i am being lazy as heck

  i know i say this at every milestone but heckity heck i am shook that 5k of you follow me because ??? wow that’s a lot. the past few months on tumblr have been such a fun time and i’d like to thank all of you for sticking with me through thick and thin (srsly tho why didn’t u block me when the furry discourse was a thing?)

i haven’t done one of these since august, so i thought it was time to do a follow forever! everyone on my dash never ceases to brighten my day so i guess this is a shout out to both mutuals and non-mutuals who bless my dash: y’all r cool.

(since many of you (including me) rebranded for the spooky season, this is probs a mess and i still don’t know half ur urls so if i forget you feel free to curse my blog or something) 

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heyyoufriendthere  asked:

CONGRATS! On whatever it is you did. I'm not sure, but the link said you deserved some. Good job bud.

Wait wh–

Anonymous said:Yo, a little Squiggly told me to send some congraduations your way!

said:Congrats on graduating!!!

themarginalartist said:Hey congrats on becoming a graduate! Glad you liked The Devil’s Daydream, consider it a bit of a graduation present :)

Anonymous said:So a lil birdie told me you graduated? Congrats m8!

excalibent said:Re:Re: CONGRADUATIONS! We’re all so proud of you. -Ex ‘Thought you’d get a kick out of this :)’ (More seriously, though, good job. I wish you exceedingly favorable chances.)

Anonymous said:Con-grad-ulations on being a grad student!

i-am-all-love-puns-and-lazy said:HEARD U WERE A GRADUATE SO IM HERE TO SAY CONGRATULATIONS DEAR U MADE IT!!! 🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👍🏻 

Anonymous said:congraduations

gotabonetapick said:Congraduations.



In all seriousness though guys, holy shit. Thank you very much!!

Chise Hatori and Kaneki Ken

My sister has told me for years to catch up with The Ancient Magus Pride since I started to read it, but then stopped for some reason. A few weeks back I finally decided to stop being a lazy fool and continued reading the manga. It glad I did, since the story hooked me in and now I am caught up with the latest chapter. Holy heck it is such a good series!

After reaching the latest chapter, I started to think about Chise`s character and she reminded me of Kaneki in some ways. If these two ever met they would probably relate to each other some way(I think they could have some interesting discussions). Some similarities between the two:

1. Suicidal thoughts

Both have or at least have had self destructive thoughts. Chise had that flashback on the roof and talked about how she did not want to live anymore. Luckily she has found a reason now(or is feeling better at the least) and is surrounded by lots of friends. 

Kaneki has been self destructive for a long while now too, and while some positive progress has been made, he is still struggling to find a reason to live. He is surrounded by people to that care very much about him. I guess these two could understand each other trough this in some way.

2. Shortened life span?

Because of Chise`s nature, she has a much shorter life span that humans. Now that she also has the dragons curse, her life is even more fragile. 

Kaneki`s case is a bit of a mystery, since the manner how Kanou performed the ghoulification surgery to Seidou shortened his life span, but it is unsure if Kanou used the same method with Ken. 

3. Family problems 

Both had a rather rough childhood. Chise saw all kinds of supernatural things starting from an young age, which scared her. Her dad gave her and to her family courage, but after he left things started to fall apart. Chise`s mother became depressed and tried to kill her daughter. She did not do it however, and in the end killed herself. 

Kaneki´s father died when he was young, leaving him with his mother. Kaneki`s mother worked all the time, and it was also revealed that he hit his son too. In the end she died because of overworking, and left his son into the care of her horrible relatives. 

4. Valuing others lives more than their own?

I am not sure if I am right about his point, but I got the feeling from Chise that she values the lives of her friends and family more than she does her own. This in turn is very evident in Kaneki´s character. 


After shit hitting the fan at one point, both have scaly odd hands. I can imagine both of them looking each others hands and be like: “What are those!?”

fadingxstarsx  asked:

I don't know if this is even appropriate to be messaging you but I feel like Tumblr is my only outlet. I just suddenly feel like im tired of living and the thing is I have NO REASON to feel so. I actually am happy with where am I today in life but I just am feeling tired of everything if that makes sense. I am extremely sorry for this depressing message but I felt maybe someone on tumblr might offer a perspective and make me not feel as crazy as I do haha

Anything is appropriate, we don’t have to always chat PLL. When you say that you’re tired of living, that scares me. Please please please take care of yourself and if Tumblr is your only outlet, know that you are loved and respected here. Many people may not realise this, but I get excited when I get new messages. Yes I turn over around 150 to 200 per week, but still, every individual message excites me. So, when I see a new message from you, especially you, a long time follower, I do get excited. Of course I recognise your name when it pops up! I only bring this up because I want to emphasise that you are welcomed, appreciated and well respected here. 

That’s great that you’re happy with where you are in life! I am too. I have great friends, I love what I’m studying, I’ve been going to the gym every day, etc. But you know what, amongst all that, I still understand how you feel. It’s a basic human emotion: laziness. And I don’t say that in a bad way. Everyone gets lazy! It’s totally normal! Honestly, people must be lying if they say they never get lazy. I’m happy with where I am, yet I get lazy everyday! I take shortcuts in things, heck, sometimes I’m too lazy to even go see my friends… an activity that makes me happy. Think about that… sometimes, I’m too lazy to be happy! Actually, perfect example, tonight my friends asked me to go out to dinner with them. I said no, sorry, I already have plans. Truth is, I’ll probably just go to the gym for a bit, come back and relax on the couch. I can’t be bothered! So, I really get you and I think those feelings of being tired of things is normal. You really are not the only one. I still am worried that you say you’re tired of living. Please remember to continue using Tumblr as an outlet. You’re always welcomed and appreciated here and with time, you’ll find more outlets. 

I hope none of this came across as “me me me”. I know I shared a bit about myself, when really this message is about you, but I had to talk about myself to emphasise just how normal those feelings can be. And hopefully, as you say, make you feel less “crazy” (which you’re evidently not)! Always happy to chat more :)


One of the most frequent questions I get is about motivation. How do I stay so motivated all the time?! Truth is, I really don’t, and the past few days I have been feeling very lazy and unmotivated. Just like most people, I get my motivation in bursts - I can exercise for a week straight and feel great but then somehow I lose all my motivation and don’t do anything for another week and the less I do, the less motivated I feel. Today was one of those days - I woke up, it was cold, I didn’t get out of my pajamas, put on three pairs of socks and two jumpers and a scarf (our house has bad heating okay) and all day I spent inside - until an hour ago. I went outside and breathed in fresh air and looked at the sky and I literally thought, what the heck am I doing. Why am I wasting time? Why am I not being productive? I literally FORCED myself to get out of all my 33 layers of clothes and put on active wear and ran out of the house. And let me tell you, as soon as I left my house that feeling of laziness and tiredness and sluggishness disappeared INSTANTLY. I just came back from the best 35 min jog/power walk. I feel the most energized and refreshed than I did for the whole day. Another thing I noticed is how freaking important oxygen is for your SKIN. 35 min walk/jog and my skin is GLOWING like a baby’s bottom. I couldn’t thank myself enough for making this spur of the moment decision which actually turned out to be the highlight of my day.
THINK ABOUT THIS - THE LESS YOU DO, THE LESS MOTIVATED YOU FEEL. Challenge yourself and force yourself to get up, go outside and move! Next time you start feeling that you are losing your motivation, DO IT ALL ANYWAY. Pretend that you still have all the motivation in the world. In fact, when you feel like you are losing motivation - DO MORE (and also may be wear workout clothes as soon as you get out of bed instead of staying in your pj’s)
As soon as I walked in the door I sat down to write this, I guess I am very inspired by how fantastic, refreshed and energetic I am feeling.
I hope someone finds this helpful x

The Filipino Sub Culture of Utang ng Loob and Why I Hate It

Recirprocity is something every Filipino has once upon a time valued.

Doing something good for someone immediately merits a favor in return. Many people call it Bayanihan or the act of helping each other out.

But see, this is a virtue that I find inherently disgusting. Kindness should be given freely, without expecting anything in return. Nation building is an act you do for the mere virtue of the greater (utilitarian perchance) but nevertheless, the ultimately greater good.

The problem with Filipinos is that we are moral egoists. We only do things when we think we can get something of value in return for what we have done, which for me is the height of extremely disgusting behavior.

Doing a kind deed for someone does not merit you a favor from that someone. It does not give you leave to dictate how he or she lives his or her life. On a macro-scale, this is evident in the way politics works, the padron system - you scratch my back, I scratch yours which the most basic of Political Science courses would deem unconstitutional and undemocratic and still is a country that prides itself on constitution and democracy, it is very evident because everyone thinks in the same way, if you do something nice for me, I have to do something nice for you in return.

Now, I have been on many countries and I’ve spent the greater part of my time studying in Singapore where of course I’ve met great friends. On a micro-scale, there is such a distinction between Singaporean kindess and Pinoy kindness. I stayed within a dormitory in the National University and for the first few days of getting lost around campus and struggling with the navigation system, a lot of friends went out of their way to send me back to the University Town Hall. At the beginning I was very awkward. I was not used to kindness so freely given without wanting anything in return, it was just something they did for someone in need, no thanks asked, no favors wanted. They just wanted me to stop apologizing and talk with them as friends. I was a bit culture-shocked in the beginning but eventually I got the hang of it, and i started doing the same thing for them. When I got back and I did favors for people, the system of counting points and check balances befuddled me again. I realized then how annoying that utang na loob sub-culture is, and how it makes everyone think that somehow doing something for other people merits you a right to meddle with their affairs.

If you’re going to help someone do it freely, do it without wanting anything in return. Don’t make it seem as if you are entitled to a free favor. 

This is why I am proud of OTWOL for being able to showcase this particular sub-culture and highlight all of its flaws. 

Jack thinks she’s so entitled to the lives of the OFWs she helped, even going so far as to brag that I helped them, I made you happen, and she has the right to ask a favor from both Leah and Clark to do something for her that would drastically affect their entire lives. I mean for her to tell Clark, no to demand from Clark to do the divorce IMMEDIATELY just because her brainless, entitled son wants it IMMEDIATELY, as if divorce is something so easy especially with immigration breathing down their necks makes me so nauseous. I hate that she feels as if she has a right to how Clark and Leah will live just because she helped them. I won’t begrudge her of the help she did, but in reality in summation wasn’t it Clark and Leah who ultimately made things happen? She was just the help in the start. Clark didn’t even live with her, he had to go to foster homes. She upped and left Leah and Clark in the middle of their immigration process. How then does her slight help merit her a complete rule over something as important as who the heck am I going to marry? Who is she to demand divorce so quickly, without even considering the feelings of both Clark and Leah?

Helping is one thing, controlling lives of innocent people and using utang na loob as emotional blackmail is another.

DO not even get me started on Jiggs.

Excuse my French, but who the fuck does he think he is? What right has he to demand things of Clark and Leah? He never did anything for them aside from being a big pain in the butt, whiny assed, lazy assed, ugly assed, ass hole. And now he’s suddenly demanding that Clark and Leah bow down to his spoiled little bitch boy wishes? 

This is not just an exemplification of utang na loob but the extension of the utang na loob culture. If the parents help you, somehow your debt extends to the children even if they’re basically useless pieces of trash. Why is it only Clark that has to bear the brunt of keeping the family together? Why can’t Jiggs for once grow the fuck up and stop being such an asshole? Why does the one family member have to give way for the joy of others? From what I’ve seen that is not how family works. Somehow they’re laying out Clark for sacrifice when out of all of them he suffered most, and he most certainly doesn’t owe Jiggs anything.

So I love and hate the show. Love it because it managed to highlight, in a story beloved by all, an innate societal flaw in the Filipino culture and I hope it somehow resounds in all of us. Let’s stop counting kindness. Be kind to someone because it is the right thing to do, not because it would entitle you to something.

Let us all stop feeling like entitled assholes please. 

i feel like i spend 75% of my life just laying in bed doing homework/reading/drawing, & it feels really unproductive and lazy and indulgent for me to lay in bed so much. but im so relaxed and happy just doing peaceful quiet things !!! ive spent my whole life running all over the place and being Aggressively Social, & dont get me wrong, im still a social butterfly & the loudest of all the extroverts, but i just wanna get good at hanging out by myself sometimes. also, every time i feel guilty about being unproductive & lazy: what the heck am i even supposed to be producing? money? academic papers? why cant i just produce some peace of mind instead.