a towel towards Y/N’s bum, shaking her out of her reverie.

“Shit,” she muttered, taking a step back and jerking her wrist out of Tyler’s grasp. “Sorry.”

The other bartender grinned. “I can cover for you if you two want to, y’know, get out of here,” he offered with a laugh, eyes shining bright, wiggling his eyebrows obnoxiously.

Y/N flushed. “It’s not—He’s not—“

“I am, actually,” Tyler corrected with a smile.

She sucked her lower lip into her mouth, eyeing Tyler from the corner of her eye. “I should, um, get back to work,” she said quietly.

Tyler nodded. “S’alright. I can wait. I’m patient,” he said with a shrug.

“Yeah,” Y/N trailed off, taking a step back. She cursed and flailed as she tripped over something behind the bar, nearly falling, and the man reached out to steady her.

“Alright?” He asked.

She nodded, cheeks burning, as she scurried off to the other side of the bar.

Tyler just smiled and watched, totally endeared and completely infatuated with everything about the girl. He pointedly ignored the other bartender’s eyes until he felt him look away, and he sucked in a deep breath. His phone vibrated in his pocket, and he checked it only to see a text from Michael with a multitude of thumbs up and kissy-face emojis; he rolled his eyes before exiting the message and messing around on twitter for a bit. He just wanted to kill some time until Y/N was off, was ready to leave. Michael messaged him again with an emoji of money flying away and the message, ‘ya actually have to fuck her to get the fifty bucks! not just flirt, ya wanker!’

Tyler groaned and messaged him back, telling him to fuck off in true best mate fashion, and shoved his mobile aside. It wasn’t—It wasn’t even about the fifty bucks; Tyler could’ve cared less about the money. It was about her, about how the stupid bet had been just the kick in the ass he needed, and he had no idea why the hell he had waited so long to actually strike up a conversation with the girl, anyway. He supposed it didn’t matter, not really, and he knew he would tell Michael the next morning that the bet was off, to keep his dirty money—or, well, maybe he could keep it and take her out, whatever.

“She’s leaving, y’know.”

Tyler shook his head and looked up at the man, eyes wide. “Hmm?”

He nodded towards the back of the bar where Y/N was lingering, looking down at her sneakers and shoving her phone into her pocket. “She’s leaving.”

“Shit,” Tyler grumbled, jumping off the barstool. “Thanks.”

“Hey,” He said, causing Tyler to stop in his tracks, eyes wide. “She’s my best friend, yeah? Standard warnings apply—hurt her and I’ll kill you. I’ll poison your drink before you go on stage, make sure you foam at the mouth in front of everyone, yeah?”

Tyler smiled a little bit. “Good lookin’ out,” he told him before rushing around the back of the bar and catching up with Y/N just as she stepped out of the pub. “Trying to run away?”

She laughed softly, shaking her head. “No, um, just…got distracted in my own head, sorry.”

“Gotta be careful with that whole thinking thing,” Tyler teased, nudging her in the side. “You see what happened to Keroauc and Hemingway.”

“No, I didn’t. What happened?”

Tyler didn’t even waste a breath before diving in, explaining his favorite writers in such detail that it took him a minute or two before he realized Y/N was laughing, her eyes shining as she stopped in front of an old beat up Volvo. Tyler scoffed, shaking his head, and he leaned against the side of the car. “You were joking.”

Y/N nodded, taking a step closer until the toes of their shoes were touching.

“That’s—That’s not every nice,” Tyler stammered.

“Shame,” she pouted. “Everyone always thinks I’m nice.”

Tyler smiled, looking down at his own shoes, how they were touching Y/N’s, and it was…nice.


“I like hearing you talk,” She said quietly.

“I talk too much.”

She nodded. “You do. I like that.”

“Especially when I’m nervous,” Tyler admitted, though he didn’t know why. Fuck, why wasn’t he just…smooth? Fuck.

She smiled, tilting her head to the side as she studied Tyler for a moment.

Tyler reached out for her wrist again, fingers curling around the soft skin and pressing down against her pulse.

“So…” Y/N trailed off, shuffling her feet and knocking her shoes against Tyler’s.


“Not so talkative now,” She commented, kicking at Tyler’s foot until he moved to the side so she could step closer.

Tyler shook his head, pushing off of her car and crowding against her, eyes falling to hers again. “I don’t…wanna talk anymore.”

“Okay,” She said with a nod.

“Yeah,” Tyler agreed before leaning in and kissing her. And it was—it was everything a first kiss should be; it was soft and gentle, controlled without being demanding. Tyler could feel Y/N’s fingers curl around his bicep, holding on, and Tyler made himself pull away for a second to catch his breath.

Her tongue darted out to trace his lips, brushing across Tyler’s in the process, and she smiled. “Much better than talking,” she whispered.

Tyler nodded. “Fuck, yes,” he agreed breathlessly, curling his fingers around the front of her button-up, pulling her in for another kiss. Y/N slumped against him, fingers digging into the hem of Tyler’s jeans, fingers curling underneath the fabric, hot against Tyler’s skin. Tyler pushed his hips forward, using the momentum to push Y/N back against the car, a little gasp escaped her lips, her mouth falling open easily, and Tyler’s tongue darted out, barely touching her lips.

She whimpered as Tyler pushed her back against the car, the side mirror digging painfully into her side, and she didn’t even care. She stilled almost entirely as Tyler’s mouth slanted over hers, kissing her so thoroughly that she nearly forgot her own name. She pressed her thumbs into Tyler’s hips, feeling Tyler’s fingers slide through her hair, and she wanted more, needed more. She pressed closer, as close as she could, and she wasn’t even embarrassed at how desperate she must look as she angled closer to Tyler.

Tyler’s hips jerked forward and he slid his hands down to Y/N’s chin, cupping her jaw as he pulled away; he nipped at her lower lip until she whined, smoothing over it with his tongue, pulling away with a small grin. “Fuck, why did I wait so long to kiss you?”

She shook her head, eyes nearly shut, her brain more than a little foggy; she steadied herself by holding onto Tyler’s hips and she tried to lean in to kiss him again. “Don’t know,” she muttered, “just do it again.”

Tyler chuckled, sliding his fingers down the side of her neck and back up again, angling her chin upward. He leaned in, kissing her slowly, licking into his mouth until he felt her arms circle his waist, until he felt her shudder against him. “Come back to mine?” Tyler whispered against her lips.

“Yeah,” Y/N agreed easily, eyes slipping shut as Tyler pressed his lips against her jaw, down the side of her neck, sucking a dark bruise that had her pulse racing. She whined as Tyler rocked his hips forward, forcing back a moan as he felt Tyler’s press against her, and she wanted nothing more than to be in her bedroom or Tyler’s bedroom or anywhere private.

“Keys?” Tyler prompted, lips brushing across his sensitive skin.

She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to find his words, but she couldn’t.

“Y/N?” Tyler said with a grin, nosing up her neck, across her jaw, barely brushing their lips together. “Keys?”

“Fuck,” she whispered. “Pocket, in my pocket.”

Tyler laughed softly, slipping a hand into her pocket with minimal struggle.

Her head fell forward onto Tyler’s shoulder, her breathing heavy. “Other pocket.”

Tyler hummed, fingers brushing over the front of her jeans before dipping into her other pocket and retrieving her keys. He quickly massaged the back of Y/N’s neck before pulling her away and leaning in a little bit, just breathing her in, and fuck, she was so responsive, lips parting and just waiting for Tyler to make the next move. “Want me to drive?”

“No!” her eyes suddenly shot open, shaking her head feverishly,

Tyler held his hands up defensively, “What’s wrong?”

“Did you forget I was the one pumping drinks into you all night?” she gasped.  “No way are you driving anywhere.  Just tell me where to go.”

“Alright,” Tyler agreed with a smile, and pointing towards the car. “Hop in then.” He climbed in the passenger seat as Y/N slid in next to him, rubbing his palms up and down her thighs. As she started the car, Tyler dug his phone out of his pocket and sent a quick text to Michael.

‘bet’s off.’

Y/N nearly tripped over her own feet as she followed Tyler down the hall and into his bedroom; Tyler’s fingers were tight around her wrist, pulling her along, and Y/N went willingly. Tyler pulled her into the room, slamming the door shut behind them, and her heart was racing in her chest as Tyler crowded against her instantly, pinning her to the door and pressing their lips together.

Tyler reached for Y/N’s jeans, fumbling a little before getting them unbuttoned.  Y/N cursed against his lips and Tyler grinned, nipping at Y/N’s jaw.

“That was…” Y/N trailed off, finally pulling away and looking up at Tyler from under her eyelashes when they were finished.

“Yeah,” Tyler agreed with a soft smile; before reaching down and pulling a blanket over their bodies.

Y/N grinned widely, rolling onto her back.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered against Y/N’s lips.

Y/N giggled, slipping a leg between Tyler’s, trying to get closer, trying to crawl into his skin the way Tyler had crawled into her stupid heart. “You, too,” she said lamely, cheeks flushing, and she ducked her head, trying to hide against the front of Tyler’s neck.

Tyler let her for a moment, running a hand over the back of her neck, between her shoulder blades, and down the length of her back.

Tyler watched Y/N for a couple of seconds, or maybe a couple of minutes, he wasn’t sure, and he brushed the back of his knuckles across her cheek. “I think you’ve ruined everyone else for me,” he admitted softly.

Y/N felt his cheeks flush as he nodded, still grinning. “Me, too.”

Y/N woke up the next morning to the sound of slow and steady clapping, a low whistle, and she groaned, pulling the blanket over his eyes. “Make it stop,” she grumbled, turning over and curling against Tyler’s chest in an attempt to hide from the world and sunlight and noise.

Tyler wrapped an arm around Y/N’s waist, pressing his lips to her forehead. He cracked one eye open, to see Michael smirking at the door. “What?”

“Thought you said the bet was off,” Michael laughed with a grin.

Y/N froze.

Tyler’s heart dropped. “Michael—“

“Bet?” Y/N asked softly, ripping the blanket away from her face and looking up at Tyler. She could feel it in her chest, then, like something was ripping straight through her; no longer did she feel the rush of adoration towards three-am-Tyler who waxed poetic about Y/N’s eyes and dimples and lips, who whispered how beautiful she was, and she felt like she was going to vomit.

“No, it’s—“ Tyler started, trailing off, knowing no matter what he said, it wouldn’t be the right thing.

Michael pursed his lips and widened his own eyes, clearly unaware that Y/N was awake.

Y/N could practically feel her heart clench in her chest as she finally registered the words leaving Michael’s lips. “How much?” she found himself asking softly as she sat up, the thin blanket the only thing covering her.

“Y/N—” Tyler started, sitting up. He reached out for Y/N’s shoulder, only to have her jerk away.

“How much?” Y/N repeated, looking over her shoulder and fixing Tyler with a steady glare, eyes narrowed.

Tyler shook his head. “It’s not like that,” he whispered. “C'mon, it was stupid. Let me—Let me explain,” he pleaded, reaching out for her again.

“No,” Y/N said, slapping Tyler’s hand away. She pushed the sheet aside and stood up, not caring that she was completely naked in front of two people she hardly knew, and started looking around Tyler’s bedroom for her clothes.

“Y/N, please,” Tyler tried again, something twisting in his chest and his stomach as he watched Y/N walk around his room, trying to find her clothes. His gut twisted as he watched the long, pale line of Y/N’s legs as she pulled on her ridiculously tight jeans. Tyler could still see the faint bruises along her hips, across the back of her thighs. His chest did something weird, then, as Y/N pulled on the first shirt she found—definitely Tyler’s and not her own, but Tyler didn’t even try to stop her. “Y/N—”

“How much?” Y/N asked again, this time aiming her question towards Michael and not meeting Tyler’s eyes.

Michael bit his lip and leaned against the wall by Tyler’s door. “Fifty bucks.”

Y/N scoffed, pulling her shoes on and running her fingers through her tangled hair, wincing a little at the pull on her scalp, even though it was nothing compared to the way Tyler—she stopped herself right there and finished shoving her phone, wallet, and keys into her pocket. “Fuck you,” Y/N grumbled, pushing past Michael and making her way to the front door

Tyler pushed the sheet aside and jumped out of bed, ignoring Michael’s apology and followed Y/N, stopping her before she could reach the door. “Y/N, please, it was stupid—”

“Yes, it was,” Y/N agreed, trying to step past Tyler to get to the door.

“I shouldn’t have done it, I know, but I was pissed and—”

“Shut up.”

“—I never should’ve agreed to it—”

“Shut. Up.”

“—Y/N, I’m sorry, I feel awful—”

“Shut up,” Y/N snapped, pushing Tyler away and opening the front door. “Fuck you,” she whispered, willing herself not to cry in front of Tyler, that was the last thing she needed, and she nearly ran out of the flat, slamming the door shut behind her.

Tyler stared at the door for a few moments, frozen in place. “Fuck,” he sighed, hanging his head; he had really fucked up. It took him a few moments before he made his way back into his room, falling into his sheets that still smelled like the shampoo that Y/N used, and he found himself pulling the pillow closer, breathing in deep. He heard Michael shut his door quietly and he looked up to see that Michael had placed the money on his dresser, and his stomach twisted again. With a groan, he pulled his blanket over his head and tried to sleep, hoping that, when he woke, the guilt would be gone.

It wasn’t.

Y/N was pining; she was miserable and grouchy and didn’t want anything to do with anyone. She changed shifts at the bar and found any and every reason to avoid the building whenever Tyler had a set. And she’d done a decent job, really, of avoiding him for two whole weeks. Though, really, she believed John was conspiring against her when she walked in for an early shift one day to see Tyler sitting at the bar, head in his hands, and John serving him a drink. Y/N frowned and spun around on her heels, pushing for the door, when John yelled out to her.

“Y/N, wait, hang on!” John ran out from behind the bar, quicker than Y/N had ever seen, and grabbed her arm.

“I wanna go, John,” she muttered, looking down at her boots.

“Just give him a sec, yeah? He’s real torn up.”

Y/N scoffed. “Yeah? So am I,” she grumbled.

John nodded, rubbing Y/N’s arm. “I know. Just… You’ve been pining for weeks-months if you count all the whining you did before—“

“Hey,” Y/N protested with a pout. “Thought you were on my side.”

“I am,” John told him. “Just hear the guy out. What he did was awful, yeah? But it’s done. And he’s here trying to make up for it. I think that says a lot about him. If it was just a shag, just something for money, he wouldn’t give a fuck. He’d be on to the next one in no time. But he’s here, looking for you; been here every night for almost two weeks,” he explained. “So just…hear him out.”

Y/N frowned and reluctantly followed John over to the bar, slumping down in a barstool about three seats away from Tyler, facing forward and crossing her arms in front of her.

Tyler looked over at her, then up at John who held his hands up and left the bar, walking to the other side of the room to wipe down tables. Tyler looked back over at Y/N before standing up and moving closer to her, sitting next to her; he didn’t miss how Y/N flinched a little, tried to move away, and he reached out for her wrist. He expected Y/N to pull away, jerk her hand back, but she didn’t, and Tyler took a little bit of solace in that as he wrapped is fingers around Y/N’s wrist, thumb resting against her pulse. “I think I’ve wanted to kiss you since you started working here. No, well, I know I have. But I’m fucked up, and you’re kind of perfect, and I didn’t want to drag you down with me,” he said with a shrug. “So I stayed away, pined, whatever, because I didn’t think anything could ever happen.”

Y/N sniffed, pursing her lips and still looking ahead, refusing to meet Tyler’s eyes.

“And Michael is a wanker, thought he was being helpful; thought the only way I would ever make a move would be to, I don’t know, dare me or whatever. You know how lads are,” he said with a weak grin, smoothing his fingers over the skin of Y/N’s wrist.

“Obviously not, because I would never make a bet with a friend to have them fuck someone,” Y/N whispered.

“The bet was off,” Tyler insisted. “I texted Michael before we even got to my flat that the bet was off. I didn’t—I didn’t want that, like. Fuck the money, alright? I just wanted you. I thought… I thought we had a chance, yeah? And I didn’t want that hanging over us.”

“Good call,” Y/N scoffed.

Tyler ran a hand through his hair, tugging at the strands. “I don’t know what you want me to say, Y/N. I feel like shit. I never meant to hurt you—that was the last thing I ever wanted. If I just wanted a shag, I would’ve asked you to leave the minute we were done; I wouldn’t have stayed up for hours asking you about your favorite band, the last book you read, where you would travel if you had all the money in the world, or… I wouldn’t have let you stay,” he said simply.

Y/N swallowed and she could feel herself giving in, knew it was only a matter of time, because John was right—Tyler was there and apologizing and he actually gave a fuck. And Y/N wanted it, she wanted it all, she wanted to give it a shot, make it last; she wanted to stay up until four am while Tyler rambled on about his favorite books and his guitar.  Y/N wanted to make Tyler breakfast even when he pouted and said he wasn’t a morning person, didn’t eat breakfast, just needed a cigarette and some coffee. Y/N wanted it all.

“I want you to stay,” Tyler decided, pressing into Y/N’s wrist and feeling her pulse speed up. “I want you.”

Y/N bit the inside of her cheek and slowly flipped her palm over, instantly lacing her fingers with Tyler and squeezing his hand. “I want—“ she trailed off, shaking her head.

“Whatever you want, it’s yours,” he insisted. “Just—don’t ignore me, yeah? I can’t—I can’t do radio silence, not from you.”

“I want,” Y/N started again, pausing to take a deep breath. “I want you to use the fifty bucks on our first date. I want flowers and an expensive steak.  And I want you to wear that awful shirt you had lying on the floor that I made fun of.”

Tyler smiled, could feel laughter bubbling up in his chest. “Flowers and a steak? You’ve got quite a list of demands.”

Y/N grinned, shrugging one shoulder. “Think I rather deserve it, don’t you?”

“Of course,” he agreed easily. “Flowers and a steak, it’s all yours,” he promised, standing up and crowding into Y/N’s space, breathing her in. “Am I forgiven?”

“And the shirt?”

With a smile, Tyler nodded, releasing Y/N’s hand in favor of brushing her hair out of her face. “And the shirt in exchange for forgiveness.”

Y/N smiled and leaned in, brushing their lips together. “Seems like a fair trade to me.”

anonymous asked:

What are some oq fics that you would recommend?

okay i took the greatest of care selecting what matters most to me. i also categorized as best as i could so it wouldn’t look like a mess of links i was just throwing at you – even though they’re all pretty much complete AUs, but i also attempted to summarize to help. bc you’re worth it, nonnie. 

that being said, i’ve been awake since 2 in the morning, so i for sure forgot a lot of fics, and this is probably still a mess. regardless, this will be my oq fic rec masterpost that i will add more to when i’m not so tired.

- ̗̀ modern AUs  ̖́-

sunny side up (by @queen-of-the-merry-men, in-progress) - robin asks regina for her eggs during breakfast one day, but it turns out he means the baby-making kind. this fic’s still getting started, but it’s so adorable so far, and i’m so in love with how this person writes platonic bffs robin and regina, it’s so sweet and enjoyable to read while you wait for them to realize they’re in love with each other <3 

what would they say (by @queen-of-the-merry-men, in-progress) - aka (bc i gotta warn you) the most epic slowburn to ever slowburn. like, some people try to give that trophy to other fics, but i strongly disagree bc i definitely count fic years, and boiiiii. i don’t even know how to summarize this… the gist, regina falls in love with the husband of her late best friend. the long, regina goes through some serious shit (including her best friend dying), and robin’s a real supportive guy, a good boy (who also goes through some shit i.e. his wife dying), and they fall in love <33 also, more platonic bffs by the same writer <33

you’ve got mail (by @gray-autumn-sky, complete) - based on the movie (that i will watch one day), robin and regina become pen pals, not knowing they hate each other in real life. you know you can’t resist an enemies-to-lovers trope, bc no one can resist an enemies-to-lovers trope. and it’s written by tara, a quality person, so there. tbh i don’t know how to properly flail about how much i love this oneshot without spoiling it, so just know that i do, and should the day come that more is added to this verse i will spontaneously combust.

time just flies, but i still carry on (by @robinwright, in-progress) - idk how to summarize this without spoiling. to put it vaguely, robin’s an asshole and four years later he’s back to fix his mistakes. i just feel assaulted by this fic, and i need cassie to formally apologize for it (through a prequel and a happy sequel please <3).

baby gates and deadbolts (by @x-wishes-on-fallen-stars-x, in-progress) - regina meets a baby roland at the store, and he approves of her hair. adorable, with undertones of emo bc it’s gabi. but it’s sweet, and full of parent OQ, which i’m always weak for.

eye of the beholder (by @mysterious-song, in-progress) - a blind robin falls in love with regina’s voice. this fic is so sweetly written, i’m just in silent awe. it’s beautiful. i want more so bad.

the song that summer sings (by @writtenndust, in-progress) - movie-star regina walks into robin’s humble bookstore, and wholesome love happens. you have no idea how far up this fic’s ass i am. i’m so in love. it’s so adorable. like, why am i still talking? why are you still here reading this? go read the fic. already read it? read it again.

- ̗̀ supernatural AUs  ̖́-

fallen (by @dee-thequeenbee, in-progress) - demons. fallen angels, actually, walking the earth, fucking shit up. of course regina’s one of them. and of course robin’s gotta get in her way. this concept is so cool, i love that this fic exists, and i can’t wait to see it progress <33

wild hearts (by @regal-pixiedust, in-progress) - amidst a zombie apocalypse, regina meets the survival group of robin, henry, roland, and david, and together they try not to die. stressful af, but there’s a healthy dose of regal believer in here, too, so it’s worth it.

broken souls (by @regal-pixiedust, in-progress) - regina can see dead people. she used to help ghosts move on in her younger days, and robin’s newly dead wife insists she gets back into the hobby. this fic is a wild ride from start to almost-finish, and i’ve loved every second of it.

- ̗̀ historical/magical AUs  ̖́-

happiness can’t be arranged (by @gray-autumn-sky, in-progress) - set in some time period that’s not now (i don’t know history, sorry tara), robin and regina are forced to marry each other. basically you read this fic and alternate between NOW KISS and wondering when robin and regina’s parents are finally going to die. but it’s also some quality hood-mills family stuff, and it gets even more adorable by the chapter, so you’re welcome <33

in sickness and in health (by @mysterious-song, complete) - a memory-loss AU (i, am trash for memory loss AUs. there aren’t enough of them). an adorable oneshot of robin waking up in the hospital to a pretty lady, whom he immediately wishes he was married to. his wish comes true. i love this oneshot so much, it’s so cute, and i wish every day that there was more <33

oq prompt party: sabrina au (by @lala-kate) - based on the movie sabrina. assuming bad intentions, robin tries to romance regina away from his infatuated brother in order to protect their family’s fortune. he falls in love with her instead. i first read this while i was not in a good enough mindset to reblog (and i’m sorry about that), but i fell in love. i would give a limb for this to continue. whatever you want.

not unless you wish it (by @miladylocksley, in-progress) - after a heist, robin finds a genie lamp amongst his new possessions, and out pops regina. you know when fics just kinda stay with you? and their existence just pops into your head randomly? that’s this fic. every now and then my brain is just like ‘remember the genie au?’ i do, brain. i do.

- ̗̀ canon-divergent AUs  ̖́-

from the missing pages (by @gray-autumn-sky, complete) - a page 23 AU. baby regina walks into the tavern that night, and meets robin. the only page 23 au that matters to me (the only one i’ve read fully, but whatever). it’s sweet, it’s stressful, and it makes for a nice reread every now and then <33

oq allergy-verse (by @gray-autumn-sky) - two super adorable s3-AU baby ficlets, here and here. regina, soulmate to her forest-bound thief, is allergic to trees. and robin’s gotta deal with that heartbreak. tbh i’m just hoping that if i keep talking about this tiny verse, tara will continue to add to it, so here we are <3

tethered (by @repellomuggletum15, in-progress) - s5 AU. instead of dying, robin somehow ends up trapped in the future, with his only connection to the present being the robin hood book. a cute (and frustrating) fix-it fic for the end of s5.

chimera (by @revolutionsoftheheart, in-progress) - post-s5 AU. zelena dies, and regina’s left to raise baby peanut. five-year-old baby peanut decides to scare the shit out of her aunt with her new imaginary friend. this fic is painful, and it hurts too. but i’m so intrigued as to where jakie’s planning to take it, so i’m here. hurting.

- ̗̀ holiday AUs  ̖́-

actually, love (by @revolutionsoftheheart, complete) - a snow storm leaves robin no other choice than to spend christmas with his ex, regina. this fic right here is the main reason this category exists. i love it so much. <33

ethereal (by @revolutionsoftheheart, complete) - two strangers meet in their dreams, and fall in love. basically jakie’s the queen of holiday one-shots. this is everything i could’ve wanted and more, and i’m still so happy she wrote it <33

the christmas exclusive (by @repellomuggletum15, complete) - reporter regina will do anything for the latest scoop on the locksley family, but accidentally falls for one of them in the process. a fun read for the holidays <3

i hope this list is in any way beneficial <33

anonymous asked:

So if you don't think Robert loved Lyanna, do you mean that he just lusted after her? Why don't you believe that he loved her? I'm just genuinely curious because nothing he does or says indicates that (at least as far as I've seen)

Lust, pride, desire to be part of Eddard’s family, or even a lie he made himself believe in … whatever the feelings of Robert towards Lyanna were, it was certainly not love.

Honestly the only proof needed of Robert’s evident lack of genuine feelings towards Lyanna is him passing his time in brothels during the Rebellion. Keep in mind that Robert was the one who spread the news that “Rhaegar kidnapped and raped Lyanna”, just as he always claimed that he fought this war to “save the girl he loved”. Yet he seemed to have enjoyed quite a lot of girls while his “beloved Lyanna was getting raped”:

“You were never the boy you were,” Robert grumbled. “More’s the pity. And yet there was that one time … what was her name, that common girl of yours? Becca? No, she was one of mine, gods love her, black hair and these sweet big eyes, you could drown in them. Yours was … Aleena? No. You told me once. Was it Merryl? You know the one I mean, your bastard’s mother?”

Very fond memories Robert kept from the Rebellion …

He even had at least one daughter with one of the sex workers:

“They say King Robert fucked my mother when he hid here, back before the battle. Not that he didn’t have all the other girls too, but Leslyn says he liked my ma the best.”

And this is a memory from Jon Connington, one of Rhaegar’s friends who fought against Robert in the Rebellion:

At the end they had the usurper hidden in a brothel. What sort of king was that, who would hide behind the skirts of women? Yet whilst the search dragged on, Eddard Stark and Hoster Tully came down upon the town with a rebel army. Bells and battle followed, and Robert emerged from his brothel.

 Also, Robert never really knew Lyanna to love her. On several occasions in the text, he demonstrated his ignorance about who Lyanna really was as a person. The first time we were introduced to the idea of Robert and Lyanna, he oddly insisted about where she “deserved” to be buried, with Ned explaining to him that Lyanna herself wanted to be buried beside her family:

“She was more beautiful than that,” the king said after a silence. His eyes lingered on Lyanna’s face, as if he could will her back to life. Finally he rose, made awkward by his weight. “Ah, damn it, Ned, did you have to bury her in a place like this?” His voice was hoarse with remembered grief. "She deserved more than darkness …"

“She was a Stark of Winterfell,” Ned said quietly. “This is her place.”

“She should be on a hill somewhere, under a fruit tree, with the sun and clouds above her and the rain to wash her clean.”

“I was with her when she died,” Ned reminded the king. “She wanted to come home, to rest beside Brandon and Father.”

Robert also loved to compare Cersei to the idea he had of Lyanna:

The mirth curdled on Robert’s face. “The woman tried to forbid me to fight in the melee. She’s sulking in the castle now, damn her. Your sister would never have shamed me like that.”

“You never knew Lyanna as I did, Robert,” Ned told him. “You saw her beauty, but not the iron underneath. She would have told you that you have no business in the melee.”

In this instance, Eddard corrected him once again and said that Lyanna would have acted exactly the opposite of what Robert thought she would.

Robert had a weird sense that Lyanna “belonged” to him, as if she was his object:

“The gods be damned. It was a hollow victory they gave me. A crown … It was the girl I prayed them for. Your sister, safe… and mine again, as she was meant to be.”

(So, Robert “prayed to the Gods” for Lyanna during the Rebellion … while sleeping with a countless number of women)

“Rhaegar … Rhaegar won, damn him. I killed him, Ned, I drove the spike right through that black armor into his black heart, and he died at my feet. They made up songs about it. Yet somehow he still won. He has Lyanna now, and I have her.“

He talks about her as if she is merely somebody’s to own and not a person in her own right.

Another quote I think is relevant:

I had no wish to marry after Lyanna was taken from me, but Jon said the realm needed an heir. Cersei Lannister would be a good match, he told me, she would bind Lord Tywin to me should Viserys Targaryen ever try to win back his father’s throne,” The king shook his head. “I loved that old man, I swear it, but now I think he was a bigger fool than Moon Boy. Oh, Cersei is lovely to look at, truly, but cold … the way she guards her cunt, you’d think she had all the gold of Casterly Rock between her legs.”

It tells really a lot about Robert that his main objection to Cersei was that she was “cold”. And he seemed to be completely unaware that it was his actions towards her that made her this way. Just as he didn’t understand that his bahavior was what drove Lyanna away from him.

The Lyanna Robert claimed to love did not exist. He created in his mind his dream girl, and pretended that this dream girl was Eddard’s sister. He projected onto her all the traits he wanted his woman to have. (Do you know the “Cool girl” quote from Gone Girl? I think it perfectly fits Robert and how he viewed Lyanna). His Lyanna was the one who looked beautiful, obeyed him, kept quiet, and was completely fine with every bit of his behavior - and that is not who the real Lyanna Stark was.

There’s a difference between really loving someone and loving the idea of her, and besides Robert’s idea of Lyanna was completely at odds with her true personality.

Robert’s initial infatuation with Lyanna happened because he wanted to be Eddard’s brother, and his later obsession with her resulted from a combination of wounded pride (he couldn’t have that one woman) and idealization.

Can you trust me? | Pt. 1

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader,  featuring all of BTS
Genre: Love, Smut, Angst
Summary:  I gave up on the life of being an Escort, but somehow i couldn’t give up on him. No matter how far I ran, he was still there in the back of my mind. Everything reminded me of him or the boys. I would always wonder if I had made the right choice. I wanted to leave the past behind… | Season 2 of Trust Nobody
Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

My whole life has been a mess. A life where I feared everything and nothing at the same time. I’ve always been searching, always trying to do the right thing – failed more times than I like to count. I told myself I no longer wanted to run away. I would stop, I would hold my breath and let the wave sweep over me. Come what may. 

Keep reading


Shieldmaidens Rock! - But once in a while you need a fancy pants lady!
I am working on a few design variations for Phantom of the Opera.
Here we have two concepts for Christine - the young Swedish singer with whom The Pantom (Erik) becomes completely infatuated :)

( In the second version, we have her in her civil clothes on the left, and her stage outfit on the right.)

hobinu  asked:

How would monsta x be like as a boyfriend?

shownu would be a gentlemanly boyfriend. he would insist on paying for all of your dates, open doors for you, change your tires and light bulbs, help you carry heavy things, etc. he would purposely walk on the outside of the sidewalk just to keep you safe from crazy drivers and offer you his jacket when it’s cold out. overall, he would be the epitome of chivalry.

wonho would be a spoiling boyfriend. i feel like he would always be buying you things randomly and if he really likes you, he would be a total pushover. oh, you want that t shirt in five different colors? okay! he’ll always put your wants and needs over his. he’ll watch chick flicks with you even though you both know he hates them and he’ll give up his ordering his favorite chocolate ice cream if yours is mint chocolate chip and you wanted to share.

minhyuk would be the adventurous boyfriend. by this i mean he’ll always want to try new things with you. he’d take you to restaurants you’ve never heard of and make you ride roller coasters that the two of you would have never dared step on before just for the sake of making lasting memories. he would be initiating all of the skinship at first even though he’s nervous but he would never do something you’re uncomfortable with.

kihyun would be a romantic boyfriend. he would prepare big surprise events for you on anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays. he’s the type to remember everything you’ve ever told him and would give you gifts that you forgot you even wanted or mentioned. if you were sick, he’d stop whatever he was doing to nurse you back to health. if you had trouble falling asleep, he’d sing you a lullaby. he would also write you long letters and give you flowers for no reason because he’s just that kind of a guy.

jooheon would be the crazy fun boyfriend. he’s the goofy kind of guy that would never have trouble putting a smile on your face. you two would have endless inside jokes and your relationship would be 99.9% teasing and 0.1% others. you dates would be unique, like karaoke wars at 3 am which would just consist of the two of you belting out the wrong song lyrics way off key, or doing yard work that would end up in a sprinkler/hose water fight.

hyungwon would be a sweet boyfriend. the other members have mentioned many times that if they had a little sister, they’d want her to date him because he’s the type of guy to only look at one girl. this leads me to believe that he would be a sugary sweet boyfriend. i can see him as someone who, once in love, becomes completely infatuated. he would randomly blurt out that you look beautiful, surprise you with your favorite soda and candy when he knows you’ve been studying all night, and send you cute but cringe worthy text messages.

i.m would be the best friend kind of boyfriend. if you were to date him, you guys would probably have been friends for long before that. he would know all your secrets, your quirks, and just everything about you. he would be able to tell what you’re thinking or feeling just by looking at your face and you’d be able to converse by just looking at each other because you two would be that close. he would constantly tease you or mock you because that’s what best friends do but deep down you’d know that he loves you dearly.

Tokyo Ghoul and the Violent, Dominant, Woman: pt 1.

Awhile ago (maybe 2 months?) my partner brought up the idea that Ishida clearly has a fascination with women of a certain type (dominant, powerful, sadistic, abusive) and the complicated ways in which the men around them react to them. He sort of connected all the dots for me, and showed me the parallels between many of Ishida’s female characters, and it really blew my mind. I wasn’t sure if it was something that I wanted to write meta about but in light of the most recent chapter, especially in light of Eto’s nakedness, I kind of feel like writing about it again. My partner gave me permission to use his ideas in this meta, so a big thank you to him!

So, I’ve seen (and even reblogged) metas about how the female characters of Tokyo Ghoul are not fanservice-y or sexualized, and though I agree in part, I do think that (many) of the female characters in Tokyo Ghoul are explorations in the erotification of violence, female dominance, sadism, or some combination of the three. Some of the women fall loosely into this category, others are very obvious, but it’s one of the running themes throughout the entire series, both Tokyo Ghoul and (even more strongly) in :RE. Now, full disclosure…this isn’t a criticism. I’m fascinated with Ishida’s portrayal of women and how sharply it differs from expectation. Instead, I would prefer to characterize this as a series of observations from which certain assumptions can be reasonably made. But I’ll let you decide. 

I started writing this and it became SO LONG that I am breaking it down into parts. At this time, I plan at least 3 parts to this meta: The Sadists, The Fighters, and The Abusers. 

The Sadists

1. Rize

Why not start with lady who kicked it all off? The first time we see Rize, she’s very “covered,” dressed conservatively, very little skin showing, with long hair and glasses. She’s she picture of a stereotype of demure, passive femininity. 

Of course, her large breasts are still accentuated, but we’re essentially seeing her from the perspective of a young, hormonal boy who is completely infatuated with her. 

She’s Kaneki’s softnerd bookstore date nice girl fantasy, and he’s got the blush of puppy love. On their date, she lowers the neckline a little, but still dresses quite conservatively. That’s because, as we later find out, Rize needs to sell the image of herself as a young, soft, innocent girl. Someone that no one would ever need to feel vulnerable to. Someone that you would walk down a dark alley with…despite the fact that you don’t know them, that you’ve only just met them. 

Even after she bites him, she keeps it up for a few moments, laughing girlishly as she talks about her favorite scene in Black Goats Egg, where a man chases down another man and rips out his entrails. That’s when we see the first image of the manga that really mixes eroticism with violence…Rize licking her hand, shuddering in delight, gazing upon the terrified face of her prey.

She really gets off on the fact that Kaneki never considered her a threat, that he’s so terrified and so, so shocked. She bats him around like a cat with a mouse, putting a hole through his abdomen before cornering him. Kaneki is soft, weak…she makes a point of that as she closes in to make her kill. 

Then…she’s crushed. 

Looking back on her past, we see that Rize was undoubtedly a sadist, which is probably part of why Jason was so interested in her. She enjoyed playing with her prey, tricking them and then making them suffer before ultimately eating them. She liked this so much that she caused problems for all of the ghouls with her binge eating. However, too much of a good thing really can be enough, and six months before she met Kaneki, she was already bored.

The more we learn about Rize, the more we realize that she is truly the antithesis of the ultra-passive, ultra-feminine guise that she uses to entrap her victims. She’s learned to play the part of the fantasy-girl so well, but in reality she has no maternal instinct, no nesting instinct, no empathy, no warmth; she revels in the hedonism of eating young men with soft bodies, in the chase, in the thrill of torture, fear, and sadism. On top of that, she’s incredibly strong, one of the strongest ghouls we see in Tokyo Ghoul. And even with other ghouls, she can only keep her facade in place for so long. 

That mixture of the erotic and violent appears again and again with Rize, the juxtaposition of stereotypically feminine traits with decidedly unfeminine actions. For example, her shower scene in a tub full of blood and body parts from the men she’s killed…

The next time that we see Rize, she’s been completely incapacitated. It took all of those beams to stop her, and since then she’s become nothing more than a test subject, and a shell of her former self. Seeing the once-strong, sadistic, decidedly un-feminine ghoul reduced to a naked test subject in a large tube, forced to reproduce again and again (in a manner of speaking) shows the extent that she has been subjugated and tormented. Her resultant madness, which we see in the later chapter when Kaneki finally tries to speak with her, is understandable. The juxtaposition of violence and eroticism that characterized Rize’s life before her kidnapping is present in her living-death; she is still beautiful, but she’s been broken, used, her body violated, her person ignored, her strength reduced to nothing at all. There are many ways to interpret this turn of events. I’ll leave it up to you, dear reader, to draw your own conclusions. 

2. Eto

Unlike Rize, Eto’s sadism is not a purely hedonistic affair. While Rize seeks fun, excitement, pleasure, and food, Eto has bigger plans in mind. Eto reveals herself to others very purposefully, showing up either in a moment of peril or personal distress more often than not, and offering up her twisted version of reality to a person whois either questioning their own perceptions, or who could be influenced to question that quite quickly. She likes to present herself either as Takatsuki Sen, an objectively attractive, bubbly, feminine girl who, despite writing dark, delicate prose is accessible and kind with her fans, or as a small child wrapped in bandages. Both of these personas come across as completely unthreatening. 

In fact, with the exception of the events in Kanou’s underground lab where she pulls out Banjou’s ribs and moves so fast that she appears to be teleporting while manipulating Nashiro and Kurona, Eto is at her most terrifying when she is naked. 

Her nakedness is not sexualized, but it is, as with Rize, a juxtaposition of the erotic and violence. Nakedness is typically a state of extreme vulnerability, so much so that “nakedness” is often used metaphorically to describe a state of extreme vulnerability. It literally means to lack any sort of covering, yet, it is in a state of nakedness that Eto is most powerful. Eto is invulnerable, even in her nakedness, she is undefeated, impenetrable. She has no fear, because she is the top-tier predator. She can not be beaten, can not be defeated, can not even be harmed. Even when her kakuja is maimed by Arima, she’s utterly fine; she emerges naked, unhurt, and ready to carry on with her plan. The erotic image of her naked body is set against the backdrop of her monstrous kakuja, placed next to the image of her dying father, who lays prone before her. She is beautiful in this scene, she is terrifying. 

The purpose of Eto’s nakedness in the torture scene serves a similar purpose, though the connotation is different. The monstrous part of the picture is the image of her kagune burrowing into (or bursting forth from) Kanae’s back. Before a backdrop reminiscent of twisting snaked, she sits naked yet completely unexposed. Kanae, on the other hand, is utterly exposed. Despite his tattered clothing, it is Kanae who is laid bare before Eto. Again we have a sadistic, powerful, beautiful woman and the image of the men who are crushed beneath her strength. 

I believe that there will be much more to say on this subject in the future, but for now, I will leave Eto and move on to…

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Does Adrien/Chat like Marinette?

You I am making this because of REASONS (and obviously not because I have to satisfy my intense need) so let the Snark Master to create a completely irrelevant meta about a bunch of fictional teenagers, now, shall we?

(BTW: Most of the gifs are not mine, their original makers are at the bottom of the gif, thank you!)

We all know that our cat boy/cinnamon fluff is “infatuated” with our Bugaboo, and I swear to God I could make a 5 page essay on how/why/when and I am sure Adrien will do that himself tbh

Originally posted by ladynior

But everyone seems to forget dear little shy Marinette, which had me to wonder if blondie had at least a small liking to her. Of course we know that Marinette is known to be quiet unless when needed to, because she absolutely wrecked Chloe verbally several times alongside with Lila and other people.



Adrien is known for being quiet, reserved, shy, and obedient. Chat Noir is an outlet for him to release a side of him he is not allowed to show due to his strict upbringing. As Chat Noir he is cocky, playful, joking, and flirtatious. Would Marinette ever think that Adrien is Chat Noir? Certainly not, unless she judges by physical appearances or if one side shows a sign of the other.

Marinette has the same case. As Ladybug she shows more confidence an grace, being able to fight akumas without a sweat. Marinette is a lot more braver, stronger, and scarier as Ladybug. So yeah, I think they’re showing two different sides that the other could barely notice in their civillian forms.

So I have conducted a tally list, one that contains evidence if you, at the least, like someone. I have taken careful consideration in adding objects to this list, so I’m sure that these things mean you like someone.

  • Constant thoughts of object of desire
  • Increased need of body-to-body contact
  • Opening up easily
  • Nervousness around crush
  • Constant smiling when around him/her
  • Showing off one’s features
  • Often fondling with one’s hair
  • You laugh at their attempt at humor
  • Dressing nicely whenever he/she’s around
  • Intense “Research” about them (*cough* stalking* cough)
  • Caring for that person

Now, let us begin!

1. Constant thoughts of object of desire

Well… cat boy doesn’t seem to show this when it comes to Marinette, because we haven’t actually seen much of his point of view. Although it is much more likely for Ladybug, 

As Chat Noir he is obviously showing signs that he often thinks about his Lady. As Adrien he thinks about her too, being on the LadyBlog and then writing her a love letter.

But who knows? Maybe when he sees a roll of fabric or a person standing up for someone being bullied, he is reminded of Marinette, the quiet yet strong girl in his class.

2.  Increased need of body-to-body contact

This is includes simple body contact like shoulder touching, hand holding, (*cough*) and invading personal space. And Adrikkins here seems to do all that.

He is seen occasionally giving her signs of affection, whilst doing so he adds a certain physical touch to it.

For example, in Kung Food he touches her shoulders and his arm around her once or twice.

In Mr. Pigeon when he gets the hat Marinette makes, he LITERALLY JUST PLACES HIS HANDS OVER HERS


As Chat Noir, he is seen to often lean in close whilst talking to her. Like the gif below, he places his hand/paw on the doorway behind her. I don’t know about you all but I’ve often seen this move when one tries to hit on the other.

Originally posted by tunaqueen13

And there are other scenarios wherein he talks to her and tends to get up in her business, and stuff…

3. Opening up easily

There’s not much to prove of this, however, in Origins when Adrien was about to give Marinette the umbrella, he says something like this…

ADRIEN: You know… I’ve never been to school before. I’ve never had friends. Everything about this for me is… It’s a little new.

Now, if you were homeschooled your entire life would you tell a girl you never had any friends? Wouldn’t she think of you as a freak? Either Adrien is pretty open or just wanting sympathy from Marinette so she could forgive him, I don’t know.

But the fact is that Adrien just gave away a personal asset about him. Could’ve just said that he was just gonna remove the gum and Chloe was the one who put it there in the first place? He HAD to add the part about having no friends and all.

4. Nervousness around crush

Even though cinnamon boy is reserved around Marinette, we have a few bits and pieces of him being flustered/nervous around Buginette.


5. Constant smiling when around him/her

Alright, I know that our cat boy is all smiles and all. He smiles when he’s around Marinette, but you’re saying “BUT BUT BUT ADRIEN/CHAT SMILES AT EVERYONE HJDEJSAHDWBJSAB” 

But Chat Noir smiles at the mere sight of Marinette being excited, well, fake excited at least. Like the gif beloooow…..

Originally posted by monishiri

See? Look at that adorable fuckers lil smile

Even in orgins when Plagg teases Arien about “love” and he corrects him that they’re just friends.

He smiles.

6. Showing off one’s features

Includes puffing out chest and standing straight, also flexing subtly/non-subtly



7. Often fondling of one’s hair

Adrien, when flustered, scratches the nape of his neck or his hair. Most of these were when Marinette was around.

8. You laugh at their attempt of humor

Once again, don’t have much evidence here. Except for the, oh I don’t know, the umbrella scene?

Originally posted by adrienthebaedrian

9. Dressing nicely when he/she’s around

Why did I add this? I have gone up to 1000% percent stupidity.



10. Intense “Research” about them

Nope, Adrien doesn’t seem to go full on stalking mode on Marinette, but it is shown that he goes on the LadyBlog to scope out his Lady’s cute butt- to try and decipher who’s the mystery behind the mask. So it seems he only does that for Ladybug.

11. Caring for that person

Adrien cares, a lot.

It is seen that whenever needed, he immediately encourages her and lifts her spirits up. He thinks that she is an amazing artist, even bothering to autograph the Jagged Stone album Marinette designed, and offering an umbrella for her even when it’s raining.

As Cat Noir he constantly saves her, smiles at her (fake) enthusiasm, and promises to protect her. 

Originally posted by ladybugandcatnoirr

Seriously guys, I know all about the quote in the origins, where he says:

CHAT NOIR: Wow, whoever that girl underneath the mask is, I love her


Believe me, I am a sucker for Marichat and Adrienette, but DO NOT GET ME WRONG! I love Ladrien and LadyNoir as much as I love the other two. I feel like a mother trying not to pick out the favorite between her children.

So let me know if I missed anything you guys, and I will see you all in my next post! Ciao!

What's The Real Reason?

[title]: what’s the real reason?

[pairing]: shawn mendes x reader

[requested]: yes – (x)

[summary]: #3 | “don’t you see? i’m in love with you”

[warnings]: lots of cussing (seriously, the reader loses their shit)


[author’s note]: 1. i really liked this request 2. here’s a gif of shawn being an adorkable lazy puppy 3. this gif makes my heart happy and my eyes teary 4. i’m not really one for violence lol so i changed it up just a bit and 5. this was not thought through enough lol

+ “one-line prompt” list

Originally posted by pride-direction

“Y/N!” The boy yells, stumbling over your backpack and its spilled contents sprawled out on the floor.

You grin, watching him struggle to pick up some of the loose papers.

He wheezes, reaching over and clamping a large hand on your thigh for support. “Y/N.”

“What, Shawn?” You ask, chuckling.

“Guess what, guess what, guess what, guess what, guess what—”

“WHAT?!” You exclaim, swatting his hand away from your face as he pokes your dimples.

“I finally got Lauren to go out with me!” He smiles widely.

Your smile falters immediately at the sound of her name.

Lauren was a close friend of Shawn’s, you knew. She was surprisingly really nice, but you just did not hit it off very well. Since you and Shawn were the closest of friends as could be, whenever he was around Lauren, so were you. Fake smiles were passed between you two as well as hidden looks of disgust that weren’t uncommon when you both hung out.

What bothered you the most about Lauren and Shawn’s relationship was that you have had a whale sized crush on your best friend, but the boy was completely oblivious to your attempts at flirting. He only thought you were just messing around.

Despite the earth-shattering news, you manage to force a smile onto your lips.

“Tomorrow night!” He nearly squeals like a girl.

Your heart drops at his words. You and him were supposed to hang out tomorrow night. It was a tradition. Every Friday night, the two of you would go out to the stupidest movie in theaters and get yourselves kicked out. Then, you would go to your house and watch Harry Potter (because it’s way better than everything else in Shawn’s opinion) and cuddle.

“T-That’s amazing, Shawn. Good for you.” You bite your lip, avoiding his tentative stare.

His demeanor immediately changes as fast as yours did.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, cocking his head to the side.

“Nothing.” You lie.

“You’re lying.”

“Am not.”

“Stop lying.”

“Shawn, I’m not lying—”

“Yes you are! I know when you lie. I’ve known you for a good seventeen years of my life, Y/N. I think I’d be able to tell if you were lying.” He mutters.

“I’m not lying, Shawn, I swear. I know you’ve liked Lauren for a while, and I’m very happy for you, okay?” You manage a small fake smile, hoping you had thrown him off.

Shawn examines your facial expressions, contemplating whether or not you were lying again.

“Look, I’ve gotta go home to help my mom with dinner.” You say, finding a lame excuse to leave his presence.

“B-But what about studying?” He asks.

“I’m really sorry, my mom wanted to talk to me about something important.” You mutter, gathering all of your papers and school books, shoving them messily into your backpack.

“I uh, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. If you want to come help me get ready?” He asks hopefully.

“Uh, sure.” You nod reluctantly before slinging your bag over your shoulder and standing on your tippy-toes and placing a small kiss on his cheek. “I’ll see you then.”

“What the hell do you mean by, ‘I don’t know’? You’re a girl, shouldn’t you know about all of this stuff?” Shawn exclaims, throwing a maroon tie across his room.

You raise your eyebrow, placing a hand on your hip. “I’m sorry I don’t know much about fashion, Mr. I’m-so-chic-I-wear-basketball-shorts-to-church.”

“That was one time!” He counters.

“Whatever.“ You mutter. “Just, be you and wear whatever you feel is appropriate.”

“Lauren expects me to pick her up in an hour, Y/N.” Shawn whines.

“Good for her.”

“Now are you going to help me or not?” He asks.

“Why don’t you just ask Lauren since she’s the one who’s gonna be all over you tonight.”

His eyebrows knit together. “What’s your problem, Y/N?”


“Y/N.” He warns.

“I just don’t think you should go on that date tonight. I mean, we were supposed to hang out tonight. Like always.” You admit. “But I just didn’t want you to cancel your date for me.”

Shawn’s eyes narrow in a split second.

“You thought I would cancel a date with the girl I like and have been trying to win over for the past three years to stay home and watch a stupid movie with you?” He spits, making you wince.

“N-No, I just—”

“Get it through your head, Y/N. Not everything is about you.” He snarls.

Something inside of you snaps, as your blood boils, making your eyes narrow.

“Are you kidding me, Shawn? I never said anything was! I just thought this tradition meant something to you and you’d at least say something about it!” Your voice softens. “I know I can’t expect anything from you but— I don’t know. Just go.”


“Go! Have fun with Laur!” You force a small smile onto your lips, grabbing your things and leaving his house.

“Fuck you, Channing Tatum.” You mutter, scrolling through your feed. “For being so damn attractive.”

You lay sideways on your bed, your head hanging off of the mattress as you hold your phone securely so it doesn’t slip out of your grasp.

It had been a few hours since your small fight with Shawn. You assumed he had gone on that date with Lauren, but you couldn’t care less.

Your fingers dance across the illuminated screen of your phone, your eyes studying each photo and video on the home tab.

Suddenly there was a quiet knock on your door, nearly making you fall off of your bed.

“Go away.” You mutter, flopping face-first on your pillow.

Regardless of your previous request, your bedroom door creaks open a tad. A set of chocolate eyes peer through the crack, and a few random locks of brown hair rub gently against the door frame.

“What Shawn?” You ask, sitting up on your bed.

“Can we talk?” He asks, walking into your room, closing the door behind him.

You mentally groan. “Can’t you see I’m busy?” You sigh, holding up your phone.

“Busy stalking Zac Efron’s Facebook page?” He chuckles, making you roll your eyes.

“Yes. Very important.” You retort. “Classified information about his cousin accidentally clogging his toilet in his nine hundred something or other thousand dollar beach house in the Hamptons.”

“Cause that’s what everyone’s worried about.” Shawn mutters.

You turn your phone off, placing it on your bedside table before falling back onto your pillows.

“Okay seriously, Y/N. I want to know something.”

“And what would that be?”

He sighs. “Why didn’t you want me to go on that date with Lauren?”

Your eyebrows knit together. “Okay. What’s the real reason you’re here?”

“I’m serious, Y/N.”

You sigh, running a hand through your messy hair.

“What makes you think I didn’t want you going on that date?”

“Stop it.”

“What?” You cock an eyebrow.

“I know you, Y/N. I can tell when you’re upset or lying. It’s very blatant, actually.” He says. “You really think I don’t notice when your whole demeanor changes when Lauren’s around or when I bring her up? I wanna know why you’re acting this way, Y/N. I know you’re not being yourself—”

“Shut up!” You yell, burying your head in your pillows, letting out a high pitched screech out of frustration before muffling out another string of cusses.

“Don’t you see, Shawn? I’m in love with you! I’m fucking in love with your dumb ass, and you haven’t seen it all this time! I don’t like you with Lauren, okay? I fucking love you, you idiot! Ugh!” You scream, fuming for some reason you couldn’t pinpoint, not caring about your profanity. “I’m in love and I can’t control anything anymore! I have so many shitty questions I want answers to also! What the hell are these feelings, and why the fuck am I so upset?! I just wanna scream and rip my hair out! That’s how in love I—”

Before you can fully comprehend anything, Shawn’s soft plump lips are pressed to your own.

Your body is stiff, frozen, panicked. Your mind races, and suddenly your lips are moving against his. You still can’t wrap your mind around what was happening, your body was still frozen as shock engulfs you; nonetheless your lips dance with Shawn’s in a rhythmic motion.

He pulls his lips away from yours with a scared but shy look on his face.

You don’t say anything as you pull him in for another kiss.

You could feel a smile grace his lips as your mouth envelops his in a sweet passionate kiss.

Your small fingers glide through the soft hair on the back of his hair, pulling him closer to you.

Soon, you hesitantly pull your lips off of his, resting your forehead on his.

“What the hell was that?” He chuckles.

“What do you mean? You started it.” You smile.

“But you continued it.” You shake your head, giggling. “But really, Y/N. I love you.” He says, leaning in to kiss you again.

“I—” Peck. “Love you—” Another peck. “Too.” A longer kiss.

You peck his lips once more before leaning your head on his chest as his arms wrap around you.

“I’m so sorry for lashing out at you earlier.” He whispers, leaning down and kissing your cheek.

“So am I, I lost my temper.” You whisper back. “But I thought you loved Lauren?”

He sighs. “Y/N, I’m gonna be completely honest with you, okay?”

You nod slowly.

“I didn’t love Laur, but I did like her. You knew that. It didn’t hit me until you stormed out that door earlier tonight.”

“W-What didn’t hit you?”

“That I’m in love you with you. Y/N, I’m practically infatuated by you and your presence. You’re like a drug and I can’t get enough of you. Even though drugs scare the shit out of me.” He grins.

You chuckle, snuggling even further into his chest.

“Laur sensed I had an incoherent thing for you and told me to come back to you and tell you how I felt.” He says. “And now, we’re both here, right now.” He whispers.

“I love you so much, Shawn.” You whisper, closing the gap between your swollen, desperate lips.

tbh i didn’t really like the way i ended this imagine… oh whale

and keep requesting! it helps motivate me :)

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— september 17th, 2016


“She does not have a boyfriend,” Sun growls again.

           “That we know of,” Scarlet corrects, smirking at the aggravated look his leader sends him. “She could easily have one and just doesn’t talk about him.”

           Sun pulls a face. “That doesn’t make sense!” he protests. “Girls always talk about their boyfriends!” He suddenly pauses, like he’s just now realizing his own inexperience in the matter. He cuts a glance at Neptune for confirmation. “Right? Girls totally do that.”

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Hawkmoth / Nathalie One-Shot

This is all @sinfulpapillon ‘s fault, as usual. Please check the fan art that they did here. It is great, it is all great. Their art blog is @sorakachanart .

Summary: Nathalie wakes up in a dusty villian’s lair and she, as well as her dark-colored suit, are ill-prepared. 

SFW, Words: 896

Nathalie, for what it’s worth, was a heavy sleeper. If she could sleep at her obnoxiously clinical desk at the mansion, she could sleep on a metal floor.

She didn’t prefer it, but then again, she didn’t prefer being kidnapped in the middle of an akuma attack. A majority of her work involved scheduling appointments and hoping Hawkmoth wouldn’t strike, or desperately rearranging appointments after the fact.

Sitting up, she grimaced at the dust on her jacket and trousers. The foils of wearing a dark purple suit. Glancing around, well, she knew she was in quite the predicament.

“Can I help you up?” His voice was cool, echoing through the spacious…attic? Abandoned church? Pathetic attempt at an evil lair?

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loveatfirstspark-deactivated201  asked:

I love your writing- you capture the characters really well :) would it be possible for you to write Emma thinking/discovering she's pregnant and not knowing how to tell Killian in your neighbours cs!au? :)

Helpless to leave this AU behind.

8 weeks the doctor said. 8 weeks. She sighs and presses her hand against her lower abdomen, wondering what the baby looks like – if it’s a little bean, if it has fingers and toes.

You could ask the medical resident laying on the couch her mind supplies but she shuts that thought down, dropping her hands and picking up a dish, scrubbing at it with undo aggression.

14 pregnancy tests and actual medical confirmation later and she still can’t tell him – worried about what his reaction might be, worried he might leave her.

Even after everything, it’s just – everyone always leaves her.

It’s still too soon, they haven’t ever discussed marriage – she doesn’t even know if he wants children.

“Emma.” She jumps as his voice floats into the kitchen from the living room and she turns her head slightly, watching as he tosses a book onto the coffee table and leans back, head lolling against his shoulder to make eye contact with her.


He pauses for a moment and scratches at his ear before smiling softly and her stomach flips because god, he’s just so perfect – the bashful boy all grown up into a handsome man. A man who loves her.

And then he opens his mouth.

“How far along are you?” He questions bluntly and she freezes, mouth dropping to the floor, her entire body going rigid. He huffs and looks offended, adjusting himself so he’s still splayed against the couch, but has a better view of her.

“Please, darling, I went to medical school.” He raises both eyebrows at her and continues before she can even think to gather a semblance of thought. “You’ve been getting sick every morning for weeks, you haven’t had a single sip of coffee, and you practically threw the wine glass I offered you across the bloody town limits.”

Her mouth opens and closes. “Wha-“

“Plus, your boobs are massive.” His eyebrows wiggle and he shoots her a wide grin, eyes dropping down below her neck. She follows his gaze and looks down at her chest, frowning when she notes they are exactly the same size they have always been.

“No they aren’t.”

He sighs and lifts himself from the couch, crowding her space until she’s pressed up against the island. “Perhaps I’m just looking forward to what’s to come, then.”

Her frown deepens. “What? My current boobs aren’t good enough for you?”

He rolls his eyes and slides his hands up her torso until he’s firmly cupping both her breasts in his hands, thumbs sliding over her in a gentle loop until she’s panting and arching into his touch. His lifts a single, thick brow at her and she tugs him closer with a leg wrapped around his.

“I think we both know how infatuated I am with your breasts, darling.”

She stares up at him, chest squeezing tight because he’s handling all of this like it’s completely expected – like it’s exactly everything he’s ever wanted.

“So you’re okay with all of this?” Her voice breaks on the word okay and his gaze softens, hand releasing her breast to slide up over her neck and into her hair. He cards his fingers through her strands gently and sighs.

“Absolutely.” He says the word with such open sincerity that her heart blooms in her chest, pressure building quick behind her eyes. A smile cracks his face the longer he looks at her and his thumb drags along her cheekbone. “Your hormones are going to be the devil to deal with, aren’t they?”

She snorts a watery laugh and catches his lips in hers, her happiness crashing over her in tumultuous waves. He is everything – the home she never thought she would have, the family she never got as a child, the best friend she thought she had lost.

“Get used to it, buddy.” She whispers and her voice is thick but she doesn’t care because she is happy.

He hums against her lips. “I plan to, darling.”   

Puppy Love

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Phil talks Dan into getting a new puppy, but will Dan warm up to the newest member of their household?

Warnings: None

Word count: 2234

Author’s Note: Shout out to the sweetest person there is pure-phantasy for the inspiration and for reading it over before. <33 This is basically just a lot of mush bc the idea of d&p with pets makes me overloaded with emotions. Hope you guys like it!

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So this is the love of my life. I spent 3 years being her best friend while also secretly being completely infatuated with her. I had no idea she even liked me back until November 5, 2012, when she finally asked me to be her girlfriend. No one thought it would last, that it was just a phase, and that we’d ruin a great friendship I’m the process. But here we are, going on two years later and I’m falling more in love with her every single day.
Sometimes I still hide who I am and who I love because of what other people might think, but there can’t be anything wrong with something that makes me this happy. She deserves to know that I’m not ashamed of us, and that I’m ready for the whole world to know how fucking lucky I am for this girl to love me the way she does.

(Me, left) http://taylor-thecreator.tumblr.com/

i hope she’s your biggest fan. i hope she is in the front row of your every show, with a bouquet of flowers so big they cover her face. i hope she’s proud of you and that when you stand on stage, you take her breath away. i hope she’s as exhausted by you as i am, so completely stupidly beautifully infatuated by you. i hope she brags about you to her friends and clings to those dumb stories no one else finds funny. and i hope she laughs, even if it is only to save you from the embarrassment. you deserve someone who cares about how you’re feeling. i know i’m asking for a lot, i told you, you deserve it, but i hope she’s willing to rub the back of your neck while you’re driving. i didn’t forget you telling me how bad you cramp, and how romantic you find it for your lady to feel you up when you’re distracted. i hope she holds your hand when you’re feeling empty, her fingers may not be as fulfilling as a cigarette but i hope she’s supportive in breaking your habits. i hope fate did the right thing when things didn’t work out as we planned, i hope she is what you were looking for, what i couldn’t be. i hope she’s everything you deserve, and everything you want, and maybe, if it’s not too much, i can hope i find the same in someone else. 

The Reason Why GMW Writers Have Told Us To Pay Attention to Past Lessons

So, I was talking to @theowldetective about why the writers have told us to pay attention, and also some of the clues of endgames, and just past parallels. So hold on tight, because we’re about to go back to season 1, Girl Meets 1961. This is a huge telling episode. As theowldetective pointed out, Lucas’s great grandfather, seemed creeped out by great Riley’s great grandmother, who was flirting with him, but he seemed into Maya’s great grandmother. And the most telling part? Riley’s great grandmother acted almost exactly like Riley. Now, Lucas’s great grandfather, was nice to Riley’s great grandmother, but here’s the thing, he seemed more into Maya’s grandmother, but Maya didn’t try anything, because she thought that she didn’t deserve him. That’s telling on just how much these girls think that he is perfect, but Riley’s is more like infatuation. Something even more telling? Farkle’s great grandfather flirted with Riley’s great grandmother… and her grandmother flirted right back… Now, I am extremely thankful that she pointed this out, or we would’ve completely missed this… I noticed something else as I continued watching the episode, I think Cory’s line in GMHS, “History repeats itself.” Is going to come in handy. That ‘Do good, and stick together’ lesson is going to be a key line. Lucas is obviously considered Mr. Perfect by Riley and Maya, Farkle is smart and he tries to keep himself out of the picture so his friends can realize their feelings, also noted as Ginsburg. He stayed out of the picture… hmm… Maya already stated that she feels undeserving, just like her great grandmother did, but when they walked away from each other they never became successful, and in GMHS, they walked away from Riley and Maya, so everyone wondering why Maya didn’t walk away, yes it was because Riley’s her best friend, but that lesson was lingering in Maya and Riley’s mind… Think about what a repeated line, “We don’t leave.” Yeah, something is adding up here. Remember three key lines and these lessons: 1. History repeats itself
2. Do good, and stick together.
3. We don’t leave.

There are obviously going to be episodes where history repeats themselves, but look closely enough. From the very beginning, the endgames have been there. So everyone get off of the ship war and look closer, the answers are right in front of you! And do me a favor, if there are any episodes that you can think of, that you didn’t exactly understand the lesson of or why it was there, history repeats itself, those lessons that you didn’t exactly get, are most likely laying the foundation for future episode lessons. Michael Jacobs has always dragged his lessons out, so just wait, be patient, everything will work out, but please continue to look closer. Thank you and love you all!