i am being lazy with drawing now

Still really sick, but that wont stop me from joining in on some inktober action with @acecakes fusion, Dr. Fright. Ace, if you see this, just know I love your art and I’m sorry for the spam. 


Someone’s in love with our soft boy Yuuri, I wonder who it is…

Small attempt of a comic from a AU of mine. It contains chubby Yuuri and many love letters from a certain Russian exchange student who didn’t pay attention in English class back in Russia and now has to suffer through the consequences of being shit at writing love letters, or English in general.

Yuuri still loves them tho.

Edit: before you ask, yes I did forget to draw his glasses like the idiot that I am : )


waking up to breakfast! with Zen-oppa ❤❤❤

i was thinking to color this, or at least screentone but……im being lazy. 😂😂😂 maybe tomorrow haha just wanna share Zen’s abs (partial) .

i am sick and im drawing Zen, and i feel a lot better now 😎😎😎😁😁😁😂😂😂 bless Zen’s abs!! lol

***used reference for 2nd page..

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DID YOU JUST ASSUME I’M FAT? BY HELLFIRE BE PURGE-sorry, sorry, I couldn’t resist… Now about the question…

Yes, I AM making the next one, it’s just I got out the hospital a few days ago with 4 screws, 2 metal plates, and 11 stitches in my drawing hand and a gypsum over it. I am sorry I’m drawing as fast as I can but it’s… difficult. I didn’t want to post about this, since I don’t want to bring the bad vibes there, but I thought I owe you guys an explanation.

But hey, I’m working on the next one, here is a background I drew for it:

Art Rant

I sometimes worry about the future of Digital art….hear me out a couple of months ago they released this nifty nice website which will automatically color and fill in your line art. Its not perfect but you can even adjust the site’s edits to make it work. Then they released an app that will turn your sketch into a realistic painting. Those are just a couple of things, there still okay because one, they dont create something out of nothing, You still have to submit something to the app to get results. On the other hand how many people will use these sites and apps and claim its 100 percent their own doing? and now I saw a new add for anatomy Photoshop brushes which you can buy. These photoshop brushes give you hundreds of body parts for the male and female mode, in different perspective ways  , so the side, a close up, having the head turned, the arm to the left, walking, ect  which sounds really cool and all but I already know  a lot of people are not going to use these as references. Its pretty darn easy to make a layer above it and just trace over the part….the brushes even advertise themselves that’’’’ Artist will now safe time by cheating ‘’  …if you think I am being negative I kindly remind you of   the Bases-culture on Deviantart. What was first meant to be used as a practicing tool or just used for none-artist to create a character ….which became a common tracing tool where people just googled any sort of empty base, safe it and trace over the base or in some cases just lazy use ms paint to draw on the bases itself. and it has happened so many times not even online I have seen people SELLING base-traced art work in conventions….not only am I worried that this will stunt the growth and development of young artist and their skills but that this will futher create the idea that digital artist are just lazy because its easy. 

[ Okay so! Progress is being made on the comic so no need to worry about that. Today though, I am feeling pretty lazy and have no idea on what to draw. Now I am normally really iffy about this but…I will allow requests. Just for today. Of course it will be of just the characters from this comic, and sfw. But yeah…have at it.

Feel free to ask stuff with Bendy, Felix, Oswald, Mickey, Cuphead, Mugman, Boris, Tilly and Jekia. ]

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Your art is so amazing! Fraxus is my OTP and I LOVE the way you draw them! If you are ever taking requests would you consider doing a sketch of Laxus protecting freed (from anything-like an enemy or even someone hitting on freed aggressively)? Just them being adorable nerds for one another?

Thank you! *v*)/

Okay. I’m going with the ‘someone hitting on Freed’ route bc I am too lazy to think of an enemy hehehee

(also it kinda sucks bc i was rushing bc i was in a hurry for something SORRRYYY)


This is fanart of hiilikedragons’ how to train your dragon hicstrid fanfiction called “Wild Hearts”. I couldn’t resist drawing it! This is hiccup (as what I imagine he looks like, being raised by a dragon and all… ) and behind him… is toothless… where I styled him realistically…. (wtf right?). I’M SUCH A LAZY ASSHOLE. JUST LOOK AT HOW LAZY I AM IN DRAWING HICCUP’S CLOTHES! :‘C …


So I went and did other characters:

- Astrid and Stormfly

- Snotlout and Hookfang

( no ruff and tuff and fishlegs as of now)

I’ve always wanted to stop being the uber lazy person I am and draw a proper FFXIV fanart of my characters. I ended up drawing the female ones only, and I’m not happy with the result orz
But that took me a whole week, so I guess I should be glad that I finished OTL

Characters: Clover Blake (hyur), K’mih Yohko (miqo’te), Nonopi Nopi (lalafell), Yura Hagane (Raen), and Rune Kahkol (Xaela). Oh, and Clover’s staff, who is a character too. (Now I realize that I forgot to draw the cat. orz)


I wanted to draw attention to this performance that moved all the girls to tears…..these three were in the lower half of the rankings and they poured their hearts and souls into writing this song, knowing it might be their last time performing on produce 101. The lyrics are below, please read them to get a glimpse of what some of these trainees go through and support them even beyond the show :’(

[Hwang Ahyoung] What’s my rank? I don’t really care about that…Do I look happy to you? ([All] Do I seem happy)
[Kim Hyeongeun] Why do you judge me from the TV? I don’t really care about that…Do I look happy to you? (Do I seem happy) 

[Kim Minji] Did my eyes bottle up to the sky - I guess so
It seem to be raining a lot, as expected, God knows me
I’m also wearing my Jordans, I’m going to leave now - 
but inside it’s like I’m trapped behind bars. I’ve already packed, actually
I’m sorry, you guys go on up ahead
Alright I know, its because I’ve been really lazy
But I really hate being embarrassed again
The word I hear being aimed at me are drawing a bow at me again… 

[Hwang Ahyoung] I am on the stage for You Seem Happy,
I didn’t even dare to dream of my rank from the first broadcast
After seeing last week’s result , I keep thinking “What am I doing?”
I felt miserable to be honest , I worry every night about my rank falling
My mom, who is worried about me today, don’t. I’m here aren’t I~?
Right now, right here, maybe it’s the last time
But even if today passed by, I will still run towards my dream… 

[Kim Hyeongeun] Produce 101, do I seem happy to you ..? In all your eyes?
This Program that’s making me shed tears and blood soaked effort 
I will now rise from down in the basement up to the ground
Friends that I’ve been practicing with, they’re disappearing before my eyes like 1 2 (3)
One day, I too will also go dark before your eyes 
My fate, even though it’s tied to the public’s click of a finger, it doesn’t stop me

[Kim Hyeongeun] What’s my rank? I don’t really care about that…Do I look happy to you? ([All] Do I seem happy)
[Kim Minji] Why do you judge me from the TV? I don’t really care about that…Do I look happy to you? ([All] Do I seem happy) 

(translation credit @the_kittykat5 on Twitter)

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Part 1. I don't have anyone to talk to about my dreams and aspirations.. because here in my town, in Russia, what I want is a dream of a child that should be long forgotten. But now that I’m 20 years old, I've gathered up some courage and I’ll admit to myself - I love drawing because I've been doing it as long as I can remember and so I wish to come to America where the best animation is made (here it's pretty much dead) and become a storyboard artist..or concept artist or ANYTHING. I want to be

Part 2. .. involved. That’s all I know. But I’m lost. I know you aren’t supposed to know how to solve this, but any kind of advice now would be.. very special to me. Is getting an art degree in a university my only chance? I googled, didn’t help much. Did you get opportunities through tumblr? Should I concentrate on that and put more stuff out? After all, getting noticed online is easier than to expect that I’ve got a place in America..which now seems..unreachable.

Hey there. To be honest, I was thinking a lot about this question, and I’m not sure if I’m the right person to answer it. I am from America, and I recognize the privilege that comes from being born here, especially with regards to certain parts of the entertainment industry. 

I feel like it would be lazy of me to just say something like, “Keep drawing and eventually you’ll achieve your dreams.” A statement like that negates the amount of research that needs to come along with all the drawing. Really, the best advice I can possibly give you is that you need to do your research. I’m talking WAY beyond a simple Google search. You need to dig.

Research the animation industry in Europe, which most definitely exists. America is not the be-all, end-all of animation. Research other artists/illustrators who live overseas. At least 40 of the artists who participated in Ladies of Literature are international–many of them also hail from Europe, and there are tens of thousands more. Research animation schools or trade conventions that may be nearby, and online classes taught by industry professionals. Research online forums or other spaces, like tumblr and twitter, to put up your work, network, and find opportunities. And of course, keep drawing WHILE you’re discovering all this new information. Information is nothing without action.

I totally get how it might seem impossible to break into the industry when you’re so far away from where it’s all happening, but there are ways around it that don’t always involve going to Calarts or whatever big name art school. So many people in the industry got there by taking alternate paths that they had to carve out themselves. It’s scary, and some of it unfortunately comes from luck, but it’s absolutely possible. It’s up to you to find out how and where and what you can do to be ready when the luck hits you.

I hope this was helpful, and I apologize for being a bit vague. If you come off anon and email me, I can try to give you some advice that’s more specific to your work.

EDITED TO ADD: From ribkadory (who is a rad artist!)

Hey anon, i’m from Russia :) there are at least 3 fields you can work at in Russia: animation (Melnitsa or Wizart Animation), game development (tons and tons of companies to choose from), comic books (BUBBLE). It’s not that bad here in Russia (:

i’ve decided that for the time being i’m gonna block any and all evil and traumatic cliffhangers from my memory and compensate by drawing lalondes


MEET PERSODAN ( persocom + Dan = persodan, yeah//slapped ) dont worry Phil, i feel your pain., ;u;

… i should explain, i stumbled upon a phanfiction called Persodan by… err… i forget the url TwT please do speak up whoever you are, i’m sorry i forgot your name… owo;;

anyway! i originally planned to draw separate sketches of just Dan because i wanted to show how his being a Persocom works but i got lazy and well…. i have no idea how i thought making three gifs for this was a good idea to compensate but… … i’ll go now.. OTL

((So this doesn’t have anything to do with undertale, and barely has anything to do with this blog at all but I’ve been staring at my old closet this last week and I want to talk about this.))

((I’ve had people come to me talking about my art, a lot of it has been very kind and I’m grateful for all the compliments, but I’ve also experienced a different kind of comment quite a bit both on this blog and in real life.))

((It’s when people compliment my art while in the process also put themselves down, or express despair in not being “good” or “will never be good”))

((Please, take a look at these drawings that I have kept up on my closet for over 10 years. Under cut, sorry mobile users.))

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Please don’t get the wrong idea..

It’s just..when I’m offline for a few days and open up my inbox afterwards, it’s like:

..I’m reading ALL your messages! And I am always truly happy to receive them!

But I’ll try to answer your questions more and draw some requests now and then. For those, who are giving me encouraging and motivating words and compliments - please know how thankful I am by showering you guys with fanart/ art as often as possible!

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I know Lexa loved Clarke, we could see it clearly, but what about Clarke? I am a Clexa shipper but show me a single moment where Clarke showed any feelings for Lexa, the only thing I remember is Clarke watching the fight and the kiss+ (3x07)

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Lexa saying Polis would change the way she thinks about them and Clarke replying “you already have.” Clarke being heartbroken at Lexa leaving.

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3x03. Clarke not being able to kill Lexa in the knife scene.

3x04. Clarke trying to stop Lexa from fighting and letting slip that “it’s not just about my people.”

This: http://fearwanheda.tumblr.com/post/139192693499/fearwanheda-sure-clarke-you-did-it-for-your

Honestly, the whole ‘for my people’ thing. Clarke watching Lexa fight and being scared shitless that she would die. Clarke gasping painfully every time Lexa got knocked down. Clarke sighing with relief every time Lexa escaped death. Clarke’s face at the end of the fight. This:

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and that moment she literally gets lost in lexa’s eyes but I can’t find the gif for and am too lazy to make one now so if anyone has it it’d be really cool if you added it thx!

and this totally necessary touch:

(gif by @fearwanheda, source: x)

and this longing look when Lexa leaves:

(gif by @fearwanheda, source: x)

Clarke pushing through the crowd to talk to bae one last time:

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3x05. Clarke being all smiles as they were heading to Arkadia. “Lexa and I—.”

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3x06. The drawing, my friend. Clarke being bashful when Lexa sees it because she was drawing Lexa (as Lexa, not as the Commander) for herself. Clarke running to Lexa’s side full of concern and comforting her as soon as Lexa wakes up from the nightmare. The hand on the leg:

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3x07. Besides the obvious ones: Clarke defending Lexa against Octavia. Clarke not wanting to leave Polis (read: Lexa) and finding flimsy excuses to stay. Clarke stressing out when she can’t find Lexa and what if she can’t say goodbye?

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this one is when she first sees Lexa after entering her room to say goodbye and it has a line thing on it but I MEAN COME ON LOOK AT HER EYES AT HER SWALLOWING AT HER PURSING HER LIPS SHE’S LIKE “OMFG LEXA IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND MY HEART JUST SKIPPED A BEAT I LOVE HER SO MUCH”

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oh look I found it SEEEEE, the look of ADORATION in Clarke’s eyes:

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Also, the fact that Clarke stayed in bed with Lexa and spooning her. With Niylah she walked away because obviously it was a one-night stand. But with Lexa she stayed, and she would have stayed longer if not for her duty to her people.

Honestly idk how being a clexa shipper you didn’t see Clarke’s feelings in any of these moments. Either you haven’t been paying attention at all (Alycia is stunning, it’s hard to take our eyes off her, I know, but COME ON), or you’re insulting Eliza’s acting, or you’re actually a Blarker.