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Panem’s History?

So…this is not from a particular spot in the books, just a question reading THG books make me think about whenever I read them.

Panem is said to have formed from the ashes of an apocalypse in North America. And I’ve ALWAYS wondered what cased this apocalypse it could have been, and if Panem is truly the only surviving civilization?

From what I remember, neither had been touched on. Correct me on that if I am wrong, and I very well may be…but. Still, what happed to North America that CHANGED the map? Personally, I only have ideas, but I want to see if we can get talking about this CX.

If I had to say, for some reason, I’d say it was something like Nuclear War(again, this is a thought only, I honestly have little to no evidence supporting this). My only reasoning for this is that there’s not much else, short of Global Warming melting the ice cap- at which point Earth would be inhabitable- besides Nuclear Weapons that would change the geology like it apparently had by the time we are introduced to it.

I don’t think anything- like pandemics, economics collapse or other apocalypse- causing situation would make the sea rise and change the shape of the earth.

Also it makes me wonder weather or not Panem was the only surviving group of people? The population of Panem, from what I’ve seen is around a million. There are 7 billion people on earth now…perhaps there is another civilization that survived?

Like I said, I honestly wanted to hear other opinion on this! For something so big about how the setting and country the story is set up in, we know surprisingly little about it? Forgive bad grammar and spelling, this is being typed SUPER late, and I tried to edit but I am honestly tired.


Seokmin serenading you on the 14th of February 

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I finished my comashipping secret santa in time !!! (hahaa, ok so everyone posted theirs like week ago but no i had to wait till the deadline was breathing right behind me, so lets have new year starry sky stuff rather than christmas picture, ok???)

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Lets all hope year 2014 is great for Coma!!! And that Paul will make a cameo

he says, “oh, baby girl, you know we’re gonna be legends
i’m the king and you’re the queen and we will stumble through

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“He and George [Harrison] had become close friends; they played, wrote music, and recorded together. At that time his girlfriend was a model called Charlotte [Martin], but I was aware that he found me attractive–and I enjoyed the attention he paid to me. It was hard not to be flattered when I caught him staring at me or when he chose to sit beside me or complimented me on what I was wearing or the food I had made, or when he said things he knew would make me laugh or engaged me in conversation. Those were all things George no longer did.”

“It was in the big old kitchen one morning that I opened a letter addressed to Pattie Harrison, Friar Park. It had ‘express’ and 'urgent’ written at top and bottom. Inside I found a small piece of paper. In small, immaculate writing, with no capital letters, I read 'as you have probably gathered, my own home affairs are a galloping farce, which is rapidly degenerating day by intolerable day…it seems like an eternity since I last saw or spoke to you!’ It began 'dearest I.’ He needed to ascertain my feelings; did I still love my husband or did I have another lover? More crucially, did I still have feeling in my heart for him? He had to know, and urged me to write–much safer–and tell him: 'please do this, whatever it may say, my mind will be at rest…all my love e.’”

 "What I had felt for George was a great, deep love. What Eric and I had was an intoxicating, over-powering passion. It was so intense, so urgent, so heady, I felt almost out of control.“

"I had no idea until I met Eric that I was capable of experiencing such deep feelings for another human being; before, I had always held back. I was frightened of strong emotion and intensity, and in a way, I was right to be. There is a price to be paid for excess–a yang to every yin, a negative to every positive. Jenny [Boyd] once asked me whether I would have swapped the passion of my relationship with Eric for a more gentle kind of love.The answer was no. It was like hitching a ride on a shooting star; a fantastic experience that caused immense pain, but I’m glad I had it. I know I will never have those feelings again. That sort of experience doesn’t come twice. But because he inspired such passion in me I was willing to be with him and forgive his bad behavior, which I should not have done.”

“[…]I don’t regret leaving Eric. All I regret is that I had to. It was painful beyond belief, but I am certain that if I had stayed, Eric might indeed have drunk himself to death. And I probably never have discovered who I am.”.

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