i am bored and i don't know what to make sorry


Her fingers traced against the paper, guiding the pencil back and forth, not even sure as to what in the world she was attempting to do. Technically, she was supposed to be doing homework but everything else felt much more interesting. The flood of conversation surrounded her—this was Tokyo after all—and she found it nearly impossible to concentrate. Not as if the conversations were annoying, hardly the case, but her teacher wouldn’t be pleased in the slightest. That woman must have something out for her.

Regardless, Hibiki continued, humming to herself as she went on. Maybe it could help keep her motivated. Oh wait, that turned into another lie. Someone caught her attention, someone she thought may be some sort of cosplayer, but she wouldn’t say that out loud. They appeared somewhat familiar.

But instead, the teenager nearly fell out of her seat. No need to bring the table down with her to keep her balance.