i am baffled

200+ follower announcement

Wow!  I am super baffled, I came online to have a sneak peak, but I never imagined to see I have 200 followers now, when did this happen?? Where did you all come from!!  but thank you all so much for following me despite me disappearing so many times!!

Also want to thank all of the people who have supported me even when not knowing me for really long, that really really helped me a lot to be honest with you  guys, and thank you for those who know me ever since my first Magi tumblr blog, you guys are amazing as well and I love every single one of you!!  

but to thank all my dear followers properly


I am going to hold a simple good old give away, which I will announce the winners this Saturday. 

rules are pretty simple, so please read before anything else or else Kougyoku and I will have to scold you~ 


  • you can enter this give away by liking this post,  or of course to simply reblog this post from me, hereby you could be one of the lucky winners to win one of the three prizes I will state later in this post 
  • You can either like or reblog ( or both if you feel like it)  until Friday midnight American eastern time. not that I live in America, but that gives me a bit of a breather before deciding a winner.  
  • however please only reblog/like with only one of your blogs and not multipule ones, gives others a chance to also win

I will pick three winners, using a random number generator, depending on how many people will like/reblog it. 

I will announce the winners on Saturday the eleventh. sending the winners a message before hand so that they can choose a prize to their liking.  


Now of course the prices are pretty simple this time, normally I would have added something artsy in it, like a drawing ( traditional or digital)  but sadly this time I can’t because I stained my wrong hand too much~8D 

But I do have three other prices which hopefully will be to your liking, 

for the three lucky winners I will give either:  

  • a background made by me
  • a banner made by me 
  • or a promo made by me 

hopefully it is a bit tempted to join still, as I leave the drawing stuff out for this time, but still this is all about the fun of it, and hope you guys see it that way as well^^ 

                                                who can join?

Basically everyone can join as long as you are a follower, doesn’t matter how long you follow me as long as you do, after all this give away is for my followers only.  Doesn’t matter if you are an Oc blog, multi-verse blog, or from a different fandom, All of you are welcome to join it~  Just make sure you follow me before liking or reblogging~^^

So I was just minding my own business, browsing Amazon for a book for my Classics class and would you look at this shit.

Look at this fucking book and tell me this isn’t fucking bellarke.


words literally cannot describe hjow baffled i am that people think roadhog is ugly. hes legit cute. lookit that big tum and the way he sits

OKAY I was listening to the Bill Simmons Podcast, which is an American sports podcast, and specifically an episode about the NFL, when SUDDENLY HE MENTIONS MEETING HARRY FROM ONE DIRECTION. Here is the clip where he talks about meeting him, and Harry’s Green Bay fandom, and the DEPTH OF HARRY’S DEVOTION and all I can say Bill is that you cannot extrapolate about all British people from Harry Styles. HE DOES SHIT HIS WAY. (mistresscurvy)

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kc nostalgia meme || [1/8] shared traits → going for the jugular

So. If David Tennant would ‘just’ play a serial killer in Jessica Jones, would anyone expect him to explain to his audience that murder is a bad thing? Would anyone have been ‘bugged’ or ‘outraged’ or ‘sickened’ that he was giving a lighthearted interview, outlining why his character doesn’t even see himself as evil? 

So, why do so many people feel that he is obligated to educate his fans that Rape Is Bad? Why not assume the most natural thing, which is that - just like with murder - it doesn’t even need pointing out. It’s a given. It’s a fact pretty much agreed upon by everyone. Including, I am sure, David Tennant.

And since a large part of Tumblr - if the pre-outrage since his casting has been announced is anything to go by - seems to agree that fictional rape is worse than fictional murder, why do the same (and more) people seem to think that an education of this kind is necessary?

I have seen posts and comments and tags all but painting David Tennant as a rape apologist, both for taking the role and giving that interview. I have seen posts and comments and tags maintaining that obviously they wouldn’t be fooled so easily by a pretty face and a seductive actor but Other People. Other People who are apparently stupid and easily led and uneducated and socially unaware, so, really, the poster is just trying to protect them. I also have seen posts and comments and tags apologising for being interested in the series at all, like it’s a shameful secret.

And I think… Okay, for one I think that all this is quite insulting to both David Tennant and his fans. It’s also incredibly arrogant. In my experience Other People are never quite as stupid as we like to think they are. Not quite as uneducated, unaware, unthinking as we like to assume. I also think other people deserve the respect we’d like to be given ourselves. (And please stop with that insulting narrative that Little Girls Who Are Probably Tenth Doctor And Rose Fans will not be able to disentangle their crush on an actor or a character from real life. Tumblr is full of Little Girls who have seen more posts about rape, murder, racism, sexism, and all the other -isms too, than I have seen in the first twenty years of my life.)

So, you know. I’d just like people to stop insulting and shaming others who are excited about Jessica Jones. I’d like people to stop having (or at least acting on) that Tumblr knee-jerk reaction of ‘I need to tell the world how wrong and despicable Other People are because they like a tv show I find Problematic.