i am bored and i thought this was funny

With Gravity Falls coming to a close soon, im quite curious-

reblog and write how you discovered and decided to watch gravity falls, how it all started for you.

Valentine’s Day Thoughts

1. Seriously, how am I still single? I’m cute, funny, and smart. Where do people even meet guys these days?

2. One of the kids at school asked me if I was going to spend tonight at home with my cats. While I don’t actually have cats (YET), I was dying at how well he has me pegged 😂😂

So my six year old sister was casually going through Jungkook’s folder in my gallery. I thought “okay right she’s probably just bored waiting to play the xbox”, but when I asked for my phone back she growled at me. She growled at me.

She has claimed Jungkook as hers and has challenged to fight me.

We duel at noon.

Secret Thoughts

Aries- Gosh they’re boring.

Taurus- I want to go home.

Gemini- *Thinks of something funny while in a serious conversation.*

Cancer- I don’t like being looked at like that.

Leo- Do they see me?

Virgo- I’m always in mild discomfort. 

Libra- I hope they like me.

Scorpio- I need silence.

Sagittarius- I want to get lost.

Capricorn- Am I good enough?

Aquarius- I’m clearly more intelligent than them.

Pisces- *Whatever the person around them is thinking.*

INTP Treats #13

Everyday Thought Process:

I want to eat and not get fat!

Wish a day was 48 hours long…

People just don’t get me :/

Parents are stupid. Need to get out of this house.

I need a girlfriend….(

Do I really need one?!?

I need to buy drum sticks.

Note to self: WATCH WHIPLASH

Do people think I am crazy??

I wish Walking Dead would come true. I’m bored.

Wonder who will die this season?

F**k!! I really should concentrate on one thing.

Wait… What was I writing this post about?!

Random funny stories from various Soraru + Mafumafu namahousou (part 1)

Hey! So I’m bored and thought I’d go back and translate some funny/interesting/really cute stories from these two in streams from the previous months. The theme of these appears to be “Soraru is a giant baby” www. Some of these (if not all of them?) have probably been translated before? But I’m too lazy to spend time looking for them haha, so here we are. Edit: There’s only 2 in this part but there will be more tomorrow from other streams, I just decided to post these tonight since I was done. I’ll put links to videos so you can follow along and listen if you want, or you can just read them. Enjoy :)

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10 Facts About Me

I am really bored right now so I decided to share10 facts about me with you.

1) My first celebrity crush was probably Avan Jogia as Beck in Victorious.

2) I speak English, Dutch and German.

3) I am so in love with so sky, it’s not even funny.

4) I am a vegetarian.

5) I can’t throw books away because I know how much work the author put into it.

6) I thought it was easier to find 10 Facts About Me.

7) I like to write poems but I don’t really like to read them.

8) My sister is my favorite person in the whole wide world.

9) I only drink water, tea and orange juice.

10) My favorite season is Winter. And Spring. And Fall. But definetely not Summer.

Don’t Hug Me I’m scared VS Google Translate

Has anyone done this before? Anyway, I was just putting the first song’s lyrics in google translate for no reason, and I thought it turned out funny, so here it is!

You love, it’s like one of those ideas.
I operation
How do you get your ideas?
I am thinking creatively.
Now, when you get orange, please you tell me.
This is a just boring old rose.
Maybe I
I saw a smile on his face, I’m not stupid.
I do not see what you want to hear.
You do not think that creativity.
After that, my (silent).
I use my own hair.
In fact, the drilling
I use my own hair.
When now, in heaven you seek in the clouds, do not worry, it is not interesting?
and (wait OH) continued to run again.
I can see you cat, could not find a hat.
I can not find the baseball
You then you can see the dog, you can see the frog.
I can see the stairs on the basis of newspaper
However, I think it was not what you spend.
Use your head, you can have a good time.
I will make the image of the clown.
Oh, you may need to slow down.
So this is one of the most creative aspects (yes!).
It keeps the leaves and sticks and place them in your favorite color.
Blue, red, green.
Green is the natural
You creativety what money and others where there is a need to know before you leave.
Listen to the rain, you can listen to your heart
You hear the sound of the brain
It gives us the opportunity to get creative to people.

Well, we do not ask people to oppose new creation.


I saw how happy you are exchanging a couple of nonsense messages with someone who used to be so special. I was reading, looking enough when my vision has suddenly become blurry by this clear liquid that starts to fall down from my eyelid.

Am I that boring that you can’t even put a smile on your messages? Does my jokes aren’t that funny anymore that you can’t even pretend that you’re not annoyed? are you getting fed up with my presence that you skip talking to me?

My “what happened?” has been answered. Maybe all this time I’m just a girl who saved you from being lonely. Maybe I’m not as special as she is to you. Maybe, maybe all this time I am not the one you really want. Maybe my maybes are irrelevant to my sentences. Maybe I had to put it so it can lessen the pain because maybe sometimes it’s too much to bare.



When I was in the 10th grade I had to do a project with one of the black guys in my class,. I was expecting it to be really boring and I thought that I wouldn’t like the experience (I am a shy girl, he is an extrovert) but I was wrong. He’s funny af and always had me laughing😆 

For the project we had to create a super hero online for whatever reason, so ours was a black guy named Rockstar and he goes on a dangerous journey and whatnot to save the world. Well, Rockstar had to have a love interest, so I asked him “What is she gonna look like? White, black…” and he said “Hell nah, he ain’t goin through all of that for a white girl!” And in that moment my heart just “!!!😍!” lmao

Episode Review: ‘Graybles 1000+’ (S06E35)

The Grayble episodes started out as quirky excursions that enabled the show to tell little stories that could not otherwise support full episodes. The first of these, “Five Short Graybles”, was great. The vignettes were quaint, and the jokes came and went without lingering. In season five, two more Grayble episodes aired, and they slowly started to over-stay their welcome. By the time “Another Five More Short Graybles” rolled around, I was bored with the format. Five stories. One episode. I get it. Let’s move on.

So I was a little bit skeptical going into “Graybles 1000+”. Luckily, my doubt was completely misguided. The installment is easily the best Graybles episode that has ever aired.

Unlike previous episodes that arrange the five vignettes around a pre-existing theme revolving around the number five (for instance, “Five Short Graybles” deals with the five senses, and “Another Five Short Graybles” revolves around the five tastes), “Graybles 1000+” instead frames its stories around a hectic episode in Cuber’s life, a thousand years in the future. After accidentally disrupting a space wedding, Cuber’s ship comes under attack, and he is forced to crash-land on Ooo. Pursued by a vengeful space-groom, Cuber decides to use his Graybles as veritable survival guides in order to make it through the assault.

The first Grayble tells of how Finn and Jake buried a magic wand in their yard. Cuber subsequently digs up the wands and tries to fix his situation, to no avail. Next, he breaks his leg and uses a Grayble to show him how Ice King coped with fracturing one of his own. After healing, Cuber wanders to what used to be Marceline’s cave and plays a Grayble showing where he might procure a GPS device that will enable him to send an SOS to the (newly mobile) Candy Kingdom. Once taken in by what appears to be a futuristic Gumball Guardian, Cuber uses his final Grayble (a memory of when his sister, Tuber, saved him when he was a baby) to regain the strength to overtake the space-groom’s ship. He soars across Ooo (driving through what appears to be a seriously overgrown Ice Kingdom, complete with strange, Evergreen-like entity chasing him) and flies back to his ship.

Wolfhard’s depiction of Future Ooo truly is rather bleak. Everything we know and love about the world has changed, in some instances minutely, and in others drastically. Where is everybody? The Tree Fort has grown into a massive tree, but there’s no sign of Finn, Jake, Bubblegum, or Marceline. What happened to the Ice King? We got to see some sort of specter flying around the Ice Kingdom (it has Ice King’s beard, but has ruby eyes like the Lava Dog that Evergreen slew), but is that the Future Ice King? Or is it merely a phantom produced by what remains of the Ice Crown? Only time (and future episodes) will tell.

To quote a Reddit user by the name of hybrination: “[The episode] was so incredible. There’s always been the criticism of Graybles episodes, that they are throwaway filler with a bunch of half-baked stories. But this episode confronts that criticism head on: making Graybles directly applicable to the actual overarching storyline! Then showing glimpses of what has become of Ooo! … Adventure Time has become one of the most smartly experimental shows on such a large pop culture scale, it really makes me so happy.” I couldn’t agree more.

Mushroom War Evidence: It’s hard to say. We were 1000 years in to the future of present-day Ooo. There was a lot of debris lying around, so it’s entirely possible that was from the interim period between ‘current’ Ooo and ‘future’ Ooo.

Final Grade: “A perfect combination of funny vignettes, lore, and speculation, ‘Graybles 1000+’ is easily the best Graybles episode yet.”

Overwatch: New First Impressions (WidowTracer)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

You can read it all on AO3 Here

Dedicated to asshole @thehotelmoscow

This is a long one folks so hold on to your knickers kids. Also the LAST chapter to this series, however I will write random one shots that will refer to this series.



“Why do you come here all the time?” 

She paused mid sip of her tea, Lena sat innocently on her bed, legs crossed now covered in crumbs of the biscuits and chocolate she had been stuffing in her mouth for the past hour. 

“You’re asking why I am spending time with you? I thought I made my intentions quite clear cherie”

“Yeah you said you were bored and I’m funny. But I’m asking for real, don’t you…you know, have overwatch-y things to do or something?” her voice trailed off, looking away her head seemed to slowly shrink into her shoulders, like she was afraid of the answer. 

“Would you like me to stop?”

“N-no! I just..” she huffed, blowing her bangs out of her eyes,”….c’mon don’t dodge the question I’m asking seriously!” 

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My mom is the only person I’m having phone calls with because I’m a text-message-kind-of-girl and phone calls are awkward for me. Before college, I liked texting a lot with all the capitalizations and emojis. But I just came into that moment in my life, wherein I am so tired of putting emojis, substituting punctuation with explosive HAHAHA (even if nothing’s funny) and putting punctuations like how I do it on my essays. I thought it was okay, but I think that was also the time I lost friends. As much as I am very talkative in person, you will see a very stiff version of me on messages. And I think I became so boring for them to bear, and I’m feeling apologetic about it. Not for them, but for myself. I’m apologetic because I thought they know me already, I thought they will understand me, unfortunately it was just what I thought. Sorry, self.

(Painting by Korin Faught)