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  • capitalist: yeah so like we know its cheaper on the state to house and feed and give medical treatment to the poor
  • capitalist: but we want to keep a measurement of how much we're fucking over literally everyone, so lol lets not go for the cheaper option. I'm trying to win monopoly over here.

SUPERGIRL: Being Super #01 (art by Joëlle Jones; written by Mariko Tamaki)

“I have one dream. The same dream every night. I’m at an airport. Sometimes it’s a train station. And someone is touching my face. Then I’m staring through a window, looking at this blackness and flashes of white… and I’m alone. […] Somewhere behind this dream is my beginning… The explanation for all the things about me no one can explain." 

– Chapter One: Where do I begin?

Tell Me Something That I’ll Forget.

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 11.5K+

Content: Bi!Lashton, polyamory (MFM dynamic), language, graphic content, sexual situations (anal sex, multiple partners, light spanking, orgasm denial, etc.)

A/N: I have returned and it feels so good to be back. This is something that I’ve been working on for quite some time, and it is notably different from what I’ve posted before. I had an idea of Chef Ashton and I’ve always wanted to explore polyamory within the bounds of fanfiction. This is what I came up with after about two months of messing around with it. Have an open mind if this is all new to you. Enjoy. :-)

Feedback is greatly appreciated

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*#me just reading the wedding spoilers, feeling like i am already #dead, and then remembering we will SOON be getting promo pics(DECORATIONS! SUITS!), danny & ryan interviews, A MAXINE WRITTEN WEDDING EP*

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pushing buttons

Pairing: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou

The air in the bedroom was hot and they were both sweaty and sticky laying together in Bokuto’s bed. It felt disgusting, but Akaashi couldn’t bring himself to separate from Bokuto just yet. It certainly wasn’t their first time fooling around, but it was the first time they had ended up completely naked together, which was exhilarating. So they lay there together, Akaashi tracing his fingers down Bokuto’s stomach, appreciating his well toned abs until something caught his attention and his hand froze. In that moment he found his gaze fixed on what might have been the greatest discovery of his young life:

Bokuto Koutarou had an outie bellybutton. 

And it was the most adorable thing that Akaashi had ever seen. 

He wasn’t sure how he’d never noticed it before, he noticed everything about Bokuto, but he supposed the reason could have been that he generally wasn’t spending his time staring at his boyfriend’s abs–he was really more of an arms man, and Bokuto had great arms.

But more importantly, he also had an incredibly charming bellybutton; the way it poked out just slightly, all round and soft looking, contrasting with his defined stomach muscles, was so cute Akaashi could hardly stand it.

Before he knew what he was doing, his fingers were trailing the rest of the way down Bokuto’s stomach until they were tracing lightly over his protruding navel. Akaashi liked the way that it felt under his fingers, and wondered if it was a squishy as it seemed to be. Gently, he pressed his finger into the flesh, which gave in to the pressure in the most satisfying way. 

It was almost addicting.

Akaashi continued to poke and prod at the little button, completely entranced, until Bokuto cleared his throat. 

Akaashi startled and froze. 

“Um, ‘Kaashi?” 

There were a couple beats of tension filled silence until Akaashi swallowed.

“Yes?” he replied, not daring to look up at Bokuto’s face.

“Whatcha doin?” Bokuto asked cautiously.

There was absolutely no way in hell that Akaashi was going to tell Bokuto that he’d suddenly become enamored with his bellybutton, so thinking quickly, he fixed a contemplative expression on his face and said, “Hm, looks like it didn’t work.”

Bokuto sat up on his elbows frantically. “Wh-what didn’t work? What are you talking about?”

Akaashi looked up at him, face totally straight and voice even when he said, “I was hoping I’d found a mute button.”

He watched as Bokuto opened his mouth and then closed it, face scrunching up before he exclaimed, “agAAAASHiiiii! Why would you say that?!?!”

As he continued to flail and whine, Akaashi smirked to himself. He’d kept his secret safe. 

Bokuto’s bellybutton became something of an obsession for Akaashi. He tried to catch a glimpse of it every chance he could get: when Bokuto changed in the locker room before and after practice, when he stretched enough for his shirt to ride up, even when he so much as sweat enough for his shirt to cling to his body, outlining the shape of it. 

Akaashi knew full well that he had a problem, but there was nothing he could do about it. Bokuto’s outie was just so infuriatingly adorable that Akaashi couldn’t help but become fixated on it. 

Soon it wasn’t enough to just catch glimpses of it: he wanted to touch it.

 He needed to touch it.

It became a habit of his to oh so casually slide his hand over Bokuto’s torso, making like he was feeling up his boyfriend’s abs, until his fingers would reach the cute little bump, and then he’d start to press on it, in and out, methodically. There was just something so inexplicably pleasant about the way it squished just the slighted bit under his fingers. 

As an added bonus, it also drove Bokuto up the wall. Whenever Akaashi was feeling particularly annoying he would only have to poke at Bokuto’s outie to get him riled up. He’d hoot and yank Akaashi’s hand away, or squirm out of his grip, grumbling and cursing Akaashi out. 

Well, he had to get his kicks somewhere.

But unfortunately for him, Bokuto eventually started to get jumpy: just a graze of Akaashi’s  fingers on his stomach would set him off. 

“Stop trying to mute me!” He yelped, batting away Akaashi’s hand and hopping out of his reach. “I wasn’t even talking this time!”

Akaashi chewed on the inside of his cheek and waited for Bokuto to let his guard down before taking a careful step toward him. He sidled up to his boyfriend in what he thought was quite a casual way, but Bokuto startled the second Akaashi got too close. 

“Gah!” He jumped away. “I mean it, Keiji! Knock it off!”

Instead of only pouting like he usually would, Bokuto’s face was screwed up in a grimace, and he was fidgeting with his shirt. “I-I’m really self-conscious about my bellybutton, and every time you mess around with it,” He fidgeted some more. “It feels like you’re making fun of me.” 

Akaashi furrowed his brow and took a step toward Bokuto, which made him cover his bellybutton with his hands. Akaashi rolled his eyes and took Bokuto’s hands in his. Having Bokuto feeling self-conscious wouldn’t do, and Akaashi knew that there was only one thing he could do to stop it. 

So, he resigned himself of his fate, already feeling his cheeks getting warm, and mumbled, “I think it’s cute.”

Bokuto’s head snapped up. “You what?”

Sighing, Akaashi looked off to the side. 

“I said, I think your bellybutton is cute,” His face and neck were now completely red. “A-and I like how it feels when I- squish it.”

He probably could have kept that last part to himself–in fact he probably should have, but now that his infatuation with his boyfriend’s navel was totally out in the open, he felt a little bit freer. 

With the worst part over, he finally looked up at Bokuto-

And then immediately regretted everything.

Bokuto was biting his lip, looking absolutely delighted and about to explode. Akaashi dropped his hands and gave him a warning look, but it was too late. Within seconds Bokuto was howling with laughter. The heat in Akaashi’s cheeks increased, and he knew that if he were to look down his shirt, his chest would be bright red as well. His asshole of a boyfriend continued to laugh, doubled over now from the force of it.

“Aka-” He cut himself off with another peal of laughter. “AGHAAAAASHII! You’re so weird!”

Akaashi huffed indignantly and crossed his arms.

“Sh-shut up, Bokuto-san,” he grumbled, “You’re the one with the weird bellybutton.”

“Nuh-uh!” Bokuto shouted before wrapping his arms around Akaashi, crushing him. “You think it’s cute! Can’t take it back!”

Akaashi stood stiff, embarrassed, and refused to return the hug.

“You know,” Bokuto mused after his laughter had died down some, nuzzling into Akaashi’s neck, “If you really like it so much, then I guess you can play with it whenever you want!”

Akaashi considered that statement for a moment, chewing on the inside of his cheek. Gradually, he snuck his arm in between their bodies, running his hand up Bokuto’s shirt until his fingers came into contact with his bellybutton. He gently prodded his finger into the flesh and a warm, pleasant feeling washed over him. Bokuto started giggling again and Akaashi grumbled, hiding his face in his boyfriend’s neck. It was all very embarrassing, but if he got to do this whenever he wanted, and it made Bokuto happy, then the embarrassment was well worth it. 

At least while it was only the two of them that knew about it.


From: Pain-In-The-Ass

i hear you got a bellybutton fetish 

kinky, akaashi-kuuuun!

To: Pain-In-The-Ass

Should I bring up Kozume-san’s “cute little toes” now or later?

From: Pain-In-The-Ass

fair point.

To: Bokuto-san<3

I won’t be tossing to you tomorrow.

And I’m taking the heart out of your contact name.

From: Bokuto-san




being in love with me is easy. i will kiss you all the time, I will compliment you a lot, I will hug and cuddle you at every given chance, I will be silly with you, I will joke with you, I will take a million pictures of you and us, I will give you little things that made me think of you, I will tell you when I’m thinking of you, I will always think of you, you will be in all my thoughts, I will worry endlessly about you, I will always try to make you smile, I will always do my best to make you happy, I will always want you to be happy, I will always support you, I will always be there for you when you need me, I will give you space when you need it, and I will love you unconditionally. being in love with me is easy.

being in love with me is hard. I am clingy, I’m too touchy, You don’t like pictures, you will wonder why I need all the pictures, I will think of you too often, I need to much reassurance, I have a never ending need for reassurance, I will sometimes need you in the middle of the night, I have an inability to be serious, everything is a joke to me, if I have a thought I will share it with you no matter how insignificant, I will try too hard, I am too inconsistent, I will seem like I don’t care but I do, I will care too much, I will do everything I can to make you happy, I will love you unconditionally. being in love with me is hard. 

i have begun to worry that the things that make me easy to love will be the things that make me hard to love. i am not enough and never will be. 

How could I be So Lucky? Ch.2 (Newt Scamander x Reader)

A/N: So this one happened fairly fast and John got back to me with the edits super quick too. Please enjoy the second chapter and know the third is being written as I type. I am on a ROLL.

Chapter 1 here

Title: How could I be so Lucky

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word count: 1,989

Rating: PG (I guess, Idk)

Chapter 2: The Train Ride

“Breathe pumpkin, it’ll be alright.” Your dad gripped your shoulder firmly as you stared at the brick wall in front of you. Your cart was full of your school books and belongings, and you held it firmly as you debated whether to run at the wall as your escort, Leonard Snoot, had instructed.

“Truly, I have to run at a wall?”

Your escort had laughed, attracting attention from passersby.

“Yes, my dear, it’s the only way to get to Platform nine and three quarters.”

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Happy birthday TAKAO!! (21/11)

This is the more romantic I get, thanks to the lucky item of 21/11 for scorpio (that was “coincidentally” in first place) Purse and the color blue.

somehow also “””coincidentally””” the second place was cancer with a cough drop and pink.

Really wanted to finish this a day ago but…things happen orz, also sorry for the long post

 i really wanted to participate in something like takao week but i just hadn’t time..so at least the birthday one \o/ 

top 10 biases tag

i was tagged by @parkjihyo to list my top 10 biases! thank u for tagging me!!! <33

  1. twice’s nayeon
  2. pristin’s eunwoo (let me tell u it took a long time to come to this conclusion bc i was so SO sure it was nayoung, and part of me still thinks it is?? i rly thought it was her but i think it’s eunwoo. i’m fake. i’m so fake)
  3. laboum’s haein
  4. gugudan’s mimi
  5. apink’s eunji
  6. bts’ taehyung
  7. red velvet’s joy
  8. kard’s somin
  9. girl’s day’s hyeri
  10. miss a’s suzy

and then i’ll tag @sonuyhshidae @punkjoy @suzysgf @mrlazyputa @vildeforprez @meilinglyz

broke 1k on auction fic \o/ it’s actually twisting me quite a ways out of my comfort zone, but that’s a good thing, i think


Dr. Foster – Jane, she’d said – had a lab in London.

“Well, it’s not exactly a lab. I’m in between grants.”

“Dr. Banner said you were one of the most gifted physicists alive,” Steve said, looking around the small apartment. One wall was mostly printouts of various graphs laid over a large map. The laptop on the table was connected to a bulky instrument that Steve suspected she’d built herself.

He was, once again, reminded of Howard.

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Imagine being Alec and Jane's sibling, you leave the Volturi and seek help from Carlisle

READ THIS: I just want to point out that I am very aware @imaginetwilight has written an imagine being Jane and Alec’s sibling. I saw it quite a while back and I liked it. I do not want to seem as though me writing my own version of being their sibling is implying any disrespect to them or anything else.They are amazingggg.💕 I didn’t feel right not acknowledging them and so here it is.

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“Ah! Our dear (Y/N) has returned!”
“Family should always reach out to one another.” You muttered.
“Very true my dear, especially how things left off…” Aro was talking about you abruptly leaving on a bad note and only now had you returned.

“You know what I want.” You said.
“We do.” Caius said.
You turned to your younger brother and sister, the twins. “So do you.”
They nodded. “Carlisle Cullen is helping me since it was ultimately decided that I would no longer be welcomed here.”
“You have changed your diet? It does not show.” Caius raised an eyebrow.
“No.” You said sharply. “I won’t be changing my diet. I will not be residing with the Cullen’s. I told you that.”
“So you’re still courted to the Romanian.” Caius sneered.
“So we aren’t acknowledging that I’m getting married in six weeks?” You asked. “That is your choice.” Marcus grumbled.

“Look, I said I was reaching out here. I was hoping you’d come to the wedding.” “You know where we stand…You know how we feel.” Aro said firmly.
“I know, but I guess there is a part of me that wants to believe you’d support me.” Your eyes narrowed before moving your head to the twins. “What about you? Surely you will, for my wedding.”
“We stand with what we believe and that is in agreement with our masters.” Jane said blankly.
“We love you but our answer will not change and I think the quicker you accept that, the easier it is on you because we don’t want to hurt you anymore than we already are.“ Alec said.
“So you are deciding that your loyalty to Aro is more important than your relationship with me?”
The twins seemed startled at the implications behind your words. They could potentially lose you forever.
“That’s making a rather big leap…”
“No, no,” you shook your head. “It’s not. It’s exactly what you said. I have spent these past months without you to help me. Not once did you reach out and not once did you ever offer to help me. You knew I’d need you and you weren’t there. So I need to know for future reference if there is any point in-” you broke off and quickly moved on, finding the words difficult to utter. “Look, I just want my family at my wedding, I want you two there, not for Stefan- for me.”
“No.” Jane said.
“That’s disappointing.” You said quietly.
“It is.” They agreed sympathetically.

You didn’t want their sympathy so your tone got very firm, you became forceful. “So I’m going to give you an ultimatum, you don’t get to choose pieces of me to keep and the others to shut out. You can have all of me, or none of me.”
“If that is your demands then so be it.” Alec said carefully.
“Okay, great.” You turned away emotionlessly making them flinch and you began to walk away.
"Such a waste of time.” Aro tutted. You knew he was referring to you and not your time there. You paid him no mind as you dug into your pocket and grabbed your Volturi crest and handing it to Demetri. “I don’t need this anymore.”
You leaned into the view of Felix who stood at a distance beside him. “I wish you both the best.”
They nodded and you continued to leave- not sparing a glance to the twins.

Stuff the main character's do in Casserole EClair's book
  • Clary: Ur my brother??? but I want to fuck u so bad, also I will never be able to have a good relationship with other women cause if they are even slightly prettier than me they are DEAD
  • Jace: I'm just the angsty teen love interest(also ur my sister and i find that rlly hot) and beyond that I barely have any backstory and the stuff I do is confusing unless you read all the books
  • Izzy: I can't wear skirts above my ankle cause I am a PROPER LADY(aka I can't be comfortable in my own skin w/o being slut shamed) I am only written to be the Pretty one and the one that goes around picking up boys left and right(and I'm only 16)
  • Alec: I'm either dying or crying, or having a heated fight with my first ever boyfriend because I will one day die and he won't, can't say much else cause I never get screen time so the Straights can take over, and despite being the first one of the main 5 in a relationship, the first of the 5 to have children, I was not the first of the 5 to get engaged, in fact that was my sister, huh
  • Magnus: I'm being faced with horrible biphobic comments which is straight up abuse, faced with the fact that my boyfriend will die and I won't and will have to move on(But!! At least we have kids that I will be able to remember him by! ..... Except one is mortal and the other is immortal so he'll have to watch his brother die and move on............ and the kids part will make the moving on part even harder............)

@usualchatter: For me, it depends on the book. In the case of Dark Money, I’ve read articles on the subject and am not completely unfamiliar with what’s covered, so I’m not as likely to be dying to know what’s next. Plus, I am NOT a fan of the people being written about…so it’s hard to push myself to keep reading. I read The Heretics and Being Mortal really quickly because I really enjoyed the subject matter! But, in general, a great novel is certainly the easiest to fly through! 😊

@blackfoxrun, this is my second Neil Gaiman book. After The Ocean at the End of the Lane, I went to Half Price Books and picked up this one and The Graveyard Book. So far, I’m enjoying this one. 😊

Chapter 61 Song/Scene for The Show Must Carry On

As some of you may know, there is currently a Carry On fan made musical being written. I am helping with that process, here’s a sneak peak at part of it, for more information visit @carry-on-the-musical.

Chapter 61

CHAPTER 61 SONG AND SCENE (By Cheyenne, aestheticsdan on tumblr)

SIMON is holding BAZ’s face. Both standing, staring at each other, fire surrounding them.

This is what I deserve!

Well, it isn’t what I deserve.

Then go.

*shouting* I’ve never turned my back on you and I’m not starting now!”

*Music starts*

BAZ breaks away from SIMON’s hold to look at audience while singing, SIMON doesn’t move, he is still holding his arms like he was holding BAZ. SIMON is unaware of BAZ singing.

I’m done, i’m done. I’m done with everything
I’m done with Simon fucking Snow, and the way he makes my heart sing.
I’m done with my father’s hateful glances
I’m done Simon’s unrequited romances

I’m done with these horrid fangs and my thirst for blood
I’m never ever going to be my mother’s rose bud.
I’m doing what she would’ve wished if she were still alive
And my last act will be letting Simon Snow survive

*speaking/ mumbling * my whole family will be ashamed

*Singing again*

He’s holding my face and telling me to stay
Thinking because he’s simon bloody snow, he will get his way
He thinks he’ll get whatever he wants if he growls loud
But my mother wouldn’t stand me, and I’m much too proud.


What can I use to spell him away from the fire?
If i succeed maybe my love will finally transpire.
I think I might kiss him before I send him flying
The last thing I’d ever want, is Simon Snow dying

I think I might kiss him, his lips are hanging open
He’s so alive, alive, *shouting* ALIVE, and yet still so broken.
You’re so alive, Simon Snow, you got my share of it.

*Singing again*
I think I might kiss him. I’ve never kissed before
I never wanted to bite anyone I might adore
*slight pause*
I’ve never wanted to kiss anyone BUT him
I won’t bite Simon, or my name isn’t Grimm
Call me Romeo, because with a kiss i’d die
But Simon is still standing there, I can’t believe this guy

*BAZ goes back to where SIMON is standing and resumes the pose they were in before*

I think I WILL kiss him, so at least he knows.
My love for him, his curly hair, and his baggy clothes.
I think I will kiss him, once before I die,
I know it’s cruel to think, but I hope it makes him cry.

*Speaking, to SIMON*


*SIMON kisses BAZ*

SIMON singing

Forget about your mother, she wouldn’t want this
Forget about all the plotting, forget about Nicodemus.
Forget about anything anyone has ever done,
Just keep kissing me
Because this is chapter 61——–

BAZ stands confused at what happened, he touches his lips and freezes. SIMON sings next part, BAZ is unaware of SIMON singing.

I just want him to shut up and stop talking like this
I just want him to follow me. He’s who I want to kiss.

Not Agatha, not Penny, no one but him.
Why did I do that? Just kiss him on a whim?

I just want him back at Watford plotting in our room,
I want to know he’s ok, to snap him out of this gloom

I want to make sure he isn’t hurting anyone,
and no one’s hurting him
I just want to get away from the fire,
Or both our futures look grim.

SIMON freezes looking at audience, BAZ walks downstage next to him. Neither look at each other, only the audience. SIMON is frozen while BAZ sings.

BAZ singing
Forget about my mother, she wouldn’t want this
Forget about all the plotting, forget about Nicodemus.
Forget about anything anyone has ever done,
Just keep kissing me
Because this is chapter 61——–

BAZ singing

His cross rattles in my tongue and jaw
His pulse beats in my throat
His mouth is killing all my thoughts
I’m Kissing Simon Snow

Is this a good kiss?
I guess I wouldn’t know,
His lips are hot, the world is hot
(Loud and excited) I’m kissing Simon Snow.

BAZ freezes, Simon moves again as he sings.

SIMON Singing

Forget about your mother, she wouldn’t want this
Forget about all the plotting, forget about Nicodemus.
Forget about anything anyone has ever done,
Just keep kissing me
Because this is chapter 61——–

SIMON Singing
His mouth is colder than Agatha’s
Is it because he’s a boy?
No, He’s a monster
(Exasperated) I don’t know! Maybe it’s a ploy!

(Speaking, frustrated, confused) He’s not a monster, He’s just a villain. (softly, not frustrated or confused anymore) He’s not a villain. He’s just a boy.
(Sort of excited, in disbelief) I’m kissing a boy. I’m kissing Baz.
(tired, sort of scared, but at the same time hopeful) He’s so cold, and the world is so hot.

SIMON freezes, BAZ moves again

(speaking) I am going to die kissing Simon Snow. Aleister Crowley, I’m living a charmed life.
(Singing softly) Aleister Crowley, I’m living a charmed life.

Both SIMON and BAZ singing

Forget about my (SIMON: your) mother, she wouldn’t want this
Forget about all the plotting, forget about Nicodemus.
Forget about anything anyone has ever done,
Just keep kissing me
Because this is chapter 61——–

BAZ freezes and SIMON moves again.
SIMON sings
If Baz ever thinks I’m letting go, he’s wrong
I like him like this, underneath my thumb
I like being in his arms, I like feeling strong
He’s not off plotting, not off being glum.

(Speaking) I’ve finally got you where I want you.

Both SIMON and BAZ sing

Forget about my (SIMON: your) mother, she wouldn’t want this
Forget about all the plotting, forget about Nicodemus.
Forget about anything anyone has ever done,
Just keep kissing me
Because this is chapter 61——–

BAZ sings
When he pushes me, i just let him go.
I don’t care who dies, I’m too filled with glee
I’m going to die kissing Simon Snow
Simon Snow is going to die kissing me

Both SIMON and BAZ sing

Forget about my (SIMON: your) mother, she wouldn’t want this
Forget about all the plotting, forget about Nicodemus.
Forget about anything anyone has ever done,
Just keep kissing me
Because this is chapter 61——–

*End of music*

BAZ and SIMON stop staring at the audience and stare at each other again. SIMON and BAZ kiss again, longer and more passionate as if they had been kissing through the entire song.

BAZ grabs simon’s shoulders and pushes SIMON off of him.
BAZ reaches into his sleeve and pulls out his wand.
BAZ points his wand at the fire.

(Screaming, hysterical) MAKE A WISH

Some fire half heartedly goes out, then quickly springs back up.

SIMON places both of his hands on BAZ’s chest

(stronger, more determined) MAKE A WISH

Fire dies instantly

BAZ looks down at his feet

SIMON stares at him

(singing softly to himself)
What was that?
Was all he needed a kiss?
(with love, laughing) That brat!
Why am I filled with bliss?

Was that all he needed
to snap out of his suicidal funk
Am I just being conceded
Is this love? Am I drunk?

*End of song*

BAZ pulls down the collar of SIMON’s jumper and yanks the cross necklace off of SIMON’s neck. BAZ tosses the necklace away.

BAZ looks at SIMON,

BAZ touches his own lips and looks at audience.

(to audience) Simon Snow is still going to die kissing me. Just not today

*end of scene*

A Pint-Sized Heartbreaker Part 2

Kazui: *works happily on the assignment the teacher gave which was to draw a picture of something they love or admire about their moms and/or dads; he alternates between talking to himself under his breath and humming snatches of various tunes*

Kazui: La-dee-da…oopsie…but if I use the pink right there…that’s better…la-la-la-dee…

Hibiki: (one of the three male classmates sitting at Kazui’s table): *is the kind of kid that thinks everything is a competition and that those who finish first win, regardless of the quality of work*

Mizuki and Sanae (the two female classmates sitting at Kazui’s table): *are attempting to stay focused on their own pictures, but finding it to be more and more difficult*

Eijun and Aoi (the other two male classmates sitting at Kazui’s table): *don’t even bother to hide the fact that they’re staring at Kazui and Hibiki with their mouths gaping open*

Mr. Tachibana: (the teacher) *hesitates in making his rounds about the room long enough to clap his hands in order to get the children’s attention momentarily*

Mr. Tachibana: Time’s almost up! Just finish up whatever you’re working on at the moment. I’ll let you take it home today if you’re not quite finished and then you can bring it back so I can hang it up tomorrow.

Kazui: *leans back and looks at his picture in satisfaction*

Kazui: Alright! All done!

Hibiki: *slams his crayon on the table and jumps to his feet with his picture raised above his head, yelling over to Mr. Tachibana*

Hibiki: I’m done first! Look at mine, Mr. Tachibana! I’m first!

Mr. Tachibana: *calmly makes his way over to their table*

Mr. Tachibana: I see you are, Hibiki. Would you tell me a bit about your picture?

Hibiki: *looks extremely satisfied with his ‘victory’ and proudly proclaims*

Hibiki: My dad is going to play shortstop for the Japanese baseball team in the next olympics!

All the other students: *stare at Hibiki in awe*

Hibiki: *his chest puffs out a little more as he declares*

Hibiki: My dad is the fastest, strongest player on the team! One time, he even took down two bad guys who stole a lady’s purse all by himself!

Mr. Tachibana: And your mommy?

Hibiki: She’s from America! Where baseball came from!

Mr. Tachibana: That’s very interesting, Hibiki. I like your explanation since it helped me to figure out your picture.

Hibiki’s picture: *looks as though he was starting to draw a decent baseball field, but then started scribbling everywhere in an effort to finish first*

Mr. Tachibana: *turns his attention to the others at the table*

Mr. Tachibana: Anyone else care to share a bit about their picture?

Kazui: *smiles broadly as he politely yet eagerly raises his hand*

Mr. Tachibana: Yes, Kazui?

Kazui: *stands up and proudly displays his picture*

Kazui: My daddy is so strong and he flies around every day saving all kinds of people!

Mr. Tachibana: *not the least bit fazed at Kazui’s statement but speaks in an ‘I-don’t-quite-believe-you-but-I’ll-indulge-you-right-now’ tone*

Mr. Tachibana: What does your daddy do for a living?

Kazui: He works at our clinic!

Mr. Tachibana: So, he’s a doctor of some kind?

Kazui: Yep!

Mr. Tachibana: I see. And your mommy?

Kazui: *his smile becomes even more brilliant*

Kazui: My mommy is the prettiest lady in the world! And the nicest too! She helps my daddy when he works all the time. One time, Daddy told me that Mommy was the princess and we were her knights, but that she wanted to take care of us and not just be saved all the time.

Mr. Tachibana: *has to think for a moment before coming up with some sort of semi-reasonable response*

Mr. Tachibana: So…you love your mommy a lot?

Kazui: Yep! One day, I’m going to marry someone who’s just like her! 

Kazui: *in a more serious tone*

Kazui: Daddy told me that it might take a while, but that I’ll find a girl like Mommy someday. And when I do, I’ll want to protect her and take care of her just like my daddy promised my mommy before they had me.

All the females in the room: *unconsciously and silently sigh as one*

Almost all the males in the room: *are wishing that their dads could fly too*

Mr. Tachibana: *is at a loss for a moment or two as to exactly how he is going to make a smooth transition to the next child’s picture after that declaration*