i am bad at mountain names

March 2017 Book Discussion Challenge, day 15


Okay, we all like to laugh at Tolkien the linguist who invented several entire languages and then promptly named the volcano in the bad guy’s land “Mount Doom”. That’s not even the thing that bothers me about Mordor though.

First, Lord of the Rings is all “the threat rising from the East”. Tolkien wrote it between the world wars. And he claimed it wasn’t an analogy for anything. Definitely not the USSR, am I right?

Second, and this has bugged me for years, Mordor is a square. I mean, just look at this map.

In what geological situation would that mountain formation ever happen??? There are two right angles. Come on. 

Is this crazy talk or is anyone else bothered by stuff like this?

Give You A Complex and We'll Give it a Name - a playlist for special ed kids - YouTube

Cry for Judas - The Mountain Goats

some things you do just to see how bad they’ll make you feel- sometimes you try to freeze time til the slots are a blur of spinning wheels- but I am just a broken machine and I do things that I don’t really mean

People are Strange - The Doors

people are strange when you’re a stranger- faces look ugly when you’re alone- women seem wicked when you’re unwanted- streets are uneven when you’re down- when you’re strange, faces come out of the rain! when you’re strange! no one remembers your name, when you’re strange! when you’re strange! when you’re strange!

Brain Damage - Pink Floyd

the lunatic is in my head- the lunatic is in my head- you raise the blade, you make the change, you rearrange me ‘til i’m sane- you lock the door and throw away the key- there’s someone in my head but it’s not me. and if the cloud bursts- thunder in your ear- you shout and no one seems to hear- and if the band you’re in starts playing different tunes, I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon

Therapy - All Time Low

in a city of fools, I was careful and cool, but they tore me apart like a hurricane- a handful of moments I wished I could change but i was carried away- give me therapy, I’m a walking travesty but I’m smiling at everything! therapy, you were never a friend to me and you can keep all your misery

The Mute - Radical Face

and I spent my evenings pulling stars out of the sky and I’d arrange them on the lawn where I would lie and in the wind I’d taste the dreams of distant lives and I would dress myself up in them through the night while my folks would sleep in separate beds and wonder why

Measuring Cups - Andrew Bird

get out your measuring cups and we’ll play a new game- come to the front of the class and we’ll measure your brain- we’ll give you a complex and we’ll give it a name

Books Written for Girls - Camera Obscura

you probably thought I had more upstairs. I disappoint you. I can see through your perfect smile. now I think separation is okay cause you’re no star to guide me anyway, you only wanted to me to play a fool, play by your rules

Hymn of the Medical Oddity - The Weakerthans

st. boniface and st. vital, preserve me from my past. repair our potholes, prevent plant closures, and if they remember me at all make them remember me as more than a queer experiment, more than a diagram in their quarterly! make them remember me!