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Killian Jones vs "Rape Culture"

Warning: Don’t read ahead if you are one of the ones who thinks Hook’s behavior is “rape culture”, because I am about to rip you a new one.


I am SO beyond sick of seeing “rape culture” being used by haters to describe Captain Swan and Killian Jones. STOP. You aren’t even using the terms “rape culture” correctly and you sound stupid. I don’t care if you hate the ship or him, but stop trying to use “rape culture” as your reason.

JUST because Killian is a male and likes to flirt, steal glances at Emma’s chest, and tease her, DOES NOT, I repeat with the upmost emphasis.. DOES NOT make his actions “rape culture”. Emma has never once told Killian to stop, he’s always been respectful of her. Heck, even the OLD him was respectful of her. Sure, he was being flirty with her in the bar, but GOD Emma was even MORE flirty with him back! She was TRYING turn him on. That’s why she undid her top. Killian didn’t say “Hey so I was a perv back then so uh.. undo that top.” No. No. NO. In FACT, he didn’t want her to.  But she did anyway.  Past!Hook invited her back for a “night cap”, he didn’t pull her back to his ship, he didn’t force her, threaten her, anything like that. In fact, he said he would find someone else if she wasn’t interested. She could have easily walked away, and he would have let her, even if he would be sad.

So tell me again, where is the rape culture? Where is Killian a rapist? Because all I see is a man who loves woman and all that they are, and likes to flirt with the one he can call his.

Sorry, but I am just gonna come out and say this. You guys who think that this is “rape culture” must be unbelievably boring in bed.