i am bad at reading


And Jaspers never break their promises! 💖

i bite my lips a lot and crack my knuckles and laugh too loud and cry at videos of sad animals and i am bad at tying my laces and never finish reading books but someone will love all that one day

One more bit of adulting advice

Don’t hate-read. You know what I’m talking about. Are there blogs or people who automatically make you clench your jaw and roll your eyes? Or always trigger a reaction of “Oh dear angels and spirits, not them/this AGAIN?”  Stop reading their stuff. Don’t seek it out, no matter how much ranty entertainment you feel it may be. 

Hate-reading is a drain of your time and energy.

(Note: I am posting this as a REMINDER TO MYSELF, because I fall into that trap, too.)

Dear Me,

Stop reading the reviews of your favorite authors’ books. Don’t read the reviews from books that have been out for years. Don’t read the reviews of books that haven’t been released yet. Just. Stop. You will save yourself grief and the handwavey shrieking of “YOU ARE WRONG STOP BEING SO WRONG” at your computer screen.

Buy the books, read the books, love the books, and forget what the haters have to say because their opinions don’t matter to you.

Even though they’re objectively wrong.

Love, Me


Major events in the Maygic Gauntlet 2k17, a summary:

  • Henry the birb loses (So does the Alteans and Sanaki)
  • Leo wins for a good reason (Fowl play would have happened otherwise)
  • Robin goes all Grima on Leo (Julia made a valiant effort)
  • Tharja is a beast? Robin throws the game?? (Plegia wins anyway)
  • Robin has a tea shop??? (Nohrian Fear, Altean Smear, Naga’s Tears, etc)
  • Robin slips and Tharja scores a date
  • Everyone needs more orbs

The end

Thank you for reading this! :’)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 are here! 

I have a theory..

A while back, during book 3, I came up with a theory, but since it was still pretty early into the Freshman/Sophomore series, it just looked like a coincidence I think not, but now that we’ve got 5 books, I’m starting to notice a pattern, and I can’t be the only one.

On the cover of book 1, we have Chris and MC. On the cover of book 2, we have MC by herself. On the cover of book 3, we have Kaitlyn and MC. Book 4 doesn’t matter right now cuz it was just an interlude. On the cover of book 5, we have Zig and MC.

I don’t think anyone has forgotten the cringeworthy “dispute” between Chris, Becca and our MC. Putting everything aside, we all know Chris is the one MC had the most trouble with in book 1.

Initially, I thought James was on the cover of book 2, why? idk, may have had something to do with that Christmas special. And since I thought it was James on the cover of book 2, I also thought James was the one MC had the most trouble with. My MC was dating James so therefor his storyline was more present and interesting to me lmao. But I still clearly remember MC getting blamed by Kaitlyn for outing herself. Tbh I don’t quite remember why Chris and MC were fighting but it happened.

I’m sure we can all still remember the fights with Kaitlyn and her band in book 3. Like I don’t even need to explain this one, do I?

Like I mentioned above, book 4 doesn’t really matter, as it was just an interlude.

Now, book 5, there Zig and MC. Every time a LI was featured on the cover, MC’s relationship/friendship was tested to the point of breaking and to the point of me hating them but I digress. Taking everything said above into consideration, I fear for whatever is coming for Zig and MC.

Okay so I’m calling it right here right now you heard it here first my dude this lady is gonna be one of 4 things:

1 - Conventionally attractive but shallow love interest the main dude ditches for the alt punk girl in the 3rd act

2 - Smiley but secretly prejudiced stuck-up girl who devalues/gives the main an emotional beatdown about not fitting in as the “point of initiation/action” because of course she does and then is proven wrong at the end and has a snobby meltdown

3 - Dated 1980s valley girl role, an older variant of #2 but minimized with less emotional validity and played as a secondary antagonist or for laughs

4 - Pointless and stupid background bit character who might have a few scattered lines that they just slapped on a poster and that I am now pointlessly reading way too into

My friend is reading TWoK for the first time. She sent me this text, while reading the chapter just before Sas Nahn:

I was feeling like a very bad friend…

A few minutes later:

And now she understands.

an anon requested rize and kaneki getting along in an au and i am weak (so weak) for florist/tattoo artist au’s

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Can all of Karasuno have shirts about Daichi like Hinata and Kags "If lost return to Daichi" or Tanaka's "One time Daichi punched me in the face" and on the back it says "it was awesome"





Except for the heart-shaped hole where the hope runs out

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Honestly would love a headcannon list where reader gets migraines and how sincerely three deal with em when reader gets them

Okay, I’m gonna preface this by saying I don’t get migraines super often (although I’ve gotten a couple recently, so…that’s been fun). In other words, I have kind of limited experience with this. However, I do have PCOS/what I’m guessing is some kind of chronic illness like endometriosis or a thyroid problem, which make my periods utter hell and do sometimes give me migraines (although like I said, I don’t get them on a very regular basis). So basically I’m gonna have this be a reader with migraines/miserable periods/implied chronic illness (? Sort of? You can interpret it how you want, but that’s what I’m thinking of as I’m writing it because projecting is so much fun, hahahahahaaaaaaa). I’m going to do it this way because I feel like I have more to work with this way and I’ve been wanting to write something like this for a while (and like I said…projecting. It’s great.).

Oh, and speaking of projecting, a certain chubby meme boy got (a very small portion of) my emetophobia. How nice.

So…I don’t know if this is exactly what you wanted, anon, but hopefully you like this. :)

(slight emetophobia trigger warning. nothing is described graphically, it’s just mentioned that the reader gets sick.)

Sincerely Three x Reader with migraines/bad periods/chronic illness

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“And what, leave you there to die?” Ryan slides his fingers into Gavin’s hair and grabs them roughly, tightly. He forces the blond to look at him, suddenly furious. “You really think I’d take losing you over getting shot?”

Blindfold by - miss-ingno