i am bad at everything at school

what i should do right now: study for a few tests, write a couple of assignments, make a hundred presentations, practice public speaking, exercise, get a good night’s sleep, make art, write for fun

what i’m doing: everything else except the things i should do

  • me: I'm gonna do this!!
  • me: *gets a bad grade*
  • me: I worked so hard, and hard work betrayed me. Everything I did, everything I sacrificed, did not amount to anything. I'm nothing. Why should I even try. I'll always be a failure. Studying is worthless. I'm dropping out-
  • me: *gets an A+*
  • me: Hard work will never betray you. It brought me to where I am today. Education is a gift. I want to thank my mum, my siblings, my friends, my tumblr followers,

mom: so how’s college going?
me: great


Back to school in two days and I can’t be more excited!!!! Honestly, the last time I was this excited to go back to school was in my third year in high school. Now as I am entering my third year in university, four years after, I’m feeling it again. Maybe there’s just something about third years. Haha. Anyway, here’s a little something from my first semester last year!

This is an 8-page bullet reviewer from my HST 201B (Mainland Southeast Asia) class about the country of Laos. Basically, I annotated and highlighted a lot which made it easier for me to understand everything. I don’t really do this to other subjects/courses (forgive my bias) as I take my history classes VERY seriously for everything about history will always be my favorite subject. 


  1. ANNOTATIONS & HIGHLIGHTS: I printed the reviewer with a 4-inch (not sure) margin on the left side which is where I will place details about the bullets. For example, the first bullet states “LDR: The Lao People’s Democratic Republic”, and what I’ll do is highlight the main point which is “Lao People’s Democratic Republic” and put what it’s about on the left side of it. In this case, the answer is “Official name”. So if I decide to test my self, I will simply cover the right portion and try to answer them myself.
  2. COLORFUL POST-ITS: As you can see I placed colorful post-its for mnemonics or figures or additional info about the bullet. For example, the second bullet states the countries that share borders with Laos which are Thailand, Burma, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. So I put a small post-it underneath and place the first letters of the countries– “T-B-Ch-V-Ca” for easier memorization.
  3. YELLOW POST-ITS: I put those yellow post-its at the bottom right part of the reviewers labeled as “POINTS TO REMEMBER” to put anything that I think would be significant answers on the exam in that particular page. They could be people, dates, doctrines/treaties, etc.
  4. VOCABULARY: I basically underline (with a black pen or any pen) a word that I don’t understand and put its meaning beside it.

Color-coding content:

  • ANNOTATIONS & HIGHLIGHTS: I use two colors to highlight the bullets. Nothing is color-coded because I just want to use them alternately so that words would be easier to find and the reviewer won’t look like a coloring book. As for the annotations, two colored pens were used as well, which were then partnered with a corresponding highlighter. 
    • yellow highlighter on the right side, blue pen on the annotations on the left side
    • orange highlighter on the right, green pen on the left
    • black for the chapter/titles and vocabulary
  • COLORFUL POST-ITS (mnemonics):
    • pink for mnemonics
    • green for figures (land area, population, stats, etc.)
    • blue for other/additional info
  • YELLOW POST-ITS (important terms):
    • green for general state description/events
    • blue for politics
    • orange for places
    • violet for important people

That’s it! This is how it works for me but I’m pretty sure it looks messy for others. Anyway, it’s been a while since I posted so I wanted to share this, and if it helped/something isn’t clear, just let me know


P.S. They have captions.

11:42 pm
you ended our relationship and i swear my whole body went numb

12:07 am
i broke down in my mothers arms, she spent the next two hours in bed with me

6:55 am
woke up and prayed for it to be a bad dream, mother made me stay home from school because i couldn’t hold it together

9:01 am
dragged myself out of bed and sobbed into my coffee out on the patio

10:12 am
started my favorite movie (ironically the same one we watched the first time you came over) it took me over 2 hours to finish because i kept pausing it to cry

12:21 pm
sat at my window and cried for twenty minutes while i watched and waited for you to come down the road and run up the driveway on your release.. but you never came

1:34 pm
my mother came home on her lunch to check on me and attempt to shove food down my throat

3:09 pm
i swiped your cookies from the pantry and chucked a few across the yard

8:31 pm
i haven’t cried in over three hours and i’m not sure if it’s denial or that i’ve simply run out of tears

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The ‘2017 Will Be A Good Year’ Playlist

So everyone will agree that 2016 was an awful year. And for me, it was an awful year for my emotional, motivational, and productive state. So yeah, my 2016 was not so hot. And that’s an understatement.

In 2016, I battled a depressive episode that actually, I am just starting to get out of. I lost interest in everything. In school, in learning, in friends, in even what I normally love. I hardly read any books this year.

There were times when I felt like my brain wasn’t functioning correctly. I thought I was becoming this stupid, unproductive person. I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t recall many things I normally wouldn’t have trouble recalling.

This year was bad physically too. My sleeping pattern was completely shattered. I missed meals frequently, resulting in me nearly fainting from low blood sugar one time. Hygiene-wise, also nada. Gross I know, but low morale guys, don’t judge me too hard.

It was scary as hell. It still is.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll give up on myself and on the rest of the world.

I need to get myself back together. It’s a slow process. Baby steps.

It’s hard to get up. Because a part of me wants to stay in this state. Because I know that getting up will mean having to face the world. And the thought of that terrifies me. A part of me likes being in this dark place where I can curl up into a ball and remain uninterested and disconnected with the rest of the world. But the other part of me, is determined to get up. To become better. I am disgusted with myself and how I’ve been for the past few months. And that’s a good thing.

Because I have now admitted to myself that I’m not happy with the way I am and that is the first step towards change.

So I’ve made my decision. 2017 better watch out because I WILL OWN THIS YEAR AND SO WILL YOU.

Even if 2017 turns out to be a bad year for the world in general, I won’t allow it to be a bad year for my own mental and physical state.

I will take care better care of myself this year. I will conquer my negative and depressing emotions and replace with emotions that will pave the way to success.

It’s not going to be easy. And I know that there will likely be consequences waiting for me due to my poor performance this year. Especially in the area of academics. But moving forward slowly and painfully is certainly better than being stuck down here, wasting my potential.

So to kick off my grand plan to make 2017 the year I kick the ass of everything holding me back, I have decided to make a playlist that I can sing along to. A playlist that will motivate me. And a playlist that can motivate you too.

If 2016 wasn’t your year, it’s okay. But you guys also need to remember that if you want to change, you need to admit that you need to change.

So chant the lyrics to these songs with me and let’s kick ass together like the majestic creatures I know we can be.

- Tris

1)      I Lived – Onerepublic

2)      Ordinary Human – Onerepublic

3)      Titanium – David Guetta feat Sia

4)      Alive – Sia

5)      Weightless – All Time Low

6)      Missing You – All Time Low

7)      The Reckless and the Brave – All Time Low

8)      Rise – Colton Dixon

9)      Scars – Colton Dixon

10)   Golden Year – LOLO

11)   Comeback Queen – LOLO

12)   Immortals – Fall Out Boy

13)   Ready To Go (Get Me Out of My Mind) – Panic! At the Disco

14)   All Of Me – Tanlines

15)   Today – Smashing Pumpkins

16)   My Hair – The Maine

17)   Migraine – Twenty One Pilots

18)   Forest – Twenty One Pilots

19)   Something Good Can Work – Two Door Cinema Club

20)   Do You Want It All? – Two Door Cinema Club

21)   Different Colors – Walk the Moon

22)   Work This Body – Walk the Moon

23)   Just Keep Breathing – We The Kings

24)   Let Your Heart Hold Fast – Fort Atlantic

25) Unstoppable - Sia

26) Warrior - AURORA

Update on the Sequel

Hellooooooooo my lovelies :D So today had been a complete whirlwind of a day. First of all, I want to thank all of you amazing people for showing my blog so much love like omg seriously? I did not expect the unknown child fic would do this well so it makes me really really happy :) BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT THERE SHALL BE A SEQUEL >:D Bad news, I won’t be able to post it until Saturday the earliest… Ya know with finals and everything, ugh i hate school and might just drop out to become a stripper

But in the meantime, I want you guys to comment some names for the member’s children :D I am sure, I will have to incorporate them into the story and would love to see what you guys have for name ideas :D

SO PLEASE comment or private message me or send to me in my inbox, ideas for names :) I would prefer you to comment tho so everyone can see previously mentioned ideas though, but whatever floats your boat :D You all have until this Friday, and then I will make either a poll of my personal favorites and maybe do a poll to pick the final name :D

Character Breakdown:

Yoosung: 1 Daughter

Zen: 1 Son

Jumin: 1 Son and 1 Daughter (fraternal twins)

Saeyoung: 1 Son

V: 1 Son

Saeran: 2 Daughters (Identical Twins)

I’m really sorry I’m going to be MIA, but if you guys miss me then just go read some of my older posts to hold you over :D THANKS SO MUCH BABES MUAH XOXOXO

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please read this 

Did anyone else’s campus feel… weird today?
Like it didn’t help that it was rainy and cloudy but like everything seemed to be mopey and like down.
Don’t get me wrong people seemed to go about their days but something was off
I am lucky to have picked a fairly liberal school in a blue state so I might be why but like
It just felt awful and depressing
It was just a bad day overall

Ride you like my Harley (Trixya) - Chapter 8 - AnnieSantaWifey

A/N - AU world inspired by the TV show Sons of Anarchy. 
Everything is told from Katya’s POV.

A/N 2 - Guys, I am sorry this took longer than expected, my life is hella busy right now with school and shit.(Plus I am like so hungover atm so please excuse me <3 )

A/N 3 - Russian words used in this chapter - doll, babe, beautiful, Barbie, ‘hey, buddy’, never, shush, bullshit, ‘sorry, buddy’, 'bye, aunt’.

T/W - bad language, probably grammar mistakes, mentions of drugs and death, horrible jokes.

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Reposting on AO3 & FFnet:

Jane’s recipe for disaster: 1. Get dragged to a party she never wanted to go to. 2. Hide in the wrong bedroom. And voila! A relationship with the school’s resident bad boy that she never wanted.

I wasn’t going to repost this story since I am converting it to an original novel. HOWEVER, the original fiction version, while having the same basic premise, is turning out to be vastly different than the fanfic. (Characters, plotline, everything.) So, I’ve decided to put this story back online and finish it. Yes, FINISH IT!

But I need your help, fellow Lokaners. Some of you remember that this started as a “send me four words and I’ll write you a drabble” challenge. Every chapter included four words that I was sent in that challenge, and I think it would be fun to continue it.

Send me four words and I’ll see if I can write the next chapters with them. Thank you!!

listen, i hope kevin is written better later. but as of right now, he is bad representation for me. i am gay and get to have a say in this. the pilot episode didnt have a lot of input from outside writers. it was only tweaked moderately from the leaked script. it coulda been worse. like when in the pilot script, he talked about grindr and xfranternity, a fake gay porn site. maybe in future episodes he’s written more dimensionally. 


almost everything with moose. the liaison in a school bathroom. no kissing, “im not gay” “lol sure”, i love a good closet case, idk was this anyones REAL experience in high school as a gay person? 

 IS THE GAY BEST FRIEND A THING then they don’t anything to subvert it. he’s still the gay best friend! he’s treated as exactly that in other scenes. him coaching betty on boys, him being able to be in the same room as betty when she’s in her undies cuz “he’s gay, it’s fine”. idc if i hope veronica is bi too and her going “GAY- THANK GOD” is another lgbt person seeking out people like her, as of right now - it’s reflecting the straight girl culture of idolizing and wishing they had a best gay friend. 

the “hes a straight millennial who needs to be told what he wants” is a shitty mentality for a gay character to promote. 

but i’m just TIRED. 

i’m tired of non-gay individuals talking at me and saying kevin is the gay representation we need/get. i’m tired of people latching onto kevin like it isnt feeding into a larger part of whats bad about present day cis white gay representation. i hope yall who like him realize there’s something flawed in his characterization as of right now. we can like his scenes and him, i dont mind it. but we need to be critical of it too. 

i think it could be an interesting more dynamic change from the comics where he isn’t just 100% perfect, 100% straight-laced, 100% stay in his lane because in 2010 they wanted to give us representation but were too afraid to DO anything with him because they didnt wanna step on toes or offend people.

im dissatisfied with riverdale in SO MANY ways and hope more from it in the coming weeks but. the queerbaiting, the pedophilia, the implied incest, the wreck of representation. its driving me nuts. we deserve BETTER. 

i need people to stop looking at me like im fucking crazy for wanting more out of the things that represent me. 

My March spread! :)
I’ve decided that I need two pages for my month spreads, so that I can add goals for the month and also some pictures, and I am quite happy with how this worked out :). Also, March is really important for my school work, I will have to finish everything, write essays, complete a portfolio for uni, get ready for my final exams… Wish me luck D:
I want spring so bad :(.

I have decided I am taking a break from my Master’s for a while. I have been drowning for the past few months and I feel like I’m scrapping by at everything I do, but not really doing well in anything.
The truth is I have been the whole programme. It’s the first year it exists in this format and the whole thing is a mess. No organisation and terrible support. But some people are managing, so it’s obviously not that bad. Just not suited for me.
I haven’t been taking care of my health (physical and mental) as well as I should. I haven’t been focusing on my new job as much as I should. I haven’t been spending as much quality time with my boyfriend as I should. Honestly, I haven’t been living as much as I should and if something has to go, it will be this.
This has been a very hard decision. Feelings of self doubt always float up and that annoying little voice in my head keeps whispering “failure” to me. But I am going to crush that annoying voice. I need to look after myself and do the things that make me happy. And it’s not being selfish, it’s just acknowledging that you are the most important part of your life and you need to treat yourself as such.
You can’t pour from an empty cup.

insp by 17s mama performance outfits,,,here’s a tad bit of new student!you x princes of the elite private boarding school!seventeen (sorry if its messy!!)

  • you’re a transfer student whose just been dropped off in front of these big, intimidating gates that lead to a beautiful campus of the boarding school you’ll be attending this year that you got a scholarship for and tbh you’re scared out of your mind because everything looks so rich and new and you’re just there with your little suitcase and in like a plain hoodie but you can already see kids walking around in pretty plaid uniforms and youre like im gonna embarrass myself,,,, i know i am,,,,
  • but u like sign and pep talk urself into sucking it up like it cant be too bad and like while you’re telling yourself its gonna b fine this boy comes up behind you and is like ‘are you lost?’ and you turn around and see the tall, handsome student with his hair slicked back professinally and he smiles a bit shyly like 
  • “hello, im joshua. im the president of the welcoming committee at the school. you must be the transfer?
  • you’re just at a lose for words for the most part because he looks like a straight up prince and he like leans over to take your luggage but you’re like ‘its fine!!!!’ and u just like cant let him carry it like not when his family can probably like buy a whole island and tbh he looks like royalty ur like i cant make a prince carry my stuff
  • but joshua insists and he just picks it up easily in one hand and youre like oh my god and he’s like ‘come with me, ill show you around’ and you’re about to walk behind him when like…..ur suitcase opens and……everything spills out
  • everything……..EVERYTHING……
  • and you’re horrified, but joshua is turning a bright red color too and just begins apologizing like crazy and you get down to try and pick everything up and he like accidentally picks up like your pajamas and hes red in the face and all of a sudden you hear 
  • ‘why are you going through this cute students stuff president josh????’ and u turn and u see like this tall, dark haired handsome boy in a different uniform and he’s smiling and has this twinkle in his eyes
  • and you’re blushing a bit because he called u cute and joshua behind you is rolling his eyes honestly he’s like ‘Seungcheol, aren’t you supposed to be in class?’ 
  • and the one named Seungcheol is looking you up and down and his smiles just getting more and more wide and he’s like ‘oh nah, i thought id come out and meet the new student for myself…..im glad i took the opportunity to.’
  • and he like winks at u
  • and ur like What Kinda Teen Adult Romance Novel move was that 
  • but its endearing he has,,, a charm and he’s just like ‘do you need help with your things?’ but before he can reach down to help joshua’s like ‘seungcheol. go to class.’ and seungcheol pouts like y u gotta ruin the fun prez but he just shrugs and turns back to you like
  • ‘my dorms in the west building so if you ever want to find m-’
  • joshua’s like ‘CLAss SeungchEol ’ and seungcheols like i get it i get it im going but he gives u like another wink and ur just like,,,,,,what just happened
  • joshua apologizes 10000000 times about seungcheol and ur stuff as u two like get it gathered back up and continue walking toward this building and hes like ‘this is our library, it’s one of the biggest out of all the private schools, feel free to use it whenever’ and youre kind of like……can we go inside
  • and joshua’s like dont you wanna drop off your things???? and ur like yes,,,but i like libraries a lot i just wanna take a sneak peek and joshua like breaks out this other smile because oh you like reading,,so does he,,,interesting but instead he just says like ‘oh well just a short look couldn’t hurt’
  • and he leads u inside and toward the desk where there’s another handsome boy buried in a book and when he looks up you catch your breath because he’s stunning like, next level and when he stands up to greet joshua ur like holy moly he’s tall tOO
  • joshua goes ‘this is wonwoo, he’s here a lot because he volunteers here on his downtime when he doesnt have class’
  • and like when he makes eye contact with you, you feel like you’re going to melt under his gaze and he gives off this cold, mysterious vibe
  • and you’re honestly a little frightened so you just bow your head and he looks back at joshua and ur like wow rude but tbH he’s just shy he like doesnt know how to act around cute new transfers
  • joshua’s like looking between u two and he’s like ‘well, ill wait here with ur luggage so u can go take a quick look around’
  • ur eyes light up and u thank him as u dash off inside and god its a private school, the library is gorgeous with a winding staircase and rows of desks to study at and just book shelves upon book shelves probably like a chandelier somewhere too 
  • and you just go into a random aisle and you like touch the books and they’re all well kept and you’re honestly in love until
  • you trip
  • over
  • someones …. feet
  • and as u turn to see who it was u see this boy, with beautiful hair tied back and angelic features but he is just…..sleeping………right there……in the bookshelf
  • he looks peaceful and all,,,,,but you’re a little concerned but suddenly as u wanna get closer to see if he’s ok he lifts his hand and is like ‘one more minute,,,,,,,,i want to sleep ,,,,,,’
  • and you’re like ????? um ok but his eyes slowly open and your face is probably becoming flustered again because his eyes are this nice deep set brown and like
  • you read his name tag and you’re like jeonghan,,,,thats so,,,,pretty 
  • and he’s just staring at you for a moment and its silent and you’re like what is it with everyone here staring but he smiles and he’s like
  • ‘you’re new?’ and you nod slowly and he’s like ‘ahhhhh, ……….’ pauses to think and then he’s like ‘welcome……’ and goes back to sleep and ur like
  • honestly 
  • this first day has been wild why r so many nice looking boys at this school and why are all of them a little on the weird side what is happening honestly
  • h o n e s t  l y

anonymous asked:

Hello I'd like to ask if you can post the Nordics trying to cheer up their S/O after they had a really bad and stressful day at school. (I've been having a lot of those lately and I could use some cheering up). Thank you, your blog is amazing (and honestly when I am stressed out I usually read your headcanons).

(Hello, I am so sorry I am late with this, I wish I would have gotten this done sooner. But if you ever have a bad day in the future, I hope this post helps you out a little, love)

APH Denmark: He would do everything and anything to get their mind off of school for at least a little while. Some days it would be some kind of huge, fun plan, and others it would be something small to make them smile. He might have some danish pastries waiting on the kitchen able to share with them while the they talk about their days. But he also might have a giant plan to go to an amusement part or something. It would always be a total surprise. If they had any homework contributing to stress, he would try his best to help, but don’t count on it too much :P It’s the thought that counts, right?

APH Finland: The nice thing about Finland is that he would always be willing to sit with his S/O and allow them to vent about all of your school problems. It would be like an after school therapy session, in a way. If they were having any problems with the schoolwork he would do everything he could to help them with it. But he would try to make it somewhat fun and stress free, so that they could kind of get a mental break while at the same time being productive. 

APH Sweden: Like Finland, he would let his S/O vent about everything as soon as they walked in the door. He is the type of person that seems to listen rather than talk, and would genuinely care about their issues. I feel like he would try his best to keep the house stress free for them when they got home. The fireplace would be lit, the atmosphere would be inviting, and he might even have a little treat them (that Finland might or might not have made). Though it isn’t much, it would still be plenty to make his S/O feel better after a rough day.

APH Iceland: Ha. Ha. Okay. So before I get to what he would do, I want to share another head canon about him first. For some reason I get this thought that when he is overly stressed from being a country and all, he makes him self a stress blanket burrito and will lay wrapped in it for the rest of the night in front of the tv or something. If his S/O came home feeling as stressed as he does, I think he would be ever so kind as to invite them into his blanket burrito with him. The contact and the comfort alone would be enough to destress them, and  it would also be some nice quality time full of sarcasm and dorky jokes.

APH Norway: Something tells me that he also gets really stressed out during the day, so he and his S/O would find themselves winding down together. They would never do anything too extravagant, but it would still be nice. Norway would usually be fine with whatever his S/O needed to do to destress, whether it was a nice walk outside or a bubble bath. He would be the best Nordic to help with any horrible homework they brought home, and would be able to calmly and easily teach them how to do everything. He would be able to make studying so easy, there would be hardly any stress.


cloudypoet  asked:

hey, i am in high school and i am really stressed ! any tips!! x

omg, i feel you! high school will define us in our whole life and i feel so stressed with essays, exams, tests, homework. sometimes i feel like i can’t do everything and it’s so much pressure. but the truth is that life will not end in high school and we need to keep our head up. get stressed won’t do anything for you, it will only make things difficult and it’s really bad for your health. 

  1. try to manage your time! learn how to organise things and try to start with the hardest stuff first. when you have a spare time use it to do your tasks or study.
  2. study earlier! don’t leave things for the previous day because it’ll stress you and there’s no need for that. try to get a study schedule to organise your study and manage your time. 
  3. remain calm. your test didn’t go well? you had a bad grade? life will not end. you need to continue to study because things will get better. the world hasn’t ended and you have still exams to do. 
  4. think positively! i know it’s hard in times like these, but to be honest, nothing is better than feeling positive. positive will make you go through the year and it will make you feel better with yourself. 
  5. get enough sleep! if you have school next day make sure you go to bed early. your brain needs to rest and you do too. you’ll be more efficient if you have slept 7-8 than if you had only 4-5 hours. 
  6. seek help! there’s nothing wrong with admitting you need help. you don’t need to do the things all alone. you can talk to your parents or your counselor they will help you get through this.

i hope this help! if you need someone to talk i’m here! 💛

The ONE time in my short life that i write a really good analysis of a novel that my other classmates used as reference:

-my teacher thinks i copy pasted it all

-only got 2 comments back on it, both negative, both on a small spelling mistake

whats the point of ever putting effort into homework ever if i aint gonna get just a little tad of that sweet sweet sweet validation that i so desperately need

Okaaayyyy so I’m kinda freaking out because I attend Primavera online high school and I’ve been dropped from them before and they let me back and only gave me 1 class to deal with but I failed it (I was and still am going through some shit with myself, my depression etc.) and I was supposed to get my new class but I haven’t and I’m freaking out. I think they may have dropped me again but they didn’t send me an email (like they did last time) so I’m like what’s going on¿? It sucks because if they do drop me again then I have to go back to school and everything was just so bad there and I’m really trying not to cry.