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would you give some musical recommendations?

Tbh if you haven’t watched Barbie: The Princess and the Pauper idk if u can even call yourself a true musical fan

Barbie Swan Lake AU

Okay, okay, I know. Barbie movies? Seriously? But okay, I grew up on those movies, and even now I listen to Tchaikovsky when I’m studying, and my little sister does ballet because of it.

It kind of plays off all the ballet AUs running around here, but I think this one in particular is different.

In the movie, Odette’s father is a baker. Duh. So here’s the Marinette. She’s kind, brave, strong, gentle, and is the protagonist.

Then she meets Lila, the unicorn. Who, in this case, is Alya.

Lila leads Odette to a magical kingdom that is cursed. She meets the Lady of the Woods (represented by Tikki) and the few cured children (some various classmates) who turn into animals during the day.

Then, Odette has a nasty run in with Rothbart (hey there, Hawk Moth) and his daughter Odile (I see you there, Volpina). Rothbart turns Odette into a swan (for obvious reasons, Marinette’d be turned into a ladybug).

The Lady of the Woods saves Odette by giving her a crown with special powers to give Odette back her human form during the night. For here, it’d be the earrings.

Now, to meet our Adrien. This is Prince Daniel, a curious soul who is being pressured by his family into marriage.

In order to break the spell, Odette and Lila go to find the Book of Forest Lore, which is in the library owned by the troll, Erasmus, represented by Plagg. Erasmus is a pretty grumpy guy but is also warm at heart. They spend all day and night and can’t find it.

Meanwhile, Rothbart lures Prince Daniel to the magical kingdom and tries to get him to kill/capture a transformed Odette (for AU sake, say it’s a super rare ladybug…?). Unfortunately for Rothbart, Daniel is captivated by the swan and lets her live, leaving Odette enough time to transform back into her human form.

Daniel asks Odette to the ball but she can’t leave the magical land.

Erasmus finds the Book of Forest Lore, which says that only true love (shocker…) can break the curse. But if Daniel professes his love to another, the gem will lose it’s power.

The creatures of the forest teach Odette how to dance so she can go to the ball and break the curse with Prince Daniel.

Suddenly, Rothbart kidnaps Erasmus! They manage to save him but Rothbart figures out the gem’s weakness. So he disguises Odile with a charmed necklace and creates an illusion to make her look like Odette (no, actually, he does).

At the ball, Daniel dances with Odile, and pledges his love for her, thinking she is Odette.

Odette (in swan form) is outside and hears the confession, and collapses outside. The Lady of the Woods and the forest creatures carry Odette back to the safety of the magical land, Rothbard and Daniel in tow.

Rothbart and Daniel battle it out, but Daniel is knocked unconscious, and Odette and Daniel fall together.

Rothbart takes Odette’s gem, and tries to use its power. But the power of the gem overcomes him, and Rothbart dissolves into ash. The curse is broken, and the forest creatures (and Odette) are returned to their normal selves.

With a happy ending, Daniel and Odette confess their love for each other, and get married happily ever after.

I never ever imagined there would come a time when there are so many new Barbie facemolds coming out that I legitimately have trouble telling them apart.

(As usual it would probably be easier if I had access to the actual dolls instead of trying to guess from photos on the internet. And also if they weren’t mostly versions of the same mold with minimal changes.)