i am blessed with two moms


I am going to think about things that make me happy right now. My mother is 90 years old today. We celebrated by taking her to the Red Wing vs. Montreal game Saturday night and a party Sunday. She was thrilled to see her name on the scoreboard, see she is a huge hockey fan and was a hockey mom through my brothers’ college and junior years. This little dynamo had eleven children and still can hang with the best of them. This is her with two of my sisters and a niece in the Olympia Club at Joe Louis Arena. The other cake is for another niece’s baby shower we had Saturday also. She is due Christmas Day. Cutest polar bears. I am blessed to have her, my father who passed at 90 five years ago and my family.

I got my prom dress today (((senior prom woohoo))) and omg I felt so elegant when I put it on and it’s two pieces and IT!!! HAS!!! POCKETS!!! and a really full skirt and it’s really gorgeous honestly I feel like I could role up to the grammy’s in it like I feel like a queen in it ???? also bless all the wonderful women in the dress shop I went to ???? they’re so sweet and adorable ???? sometimes shopping is a little tough for me because I am a curvy girl and sometimes I get a little sad when things don’t fit me the way I want them to but I was showered with compliments today by my mom and all the sales associates and other mothers shopping for prom dresses with their daughters and other girls trying on prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses and I just felt so good about myself ???? ALSO bless this shop for having their own spin on a swear jar in which you have to put a dollar in a jar if you say anything bad about yourself whilst trying on dresses and honestly other women wanting you to feel entirely confident in what you wear and working with you to find something that you’ll feel really gorgeous in is my aesthetic!!!!!!!

Hey guys! I feel I should inform on what’s happening with Eddsworld “Mirror Mirror” to end 2014 on hopefully a good note.

The reason for the slow progress was because of a “slight” bump. My arthritic mom had surgery on her right hand and for about two months I was taking care of her. Right now she’s doing great and is able drive again (I think she can work soon??) and I’m currently just helping her with hand therapy. BUT, during those months I wasn’t around the computer a lot.

I told Eddie about it and he understood (bless him), but that’s why the cartoon isn’t ready yet. The good news is I have a lot more time now. I am working on another project (so 2 cartoons at the same time kinda), but it shouldn’t cause a huge effect since I’ll be working on weekends also.

So in conclusion, I’m really really really REALLY sorry for the huge delay. I don’t feel comfortable mentioning my personal life online and I do promise to work harder to make for the lost time. I will try to post updates when I can.

Once again I’m really sorry and I feel incredibly guilty. The cartoon isn’t dead, there was just a bump during the progress. But I’m back! And I can work normally again! Yaayy!!

Happy New Year~

God blessed me with two unbelievable parents, and I am just like both of them. I have the smile and charisma of my mother and the big heart of my mom, because she wants to save the world and help the world, so I am just like her.
—  Magic Johnson

It’s so hard to believe that just two years ago I was so scared to come out to my parents because I never thought they’d accept me. But here I am in 2016 completely out and so accepted for who I am. I can openly talk to my parents about people I’m talking to and they’re even going to meet a guy I really like on Saturday. My mom even said we would look amazing together 😊

Happy Birthday to one of my favourites...

Picture from @spartanguard who made it for my birthday and I am sharing it with you!

On the occasion of the birthday of one of my all time favourite people, the utterly amazing @brooke-to-broch, I went to my trusty “AUs for birthdays” list to see what jumped out at me and I found this little gem…

“You just moved into the house next to my mom’s and she has you doing her yardwork” AU

Of course, I thought immediately of you. And Granny. (The two are mutually exclusive, of course) So please accept my gift of words in honour of the loveliness that is you. I am so blessed to have found you - proof again that being in the same room/city/country is not a necessity for true friendship.

Thanks to @amagicalship for beta duties!

Green Thumbs (Part ½)

The text from her best friend Ruby was a welcome interruption from a particularly boring pile of paperwork.


If not for her hatred of paperwork, Emma Swan may have ignored the caps lock and exclamation points, being familiar with her friend’s usual understated manner of texting. But as fate would have it, a summons from Ruby was just the excuse she had needed to abandon - no, delegate - her responsibilities to the capable hand of her deputy, David. It could, after all, be a real emergency, couldn’t it?

(Not a chance.)

“Something is going down at Granny’s. I better go check it out,” she called to David, who was glued to his computer screen, a lazy smile playing across his features. When he didn’t acknowledge her, Emma called his name and he looked up, slightly dazed.

“Grilled cheese would be great, thanks,” he said tentatively.

Emma shook her head slowly. “Nope, that wasn’t it. Guess again.” David grinned sheepishly at her, his eyes still darting back to the screen periodically.

“Sorry,” he apologised. “Was just chatting to Mary Margaret about the wedding and got a bit distracted. You’re going to Granny’s?”

Emma had serious doubts the smile she had seen on her deputy’s face had anything to do with flower arrangements or wedding programs but decided to let it go. He was going to be her brother in law, after all, so she could cut him some slack.

“Tell my sister you have work to do,” Emma grinned at him. “I need you to finish those reports for me while I’m out.” She grabbed her keys and headed for the door, looking back over her shoulder just before she walked out. “And I’ll bring you a grilled cheese. That’s the kind of boss I am.”


Emma was surprised to see several groups seated at the outdoor tables when she arrived at Granny’s. The diner was certainly a popular eating spot in the small town - being the only place you could get a burger and fries in Storybrooke had that effect - but the customers rarely spilled out en masse into the patio area. Pushing open the door of the diner, she nearly collided with Granny herself, order pad in hand and a slight flush in her cheeks. The older woman patted her cheek affectionately.

“Hello, Emma sweetie. I’ll be with you shortly. Just need to take some orders outside.” She was gone before Emma had a chance to reply. Shrugging her shoulders in confusion, she scanned the room for Ruby, curious now to see just what had inspired that text message.

She didn’t have to wait long until her friend made herself known.

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pure overwatch moments from today as junkrat

today I made two Mercy friends and one Lucio friend. One mercy was super nice and kept waving at me (I always thanked her and she always took care of me) the other said she felt like she was taking care of 5 kids  all trying to drink bleach and I told her it was tasty. she referred to me as son and I referred to her as mom for two matches. The Lucio looked at me and waved and I waved back at him. He came skating over and jumped with me for a bit, felt like we made a boombox connection. It just warms my heart to think that someone on the other side of the screen is having the same “wow look at this cute person I don’t know” moment. Like someone else is going “look at this friendly ass junkrat!” idk I like it.