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hey may i ask what made you feel that way about trc?

of course!! uhhh, this got longer than intended, and also this sounds really aggressive, i’m sorry, i needed to rant. but. here you go. this is full of trk spoilers btw. 

actual problems with the series:

  • the ~~feminism~~ or lack thereof tbh “aren’t feminists supposed to have big muscles?” get stuffed dick gansey please shove a camaro up ur ass
  • orla!! blue resents her. the whole ~~gansey found blue’s calves far more tantalising than orla’s cubic metres of skin blah blah blah~~ or whatever and also that look he exchanges with adam when she’s in that orange bikini like….get out you gross white boys let her do her thing i guarantee she’ll look better than u while doing it you dicks
  • less of a big deal, i suppose, but blue is compared to a table and helen is compared to a computer whereas the boys are like….magic forests and dreamers and kings yikes
  • everyone is white!! i am sick to death of white people in books jfc can i be represented in popular ya lit, like, once? i know fandom likes to fancast them as poc, and that is wonderful, but they were written as a bunch of white people and that makes me very :/
  • it’s racist as hell. all of that stuff about orla’s nose, ugh, go away.
  • more racism: henry cheng!! ugh!! i can’t believe the boys being racist little shits got turned into a cutesy pynch scene i mean i like pynch but…..ew
  • “He did a vaguely offensive version of Henry’s voice”
  • also the whole “why do u insult urself?” “i do it before other people can” you know what? i did that when i was eleven?? when i hated myself for not being white??? i loathed myself i loathed my skin and you know what, including that was not fucking necessary why did you feel the need to include that hmm 
  • in summary: uggghhh fuck off why did you include racism 
  • fucking white authors i cannot 
  • some posts about racism in trc which are better phrased than this: one, two
  • it’s just really problematic and gross and i’m sick of pretending it’s not 

things i personally don’t like:

  • the writing is kind of patronising rip the storyline is good but i don’t like the writing. the only book i genuinely enjoyed, pace and character wise, is the dream thieves
  • imo kavinsky was the only decent antagonist in the series
  • the raven king was…..really weak ngl 
  • why were there 500000 new antagonists in trk
  • gansey!! kill off gansey!!! please!!!! he was dead for all of five pages
  • maybe glendower was the friends we made along the way :) :) :) :) :) 

in summary, trk was just too racist and gross, as well as just plain boring, for me to keep ignoring all the shitty stuff. and so i am officially Over these books. i’m still going to reblog pretty edits and i will always love some of the characters but…..yeah.