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                 ☼☼☼☼ JP’S 2K+ FOLLOW FOREVER EXTRAVAGANZA:☼☼☼☼☼

Hi Fam, iss me again, back at it with a follow forever. I feel like it was just a few days ago that I did a 1k followers post and now I’m at 2k+! (If you think I’m being a smug asshole, you are absolutely right) 

In the grand scheme of Tumblr things of even the BTS Fandom, 2k might not be a big number but for me it’s huuuge, I never thought my shitty ass content would compel all you wonderful people to click on that follow button, but boy am I glad you did. Thank you for following me, thank you for giving my stuff so much love and thank you for all the support all of you have given me on this journey on the tumbs~

Following is a list of people that I love, cherish and admire and would follow forever to the depths of hell :3

Non bolded - blogs I love and who’s content I cheer on and admire from afar
Bolded - mutuals whose content I used to admire from afar but tricked into following me and I forced myself into their dashboard and lives
✯ - your content makes me so happy i wish i could explain oh god i love it sm

In alphabetic order:

@21taes  ✯ ✿ | @addictingkdrama   ✯ ✿ | @allonsy-allie   ✯ | @apandasmind   ✯ | @army-baby-gzb   ✯ | @ashawol  ✯ | @avveh  ✯ | @blueeski ✯ | @bloominflowers  ✯ | @btssmutgalore  ✯ | @bvnnykookie  ✯ ✿ (ewww jeonho) | @cinnamonsuga  ✯ ✿ | @cyyphr  ✯ | @dansphil  ✯ | @dearmyjimin  ✯ | @drevoluti0n   ✯ ✿ | @ellieljade  ✯ ✿ | @fireheart-namjoon  ✯ | @floatingdownthemoonriver ✯ ✿ | @floralseokjin  ✯ | @gimme-a-chocolate   ✿ | @gochujangseasalt  ✯ ✿ (aka the holy creative god) | @haeyeongs  ✯ ✿ | @heejis   ✯ ✿ | @holdmehoseok | @inktae  ✯ | @jeons-jalebi  ✯ ✿ | @jischangwook  ✯ ✿ | @kdramagif  ✯ |  @kpopfanfictrash | @kstopping ✯ | @ktaebwi ✯ | @kimdaily ✯ | @lavenderbyun  ✯ ✿ | @leejaeshins  ✯ | @letsflytoasiarenata  ✯ ✿ | @littleemptyspaces  ✯ ✿ |  @lovelyjoons  ✯ ✿ | @menacemaknae  (eww jeon ho pt. 2)  ✯ ✿ | @messijoahae ✯ ✿ | @minyoongis  ✯ | @namjoonbabygirl  ✯ ✿ | @noona-la-la-la  ✯ | @odonoghues  ✯ | @ohsuga  ✯ | @onebyulinthesky  ✯ ✿ | @rabonghee  ✯ ✿  | @rudeboywonho ✯ | @scarsbecomearmor  ✿ | @seokjinings  ✯ ✿ | @sugaidc   ✯ ✿ | @sweaterpawsjimin  ✯ | @taecup  ✯ ✿ | @taehyung-the-baehyung  ✯ ✿ | @theseaisagreatplace  ✯ ✿ | @tposeobrien  ✯  | @vanillalattaes  ✯ ✿ | @versigny  ✯ | @witchguk  ✯ ✿ |    @xmaliciousmochi  ✯ ✿ | @yoongsins  ✯ | @yoonseok  ✯ |

** if you’re wondering why you’re bolded but you’re not following me, it’s probably because you follow my kdrama blog - @notenoughdrama​ :3 **

although i tried my best to include everyone, i may have invariably missed out on some great people but i still love and appreciate you v v much

- JP

The Riverdaily Rundown - 08/25/2017

Hey hey hey, mah dudes. It’s Sam here! We are gonna get this show on the road real quick ‘cause there has been so much content today.

Like so much content. A beautiful wave of content. A Jesus blessed storm of content. It’s all thanks to RAS, some dedicated fans, and the cast members. Let’s give them a round of applause. Without y’all, we’d be fucking miserable.

Alright, let’s go bitches!

Hey, Bughead fans, guess what! WE GOT SOME MOTHERFUCKIN’ CONTENT UP IN THIS BIATCH! I ain’t just talking about lil’ photoshopped cartoon characters or shit! I am talking about legit content. I am talking about pictures from filming. I am talking about RAS being a frickin’ doll face. It’s great. It’s amazing! It’s just ugh. Let’s just talk about it!

RAS was an absolute babe, today. Not only did he bless us with an amazing photo of mechanic!Betty and mechanic!Jughead, he also blessed us with a beautiful caption that pretty much confirms endgame for bughead. (x) @sprouseharts

This photo. This caption. This tweet. Ugh. It’s amazing. It’s beautiful. I am more excited about this tweet than my own birthday. (it’s cool I hate my birthday) I’m more excited about this tweet than the Second Coming. I’m more excited about this tweet than I am about that left over piece of meat lovers pizza in the fridge.

It’s just fucking exciting (or I live a really boring, shitty life one of the two).

Here’s another post that compares the two mechanic!Bughead images we’ve gotten so far. It will murder you. My ghost lawyer is currently backed up filing my own lawsuits, so I’ll have to refer you to his colleague if you need one too. (x) @bugheadjones-the-third

@brittalundin​ also joined in on the fun! She tweeted out her support for mechanic!Betty as well! I’m glad to see that the crew is on the same page as the fandom! Or maybe the fandom is on the same page as the crew…? Idk. I’m just glad we aren’t trying to murder each other anymore! (x) @sprousehartinvestigation

Remember that time when I was glad that we weren’t murdering each other anymore? Yeah. About that. That’s a fucking lie. We’re murdering each other better than ever folks.

How do I explain this fandom? Easily. We hate each other. That’s all. That’s all there is to it. Pure hatred. So pure it has been formed into a new element. We’ll all be receiving a nobel prize this year for aiding in its discovery. Please wear semi-formal to formal wear. Thank you.

Anyway, why do we hate each other? I don’t know. Probably because humans live off of emotions and hatred/anger is a very strong one that can easily be given into. Also because there are a ton of different ships coming out of this show/comics and nobody seems to respect anyone else’s.

Or maybe because everyone gets worked up a little too much. I mean probably not right? It’s not like this fandom get worked up about a meme.

Except, wait, this fandom does get worked up about memes. (x) @thejugheadjones

Archie Comics’ twitter posted a very funny (and historically accurate meme) depicting the relationship between Betty, Archie, and Veronica. I got a good kick out of it, but it seems like some of the fandom just wanted to actually kick people because of it. By some of the fandom I mean the Barchie side of the fandom.

Look, dudes. I get it. You love your ship. You don’t see a lot of content from you ship in the comics or the show lately, but are you really gonna get pissed over a meme?

Yeah. Probably, huh?

To make matters worse the Bughead and the Varchie side of the fandom went off on the Barchie side of the fandom and shit just got hectic.

Gotta go change the sign from “1 day(s) without fandom fighting” to “0 day(s) without fandom fighting”. We were so close to beating our record of two days, guys. C’mon!

Dogs. Dogs are cute. Dogs are adorable. Dogs deserve love.

Cole. Cole is a person. Cole is probably adorable but like idk I don’t know him. Cole most likely deserves love.

These two creatures put together creates an infinite aura of happiness. Which is why we are so blessed (praise be to Jesus) to have these adorable photos and videos of both Cole and Dog together. (x) @rarecolesprouse​ (x) @gershwinn


Film her? I don’t even know her! *ba dum tss*

Nah, but the cast did some filming today, and it looks pretty rad. Like mega rad. Like the most rad thing that could possibly ever rad.

We’ve got some great pictures of a fishy looking scene going down in a shady side of town between Ronnie and a rival gang member? What is this? This is not okay. I am not prepared for this, right now. (x) @bronwynn

Deep breaths be damned! I am freaking out right now and living for it!

Here is some more in depth explanation of what happened during today’s filming from a fan who was present. It may be kind of a spoiler, but it’s definitely interesting! (x) @forsythe-p-jones

Cole was seen leaving a building, presumably to film. As he was leaving someone yelled that they liked his shoes and he did a little jig. This jig will forever go down in history as the best impromptu jig of mankind. Cole Sprouse will be receiving a golden globe and an emmy for his jig work. Tune in next friday to get the full, hour-long scoop on what truly went through his mind as he did his jig and the full story behind it. (x) @hobooutsider (x) @sprouseharts

Archie Andrews is a motherfuckin’ gansta. When he goes, he goes hard. We he fights, he punches first. When he does graffiti, he makes weird ass smiley faces. (x) @juggiesbetts @zumpie

Oh, Archie, dear. Congratulations on making Weenie Hut Jr. customer of the month. The fandom and I are so proud.

But not really. Boy, look. I know you’re going through some internal trauma and shit, but please explain to me why you are graffiting a happy face? Is it some deeper meaning shit? Are you putting on an act? Are you showing the world what it wants to see from you? Or do you just really like smiley faces, buddy?

#nojudgement #lies #lotsofjudgement #pleaserespondinMLAformattedessay

Wow. Here are some great pictures from today! A lot of fans managed to meet the cast and get pictures up close as well as far away! They are literally so beautiful they will make your eyes burn more than staring at the eclipse for 7 hours.

(x) @sprouseharts (x) @sprouseharts (x) @sprouseharts 

Also here are some gorgeous pictures of Madelaine Petsch! (x) @riverdales-daily

People are freaking out because Lili posted that picture of Cole with a dog on her instagram. That’s really all I have to say about that.

Here is some Varchie content that @veronicadvalle provided us with once again! (x) the parallel between these scenes hits me in the feels, man!

#deadagain #callmylawyer


Now here’s just some content ‘cause I’m sick and I’m tired and I’m ready for sleep.

Gifs! (x) @tommensbaratheons (x) @anti-aureate

Funny Memes! (x) @zumpie (x) @bugheader 

Agreeable Textposts! (x) @musingmola

Fanart! (x) @gogenevieveart (x) @sprouseharts

Alright, folks! That’s all I got! I just want to give a huge thank you to @juggydunes for making my little gif header! I didn’t even have to ask, they just did it on their own accord! I love you so much! This means the world!

Sorry for the shitty (and late) rundown again! Sick Sam is a dead Sam! Haha! Hopefully I’ll be better soon! Lots of love!

Peace out, witches!

trying to be fancy with my banner but my editing is shit

Heey! It’s Ivy! 
Well I’m here because I decided to make my very first follow forever! I’ve been blessed with 8k followers which makes absolutely no sense and even though I had my veeeeery long hiatus, you guys still sticked with me. So I just wanted to take a moment and tell each and every one of you how thankful I am for making my experience on this site as amazing as it is <3 

I had to choose between life and school, and as stupid as I am, I chose school…which is the main reason for my hiatus.. But I’m finally back again with my shitty edits, gifs and rants and I won’t disappear on you like I did last time! I’m atm actually scared of having so much time as I do..

Back to the ff –> I wanted to show some appreciation to all the blogs who made my lovely dash into this amazing place I can absorb myself into, allowing myself to get lost in both place and time… .Which is why you’re seeing this pose!

If we’re not mutuals or if we are but you forgot about me please don’t be scared ;; I want to thank everyone regardless of being a mutual or not :) And so I decided to write a little message to each blog because I love you all <3 

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I just hit an amazing milestone today and I decided that it was time to appreciate all the amazing people I’ve met on this site. When I started this blog back in February, I didn’t understand how to properly size gifs or what a queue was, and I was ecstatic when any of posts got more than 10 notes. This blog started out as being a place where I could post some of the gifs I made for members of my discord server to enjoy and it’s grew into something amazing.

Thank you to everyone who’s followed my mess of a blog. Whether you were here when I first started out as dsoulxxx with my shitty gifs, when I slowly became the wanna one trash blog that I am, or you’re just here for ch+ content, I love and appreciate every single one of you. Special thanks to my biggest fans who liked and followed nearly every post I’ve put on my blog.

And a very special thanks to angela who was the main reason I started my blog. If I hadn’t meet her, I wouldn’t have known about the wonderful world of content creating and wouldn’t be here today.

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Under the cut you’ll find ### lyrics from seven Broadway shows. They could be useful for bios lyrics, sidebar descriptions, para titles, plot or character inspiration. The lyrics aren’t necessarily in order as they appear in the show, but they are grouped by song. My favorites are bolded. PS I would suggest looking up the context of the lyrics before using (especially because all these songs are too good to not listen to).  

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