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Random Naruto Thoughts

Now I wanna know is who breastfed Baby Naruto after the kyuubi incident huh?? HUH?!?

Did he inherit his parents assets? Why is he so poor?

Naruto was a child and didn’t have a threatening demeanor nor did he ever show any sign of kyuubi threat for a period of years yet not ONE person could even try to be nice to him?

Well the 3rd Hokage was nice but apparently not nice enough to help him with decent food and uhhh parental guidance ? (Well I guess he did some Grandpa guidance)

In the latest episode, why did no one stop Naruto from jumping into his death??? You saw how he wasn’t good in the forest….

101 unique or interesting names for female characters.
  1. Abelia
  2. Abeline (Abba-line)
  3. Abilene
  4. Adelaide
  5. Agnes
  6. Althea
  7. Amity
  8. Andromeda
  9. Anja
  10. Anona
  11. Anya
  12. Arcadia
  13. Ariane
  14. Ariel
  15. Asa
  16. Atria (At-tree-ah)
  17. Aviana
  18. Beatrice
  19. Bianca
  20. Brigid
  21. Cassiopeia
  22. Caterina
  23. Constance
  24. Coralie
  25. Cordelia
  26. Cybele
  27. Damia
  28. Deja
  29. Delia
  30. Devorah (Like Deborah)
  31. Desdemona
  32. Ebba
  33. Elena
  34. Emmeline
  35. Ena (In-ah)
  36. Enya
  37. Estelle
  38. Eudora
  39. Fable
  40. Fayola
  41. Felice
  42. Fifer
  43. Flora
  44. Garnet
  45. Geraldine
  46. Gretchen
  47. Halona
  48. Hebe
  49. Honoria
  50. Isolde
  51. Ilia
  52. Jaya
  53. Jolie
  54. Junia
  55. Kay
  56. Kendra
  57. Keziah (Kee-zee-ah)
  58. Kiaria  (Key-R-E-ah)
  59. Lavinia
  60. Ligeia
  61. Livia
  62. Luana
  63. Lucasta
  64. Mable
  65. Maddalena
  66. Maeve
  67. Magdalen
  68. Margo
  69. Mariel
  70. Marilla
  71. Merilee
  72. Mirabel
  73. Natalyn
  74. Necilla
  75. Oriana
  76. Odelia
  77. Parvati
  78. Poppy
  79. Quenby (Kwen-bee)
  80. Quintia
  81. Roselle
  82. Rianne
  83. Sabina
  84. Sable
  85. Salem
  86. Seneca
  87. Shiloh (Shy-low)
  88. Shreya
  89. Shayera
  90. Sukey
  91. Tallulah
  92. Tamara
  93. Taruria
  94. Una
  95. Verena
  96. Verdi
  97. Whimsy
  98. Xavia (Zay-via)
  99. Yvonne
  100. Zaria
  101. Zelena

UPDATE, link to the guys list: http://theunamazingauthor.tumblr.com/post/149959702359/100-unique-or-interesting-names-for-male

voltron amusement park headcanons

i was inspired so here:

  • hunk fuckin destroys at the arcade
  • he also destroys at those boardwalk games
  • wins everyone stuffed animals
  • lance naively challenges him to a virtual racecar match
  • lance ends up crying
  • like i said before, keith is a roller coaster/thrill ride nut. the second they get to the park he makes a bee line for the coasters
  • he’s been on kingda ka, he’s been on el toro, he’s been on top thrill dragster. he’s been on them all. he’s seen some things.
  • pidge isn’t really into roller coasters but she goes apeshit over bumper cars
  • “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY SHITLORD” - pidge as she smashes her car into a five year old’s
  • shiro films her from the sidelines with his giant 90s camcorder
  • “pidge! pidge look this way sweetie!”
  • pidge roars at the camera
  • shiro: *tearfully* they grow up so fast
  • allura splurges on all the sweets, comes back to shiro’s bench with her arms full of every flavor of cotton candy and ice cream imagineable
  • shiro takes one look at her load
  • allura squints because fuck u she wants her sweets
  • but shiro only says “you didn’t get popcorn. we have to go back and get popcorn.”
  • coran is the designated holder of bags/purses/toys, but he does join in at one point to challenge hunk to a match
  • everyone is concerned for coran’s health
  • hunk is hesitant but agrees
  • they get set up
  • everyone starts screaming
  • coran is crowned god
  • hunk resigns himself to hanging out with pidge, who insists they go on the tilt-a-whirl
  • hunk has never been on the tilt-a-whirl
  • it does not end well
  • hunk: crying
  • pidge: maniacal Chaotic Neutral laughter
  • keith gets bored going on coasters by himself so he finds lance flirting with an employee and drags him on with him
  • lance refuses
  • keith: what are you, scared?
  • lance: WHAT NO i just don’t wanna be stuck sitting next to YOU
  • keith doesn’t believe him so lance is forced to prove his honor
  • about five seconds into the car going up the hill he starts screaming and clutches onto keith’s hand for dear life
  • he screams throughout the whole thing
  • not even separate screams just one long continuous scream
  • keith feels bad so he doesn’t say anything when they get off the ride and lance has to lie down on a bench for 10 minutes
  • lance gets his revenge by dragging keith to the haunted house
  • the reason lance thought the castle was haunted was because he’s a huge horror fan
  • loves movies, video games, comics, novels, rides, anything to do with monsters, and loves being scared
  • keith likes them too, but he just can’t do haunted houses
  • keith doesn’t scream per se, but he’s tight lipped and stiff throughout the whole thing and never lets go of lance’s sleeve
  • elsewhere shiro and allura decide to ride the love boat/tunnel of love together Just As Friends (hhahahhahaha)
  • it’s dark and romantic and there are candles and stuff
  • they kinda look at each other then look away
  • shalalalalala my oh my looks like the boy’s too shy
  • they finally work up the nerve to lean in, lean in, lean in-
  • out of nowhere pidge pops up behind them “hey you guys got anymore fig newtons?”
  • allura shrieks and shiro nearly tips over the boat
  • hunk appears too (they were both hiding in the backseat) “im so sorry it was all pidge’s idea oh gosh please don’t be mad”
  • shiro and allura just stare
  • finally allura rubs her temples and decides to take a nap on shiro cause he’s comfy
  • shiro hands over the fig newtons
  • at the end of the day hunk challenges coran to a rematch
  • they tie, and both regard the other as an equal
  • the end