i am borred

I told you I spent an entire day drawing Silmarillion children! Here’s a bunch of dark-haired babies.

Bodhiweek day 6: Family

Title: Forgetting

His mother had brown hair, and kind brown eyes. She went to the Temple every Friday, wore her belief around her body like woven silken and colorful hijabs. She breathed love and compassion, wrapped them up in safety and protection. She was fierce, kind and passionate, and instilled that within him and his sister.

His mother was everything. And he couldn’t remember her name.

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Studying - Sirius Black

“I am borred” Shhhhh!! Sirius this is the libary you cant just scream in here.” “But Y/N I am completly and utterly borred out of my mind.” “Then READ god damit but stop bothering me.” And you could not believe it for 4 straight minutes he really stopped talking. It was so long that you were already scared he died. But he did not and so after the 4 minutes of peace he just stared to talk again and it really bothered you. Even when you were friends you just wanted him to shut up so that you can finally learn more for the up coming test you needed to write. Just because he did not care for his grates did not mean that you did not either. “Sirius SHUT UP!! I am trying to learn.” And with that sentence something happend you nevere thought would happen in your life. You were kicked out of the libary. YOU of all people. You have never been so mad in your life. And Sirius clearly felt it. But instead of being bothered by it,  he just started to laugh. You did not know if it was AT you or just because he thought you did something hilarious. But it realy hurted your feelings. You did not like to do things that were forbidden and screaming at someone in the libary definitely was forbidden. It made you even more angry at yourself that you lost your cool like that. It rarely ever happens and Sirius is there for two minutes and you already loose it. He makes you insane. “Sirius stop laughing and for once in your life leave me alone. I am never helping you again. You make me furious.” “And you love it. Just be honest with yourself. You love that about me. I bring the most out of you.” “No I do not like that about you. I am just angry at you. How should I learn for the test that we need to write if I can not enter the libary ? I am going to fail for the first time in my life because of you. I can not believe you or me… Arggh Goodbye.” With that you just stormed of and you went back to your common room. 


By Sirius 

“Boy I did it…  Y/N is not talking to me anymore. And I just wanted to make her relax for once and that she stops thinking about the test. But noooo I failed her. I failed my mission…” “Pads please stop being such a drama queen. You know how Y/N  is with her grades. She needs to pass everything or she things that the world is going to end.” “I knoooooww. But I thought I can help her to get over this fear… But I think I just made it worse for today. She can not go into the libary and she is completely freaking out about it. She thinks she needs to learn more and I do not know how to help her now.” “Then my brother be happy that I, James `Prongs´ Potter, am your best friend. Because I have the brain and the ideas that will save you.” “Prongs stop being so cooky and just give me your idea.” “Not so fast my dog. Let me have my moment of briliancy……” A minute later “Maybe now..?” “Yes now is okay. Y/N wants to learn” “Well yes that is quiet obvious.” “Stop interupting me. Where was I…? Ahh right. Y/N wants to learn.. and she wants to learn everything. What a luck that we both know someone, who is very close to us, that is not just very intelligent and knows everything about the test, but also likes to teach ??” “Your are BRILLIANT Prongs. Why havent I thought about that ?. When someone can help me than it is Moony.” With that Sirius made his way to Remus and asked him for help.


By Y/N 

“Y/N” “Remus I am busy what can I do for you?” “Well I am actually here to help you…” “Help me? Why?” “Well Sirius told me that he got you kicked out of the libary and he felt really guilty over it. Because he knows that you need to learn for this test tomorrow.” “And now he asked you to help me?” “Well… yeah he kind of did. He felt really guilty.” “Well that is sweet of him, but it was my mistake. I screamed at him. That is the reason why we got kicked out. It was all my fault anyways. So you do not need to waste your time on me and do your own studying.” “First of all Y/N you are never a waste of time and secondly Sirius would kill me if do not help you to calm down. He would help you too but lets be honest he is a smart guy but he has no idea about this topic.” “Okay so lets study.”

-Time skip -

“Thank you Remus so much. I feel much better now.” “Not a problem. And if you ever need something, just ask. I am here. And Y/N if you could be so nice and look for Sirius. I am sure he would like to talk to you.” 
“I wanted to see him anyways. I need to thank him. Bye.”

With that you ran of and tried to find Sirius. What was harder than expected. The castle was bigger then it looked. And to find a student that knew how to disapear wasnt the easiest task of all. But after some time you finally found him sitting outside infront of the black lake. “Hey Sirius..” You did not know why but all of a sudden you were really shy and nervous to look him in the eye. “… I wanted to say thank you for talking Remus into helping me. It really helped a lot… so yeah thanks.” “No problem Y/N/N. That was the least I could do after I made you angry.” “… Maybe I over reacted a little to. I was stressed and then I do not like  being bothered at all.” “Yeah I know… But well, if you are really sorry for snapping at me… you could make it up to me.” “What do you have in mind ? I will not play a prank with you. That makes me feel anxious. I always have the feeling they are getting out of hand.” “Nah I am not trying that anymore… I mean not after the last time I tried to play a prank with you. It was awful. You are really not made for this, but I think we should do something that would not just benefit me but also you. You could go on a date with the most brilliant man this school has to offer.” You needed to smirk “You are right I should ask Remus out on a date. He really is the most brilliant man in Hogwarts.” “That is correct a date with me is just the price number onnneee… wait WHAT did you just say you wanted to go on a date with MOONY???” “Hahahaha you need  to see your face hahaha.” “Y/N THAT IS NOT FUNNY!” “Yes it is hahaha I cannot stop laughing. But yes I would like to go on a date with you. What do you think about next Saturday?” “I do not know if I still want to go out with you. You really hurted my ego.” “Well I am sorry I need to tell you this but today is your ONLY chance that I will agree to a date with you so better take it or never ask again.” “Well and than people say I am dramatic. But I will need to take this because I want this date with you.” 

Well what could you say… It wasnt the only day you agreed to go on a date with the most brilliant man the school had to offer. The one and only Sirius Black.


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Snakk norsk med Ylvis: Jeg Heter Finn (Part 1)

Hjertelig velkommen to this series of Ylvis-based Norwegian language lessons!

Today, we learn the basics of conjugating verbs in the present tense, as well as some pronouns and useful phrases, with the help of this beautiful song Jeg Heter Finn.

Dialect note: Vegard is singing in an Oslo dialect rather than his usual Bergen dialect, because “Finn” is supposed to be from Oslo. I’ll note specific differences as we come to them.

This song is pretty great because you can learn a lot of words for gratuitous household items from it. But for now, I’d like to draw your attention to the first two lines of the second repetition of the chorus:

De sier Mogens, de sier Jens, de roper Holger, og skriker Klaus
Jeg ekke dansk, jeg heter Finn, jeg bor på Tåsen, jeg heter Finn.


We have two helpful phrases here. There’s obviously jeg heter Finn, which means “My name is Finn.” The verb hete means “to be called.” A more literal translation is “I am called Finn.”

Then there’s jeg bor på Tåsen, which means “I live in Tåsen.” The verb bo means “to live.” (As in, to live in a certain place – not to be alive in general!) In addition to heter and bor, there are a few more verbs here: sier, roper, and skriker. You may notice that all these verbs end in R. There’s a reason for this!

In Norwegian, the infinitives of verbs end in vowels:

å hete  = to be called
å bo = to live
å si = to say
å rope  = to shout (pronounced “roh-peh,” not like the English word rope!)
å skrike = to scream

To conjugate most verbs in the present tense, you simply add an R to the end:

jeg heter = I am called
jeg bor = I live
jeg sier = I say
jeg roper = I shout
jeg skriker = I scream

Note that si is irregular! You have to add an extra e in there to get sier. There are plenty of other irregular verbs that don’t follow this rule at all, but we’ll worry about those when we get to them.

And if anyone’s wondering, in Norwegian the conjugation in the present tense is the same no matter what your subject is. That is, no matter if you’re saying “I live,” “you live,” “he lives,” “they live,” and so on, the verb will always be bor. No matter if you’re saying “I am called,” “you are called,” “she is called,” and so on, the verb is always heter. (If you don’t understand what I mean by this, don’t worry! We’ll go over it properly in another lesson.)


From the phrases we learned above, you’ve probably already guessed that jeg means “I.” De means “they.” (Notice that de sounds like “dee.”)

About the pronunciation of jeg: you may feel like it sounds a little different every time Vegard says it. The “yeh” or “yah” that you hear when he says “jeg heter Finn” or “jeg bor på Tåsen” are how it sounds when you’re speaking fast! If you slow down and enunciate, it sounds like the English word “eye” with a “y” sound in front. You can hear that more clearly when he says “jeg ekke dansk.” And if you go back in the video to “jeg gjør triks fra morgen til kveld” you can hear it even better!

Dialect note: In Bergen, jeg sounds like “egg.” Go watch some other Ylvis video where they’re speaking naturally and you can hear it pretty easily!



Unfortunately, telling people were you live isn’t quite as simple as jeg bor på ______. På is a preposition that usually means “on” or “at.” (It’s also used in a lot of situations where you wouldn’t use either of those words in English, but in this case, you can think of it as meaning “at.”) Meanwhile, there’s another word, i, which usually means “in.” It’s pronounced like “ee” in “feed.”

Tåsen is a neighborhood in Oslo. You should use jeg bor på if you want to say what neighborhood or district of a city you live in.

Finn could’ve also said jeg bor i Oslo or jeg bor i Norge. You have to use i for cities and countries. (There are some exceptions to this rule. Apparently island countries use på, except for Japan, the UK, and Ireland which still take i. Don’t ask me why. Also, some inland Norwegian cities traditionally use på. But since you presumably don’t live in an inland Norwegian city, just forget about that.)


Dialect note: One general difference between Bergen and Oslo is the pronunciation of the letter R. If you listen closely, you can hear that Vegard is doing a “tapped R” here – it’s like a rolled R in Spanish but much shorter. You only hit your tongue on the roof of your mouth once. This is how R is pronounced in Oslo. In Bergen, they have a “guttural R,” which is further back in the throat and sounds a bit like the R in French. They make fun of this difference in this little song Unnskyld Kjære Oslo… go listen to it and see if you can hear the difference between the R in kjære in this song and the R in heter in Jeg Heter Finn! They also say roping (shouting) early on in UKO, so if you can find that, you could compare it directly to roper in JHF.

Geez, look at how much we’ve learned from just these two verses! Now hopefully you can tell people what your name is and where you live på norsk!

– Jeg heter _________ = my name is _______
– Jeg bor på _______ = I live in [a neighborhood]
– Jeg bor i _________ = I live in [a city or country]

– å hete [heter] = to be called
– å bo [bor] = to live (in a place)
– å si [sier] = to say
– å rope [roper] = to shout
– å skrike [skriker] = to scream

– jeg = I
– de = they

Next lesson: we learn how to form basic questions, the verb for “to be,” and what the mysterious “jeg ekke dansk” means!

If any Norwegian speaker has noticed a mistake, please let me know so I can correct it. Tusen takk alle sammen!

Link: You know, as frightening as your beast form is, I find fighting your human form much more interesting.

Ganondorf: Hmm? How so?

Link: Well, as a human, you undoubtedly have more tact. You fight with more skill and you can be unpredictable in your pattern of attack. I definitely have to be on my guard.

Ganondorf: Hmph. My beast form affords an immense amount of power that decimates all that stand before me.

Link: True, but you tend to just charge about like a wild animal, not affording much of a challenge. In all reality, your beast form is such…a boar.

Ganondorf: I am not bor-WAIT, WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY !?!

Link: ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)


if you could transport her, in her filth, rags and  feral  disorder, to the Eden of our first beginnings where Eve and grunting Adam squat on a daisy bank, picking the lice from one another’s pelts, then she might prove to be the wise child who leads them all and her silence and  howling  a language as authentic as any language of nature.