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the thing is louis always makes it so obvious when hes over it like in the beginning he really does try to play along as much as he can so thats why i know for a fact that if this is happening its gonna be extra cause the beginning always is when it comes to louis and stunting but then a few weeks go by and you can start seeing him tense and annoyed and over it and he does try once in a blue but gives up after like 5 minutes lol so just know whatever might happen may be extra now but just know it ! will ! past !!! again yachtgate was a week of hell for NOTHING but media attention like none of this drama will last long cause louis already doesn’t like her so i give it like 2 or 3 weeks before we see him back to his normal half ass stunt self and she will carry all of the weight of the stunt just like b / co. and d did, i know it sucks and its all annoying but we are good yall, we are good it will past.

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Do you have any Coran headcanons?

Not… really?

In that most of my headcanons aren’t from me, I guess.  Most of my thoughts are straight from @notllorstel, I think.  As a general idea, Coran’s got a lot more going on below the surface, mostly in terms of what he could do and what he’d been through.  After all, Coran was an adult-ish when all the stuff with the Black Lion was first going on, and the Alteans/Galra were fighting Whoever-That-Is.  Who knows how folded up Coran is with that?

headcanon that naruto used to have nightmares bcs hOLY SH I T  I ALMOST LOST HIM FUCKFUCKUFH U K and when he gets like that he likes to lie with his ear over sasuke’s heart; listening to his heartbeat to remind himself he’s alive alive alive alive - a finger tapping unconsciously to count the thought until he falls asleep.