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Episode 83 “The Deceiver’s Stand”

“Just roll another 20!” - “What is it?” - “Not as great.” - “Four.” - “Plus?” - “Nothing.”  for @juxarope


This is Miss Bailey. I am curious as to what others might think her breed is. She’s a rescue and I do not know. She’s very hyper and loves people and other dogs. She likes to chase birds. She’s not much of a barker but when excited she can make a noise so loud and high pitched it will make you cringe. She’s a medium size dog and about 40 pounds.
My best guess is Belgian Mal and Shiba Inu


officialamybailey: Travis, Clive & Bob prepare for a #Vikings battle. #seriousstuff

A quick summary of Finding Dory
  • Marlin: Dory, no!
  • Nemo: Dory, no!
  • Hank: Dory, no!
  • Destiny: Dory, no!
  • Bailey: Dory, no!
  • Dory's parents: Dory, no!
  • Everybody else: Dory, no!
  • Dory: DORY, YES!!!
  • Person: What's wrong? Why do you look so sad?
  • Me: My crush has a girlfriend
  • Person: Oh, I'm sorry. Who is it?
  • Me: *shows her a picture* isn't he gorgeous?
  • Person: *stares* errr ... that's a famous person.
  • Me: What's your point?
  • Person: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Person: ... why are you so weird?