i am being very patient

Also it’s worth mentioning that I’m not falling to pieces, surprisingly. I’m the best I’ve been in a really long time and I’m surprisingly confident in myself and getting everything done. So the stress is less like fuck me I don’t want to exist stress and a little more like this is an awful lot and I’m having a hell of a time hiking up this mountain stress. The point is– I’m doing really good, I’m just learning how to juggle/balance a lot of things.


Brent Seabrook plays Grand Prize Game with Bozo, and wins some… very interesting prizes 

for my fellow Seabs appreciation club member @keets-blog

Waiting and More Waiting

I expected Pokémon Go to be launched in Chile not long after the first few days. Latin America in general has been hyped for the game. But they kept playing with our hopes for the game. Server issues and releases in other countries. I wouldn’t mind so much if at least they(Niantic) gave an estimate of when the game will be released. But it just breaks my heart to know that countries like Latvia and Cyprus(I wish them good luck on their journeys towards Pokémon Mastership.) have the game already while Latin America doesn’t get anything. Even worse, the fact that the Japan launch has been delayed could mean that Latin America gets the game even later. I started to get ready for Pokémon Go on July 7 since a page hyped us up since and I quote: “Latin American launch is inminent.” It’s July 20 and no sign of the game.

I am not very patient. But what little patience I have is being destroyed by the wait.