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Hi! Congrats on 200! I was hoping for a ship? My name is kara and i love to read and write. My hobbie is writing short stories for fun and dancing widely to music. I like music, books, and teacups (i collect them lol). I hate cheese tbh. If i were in voltron i would probably just be a human because i am boring and plain. Thank you very much, and congratulations again!

Thank you! 

I ship you with: Lance! 

  • Plain? You better not tell him you think that, otherwise he’ll snuggle you for days
  • He thinks you’re really interesting! He admires your way with words when you write, and he loves catching you dancing when you think no one’s watching. 
  • He loves that you take interest in teacups. He thinks it’s unique, and it reflects your personality in ways he can’t describe. 
  • If you don’t end up on this crazy adventure, he’ll definitely miss you while he’s fighting aliens in space.
  • If you do get swept up in everything, he does everything he can to make sure you’re okay, both emotionally and physically.