i am bored but also too lazy

so uh I haven’t touched this blog for a while but I wanted to describe the most terrifying experience of my fucking life that happened while playing Subnautica

few clarifications: I last played this game like, September 2016. IT HAS UPDATED SIGNIFICANTLY SINCE THEN. I also decided to play it on “creative mode” aka “invincible fun time mode” because I just wanted to ~have fun and explore the new stuff~, you know?

So, I haven’t kept up with the updates. The story bit of the game has bulked up significantly since I last played, and there’s much more direction now if you want it, which is nice; the icons are all cleaned up and such, a lot more stuff is textured, the cyclops can apparently be lit on fire, yada yada. I went ‘sploring and found a couple new faces, an electric eel type boy and a warp warp man. (Ultimate goal is to go up and scan a reaper but I am still???? too scared??? i literally cannot take any damage in this mode but the deep and ancient part of me that remembers being prey on the serengeti says DONT)

(subnautica is very good at VAGUE ANXIOUS ENVIRONMENTAL FEAR while also being very lovely to look at, and really grinds deep into the gray matter of Terror of the Deep, it’s very very good and I hatelove it)

anyway I started taking screenshots of the koosh zone while exploring/picking up samples for my soon-to-be-ultimate-creature-zoo, because this game can be very pretty

anyway after digging around a bit i discovered a TRENCH. i did not screenshot the trench because i did not realize i was about to have to fight for my very existence on this good earth.

did i enter the trench? of course I entered the fucking trench. there’s no crush damage in this mode and the game told me there was some sort of Big Energy Signature nearby. Down I went.

….and went. For 6000 meters. NOTHING. Except a kind of shelf at one point that I went and got under. (this minor detail is going to be crucial)

anyway at 6km i decided fuck it, i’ve held down on the s key for like 5 minutes, if i’m gonna plumb these depths i need to come back with my big boy sub. so i went back up. got to 3000 meters.

hey remember that little shelf i went under well turns out it was a ROCK CEILING 3000 METERS DEEP and i had gotten so turned around in the plumbing process that I couldnt fucking find the way out, it was all barren rock ceiling, no way back up even when i searched around and around and probably criscrossed my own path trying to map out featureless rock, i was boned as heck

OR…. WAS I….

said my own thoughts, because i happened to have in my possession a TERRAFORMER and as all good subnautica boys and girls know that thing can dig big ol holes in rock.

so… trapped 3000 meters below solid rock… i did what any sensible extrastellar refugee would do and decided to TUNNEL MY WAY BACK UP

leaving my trusty seamoth behind, i began to tunnel…. about 2000 meters through solid rock, in complete blackness, clicking frantically in the darkness, probably crying

(listen, i had some good eggs and scans in my inventory and i didn’t want to LOSE them by resetting, you gotta understand)

about 1km from the surface, i finally encounter open water!! i’ve done it!! i thought, foolishly, to myself. i brought out my seaglide and began to zoom up only to find

1. this was not open water

2. this was a cave

3. this was a giant cave filled with lava

4. subnautica has LAVA CAVES NOW???

5. the game was perhaps not totally sure about my method of getting INTO said lava cave, and didn’t seem prepared with some of the textures

by the way, IN ADDITION TO IT BEING A GIANT LAVA CAVE, there were like… structures down there?? which again I was not prepared for because I have not played this game in like 6 months?? but the textures wouldn’t load?? so I just got these really scary ominous unknown pieces of architecture that i was in no way prepared for and had no idea how they were supposed to look?? and everything was red?????

also because the textures weren’t loaded it was extremely difficult to tell what you could pass through and what you couldn’t, so i was basically ping ponging through invisible walls and wanting to cry because i tunneled 2000 meters thru solid rock and i was gonna die in badly rendered hell anyway

did i mention also, the noises

did i mention that there were a lot of VERY DISTRESSING SOUND EFFECTS IN THIS CAVE

and then, through the invisible walls, i saw the friend who was making them!!!

it’s hard to tell from this screenshot but that is a VERY. LARGE. BOY. TOO LARGE.

at this point ya boy koryos was basically like ready 2 ascend from this mortal plane. what is going on. WHAT AM I LOOKING AT. VERY DISTRESSED. ALSO WHATS THT THING IN THE CORNER

ok so i stopped trying to penetrate the invisible walls eventually and tried to burrow my way out again except APPARENTLY you cant burrow through LAVA which was STUPID anyway i was still very trapped

but i explored a bit and found……. this??

insert fuel crystal???

this mystery device bore all the hallmark of a Lazy Concept Sci Fi Warp Gate which was exciting to me because by god i was ready to be anywhere but there, in hell. but i didnt have a “fuel crystal” and it definitely wasn’t part of the game back in the center. But no problem!! This is creative mode!! I can just build a base down in hell!! A hell base!! Where I can craft anything I want!!!

so i made a base and a fabricator but uhhhhhhhhhhh there was no “fuel crystal” on the item list. so at this point it had been like an hour of desperate sweaty anxiety and i was like fuck it, i’ll console command it in, i just need…… freedom…… (without losing any of those good good scans)

anyway i looked it up and got the ~oddly pixelated crystal~, which powered up the warp

please… just take me somewhere that’s not red… that’s all i ask……





anyway i believe i accidentally stumbled on some plot because i found a “control room” set to deactivate the “weapon” but a tentacle boy didn’t want to “deactivate” it because i was “““infected”““

mind you im still fucking… 69 m under the water…. 69 huh? i just noticed that in the screenshot nice


anyway to make a long story short after getting lost about ten more times i FINALLY found an exit to the neon labyrinth and nearly cried when i saw my bud warp warp man outside

now that i was outside i could finally appreciate the fact that this shit was dope as hell, look at how cool that is, I LOVE MYSTICAL RUINS AND SHIT LIKE THIS

also it was connected to an island???? i thought subnautica was all about not having land???? anyway let’s just drop a beacon for later i need to get back to my fucking base and lie down to contemplate the ether for 6 hours



and so i survived the incident in which i was never in any actual peril, both in a real and virtual sense, but was still very distraught and very sweaty about, 10/10 would recommend subnautica to a friend

anyway i went on tumblr to soothe myself afterwards which was a MISTAKE because the monteray bay aquarium reminded me that there is no escape from the eldritch horrors of the ocean


I was bored and this happened 

Overall very lackluster season of the flash. I still like it better than season 2 but overall I didn’t cheer a lot like I did in season 1. Also can we please stop with cliffhanger endings? That has gotten old. 

They need to step their game up for next season if I am going to continue to watch it, it’s clear the writers are getting lazy and maybe even bored with the concept.   I’m happy they killed off that stupid H.R character, his ass took up too much screen-time for my taste, earth 2 Wells was far more interesting and he was a total asshole.

I am totally a lazy millennial.

I mean I got a college degree in a super easy major that took only like 60 extra hours of work outside of classes a week. Art supplies and framing is SO cheap by the way. And then I had 3 jobs cause the first two were just too easy. And then I developed an eating disorder from working so much because food is just boring. And I also live with my parents because having my own place with peace and quiet is just so daunting for me. I am much happier having no privacy.

I mean I am so lazy. All I do is sit on my computer.

The boy on the bus

Word count: 4.6k

Summary: Everyday on the way to school Dan stares at a boy who looks around his age and is perfect for him, and Dan has managed to fall in love with him without even saying a word to him. He wants to get to talk to him, but he is too scared to get up the courage, until one day his mouth speaks up for him.

Every morning he is there. The boy on the bus. And he is perfect. Always in the same seat, looking out the window, his brightly coloured headphones in and tapping his finger against his leg to the beat. I don’t know what he listens to, but I’d like to find out. I always sit two rows behind him, so I don’t get to hear. I don’t even know his name. But I know other things about him.

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anonymous asked:

fall play-lists? for like weekends upstate in a cabin, with a dog, a blanket, a book and warm whiskey drinks...

The below pics are of the current, giant, playlist I have on shuffle and loop as of late. I keep adding to it when I think of other songs. That being said, I am also partial to anything The Decemberists, Iron & Wine, Daughter, Alexi Murdoch, Damien Rice, or Eddie Vedder when we go on trips in the fall. Plus, I rewatched “Away We Go” over the weekend- LOVE that movie, and the soundtrack. The “Last Night” soundtrack is also a favorite when I have lazy afternoons. Also, the “I am Sam” soundtrack is quite good. I think all our upstate adventures have music that fits that balance where it can be background music/not distract from whatever we’re doing (driving, eating, bumming around) but not really bore anyone when nothing happening. A friend of mine has a great collection of folk and bluegrass music– which is nice too. Then again, we all sort of have slightly similar tastes in music, so it works! If you’re going upstate soon, have a fun time! *My weekends upstate don’t currently include a dog. So SUPER jealous!*


You know what?  I can’t help but laugh at some of you who think you’re all ‘big and bad’ sending your insults to my tumblr anonymously.  You wanted a reaction so here’s my reaction—go fuck yourselves.  Seriously!  Take a huge fucking cactus and shove it up your assholes.  You want to bitch about how I respond to my haters?  Well, if you can’t take the heat, get the fuck out of the kitchen Don’t call yourselves fans if all you have to say to me is something negative.  I never asked you to follow me or like me or read my blog, that’s your choice.  I don’t know how much I’ve stressed that if you aren’t here to support me or to indulge in the “oh so fascinating” things that I have to say (that’s sarcasm, you ignorant fucks), then feel free to spend your time elsewhere.  Quite frankly, you’re the fuel to my fire so maybe I should thank you as well.  Yes, I’ll do both.  Thank you BUT YOU CAN STILL GO FUCK YOURSELVES. 

Now here’s where I apologize for my vulgar language and for possibly insulting those who are loyal supporters and fantastic folks.  I’m sorry that you have to deal with my onslaught of frustration but sometimes you’ve just got to let it all out in order to clear your head and start anew.  Also, I know that a lot of you understand (because you’re all not ignorant, idiotic, dumbasses) that I have a life outside of the television world.  I have to make a living and pay my bills.  I’m 24 years old; I can’t live off my parents’ money unlike some of you lucky young adults.  Anyway I’m sorry that I cannot meet the promises that I make, so I will no longer make promises.  This blog was meant to be my outlet; a way to vent to you guys and to help you understand me better, and to possibly help you all out as well.  When I said that I wanted to put AYTO behind me, I meant that I did not want AYTO to be the center focus of my blog.  I will try to answer your questions about the show but I will not go into detail about my time on it.  Like I’ve stated before, if you want to get the full, behind-the-scenes, story effect…go to Jacy’s blog.  She’s doing something awesome for you guys.

Here are a few answers to your questions about AYTO:

1. What did you regularly request on the grocery list?

As you all know, I’m a pescatarian.  I have been a pescatarian for about 10-11 months now, so I always requested fish.  I also was going through a phase where I was constantly craving Mounds, so I had them buy me bags of those too.  Jameson and Hendricks were my liquors of choice when it came to the liquor shopping list.

2. Adam blah blah blah Adam, lots of questions about Adam.

What you guys do not seem to comprehend is that if a relationship lacks chemistry, there is no relationship.  So despite who the matchmakers said WOULD be good for us, you cannot force a connection.  The goal of the show was to show us the traits in a person that we should be looking for—the bonus was that there could be a possibility for falling for our actual match.  Just because Adam was my match does not mean that I had to like him.  Life doesn’t work like that people.  Come on! Use your brains.  If it were that easy, I’m pretty sure we all would be in perfect relationships.

To kill two birds with one stone, Adam and I do still keep in touch.  In fact, I keep in touch with the majority of the cast BUT Adam, Ryan, Wes and Jacy are whom I keep in touch with the most.  I have no bad blood with anyone with the exception of a few people (you all know who they are).

3.  Who was I initially attracted to in the house?

Ryan—he’s a good-looking dude BUT I never though Ryan was my match.  I knew that Adam was my match but there were times when I questioned if that was correct.  Adam, JJ and Wes were the three that I kept thinking were my match.

4.  Is anyone from the show still together?

I believe that only Amber and Ethan are together.  There were only 3 relationships that developed from the show: me and Chris, Amber and Ethan, Jacy and Scali.  No one else actually ended up liking their perfect match (or not so perfect match).  If you guys are looking for a sappy love story just follow Ethan and Amber on twitter, hahaha.

5.  Were you able to smoke on the show?

No, unfortunately we were not.  If we were all high we’d be hella boring!  Don’t you worry though, I did get to try that nice Hawaiian bud at the end.  Boom.

6. How has the show changed your life?

Well I was on global television and a lot of people know me…I get recognized often.  I have a lot of people that I don’t know that hate me and a lot of people that I don’t know that love me.  It’s a lot easier to network now too I guess.  Other than that, nothing really has changed.  I’m still the same Shanley that I’ve always been.

Well those are probably the most frequently asked questions that I receive in my inbox pertaining to AYTO.  If you guys think of more, ask away.  I’ll answer the ones that I find interesting.

Here are a few questions about myself:

1. Do you do anything special to your hair?

Heavens no.  I’m lazy as fuck and I don’t really like to put product in my hair.  I’m half Asian so my hair is naturally thick and straight…and boring too.  I don’t really cut it often, so maybe that’s why it is so long.  I also wash it every day, which I don’t think is good for it, but whatever. OH AND HERE’S A DOOSIE!  I am actually considering chopping it off in the near future.  Kylie Jenner style.

2. Who are my favorite music artists?

I have answered this before but I might as well answer it again.  I love too many different genres of music to focus on a favorite.  If you need new tunes to listen to, check out DJs like Paper Diamond, Seven Lions, Flux Pavilion and so on.  I also really like to blast some A$AP Rocky (and Ferg), Schoolboy Q, Trinidad James, Drake and Big Sean when I’m feeling supaaaa thuggish.  I definitely have to throw the jam bands in there too like Phish, Umphrey’s McGee, STS9…yadda yadda.

3. What are my favorite TV shows?

Another question that I’ve already answered…I don’t watch TV that much but when I do, I’m usually glued to the Food Network.  I can watch that channel for hours, it’s ridiculous.  I do keep up with Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf and American Horror Story as well…and I like Workaholics and South Park too.

4.  What are you favorite movies?

I have way too many to name.  I love every 80’s movie ever created.  I’m a huge fan of Donnie Darko, Friday Night Lights, LOTR movies, Harry Potter movies, Transformers, Requiem for a Dream…just to name a few.

5.  When is your birthday?

January 16th.

6. What is your favorite Pokemon?

That’s actually a tough question.  I know that if I could be any Pokemon, I’d be Ninetails.

7. What breed is your cat?

Jozzie is a Ragdoll x Himalayan mix.

That’s all for tonight my little dudes.  I had a long, very rough day at work and I need to get a few hours of shuteye before I have to wake up and do it all over again tomorrow.  Before I go, I want to thank those who have been so lovely and understanding…words cannot express how appreciative I am to read the kind words that you have for me.  I do love my fans.  You’re all my friends and I wish that I could travel to meet every single one of you.  I would literally bear hug the fuck out of you.  It is just really hard to balance my real life out with the life that I want to live right now, so updating my blog is a struggle.  Things will start moving next week after I film my first YouTube video!

Much love XO