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anonymous asked:

Steph, I need your help. I have a crush on Ben. I know it's just a public image and all - but I can't get him out of my head. I'm suffering, I don't even want to look at other people in a romantic way. It would be normal if I was a teen, but I am in my 20s and this situation makes me depressed. I don't want to live in a reality where I am nothing compared to someone I'm in love with. I'm probably not the first girl among the fans with this problem, but I feel so lost. Maybe you have some advice?

Hey Nonny! <3

Ah, I feel ya, Lovely. Ben is that unachievable goal that we’ll never reach, it seems. I really get you on this, though I think he pleases me aesthetically and he seems like a genuinely nice person that I want to be friends with, hah hah. Maybe have a snuggle or two with.

But unfortunately reality is a cruel jerk and I am not friends with him, nor will I ever get my snuggle, and will probably never meet him – it’s sad to think about since meeting him would make my entire life, but it’s just something of a logical realistic thing I had to come to terms with. 

Honestly I don’t know how to help you get over your Ben-addiction; still suffering it myself, LOL. If it makes you feel any better Nonny, I have pics of Ben up on my wall at home and at work, because seeing his face makes me happy; I am in my mid-thirties. Do people make fun of me for it? Hell yeah, but Ben doesn’t make them happy, so I don’t care. And I know I am just a blip on his radar, and I’m okay with that. The fact that you know and admit you have a problem is the first step to healing. I guess the best advice I have for you is to try to get out and meet new people, spend some time with coworkers or friends, and step away from the Ben for a bit. Find out WHAT about Ben you like, the TRUE qualities about his character that attract you, and understand that those may be the qualities you might like in a potential partner. I’m not trying to be harsh, but your “love” for Ben is a superficial thing that will never be realistically reciprocated from him. Your “love” could actually be a manifestation of your own loneliness and desire to feel love in return… trust me on this one. Learning to love yourself, or at least find out why others like or love you, is a good way to start the healing process. And in turn, you can then offer genuine love and then see in other people what you saw in Ben.

For instance, I love his charming nature, his natural ability to be really funny, he’s dorky, and his need to ensure everyone is happy and respect for people is something to aspire to. Plus his work ethic and acting is astounding, and I find that, as someone who has a similar work ethic, very attractive. See? Nothing physical listed here (though I will be the first to admit that his ethereal beauty is SO lovely to me. His eyes, cheeks and smile. GUH), and in turn if / when I look for a partner, I now know some of the check boxes I can use. It’s not about looks, it’s about the character of the person for me. 

I’m very sorry you are suffering, Nonny. Please don’t be depressed because of a “fan phase”. It is just a phase, one that we all go through at some point in our lives and will eventually tide over once your heart realizes it needs to listen to the head for a change. If it does get really bad, though, Nonny, please do talk to someone. Sometimes hearing yourself say it out loud is enough to realize “what the hell am I doing?” and be able to carry on. Your heart is a very special thing, and one that someone who loves it in return deserves to see.

I love my friends.

Dem - I love you so much. My heart literally throbs and BURSTS with all the love I hold for you. THERE’S SO MUCH OF IT. When we meet there are going to be many, many tears. 

Krystal - you are the loveliest person I’ve had the fortune to stumble across. I know I can always come to you and you’ll be supportive, and that is such a rare quality. I love you so, SO much.

Alice - my gal it feels like I’ve known you forever?? In a way I guess I have, but we’ve only really been proper friends for a few weeks. You’re going to have a big impact on my life, I can feel it. I LOVE YOU.

Sandra - girl you’re so cute??? You have a soft, warm heart and a way with words that makes me feel so comfortable whenever I talk to you. I know you’ll achieve many great things in this life. I love you.

Bailey - B!!! The polaroids of Luke you sent me last year still have a home in my room. That gift was so thoughtful and you must’ve put so much work into it. It really tickled my heart to get them so thank you so much. You are lovely (please don’t ever doubt that??). I love you.

Allison - in a way it sort of feels like you’re an older sister? We’re similar in many ways and honestly I just hope I grow up to be half the woman you’ve become. I know the world is going to bring you much success. I love you.

Una - sticking w the theme of familial bonds, I know this is probably weird but it sometimes feels like you’re my younger sister?? I feel this pride inside my chest and it’s like…world!!! you better be good to una!!!! or I’m gonna get ya!!!!! haha….I love you girl.

Annya - my tough pal, I have so much respect for you. I want to give you a hug. One day I will give you a hug and it’ll be the best goddamn hug I’ve ever given so you gotta prepare for that. I love you.

To my other friends; Rachel, Keren, Emily, Katrine, Aaina: I haven’t talked to you guys in a while, but I hope you’re all doing okay!!! Y'all deserve all the love and I hope the earth is being nice to you. I love you.

And to the friends that I am AWFUL to; Ellah, Chelsea, Sam, Ingvild: I am so, SO sorry I suck at checking my tumblr messages. You deserve so much more than someone who can only give you a couple of replies a week. I appreciate it so much that you stick around to listen to what I have to say. I LOVE YOU. 

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pitchforginny  asked:

Ginny and Ev look shocked as a very drunk Mike Lawson interrupts the Padres Christmas party.

Ginny nervously adjusts the sweater she’s wearing; Evelyn’s insistence that she wear a dress having fallen on deaf ears.  The comment ‘Who am I trying to impress?’ not going over well in defense of her choice, even now as every wife and girlfriend of her teammates were dressed up, and there was Ginny, cream sweater and jeans.

She grabs a drink, knocking back the dark liquid, her curls swaying with the motion.

“You’re telling me you couldn’t find anyone to accompany your fine ass here tonight?” Her friends asks, taking a sip of her wine, her eyebrow arched in curiosity.  She’s prying for information she already knows the answer to.

“Yep,” she says with a pop of her lips, taking another drink for herself, the crowd milling around her, smiles of cheer present.

“I’m sure someone would’ve gladly taken you,” she continues, emphasizing the someone to her, as a subtle as a mallet to the head.

She lets out a raspy scoff.

“You’re lucky I’m here at all.  I’m not in the mood for this,” she gestures to everyone, parading around like it was the happiest time of year, while the frown of her pouty lips becomes more prominent.

Evelyn comes to wrap her arm through Ginny’s, pulling the grumpy ballplayer closer to her.

“You’re like Ginny the Grinch over here,” she teases, Ginny’s unmoving frown only quirked in a look of disapproval.

“I’m not the one stealing joy,” she sarcastically bites out.

“Right, right.  I know,” her friend tries to placate her.

There’s not mistaking the moment he walks, or rather stumbles in, clean shaven and wild eyes searching the crowd.

Their teammates crowd around him, slapping him on the back with a well executed joke about his face, the gasps echoing their way to the two women across the room.

The shock of a barefaced Mike a surprise she’d already witnessed, the younger face of her captain looking more reminiscent of the poster on her wall than the man she’d come to know.

Her arm is squeezed, nails digging into her skin.

“Oww,” she says, shaking off her friend.  “I’d like to make it spring training, Ev,” she reasons, rubbing the pinched skin of her arm.

“Looks like your date has arrived,” Evelyn proclaims with a giddy eyes.

“He’s not my date,” she mutters under her breath.

“Well your not-date is coming over here,” she points.  And sure enough, Mike is pushing aside the guys, eyes locked on Ginny as he makes his way through the crowd, only almost falling once.

“Smooth,” she shoots at him before he can even get a word out.

“Come on, Ginny, just talk to me,” he begs.  But she crosses her arms, sinking further into her oversized sweater, thankful she had worn that now.

“There’s nothing to say, you made that real clear,” she seethes, eyes narrowed.


“Don’t,” she holds up her hand.  “Just…don’t,” she says with a frustrated hand coming to run over her forehead.

“Ginny, I was only thinking about you,” he pleads.

She scoffs again, and she sees Evelyn’s eyes grow wide next to her, refusing to give them privacy.

“Sure, you were,” she dips her head, her bottom lip coming between her teeth.  
You were thinking about me so much that you didn’t bother to ask what I might want,” she tries not to yell.

He groans, a hand coming to run over his beard, only to find a vacant space, a frustrated hand flopping to his side.

Stepping forward, her head pops up at his proximity.  

“I was just trying to protect you,” he all but whispers, the smell of alcohol escaping his lips and hitting her in the face.

“Yeah?” She asks, brown eyes tearing up.  “Then why didn’t you—”

“Hey man, whoa!” Blip states, joining his wife and friends.  His hand reaches out, lightly slapping Mike on the face.  “That is baby smooth,” he says, ignoring the palpable tension in the air.

“Uhh, yeah,” Mike answers with a false, brief smile.

Ginny refuses to look at him, lowering her head, her arms coming to wrap around her even tighter.

“Am I missing something?” Blip asks, before grabbed by his wife, reluctantly leaving with a ‘So much,’ uttered from Evelyn as they leave.

“So what?  We’re just never going to talk again?” Mike asks, the alcohol fueling his desperation, tinged with anger at himself.

“I don’t know,” she whispers with a shrug.

“Come on, Rookie, you can’t resist this,” he says with a grin, attempting to reach out to her.

“But apparently you can,” she mutters, bringing her eyes to meet him, flooded with hurt.

“Ginny,” he breathes, like an instinct.

“I’m sorry I kissed you,” she admits, shifting on her feet awkwardly.

“I’m not,” he counters.

Leave the first sentence of a fic in my ask box and I will write the next five sentences.

I can see clearly now,
I have come of age,
I am old,
I am wise,
I know.
I’ve seen.
My head is full.
The things in the sky look down on me and laugh.
I am but a blip.
A blink.
A breath.
As permanent as words scrawled in dust.
I know nothing.
I am nothing.
This calm realization tucks me in,
The universe enveloping me,
Sending me back to nothingness.
My home is in the stars,
In my beginning and my end.
—  e.a. // Permanence or lack thereof
Metamorphosis - Part one

This wasn’t going to plan. Tick didn’t think he was this strong. Was this the power of experience? He was now on his knees as Xander pointed his weapon, a sharpened bone to his cheek.

“You cut me a little bit, well done, but that’ it. I thought demi-gods were powerful.”&#157; A sinister smirk grew upon his skull. “I guess I’m stronger than God.“

“That’ enough, Xander.”&#157; Yelled Tango. He grabbed his cousin’s shoulder. “You are gonna kill him. Locket will get upset -”

Xander pushed him away and hissed. Blood lust glowed from his eyes. “Fuck off, Tango. Leave if you can’t take it.”

Tango collapsed from a sudden whack to the head.

“I really am just a blip.” Tick was too busy freaking out to himself. His arms were broken down to shapes as were his legs. “Locket was right. I couldn’t fight him. I scared Coco, I hurt mom and dad… Dad… (what’s happening)?”

Xander, stop it!

That voice.

“No, no, no, no.” It only took for Tick to raise his head for Xander to snatch Myrtle up.

Tick’s eyes finally expressed fear and Xander loved it. He never saw Tick so pathetic.

It only boosted his lust.

M-Myrtle…?” He slowly shook his head. “N-no… S-stop, Xander.”

Xander growled, smirk slipping away at Tick’s words. “Now, now, Ticky. Myrtle here must learn who’s alpha too~” Xander’s weapon disappeared as he held Myrtle close. His fang’s just inches away from their neck.

“Leave them alone…”&#157; Tick mustered up although blood was pouring from his mouth. He had to do something. Xander didn’t look like he was going to hold back. He was going to drain Myrtle dry… because of him.

Enjoy the show~”&#157; Xander teased and bit down on Myrtle. Myrtle didn’t scream out. They wouldn’t give Xander the satisfaction. Blood was drawn and poured out of the wound.

“What can you do? You are just a blip.”

Myrtle gasped and shut their eyes tight expecting to be bitten again.

But it never happened. Myrtle was tossed away to the ground. They yelled loudly and slowly opened their eyes to see what was going on.

Their vision became blurry and distorted. Their hand clasped onto the wound to stop the blood.

Once their sight cleared, Myrtle looked up and gasped.

Tick was laughing loudly with a baseball bat in hand. He was on top of Xander. A crescendo of laughter came from him

‘What has happened to him?’

He raised the bat. Was he serious?! Was he going to kill him?

“Tick…” Myrtle wheezed and reached out his hand. To his best friend.

Then there was a sound of bat hitting bone…

Thank you @scarredlove for proof reading and making edits. I couldn’t draw all the bits I wanted too but here we go. There some good ones here.

Xander and Tango - @scarredlove
Ticky - @juliet0129


compared to a building I am a speck, compared to an ant I am a giant, compared to a red wood tree I am the ant and it is the giant, in a group of little kids I am big, in the universe I am just a little blip. It is all relative. My niece is small in size but huge in my heart.


blip better get his ass figured out quick because a ride or die chick like evelyn doesn’t come along every day. like she ain’t asking you for the world, YOUR WIFE IS JUST ASKING YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT

and your ass can’t give that to her? after all she’s done for you? she’s the mother of your children and the queen of your empire, bro. if she says she doesn’t want kids anymore and she wants your support to spread her wings, you lift your wife UP. you say, baby whatever you need to do. 

like who the hell does he think his wife is?

she has supported his dream from day one and now it’s his fucking turn to support hers and he better fall the fuck in ine.