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Here’s a masterlist of my WWE and Youtuber prompts/imagines that will hopefully work for mobile users. Please let me know if anything doesnt work. This is updated everytime I post a new lot of writing.

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Happy that if I go I’ll take you with me XD

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Pairing: Seungcheol x Reader

Genre: Angst (Idk man)

Summary: He stopped responding.

Note: A friend of mine placed a bet that I can’t write something angsty using mostly dialogues so I’m proving her wrong + vv short! This is for @aesthedick-cheol but idk if you’ll like it bc I think it’s not that angsty.

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Me, everytime Cindy comes on screen: baby girl I am so sorry they treat you like this you deserve so much better

Also me, gay as shit: I would sell my soul, my neighbors dog, and kill the president for a chance to stand next to you

Good Enough

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“Being with you never felt wrong. It’s the one thing I did right. You’re the one thing I did right.”

Summary: You and him were two complete opposites from each other… You were just the maid’s daughter, but him on the other hand was a celebrity… Girls practically threw themselves at him just to gain his attention… He could choose any girl… but he chose you..

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Part 6 is here~

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Your Point of View

As you continued new bed sheet on the hotel bed you felt this guilty feeling. You felt like you should’ve told the boys weren’t going to show up.. Did they even wait for you? Did they even remember?

You stopped and sat on the bed.

“Why do I care…”

You looked down at the floor and you were lost in your thoughts till you noticed a really nice pair of shoes. They looked quite expensive.. Who’s hotel room is this?

You got up from the bed and began to look around admiring how expensive most of these items seemed to be.

You weren’t the type to be noisy and look through people’s things but the more expensive items you noticed the more curiosity started to kick in.

You looked around a noticed the suitcase on the ground. Should you even bother looking?

One side of you wanted to see who was staying in this fancy hotel room… but the other side of you knew that you wouldn’t have liked it if someone was look at your things.

Oh well..

You walked back to the bed and just as you were about to put new covers for the pillows, you froze when you heard a unlocking sound coming from the door.

The door slowly began to open and you froze without even bothering looking at the door. Instead you looked at the window to see the reflection behind you and your eyes widen…

It was Taehyung..


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bluesey + college long distance (after they're done with their gap year ofc)

Hello anon! I hope you have a lovely day/night :)
Bluesey+college long distance
• they Skype a loooot
• sometimes Gansey gets really stressed so he calls blue up on Skype and he doesn’t ever have anything to say he just wants to look at her
• and of course as soon as blue answers she can see the anxiety on gansey’s face so she’ll tell him a funny story about something that happened on campus recently and gansey sits there and listens and watches her animated face or closes his eyes and just drowns in blue’s voice
• whenever blue passes a class she calls Gansey on Skype totally freaking out and giggling because she’s so happy and he laughs at his adorable girlfriend and keeps telling her how happy he is for her
• blue finally has a cell phone and gansey probably calls her at random times through out the day/week just to say “i love you, Jane” and she pretends to be really irritated with it but it always makes her day and he knows she secretly loves it so he keeps doing it
• surprise visits!
• (I’ve had this idea in my head for like months, okay, so bear with me while I release this onto the internet)
• okay so gansey’s college friends totally think blue is made up
• “can you believe how pathetic this kid is? Making up a girlfriend? I mean ‘blue sargent’????? C'mon buddy, at least come up with a believable name.”
• “yeah, and he said she’s from a family of psychics. What a joke.”
• everytime Gansey talks about blue everyone looks at each other knowingly and gansey is oblivious to this
• but then one day, like the weekend before finals, blue shows up at gansey’s dorm really late at night and everyone is like “the shit?! She’s real?!” and she’s kind of a mess because she’s really stressed about finals and eventually she finds gansey’s room and his door is open because his roommates are playing a game or something idk what college kids do
• and the room falls silent as everyone takes in this eccentric girl in the doorway and gansey looks up from where he’s studying on the other side of the room and he has to do a double take because “Blue????? What are you doing here???? How did you get here???”
• and blue just collapses into his arms and cries into his chest and he gently leads her over to his room (okay I will admit that I’m imagining gansey’s room like Rory’s college dorm in Gilmore Girls)
• eventually blue calms down and she tells Gansey that she had a meltdown because she’s so stressed about her finals so she hopped on a bus and then another bus and then a taxi and eventually she got to his school
• Gansey holds her all night and gives her soft kisses and she stays snuggled up in his chest wearing one of his t-shirts and just taking in the smell of him
• and it’s so good to feel his warmth again and to feel his breathing and she drifts off in this peaceful sleep as he strokes her hair and occasionally gives her little forehead kisses r.i.p. me
• by the next morning news has spread all over campus that gansey’s gf is nOT, I repeat NOT!!!! made up and the whole school loses their shit. Everyone who had a Thing for gansey is weeping. Money is exchanged as bets are either won or lost. People camp outside of his dorm to get a glimpse of this mythical creature come to life. Chaos.
• okay now back to the long distance thing
• Gansey has a flower shop near blue’s school deliver flowers every Monday because Mondays fucking suck and he wants to make her happy
• and it isn’t really expensive over-the-top flowers because he knows she’d hate that
• it’s just these little arrangements with a few lilies or a rose with some babies breath, just these really adorable delicate flowers because “they’re just like you, blue”
• and by the end of the week when the flowers have died there’s a delivery of new ones
• blue thinks about telling gansey to stop sending them because he’s spending too much money on her and she doesn’t want him to but she decides to let him continue sending them because he always has the flower shop write a little message on a card for her
• really lame shit like “you’re still the prettiest flower” or “I love you more than Glendower”
• blue saves all of his ridiculous messages and tapes them to the wall next to her bed so every night she can fall asleep to gansey’s cheesey ass (but love-filled) words
• and blue makes like hats and gloves for gansey in the winter and mails them to him or she makes him ridiculous t-shirts and sends them to him as a joke but he totally wears them all the time because he’s so disgustingly in love with blue sargent kill me now they’re too cute
• everytime blue sees gansey over breaks or when one of them visits the other she steals his most hideously bright polo shirt or sweater and she wears it every night until it no longer smells like him
• “blue, I believe you are currently in possession of more of my clothing than I am”
• “well come visit me and I’ll give it all back”
• so because they’re so far away from each other obviously they can’t go on their night drives but they still call each other all the time
• the nights that blue’s roommate actually sleeps in their room blue will either sit in the bathroom and whisper to gansey over the phone or she’ll call him from her bed and not say anything, just listen to him mumble sweet nothings or stupid fun facts until she falls asleep
• gansey always keeps the line on even though it kills his phone because he just really loves falling asleep to her silence and knowing that she’s so close to him even though she’s really not
I’m going to stop there lol i hope this is somewhat good.

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It always comes at night
Your hands on me
Holding me tight
I can only dream about us, right?
And it pains me
It hurts
Why did you treat me like dirt?
I only knew how to love
But I never knew how to be loved by you
So many bitches out there got you
But I never had my own chapter 
You were always the writer
And you chose to kill us everytime I started to somehow…feel alive
You killed every piece of me
Like I am the poetry and you are the poet but it’s the other way around
And you never knew how to put your words on the paper, but instead in the ground
I am not glad that you are not around
I am not happy that you are gone
It makes me feel lost and under no control
Because three years were monotone circle of fake love
And now I don’t know how to be on my own
I don’t know what future brings me
I just know you are not here with me and it stings
Not being able to know myself is worse than not being able to know you
But let me tell you the truth
Time heals and I will be alright
This is just yet another lost fight
And without you I will find the way of life
Life without you will bring me joy
I will be able to replace you with self love
Because so many seconds I wasted on your bullshit
And so many hours trying to figure you out
But everyone around me was right
You are just another brick in the wall, just a piece of shit person all in all.

So today I heard that my cancer might’ve come back. I used to call the previous one Nicolas Cage because I, for some unknown reason, hated him back then and it made me determined to kill that shit behind my heart.

But you know what, if my cancer has come back, I’m gonna name that one Billy just so I can shout “SCREW YOU BILLY” everytime my back hurts or if I have to go for chemo again and it makes me sick or stuff.

Bitch, I’m so determined to live that be it cancer or not, I am gonna defeat it watching and laughing at @therealjacksepticeye’s videos LIKE A BOSS!!

Hell no will I be defeated by this.