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Send me numbers please

Send me some numbers yo, I’ll answer them all.

Please, I’m extremely bored. :)

  • 1:Name
  • 2:Age
  • 3:3 Fears
  • 4:3 things I love
  • 5:4 turn ons
  • 6:4 turn offs
  • 7:My best friend
  • 8:Sexual orientation
  • 9:My best first date
  • 10:How tall am I?
  • 11:What/Who do I miss?
  • 12:What time was I born?
  • 13:Favourite color
  • 14:Do I have a crush?
  • 15:Favourite quote
  • 16:Favourite place
  • 17:Favourite food
  • 18:Do I use sarcasm?
  • 19:What am I listening to right now?
  • 20:First thing I notice in a new person
  • 21:Shoe size
  • 22:Eye color
  • 23:Hair color
  • 24:Favourite style of clothing
  • 25:Ever done a prank call?
  • 27:Meaning behind my URL
  • 28:Favourite movie
  • 29:Favourite song
  • 30:Favourite band
  • 31:How I feel right now
  • 32:Someone I love
  • 33:My current relationship status
  • 34:My relationship with my parents
  • 35:Favourite holiday
  • 36:Tattoos and piercings i have
  • 37:Tattoos and piercings i want
  • 38:The reason I joined Tumblr
  • 39:Do I and my last ex hate each other?
  • 40:Do I ever get “good morning” or “good night ” texts?
  • 41:Have I ever kissed the last person you texted?
  • 42:When did I last hold hands?
  • 43:How long does it take me to get ready in the morning?
  • 44:Have you shaved your legs in the past three days?
  • 45:Where am I right now?
  • 46:If I were drunk and can’t stand, who’s taking care of me?
  • 47:Do I like my music loud or at a reasonable level?
  • 48:Do I live with my Mom and Dad?
  • 49:Am I excited for anything?
  • 50:Do I have someone of the opposite sex I can tell everything to?
  • 51:How often do I wear a fake smile?
  • 52:When was the last time I hugged someone?
  • 53:What if the last person I kissed was kissing someone else right in front of me?
  • 54:Is there anyone I trust even though I should not?
  • 55:What is something I disliked about today?
  • 56:If I could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?
  • 57:What do I think about most?
  • 58:What’s my strangest talent?
  • 59:Do I have any strange phobias?
  • 60:Do I prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?
  • 61:What was the last lie I told?
  • 62:Do I perfer talking on the phone or video chatting online?
  • 63:Do I believe in ghosts? How about aliens?
  • 64:Do I believe in magic?
  • 65:Do I believe in luck?
  • 66:What’s the weather like right now?
  • 67:What was the last book I’ve read?
  • 68:Do I like the smell of gasoline?
  • 69:Do I have any nicknames?
  • 70:What was the worst injury I’ve ever had?
  • 71:Do I spend money or save it?
  • 72:Can I touch my nose with a tongue?
  • 73:Is there anything pink within 10 ft from me?
  • 74:Favourite animal?
  • 75:What was I doing last night at 12 AM?
  • 76:What do I think is Satan’s last name is?
  • 77:What’s a song that always makes me happy when I hear it?
  • 78:How can you win my heart?
  • 79:What would I want to be written on my tombstone?
  • 80:What is my favorite word?
  • 81:My top 5 blogs on tumblr
  • 82:If the whole world were listening to me right now, what would I say?
  • 83:Do I have any relatives in jail?
  • 84:What superpower would I have?
  • 85:What would be a question I’d be afraid to tell the truth on?
  • 86:What is my current desktop picture?
  • 87:Had sex?
  • 88:Bought condoms?
  • 89:Gotten pregnant?
  • 90:Failed a class?
  • 91:Kissed a boy?
  • 92:Kissed a girl?
  • 93:Have I ever kissed somebody in the rain?
  • 94:Had job?
  • 95:Left the house without my wallet?
  • 96:Bullied someone on the internet?
  • 97:Had sex in public?
  • 98:Played on a sports team?
  • 99:Smoked weed?
  • 100:Did drugs?
  • 101:Smoked cigarettes?
  • 102:Drank alcohol?
  • 103:Am I a vegetarian/vegan?
  • 104:Been overweight?
  • 105:Been underweight?
  • 106:Been to a wedding?
  • 107:Been on the computer for 5 hours straight?
  • 108:Watched TV for 5 hours straight?
  • 109:Been outside my home country?
  • 110:Gotten my heart broken?
  • 111:Been to a professional sports game?
  • 112:Broken a bone?
  • 113:Cut myself?
  • 114:Been to prom?
  • 115:Been in airplane?
  • 116:Fly by helicopter?
  • 117:What concerts have I been to?
  • 118:Had a crush on someone of the same sex?
  • 119:Learned another language?
  • 120:Wore make up?
  • 121:Lost my virginity before I was 18?
  • 122:Had oral sex?
  • 123:Dyed my hair?
  • 124:Voted in a presidential election?
  • 125:Rode in an ambulance?
  • 126:Had a surgery?
  • 127:Met someone famous?
  • 128:Stalked someone on a social network?
  • 129:Peed outside?
  • 130:Been fishing?
  • 131:Helped with charity?
  • 132:Been rejected by a crush?
  • 133:Broken a mirror?
  • 134:What do I want for birthday?
  • 135:How many kids do I want and what will be their names?
  • 136:Was I named after anyone?
  • 137:Do I like my handwriting?
  • 138:What was my favourite toy as a child?
  • 139:Favourite Tv Show?
  • 140:Where do I want to live when older?
  • 141:Play any musical instrument?
  • 142:One of my scars, how did I get it?
  • 143:Favourite pizza toping?
  • 144:Am I afraid of the dark?
  • 145:Am I afraid of heights?
  • 146:Have I ever got caught sneaking out or doing anything bad?
  • 147:Have I ever tried my hardest and then gotten disappointed in the end?
  • 148:What I’m really bad at
  • 149:What my greatest achievements are
  • 150:What I’d do if I won the lottery

charmanderriere  asked:

Why do you think it's ok to use queer as a blanket term? As a bi trans person I find it incredibly hurtful and offensive

Do you really want to know my answer? Like seriously, are you actually open to listening to what my answer may be and absorbing any new information I may offer on the topic?

Because from here it doesn’t seem like you are. 

Let’s be honest with each other, you started out with the phrase “why do you think it’s ok” which is aggressive language, and then you justified your disagreement with your identity. Which I always found to be an interesting tactic, because when this clarification exists in an argument it assumes that by having this particular set of identities you are somehow more qualified to discuss this problem than someone else, while at the same time personalizing you so it is harder for anyone to disagree with you.

You then use the words hurtful, and then offensive. Both button words that illicit a certain type of response, hurtful in how inarguable it is. That is your feeling and I would never argue what a stranger is feeling to them. Then there is offensive, which is a word that is very well used in the LGBT+ community to discuss important issues surrounding our dehumanization. 

I don’t think that this message was a carefully crafted masterpiece of debate and trickery that you spent hour figuring out the direct phrasing of obviously, but I do think you had an intent when you wrote this message and the words you chose make that intent clear. 

You don’t want to talk to me. Hell I doubt you even follow me. I have anonymous turned off on my ask box, but I am almost 100% sure that if I didn’t you would be sending this under the little sunglasses wearing icon.

Also if you checked my FAQ you would have found a helpful little link explaining to you my views on the queer discourse. You may have noticed that I have my own reasons why I decide to use that word, and my own history with it. You probably also would have seen my post saying that I don’t mind people disagreeing with me. Or you could have seen that I have a link set up that blocks the word from all my content so no one has to see it if they don’t want to, and they can still have access to the history that I give insight into. 

But you didn’t care about that did you? Because you aren’t actually interested in what I have to say, if you were you would have already seen all of this and you would have seen my request for people to stop asking me to drag out my arguments for why I use the word again and again. You probably would have realized that either A) it is a lost cause so why bother B) that I have nothing left to say on the matter that I haven’t already said and you may have respected my professional boundaries enough to leave it alone.  

But here we are, you uninformed and angry, and me annoyed and tired. We aren’t going to have a good dialogue, and I am near certain you wouldn’t have accepted one if I offered it. You are not here to change my mind, because I have to assume that you at least did a basic check to see that my entire project has the word queer in it and it is pretty clear that isn’t changing. And you are also not here to have your mind changed. 

And to be honest I have no desire to change your mind. I don’t mind people disagreeing with me on this. It actually isn’t that big of a deal to me if someone doesn’t agree with my viewpoints all the time. 

I have read a lot of arguments in favour of removing the word from our lexicon completely. I disagree, but I understand them. As I have said before, this isn’t a huge dividing point for me. 

I have given people access to my work without the word queer in it, and that is the extent of what I am going to do here. 

So why are you sending this in? Nothing is going to change from it, and honestly it is a pretty boring message so I can’t believe you thought something would.

I think the sole reason you sent this was performative. 

You wanted to show that you tried to convince that big mean queer person without actually trying to convince them. Maybe this was a performance; for your followers, maybe you will screenshot my response and share them in a group chat. Or it is also possible this is a performance for yourself, maybe you want to convince yourself that you are doing something. 

Maybe you feel ineffective or like you need to make a difference so you are sending this message to me to feel proud of yourself for trying to change something that you don’t like. 

But you aren’t doing this to actually do the hard work of changing something. 

And it is fine if you aren’t able to do that work for any reason, but leave other people out of your sense of inadequacy. I am not here to be your punching bag that you hit so you can feel big and strong.  

I am tired, and I am bored of people sending me this performative garbage.

Which of course lends itself to the question, why am I answering this publicly?

I will admit there is a little bit of performance from my side as well, I want people to see how right I am and how much this behavior sucks. I want people to see me destroying this ask, and I am not going to lie I am totally going to send screenshots to the group chat.

What makes us different, is that I didn’t seek this performance out. I clearly did not send this to myself, and I haven’t made a post about the queer discourse in months. Which means, this person had to search for me so that they could get mad at me. Whereas I just had to check my inbox this morning and respond to what was there.

But outside of the performance of it all, I want my answer to sit with you for a couple of days. I don’t care if I change your mind about the queer discourse because honestly I do not care about the queer discourse. But I do want to change something. I want you to stop sending asks like these, because this doesn’t seem like it is your first. 

And if you were just sending them to me I would be fine with it. I can delete asks, and they roll off my back if I decide to let them. But not everyone is like that. 

I could now give a rant about the little baby queers I am protecting, but it is not just about them. It is about all of the people you send this kind of thing to (who almost certainly don’t deserve hate mail), whether they are affected deeply by it or not it doesn’t make what you are doing any better. 

And if me writing this long message publicly makes it less likely for you to send something like this again, then it is worth the five minutes I have spent crafting it. Because if you are a little more self conscious about doing something like this again, then hopefully I will have spared a couple of people the annoyance of having to deal with this kind of garbage message. 

Unlike Him

With your brother Archie and dad out of the house, you invite over Jughead. Quickly you let out your feelings for him, which leads to sex. But afterwards it seems that Jughead had changed his mind. In the following weeks you realize something, something that may change both of your lives.

Part 2

Part 3

Warning: Smut

This is my first Riverdale imagine. Sorry if it’s bad I haven’t written in a long time. Let me know if you guys like it and if you want a part 2!


With the recent murders in my hometown of Riverdale I felt uncomfortable as I tried falling asleep with my brother, Archie, and dad gone, visiting my mom in Chicago (a trip with I happily opted out of).  So I called the only person I knew who would make me feel safe.

  Soon enough I heard a knock on the front door. Running down stairs, I opened up the door to Jughead. Pulling him into a hug, I thanked him for coming. We made our way up to my bedroom, both laying down on the bed, turning on the TV, to see what was on.

    After a while of trying to find something good on TV, I moved from my position with my head on Jugheads chest to siting up.

  “I am so bored,” I whined to him. “There is nothing on this stupid TV and there’s nothing to do.”

Jughead laughed, “Of course there isn’t, it’s 1 am.”

With that I let out a sigh, dramatically falling onto Jugheads, still laying body.  Finally an idea came to me. This might just be the perfect time to make my move. The move where I finally let Jughead know I’ve had a crush on him since the 3rd grade, when he told me I could play with Archie and him, even though Archie tried kicking me out… my knight in shining armor.  I tried getting over it, I really did. He was my brother’s best friend, and a matter of fact my best friend too, I couldn’t ruin I and make everything awkward. I made myself do all the things to try to get as far away from him as possible; I even went as far as to join the River Vixens Freshman year. But I guess it was hopeless. I could barely keep my eyes off him tonight, due to his shirtless body, his excuse being that it was “too hot”.  I just wanted to pounce.  

  I finally realized Jughead had been trying to get my attention, but I had just been staring of into space. Well I needed to tell him, I decided. However, I had my fingers crossed that he felt the same way.  

Still on top of him, I sat up, making it so that I was straddling him, then I began to speak, “Jughead, I, uh, I need to tell you something. Just let me talk and then you can tell me how you feel. I- I’ve been in love you since the 3rd grade. I’ve tried to push these feelings down, I really have, but I just can’t. I just couldn’t keep this from you any longer. I completely understand if you don’t feel that way. Just tell me and I’ll never mention it to you again. I-,” suddenly you were cut off.

Jughead had leaned up and kissed me. I basked in the feeling of his warm lips on mine, however it did not last as long as I would have liked.

“That’s a yes, I like you too,” he responded.

Smiling we kissed again, with Jughead suddenly flipping us over, making it so he was on top.  After that he put his hands on my waist, slowly raising them under my shirt, as mine made their way to his neck. Our kiss became more intense, our lips battling one another over dominance, but I already knew it was a losing battle. His lips slowing moved to my neck, sucking on it, leaving what I am sure would be clearly visible hickeys. Once he reached a certain spot, I couldn’t hold in the noises anymore, letting out a moan. I could feel Jughead smirking against my skin, and it seemed my noises pushed him further and he quickly, separated himself to take my shirt off, thankfully he was already shirtless.

As we began to kiss again, I realized that even though this was slightly awkward, Jughead clearly knew what he was doing and ourbodys seemed to fit perfectly together. I could feel his hard on against your leg growing, which just made me want him more, causing to begin to grind up into him, causing him to let a barely there moan. Quickly he began to take off my bra, and move his lips down to my nipples. He focus on sucking the right when, as his hand moved to the other. He made quick work of going back and forth until finally he seemed to have enough. Separating himself from me he began to talk of my pants, and I started to undo his belt buckle. He made quick work of my pants, standing up and pulling the all the way off my legs, along with my panties. Quickly doing the same to his jeans and boxers afterwards.

  Lying back on top of me, he began to kiss me again. Slowly his hands worked their way down my body. Once he reached my core he looked up into my eyes checking to see if I was okay with this. I quickly nodded; I was dying to feel something. Slowly he began to put one, then two in, moving the slowly in and out. I could tell he was teasing me, from the smug grin on his face, listening to my desperate moans.

Finally having enough of his teasing I begged him, “Please, faster.”

  Thankfully, having mercy on me he began to speed up. Keeping up the pace, I started getting close to my orgasm, but suddenly he stop. Despite my anger of not being allowed to cum, I knew what he was going to do which made it all better.

  Jughead looked up at me, while he lined himself up to my core and slowly began to push in. God, was he big, I wasn’t a virgin, but I had definitely never been with a guy who had as much as he did, causing it to slightly hurt as he pushed himself in. I grabbed onto his biceps, digging crevices with my nails as he finally was all the way in. After a second he slowly began moving in and out, creating a natural rhythm.

I could see he was restraining himself from going as fast as he wanted to, just so he could make sure I was comfortable first, “It’s ok, you can go faster.”

After my words he became ramping up his pace. As he began to hit just the spot I cried out, moving my hands to his scratch his back. He clearly got the message, he just that place as fast and hard as he could. He wanted to make sure I came before he did, so he moved his hand down to by clit, quickly rubbing it.

Before I knew it I was there, moaning out his name. A seconds after I came, he also did too.  As he pulled out, he rolled off, pulling me into his arms. It was already late, and with such a workout, we both quickly feel asleep.

I awoke to Jughead, getting out of bed and beginning to get dressed. I looked at my clock seeing that it was only 4 am, I wondered where he was going.

Sitting up I asked, “Leaving so soon, where are you going? It’s still dark out.”

  I seemed to have surprised him and he quickly turned to me, with a look on his face I couldn’t quite make out.

“I, um, I need to leave. Us… This was a mistake, it never should have happened. I’m sorry,” he quickly spoke, trying to avoid looking in my eyes.

Tears started coming to my eyes. How could he say that? I thought he felt the same way. This was Jughead, were talking about, he wasn’t one ot say something then take it back.

“Th-that’s not true. You said you liked me too,” I began.

“Yes it is, I completely regret this happening. Now I have to go. I’ll see you at school or something” he said and with that he was out the door.

How could this happen? I quickly called the only 2 people I could think of.

Soon enough Betty and Veronica arrived. I quickly told them what had happened through my tears. Veronica, being who she is threatened to make him regret every being born, making me laugh. For the rest of that night that was there goal, making me laugh and realize I am better without him.

At lunch a few weeks later, Veronica, Betty, Kevin, and me were all sitting outside the school at our usually picnic table. We had been talking about boys again. So of course Jughead came up. We were all still baffled by the fact that he acted the way he did.

“Well at least he wore a condom, so you can’t have his evil demon spawn,” Kevin said trying to lighten to mood.

Everyone burst out laughing, except for me. He did wear a condom… didn’t he?  I tried thinking back to that night. I quickly realized that I had no condoms, in my room and unless Jughead was just carrying one around with him, it meant that he hadn’t worn one. As soon as that realization came to me, I quickly sat up beginning to sprint into the school, running past both my brother and Jughead, who were headed to the table.

At the table everyone looked around, with Kevin saying, “I thought it was funny, I wasn’t trying to hurt her feeling.”

Quickly the two girls thought about it and realized there was a reason I was running, and it wasn’t because Kevin hurt my feeling. Suddenly they jumped up too, running after me.


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Days of the week: Friday (smut)

Words: 1476

Warning: Smut, couch sex.

A/N: For the anon who requested movie session with Jimin, I put it here ^^

Days of the week l Monday - Jin l Tuesday - Yoongi l Wednesday: Hoseok l Thursday - Namjoon l Friday - Jimin l

  *Hey, Y/N. I would like to watch a movie with you. Do you wanna it? Huh… You will come anyway, right? But… Well, yeah. Movie. Huh…  Can you come at 8 p.m.? Can you?  ~Jimin~*

 Well, shit. That week was being tiringly as fuck. You had fucked every day. You had been fucked every day. Your body was completely wrecked. You had three days left. And three boys. Now he sent you that text. Just to have you more anxious than what you already were.  More expectative growing up. Fuck.

  You spent all your day sleeping, skipping one more day of class. My grades are gonna get lower than hell. But it was worth it. You could run to reclaim it later. But watch a movie? He didn’t want to have sex? I mean, not that you wouldn’t love to spend time watching a movie with Park Jimin, but… sex is sex. Or was he planning something else?

When the moment finally came, you did all those stuff again. Got dressed, make up, went to the hotel and got into the penthouse. You were still shy, of course, but were kinda used to them. And so did they.

  “Come in, Jagi” Jimin greeted you as he opened the door. His hair was falling on his forehead, his lips were pinkly inviting and you were going crazy just with the sight of him.

  You got in and looked around. Empty. Nobody. Were where the others?

“They are… out. Huh… food. We are alone” he murmured, his broken English making him even cuter.

“Oh, I see” you said. You both stayed there for a sec, staring each other.

“Well, huh. Let’s watch a movie?” he asked, his eyes shining.

“Sure. What are we watching?” you asked and he gave you three options of movie. ‘A walk to remember’, ‘13th Friday’ and ‘fifty shades darker’. He signaled you to choose, and you thought about the options. Maybe with fifty shades he would get horny. Or not.

 You did choose “a walk to remember” and he looked at you with surprise and smiled.

“Good.” He said and put the movie.

 You both sat on the couch and he pulled you to get closer, cuddling. You snuggled in his arms, he kissed your head and the movie started.

 A few minutes later you weren’t paying attention on the movie anymore, your mind was traveling among the things you wanted him to do. You wondered when he was going to kiss you, to hug you closer, to… everything. You felt your inside getting warm by the thoughts of him doing all those stuff to you, but didn’t move.

When the movie was in its half, you felt Jimin’s body getting restlessness. What? He started to hold you tightly, rubbing your arm softly, squeezing your thigh and stuff. Your body was shivering under his ghost-touch.

   “Are you ok, Jimin?” you asked innocently. He looked down at you, your head resting on his shoulder.

 “Honestly, I am bored” he said simply. He kept staring at you and your cheeks got red. You looked back and he did hold your face with one of his hands. “Don’t you wanna do something more… interesting?” he said, brushing his lips against yours slightly.

 “I-I, I think I do” you answered and he kissed you immediately. You closed your eyes, moving your lips against his as you both tried to find a pace. His kiss was the sweetest till that moment, the most passionate, less aggressive. And you loved it. His tongue caressed yours carefully, as if he was afraid to hurt you or something. You hugged him by his neck, getting up so straddle his legs. You were now sat on his lap, both your sensitive parts touching each other. His hands traveled down from your head to your butt, caressing your back all the way down, sending you shiver. He started kissing your neck while his hands were holding your ass, massaging at it as his lips worked on your soft skin of your neck. Even his sucking was soft.

  The kiss was getting hard to control because you both were still on the couch, but you didn’t care. You started to take off his shirt, but he stopped you and pulled away from your neck.

 “What? Did I do something wrong?” you asked worried. Why did he stop you and pulled away?

 “No, it’s just… you have heard the rumors, right? That I am worried about my… weight.  I prefer not to take off my shirt.” He said, not looking at you.

That wrecked you. How could he think that he was anything less than perfect? And how could some people talk so much shit to make him think he is not perfect?

 “Oh my God, you kidding me Chim Chim? You are wonderful. Your body is perfect. You are hot” you said, kissing his lips, “beautiful” you said traveling down to his neck and sucking at it, “and kind and cute” you said, taking off his shirt slowly. “Don’t you dare to let anyone talk shit. You are perfect” you kissed him, but this time in the most passionate way you could.

  You took off his shirt, stopping everything for a sec to take a look at his body.

 “See? You are wonderful” you said and before you could so or say something, he moved and now you were laid on the couch with him between your legs.

 “I want to see your wonder” he said and kissed your neck, pulling your shirt up and taking it off. He wasted no time in taking off your bra, exposing your boobs. His eyes widened at the view of your bare chest and started sucking your nipple, your hands pulling his hair.

 “Jimin…” you whimpered.

 “Yes, Jagi?” he whispered against your boobs

 “Take off my clothes already” you said. You felt his smile as he traveled down. His hands, slowly, started to pull down your skirt and underwear, his eyes not leaving yours and you blushed under his intense gaze, but you didn’t look way. . You were now totally exposed. He immediately put his mouth on your pussy, watering it, sucking at your clit. But he didn’t keep sucking you; instead, he kissed you, making you taste yourself. His fingers were playing with your entrance, teasing you. You needed to feel him. You palmed him through his pants in answer, and he groaned.

He pulled away, but only long enough to take off his clothes, showing you his gorgeous dick. Shit. He pulled himself over you. Without warning he pushed two fingers inside you, curling them inside, making you let out several groans and moans, your head falling back. He took off his fingers and placed his tip on your entrance, pushing in. You thought he would let you adjust, but he didn’t, thrusting in and out roughly. Shit, how did he change from cute to rough so fast?

You would never get enough of how amazing he looked when pleasure overrode his face. Then, he stopped moving. You whimpered.

 “Don’t worry. Ride me” he said, laying back and spreading his legs. Shit, he looked so confident now and that was sexy as fuck. You went over him, lowering yourself onto his hardened dick. His hands landed on your hips, holding you tightly as you started to fasten your movements. You were moving up and down roughly, your skin hitting against his, and you couldn’t hold yourself back any longer. You started moaning, and remembered of his promise of the day before:  “I hope you still have some voice available Y/N, because I’ll have you screaming for me even louder tomorrow”. OH.

  His hands found your breasts, squeezing it hotly, sending a lot of pleasure down to your pussy. You were about to reach your edge when he stopped you from moving.

 “I want to fuck you from behind” he said. He didn’t have to say anything else. You got on all fours, exposing your butt for him and he wasted no time to push in. His pace was already rough and fast, making you scream his name while he was leaning in to lick your earlobe while thrusting. He thrusted deeper into you, and before you knew, you were cumming around him. A few thrusts later he came right after you, let himself go inside you, the sensation making you close your eyes in pleasure.

  He pulled out of you and stood up.

 “You want something? Water…” he said, Shy-Jimin appearing again. You just nodded, shy as well. You stayed there, sat, and suddenly, the front door opened. Before you could hide, Taehyung and Jungkook appeared, and you covered yourself as best as you could.

  “Oh look. Are you already ready for me?” Taehyung said, walking towards you and your naked body.

anonymous asked:

someone is getting married. that someone is dragged to a strip club for their bachelor party by the rest of the RFA+V+Saeran. just how much of a hot mess would this nightmare be?

A/N: Can y’all imagine though, can y’all imAGINE I WANNA SEE THEM IN A STRIP CLUB LMAO~Admin 404

Not even gonna lie i’m the person who says “nooo it’s embarrassing” but take me there and i’d be stuffing dollar bills down thongs like no tomorrow ~ Admin 626


-is he even alLOWED IN HERE



-He’s a blushing mess the whole time, he can’t even look anywhere

-Seriously, he covers his eyes every time someone walks by because??? They’re half naKED


-Text: “MC, they dragged me here I swear I’m not looking at anYONE I’M NOT LOOKING, I’M NOT TOUCHING, NOTHING” Response: “yoosung wtf”

-Saeyoung tried to get him a private dance and he literally screeched and ran away


-Overall he did not like it. He was so nervous, and could not enjoy himself. Blew up MC’s phone telling them how much he loves them, stood outside or hid in the bathroom a lot of the time as well


-He literally has no interest

-He had no sexual interest in people before anyways

-Well at least not any interest large enough to act upon

-He loves you for who you are, not your body

-That being said, he kind of just sat there all night with an uninterested stare

-He felt a little awkward every time he saw a fellow business man (especially ones he knew or has done business with)

- “a lot of these men are married why are they throwing money at these half naked people”

-Zen kept telling him that he was killing the vibe at his own bachelor party and he just shrugged

-He was so bored the entire time, he absolutely hated it

-Silently judged everyone in the room just to pass the time, also tried to secretly text you until the others noticed and took his phone


-He didn’t care about the strippers

-He danced along to almost every song that came on



-Wasn’t about having the strippers dance up on him though

- pls i am a child of god do not do this

- i am devout to my MC, they are the love of my life get away from me with your sIN

-When his song came on you can bet your sweet ass he jumped up on the stage

-Seriously he was workin’ it. Strippin’ it. Putting his thing down, flipping and reversing it.

-Saeran had to drag him off of the stage before he could do anything else, but Zen had already recorded it and sent it to MC, who in turn, laughed their asses off and refused to let it go for years


-He does not like other people

-Let alone strange, mostly naked people


-Absolutely hates it there and wants nothing more than to go home

-He misses his precious MC ;A;

-It took A LOT to get him where he is in the relationship he has with you

-He wouldn’t do anything to mess it up

-Not to mention, he has literally NO interest in anyone else but you??

-Saeyoung tried to get him to get a personal dance but that idea was shot down fairly quickly when he was almost punched in the face

-He actually spent most of the time just sitting there. Most people wouldn’t come near him because Death Glare™. Did not enjoy himself, not at all




- like yeah they got nice bodies??? But u know who has a nicer body???



- ofc he doesn’t dance up on anyone, he’s a saint, he loves MC




- B L U S H I N G



- she just DOWNS drinks to get through the night, she wants to be supportive

- she drunk texts u a lot

- “hey,,, hey MC,,, are u a whistle cause i want to blow u,,,”

- “There will be only seven planets remaining after i destroy ur anus,,,”

- “if u were a potato,,, I’d mash the hell out of you,,,”

- MC screenshots everything and sends it to the group chat

- Jaehee looks at some of the strippers for candidates for a possible threesome ;;))))


- this sweet, innocent boy doesn’t know what to do

- he wants to support his friends but???

- he’s not really someone who gets drunk and he’s definitely not for watching strippers

- so what does he do???

- he imagines ur the one stripping instead

- like he’s seriously just staring at a wall pretending ur there

- at some point though, saeyoung manages to drag V up on stage??




- he just follows along with saeyoung???

- everyone seems to be loving it so he must be doing something right???

- he ends up loving it

- considers stripping as a career

- then he decided that you’re the only person he strips for me ;;))

talk shit, get hit

genre: delinquent!au

star of the show: NCT’s Jaehyun

word count: 3,021 words

author’s note: part of a Johnny/Jaehyun collab with @chipsandwaffles . Go read Johnny’s part here it doesn’t disappoint. 

And remember, Say No to Double J™ 

*explicit language, read at your own discretion*

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opening line: “Rules are simply restrictions passed down from past generations to limit us from doing what they couldn’t do in their lifetimes.” 

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1k baby!

pairing: Tom Holland x gendar neutral reader

Plot: reader is an actress and she just hit 1k on Tumblr out of excitement she ends up telling tom that she has Tumblr and that she writes fanfiction, Tom keeps bugging because he wants to read some of her story’s. 

Warning:none really. Maybe fluff?

A/n: I hit 1k followers! Yay! And about Harrison and Tumblr thing I’m not sure if it’s true tho? I saw it somewhere on here.

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*writing in bold is readers imagine*

 I love you Peter,” she said  as he undid her dress, he stoped and looked at her with pure adoration. “ I love you too Mrs. Parker,” Peter smiked, loving the way that sounds. Her wedding gown on the floor along with Peter’s blazer, leaving her in her sexy lingerie (that Natasha, Wanda and MJ got her). Peter was standing there staring at her not believing that any of this was real. “When did you get that?” He asked almost out of breath if you didn’t know any better you would’ve mistaken it with a groan. “ Uh I had it for a while now actually” you simply stated “"then why didn’t you ever wear it when he were dating?” He asked as he pulled you closer to him, “ I guess I was waiting for the right occasion,”. Peter gripped your waist and within a second he was carrying you bridal style to the bed, he laid you down and started to pepper kisses all over you occasionally leaving marks as he climbed back up to kiss your lips.“"You chose the perfect occasion, baby,” he kissed your neck, then your shoulder, then the valley of your brest, your stomach and finally went to the place you’ve been waiting for..

 You were in the middle of writing an imagine when a notification popped on your dash saying that you had a new follower, curiously you went on your account to check to see how many followers you have since you were super close to get 1k. When you clicked on the person on the top right you saw that you finally got 1000 Followers! 

You were so happy you you screamed a little. “What happened?” Tom asked. You were so engrossed in writing that you forgot that Tom was in your trailer. You just finished filming a scene from the new avengers movie so both you decided to stay in your trailer and relax. 

“Oh uh hey Tom,” you said embarrassed by your sudden outburst “ sorry about that,”.

 “It’s just that I just hit 1k followers on Tumblr so I got a bit to excited”. 

Tom nodded and continued doing what he was doing  before  he was interrupted by you. “ Wait Y/n since when do you have tumblr?” He asked you. “Um..” you thought for a moment “I have for a long time,”. You said and went back to writing. 

“Hm… hey doesn’t Harrison have Tumblr?” You looked at him wide eyed. 

Harrison has Tumblr?  Did he read my stuff? Nah he can’t he doesn’t read that stuff or does he? nah I’m being paranoid’ 

“Y/n you still there?” Tom called out “ya ya I’m good, sorry what were you saying?”. 

“Yeah what do you do on Tumblr? Like I mean Haz told me that there a lot of fanfics and some even about me or Peter” ‘shit shit shit tom shut up’

 Tom told you as he set his laptop down meaning that he wasn’t going to end this conversation anytime soon. “ I-I um” you started to blush. 

“"Love what’s the matter? Wait Do yOu right fanfics too?” You tried not to look at him. “Yeah I do, well I did before now I just do it when I get free time. Some of it is really good. These people are really talented,” you praised the authors. 

“But-” Tom tried to say somet but you shushed him “ I’m not answering any more questions Tom,”. 

An hour passed and tom kept moving around and tried to sit next to you to see what you were doing after you told him that you were on Tumblr writing an imagine. 

What ever he did you were not letting him find out that you were writing a Peter Parker smut. Not even when he looked at you with his big chocolate eyes or when he called you love or when he-. Ok maybe you did have a crush on Tom so what?

“ Thomas what’s wrong?” He looked like a child who just got caught doing something wrong. “ I just really want to read the stuff you wrote or just the story’s in general I’m very curious,” you blushed at the thought of letting read your Peter smut. ‘That’s never gonna happen’ you told yourself. 

Oh ok, just one, but we aren’t gonna read one of mine, it’s gonna be someone else’s ok?” Tom nodded understandingly “yes , of course”.

After a lot of searching you finally found something you liked, not like you didn’t find anything good before it’s just that you didn’t want Tom to find out about the smut. He most probably knows about it already but you weren’t taking any chances. 

“Hey you know what we should do?” Tom blurted. “what?” You asked as you leaned forward to set your laptop on the table in frount of you two so both of you can read the fictional story. 

“ Since the author wrote this story about Peter Parker, my character”

“Why Tom I never knew you played the role of Peter!” Sarcasm evident in your tone.

He rolled his eyes and spoke “ We can maybe play the characters like when we’re preparing for a role in a movie? Like it’s our script. What ya say Y/n wanna do it?”

You gave it a bit of thought and agreed to Tom’s idea. 

The time passed as you and Tom played multiple characters in different story’s. 

“ ok you ready Y/- I mean Peter  ?” tom laughed because this time you were going be Peter . “Yes I am Wade” you winked. 

Somehow you ended up finding a spideypool imagine and begged Tom to do oddly it didn’t take as much of convincing for Tom accept, he was quite interested  by it. 

“Peter I need to tell you something” Tom read as he tried to impersonate Ryan Reynolds. 

“What Wade?” This time Tom was looking directly at you, his eyes bored into yours. You couldn’t look away, you were trapped under his gaze. 

“The first time I met you I thought to myself who is that guy, and why can’t I stop starting at them, why can’t I get them out of my head. That’s when started to realize that I had a crush on you, and boi was I crushing hard. So what I am asking today is that… will you go on a date with me?” Tom ended. 

He looked at you waiting for a answer, “ oh Y/n this the part where they kiss, uh is it ok if I?” You nodded. 

Tom leaned forward closing the distance between the both you, his lips were on yours. Moving slowly both you savouring each second like it was the last time you would be kissing anybody. Like it was your last kiss on earth. 

He ended the kiss his lips red and slightly swollen just like yours, he placed his forehead on yours “ So what do you say Y/n will you go on a date with me?” He asked. 

“Yes” before you could say anything else Tom’s lips were already on yours. 

Cleaning (M)

Park Jinyoung (Got7) x Reader

Word Count: 2,090

Genre: Smut

“Jinyoung, I am not cleaning my room tonight. I will do it tomorrow like I said. Now let’s go pick a movie to watch before you ruin the night,” you bargained.

Jinyoung cocked his head, an eyebrow raised and a smirk graced his lips, “Are you going against my word,” he asked.

“No. I am not. I-,” you tried to refute.

“Because is seems like you are, baby,” he said, his eyes bore into yours and you knew you were in for it.

“Wow, this place is a mess,” Jinyoung chastised.

The both of you were currently standing in the doorway of your bedroom, which, you could admit, was a true disaster zone. Clothes were strewn over every surface, zero amount of the floor is visible, and you swore that there was a desk underneath all of your stuff. If Jinyoung hated one thing, it would be untidiness. He could not stand it, and you knew it. That is why you tried your hardest to prevent him from walking into your room. You knew he would freak out, and give you another lecture about how you should keep things clean. It irritated you to no end, and you did not want to have to deal with that tonight.

“I know it is. But, I had so much work to do for school and I was working more hours at the shop, so I haven’t had the time to clean,” you said hoping that he would give a break just this once because you much rather spend the night cuddling with your boyfriend than picking up your room. And, Jinyoung will absolutely make you spend the night hours cleaning up the mess that you created. Even if that meant he had to help you.

Jinyoung’s gaze shifted from the floor to you, and then said, “We are cleaning this tonight.”

“Come on. I promise to clean it all up tomorrow. Can we just relax for tonight?” you begged.

Jinyoung shook his head, and you sighed. You wish he would leave it be. It was not like he is your parent. Not even your own mother would nag you this much about the cleanliness of your room. He can be insufferable sometimes.

“I will even help you,” Jinyoung offered, as if this made the situation any better.

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Giant: Ch. 9

Our bodies are weak,
We’re tired and hurting
Will we ever get to the other side?
Dunno but I swear I’ll die trying.

The first date was enough to prove that she was certain Kara wasn’t going to escape how she felt about Lena Luthor. And it wasn’t just the thirty six hours of talking and reacquainting. It wasn’t even the way the CEO effortlessly accepted whatever happened, becoming Kara’s number one defender and supporter. It certainly wasn’t waking up next to messy hair tickling her nose or an uptick in her take out deliveries, though all were benefits in their own little way.

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I saw this pic and was inspired a bit…

Poe invited you out to the library to study together. You figured, with a big exam coming up, you should definitely do that. So you said yes and met up at the school library.

You sat down at the table and Poe sat next to you. You immediately got to work opening up your laptop, taking out your notebook and textbook, and setting them on the table. You began to go over your botes to refreshen your mind.

Poe did the same, taking out his studying supplies and setting them on the table.

An hour went by and Poe wasn’t focusing. He kept glancing back at you taking note of how you’d purse your lips as you paused to think. How you rested your head on your left hand as you scribbled down notes and underlined words.

Poe was distracted by you. So instead of studying the text, he ended up studying you. He rested his head in his right hand, head tilted, and just watched you.

You could feel his stare and heat started to creep up on your face. You tried to ignore him, you really did, but his eyes just bore into you.

You had it. You sighed and met his gaze, “You should reallly be studying.”

“I am,” he said simply.

You cocked an eyebrow, “Oh really?”

Poe nodded, “I’m studying a work of art. It’s one of my assignments for Modern Art History.”

You snorted, “Smooth talker.”

Poe, still looking at you, closed his books, “Let’s get outta here.”

“We’ve only been studying for an hour. Well, I have.”

“You’re distracting me.”

“I’m not even doing anything!” You said loudly earning a loud shush from nearby students.

“Yes, you are. With your cute little face and lips I just wanna kiss.”

You rolled your eyes, “We came here to study. Not makeout.”

Poe leaned closer, “We could do both,” he was about to plant his lips on you, until you shoved a book in his face thus having him kiss the cover of your history book. Poe pulled back pouting, “Rude.”

You smiled at him innocently, “Okay. How about this: we’ll study for another hour. Then we can go back to the apartment and makeout as long as you want. Maybe a little something else too.” You gave him a wink and went back to your work leaving Poe to be even more distracted…

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I'm always weak for some good ol'-fashioned "Make me", so... 1, pls? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

“Come over here and make me.”

They had an argument.

It was a petty one, something that didn’t really matter in the long run, but McCree and Hanzo both are fairly spiteful people. McCree suspected it was how they both survived as long as they had while leading the lives they did–sheer spite for Death and everything around them. 

It also meant, on those rare times they fought about anything, that not only would it be ages before they apologized, they would spend the entire time antagonizing one another. And because they’re stuck in a tiny motel room today, they can’t get away from each other.

McCree’s not mad, not anymore. He’s mostly annoyed that Hanzo is playing the silent treatment under the guise of meditation, and wishes the whole thing were over with so they could go back to easy kissing and ruining the motel bed. But he doesn’t want to apologize first, either.

So McCree plays his guitar while Hanzo tries to meditate, and does so even though he has been asked–twice–to stop.

“Would you please stop that nonsense,” Hanzo growls, looking over his shoulder from the floor to glare at McCree.

“Why?” McCree replies mildly. He plinks out a note, frowns, twists a tuning key, and strums the note again, this time earning himself a crystal-clear sound. “I’m bored. Gotta do somethin’.”

“Because, as I have told you, I am trying to meditate.”

“Never bothered you before.” In fact, Hanzo had once told him he enjoyed McCree’s playing, particularly on the days when meditation was all he had to take his mind off other, less pleasant things.

“It is bothering me now. Stop.”

McCree leans over his guitar. “How about,” he says, slow and spiteful, “you come over here and make me?”  

Hanzo narrows his eyes at him. He unfolds from his kneeling stance slowly, gets his feet underneath him, and stands. McCree crosses his arms over the top of the guitar. 

“I know what you are doing,” Hanzo says coolly. 


“It will not work. I will not apologize first just because you annoy me to death.”

“I have no idea what you’re talkin’ about.”

Hanzo rolls his eyes. McCree reaches a hand down to strum the strings.

Then Hanzo moves, too quick to track: a hand on the back of McCree’s neck, a tight grip in his hair pulling his head back, a hard mouth descending upon his. 

Hanzo kisses him viciously, like it’s a contest to be won, a surprise attack that will give him advantage. His teeth are a bruising wall behind his lips, and nip at the tender skin of McCree’s own lip. His other hand comes up to grab McCree’s chin and guide him into place. He pries open McCree’s mouth and curls his tongue around his, making McCree whimper. McCree is helpless under the onslaught, letting Hanzo take control of his mouth. 

But then, mere seconds later, Hanzo pulls away. He lets go of McCree’s hair. He has McCree’s guitar in his other hand. McCree himself barely notices, still stuck in the dreamy daze of that kiss. 

Hanzo rolls his eyes. “If only it were that easy every time,” he says, and moves to sit down again with the guitar, silent and untouched, beside him. 

Still Into You

Anon said: hiii💕 so i wanted to request a BTS fluff where a member sings ‘still into you’ by paramore as a confession. i don’t mind which member, just whoever you feel fits! love yooouuu.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Pure fluff

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1.7k

Song recommendation: Still Into You, Paramore (acustic)

A/n: Okay, I do feel a bit better now, so I decided to do this for you guys, thanks for waiting, I am sorry if this is not that good, I tried my best… Love you 💕 💕  

Jungkook pov

She was so pretty.

The way her hair frames her face perfectly, her beautiful eyes, that were now stuck to the screen, they were beautiful too. I have seen the same girl for almost my whole life, but strangely, I wasn’t bored of her.

I have seen her since we were 5 years old, I remember that day perfectly, that was the day we started being best friends, that hasn’t changed, and it won’t.


“JUNGKOOK” the teacher shouted at me. I looked up at her, with the red marker on my hand. “Stop drawing on the tables or you won’t have your break time, did you hear me?” She was too close, I wanted to cry.

“But, teacher, he is drawing a dog!” I heard a voice coming from the back of the classroom.

“What’s your point, (y/n)? He is drawing on the table, and that’s really bad.” The teacher shouted again.

“But you draw on that white thing every day, why can’t he draw a little innocent dog on another white thing?” The girl got up and stood next to my chair.

“Because this white thing on the wall, which is called a board, and I can clean it up when I’m done.” The teacher said again, I was scared, but the girl next to me didn’t seem to be.

“But I can clean it!! Look!!” The girl licked her hand, and started rubbing it on the table, but not even getting near my drawing.

“STOP! (y/n), Jungkook, you both will stay here during the break.” And with that the bell rang. “Everyone can go out, except for you two.” She pointed at us and took a seat on her big chair, taking her phone out.

“Hey! Nice drawing!” The girl said, I smiled, she was sweet. “Anyway, is this your dog?” I nodded. “Cute! I wished I had a dog, but my mum won’t let me.” Her bottom lip grew bigger as she looked sad to the floor.

“You can come to my house tomorrow after school!!” I said getting up. She smiled and hugged me, she was warm.

“Thank youuuu!!” She smiled and broke the hug. “You are called Jungkook, right?” I nodded, smiling. “That’s too long, now that we are friends I cannot call you like that. You are Kookie. Like the cookies you eat, but this time it’s not eatable, right?” I nodded, laughing. “But, what if you are eatable?” She looked intimidating, but with a smile on her face, I didn’t feel scared. “Let me bite you!!” She grabbed my arm, and I started running.

We both ended up getting shouted at by the teacher, that lead in us not going out during break time for a week. But after that week, we decided to just stay at the classroom for the rest of the year.

*end of flashback*

After that we became best friends, going to each other houses every now and then, to eventually having many sleepovers, that after some time moved to the living room, instead of our bedroom, because her parents were concerned when we reached 15. My parents and me totally understood that. Eventually, our parents became best friends, I mean, after your kids spend most of the time with each other it’s quite difficult for their families to not to talk.

She looked at me, taking me out of the world on my head.

“What’s up, Kookie?” She laughed, making me laugh as well. Not getting what she meant, I hummed, trying to make her continue. “You were staring at me, is everything okay?”

I should have looked really confused, because she laughed again, this time getting up.

“Where are you going?” I asked, making her stop, and look back at me.

“I am going to pee, what are you? My dad?” She laughed, mocking my voice, disappearing through the bathroom door seconds after.

At first I though that this little butterflies I got every time she looked at me will just go away after some time, but 15 years later I came to the conclusion that they won’t. I thought that this feeling of wanting to hug her and kiss her, were just because of us being teenagers, but I don’t think that anymore. I decided to just accept that I was in love with my best friend, and finally I was going to ask her to be mine tomorrow.

A vibration on the sofa took me out of my thoughts again. Her phone was ringing, so I took it, and picked up after reading her mom’s contact on the screen.

“Hey!” I said once the phone was on my ear.

“Jungkook! How are you honey? Is everything okay?” Her mum asked, realising it was my voice.

“I’m great, as well as your daughter, who is in the bathroom at the moment. How’s everyone there?”

“Oh, everyone is doing great, missing you guys tho… Is her new apartment okay? I know she is not a great cook, is she ordering take out?”

“Oh, don’t worry, she is living on takeout and frozen food… Since I just make basic stuff and your daughter burnt the cake she tried to make.” I heard a laugh on the other side of the phone and a “Hey!” coming from y/n, who was walking to the sofa looking at me.

She jumped on my lap and stole the phone from my hands, putting it on hands free.

“Hi mum!” She started saying, and even if I heard everything, I couldn’t concentrate, I was nervous. I haven’t ever wondered if she liked me back as much as I did this month. But I hope all of this was worth it, I just wished and hoped she accepted my heart.

“Kookie!” She shouted in my face making me jump. “Gosh, are you okay? You seem really lost today” She left the phone on the table and looked at me. She was right, I was lost, but I was lost thanks to her.

“Can I ask you to come with me tomorrow somewhere?” I asked out of the blue.

She laughed, messing my hair up with her hand. I loved when she did that.

“Sure, can I ask where?” She smiled at me.

“Not really, it’s a surprise” I said smiling as well.

“Ohhhh, a surprise? How cute, my little Kookie prepared a surprise for me!!” She started laughing “Will I like it?”

“That depends” I responded truthfully.

“Oh, okay… I guess I cannot ask what it depends on, right?”



The day was finally here and I was waiting outside her door. I rubbed my hands on my jeans, noticing how much I was sweating just by thinking of today.

I had been preparing this day for months now, taking guitar classes and talking to the school. I just wanted this to be good, that way, even if she rejected me, she could remember this day as a really good one.

She came out of the door wearing some black jeans and a shirt, even if she was dressed that casual, she still looked stunning.

“Shall we go? I am impatient to see what my little Jungkookie made!” She said, grabbing my arm and running to the car.

The ride to the school was all singing to old records on the radio and lots of laughing, in other words, the same as every other ride with her.

“JUNGKOOK?” She shouted once she realised where we were. “ISN’T THIS OUR KINDERGARTEN?” She said excited unbuckling her seatbelt. I was glad that she recognised it.

“Yes, the same one we met each other in” I said opening my door and getting out, walking to hers and doing the same for her to get out of the car.

“I can’t believe it, I remember that day as if it was yesterday.” She said jumping.

“I do too, but come on, I need to show you other things too.”

Getting inside the building, we saw many kids running around, shouting and playing. It was lunch time, so that meant that the classrooms were free. I stopped in front of a door, opening it and making her enter the room first.

It was the classroom we were in the day we became friends.

“I remember all of this, gosh. That was your table, and that was mine.” She said walking towards the back of the classroom, that gave me time to go behind the door and take the guitar that I had ask  the teacher to hid for me.

“Y/n, there’s a reason why I brought you here. Please take a seat.” I said taking two chairs, one for her and the other for myself. She smiled and sat down, I did the same.

After some seconds of staring at her, I took a deep breath and started playing.

Can’t count the years on one hand
That we’ve been together
I need the other one to hold you
Make you feel, make you feel better

It’s not a walk in the park
To love each other
But when our fingers interlock,
Can’t deny, can’t deny you’re worth it
'Cause after all this time I’m still into you

I looked at at her, she was smiling, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t saw her eyes watering, but, if I had to be honest, mine were too.

I should be over all the butterflies
But I’m into you
And baby even on our worst nights
I’m into you
Let 'em wonder how we got this far
'Cause I don’t really need to wonder at all
Yeah, after all this time I’m still into you

“Y/n, I am in love with you, I have always been.” I left the guitar on the floor and took her hands. “Will you be my girlfriend and love me just as much as I love you?”

IM - MC pregnant after decided to end the grey relationship with Shunichiro

[Ok, maybe I get bored reading the similar type of ending. Or maybe I can’t understand why MC won’t have a chance of getting pregnant despite doing it a few times with Shunichiro in the main story. So I wrote my version of ending for this round but I doubt I will write a lot for this game.]

Based on MC’s POV

That morning, I woke up to find him gone. I am expecting that to happen but part of me was hoping otherwise. Since I had decided to end this grey relationship, I tried my best to put behind the past and concentrate on my work. There is still a lot to be done for the project which I wanted to win it to prove my worth.

It’s been weeks since I last saw him and maybe he is giving me some space to gather myself. I worked a lot of overtimes after work and even miss meals at times. One afternoon, Yuiko and Natsume came and grabbed me out for lunch.

“Okay, I am coming.” I replied weakly. However, I felt giddy the moment I stand up from my seat. Before I can stable myself, my vision went blank. The next thing, I woke up in a hospital bed. Yuiko and Natsume are with me while the Doctor explaining my condition.

“You should take good care of yourself and not overwork yourself. You are expecting now. So you need to eat more healthy food and have plenty of rest.” The doctor explained.

“What did you just say?” I asked in shocked. Did I hear it correctly? No, it can’t be true.

“You are pregnant.” The doctor smiled at me, and soon leaves the room.

I covered my face in shocked, not knowing what to do next. I can feel Yuiko hugging me, trying to make me feel better.

“I am going to give that idiot a lesson.” Natsume shouted angrily and left the room before Yuiko can stop him. What am I going to do now? I ask myself while touching my tummy, can’t stop worried about it.

Based on Shunichiro’s POV

I am sitting in the meeting room and keep glaring at my watch. For once, I wish the meeting end immediately. I heard about her fainting in the office and taken to the hospital. I should still be able to visit her as her superior, right? I asked myself numerous times about it. I remember her telling me that she wanted to end our relationship but I have yet to give up. Once this project is over, I am going to tell her my real feeling. It is a promise that I make to myself.

Finally the meeting ended and everyone left the office since it already past working hour. I quickly tidy up my work desk and just about to get ready to leave for the hospital, my office door opened without a knock.

“You are such an idiot!” Natsume shouted, as he ran toward me and the next time I know, he hit me hard into my face. “You got her pregnant.” He shouted and grabbed my shirt.

I am shocked upon hearing the news. I immediately pushed him away and make a run to the carpark, driving toward the hospital in high speed. She is pregnant with my child. The words keep repeating in my head. Well, we did not use any protection since we lost ourselves uncontrollably most of the times. No, it was all the times. I wanted her so badly whenever I am with her that I did not even hesitated to blow my seeds deep inside her. How is she feeling now? I want to be by her side now.

I ran over to her room and pushed the door open, panting hard for air. She is sitting on the bed, shocked to see me rushing in like a mad man. I ran over her and embraced her in my arms, still panting hard.

“I don’t want to end it. I want you by my side. I love you. I really love you.” I gasped, as I poured out my feeling to her. I can feel her body trembled and I know she is sobbing.

“Are you trying to take responsibility?” She continued to tear while touching the bruise on my face. She must have guessed what had happened.

I hold her hand in mine,“ No, I always wanted to be with you. I thought I will wait until the project is over before I tell you my true feeling. I know it is selfish of me to do that but you are always on my mind all this time. Regardless if you are pregnant with my child or not, my decision have made since that day I left your house.” I gathered all my courage to tell her how I feel.

She did not answer me but tears continued to flow down her cheeks. I wiped away with my fingers and kissed her gently on her soft lips before gazing at her. “Regardless of what your response is, I am not going to let you go again.” I choked my words before continued asking her nervously, “What is your answer?”

“You are still on my mind every night. I love you.” She sobbed and I embraced her in my arms. I feel relieved to hear her answer. I swear to myself that I will take good care of her and our child. She is the first woman that I am prepared to spend my life with. With this thought, I tighten the hold of her in my arms.

Six Steps ~ Chapter Three

A Byun Baekhyun Playboy & childhood friend AU

Requested by baekmuffin

Genre: Angst // Smut (later on)

Member: Byun Baekhyun

Summary: (of this series) As childhood best friends, you and Baekhyun were and are close in every way possible. Except for the fact you unfortunately have feelings for him and he happens to never look at you that way. What happens when he does?

Summary: (of this chapter) Okay. I love Sangmi too much so she appears in this chapter quite often. Also Baekhyun will be very…confusing this chapter. There’s a reason for that though ;)

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three} {Chapter four} {Chapter five}

“They have Sangmi.” he says.

“Because she could totally replace you as a teacher.”

“She’s a better one than me. Don’t leave yet, please.” he begs.

“What? Hurry, I can’t be late going back to work.”

“Thank you. I appreciate you a lot.” he says sincerely.

“Baekhyun?” you ask.

“Yes, my lady?”

“Do you love me?”

He pauses. “I think you already know the answer.”

You look into his eyes and see the answer. 

He does love you.

But something is holding him back.

You can see it. His struggle with his love for you and his other struggle. What is that other struggle? And why is he struggling with it?

“Hey…” he asks.

“Yes Baekhyun?” 

“I’ll see you at home. I…I have a class to teach.” he says awkwardly, turning around and walking away, leaving you there.

That’s it? He’s just going to leave you there? Why is he suddenly so…distant?

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killzeteetans  asked:

Hmmm.. I'm kinda bored.. Is there any weird Connie facts.. Hmm..

Are you just asking about Connie facts out of boredom instead of actually caring for him?!? I am shook! Anyway, he loves people playing with his buzz cut, he is a great dancer, he’s one of the best friends one could wish for, even though he can’t always do something about you feeling bad, but he always tries his best and is genuine as fuck!

Under The Stars

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count: 4 561
warning :
summary : Reader feels insecure because of all the supernatural girls throwing themselves at Kai and she doesn’t feel like she is good enough.
* not my gif
keep reading after the cut😈

Almost a year since Y/N and Kai had started dating and every day felt like the first. They loved , supported and cared for each other more than any of them would care to admit. Their life together was perfect , well as perfect as life in Mystic Falls could be with all the supernaturals. There hadn’t been any threats lately , so from that side things were calm but from the other - word had spread about Kai being the all powerful leader of the Gemini coven (even tho most of them were dead) vampire witch hybrid. A lot of vampires and witches even werewolfs rolled into town to meet him and every single girl of them threw herself onto him. They’d giggle around him , laugh at his jokes even when they weren’t funny , feeling his musles , buying him drinks… Y/N knew he loved her and she had seen multiple times how he turns the girls down because of her , but the more that happened the more Y/N felt like she wasn’t good enough for him. Like she was holding him back from the life that he could have with a supernatural girlfriend. Being human felt amazing but the past few months it felt more like a burden. They had talked about her turning into a vampire but he kept insisting on her staying human , at least for the time being. Y/N knew it wasn’t because he didn’t want her to be one , he just wanted her to have a full human life , for as long as possible before their eternity together begins. Only until that happened , there was a lot of time and he could change his mind about being with her… and that only fueled her insecurity about not being enough.

Y/N sat with Elena at the sofa at the Salvatore’s , the music muffling most of her words. It was a party for Stefan’s birthday and of course over the years , he had made a lot of vampire acquaintances all of which were at the party. The guys were fine , the girls … they were too busy hitting on Kai the entire night , not even remotely frazzled by the fact he had a girlfriend who was sitting right there. Her eyes followed Kai across the room as he went to get them drinks. Every girl on his way turned after him , looking at him with desire. Every one of them threw themselves on him but he kept rejecting them. Kai only had eyes for his girl.
Y/N could see Kai through the crowd talking to some girl near the keg. She kept batting her eyelashes at him and feeling his musles. Y/N could see it all across the room - she was a vampire , not the first one to hit on Kai the past few hours either. Y/N couldn’t blame them. Kai was absolutely irresistable , with his perfect chizzled jaw , those sexy blue eyes …
“He loves you Y/N.” said Elena snapping her back from her thoughts. “I never thought I’d be defending him of all people… but that much I know. It’s in his eyes every time he is around you and even when he is not. He wouldn’t cheat on you.”
“I know… its just …” she sighed. “I’m human. He is a vampire.”
“Trust me , I get it.” said Elena. “I’ve been where you are… ”
Y/N dropped her head in her hands.
“I don’t think you do. I feel like I am holding him back.”
“You are not holding him back.” said Elena , rubbing her back. “If anything , you are doing the opposite. He was a completely different person before meeting you.”
“But I am holding him back Elena!” she raised her voice a little. “He can’t be himself with me , not completely anyways. I can’t give him what they can. I’m not .. I’m not good enough for him. Arhh , being a human sucks…”
Elena started to say something but quickly stopped herself noticing Kai coming over. He was vampire now and probably had already heard their conversation but she didn’t want to risk her friend getting into an awkward situation right in the middle of the party. Kai reached them in a few steps , swiftly avoiding all the people dancing and ignoring every single girl who tried to pull him towards her. Elena glanced at him then at Y/N and a moment later got pulled away by Damon.
“Here you go ..” he said passing Y/N a red plastic cup. He sat next to her and putting his arm over her shoulder.
“Thanks.” mumbled Y/N taking a sip. Her eyes drifted across the room noticing how pretty much all girl’s eyes were on him. There it was again - that feeling.
“I love you.” whispered Kai in her ear , snaking his hands around her waist and pulling her onto his lap until she was sitting sideways on it. Kai rested his head on the crook of her neck , placing gentle kisses on it. One of his hands slid up her hip towards her stomach , making her cheeks flush when he stopped at her lower stomach. He smiled at her , noticing the sudden change in her heart beat. “Do you want to go home ?”
“Mhmm…” she hummed , starting to lose focus thinking how close his hands are too close to her core. Y/N got up reaching her hand for Kai. He intertwined their fingers together and both of them walked outside. His eyes were on her the entire time , seeing only her and no one else. They walked to his car , only Kai didn’t open the doors. Instead he pinned her against the car door , drowning her in a deep passionate kiss.
“I want to show you something.” he whispered.

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I love you - Changkyun (I.M) scenario (Requested, fluffy)

Originally posted by chang-kyunnie

Anon said:  changkyunn fluff please :)))) storyline is up to you!

Genre: fluffy
Members: Changkyun x You
Word count: 1943

Your friends and you walked inside of fast food place who was filled up, because that was the best food place in town. Everyone loved going there. Mostly everyone from your high school come and hang out.
There was always those popular groups, geek groups and just ordinary groups. You are in the ordinary one, all of you don’t care and just enjoy life.
All of you find a table and sit down. You smiled talking and took off your jacket. As you look up right on the left you spot a cute guy at the table, hanging out and eating with his friends too.
You saw him couple of times in school. He seems like a really sweet and good guy.

As you all ate, you look at him again and he was this time looking at you, right at the moment where you took a huge bite of that delicious hamburger. You smiled putting your hand over your mouth not believing he saw you eating. He smiled too and looked away.

“What’s up I.M! Fellas!” your friend Tyler smiled as he walked in and greeted all of them. He came to your table and sat down.
“You know them?” you asked, just being curious
“Yeah, they my friends. Whaat you noticed someone?” he wiggled his eyebrows
“No” you laugh and drink your soda

Later on, Tyler looked at his phone.
“They want us to hang out with them? So you all wanna go?” he asked and everyone said yes, so you agreed too.

As all of you walked outside, you guys were a group of about 9 or 10 people. Some of you had to meet each other.
“Changkyun, but they call me I.M” Changkyun smiled at you and extended his hand
“I am Y/N. Nice to meet you” you smiled and shook his hand

Mostly Changkyun and you talked, got to know each other better. You two had so much in common.
The night was getting late, still both of you didn’t think about the time.
“We will go home Y/N”
You look at Changkyun. Both of your eyes were looking at each other, they were saying “I don’t want to go”, “I don’t want you to go”. You look on the ground and smile a bit.
“I want to stay but-“
“So stay” Changkyun said

You turn your head towards Tyler and rest of them.
“Then we’ll see you tomorrow Y/N” they all smiled and headed back home

You turn your head towards I.M and he smiled.
“I saw you taking that big bite of that hamburger” he laughed
“Oh my God” you said and put your head down
“I was thinking like “This girl can eat!” “ he laughs and you push him a bit

Around 2AM, you realized you really need to head back home.
“I’ll walk you home.” I.M suggested
“You don’t have to. It’s late.” You smiled looking at him
“I don’t want you to go alone home at this time. So I am going girl” he points fingers and two of you laugh

Walking to your home was again nice, and fun. There is just so much stuff to talk about.
“Mind if like I have your number?” I.M scratches back of his neck looking at you
“Yeah, sure” you smiled and took his phone

“Thank you… For walking me home” you look up at him
“No problem Y/N… I’ll see you in school” he nods his head
“See you there” you smiled and waved as he walked away

I.M and you started to hang out more and more. You guys spent so much time together. Two of you would go and eat that fast food place, go grab some coffee, study together. His and your friends started to wonder what is going on between two of you.

“Y/N” your friend walked over to you
“Yeah?” you smiled
“Umm… I.M and you been really like hanging out a lot”
“Yeah so? I mean we are just friends” you laughed being a bit confused

I.M and you were friends. Eventually later on you found yourself a boyfriend. You were happy with him and kept the same friendship with I.M as before. You didn’t want it to change.

“Tell me one thing Y/N” I.M spoke standing next to you at the bus station, with rain pouring down
Your head turns and you look at him.
“Are you happy?” he kept looking forwards, watching the rain fall on the ground
“… I am” you spoke

I.M nods his head.
“Because I don’t want you to be with someone who doesn’t treat you right” he slides his hands in his pockets
“What are you talking about? My boyfriend is a good guy” you were a bit confused
“Maybe yes, maybe not”
“What are you trying to do here Changkyun?” you spoke coldly, saying his full name.
“I just don’t want to see you hurt”
“I am fine and happy right now-“
“Right now” he laughs a bit
“You know what, fuck you Changkyun.” You said and pushed him out of the way and started to walk home just walking
“You’re going to walk home in this rain?!” he shouted
“YEAH I AM” you shout back
“Well have fun!” he shakes his head and watches you leave

After few days, I.M and you didn’t speak that much. You were still pissed off at him, but still had your problems in your relationship and school. You missed laughing with I.M, missed his jokes and everything.
But still, you hate him.

You open your front door and see I.M standing. You sigh and start closing the door right away but I.M puts his hand on the door stopping you.
“Come on Y/N” he laughs
“Fuck you, fuck off” you tried to push the door to close them but kept failing

I.M opens the door pushing you away a bit.
“I know you miss this face. I mean me” he stood in front of you
You punch his arm hard.
“Okay I deserve that” he nods his head rubbing his arm, to make the pain go away

Two of you stood looking at each other. You grab his T-shirt and pull him into a hug.
“I hate you but I still love you” you said
I.M smiled softly and wraps his arms around your waist.
“I missed you too”

There was a birthday celebration at fast food place. Since they were like disco type of thing.
Your friend had a birthday and you were invited, so was I.M and all others.

Your crew, I.M and you danced together and sang songs, just enjoying the night.
Your boyfriend came next to you grabbing your arm. Looking over at him, he just pulled you with him to the side.
I.M observed two of you.

“Why aren’t you with me?!” he raised his voice at you
“Obviously you are too mad to be at this party. Why should I be sitting down?” you laugh looking at him
“I can’t believe you are being like this! I bet you would even cheat on me how “boring I am” “ he looks at you being annoyed
“Stop it.”
“Stop what huh?” he got closer to you
“You would do it” he pushes you a bit and I.M jumps right away and takes your hand, looking at your boyfriend.
“Why are you pushing her asshole?” I.M was angry
“I.M-“ you tried
“What are you? Who are you to her? AND no one tells me what to do”
“Fuck off right now” he added
“You can go home” I.M spoke
“Y/N we’re going.” He said taking his jacket

You kept standing behind I.M.
“Y/N get your fucking jacket and let’s go” your boyfriend raises his voice again
“I don’t want to go” you spoke
“Then we are fucking done.” He said and leaves, shutting the door loudly

I.M turn towards you, hugging you straight away. You tear up and hug him back.
“Do you want to go home?” I.M whispered to you and you nod your head quickly wiping off your tears
“I’ll get your stuff” he spoke and you walked outside waiting for him

Two of you walked into your room. You took off your jacket and threw it on a chair. Taking off your heels, you lay down on the bed and soon after I.M joins you.
You cuddle up next to him, and he held you in his arms.
“Thanks” you look up at him
“Always here to protect you” he smiles a bit and two of you stare at each others eyes for a while.

You never noticed how much he actually is beautiful. How he always was there for you, would do anything for you.
You smiled a bit. Soon after two of you start to lean in, but he stops.
“I think It’s not-“
“Right. I know” you finish for him

Either way, I.M pulled you close to him again. You could feel his lips on your head.
“I love you” he spoke quietly as he played with your hair a bit
“I love you.” You smiled and buried your head into his chest

“Why did you buy me my favorite chocolates?” you laughed looking at I.M
“To make you happy” he smiled, and kept looking at the box
“WELL OPEN IT” he suddenly shouts
“OKAY” you laughed

As you open the box, there was a paper saying “Will you go to prom with me?”. You look up at him and he already held red rose in front of you with a smile.
“Yeah I will” you smiled widely and hugged him

Both of you liked each other. A lot. Since that night, both of you felt this way.
Everyone knew it, except you two.

When I.M saw you in your dress, he was standing with no comment. You were breathtaking. You were so beautiful.
You smiled feeling shy because I.M didn’t take his eyes off you.
“OH MY GOD!” he shouted putting his hands on his head
“WOW” he added and points at you
You laughed and stood in front of him
“I was like, I didn’t know what to think when I saw you” he smiled and hand you a flower bracelet
“You look handsome yourself” you smiled and blushed a bit

Whole night long you didn’t stop dancing, laughing, smiling, singing, drinking.
It was one of the best nights of your life. I.M took your hand and lead you through the crowd and two of you started to jump and dance.
“How can you be so beautiful?” he got closer and said to your ear
You smiled looking at him.
“I love you” you said and hugged him. Lights go down and slow song starts.

“Oh wow… I am not a type to dance to slow songs” I.M laughs
“But….” He smiles and extends his hand
“Can I have this dance?”
“Of course” you smiled and put your hand in his

I.M’s hands were on your waist, and you held your arms around his neck.

“I never knew… I never knew you can have moonlight in your hands, till the night I held youu” you sang quietly and you smiled as you noticed I.M is watching you all the time.

He stops smiling, he moves his hands and cups your face. Leaning in and pressing his lips against yours. You smiled under the kiss.

His lips were soft, sweet. He tilts his head to give you couple of pecks on the lips. Until he moved away. You smiled and put your head into his neck. He hugged you tightly.

“I love you” you hear him say.

Happy Birthday joan-of-park!

Happy birthday wishes for @joan-of-park! To help celebrate your day, @booksrockmyface has written a special Everlark story just for you! We hope you enjoy it :)

Title: The Cook’s Contract

Gift for: joan-of-park

Rated: E

Author’s note: Happy birthday! You wanted a class difference fic and you got it! I hope this lives up to your expectations. Many thanks to writingbutunpublished for help with the title (and for just being an amazing friend who lets me ramble on about my story ideas). Attention: smut ahead!


Peeta hosted and attended several dances and dinners trying to find a wife suitable for his station as the Duke of Mallory. But none of the women in attendance (usually the same batch every time) were interesting enough to entice him to even consider courtship, much less marriage.

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Who decided to send Roan? Or did he have to volunteer to get Dorothy back?

Roan: So Glinda wants to kill me cause I still love Dorothy-

West: Ha! Here’s a spell get the trouble maker back.

Roan: Okay, I tried to kill her the last time we were together-

West: Even better! Go! I do not want to miss this upcoming train wreck!

Roan: I am so happy my torture amuse you.

West: Queen Tip! The Murder Nurse is coming back!

Tip: Awesome. I was getting bored.