i am basically made of excitement

  • Destiny Player: Man, I'm so excited for Destiny 2! I love all of the changes they made and I'm so compelled by the story they have presented to us so far!
  • Some fuck from reddit: Uh, don't you mean Destiny 1.5? It's basically glorified DLC. We still don't know what the Traveler is, but at least the reveal trailer had more story than the original Destiny am I right? Anyway, I'm gonna shit all over this thing you enjoy now

Do you know what I will always be bitter about from the waste that was TW?

That in order to give us cheap escalating horror and tragedy, they never let us saw the smallest things about the day to day life in the Pack.

Like what waitresses think when they see this mismatch group of beautiful people cram into the booth of their dinner at 3AM,  clothes half torn up and smiling like crazy people. Do they think they are a kinky sex club? Do they think they are actors in a horror movie on a break? Do they just don’t bat an eye because they have seen so much worse (and they are polite and give good tips?)

Or what shopping is life as a werewolf. Are you able to smell if a fruit is ripe? are there security footage of Derek helping an old lady chose the right watermelon somewhere?

Where is my boy scout type moment, with Derek trying to teach as many things as he can about surviving into the woods? Where is my “don’t fuck with boar. Seriously don’t do it. You are a werewolf but they are boars, if you see one just climb a tree for fuck sake, don’t be a hero”. Where is my Scott and Jackson fighting about a type a moss and what it means.

Where are my “craming for exams” night, with lot of junk food, Lydia looking vaguely condescendant, and Derek not understanding why they are highschoolers spilled all over his floor? (but looking secretly pleased about it)

Or the pack reaction the first time they saw Derek hale in a suit (because damn).  Lydia would sigh happily (because she totally chose the suit and she’s the best), Erica would stay silent and poker face and take so much pictures with her phone it’s basically a movie, Jackson would grumble something, kira would be all excited, etc…

(Stiles would totally screech and nope right out of the door in self defense, let’s be honest)

I just… I miss the little things that would have been (even if it made me love the fandom that much more)

The Mean Marquis

Lafayette x Reader

Note: So @a-schuylerr made a post about different Lafayette fic scenarios they would like to see and I got inspired. Thank you to @thatoneimaginesblog for being my proofreader and for putting up with me spamming you with my process on this fic. This is my longest fic and I am really excited for you to read it!

Warning: smut and that’s basically it

Word Count: 7,204 ( I expected it to be long just not this long)

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When your father first announced that you were to marry a French nobleman in just over a month, you felt as if your throat had fallen into your stomach. You were angry and shocked, so angry that you could hardly form a sentence before you stormed off.

That was three days ago, your anger had subsided and left you feeling worried. Worried about the man you were going to be married to. He wasn’t just any old French nobleman he was the Marquis de Lafayette, more affectionately known as the “Mean Marquis”. You’d heard stories about him about his ruthless and cold nature when it came to business. You had also heard about how popular he was with women, and that he was always surrounded by them.

“It’s just not fair!” you yell. You’d walked far enough away from you family’s home that you know you can speak without being heard. “I don’t even know him why should I marry him?” you groan as you sink to your knees.

You take a deep breath as you feel yourself start to panic. How on earth is he going to treat me? You wonder. After everything you’ve heard about him, the best you can hope for is that he will ignore you. He will probably give you a child or two but for the most part, just forget you even exist.

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NCT 127 reaction to their S/O accidentally getting hurt by another member


Anon: can i pls have what nct 127 would do if u accidently got hurt by another member!

Here you go love! I hope you like this! I also just wanna add that I don’t think any of them would be mad or upset if you got hurt and wouldn’t hold it against the member if it did happen. This is purely just made-up for entertainment purposes :-)

Also I am aware that this is crap - please bear with me lmao I haven’t got time to write anything good so I’m posting this random draft lmao  

ALSO LMAO SORRY OKAY I’m sorry about what’s been happening lately jdjebdbkendjejdj let’s just move on lmao❣️❣️❣️

Scenario: You were play fighting with (other member) in the dorms after they had come from practice. Your relationship with (other member) was a very teasing and playful one, so play fights like these were common and basically the norm. However, (other member) was a little too excited after practice, accidentally elbowing you in the nose, causing a stream of blood to start running down your face…


Originally posted by taei

Like Taeyong, he’d feel a little jealous about how relaxed and playful you were Doyoung. Of course, you two had a bff-like relationship but that didn’t stop from him from feeling slightly left out. He wouldn’t want to be around you two whilst you were play fighting, just in case he got a little too annoyed. He wouldn’t be there when Doyoung accidentally hurt you, just walking back in a couple of hours later to find you on the couch, an ice pack to your nose. He’d feel a little smug actually, but also openly irritated at Doyoung. He now had a reason and excuse to use against Doyoung in the future.


Originally posted by nct127

“Jagiya! My baby! Yuta! What have you done, you fool! Hey, don’t touch her. Go to the kitchen. Calm down will you?!” Johnny would definitely take this to heart, more than you. His caring side would suddenly take over, and he’d rush to your side, pressing his sleeve to your nose to suppress the blood flow. He didn’t usually mind if the other members were excitable or if they hurt each other, but if you were involved and got hurt, he’d defiantly be annoyed.


Originally posted by teeuai

I see Taeyong as being quite insecure and jealous in a relationship ,so I don’t think he’d like the fact you were play fighting and close with Jaehyun in the first place. He’d always make sure he was close by, just in case the younger boy tried something. When he returned from the bathroom to find you with a bloody nose and an apologetic Jaehyun, his fists would clench in anger. “Jaehyun!” He’d bark. “Get away from her, you hear me? Y/N, you shouldn’t hang around him so casually again, okay?” He would forgive Jae though and help you too dw he’s not cruel like that


Originally posted by nctinfo

He’d have mixed feelings on your friendship with Taeyong. On the one hand, he liked how you found a friend in someone he admired as a leader and that you could related to him so easily. But, on the other hand, he felt a tad jealous about how you gushed about him sometimes. Regardless, he’d let you two get on and playfight. He wouldn’t be in the dorms when it happened. Probably writing some music with Mark and Taeil, when he got a text from Taeyong saying that you needed some medication and snacks because he had accidentally hit you. Of course, he would, buying all your favorite snacks and medicine, probably ranting a bit at Taeyong for hitting you too.


Originally posted by nctinfo

Doyoung would be the opposite of Taeyong and Taeil. He trusted you a lot and he trusted Johnny to know that nothing would happen between the pair of you. He’d be reading or writing in the bedroom, when he heard a light knock n the door from Johnny. “You okay, Johnny?” “Uh, yes… I am…it’s just, Y/N. I may have accidentlyhitherinthenoseandknowshesbleedingalotimreallysorryleasedonthatemeokayplease?” “What?” Dropping his book, he’d walk to you slouched on the sofa, surrounding by the other members, immediately pulling you away and to the kitchen to nurse you awe


Originally posted by shutupxiumin

He’d probably laugh seeing you and Mark rolling on the fall, laughing lightly together. To be honest, he’d probably encourage and cheer you on, he’d like seeing you get all feisty and confident, since you were normally quite dainty and quiet around him. When suddenly Mark and you stopped playing, Mark crouched over you in concern, Jaehyun wouldn’t know what had happened, probably still cheering you on. Upon seeing your red and blotched face, he’d rush to the kitchen for an ice pack and towel, to help you clean up.


Originally posted by nct-china-line

WinWin would love your relationship with Haechan. You were like siblings, separated at birth. He watch you two lovingly with the other members, as you two were play fighting. The other members would be cheering you on, betting on who would win. Very quickly, though, you were crying, with a bloody nose and blotchy red face, embarrassed to be seen in such a state. WinWin would pick you up bridal style, bringing you to his bunkbed. He’d have you sit in his lap, as he wiped your face with wipe, stroking your hair in attempt to calm you and reassure you that no one was judging you


Originally posted by neotechs

Mark wouldn’t think much of your relationship with Taeil. He wasn’t that interested or disheartened by it, just happy that everyone was getting along with each other. But, when he saw you running to him in the kitchen, blood dripping from your face, he’d get angry, yelling at Taeil for hurting his love, as he held you tightly to his chest. The other members would try to calm him down but it’d just fail, so they left you two be, retreating to the bedrooms. Now alone, he’d apologise to you for getting loud and angry and also immediately regret cursing at the oldest member, suddenly turning very gentle and soft. He’d dab your face softly with wet wipes and make you food to forget the pain.


Originally posted by nakamotens

Haechan wouldn’t know how to help you after he saw how WinWin accidentally elbowed you in the nose. WinWin would be apologising to both of you like crazy, and probably assumed that Haechan was pissed when he didn’t say anything, leaving immediately afterwards. You’d end up looking at yourself by yourself, while Haechan watched you basically learning what to do so he could help you again if need be. Afterwards, he’d take you out though, to see you smile naturally again, taking you out to buy lots of food and drinks.

it is honestly hilarious reading reviews of american gods written by people who clearly have not read the book cos they’re all like “WHAT THE FJKNH THIS IS SO RANDOM WHOM IS EVEN HAPPENING??!!! not true television!! i am going to tell my father about this!!!” and then there are the reviews written by people who’ve read the book that are basically just like “bOI!!! u jUST WAIT!!” it is just so much more exciting to watch when you’ve read the book just cos you get to appreciate the aesthetics of the interpretation more when you aren’t distracted trying to connect the dots

meganmazing  asked:

I've never been a fan of 1D, but you've been so hyped about the new Harry Styles song so I folded and listened to it and holy shit? I felt like crying? Basically, bless you. I hope you have a wonderful day <3

Ahhhh, @meganmazing that’s so exciting!!!! SO exciting!! Thank you for giving it a chance, I’m so glad you like it!! Isn’t it beautiful??? His voice is so amazing and robust and strong and he has so much range and puts so much feeling into it. I am just….really really into this song!

Let’s listen again, shall we?

Or on spotify!!

And we’re getting another new song tonight???!!! He’s performing on SNL!!! It’s on at 11:30 EST (find out when that is for you here!) and streaming live on youtube!! He’s going to do Sign of the Times live and something else, and he is amazing on stage, and just….I AM SO EXCITE

novapolkon  asked:

Hey Miss Izzy, I was wondering when we can expect to see your lovely face on the YouTube? I do recall you mentioning the plans for a new channel; and if you were to go through with it, what would you do content-wise?

I had originally planned a new launch for the channel in January around my birthday. But I’m a horrible judge of my own skill. Currently, I’m developing a show for the Yo Mama channel; Bro Tips;

That is eating up most of my time as of now. 


I am working slowly on making a cute ass rig of Izzy. My new channel will be kind of like Cartoon Planet with static poses, but I believe I can also have decently animated mouth flaps too. I’m gonna make a handful of camera angles to make sure things are interesting.

And Izzy will be as a friend dubbed it, a “Marooned Cartoon”. She will basically be stranded on a small island with a tv made of sand and glass. The macgyvered TV will be the reason for the filters on the footage to help mask content ID. 

I’m pretty excited, its just a lot of work! 

Destiny 2: First Impressions

The following is a breakdown of my first impressions of D2 following the reveal - both what I’m excited about, and what has me a little worried. Before I start, keep in mind that the limited content that has been shown so far is likely not the finished product. With months to go before the game releases, it’s very likely that changes will be made. If you’d like to see my notes from the reveal stream, please click here.

What has me excited


First, I am at this point far more excited about the PvE experience than I am about the Crucible. Of course, I am not a competitive player, but some of the suggestions made in the Bungie reveal have me salivating. 

One, larger world maps. Exploring in Destiny 1 has often felt to me like a bit of a chore .Some of the areas (particularly the Vault of Glass and maybe parts of the Dreadnaught) are beautiful and fascinating, so the promise of being able to dig deeper into environments and unlock secrets - presumably that have to do with the world at large - has me salivating. 

It’s no secret that I love the game lore, and one of the things I have always disliked about D1 is the necessity of experiencing the gameworld in two distinct ways: first, through what you see, and second, in the unattached Grimoire. Destiny 1 has beautiful environments that nevertheless sometimes make you feel as though you have to try to involve yourself in the world, rather than letting it happen organically. I’m excited at the prospect of this - hopefully - changing.

I’m also looking forward to more interactions with NPC’s. That includes both the simple act of talking to them, but more importantly, the potential of side quests that allow us to, again, learn more about the world and the people who inhabit it. One of my favorite parts of the original D2 “Rally the Troops” release trailer comes when we see a small child helping a Hunter from the rubble. This is an aspect that I felt was lacking in D1: a sense of where the Guardians truly fit in the world, a sense of empathy, and a feeling of connection to the environment aside from just looking around and saying “Wow, but so what?” If the Bungie reveal stream is to be believed, learning where we stand is a large part of the D2 campaign.

From the strike gameplay that has been released, those environments look gorgeous. We’ve only seen gameplay from Nessus (the new “Inverted Spire” strike) and Earth (the Crucible), but the teaser shots of Io and Titan showed in the reveal stream looked equally compelling. D1 communicated a sense of wonder, but it’s a palpable sense of discovery that I’m looking forward to most. Also, the prospect of in-game lore is very interesting, and I’ll be excited to see if and how they’ve achieved it.

Most importantly, I am both looking forward to and dreading the continuation of the Destiny story. Only after Taken King did I start to think that perhaps Bungie had really established a story worth telling and worth experiencing, and they did so at the expense of a mind-boggling number of loose ends. I don’t need or expect resolution from D2, but I do expect that they learn from D1 and fulfill some of the very, very wide-ranging promises that D1 started to make. I do enjoy putting together the puzzles contained within the Grimoire, but that is a different feeling from giving yourself up to a story, and I hope that D2 can provide us with both experiences.

Part of what has tempered my expectations about the D2 story has been what I view as the tightly wrapped-up storylines we saw over the last quarter: the end of Rezyl Azzir, SIVA and the Iron Lords; a part of me feels that some of the story was seen as too difficult or too convoluted based on rewrites, and was instead given a nice little bow so that writers could, for the time being at least, wipe their hands of the issues they’d created. Although that’s a pessimistic view of things, I do very much want to feel as though I’m part of a story that spans both galaxies and eons, rather than as though I’m grasping at straws or being presented with trite narrative.

What has me dubious


I’m leery of the class and ability changes, and to some extent, of the gameplay itself. I admit that this is both premature and unfair, as what we’ve seen is both an early build and is played by completely green players. I’ll wait for the Beta to draw any near-conclusions, but for now I have several concerns.

What has me potentially most concerned is the player movement. By all accounts, movement and movement speed has been “toned down.” To build on the section above, one of the things I loved about Destiny was how important movement was to the game - both in PvP, but in the PvE as well. I truly hope that the name gameplay doesn’t take away the greasiness - for lack of a better word - that made Hunter jumps, Warlock surfing, and Titan skating so satisfying purely in itself.

Beyond that, the strike gameplay itself has me concerned that we haven’t totally escaped the “Bullet Sponge Boss” feature that plagued (I think it plagued) Destiny 1. Despite some new-ish mechanics that were shown, what I still see is dumping thousands of bullets into a big bad robot. That doesn’t excite me, not nearly as much as the world that fight is happening in.


I am not excited by the move to 4v4. I am certain that this is, in terms of eSports, a very good idea, but as a proud casual player (in other words, the 99%), one of the reasons I like D1′s admittedly unbalance-able Crucible is that I can pick between more competitive game modes like doubles or skirmish, or I can jump into control for a mostly stress-free way to experiment with new weapons without having to worry or care about team play or much of anything at all. Granted, we have only seen one game mode, and one map, but based on what was said I would have much, much preferred to see variation in both team sizes and in their respective map sizes. I’m willing to wait to hear more, and I’m sure I’ll play it anyway.

Secondly, the gameplay itself seems to have been - I’m not sure if simplified is the right term, but perhaps stripped of some of the individuality that I think made D1′s Crucible compelling. What we’ve seen so far - with timed cooldown abilities, power weapons, and smaller, more focused maps - reminds me more of Halo, or of, as True Vanguard puts it, an ‘Arena Shooter.’ In this video, he also makes reference to the use of CS:GO as a point of inspiration. Again, I find this disturbing because of Destiny 1′s very fun movement abilities. My personal wishlist for D2 involved more verticality on maps, so that players could make use of those movement abilities, rather than less, as was shown in the ‘Midtown’ map. I worry that D2 will be more in line with other competitive shooters, rather than standing alone. 

Third, I think the general trend of (apparently) building PvP around the competitive scene is likely good for the life of the game, good for Bungie, and more importantly good for the franchise’s budget and life cycle. However, I am very concerned that they’ll lose the accessibility of the D1 Crucible. I was not an console FPS player before D1, and it’s the first game that I’ve played in which I feel good about having 1) had the guts to even duck into the Crucible, and 2) having improved as much as I have (I’m still garbage, but that’s fine). I don’t want to lose that sense of “fun” that admittedly accompanies some of D1′s in[s]ane gameplay.

I have no opinion so far on the changes to weapon loadouts. Luke Smith declared that these changes were made to give players more flexibility in how they play the game, and ultimately I’m hoping that’s true. This is, in fact, something that concerns me: I appreciated that D1 builds, although very basic, could to some extent be tailored around playstyle. With the apparent removal of Strength, Discipline, and Intellect, I don’t want to sacrifice fun and flexibility for balance. I feel similarly about weapon loadouts, and fear that what we’ve seen of the gameplay represents a bit of a return to Halo, rather than an extension of Destiny’s possibilities.

It should be no surprise that I am very, very excited to get my hands on the game. Destiny 2 looks, to me, like a true sequel to Destiny 1: an expansion upon and iteration of the themes and features found in Destiny, with a focus on making the game more pleasurable in all ways, be they story-, PvE-, or PvP-related. I don’t need or want a reimagining or reboot of the Destiny series, and part of me is okay with the fact that Destiny 2 may be, when all is said and done, the game that D1 should have been. As long as there are Worms and Ahamkara, I’ll be happy.


Back to school in two days and I can’t be more excited!!!! Honestly, the last time I was this excited to go back to school was in my third year in high school. Now as I am entering my third year in university, four years after, I’m feeling it again. Maybe there’s just something about third years. Haha. Anyway, here’s a little something from my first semester last year!

This is an 8-page bullet reviewer from my HST 201B (Mainland Southeast Asia) class about the country of Laos. Basically, I annotated and highlighted a lot which made it easier for me to understand everything. I don’t really do this to other subjects/courses (forgive my bias) as I take my history classes VERY seriously for everything about history will always be my favorite subject. 


  1. ANNOTATIONS & HIGHLIGHTS: I printed the reviewer with a 4-inch (not sure) margin on the left side which is where I will place details about the bullets. For example, the first bullet states “LDR: The Lao People’s Democratic Republic”, and what I’ll do is highlight the main point which is “Lao People’s Democratic Republic” and put what it’s about on the left side of it. In this case, the answer is “Official name”. So if I decide to test my self, I will simply cover the right portion and try to answer them myself.
  2. COLORFUL POST-ITS: As you can see I placed colorful post-its for mnemonics or figures or additional info about the bullet. For example, the second bullet states the countries that share borders with Laos which are Thailand, Burma, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. So I put a small post-it underneath and place the first letters of the countries– “T-B-Ch-V-Ca” for easier memorization.
  3. YELLOW POST-ITS: I put those yellow post-its at the bottom right part of the reviewers labeled as “POINTS TO REMEMBER” to put anything that I think would be significant answers on the exam in that particular page. They could be people, dates, doctrines/treaties, etc.
  4. VOCABULARY: I basically underline (with a black pen or any pen) a word that I don’t understand and put its meaning beside it.

Color-coding content:

  • ANNOTATIONS & HIGHLIGHTS: I use two colors to highlight the bullets. Nothing is color-coded because I just want to use them alternately so that words would be easier to find and the reviewer won’t look like a coloring book. As for the annotations, two colored pens were used as well, which were then partnered with a corresponding highlighter. 
    • yellow highlighter on the right side, blue pen on the annotations on the left side
    • orange highlighter on the right, green pen on the left
    • black for the chapter/titles and vocabulary
  • COLORFUL POST-ITS (mnemonics):
    • pink for mnemonics
    • green for figures (land area, population, stats, etc.)
    • blue for other/additional info
  • YELLOW POST-ITS (important terms):
    • green for general state description/events
    • blue for politics
    • orange for places
    • violet for important people

That’s it! This is how it works for me but I’m pretty sure it looks messy for others. Anyway, it’s been a while since I posted so I wanted to share this, and if it helped/something isn’t clear, just let me know


P.S. They have captions.

So after reading the JDM/NR interview, I’m going to give my two cents on it. Some of you might disagree with what I say, but that’s okay b/c we all have our own opinions and we are civil about it… b/c we’re the sane ones :p

1) JDM

I know I’m not the only one who thinks that what he said was actually very thoughtful. It was so much better than what we had to deal with yesterday *cough* Josh *cough*

How he described Caryl basically highlighted every aspect of a ‘healthy relationship’, which is a mixture of a nuturing relationship with friendship and sexual tension. To him, even though they haven’t actually made the jump, Caryl is still a lovely thing to watch. I for one was very happy with what he said. 

2) NR

I am very happy that he did acknowledge how strong their relationship is, and how excited he gets to work with Melissa and how lucky he is to have scenes with her (McReedus cuteness!). Plus my favorite quite: “As far as romances go, he already has a relationship with Carol.”… *squeals*

It’s nice for him to reiterate that there is a possibility of a romance between them since they already have a strong relationship. Now here’s where you might disagree with me. 

When he said that Caryl had become such a larger than life thing that he was kind of afraid to mess with it, I honestly didn’t blame him for feeling nervous, and here’s why:

These past few weeks are a prime example as to how easily this fandom jumps to conclusions on spoilers or comments. I’m not saying we’re at fault, for we should be allowed a bit of leeway for reacting… It’s been 7 long seasons and TWD made us so distrustful, so naturally we have a short fuse for anything negative against Caryl. 

At the same time, the haters have been in full force these past few weeks, and of course certain comments from cast members don’t help with those trolls. The fandom is practically alive with reactions right now towards either anything that’s tied to Caryl (good or bad) or what happens in Norman’s life… unfortunately. 

We just need to understand that due to our patience wearing thin, we are nearly demanding more unambiguous answers from NR as well as anyone else who’s willing to comment from the show. Added to the fact that we’re fighting against ageist assholes, we’re begging for NR or anyone close by to debunk that idea that Carol has a mother/son bond with Daryl. 

So when NR continues to give us vague answers, like in this interview, we get pissed off at him very quickly.

My point is, NR was mentioning how people freak out when nothing happens and freak out when something does happen. He knows there’s going to be a big reaction to Caryl going canon, and so naturally, he’s nervous. I do actually understand his anxiety because with how nuts the fandom (both the good guys and the trolls) can be, especially recently, then yeah it would be a little nerve wracking to see both sides of it explode. 

Hell, it might turn into a war with us defending our new ship and the two actors against the haters that’ve come out of their crypts.

Knowing how much he adores Mel, he might even be hesitant to approach Caryl b/c he knows the hate will most likely rise with the celebrations for both of them. And remember this, anytime Norman is tied to a member of the opposite sex, no matter who she is, there are crazy fans that troll her and threaten her for being with him, and that’s been happening before the DK shenanigans (it’s worse with her I know but still). It doesn’t matter if it’s just for a tv show. They know Mel means a lot to Norman, and so for Caryl to go canon, unfortunately the hate would most likely rise for her since her character’s paired with him. So he might be nervous for her.

Now please keep in mind I’m not saying it’s a good excuse to avoid the Caryl situation, but I do at least understand the anxiety behind it. Would it be nice for him to directly shut down the stupidity that is the mother/son bond and defend Melissa? HELL YES! But we have absolutely no clue of what’s going on behind the scenes. 

Maybe he didn’t realize his choice of words would fuel the fire, maybe amc continues to tell him to play it dumb in regards to Caryl b/c they want to make it a surprise canon moment *smh*, maybe he’s not even aware at how bad the mother/son crap is… or maybe he realized his mistake but never said anything b/c Mel didn’t want him to for she didn’t want him to confront the negativity… we just don’t know.

I am a Melissa fan first and foremost, but I have complete faith that Norman’s reasoning for being hesitant to make the step has nothing to do with self representation, b/c despite his people pleasing tendencies, he cares deeply for Melissa, and he’s often said he’d be lucky if it happens. 

Just my two cents… don’t bite me :p

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UF, US and SF skelebrothers reactions to one day when they relaxing their S/O jumps from the air vent above, lands in front of them, then points at them and yells "ARE YOU READY FOR AN ADVENTURE!?!" (Saying yes will result in an adventure with S/O)

Red:  His arms fly up in surprise and he jumps a foot in the air.  “ADKFHADKSFADS!!!”  He almost has a heart attack, which is saying a lot for a skeleton.  He’s not going on an adventure, he needs to sit down for a minute.  Look babe, this is cute and all, but- hey, how did you even get in the vent in the first place?  He knows for a fact that they aren’t made to support the weight of a human.

Edge:  He double takes, brows rising.  Honestly he’s impressed.  You actually managed to get the drop on him.  That is some very impressive stealth!  “… WHAT.  AL… ALRIGHT?”  He is dragged into their adventure, and basically ensures things go wrong in the best possible ways.

Blue:  “YES I AM!!”  Blue is so excited he’s actually vibrating a little.  He’s already up, he’s ready, let’s go, adventure awaits.  He probably has a little kit in his closet at all times for impromptu adventures. 

Honey:  “hey, bud.”  He doesn’t even look phased.  “an adventure, huh…?  ok, where we headed?”

Black:  “AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhh….  HUMAN!  DO NOT STARTLE ME LIKE THAT!  I COULD HAVE KILLED YOU!  BUT… IT IS A TEMPTING OFFER.  YES, LOVE, I AM READY FOR AN ADVENTURE!!!”  If you tell anybody that he jumped almost as high as Red he’ll get pissy.

Puppy:  When you jump out at him he just flinches a little, startled.  He actually wants to know what he’s getting into before running in head first, asking what kind of adventure you have in mind.  Whatever you answer there’s a fairly good chance he’ll say yes anyway; unless it’s exceedingly dangerous, and even then… well he has an inkling you’ll do it anyway.  Better for him to be with you and plan accordingly.  And yes, there will be a plan.  He’s like an endeared and exasperated old guard dog, plodding after you with a dry but indulgent smile.

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Thank you!!!! I'll read it as a bedtime story later today. God (or you know, whatever you believe in) bless your soul I have been SO annoyed with Clarke's friends basically being part of Clexa relationships in almost every fic and Lexa kind of being shown as less important when they should at least be equal so I am so excited to read this!!!!!!!!!!

You must not have been around here for my nightly rants about how fucking annoying Clarke’s friends are in fics. I went off about it. And I will say while this is a clexa fic, Clarke is definitely more of the main focus but the relationship itself is really balanced. There’s definitely a lot of back and forth.

Anyways I made this list for Danny because he was having the same problem and I’m just gonna repost it here because that post is super long because of some prior conversations on it.

Here’s some of my favorite modern aus that weren’t annoying and other than the first they’re in no particlar order

beat the devil’s tattoo by isawet < this is probably my favorite modern au ever written the characterization the story, everything about it is fantastic, and it has side ranya

don’t wanna be your girl by faithtastic

in love and war and politics by centuriesofexistence

The Favor by Tabitha Craft

RED by TheRegalist

Peripeteia by HoodieHeda

it’s called contraband for a reason by coldmackerel

the business of caring by coldmackerel

i’d give up forever to touch you by geralehane

Something Suspiciously Close to Hope by hedaswolf (thebaddestwolf

Our Hearts (Have Minds Of Their Own) by EffortlesslyOpulent

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i mean i get where you're coming from when you say this vid felt forced but think about how far they've come? and i think dizzy made the point about how they never used to have such sexual humor with each other and now it's just their normal? isn't that exciting??

hahah i’m definitely aware of how far they’ve come and am endlessly excited about it. i think i have written about that progression in some form or another in basically every post about a video i’ve done in the last few months? but there are certain times when their own self-awareness about specific jokes or gags can make a video a bit uninteresting to watch. i mean look at something like the most recent golf with friends. it’s full of sexual humor that they aim at each other from start to finish and it was so funny and pleasant to watch, at least for me, purely bc they lacked that element of over-production and self-awareness. it felt very much like an approximation of how their natural banter/flirting must play out in real life. same with pretty much every video they’ve put out in the last few months to be honest! even on their main channels–pastel edits for example was one that so easily could’ve felt forced/unentertaining since it was quite literally them fulfilling a super popular fan fantasy/request. and although it did feel a little bit uncomfortable in some places (mostly when dan kept making exasperated comments about how dumb the video concept was) it was so clear that they were having fun with it and, yes, sexualizing it (dan making comments about wanting to tattoo phil’s penis or ass, the “strapping me up” thing when phil was helping him w his overalls, phil taking off his pants on camera and then moving but still remaining in full view of dan, etc.) but doing so completely on their own terms and seemingly organically. i think the reason the humor in this one felt much less exciting and in fact a little stale was bc it felt like they were trying to live up to a standard they’d already set for themselves in previous videos and it just didn’t work as well, didn’t feel as real i suppose, and felt much more like a performance (sexually charged or otherwise) rather than an organic 20 mins of dnp banting and flirting in their kitchen. which, as i said before, is okay and understandable. this is their job and they’re not always gonna be in the mindset to be that natural–in fact (and returning to your original point and dizzy’s as well) it’s only quite recently that we’ve started to expect that relaxed demeanor as their norm. 

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OK I see in Three Words where Scully might be mouthing "It's yours." That was awesome! Thanks for mentioning that! Where in Fight The Future does Mulder say I love you?

OK: I’m DYING about this post I made coming back after like, almost 2 years! I made it right after I discovered the X-Files fandom on Tumblr (and tumblr in general) and I was so excited that this was basically me:

Originally posted by just-for-grins

This post is so damn giddy and embarrassing but it’s reminding me of that enthusiasm (also Pre-learning that almost everyone hates IWTB–I didn’t at this point) and I am living! LOL

As per Scully: I actually did a blind test where I showed my husband and 2 other girlfriends who do not watch the show those few seconds and only those few seconds. Each one easily identified the words “It’s yours.” Now whether that was Gillian or Scully, scripted or not, she says it and no one can convince me otherwise.

The rest of the quotes are definitely open to interpretation. In Fight the Future, Mulder shakes his head quickly and mutters something immediately after Scully says, “I had you big time.” I’ll leave that one up you to decide ;). 

Additionally: These 2 other secret-words-happy-little-head-canons came to my attention after this post and they could be (in my mind are) more Mulder ‘I love you’ s:


And Deadalive:

Conspiracies within conspiracies, I tell you. 

Is This Even Real?-Isaac Lahey

Teen Wolf Imagine:#9 Prompt:#84

Word Count:2,663

Warnings: NSFW (I would say that you shouldn’t read this unless you’re 18 but you won’t listen so I won’t say it), Oral (female receiving), Unprotected sex (condoms are cheaper than babies and STDs)

A/n: Characters are at least 18 years old. This is my first time writing any sort of smut so I don’t know that it will be any good. Also I’ve had very little sexual experience so I also don’t know how accurate it will be I’m kind of just going off smut that I’ve read and porn that I’ve watched so this could be interesting. * I would like to say that getting two people undressed is way way WAY harder than I had originally anticipated *


Coming Soon


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It’s been a really long week and I am so excited that the weekend is here!! I started it off with a room change so I’m now on the west side of the hotel which means I can see the mountains from my window so basically I’m in love
Also I did a GO leg work out, an ab workout, and ran a couple miles. It was tough but a little bit easier than yesterday! I was able to bump my running portions up to .75 instead of .5 so that’s progress! I’m trying to focus on the scenery and the experience and everything else. Being able to run a lot is just not a priority for me right now, ya know?

Also I have a friend coming to stay with me and we’re going to go hike around the Golden area tomorrow so if you have any trail suggestions let me know!! I’ll be sure to post all of the amazing mountain pics I get!!
Have a great weekend y'all ❤❤


** okay, okay, so this has been a long requested scenario. And to the beautifully sweet, sweet anon, wherever you are, we hope you get to see this and that you love it! I tried my absolute best to make it as fluffy and sexy as possible for you, but go easy on me, I still enjoyed writing this, though. ^^ **

“ HII can i have a scenario where you are the innocent girlfriend that knows absolutely nothing about sex and you ask your boyfriend jongin what dry humping is and well he shows you a whole new world lmao FLUFFY AS FUCK BUT SEXY THANK YOU LOVE STAY FAB ”

Originally posted by mintokkies

Summary: Kai and the innocent girlfriend try something new together.

Members: Kim Jongin x Reader

Type: Fluff

Length: 1,264 words


Saturday nights usually were reserved for date-night-ins, however, this time around you and Kai had just spent the entire Saturday together at a festival with the other members and some of the member’s girlfriends tagged along, as well. It was an eventful day, many laughs and smiles were shared. Stories were also exchanged between you and all the girlfriends, ranging from meaningless conversations to the special moments with your boyfriends. All in all, the sun eventually set and you all retreated back to your own homes to end the night, happily.

Upon returning home, you and Kai found yourselves on the carpeted floor of his apartment. Music was played in the background and the cool Saturday night air found its way in through the open balcony door. You two had just finished the recent episode of your favorite show, and were now just sitting together listening to the outdoor sounds streaming in.


“Hmm?” He hums up to you in response as his head was resting on your shoulder. Your fingers were absentmindedly twirling light circles over your boyfriend’s hand, eyes fixated on the slow motions of your fingers against his soft bronze skin.

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I know very little about this "Colin Wilkes" character. Please inform me of this person who is hanging out with my beautiful baby bird.

SOOOOO this is the most exciting ask I have ever received. My sweet, precious anon… LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT COLIN WILKES! I am protective of the baby bird as well, but Colin is 1000% approved company :)

Basically, he was Damian’s first friend that he ever made outside of the Bat family, which I think is REALLY important. He mainly only appeared in the Dick-Bats book Streets Of Gotham, and the extremely adorable Lil’ Gotham, but sadly now he doesn’t exist or something because DC CONTINUITY LOL. This gives a nice summary of his origin, but essentially Colin Wilkes was an abused orphan the same age as Damian who was kidnapped by the Scarecrow and given Solomon Grundy-esque powers and used as a weapon against Batman. Batman ultimately saves him (but doesn’t adopt him ??? wtf) and Colin, who idolizes superheroes, goes back to the orphanage, where he decides he should use his new powers to fight for those who can’t. 

(There’s also a fairly solid theory that Colin may be the son of Tommy Elliot, aka Hush, but who cares)


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