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Mermaids; part 2

Legolas Greenleaf x Fem!Reader

Character(s): Legolas Greenleaf, Thranduil

Fandom: The Hobbit/LOTR

Prompt/plot: Reader is a mermaid who somehow got washed up near Mirkwood. Legolas is out hunting and finds her only to take her home and to care for her. Thranduil has allowed her to stay in Mirkwood and Legolas will help her learn to walk, which leads to different things.

Warning(s): nudity, curious/confused reader about genitals 

A/N: I’M HYPED FOR THIS YOOO. Also I noticed I use the word ‘quick’ in literally everything I write lmao.

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Alu tarien = water princess 

[part 1]

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21 Is Legal

Characters: Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, Lian Harper, Jon Kent, Iris West II, Jai West, Bruce Wayne, Barbara Gordon, Talia al Ghul

Summary: “Over the years, Damian grew to be a wonderful young man. He was everything a man could ask for in a son, and more. He…."Father faltered in his speech. “ What he’s trying to say, Damian, is that he loves you very much, and he is proud of you. He just can’t get it out of his mouth,” Gordon picked up neatly where Father left off.
Damian turned 21. Shenanigans ensued

A/N:  For Halloween Content War, day 2: Celebration

Damian was turning twenty one today. He was an adult. He had lived long enough to be considered a legal adult. That thought gave him a moment pause. He had lived.  

Along the years, there had been several bumps along the way, but he lived a mostly happy life. He had Father, Grayson, Pennyworth, and the rest of his family. He had his team and his friends, not really mutually exclusive. He had everything he never thought he would have as a child in the League. 

Oh, he knew by now that his childhood was not exactly a normal one. But still, the fact remains that what he had now he would never had dreamt of having a mere ten years ago. He was exceedingly grateful for that.

Damian would have stayed where he stood, relishing that fact when a voice brought him back to reality. 

‘‘You are expected to attend your own birthday party, you know?’’ Grayson put his hand on Damian’s shoulder. 

‘‘I know, Grayson. Can’t I just have a moment alone before I have to entertain all of the guests?’’ Damian retorted back. 

Grayson laughed. He pulled Damian into an embrace. ‘‘Come on. They’re all waiting for you.’’ Grayson smiled lovingly at Damian. ‘‘You’re the man of the hour after all.’’


“Come on. It is your birthday.”

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Red And Yellow.

This is for the wonderful @motherofallceilingfans​. I really hope you like this!


I was just stepping out of the shower, when someone knocked at the door of my apartment. I froze, trying to think if I’d forgotten any visits, but nothing came to my mind. It was a nice Thursday evening, the night before Good Friday, so I wouldn’t have to go to university the next day. I’d decided to use the free evening to dye my hair, something I’d wanted to do for a long time. Now I was showered and all ready, but someone had to interrupt my plans.

I wrapped myself in a towel and walked over to the door to peer through the peephole. In the next second I opened the door and threw myself into the visitor’s arms.

My best friend Erik caught me effortlessly and hugged me tight with both arms.
”Hey hottie“, he joked. He looked me up and down, they he sighed with a smirk. ”You’re quite a sight, as always.“
I smiled cheekily. ”Too bad you don’t get to touch any of this.“
”Honey you’re breaking my heart“, he complained. ”But I’m gonna stay anyways. I thought I’d surprise you with pizza.“ He held up the shopping bag in his hand.
I immediately opened my door for him. ”I could kiss you right now“, I sighed as he walked past me.
”Do it then“, he teased, winking at me.

That was our relationship lately. Erik and I had established this flirty tension, where we teased each other endlessly. We were obviously very attracted to each other, but neither of us had taken any action to change our friendship into something more serious.
I certainly wouldn’t have anything against it, but I was also content with the status quo. Having Erik as a friend meant going to clubs and having someone to wave off all the jerks, it meant deep conversations at 3AM, and it meant free Borussia Dortmund games. It was a friendship I wouldn’t risk for the world.

I let Erik put the pizza in the oven and quickly went to change into sweatpants and a tank top.
”Erik?“, I called from the bathroom. ”Come help me dye my hair!“
He appeared in the doorway, a confused look on his face. ”What?“
I looked up at him from my place, kneeling in front of the bathtub.
”Yeah you just gotta mix the powder with the stuff in the bottle and then massage it in“, I explained.
He sat down and did what I told him. ”Red?“, he asked after reading the label. ”You are already a ginger!“

I scoffed. ”I am strawberry blonde, thank you very much. I was bored with the color. Besides, it looks weird with your jersey. I’m too blonde to wear yellow.“
”You look great in my jersey“, Erik protested, reading the instructions.
I opened my mouth, but he cut me off. ”Yes you do. Period.“ He put on the gloves. ”Alright honey. I’m going to do this now.“
I giggled. ”I trust you.“
He drew a dramatically deep breath, then he started. I closed my eyes at his touch, losing myself in his massage.
He was very gentle, and very thoroughly. We both were uncommonly quiet, but I wasn’t bothered by it. On the contrary, it was nice to be quiet with Erik.

”Alright, you’re good“, he said eventually.
Almost disappointed, I raised my head. Erik was waiting for me with the clear plastic cap, which he gently placed over my head. When he was done, I critically inspected my face in the mirror.
”You did a good job“, I said, seeing that there was no color on my face.
Erik rolled his eyes. ”Why this tone of surprise? I’m good at everything.“
”Sure honey“, I mocked him, and wrapped my arms around his neck. ”You are completely flawless.“

He seemed to have a smartass comment on his tongue, but he never said it. He just stared at me. That was when I realized how close we were, despite the height difference.
Five seconds, I thought to myself. If still hasn’t moved in five seconds, I’m going to kiss him. But before my time was up, the oven alarm went off in the kitchen.
”Pizza“, Erik said, his voice slightly hoarse.
I nodded and let go. ”Yeah.“ I quickly went to the kitchen and took the pizza out of the oven.

We ate in silence at first, then Erik initiated light conversation about an upcoming party that we were both invited to. I didn’t really say a lot though, my mind was occupied with our moment in the bathroom.
”Are you alright?“, Erik eventually asked.
”Yeah“, I said vaguely, staring at the table. ”Lost in thoughts.“
When I looked up, he was studying my face. ”You’re beautiful“, he said, completely out of the blue. He took my hand and squeezed it lightly.
I giggled. ”Where’s that coming from?“

He blushed. ”I don’t know. I hadn’t really planned on saying it. But it’s true.“
I smiled. ”I’m sitting here in sweatpants, an old top, and a plastic cap on my head. And you’re calling me…“
”Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful“, he interrupted. ”And you’re becoming more beautiful by the minute.“
I flushed heavily. ”Erik?“
”Yes?“, he said and took a sip of his soda.
I quickly spoke, before I could change my mind. ”Are you in love with me?“
He choked on his drink and spent the next few seconds coughing. Then it became very quiet in the kitchen. Erik simply looked at me with an unreadable expression.

When I couldn’t take the silence anymore, I simply nodded and got up to clean up the table. Against my will, my eyes started to burn, and a thin veil of tears blurred my sight. Erik cleared his throat, but I didn’t turn around, so that he wouldn’t know how disappointed I was. How could I have been so wrong?
”Yes“, he caught me off guard.
I froze with my hands in the sink. ”What?“
”I’m in love with you“, Erik said.
I lifted my head and looked over at him, his cheeks were red again, and his eyes were sparkling.

A grin spread on my face. ”Can I kiss you then?“
He chuckled. ”Yes. Absolutely.“
I just managed to suppress a squeal, and ran over to his chair. I cupped his face, then my lips crashed against his. He groaned, wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me on his lap.
We fit perfectly. My body melted against his, our faces were hot against each other.
I opened my mouth and touched his lips with my tongue. His breath hitched, and I giggled softly.
The plastic cap on my hair crackled softly, when he put one of his hands against the back of my head.

His other hand went to the small of my back, and he got up with me in his arms. I slung my legs around his hip and broke the kiss, so he could see where he was going. Instead, I peppered sweet, short kisses on his heck.
Erik sat down on the couch with me straddling him, but before I could fully kiss him again, he cupped my face and looked at me. ”You didn’t say it back.“
I looked at him, puzzled, then I realized and smiled. ”Erik, I’m in love with you too.“
He grinned. ”There we go.“

We kissed again, more passionately this time. His hands explored my body, my fingers tangled themselves up in his head.
It was completely quiet in the room, except  for the sound of his lips against mine.
I was full with pizza, but I was still hungry, hungry for his touch. And he was all too willing to give me what i wanted.
We lost track of time. When I eventually pulled back, his lips were red and swollen, and his pupils were wide.
I reached for the hem of his shirt, but he stopped me.
”You should probably wash the color out. But after that, I’ll do whatever you want me to do with you“, he said.

I looked at the time and cursed. I’d left the color on way longer than I should have.
I sighed and got up from Erik’s lap. ”Wait here“, I said. ”I want to to see myself first, then I can warn you if it’s horrible.“
”You’re beautiful anyways!“, he called after me.
I chuckled and went to wash out the color. I didn’t dare to look in the mirror, before I was done blowdrying. The result surprised me. My hair was a deep red, a flaming color, that somehow still looked natural. And I liked it. But there was one last test. I quickly went into my room and put on Erik’s bright yellow jersey. I looked in the mirror and decided that I liked the bold combination of red and yellow.

I walked back into the living room to reveal the new look to Erik. ”So?“, I said, spinning around for him.
”Stunning“, he complimented. He got up and pulled me close. ”But you know what?“, he asked, his lips on my neck.
”What?“, I giggled.
Erik looked me deep in the eyes. ”I will take that jersey off you now. You can wear it tomorrow to the game.“
”You bet I will“, I said, and then I kissed him again.

Auston Matthews - Part 15

Ya’ll are lucky af that I love you 

I can’t help but peek over my shoulder at Auston as he closes the door behind him. The moonlight glances off his skin, he isn’t wearing a shirt which I think is just a little bit crazy, but I’m also not complaining. I again think that pictures just do not do him enough justice. Auston turns and starts towards the hot tub and before he can see me looking, I quickly turn my attention to my hands under the water. Alex and Breyana giggle beside me and I shoot them both filthy looks.

               Auston jogs to the hot tub, I’m sure regretting his decision to not wear a shirt or rob out. He quickly jumps in, splashing all three of us in the process and getting a splash back from Breyana. I pointedly ignore all of them and focus my attention skyward, only now I can’t focus on a single thing. Stupid fucking boy.

               “Was this your idea, Auston?” I hear Alex ask him.

               “Kinda, I just prodded mom and dad in the right direction. Mitch told me about this place, his family used to come here,” Auston answers and I have never had to fight myself so hard to not look at person.

               “You wanted to come someplace cold?” Breyana asks, without looking at her I know there’s skeptical look on her face. “I hardly believe that, something must have gotten your attention up here.”

               Auston is silent for a moment, all I can hear is the jets of the tub.

               “A new point of view,” he finally says. My eyes snap to his, my mind instantly going to last night when I sang that stupid song in front of him. I open my mouth to say something but I can’t think of a single thing to say, so I just smile and look down at my hands again. I can feel Breyana and Alex staring at me, but I ignore them as usual.

               “Is that a bruise on your shoulder?” Alex asks and I hear Auston hiss in pain and look up in time to see Auston swatting at Alex’s finger as she pulls it back.

               We sit in the hot tub for another half hour before Breyana decides to go to bed, I consider following her but I refuse to get out of the tub in my bathing suit in front of Auston. Breyana climbs out of the tub and exchanged a look with Alex before saying goodnight to Auston and I.

               I get a bad feeling in my stomach as I look at Alex, her eyes darting between me and Auston as she keeps up her conversation with Auston. Sure enough, less than ten minutes later Alex yawns and my stomach plummets. She wouldn’t dare.

               Alex meets my gaze and I shake my head at her, my eyes pleading. She just looks back at me, a stupid grin tugging at her mouth.

               “Don’t,” I mouth at her, still too stubborn to follow her out of the water.

               “I think I’m going to head to bed now too,” Alex says, exaggerating another yawn and stretch before clambering out of the tub. I make a small noise and refuse to look at Auston, silently urging him to go inside as well.

               “Night Auston, Y/N,” Alex says, a funny tone to her voice. She gives me one more look before turning and walking towards the house.

               I suck in a deep breath and press my lips together, suddenly incredibly shy. I pull my legs up against my chest and in desperation to look anywhere but at Auston, I look skyward again, only seeing blurry spots above me.

               “Not gonna talk to me?” Auston breaks the silence and I cringe.

               “I’m not ignoring you,” I murmur, my eyes still up.

               “I didn’t say you were ignoring me, it’s just you haven’t said two words to me since we got here,” Auston counters and moves his hands through the water in front of him. I can feel the rush of water and am reminded how close I am sitting to him, half naked and incredibly awkward.

               “Not used to a girl not throwing herself at you?” I respond without thinking.

               Auston is silent a moment before answering.

               “Actually, not really to be honest. But who says I want you to throw yourself at me?”

               I finally look at him, a skeptical look on my face and he chuckles.

               “Alright, I’ll give you that one,” he admonishes, not even a little embarrassed while I turn scarlet.

               I can feel his eyes on me and I shift under his gaze.

               “Looking for something?” I snap at him, pulling my knees even tighter to me, my only line of defense.

               Auston just laughs and tilts his head back, I try to ignore his now exposed neck but find it impossible.

               “So, sit in silence until you decide to go to bed?” He asks and I scowl at him.

               “Or you can go to bed,” I mutter, he looks back down and I quickly move my eyes to the water at my feet again.

               “Silence it is then,” he says and stretches his legs out in front of him, putting them directly in front of me and moves his hands behind his head. His eyes are closed and I take the opportunity to openly examine him.

               There’s a small cut on his chin from a few games back, along with a small bruise around it. I notice a couple more bruises around his collar bone and the one on his shoulder that Alex poked, I smile at the recent memory of it. Resting my chin on my knees, my eyes move to his arms, still behind his head. I have yet to see a single hair on this boy besides on his face. My eyes slowly move up his arms and back to his face and sigh with relief that his eyes are still closed and I didn’t get caught staring.

               “Looking for something?” Auston says, throwing my words back in my face and I scowl.

               “Excuse me?”

               “I can feel you staring at me.”

               “I am not!”

               “You’re getting awfully defensive,” he replies, his eyes still closed.

               “You’re being ridiculous,” I mutter, thoroughly embarrassed.

               “You can keep looking, I don’t mind,” he adds and I consider splashing him.

               “Shut up,” I reply and a grin breaks across his face.

               I try to find something else to get my attention and my eyes fall onto the controls over where Alex had been sitting. I stretch my legs back out, careful to avoid Auston’s and move silently through the water, switching seats. I lean over the controls and read the options. I can feel Auston watching me but he doesn’t say anything.

               I press various buttons, making the jets more powerful and less, adjusting the temperature and the colors of the lights. There’s one more button near the jets that I haven’t done anything with and when I flip it on Auston grunts and moves slightly in his seat. I glance at him and raise my eye brows as his hands leave behind his head and go down into the water near his shorts.

               “Little warning would have been nice,” he grunts at me and my hand flies to my mouth when I realize what happened to shield my giggle. Auston sees anyway and narrows his eyes at me before laughing as well.

               “Least I know where to go if I get lonely tomorrow,” he mutters and I blush furiously, choosing to ignore him.

               I stare at him a moment as he relaxes back into his seat, now that I turned the switch off again.

               “Are you sore after games?” I ask, genuine curiosity getting the better of me as my eyes stray to his bruises again. He isn’t the only hockey player I know, I was my dad’s helper from the time I could walk, so I know a lot of players around the league, young and old. However, I never actually talk hockey with any of them, or ask them questions.

               Auston doesn’t seem to mind and his eyes fly open again. He glances at the bruise Alex poked and shrugs.

               “Sometimes, tonight I am a little but it was a rough game. Not too sore for other activities,” he adds, an alluring tone in his voice and I can’t refrain this time, my dignity is at stake, so I splash him. He blinks at me several times, wiping at his face.

               “Did you just splash me?” He asks, narrowing his eyes at me and I feel everything below my belly clench again.

               “Don’t think so, jet must have got ya,” I reply, refusing to let his stare get to me.

               He shifts forward in his seat, his eyes impossibly dark as he stares at me and his knee grazes my foot which is resting on the seat beside him. He glances down in the water at my leg and doesn’t shy away from sliding his eyes all the way up my leg, torso and back to my face.

               I gulp and shift in my seat, regretting my childish act already.

               “Are you sure it wasn’t you?” He asks again and I shake my head.

               “Nope, not a chance,” I say and put on a bored look, though I am very much the opposite of bored. “You know, I think I might go to bed.”

               “Go right ahead,” Auston gestures his hand towards the house. “By all means,” he adds, his eye flashing down to near my belly again and I curse myself. Talk about backfire.

               I hold his gaze for a moment then can’t actually hold a real yawn back, it has to be after two in the morning.

               “I really do want to go to bed,” I admit. “Alone!” I add, seeing his smirk.

               “Like I said, by all means,” he says again and I scowl.

               I reach for my towel and make to stand up but hesitate.

               “Turn around,” I demand.

               “You naked?”


               “Then why do I have to look away?”

               “Because you’re a pervert.”

               Auston laughs with his reply. “Am I really a pervert if you like it?”

               “I don’t like it!”

               “Like what?”

               “Like you!”

               “Are you sure?”

               “Yes! Stop asking questions!” I start to get flustered, my cheeks heated and I want to kiss the smirk off his face.

               “Then go to bed and I’ll stop asking you questions,” he says simply, putting his hands behind his head again.

               I huff at him and gather every ounce of confidence I possibly can before putting my hands on either side of me and raising myself out of the water. I want to hurry as fast as I possibly can but also don’t want to fall on my face. Thankfully, my legs are long and I easily climb out of the tub, surprised at my own gracefulness. I snatch my towel and wrap it around my shoulders, leaving my legs bare because, well they’re just legs.

               I turn back to face him and his smirk is gone, he’s staring at me with dark eyes again and I quickly take a few steps back.

               “Goodnight, Auston,” I say gently, and because I’m now out of the tub and he’s still in it, I let my eyes travel the length of his body with exaggerated slowness. He sucks in a breath and I quickly turn away, walk to the slider and slip inside. It isn’t until I get upstairs and out of his sight that I let my face break into a beaming smile, the adrenaline still pumping through my body.

               I slip into my room and into my pajamas, when I move to the door to flip off the light switch I hear someone coming up the stairs. I pause and listen to Auston walk past my door and wait until I hear his door shut as well, just a few feet from mine. What am I doing?

               I shake my head and flip off the light, laying down in my bed, I hope that sleep will take me soon. But the longer I lay there, the less I feel like sleeping and the more I think about my meeting. I can feel my heart start to beat faster and I feel none of the pleasure of adrenaline that I felt when climbing out of the tub. What am I going to do? I ask myself over and over again.

               I lay there for another half hour, my phone screen tells me so, and still no sleep comes. My heart is still beating too fast and I can feel my blood pressure rising. Stop freaking yourself out, Y/N. You have several days to make your decision. I keep telling myself, chanting it like it’s my lifeline.

Before I realize it, there’s tears streaming down my face and soon there’s full blown sobs. I roll over onto my stomach and shove my face in a pillow, very aware of the fact that Auston is sleeping on just the other side of the wall.

               The sobs are uncontrollable, but it feels so good to cry, like I just turned the tea kettle and the steam is slowly letting itself out. However, while it starts out feeling good, I can’t seem to stop and soon a miserable feeling takes place of the relief. The sobs are painful and I know the pillow is doing little to muffle me.

               After a few more minutes I think I hear a soft tapping on wood, though I can’t tell when it comes from. I compose myself for a moment and look around my room before hearing the tap again. I realize it’s coming from right by my head, from on the other side of the wall. I sniffle and reach out, very softly tapping back. There is a moment of silence and I hear a pattern of taps again. I mimic the pattern back and wait for the next one.

               This goes on just a little while longer and I feel my heart rate going back down and my body relaxes, the sleepy feeling I had before finally coming back. The taps get slower and my reply taps get even slower. Finally, he knocks three incredibly slow times and I try to raise my wrist to tap back, but my eyes shut before I even twitch a finger. 

anonymous asked:

Percabeth, as a ship, it's a Hetero ship. but that doesn't means that Percy and Annabeth, as individuals, are straight, they could be bi/pan/poli/etc. but people often portrays them as Hetero. is that what you're saying? JKFHAK i'm just a confused person. (excuse my english jshdk) (also, I'm really sorry if this is messy, I suck at redaction)

alright it’s okay i’ll actually elaborate…i just get Tired and frustrated and sometimes it’s difficult to tell who is actually asking/curious and who is being obnoxious

what i mean by Painfully Hetero is this:

heterosexuality and hetero couples, in real life, but more specifically in fiction (bc fiction carries over to real life and obviously fiction is written by real life people), are a basket case of sexist and heterosexist tropes. they are put into these bad, boring, sexist dynamics and fall into these overly cliched patterns of behavior that are boring, which i am very much sick of seeing forced into percabeth when we could actually be having a lot more fun with them as a couple.

Annoying Hetero Dynamics exist bc they’re sexist tropes repackaged in a romantic relationship, honestly. the most annoying ones that come to mind (particularly in fanon percabeth):

weird passive aggressive “teasing” dynamic where people can’t just like…admit that they love each other and enjoy each other’s company. they’re always putting each other down to…save face? be “teasing” and trying too hard to be ~~~cute~~~ and…i don’t even honestly know bc i find it weird and unappealing. and sexist!! woman becomes a “nagging wife / crazy girlfriend / ball and chain” for voicing any kind of valid criticism of her male partner, man is allowed to behave disrespectfully and dismissively towards his female partner (just watch a sitcom. any sitcom.)
always talking about how In Love they are but never actually shown like….. enjoying each other’s company. their love story doesn’t actually make a whole lot of narrative sense, we rarely see them doing anything other than having sex or staring into each other’s eyes or almost dying for each other. sexist, usually, because it just makes man appear obsessive and creepy and the woman usually becomes wildly out of character bc she’s not actually getting anything out of the relationship and we all can’t explain what she sees in him. (kara and mon-el, bella and edward, stereotypical YA dystopian novels, quite honestly han and leia like i love them too but…cmon)


back down south


happy birthday to donghae!!!!! my forever cuddlefish, dweeb and #1 dorkfish in my heart

(warning this post is going to be dumb and silly to like pretty much most of my followers now so I apologize)

i obviously have not been a Hae tumblr (or even an SJ) (lets be honest this tumblr hasnt had a coherent theme in forever) for years now. but for those of you who don’t know, I actually originally created this tumblr as a kpop blog. (my original url was pinkmiinah. pink being my favorite color and bonamana/miinah being SJ’s newest single at the time. later sj related urls were pinkcuddlefish and later perhaps my most infamous and also most embarrassing - pinkfishstick which yes, was a dick joke) 

Anyway, it’s been years since I was an actually active Hae stan, and keeping myself up to date and etc etc etc. But, funnily enough, my feelings and love towards Hae has never faltered or changed. 

I just found an old birthday post I made for him, back when he was 26 (!!!!!!!!)  It’s pretty cheesy, but it sums up my feelings still. That no matter what I’ll always love this dweeb for who he is. We’re both older now, I can’t BELIEVE HE IS 31 NOW. But I’m so proud of who he is, and how much he’s still the same down to earth brat person that he always has been but also how much he’s grown.

anyway I hope he had a rly good day and the rest of SJ let him have his bratty little way and gave him all the love and attention he needs on a daily basis. 

enjoy some of my fav pics of him esp the last one which i once described as “It just sums up Donghae in one picture.” which is still true. 

Hold Time

Trigger warning for death mentions. And a million thanks to diva-gonzo for the prompt :) [ffnet]

Bill was walking passed the open door to the living room when what he saw there caught his eye, so he paused and retraced his steps. “Are you feeling quite yourself?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

His wife was building up a stack of cards that was almost as tall as he was, using her wand to construct a twisted tower that looked very like the turrets of Hogwarts. Apart from when they had once played strip poker (he had lost spectacularly), he didn’t think he’d ever seen her pick up a playing card in his life before. “I am bored,” she said with feeling. “Bored, bored, bored!”

“Well, thank you very much,” Bill replied, mildly insulted. “I thought we had to wait until at least a year of marriage had gone by before we no longer entertained each other.”

“Send me the divorce papers and I shall sign zhem at once,” she said haughtily.

“Do it and I’ll knock over your tower,” he said, flopping down in the sofa opposite her.

Fleur, levitating a card up to the very top, paused and looked outraged. “You would not dare. It ees my one source of entertainment because my ’usband ees too old and boring to entertain me.” With a flourish, the card landed in position. She looked at her artfully constructed tower, and sighed.

Bill looked at her ruefully. “What do you want to do?” he asked.

“I want,” she began excitedly, then stopped. “I want,” she said again, sounding somewhat sheepish. “Don’t laugh. I want to go to work.”

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Time for Oosh to get serious.

Which, for those who have followed me, you know thats kind of hard and usually requires some kind of alcoholic beverage. Unfortunately, I cannot reach out for a glass of wine (for those wondering I am 24.) as I have a job interview tomorrow which can make my promotion permanent and, well, it means I can do things with my life. but thats not important look at me, i’m rambling. I feel like Markiplier doing a vlog.

I joined Mark at around 800,000 subscribers just over 2 years ago. It was so exciting to see him creep towards 1 million. I didn’t really know what to do. I had only just started this blog, I had barley any followers so I dork flailed with excitement in my room alone. In 2 years 9,200,000 people have pressed that red subscription button and what a ride we have been on: 

Finishing Vanish
Moving to L.A and THAT live stream with Bob and Wade
Finding Tiny Box Tim
BUNNIPLIER (although I think that should stay in the pits of the tag)
Ridiculous amount of moulah raised for charity
The pyjama pants
THOSE pyjama pants pictures
The emergence of Jacksepticeye
The 8 million subscriber video
(And so much more. My brain cannot think - add your own)

Its been a glorious journey to have been a part of and one I am very much looking forward to continuing on. I could bore you all with how much Mark and this community has changed me; how you’ve helped me in my lowest times; how you’ve made me see myself as ‘good enough’ again; but I dont think you want to read that.



So, thank you Mark. Thank you for being the best you can be. Long may it continue. Maybe with teal hair. Just…just saying.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing