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Christmas Suprise (Isaac Lahey)

Anon said: Hey! Can you please write a cute little Christmas Drabble with Isaac and y/n where she plans this big Christmas party for the pack and she surprises Isaac with a pregnancy announcement and just a lot of fluff from everyone please!! Xoxo

Sorry if it isn’t fully enough. I tried haha. 

Word Count: 1,540

Triggers: None really. 

It was a big day for you and the pack. The pack because you were throwing your annual Christmas party. Your Christmas party consisted of these main 3 things:
•Great homemade food
•Chatting/games with friends
•and the gift exchange
Everyone’s favorite part was the gift exchange. This year the party was held at your apartment. Isaac came over early to help you set up. You and Isaac were together before he left for France. It was really sad for you with him gone and the same for him. When he came home it was tough for you to accept him again - because he just left unexpectedly. But, you eventually did. Now you two have been dating for 3 years now. All of your Senior year, and now you are both in your Sophomore year of college.
“Thanks for coming over to help me set up. I just need help with the tree and cooking.” You explained to Isaac as he entered your apartment. You two haven’t moved in together - yet. You are in the works of finding a nice house for both of you.
“No problem (y/n) anything for you.” He said as he shook off his jacket and readjusted his sweater. You took his jacket and put it on the coat rack.

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