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otp fic prompts
  • i had the weirdest dream about you and now i can’t stop imagining what you’d look like naked
  • you’re at the cinema alone and so am i we might as well sit together and i swear i didn’t think there was anyone else in this universe who appreciates this movie like i do 
  • “you’re in my seat this is my seat see i can prove it like it even has my name on it who do you think you are sitting your ass down on MY seat.”
  • i tell my friends i come to the cafe you work at because they have the world’s greatest milkshakes but i love the little notes you leave me scrawled on napkins every time you take my order and you smile at me like the sun from across counter tops
  • we’ve both been arrested and we’re stuck in the same jail cell we won’t be bailed out until morning so you might as well tell me your story
  • we’re stuck on the top of a Ferris Wheel together and i only got on next to you because i really didn’t want to wait for the next go-around ??
  • i’m always running late and you’re always leaving the elevator open for me and i’ve gotta properly thank you for that you’ve saved my ass countless times
  • i hooked up with you at my sister’s wedding 5 years ago and now i’ve gotta track you down because i can’t stop thinking about you
  • you’re always at the university library at 3 am because it’s the only time you can focus hello hi same here
  • some asshole switched our flat numbers so your mail keeps getting delivered to me, sometimes i read it i’m so sorry you get very interesting mail 
  • we watched the fireworks together on new year’s eve even though you’re a complete stranger like i didn’t even get your name ??
Meeting Him: Part 2

Request: “Hi can do you a Harry Hook imagine where the reader comes to save Mal , and Harry and her end up together. Thank you so much I love your reading ❤️”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

A/N: This will be a part 2 of one of the imagines I already wrote since you all wanted it😘 

The first part is right here: Meeting Him: Part 1

Warnings: None

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The gang had finally arrived, “Welcome.” Harry said extending his arms out. His acting was amazing right now. You were starting to believe he really was a villain although he wasn’t.

“Sorry about this guys but we have to make it believable that you know I’m a bad guy too.” Harry rolled his eyes.

“We understand.” Ben said.

“Yeah just don’t put us too close to the end of the plank I’m kinda scared of heights.” You confessed.

“Don’t worry I won’t.” Harry reassured.

He held you and Ben as he brought both of you towards the plank. Harry could tell you were really nervous because he whispered something in your ear quietly so no one else could hear.

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How I discovered my new OTP over time…

After seeing first photos of new VKs: Oh lit, I remember China Anne McClain from years ago, and they got that dude from The Lodge. Aye they look badass.

After watching What’s My Name Lyric Video: Thomas Doherty rapping must mean he’s like a second-in-command or something. Possible romance? Maybe? Nah, I’m just fooling myself.

After watching What’s My Name Music Video: Okay, do ya’ll see the way they look at each other? And her not so subtly touching his shoulder while he’s rapping? Her winking? This is definitely shippable.

After watching What’s My Name behind the scenes: SHE RAN HER HAND THROUGH HIS HAIR!!! HOW IS THIS NOT CANON?!!

After reading Rise of the Isle of the Lost: He literally flirts with her on a daily basis, calls her darling, and she admits to never hurting his feelings. I think I have signed up to go down with this ship, and I ain’t talking about the Lost Revenge.

After watching Descendants 2: I’ve been eaten alive by this ship, and I am consumed by their adorableness. Every single moment of them together is shippable material. ALL ELSE IS IRRELEVANT! Bye friends, see ya’ll in 3 years! Remember, you can’t spell Human without Huma!

After seeing Hand Kissing deleted scene picture: BOI BYE! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!

Am I in an alt Realty?

Tell me how I’ve been waiting 3 seasons for a musical episode from OUAT and when it finally happens I find out that he entire episode is going to be revolved around a Emma/Hook wedding? What kind of backyard bullshit is this? You know I’ve put up with a lot of disrespect from the writers of this show but this, this is taking it too far. You know it was one thing to completely toss aside all the main characters in order to try and force the idea of Hook, you know I sucked it up when y'all were taking away from the main characters storyline to try and force him into somewhere he doesn’t fit. I looked the other way when y'all gave him that half assed “redemption” eVen though others (Regina) had to work their ass off and risk there lives in order to save everyone time and time again in order to receive that same redemption. Let’s not even talk about that dead is dead thing that seems to apply to every character on the show except for him. Not to mention the fact that he’s the only one who’s past crimes don’t seem to matter because he’s “changed”. Let’s not forget the big one, “Villains don’t get happy endings” why is it that this applies to every other villain in this show except him? Y'all dead ass brought in a Zeus just to resurrect him from the dead. The disrespectful CS kiss at Robin’s grave sight. But this, this musical episode was supposed to be something for the entire fandom and now y'all wanna take that too, is nothing sacred? This has nothing to do with the fact that I don’t ship Captain Swan, I loved this show for the characters not the ships, I’d like to know when Emma Swan is gonna come back that would be nice. It’s like the show forgot what it was about. And where the hell is Henry? He used to be the center of this show, the show was about his family (his moms, David/Snow and Rumple) and now we barely even see half of them in the episodes. Side note: How you gonna propose to someone with a teenage kid twice and never have a conversation with that kid about whether they’re okay with you marrying their mom?

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hello! hi! salutations! i am jen (or ivo) and i am here to provide to you my services in design commissions! ooh.  aah.  basically if you have an original character just dying to come to life with some super cool outfit, or you have NO IDEA what kind of clothes you’d put on them, i’m here to help!  all you gotta do is drop me some Sweet Cash and i’ll hook you up.

now, im completely new to this ballgame, so i will open only about 3 slots for now.  this is mostly a test run for me, to see where i should price these when i do open formal, full commissions.

that being said, let’s talk about how this works! read under the cut for some of that cool commission info, and how we can get started!

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Surprises whilst Sugaring

I’ve always been a private person. I keep my circle small with a lot of acquaintances. The closest I get to drama is gossip, I’m told and reality tv, which I am well aware is fake.

I started Sugaring, about 3 weeks ago at 5PM. I posted an ad on Craigslist, as a young co-ed seeking to provide companionship. Within 10 mins, an older white man about 60 had contacted me and wanted to take me to dinner. The dinner went well and he gave me $200 for my time.

Later that night, I wondered how I could make more money. He was a retiree on CL. Where was the REAL money? So I googled, sugar daddy. First hit, Seeking Arrangement. I’ve seen it can be a hit or miss and for me it has been a gold mine.

3.1K. That’s how much I’ve made in 3 weeks. I’ve learned that I’m far from the average. I’ve saved up enough money that I plan to transition to escorting; I think there’s more money and less commitment there. My mom’s best friend, manages an extremely popular escort advertising site and she said she’d hook me up. 🤑🤑🤑

I’ve been lucky. But, I relied on my strengths. I am confident, bold, and downright quirky. I am a bubbly girl and completely sexually liberated. Sex brings me no shame. I can talk about who I plan to fuck, why, and all the in’s and out’s.

To be successful at Sugaring, you have to know yourself. And you have to have a strong support system. My closest friends know I sugar. They are there to listen to my good and bad stories and they know my location when I’m on a date.

I’ve been guiding and mentoring other SB’s through Tumblr, Kik and iMessage, since this came naturally to me. I might as well share a few tips.

I don’t want to make 10K a month. One day, I want to make so much, 10K seems like nothing. (;

Fool’s Errand so far:

Fitz: Fuuuuck, isn’t the Fool is just the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? I mean, look at how he glows, look at the perfect angles of his cheekbones, look at how elegant his hands are, look at how his hair and skin are made out of fucking SUNBEAMS, look at how his clothes flatter his perfect body, look at how the firelight flatters his perfect face, look at how the candle light is tenderly fondling his aristocratic bone structure, look at how the sunset makes him glow like some godly magical immaculate unicorn boy…..

Fitz: WAIT IS HE IGNORING ME I don’t care Idon’tcareIdon’tcar– NOO I DON’T LIKE THIS… Ahhh nevermind he paid attention to me, my life has meaning again *breathes* ohhh but fuck seriously look how goddamn attractive he is now, I just, how?? He’s so goddamn beautiful *fills pages with poetry*

Fitz: Oh, yeah, and also he’s really nice to me and he’s loved me loyally forever and he’s pretty much the only person I’ve ever trusted in my life and shit I really missed him so much when he was gone… but whenever I’m with him I feel so complete <3

Fitz: Ugh dammit why do we have to travel with other people I just want to be alone with him!!!

Fitz: ………………..seriously though, I don’t get why he flirts with me?? What a weirdo.

Fitz: Eh, this woman is alright, I suppose. I mean, I don’t trust her or anything but she’s nice and sort of pretty.

Fitz: She seems sort of into me. Awesome, maybe we should hook up.

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hello lovely <3 i am really feeling the need for some angsty seungcheol action in my life right now? hook a girl up?? scenario is totally up to you, i am just complete trash for angsty seungcheol


genre: angst (soulmate au)

pairing: seungcheol x reader

idk if this is angsty enough omg 

slight blood warning!!

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anonymous asked:

Can you rec us your personal fav smut fics or overall fics chaptered or one-shots??

Hey, so honestly I am not really that into smut, or more like I don’t have a specific kind of smut I’m into or whatever, so i will just list some of my favorite stories that have smut in them, which I hope works. I didn’t include my non-smut favorites, because then it would be too long. My favorites are kind of expected, normal favorites, so you have probably read all of these, even though I left out the really super popular ones. but anyway, enjoy!

I’ll be your shelter: One shot. jongin is a cat hybrid who is staying in kyungsoo’s mothers animal shelter.

I wanna be yours: Complete 2 chapters. Jongin is a cat hybrid who Kyungsoo adopts, but then wants to return.

Bonded: one shot. There are like 3 sequels after this story, but you can just get to them starting with this story. Kyungsoo adopts Jongin (cat hybrid, can you tell I am into cat hybrids?), and Jongin really wants to be a human.

Past ten: Complete one shot. This is a PWP fic with Jongin as a cat hybrid. IDK why this story stuck with me so much, but it totally did.

God damned desire: one shot. I really love this one. Jongin breaks up with Kyungsoo when they are young, then comes back years later and wants to hook up

Song of sirens: Complete one shot. Jongin is a merman who Kyungsoo meets on the beach and visits everyday.

Listen to me: one shot. Kyungsoo is a writer who became mute after a traumatic event, and hangs out at the coffee shop where Jongin works. Jongin wants to get with him.

Knuckling Under: Complete one shot. Jongin finds out he is a beta and thinks he doesn’t have a chance with Kyungsoo.

Just a claim on the heart: one shot. Jongin and Kyungsoo are wolves in college, and Kyungsoo is going into heat so he avoids Jongin, who is a new alpha on campus.

How I want you (How I need you): Complete one shot. Jongin and Kyungsoo are wolves whose parents get together and now they live together, which makes their crush on each other uncomfortable. 

Scent: Ongoing. No smut yet, but it is in the tag so I know its coming. Jongin is a wolf who smells Kyungsoo and determines he is his mate. He hangs out at the bookstore Kyungsoo works at with him after that.

I’m a screamer (Make me a mute): complete 2 chapters. Yeah, Jongin buys Kyungsoo as a toy. a lot of smut involved.

Winded: one shot. band au, breathplay, adorable Jongin

White Love: Complete 10 chapters. Kyungsoo is a prostitute(ish) that Jongin likes and wants to save. 

Scarlet Sin: One shot. this is like hitman PWP with badass Kyungsoo. yeah.

Come for the early (Stay for the late): one shot. Jongin has had a crush on kyungsoo forever, and starts to get to know him, but Kyungsoo has a crush on Sehun.

I don’t want to set the world on fire: one shot. post apocalyptic (thanks spell check), with zombies. they meet and help each other survive.

Paranormal Possession: One shot. Jongin gets possessed by a ghost who makes a deal to get out of Jongin if he can have sex with Kyungsoo.

Wrong Spells: one shot. Jongin is a magician who “accidently” traps a sex demon in Kyungsoo’s body, who only comes out at night.

Listen to me: complete 2 chapters, light smut. Kyungsoo has a one night stand with a famous actor, and then becomes friends with him.

so we meet again (with our hands outstretched): complete 2 chapters. light smut. This is one of the first stories I read of Kaisoo, it was my first favorite story. Jongin is an actor who asks Kyungsoo to ghost write his autobiography. They have history.

A psychopath, a psychopath, he says he loves me: complete 15 chapters. Jongin is a serial killer and Kyungsoo is a sociopath that jongin kidnaps to kill, but Kyungsoo has other plans. 

Gods are like stars (born dying): no smut, but still one of my very favorite stories. Jongin and Kyungsoo in a mental hospital, Jongin is dying, Kyungsoo can see ghosts. 

in your wake  -  a jk mix for just under two months, and the rest of a life. first half of the mix is muddled teenage feelings; second half is after the end. complete with annotations.

your dead best friend is walking up the stairs with you. … we were in love, we were in love.

8tracks / youtubecover art

1. she’s the prettiest girl at the party, and she can prove it with a solid right hook  -  frnkiero and the cellabration (all we wanted was what we were / and what we were was young and naïve / i found my place in this world / it’s in your wake, in your wake, in your wake)
2. samson  -  regina spektor (you are my sweetest downfall)
3. it’s not a side effect of the cocaine, i am thinking it must be love  -  fall out boy (think of all the places where you’ve been lost and then found out)
4. baby i got the death rattle  -  los campesinos! (you are an angel, that’s why you pray / and i am an ass, and that’s why i bray)
5. old college try  -  the mountain goats (i will walk down to the end with you / if you will come all the way down with me)
6. in our bedroom after the war  -  stars (we won, or we think we did / when you went away, you were just a kid / and if you lost it all, and you lost it / we will still be there when the war is over)
7. best friend  -  andrew jackson jihad (what is the wind saying? does it tell who isn’t there? / do the spirits haunt us by blowing through our hair?)
8. several ways to die trying  -  dashboard confessional (take notice, take interest, take me with you)
9cigarettes  -  russian red (all the cigarettes that i have never smoked / and all the letters that i have never sent) 
10. the sword and the pen  -  regina spektor (so what if nothing is safe? / so what if no one is saved? / no matter how sweet? no matter how brave? / what if each to his own lonely grave?)
11. the only thing  -  sufjan stevens (how do i live with your ghost?)
12. impossible year  -  panic! at the disco (there’s no sunshine, there’s no you and me / there’s no good times, this impossible year)
13. the predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us!  -  sufjan stevens (i can’t explain the state that i’m in / the state of my heart, he was my best friend)

Weekend readings!

First of all - yeah I know I am a day late with this one but I skipped last week because I was busy at work so I wanted to do it this week - sorry for the delay!!

Let have the one shots first this time shall we?

Not anymore by @sis-tafics - Dean returns from hell and some of his memories still hunts him! Hot and sad - beautifully written. 

Invincible by @ilostmyshoe-79 - this is so powerful and sexy as hell. The reader has the power of biokineses and uses it on Dean and not just to heal him ;) 

Puppy Dog Eyes by @sis-tafics - Sam and the reader wants a dog. Such a sweet heartwarming story :) 

Divine Grind by @abaddonwithyall - grumby reader with a sore back and Dean helps her out. Smutty and glorious!

Piece by Piece by @mrs-squirrel-chester - short but so amazingly written and very powerful. Prepare to sob!

And now for the series!

Trouble at the town’s bar by @thethingwewrite - it is a barman Sam AU and he is just perfect so read it :)

Family don’t end in blood by @effie-w - I am in love with this series. Dean needs a kick in the butt a few times but he wises up so go read it :D

Somewhere in Neverland by @d-s-winchester - this is a Jensen x reader Au and a really powerful one at that. I am scared to give much away but Jensen has expirienced some loss that leaves him with some issues - go read it for yourself and get hooked guys!

Complete me by @faith-in-dean - A Cas x reader soulmate AU. It got some cathcing up to to myself by I am sure the 2 parts I haven’t gotten to yet is as beautiful as the first 3. Go check it out and read with me!

Friends after all by @angelkurenai - I adore this AU (Dean x reader eventually) - so sweet and beautiful even though it leaves you wanting to smack Dean over the head a few times but he is too perfect so you regret it everytime anyway lol. Read it folks!

That was it for now! See ya next weekend guys :D

Being grateful

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks and I haven’t been able to process all of it. I have about a dozen posts in my drafts folder that I just haven’t been able to complete yet.

But I do want to take a moment to express how happy I am. About a lot of things. I have 1600 followers. How the hell did that happen? I know that a lot of those are actually porn bots, but I do have some real people that read these little posts. Some send me messages of support, or ask questions, or just say hi. One guy wanted to hook up - sorry dude, not my type.

In addition to my wife, there are at least 3 people that read this that know me in real life. That actually makes me think a little more. It’s not really anonymous so I want to be real.

I have surrounded myself with some wonderful friends. I think that’s been the biggest surprise about the lifestyle. Yes, I’m meeting people that I want to have sex with, but I’m also meeting people who don’t judge, who have an open mind, and are just a blast to be around. No more muggle friends for me.

I had a fantastic weekend. Beer drinking, two wineries, a BBQ dinner, all of it was amazing.

That brings me back to my point. Sorry I was long winded.

I love my life. I love the people who choose to be in my life. I am grateful that I have made this circle of friends. Thank you for being a part of it.

That got really cheesy there. I feel like I need to make a boob joke or something to lighten up the mood.



So I’m just super excited right now and I’m going to tell you why!!

A year and a half ago I spent 3 months in the hospital, 1 month in ICU, and 1 week on life support. I had lung and heart and bone marrow operations. I went through 6 months of chemo, countless experimental drugs and an insane amount of steroids. I popped a lung, lost the ability to walk, and almost had my right arm amputated due to complications with a blood clot.

When I was 21, I was told that I wouldn’t make it to my 22 birthday, and if I did, my quality of life would be terrible. I would never walk unassisted, I would have oxygen hooked up to me at all times. (FYI I just turn 23!)

I lost 50 lbs and most of it was muscle. I had to re learn to walk, and spent days in physio to learn how to use my right hand again. I went from using a wheelchair, to a walker, and I left the hospital with a cane.

I have been doing crush60 for just over a week, and for the first time in 3 years I’m actually feeling back to my normal self. I am on so many meds that make me gain weight, and completely screw with your emotions, but when I am at the gym, and after the gym, is when I know that I will eventually get back to my old self.

If someone would have told me a year and a half ago, when I was debating if amputation was the right choice, when I couldn’t breathe on my own, when I couldn’t even feed myself, that I would be at the gym, LIFTING, I would have called them crazy.

anonymous asked:

Will you keep watching ouat if the queer romance turns out to be someone other that Regina and Emma?

To be honest.  I don’t know.  My first reaction is, I don’t think so.  Here are my reasons.

1) I wasn’t watching OUAT for just any LGBT romance.  I was watching and had become invested in Swan Queen.  I believe that Emma and Regina should be together.  If either one of them were a man they would already be the “destined couple” who share a son and I think it’s fucked up for the writers to say, “Oh we believe in gay pairings but just not the lead characters, even though the actors have firework style chemistry and have been written in a way that makes them seem like the perfect pair but we can’t put them together because they are two women.”

To me… Swan Queen is the deciding factor of whether this is a brilliantly thought-out, well-written show or if it’s not.  Sorry if that sounds harsh but it’s true.  A&E would have been so cruel to treat us like this, SQ shippers… the oldest shippers in the fandom who have been there since S1.  They could have REALLY made SQ besties.  They were saying it was all “unintentional” but they sure weren’t writing it that way.  Please, as a lesbian, I know an innocent look from a not so innocent one from another woman.  These women were not looking at each other in a platonic way.

But from the get-go, A&E could have written them to be “gal pals”.  The public would have loved that.  Especially younger girls.  But they didn’t.  No hug.  All the tension.

For the record, I am still hoping and thinking it is Swan Queen,

2) Another reason I might stop watching is because seeing Hook and Hood physically makes me ill.  Why?  Because I love Emma and Regina too much.  They deserve better than these guys.  CS and OQ just weren’t developed to the level that SQ was.  And they have ruined the show for me like I am sure they have for countless other viewers who have already left.  

Remember when it was just Swan Queen, Snowing and Rumbelle?  The writers really didn’t need anyone else except villains.  So they added Hook who was a pretty cool baddie.  I liked him when he first came on.  I also liked Emma being wise to his crap.

They castrated Hook and dumbed down Emma for CS.  That’s my opinion and I am entitled to it.  It was sad.  And now they are dumbing down Regina for OQ and it’s just heartbreaking to me.  I mean she is still pretty badass but I must say there was an edge to both of them from S1 and S2 that I miss.  But I am not in this to watch “Once Upon A Hook” and to see CS.  Or OQ, which is a disaster.

3) This has slowly become a show I don’t recognize nor is it something that I feel stands out.  I suppose by Swan Queen happening, we also had Swan-Mills Family and Swan Mills Charming Family and all of that made sense.  It would tie all those characters together… the core ones they started with.  Swan Queen, Snowing, Rumbelle and Henry.  Complete,  All the originals.

But like I said, call me crazy, but I still think all this Mulan, Merida, Ruby talk is all a red herring.  And wouldn’t it be funny if they do have a secondary LGBT ship on the show and STILL pull SQ out with only 5 episodes left to the series?  I mean until the whole thing is over.  People say, “Oh they’ll never have TWO LGBT ships…” and then the writers DO it because no one is expecting it.  Because they had it planned all along.  Sheesh.  And because ultimately, some show has to be the first one to do it.  That’s how progress happens, no matter how slow sometimes, there’s always a first time for everything.

And what could the antis do?  There’d be 5 episodes left!  Stop watching?  Would it even matter?

So really I don’t know.  I might.  Maybe I’d record them and that way I’d have them all and then when SQ happens I can watch all these crappy CS episodes and laugh my ass off.

hopefullycuteguy  asked:

Haha im sorry I did a terrible job explaining. I'm looking for a hot girl aka you to be snap chat friends with and give their opinions on girls im hooking up with / advice. Basically how girls want a gay guy as a friend haha I want a gay girl as a friend. Benefits for you or you could see some hot girls I get with I guess and reap the obvious benefits of my friendship/ personality yata yata 😜

Alright let’s break this down:

1. Being hot does not mean I am a good judge of who you should get involved with. And neither does my sexuality because

2. Straight people who want a gay friend specifically because they are gay only perpetuate shitty stereotypes. We aren’t exotic zoo animals or super humans, we’re people. Just because I am attracted to women doesn’t mean that I know how to help you attract or keep a girl. That’s a moronic assumption, because we’re clearly into different things. Example: I treat women as people and you just want to fuck them and take pics to brag about your conquests. I won’t pass judgment on girls based on just their looks, or help you with this at all because

3. The opinion of a stranger on the internet is going to determine wether or not you hook up with a girl? You don’t know anything about me other than my orientation and what I look like, but you want me to decide wether a girl is fuckable or not for you?

Women are not disposable sex toys, and if you’re putting them on trial so I, a complete stranger, can decide if they’re hot enough or not, you don’t deserve to interact with them. Just because I am attracted to women doesn’t mean I want to see pictures of the unlucky girls you’re sloppily trying to seduce. Assuming that because I’m attracted to women I’ll benefit you with my extensive knowledge of women is cheap. You’re a douchebag. I would not benefit from this friendship at all.

Dear straight men: lesbians are not magic masters of seduction. We can’t share our secret to always getting girls because there isn’t one, because women are individuals with brains and independent thoughts. BUT, as a treat, here’s one piece of advice:
Don’t just try to fuck a warm body. A woman is a whole and complete person with more to her than genitals. If you care that much about physical appearance alone, you are way better off going home, drawing a face on a sock, and calling it your girlfriend, because that’s all you can really handle at this maturity level.

Hi guys! :) Here’s some facts about me:

  1. My name is Chelsea, I am 23, and I am a web designer
  2. I run 7 blogs on tumblr (I know, I know…)
  3. I use to run a very popular Harry Potter website, Ron and Hermione Source.com, and started this tumblr to be part of it.  Eventually this tumblr grew even more popular than the website, and I sort of shifted to tumblr mainly. Now my blog is Once Upon A Time/HP/THG
  4. Disney World is my home away from home
  5. Hook is my guilty pleasure and I completely adore Captain Swan <3

1. I am Swen

Hey! My names Charlotte. I am 20 years Old and live in Holyhead, in the UK. I am a university student at Bangor University, studying Sport Health and Physical Education. I am completly 100% in love with Lana Parrilla and Jennifer Morrison. When im not studying I like drawing… my most precious one is a drawing of Lana… watching OUAT, reading and listenign to music. My favorite music i listen to is mainly musical stuff (IDINA MENZEL is amazing) but I like a bit of everything… as long as you can make out the words :)  

I play football for my Uni team and my local football team and have been selected to play for my county at an intenational island games event which im so excited about. 

My favorite Colour is Purple… my favorite food is bagels. I have 4 tattoos, One is a feather and one is Harry Potter related. 

I am completely crazy but isthere anyone out there who isn’t??

2. I love SwanQueen

I absolutly Love SWANQUEEN.. im not sure how i stated shipping it. i started watching OUAT when season 1 aired on Chanel 5 in the UK and been hooked since. I imediatly fell in love with Regina and it could be the Gay in me that made me want her to be with Emma but since the episode at the mines ive been Swan Queen crazy. Emma and Regina are made to be and its obvious if your an open minded individual!  the looks and the touches just! everything is swan queen :) 

3. I love Swen

the whole fandom is just amazing! we’re all different individuals and the fact that we all unite as one is amazing. 

you are all amazing from the fanfic writers to the video makers i love watching and reading aything swan queen. im constantly waiting for my latest fic to update or scrolling through youtube videos, your all so talented and just amazing! 

Im sorry this turned out to be a bit longer than expected but yea :) 

Love You All Swen!