i am being zen about it now

  • Jumin: Asshole Admits To Being Asshole In Supreme Asshole Move
  • Yoosung: All Kidding Aside, Area Man Really Needs Counseling
  • Jaehee: Woman Can't Wait To Get Home And Take Off Uncomfortable Persona
  • 707: Laughter Now Exclusively Used To Mask Feelings
  • ZEN: Narcissist Mentally Undresses Self
  • Rika: I Shouldn't Be Alive But I Am
  • V: Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure
  • Unknown: Man Too Exhausted To Repress Both Anger And Sadness
  • Vanderwood: This Shit Again
  • MC: Somebody Should Do Something About All The Problems

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Hear me out! If stiles really got shot in the toe, he should be limping because he aint werewolf and cannot heal overnight. If he is NOT limping in the finale, this whole bridal carry sequence is in fact a product of Dereks' imagination. If FBI moment is fake as well, that means only one thing- both Derek and Stiles spend quite a lot of time fantasising about saving each other (and being total idiots about it).

*deep, calming breaths*

Ok. Ok, so I am trying to be more zen and optimistic about this whole thing now. And this is a completely valid point, because even though we know TW does not vaguely care about continuity and wouldn’t care if Stiles should be limping, it is and always has been fandom’s place to make sense of the nonsense, not to just nod along with it. So if Stiles isn’t limping then we know he wasn’t shot in the toe, and if Derek says he was and Stiles agrees with it, then that means that Stiles and Derek were actually doing something completely different that they don’t want the rest of the pack knowing about.

And there, loves, is where the opportunity for beautiful headcanons and fic making comes back in.

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Hi PJ, hope you're doing good! Since "it's the most wonderful time of the year" (lol) how about HC for RFA+V and Saeran going to an RFA Christmas party: MC ends up under the mistletoe with another member (ошо) but OMG you can't go against Christmas rules, what do they do?! Thank you so much, have a nice day/night <3

~Oh! This goes with my icon right now haha. I’m going to have fun with this one tbh thank you for the request! (ノ^∇^)

◉ Yoosung

  • He bumped into you on accident
  •  And you spilled your drink on your dress
    • “I’m so sorry!!”
  • He was so flustered
  • Just stuttering
    • “No! Let me get you something hold on!” he ran off
    • “Yoosung it’s FINE!”
  • You tried to run after him to stop him
  • But he was long gone
  • He came running back with a napkin for you
  • Almost ran into you again in the doorway
    • “H-Here…” he held it up for you
  • You were both holding the cloth napkin when you each looked up to see mistletoe above you
  • Yoosung blushed
    • “You’re with V…I couldn’t…” his blush deepened
    • “Yoosung, you’re so cute. It’s just a harmless kiss, it’s supposed to be fun!” you laughed
  • He got a serious look on his face and bent down to press his lips on yours for a quick kiss
  • His lips were soft!
  • You noticed it was quiet now and the whole RFA was looking at you two
    • “Why did it get so quiet?” V asked (he can’t see, yo)
    • “MC and Yoosung got caught under the mistletoe,” Jumin said flatly with disinterest
  • Yoosung started to protest but V just laughed
    • “Haha, I’m just glad it wasn’t Zen,” he chuckled
    • WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!” Yoosung and Zen yelled at the same time
  • You had to spend the rest of the night comforting them both
    • “I’m a gentleman! What could he mean by that…” Zen cried
    • “I’m just as good looking and manly as Zen is, damn it. I could steal a girl, too…why did he say that…” Yoosung was brooding in a corner

◉ Jumin

  • You asked if he had any new pictures of Elizabeth 3rd
  • You wanted a cat but Zen was allergic
  • So much to Zens dismay, Jumin was always sharing photos with you
  • He was flipping through blurry pictures of her for you when you realized you were standing underneath the mistletoe
  • Jumin just stared up for a second before looking at you
    • “This is a tradition, right? It’s quite strange, but-”
  • Before you knew it he was kissing you
    • “Your lips are pleasant,” he smiled
  • The sound of your boyfriends scream could be heard for miles
  • Jaehee was holding Zen back because he looked like he was about to fight Jumin
    • “Violence isn’t the answer Zen,” she sighed
  • But Jumin didn’t flinch
    • “You’re being ridiculous and dramatic as always. I was only following holiday traditions. Aren’t you the one always telling me to be less of a robot and become more involved?”
  • You had to run over and comfort him to help him calm down
    • “Zen, please…it’s all in good fun…”
  • He sighed and held your hands
    • “What an angel. So sweet even after that jerk violated you…” he cried, “let’s get you home so you can brush your teeth you must be so disgusted right now. Don’t worry I’ll do whatever it takes tonight to make sure you forget all about it.”

◉ Zen

  • He made his way over to you to talk about his new role
  • He was really excited about it
  • It was a few minutes before he realized where you were standing
  • He glanced up and his cheeks got red
  • You were with Jumin but…
  • It was just a fun little tradition, right?
  • It was dangerous but he smiled and leaned in to kiss you
  • He was feeling the beast™ might be unleashed OMG
  • But a hard tug on his ponytail pulled him away from you and his thoughts
    • “You’ll step away now if you know what’s best for you,” Jumin warned with a seething tone
    • HEY! Touch me again and I won’t sit still, trust fund freak!”
  • Zen slapped Jumin’s hand away from his hair
  • Jumin didn’t even bother to look at him again he was just all over you making sure you were okay
    • “Would you like me to proceed with harassment charges, my sweet? It would really be no probl-”
    • “Harass-…OVER MISTLETOE?!” Zen was fuming but it turned into a sly smile, “I mean…I don’t blame you for being jealous…I am incredibly handsome and-”
  • Zen was talking to himself now
  • Jumin was coddling you and walking you towards the door
    • “…no problem at all I will have assistant Kang gather the necessary paperwork to get this rolling and brand him for the person he is I just hope you’re okay…” Jumins voice trailed off

◉ Jaehee

  • She was bringing in a bunch of baked goods she had made herself for the party!
  • But was struggling to carry them all
  • You ran to help her because she was about to drop all of it
  • Poor dear
    • “Thank you so much!” she smiled warmly
    • “No problem, these smell so yummy!”
  • You were both holding the containers and looking up now at the mistletoe above you
  • She blushed
    • “Tis the season, I guess?” you shrugged
  • You both leaned in and kissed
  • The flash of a camera interrupted you
  • Both of you turned to see the RFA FREAKING OUT
  • Saeyoung had his phone out snapping photos
  • Yoosung’s face was as red as Saeyoung’s hair
  • Jumin was coughing into his glass of wine
  • V was in a deep conversation with a lamp
  • And Zen…your boyfriend
  • Looked like he was about to drop dead
  • Literally ran over and scooped you up
  • Practically ran you home before the beast was unleashed

◉ Saeyoung

  • This guy
  • He was wearing one of those headbands with the mistletoe dangling from it
  • He was going around trying to kiss everyone, honestly
  • Zen almost punched him
  • Jumin ran away
  • He was too scared to ask Jaehee
  • Finally he got to you
    • “A good luck Christmas kiss for my soon-to-be sister in law?”
  • You shrugged
    • “Okay, a quick one because it’s Christmas!”
  • Finally someone would kiss him!!
  • He leaned in and planted a firm kiss on your lips
  • Saeran zoomed over in a second and pulled you away from him
  • Then proceeded to pour his drink over Saeyoung
    • “You need to cool down. Don’t touch her again, you idiot.”
  • You gave him an apologetic look as Saeran whisked you away but Saeyoung just laughed

◉ V

  • You were helping him around since he wasn’t familiar with the space
  • He was just wanting a cup for his drink so you walked him to the kitchen and left him by the doorway while you grabbed it 
  • He heard you giggling when you returned
    • “What’s so funny?”
    • “Well…we’re actually under the mistletoe right now,” you replied
    • “Oh, how fun! I don’t want to overstep my bounds or anything though…” he said shyly
  • You got on your toes and kissed him
  • He blushed!!!
  • Yoosung slammed his plate down
  • He had the look of fury in his eyes and narrowed in on V
  • Saeyoung poked his cheek
    • “Ooooh…Cutie Yoosung is jealousss,” he taunted
    • SO?!…What if I am, that’s MY girlfriend he’s kissing!”
  • He was so mad
  • He smacked Saeyoung’s hand away
    • “I’m sorry, Yoosung. I didn’t think you’d be so upset?” V explained
  • You had to go over and give Yoosung a big hug and an even bigger kiss to get him calmed down

◉ Saeran

  • He was helping you rehang some decor that had fallen down
  • You were on a little stool and almost the same height as him
  • He held the ribbon for the mistletoe while you tacked it in the wall
  • And then you turned at the same time to look at each other and your faces were inches apart
  • And you smiled and pushed your lips into his own for a kiss
  • He didn’t pull away
  • And when you did, his face was beet red
  • His look of shock turned into annoyance when Saeyoung teased him
    • “Ooooh, so cute and shy, my brother! Don’t get any ideas, now!”
  • Both you and Saeyoung laughed
  • He scoffed
    • “That’s it I’m leaving.”
  • He brushed past you while mumbling about Saeyoung being a dumb ass
    • “Thanks for all the help, Saeran!”
  • Saeyoung slid next to you with his phone and showed you a picture of Saeran with red cheeks and wide eyes
  • You both cracked up laughing
  • Neither of you would ever let him live this down

Hey! How’s your day?

Well, Would you mind reading this opinion I have regarding shipping whoever in ANS? Thank you then. If you don’t, you can always scroll down.

So, first of all, I’m not always in tumblr because I need to focus on my academics. I’m not updated on whatever shit is happening in this site. Especially on my fandoms.

And when I checked, I’m surprised on how some people changed their ships and how big the fandom has become. I’ve been a fan of Akagami No Shirayukihime since it’s not that popular, meaning smaller number of fans. I remember reading the fanfictions and just being happy with it published. The times when I reread the first arc again and again. In all honesty, I just want it to stay like that.

The problem I always encounter while being on the fandom is the shipping wars. And the most talked about right now is Shirayuki x Obi and the canon (for now, no ones knows) Shirayuki x Zen.

((I am updated with the manga. I just finished the latest chapter. (still amazed by her amazing art syle) Oh, did I mention I’m a Shirayuki x Zen trash? ))

To my fellow Zenyuki shippers, please don’t hate those who changed their ship because If you reread the manga, there’s really an unspoken bond between the two. Obi had that character that fans love. And they had been together more than Zen.( I think? Correct me if I’m wrong please) And some like stories where the second guy can get the girl. (I’m one of them)

I admit, I’m sad that almost everyone changed their ship. But who can I blame? Everyone has their own preferences.

Please know that I’m not saying this to my fellow zenyki trash, but to everyone that has ships within this fandom. I will not coerce you into shipping my ship, but tell you that it’s okay to ship who you ship. It’s your life anyway.

Shirayuki x Zen, Obi x Shirayuki, Zen x Obi, Obi x Shirayuki x Zen, Mitsuhide x Kiki, Zen x Mitsuhide, Kiki x Obi, Izana x Shirayuki, Raji x Shirayuki.

Shirayuki can form her own harem with this guys. (omg i just imagined it)

Anyways, I know there are already others who wrote things like this but can we just relax and think about the whole thing without being upset? Handle it like Shirayuki handles things.

If you don’t like it, ignore it :) saves you from being stressed.

(oh god im sorry if this wont make sense)

Oh, and I want to thank you guys for the follows! Those always make my day :))

Just tell me if I should delete this post if it just causes more fights! Thank you!

Thanks for reading, have a good day!

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Male!Mc dating the other members + Unknown and dealing with a really homophobic person, Male!Mc being really sad, how do they react? :0

headcannon all of them as gay, it just works better for what I have in mind. So this post is a whole lotta gay.


·         Yoosung grew up surrounded by people telling him he’d meet a nice girl someday, or making fun of him for never having a girlfriend

·         But his family and friends were all very accepting when he came out

·         So when you told him someone had called him a very offensive name at work after finding out you had a boyfriend

·         No

·         Nope

·         N o t h a p p e n i n g

·         This boy was ready to fight whoever dare call you that

·         He was raging around the apartment, but stopped when he saw you sitting on the bed and staring at the ground with tears in your eyes.

·         He calmed down and sat with you, hugging you close and kissing you repeatedly

·         “There is nothing wrong with you, there is nothing wrong with us. I love you more than anything and I’m never leaving you. So please, cheer up”

·         He got some ice cream and put your favourite film/tv show on, you spent the night cuddling and laughing, making good memories.


·         The two of you kept your relationship private, since it could affect Zen’s career.

·         But one day you were spotted by paparazzi, and your secret was set loose

·         It was all over the news and in newspapers the next day

·         ‘Up-and-coming Superstar Zen has been reportedly seen with another man holding hands yesterday at Cohfe Café, what’s to come of Zen’s career is yet to be seen’

·         Zen thought it was outrageous that anyone thought what he does would be effected by who he loved

·         This took a small blow on you, you felt guilt for not being more careful.

·         And because Jaehee warned you in the first place

·         But the worst part was the fans

·         A lot of fans were kind and accepting, saying how much they ‘shipped’ you and Zen

·         But, a lot of fans were not kind and accepting

·         They were the ones who were sure they’d be the one to marry Zen, and they said horrible things about you and your sexuality (not acknowledging that this was also an insult to Zen)

·         Someone, you had seen, went as far as to say you had probably been forcing him into stuff

·         Like Yoosung, Zen was furious, and when he saw how sad you were about it, it only fuelled his anger

·         At his next press conference, he’d gotten a lot of questions about you, most of them were inappropriate.

·         “Do you think you’ll change your mind about being with another man?”

·         “Have you considered how his presence effects your chance of getting a job”

·         Zen had had enough, he was over it, so he stood straight and his voice boomed over the press conference.

·         “Understand me now, and quote me if you want, I am in love with MC. MC is a man and I am very deeply in love with them. That won’t change, and neither will my mind”

·         He got off the stage and kissed you, then the two of you proudly posed for pictures and got on with your life


·         Unlike Zen, he didn’t think twice about showing you off in nice clothing and going to work parties with you

·         He never addressed tabloids talking about him or you, or how “scandalous” it was to be in a gay relationship

·         But after a while, people telling you that you were ruining his credibility and company began to affect you.

·         You got pretty sad and became more reluctant to go to parties

·         You just wanted to stay and pet Elizabeth the Third

·         Jumin noticed this, and had a hard time understanding why you cared about what other

·         Nevertheless, Jumin didn’t like seeing you so down and mopey, he truly loved your smile and although he didn’t show It, it hurt him to see you frown.

·         “MC, my love, you know I would never change my mind about you, right?”

·         “Please do not acknowledge what social media says, I truly love you and do not care what anyone has to say about you. I think you’re beautiful”

·         The two of you cuddled for the rest of the night, with Elizabeth the Third in-between the two of you.


·         You didn’t even get a chance to tell Saeyoung about how some protester stopped you on the street to lecture you about how being gay is a sin

·         Or how you told the protester you yourself were gay

·         Or how the protester spat in your face and told you you’d be going to hell

·         Because Saeyoung already knew

·         He’d heard about recent anti-same sex marriage protests in the area, so when you went out to do some shopping he followed you on security cameras

·         One of his biggest fears had always been god turning their back on him because he was gay, so he had an idea on how you felt

·         He pulled you close and kissed your head, telling you repeatedly that there was nothing wrong with you, that god was a chill person and didn’t hate you

·         And how much he loved you

·         Saeyoung made it a point that you knew how much he loved you

·         He also hacked the protesters social media accounts and posted a bunch of LGBT+ Positive stuff, changed their name to “ilovethegays” and followed a ton of accounts having to do with LGBT

·         Like, he followed over 10,000 people

·         And it wasn’t just one social media account

·         It was all of them

·         Saeran also helped by finding the protesters car and spray painting it rainbow



·         Since Saeran was either locked up with his mother or busy being mentally unstable, he never thought about how people would react to him being gay

·         Saeyoung and the rest of the RFA accepted him, so anyone else’s opinion did not matter at all

·         However, when some woman made an off-handed comment about the two of you being all cutesy in a café

·         Saeran ignored them, but you were hurt by what they said.

·         At first, Saeran was annoyed that you were hurt

·         “Why do you care? Does it even matter?”

·         That hurt you even more

·         Now he feels like a complete asshole

·         When you got home you were going into your bedroom when Saeran grabbed your arm, spun you around and kissed you hard.

·         “Don’t listen to what any of them have to say, I love you, who gives a damn what anyone else thinks”

·         He pulled you on to the couch and hugged you closely, not letting you go until you were peacefully asleep

·         He also knows nothing about the woman’s car being totally defaced, what, no, nothing.

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oh my god i love ur writing so much ur things w zen have me melTING AAA;; do u think u could write fluffy (but also kinda rough/needy it that makes sense) smut for him sometime?? if u dont take requests pls ignore this!! (im on mobile so i cant tell, im sorry)

oh gosh requests~~~~ i most definitely do requests, but at my own pace ahaha♥♥♥ obvs R18 for this one, but there’s some story before the smut (as i always like to say, prose before porn), so all the smut is a little later (skip to there if that’s all you’re here for - i know i’m guilty) i don’t know if this fits the brief but pls judge me i need it


From the moment the two of you met in person, you had been testing him. Suggestive phrases, seductive looks (whether intentional or not), and even the most modest of your clothes had made him realise just how badly he had it for you. Zen considered himself a good guy - he was a flirt, sure, but he would never, never overstep someone’s boundaries. Especially not yours. He adored you too much; he wanted to cherish you, shower you in love and affection, and, most importantly, take time. You had made it clear to him that you… Wanted him… And, oh boy, that didn’t make things any easier, but he knew that he didn’t want to just rush.

“Heeeeelloooooo… Earth to Zen?” You were still calling him that, even now the two of you spoke more in person than on the app.


“You’re staring.” Specifically, staring at that one spot on your neck. Your gorgeous, gorgeous neck. “Zen?”

“Ah!” Snapping out of his daze, Zen shook himself - he must still be exhausted from the party. “Sorry, ____… Just… Thinking.”

A knowing smile crossed your face, and you sunk further into his chest. “Mm, me too. Today’s been a blur.” You paused, and Zen took the opportunity to admire how you nibbled at your bottom lip as you thought. “At least we’re home now, hm? Away from all of those people.”

Whilst Zen considered himself a people person, he couldn’t help but hum in agreement at what you were saying. Being alone with you, relaxing on his sofa, in comfortable clothes and not having to worry about judgements from others was, after the week he had experienced, heaven.

“Hm.” Although he wanted to relax completely, Zen was still not feeling quite at ease. Your mention of ‘other people’ brought some rather… Unpleasant memories to head.

“What?” Zen adored the concerned frown on your face as you turned towards him - he just wanted to kiss the crease between your brow away, forever. “That didn’t sound like a ‘Yes, ____, I too am comfortable’ noise, just now…” You settled your chin against his chest, and Zen felt certain you could now feel his heartbeat, which had picked up quite a bit - he just had a perfect view down your fairly low-cut pyjama top… “What’s up?”

“I hated how those reporters treated you.” Word vomit, Zen thought to himself. He had thought that, being an actor, he’d manage to keep his mouth shut when he needed to, but it was different around you. Before you could retort, he continued, “How they were saying that you were 'eye candy’, and that I was only dating you to 'make me look better’.” His heart rate had picked up again, but for quite a different reason now. “And how one… One of them had the audacity to ask if we’d had sex yet!” He didn’t quite catch the grin on your face as you watched him flush as he mentioned that. “I mean, really… Have some decency, right?”

“Zen?” Your voice was level, and Zen glanced down at you, perched in his lap. He hadn’t really realised that you had moved all the way around, but now, you were closer to straddling him than just cuddling him. “We have time, now.” He knew precisely what you were implying, and he also knew that his feelings were written all over his face. “I mean, I’d understand if you wanted to wait longer, we’ve only known-”


“Yes, you want to wait, or yes-”

For the first time in a long time, Zen wasn’t entirely sure if he could trust his mouth. Well, to speak, at least. He chose to answer your question with a kiss - your mouth moulded perfectly to his as he pulled you closer, pushing himself up, as close to you as he could get. He felt you grasp onto his hair, melt into his mouth, and heard you sigh into the kiss. As much as he could already feel blood rushing south, Zen knew that he didn’t exactly want to do this with you for the first time on his sofa.

“Hey,” your head unwittingly followed his as he pulled back, your mouth seeking his own. “We should…” His voice cracked, and he cleared his throat - you were making him feel like a pubescent teenager… “… Move? Maybe? Uh… The bedroom.” How he had managed to lose all his confidence, he had no idea. Thankfully, you got the message, and, grasping his hand, led him through the hallways.

It took you no time to re-attach your mouth to his, but this time, Zen felt a little more bold. Prying your lips open was easy enough, resisting the urge to just take you when you moaned into his mouth was less so. Quietly praising himself for making the bed this morning, he backed you down onto the pillows - whilst he may be on the verge of falling to pieces, there was no way he wasn’t going to savour every inch of your body. Hastily, he reached for the hem of your top, breaking contact with your mouth only momentarily to pull it over your head. He squeaked - actually squeaked - when he got it off, “You’re not wearing a bra?!”

“I’m not- What?!” The look of incredulity on your face would have made him faint, had he not found a different distraction. “Zen, no one wears a bra with pyjamas. We were about to go to bed. How did you not realise that earlier?”

“Can I?” He was like a child in a sweet shop.

“Please do.”

Your breasts were perfect. Perfect for you, perfect for him. He couldn’t resist running a thumb across the peaks of them, watching your nipples harden beneath his touch - as he paid more and more attention to them, the more sensitive they seemed to become; without even his mouth, he could already see your chest heaving as your breathing deepened.

“You should make noise if you need to, ____…” He took your left nipple in his mouth, eagerly sucking on the bud, mindlessly squeezing the other between his fingers. He finally heard your sweet voice as he nibbled, not too gently, on your nipple - Zen knew he could do this all night as a particularly forceful bite caused you to arch your chest into him, but your bucking hips reminded him that he had other, equally sweet, things to focus on.

“R-regaining some confidence, huh?” You rested back on your elbows, observing as Zen travelled further down your body. He grinned up at you, toying with the waistband of your pyjamas.

“I’d like to think so…” He tapped at your hips and you raised them, allowing him to pull down your trousers. “After all, I’ve got proof that what I’m doing is working well…” Despite his words, he was quite grateful that you were wearing panties - he wasn’t sure his heart could’ve handled a shock like before. He kissed the spaces beneath your kneecaps, working his way up. He barely had the patience to tease you, but he wanted to savour this. Just as he reached the apex of your thighs, he gazed back up at you. “You’ve soaked these right through…” He could feel his cock throbbing painfully as he took in the scent of your sex - knowing he could get you this wet was making him impatient.

A long finger poked at the fabric covering your sex, and you collapsed back onto the bed, barely holding back your moans. “All because of you…”

He didn’t want to waste time. You were confused as he pulled away, and immediately less confused as he begun to undress - you hadn’t even realised he was still fully-clothed, despite your own state of undress. It didn’t take long before he was stood before you, utterly naked, and you barely had time to drink in his - remarkably - good figure before he was kneeling between your legs, taking your panties off, and matching your state of undress to his. You desperately wanted to have some more fun with that unreasonably attractive cock of his, but that could wait.

“Ah… Fuck.” You barely heard him mutter beneath his breath as he looked at you - whilst some parts of you wanted to hide everything away, you knew that this was Zen. Whilst he was Mr. Perfect himself, he would never, ever judge your body. Especially not now, judging by the look on his face. Whilst you knew that he would love to pay a little more attention to your pussy, today wasn’t the day - he was only there for a moment before lunging over you to the bedside counter; it took him no time to find what he was looking for, and he was back over you once again. 

“____…” Unconsciously passing his tongue over his lips as he looked down at you, Zen took a deep breath. “This is all… Very sudden.” The packet crinkled in his hand, and he looked down at you once more. You were the most gorgeous, incredible, beautiful person he had ever seen, and there was no way he was ruining this. “So, if you’re sure-”

“Hyun, please.” You ground your hips up against his hard member, reminding him of your wetness - reminding him that he did that to you, so, yes, you most definitely were sure. Your eyes were dark, pupils blown, face flushed, and your lips red and swollen; knowing now that this is what he was treated to for pleasuring you, Zen knew it was going to be even harder to resist taking you every night. As if before wasn’t enough of a struggle…

But for tonight, he was more than ready. Rolling the condom over himself, Zen took the time to position himself - he knew you were more than wet enough - before grinning down at you, and finally, finally thrusting into you. Inhaling sharply, he took a moment to revel in the feeling of being surrounded by your walls, pulsing and throbbing around him. You were so, so perfect. You fit like a glove tailored just for him; there was no way he was ever living without this. He needed this.

Zen barely had the conscience to make sure you were comfortable, but once you had - enthusiastically - confirmed that you were, he saw no reason to hold back, allowing himself to simply fuck the person he loved. He loved feeling you wind your legs around his waist as he thrust deep into you, his head coming to rest in the crook of your neck as he groaned, savouring the feeling of your nails on his back. He didn’t feel restricted, embarrassed, awkward… He just really, really wanted to make you his.

Zen felt his teeth sink into the skin of your perfect neck - he wanted to mark you, show off to the whole world that this wonderful, incredible person was all his. You returned the favour; the feeling of your plush lips sucking on his skin drove Zen wild, and he felt his cock throb deep inside of you as your hands tangled in his hair, seeking grip as your moans grew in volume. Your whimpers when he stopped thrusting to stretch your leg over his shoulder were almost enough to send him over the edge, and he exhaled shakily as he looked into your eyes once again.

“Hyun…” He almost growled when you said his name, slamming his hips against yours, sheathing his cock inside you once more. The desperate need for you was taking over him, even as he grew closer to the end. Your moans were only growing louder, and Zen caught a glimpse of you sneaking your hand down to rub at your clit, obviously sensing how close he was to the end.

“____…” He barely recognised his own voice, at this point, all husky, dripping with arousal. “I love you, so, so much.” He was panting for breath, deep, rhythmic thrusts marking his imminent climax.

“Hyun… Oh-” A particularly carnal moan cut you off as Zen thrust perfectly into you, and all you could do was cling to him, desperate for something to ground you. You were just as close as he was, teetering on the edge of bliss, barely able to keep your eyes open as he looked down at you, gaze feral. You didn’t even have the time to see your climax coming - it hit you like a typhoon, wave after wave of sheer ecstasy washing over you as Zen continued to thrust, riding out the spasms of your walls around his cock until he could no longer bear it, reaching his own blissful peak.

It took Zen a while to come down from the high of his climax - he had never, ever experienced anything quite like it. He loved you. God, did he love you. He loved you more than he had ever thought was possible… Maybe now, he could try acting in some soppy romance dramas. He finally understood how someone could love another person more than they loved themselves - not that it had taken sex for him to realise that, but… It helped.

“Hey, Hyun.” He liked hearing that name come from your mouth. “I love you, too.” Your voice was quiet, and throaty, but Zen heard you loud and clear - like a siren, singing a song to entice.

You loved him

Zen couldn’t help the goofy smile that spread across his face as he wound his arms around you, pulling your bare body as close to his as he could. You were both sweaty, and hot, and very, very naked, but he didn’t care. He gazed into your eyes, before kissing you once more. You were quickly becoming the most precious thing in his life, and he’d be damned if anything tried to separate you… So, for now, he wanted to be as close to you as he could; mentally, and physically.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get to take as much time as I wanted,” Zen laughed somewhat sheepishly. “I just… Couldn’t help myself.”

“Well…” Zen knew what the glint in your eye meant all too well. “We’ve still got all night, no? And morning, and… Day.” Your lips brushed his, and Zen felt as though he had butterflies in his stomach. “We, my love, have the rest of our lives.”

You were, apparently, never going to stop testing him. Not that he had any complaints.

Mystic Messenger Christmas Special - Common Route (Normal Ending) Walkthrough

This are the choices that allowed me to get the common route ending. Huge thanks to @otome-obsessed​ for scripting all the chat choices. Go check her out and show some love~!

Also, I recommend you try to get this route by yourself, as there is more that one correct way of doing it, but if you just want to get the last ending - this guide is for you!

Also, if anyone knows how to get his 4th Christmas CG - please let me know, cause I’ve finished all the endings and I’m still somehow missing it. T^T

In my playthrough I:
1) started the game from 11:24 chat on Christmas Eve
2) didn’t reply to any text messages
3) didn’t answer any calls
4) managed to get 12-13 hearts for every character

The choices (and hearts count) are listed under the cut

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anonymous asked:

Can you please do a headcanon where the RFA meets MC for the first time and realizes she's shorter than they thought? (I'm 4'11 in/150 cm and 19 yrs old, so I get insecure about looking younger than I am >///<) Thank you!

Sure! Also, I apologise for not having responded to any asks lately, I’ve been super busy. My ask box is flooded, so hopefully there’ll be a handful of new posts soon!


  • Yoosung is 171cm (5′7´´)
  • He really didn’t mind your height at ALL
  • He thought it was super cute and was a flustered mess when he saw you for the first time
  • You were so adorable and sweet and adnsajfasjfnasf
  • He loves holding your hand A LOT
  • And cuddles!!!! Definitely
  • He’ll sulk on the couch by himself when you’re working until you give in and join him
  • ‘’MC! Hey, MC! Come cuddle me.’’
  • ‘’I’m busy, Yoosung.’’
  • ‘’Pleeeeaaaase?’’
  • if you dont think he uses his puppy eyes, you are wrong
  • ‘’In a minute! Let me finish this email…’’
  • ‘’…’’
  • ‘’Fine!’’
  • he gets it his way every time because you can't say no to that face
  • He loves falling asleep with you in his arms - and falling asleep in your arms too (he actually really likes being the little spoon)
  • He adores your heigh so much and is really happy that he still gets to be the tallest, despite him not being very tall out of the other guys he knows
  • He’s just so happy that you chose him and that you fit in his arms, like you two are a puzzle, two pieces that fit perfectly together
  • Like you were made to fit
  • Like you were meant to be


  • Jaehee is 165cm (5′4´´) and is pretty used to being one of the shortest
  • So when she saw you at the party, she was so surprised (and also a bit flushed because damn you were looking good)
  • She started watching you, admiring your features and just you
  • Everything about you, you as a person
  • The way your eyes lit up as you talked about something that you were clearly passionate about
  • How your pretty hands illustrated what you were saying
  • How you laughed and the general sound of your voice
  • ‘’Wait… Jaehee? Hi!’’
  • You were waving enthusiastically with a big smile on your lips, trying to get her attention
  • She had been so busy staring at you and admiring every part of you
  • hat she didn’t introduce herself or even say hi
  • !!!!!!
  • And now you were talking to her???? of all people???
  • She grew to love your height so so much as you interacted more
  • But honestly though?? you are so cute???
  • The perfect cuddle size for the perfect cuddle woman
  • She loves hugging you and just being around you, touching you
  • Holding your hand, her hand resting on your waist and…
  • She just loves you a lot in general
  • And she would totally be the one to kiss your forehead fight me


  • Zen is 182cm (5′11)
  • He honestly didn’t have any expectations about your height
  • He just pictured you as a lovely, charming and kind human being (which is true! you are amazing but anyway okay on with the post)
  • He had trouble spotting you at the part LMAO
  • He was looking everywhere for you until he finally saw you a few meters away, talking with some of the guests, a champagne glass in your hand
  • And oh god
  • You were everything he had imagined
  • And your height was perfect, he did have a thing for people shorter than him
  • But up close you were shorter than he had expected??
  • Not in a bad way, but wow
  • ‘’MC?’’
  • ‘’Oh, hi Zen!’’
  • All was going well until he accidentally blurted out:
  • ‘’You’re so short!’’
  • He shouldn’t have said that
  • He realised that he shouldn’t have said that when you looked away and started fidgeting with the hem of your outfit
  • Operation Save My Ass Before I Ruin Everything™ had been put into action
  • ‘’You’re so cute! I could pick you up and carry you around all day!’’
  • He knew it had been successful because you blushed and laughed a little
  • dat save


  • Seven is 175cm (5′9´´)
  • There is a height difference, but he doesn’t mind at all
  • He teases you a lot about it and loves to surprise you from behind and tickle you until you curl up on the floor, a giggling mess
  • Sometimes he charges at you in full speed and swoops you up from the ground and carries you around bridal style
  • He adores you
  • When you two first met he was honestly so blessed by even looking at you
  • You were so smol and cute and it was almost too much
  • you nearly put him in cardiac arrest
  • He likes to mess around with introductions a lot
  • ‘’…And this is my tiny adorable girlfriend, MC!’’
  • ‘’I’m not that short!’’
  • You fought back every single time
  • And he loved it
  • He loved you

(made this extra long for me dad @gigi-the-faunus !!! ;)) enjoy)

  • His height is 183cm (6′)
  • Which equals an obvious height difference, but he doesn’t mind at all
  • Frankly, it seems he doesn’t really care
  • He didn’t have any expectations about yours, and hadn’t even thought about it
  • He had thought about you, but not necessarily your height
  • He didn’t even mention your height difference when you first saw each other
  • He didn’t even talk about it
  • You had been a bit worried that he didn’t speak about it because it bothered or embarrassed him, so you didn’t bring it up either
  • The thought of him not liking such a big part of you was nagging you constantly
  • You could have a good time together of course
  • But then he’d do something to remind you of your height difference, like bending down to kiss you
  • That made you uneasy, worried and a bit sad
  • But you didn’t want to bring it up in case he hated it?? what if he did??
  • ….What if he left you?
  • But then, one day - you’d had enough of silence
  • Yet you didn’t want to be too straight-forward, so you played it subtly
  • ..after he had gotten some wine because that makes him more calm lmao
  • ‘’Hey, Jumin? Can I ask you something?’’
  • ‘’Of course. What is it?’’
  • ‘’What… What do you think of my height?’’
  • There was a moment of silence and you held your breath as he kept quiet
  • You were worried that you had opened the dam and now the water of troubles would flood out, unstoppable
  • You regretted having started the conversation and was about to turn around and walk away
  • …when he responded
  • ‘’Your height?’’
  • ‘’Y-yes, my height. What do you think of it?’’
  • ‘’It’s alright? I’m not quite sure why you’re asking me this.’’
  • ‘’Wait… So, you are fine with me being this short?’’
  • ‘’Of course I am. Your height is a part of you, and I would never change you. You are perfect.’’

My headcanon

Hey, so I am at Zens route right now and yesterday I saw something.
As you see Echo girl real name is Kyungju Choi.
Seven name is Saeyoung Choi.
If you played Sevens route you know about his father being well know and that’s why he don’t want to have anything with Saeyoung. But Saeyoung says that his father have his own family.
Echo girl says that her daddy is well know too.
So I just somehow came to hedcanon, that Echo Girl/Kyungju Choi and Seven/Luciel/Saeyoung Choi are siblings.

Updated preview of this fic I’ve started on~

I’d love to know what people think of this, it’s been almost a week since I last did any writing >o<

“Jihyun… Jumin… Zen… Saeyoung… Yoosung… Jaehee… Saeran… MC,” a woman with long blonde hair mused, her green eyes scanning over the photo displayed on a computer screen before her. “All of them are vampires… Except two.” She smirked, before cropping the photo so that only two people remained on her screen.

Red hair and timid, mint green eyes belonged to one of the people, and there was a wide smile on the face of the other.

“They will be perfect to integrate the RFA into our paradise. Our paradise, where vampires can thrive and survive on only blood and happiness… And the medicine of salvation, of course.” A loud laugh echoed through the woman’s chambers, before a menacing smile crept up onto her lips. “Saeran… The one who is still not a full-fledged vampire and still possesses human blood within him… And MC, the only human which the RFA vows to protect or change unless she asks for them to… Yes, this is more than ideal for my plans…”

For another few minutes, she glanced over a document which was resting beside her computer. “So… I must find a way to locate the two of them and bring them here when they are not within the presence of the others. But how…?” Then she looked at something on her computer screen which had just popped up, and her eyes sparkled in delight. “The RFA party… of course. They’re the only two members who can be there during the day, after all!”

Jaehee: So… Sunset is apparently at 7:12pm on that day.

Jumin: That means that the party should start at 7:30, if our two members who are capable of being out during the day are capable of setting up from about midday onwards.

V: I agree with that.

Saeyoung: That means me and my twinny twin twin will have to get out outfits sorted out as soon as!!!

Saeran: Say ‘twinny twin twin’ one more time, and I will hit you.


Yoosung: ;o;

MC: lololol Saeran, wanna go out with me to buy your outfit, seeming as if we do it now, Saeyoung can’t trail us?

Zen: Hmm… I need to sort out my outfit too…

Saeran: Yeah, I’m fine with that. Let’s go now. I’ll meet you at your apartment in a few. Saeyoung, I’m borrowing your car.

Saeyoung: Okies…

MC: 3

MC: 2

MC: 1…

Saeyoung: WAIT, WHAT?! NOOOOO!!! MY BABIES!!!!

Saeran was grinning widely as he quickly quit out of the messenger, before doing his best to take every shortcut possible to the garage possessing Saeyoung’s cars. As he reached the garage door, there was a loud cry out of horror, and Saeran couldn’t help but laugh as he entered the garage and quickly locked the door. Once he’d eyed up the car which he wanted to take, he reached behind the license plate and took hold of the ‘well hidden’ keys.

He had already gone and left the garage in the car by the time that Saeyoung had managed to get there.

Of course, Saeran realised that his eyes were beginning to hurt a bit in the sunlight, so he sighed. He had been told that was one of the signs leading up to the end of the transition into becoming a vampire. It meant that he only had about a month of this grace period to go. He was quite thankful that Saeyoung had a spare pair of sunglasses in the glove compartment of the car, because he was able to put them on and ease the pain.

MaleMc: First day: 7am-8am

Prologue |  List | Mobile List | Next Hour {10:04}

It was 7am and Zack had just finished moving half of his stuff into Rika’s apartment. He was exhausted and frankly he was a little confused. He heard his phone beep. It was Yoosung, he was in the chatroom. Zack placed his box of books on the floor wiping his brow with the back of his movers gloves.

Yoosung>: Do you know that Zen always complains about being single these days?
Yoosung>: But I’ve never even been in a relationship T_T

          <:I hear ya, although I don’t like intimate relationships.

Yoosung>: Wut… you don’t?

          <:Hate to be that guy but it’s complicated.
          <:Parents have are married I guess it’s just
         <:their circumstances that confused me about love.
        <:Guess I’m a bit cynical.

Yoosung>: That’s really sad. T_T

Yoosung★>: But… I am happy that we have something in common.

      <:Forever alones unite! We will have magic powers.
      <:Don’t die dateless dummy

Yoosung★>: Holy crap! You played that game too!?

         <:I have a knack for getting magic powers

Yoosung★>: Ha ha! Yeah I got the bad ending a lot too!
Yoosung★>: To be honest no one’s as innocent as I am in the group. 
Yoosung★>: I think out of everyone here I’m the only one
Yoosung★>: whose never dated!

Yoosung★>: Well I’m not sure about Seven but…
Yoosung★>: It’s been fun because you’re here now!

      <:Time to have a singles get together or whatever

Yoosung★>: Singles Unite!!!


Yoosung★>: By the way do you play LOLOL?

      <: I’m bad at MMORPGS

      <:Some old roommates of mine played it a lot though.

Yoosung★>:I should teach you some time!
Yoosung★>: Argh! I have class at 9.
Yoosung★>: I’ll talk to you soon Zack!

      <:Yeah, pay attention in class :P

Yoosung★>:So tired just thinking about it…

                            Yoosung has left the chatroom

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anonymous asked:

Flockie, do you think your learning the ropes of celebrity goings on from the best of the best has helped you in your insight of being able to see through the bullshit that has been going on with this mess going on right now with Sam and Cait? I almost feel like I am at a carnival watching one of those games with the cups and a bean - keep my eyes on which cup is covering the bean but the game is really rigged. You know what I mean? Has this been one of the craziest HW things you've witnessed?

I’d say more par for the course than crazy, but I guess that’s why I’m zen about everything. There have been insanely transparent fauxmances, manufactured scandals to keep someone’s name in the media or to smear someone else, fake rivalries, huge lengths to hide affairs. Co-stars potentially hiding a relationship is way, waaaaaaaaay down on the circus act totem pole in the grand scheme of things.

just--a-pervert-guy  asked:

so... im the first one? so... lets go with a with a basic one, the rfa reaction to a male!mc? probably 707 know about and dont tell anyone so to him reaction seen the male!mc for the first time.(oh how confortable are you to write about v and unknown?) sorry if my english is bad right now its almost 1:00 am and im dying.

don’t worry luv, your english i a-okay ^^ I’m totally okay with writing for Unknown but i’m not sure about V. But that’s just me, mod luna is alright writing for V though ^^ 


• wait what, this is MC? He would be initially confused like ?? but he’d get over it pretty quickly because he didn’t fall for their gender, it was them. Their personality, their whole being. “Excuse me, but I think I dropped something. MY JAW!” He would have no sham and start flirting with them and compliment them, just happy that they were there with him. 


• his brain would go into an overdrive as it tried to progress what was happening. “earth to yoosung kim, you okay dude?” None of his feelings would change though because he loved them. His feelings are REAL and nothing would stop him from being with the one he loves. So happy he basically clings to them because YOU ARE HERE! 


• she was shocked nonetheless but quickly pulled herself together as she approached them. She couldn’t help but to blush while trying to bite back a smile. She was there with them, they were real. It was all real. Had she found the happiness that she had given up on so long ago? “MC it’s so nice finally meeting” her heart was beating so fast when they smiled at her s hit i’m in love


• his eyes would widen but else would remain all pokerface. Gender wouldn’t change a single thing because MC had been there for him when no one else had been and understood him for who he truly are. He wouldn’t be able to stop a smile as he introduced himself. “I’m glad to finally meet you MC” 



• has a silly goofy smile on his face as he lays his eyes on male!MC, sure he has seen them before in pictures but now they were standing there in front of him and wow it all hit him so hard. It was so real and god he was in love. Probably high fives them too for playing along with him and fooling the rest of the RFA. “Nice one Honeybun” *wink*

And Now Because This Speech Is Fucking Awesome
  • The Major: Gentlemen. Operation Bait Van Winkle is a rezounding success. Alucard is now exactly where we need him to be so we can move forward with our little...surprise. However, before ve begin our next phase, I would like to take some time to address a rumor floating around the fleet. Some of you have come to believe that I like var. I wish to dash these rumors! I do not like var. I. LOVE. VAR. Through my life, I have discovered so many forms of war. You get up in ze morning, you get into your shitty car, und you see a rich CEO who works half as hard as you do drive down ze street in his Porsche. "Class Var." You make it to vork, und you find out that ze annual drug test is today. Und you just so happened to take a puff of your one-hitter a couple nights ago before dinner with your wife's awful parents. "Drug Var." But zhen, you find out that ze only ones being called in for testing are your black and Hispanic co-workers. "Race Var." Then, you try und post about it on your Facebook, but zen all your friends start arguing about vhat's right und what's wrong. "Flame Var." You finally get home, und you decide to relax by vatching a program about: "Who gets ze box?" "What's in ze box?" "How much is vhat's in ze box worth?" "Storage Vars." (chuckles) What I am telling you, my Nazi army of one zhousand vampires, is that I am a purveyor of var. And with your help over ze years, ve are now at the precipice of our true goal. You see, I vant a simple var. No Class Vars, no Drug Vars, no Race Vars, no Flame Vars, und certainly, no Cold Vars! Blueballed for forty years. Vhat I vant is a var zhat only ve can bring. A true var! A German var! The sequel you've all been vaiting for! I! VANT! VORLD! VAR!! THREE!!!
  • Millennium Soldiers: Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!
Welcome to Paradise Unknown Route Part VIII

This one is extra long guys :) 

Part VII     Part 7.5     List     Part IX

Ji Sung leaned in his eyes lighting up as he looked over the chat. A sick smile curved up his lips as he read the chat over and over again. “Type in…” He finally spoke, I could feel his hands on my shoulders tighten. “Type in that you’re okay. Do anything else and I’ll kill you and trap them myself.”

I looked back at him. “Why don’t you just do that? Why keep me here?”

“Because I like my new toy,” he smiled glancing at me quickly before glancing back at the screen, “and I haven’t gotten board of you yet. Now type. The phone is connected to the computer so you don’t have to use it. I wouldn’t want to loose another phone to your sticky fingers.”

    <: Everyone…

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          oh my god???  to think that over five hundred and fifty people actually like(??) my blog really does make me so,  so happy.  when i first started role - playing in this community,  i was super hesitant  –  i didn’t think that i would stay for long as i have had terrible experiences before,  and i was anxious™™ about writing a canon character in a really divergent way  –  but honestly?  people actually accepted this child and??  i am so,  so glad i’ve joined this fandom.  to know that there are people out there who love(?????) my portrayal(??????????) of zen really makes my day.  everyday.  anyways,  thank you all so much for being so amazing and wonderful people and even though some of you guys may not know me or like me,  thank you.

          under the cut is a long assed post of me rambling about people i truly hold dear to my heart + people i want to ramble about but i am SO lazy forgive me + people i really admire from afar!  once again,  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONTINUAL SUPPORT.  i don’t think i can stress this enough;;  

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