i am calm and it's doctor

Last year, I had a new IUD put in. When asked about my intentions regarding childbearing, I expressed some concern about my antidepressant and potential unborn children.

“I wouldn’t worry,” said my then-doctor. “The discontinuation won’t hurt a newborn. It’s done all the time.”

Today, I get soundly scolded by my current general practitioner for choosing to wean myself off my antidepressant without consulting my psychiatrist first, despite the fact that after three weeks of repeated phone calls, I still can’t reach my pdoc.

So: either this drug is harmless enough that even an infant is in no danger from the abrupt cold-turkey discontinuation caused by birth, or it’s so dangerous that I, an informed and well-read adult with a strong background in chemistry and an affinity for medical journals, should not be allowed to control my own dose.

Go ahead. Explain to me how this is about sound medical reasoning and not about agency or physician convenience.

lol so i went to the dentist today which was a pretty terrifying experience tbh bc human adult interaction and all that and now i’m exhausted and kinda freaked up bc i went here to get consultation about getting braces and they talked about moving my whole jaw and also the doctor (who looks also pretty strict which makes me kinda glad i am a patient and not like employee there or something) mentioned a surgery and asked if my profile bothers me bc my chin is too small i’m here like ??? lol oKAY THANKS I DID NOT NEED TO KNOW HOW BAD MY PROFILE IS AHA

lol this was so wild

also getting braces is so expensive like i knew that but ohoho boy

but also this is the most future investment i’ve ever done that indicates that i may actually live life which is a kinda wild concept (not to sound too weird but for the longest it hasn’t really /really/ occur to me that there’s a chance that i may live longer than 30. Is it weird? Idk! lol i still am just slowly realising this fact ha)

so anyways i will probably get braces in the next few months aha and this is kinda cool bc i’ve always wanted them so yay

Just putting it out there but your doctor should never sexually objectify you.

Like I’m not even talking doctor/patient roleplay/porn whatever that’s its own genre, whole separate ballgame. I mean a literal doctor I am meant to take seriously.

If your doctor is not capable of talking about every aspect of your body, sexual or not, weird or not, gross or not, whatever, in a calm, professional, caring but ultimately detached manner, you should probably run and probably sue.

Just throwing that one out there today, in case anyone actually needs this.

*gets on soap box*

Ok guys… I’m just as excited about Steven Moffat moving on from Doctor Who as the rest of us, but please PLEASE don’t hate on him like he totally ruined the show. He has brought us some of the best Doctor Who episodes ever made. He deserves better ok. Please stop the Moffat hate! SERIOUSLY.

*gets off soap box*


this time next week, i will be drunk behind the couch because my doctor who ep will be out in the world